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This is a partial character sheet for Kamen Rider Zi-O. Visit here for the main character index. Subjective trope and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page.

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Kujigojido (9-5 Do)

    Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O 

Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O

Portrayed by: So Okuno (live), Seiji Takaiwa (suit)
Young Sougo Portrayed by: Rui Takahashi

"The ruler of time, traveling beyond time and space to reign over past and future..."
The Arc Words used to describe Sougo and his journey
I think I can do this!

An average high school student, Sougo has wanted to become a king since he was a little boy. His fate is forever changed one day when time travelers from fifty years into the future appear, one of whom tells him that he accomplishes his dream... only to tell him that he becomes Oma Zi-O, the Demon King of Time, and a tyrant that rules with an iron fist. The time traveler pleads for him to meet the Kamen Riders that came before him and to become a hero instead, which he agrees to.

  • 10-Minute Retirement: After meeting his future self, Sougo decides to destroy his Driver in order to prevent himself from becoming Oma Zi-O. Thanks to the Time Jackers, who want him dead, and Woz having a back-up Driver in the event his old one should be destroyed, Sougo's decision to give up being a Rider lasts only for a day. Of course, this also means Oma Zi-O is restored to existence.
  • All-Loving Hero: Zigzagged. Sougo hates the idea of anyone getting hurt even willing to take a hit while unpowered to protect a child and he even reveals his dream of being a king is to protect everyone around him. But as the show goes on, Sougo is shown to not be as kind as he appears being an excellent manipulator and having moments of selfishness underneath it all. His mirror self even lampshades that he's not as nice or optimistic as he appears to be.
  • Alternate Self: He's this to SOUGO Tokiwa, the original Sougo and the Leader of Quartzer. He also has eight different versions of himself running around in the Rider Time: Kamen Rider Zi-O VS Decade spin-off.
  • Ambiguous Innocence: Sougo's optimistic innocence is sometimes played to a disturbing degree as he waves off the bad stuff going off to concentrate on what he wants, starting out when he claims it's a bummer his future self is evil. Then there are his interactions with Kuroto Dan, whom he takes for a kingly role model. That involves just waltzing over the latter's obvious evil and insanity. It's not as much that Sougo wouldn't notice those things, they just don't bother him because he believes they can't hurt him and it takes time, effort and occasional reminder to get him to think about the other people affected.
  • Ambition Is Evil: When he first hears that he will be a fearsome and unstoppable tyrant in the future, he is initially and disturbingly ecstatic as it means that his fantasies of becoming a king come true while only being mildly miffed that he's an evil one. It isn't until he sees one of his friends in peril that he remembers that he wanted to be a king to protect those around them and to ensure their happiness, giving him the mindset to unlock his Transformation Trinket.
  • Ascended Fan Boy: Sougo happens to be a very big fan of Nobunaga Oda, perhaps even more so when he discovers that Sougo becomes a demon king himself in the future and sees Nobunaga as a sort of role model to use. Then Over Quartzer reveals that Geiz is actually the man himself.
  • Badass Bookworm: Is revealed to be quite the history nerd, the subject being his favorite in school.
  • Batman Gambit: Sougo is very good at manipulating people into doing what he wants by anticipating how they'll react to the things he says and does. He's so good at it, in fact, that he sometimes does it without even realizing what he's doing.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: He dreams of being a king. Sure enough, he finds out that unless he changes his ways, his future self is an omnipotent tyrant who rules the world with an iron fist. Happens again in the Another Zi-O II arc since meeting Oma Zi-O, Sougo has done his best to avert that future and it finally happens in episode 41 when he is Ret-Gone from history. But this allows Hiryu to take his place as an even worse Oma Zi-O.
  • Because Destiny Says So: When asked why he chose the path of the demon king, Sougo at first answers that it's the path he chose. But then he adds that him becoming king was the path set for him from the moment he was born, essentially saying he was born to become a king. At the end of the first quarter, he admits he had a vision when he was a child of a great calamity and the need to become a king to prevent it. This was later revealed to have been entirely orchestrated by Swartz, who manipulated the events surrounding the vision, along with playing the man in black.
  • Befriending the Enemy: Geiz is not a villain per se, but still counts as an antagonist and tries to keep it that way despite Sougo's efforts. This actually happens with Heure, after he and Ora flee from Swartz, Sougo lets them stay and even has a heart to heart with him.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Though he is reminded to be destined as an Evil Overlord who rules the world, what sets him off is an abusive and insane ruler who would willingly declare war against the world. Kuroto Dan found this out the hard way.
    • Any meeting with Oma Zi-O in person puts Sougo in Unstoppable Rage.
    • Do not mock someone's dream in front of him.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sougo might be a nice guy compared to his future counterpart, but he's both a scarily cunning manipulator and a brutally effective fighter. Geiz can testify to both.
    • Another Drive learns that the hard way after Sougo finally snaps and lays down a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for mocking Heure's death.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Comes with being a Kamen Rider. Gets cranked Up to Eleven when Sougo uses the Zi-O II Ridewatch to travel back in time and save Geiz's life when he attempts to finish off Another Ryuga with a suicide attack and then delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle with his newfound power as Zi-O II.
  • A Birthday, Not a Break: Another Hibiki rampages on his 19th birthday in episode 33 but he's perfectly fine with it. It's Woz that's the problem.
  • Blinded by Rage:
    • His reaction to seeing the destruction caused by Oma Zi-O, then meeting Oma Zi-O in person and being confronted with the harsh reality that this truly is Sougo himself, is to try and defeat Oma Zi-O right there and then. Not that he ever stood a chance of that.
    • Happens again when Another Drive mocks Heure after the latter's death for trusting Ora, and being betrayed and killed as a result. Sougo doesn't take this well, only this time, Another Drive is the one who doesn't last.
  • Break the Cutie: Back to 2068 has Sougo see just for himself what becomes of the future and realizes that he had been grossly underestimating Oma Zi-O's damage to the world. Adding insult to injury, when he meets his future self in person, Oma Zi-O echoes what Sougo swore he would be, a benevolent and beloved demon king...and he thinks he succeeded. This leads him to throw away his Ziku Driver and quit his dream of becoming a King. Though that lasts about a day as the Time Jackers want him dead anyway, and Geiz promises him to keep him on the right path.
    • World, Reset is even worse because Sougo is erased from history and loses everything he had. No-one recognizes him anymore aside from his status as overlord and Zi-O, so they naturally try to murder him. The world is in ruins, his self proclaimed Arch-Enemy rules as the actual king and there doesn't seem to be anything he can do about it. He just lets Geiz maul him so everything would be over.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Within the first dozen episodes, it's shown that his grades aren't bad due to a lack of intellect, but rather a lack of direction, and whenever it comes to his goal of kingship, or to protecting people, he can be dangerously cunning, so much so that it's hard to see where Oma Zi-O ends and Sougo begins.
  • Brought Down to Badass: After using up all of his power as Oma Zi-O to restore the timelines and reviving his friends, plus the other Time Jackers, Sougo has effectively lost much of the power he accumulated during his journey.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: When first introduced, he's a moron who's failing school and gets knocked around by his classmates for his weird dream, but it doesn't change that he still is destined to become the Demon King who kills and steal the power of all Riders and then rules the world with an iron fist.
  • Butt-Monkey: In the first episode alone, he's knocked down by a martial artist, attacked by a robot (and Rider) from the future, chased by a T-Rex, and tossed into a river. He must have inherited his luck from Ryotaro Nogami.
    • And that doesn't even cover all the weird stuff that hits him through the crossover episodes, like being a ghost or having a self-aware evil reflection.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Somewhat. After Geiz and Tsukuyomi left Kujigojido, Sougo felt particularly lonely, which these feelings have gotten worse as he bumps into the two on multiple occasions, which often result in him being left alone. Despite all this, he merely says he's fine. It isn't until Junichiro builds up the courage to actually scold him for hiding these feelings and insist he simply just say so, and advises that if he cannot admit he is lonely when he is, he will become a king oblivious to the pain of others.
  • Catchphrase:
    • His "I think I/we can do this!" is his normal one.
    • Played with in how he occasionally combines this with a previous Rider's catchphrase in their Armor. For instance, as Ex-Aid he'll say "I think I can clear this!"
    • He regularly says "I can see your future!" after using his Combat Clairvoyance.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander:
    • There's something a bit... off about Sougo. Even ignoring his goal of becoming a king, his response to hearing that he becomes the most evil overlord in history is just that it kind of bums him out.
    • Then there are the finishers and some of the other armor gimmicks that copy the original Rider's ones in spirit but are always way off on what they should be. He even fails at copying Ex-Aid's Hit indicators by making them in Japanese.
    • He is a Nightmare Fetishist when it comes to weird stuff going on or meeting other Riders in middle of chaos caused their evil copies.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Sougo as Zi-O is the inverse of Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade in many aspects: both are anniversary Riders who deal with threats to all of the Kamen Rider multiverse - threats stemming from their own actions from their time as nearly all-powerful villains. Both are Guile Heroes who cause tension with their allies as a result of their manipulations. Tsukasa's villainy was in the past, with him becoming a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, whereas Sougo's is in the future while he is currently a Cloud Cuckoolander. Tsukasa met Alternate Reality versions of the other Riders, while Sougo meets the genuine articles but unintentionally corrupts them into alternate versions of themselves through his actions. Tsukasa was portrayed in his show as the most powerful Kamen Rider of all, and acted as a mentor who imparts lessons to the AR Riders that he meets, while Sougo is outclassed as a fighter and a hero by most of the other Riders that he encounters, and spends the show learning and growing from what they have to teach him.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Sougo most of the time acts like a clumsy and dumb Nice Guy but when he gets serious... well, Sougo becoming Oma Zi-O in the future looks a lot more plausible.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Both the deliverer and on the receiving end of them:
    • His second bout with Geiz demonstrates that the only reason he lost wasn't because he was inexperienced, but rather because he wasn't motivated. Thus, while acting as Kuroto's guard, and therefore totally serious, he effortlessly trounces his fellow Rider with little trouble whatsoever.
    • When he meets Oma Zi-O, the fight is so totally one-sided it can't even be called a fight. It's just a one-sided slaughter, with Oma countering Sougo at every turn.
    • His "fight" against Another Den-O II using Grand Zi-O in Episode 40 is so one sided, it would be generous to even call it a curb stomp.
    • We've seen Sougo's future self fight, however short-lived they were, but we get to see just how powerful Sougo can be when he decides to go postal by donning the golden Ziku-Driver. He easily takes down the likes of Evolt and N-Daguva-Zeba, two of the most vicious enemies the Kamen Riders have ever faced (one being a Planet Eater and the other matching the likes of Kuuga Ultimate, the World's Strongest Man), with one blow.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Zi-O II gives him the power to defeat Another Riders without the correct Ridewatch, even if obtaining that Ridewatch would be impossible.
  • The Determinator: Ever since learning about his future self being a tyrant, Sougo's been doing his damndest to make sure he doesn't go down that path. That being said, if he has to protect his friends, he's more than willing to embark on the road to him becoming Oma Zi-O. Just ask Another Ryuga, who Sougo demolished with the Zi-O II Ridewatch - the very same Ridewatch that triggered his transformation into Oma Zi-O in the first place.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: How much strength you may ask? He's accidentally creating new timelines from the dreams he sees.
  • Doom Magnet: Part of what Swartz was building him up to become. By giving him time-space manipulation powers and then introducing the Another Riders, he subconsciously acts as an anchor that converges all the other Kamen Rider worlds into his world in order to obtain their powers, which in turn erases the Kamen Riders from existence, allowing Swartz to pull out their enemies from his Another Worlds to freely cause the mass destruction of the combined world he wanted.
    • It eventually gets so bad that Tsukasa Kadoya has to intervene so as to ascertain wether he should destroy the World of Zi-O or not to save the other ones. He has to.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: One of his powers as king is the ability to not only see the future in his dreams, but create the future by dreaming about it. While Sougo doesn't consciously control the dreams, they're based off his subconscious memories, fears, and desires. It's implied that the entire Geiz Revive arc is the product of Sougo's newfound terror at the thought of becoming Oma Zi-O and wanting to create someone who could kill him. This gift is used to hide that his so-called "dream" of the man in black was actually a memory of Swartz abducting him as a child.
  • Everyone Hates Mathematics: Sougo is really bad at math, even needing to take a make up of a make up exam in episode 23 and falling asleep whenever he tries to study. He even falls asleep during the exam in episode 24!
  • Fan Boy: Episode 10 reveals that Sougo is one for Oda Nobunaga, the first of the three unifiers of Japan, despite the fact that he was known as a Demon King for his brutal suppression tactics during the Sengoku Era, since the unification of Japan would have be impossible without him. This is also why Sougo don't have a problem about being called a Demon King as well, if Oda could unify Japan despite being a Demon King, than he would just have to be a benevolent Demon King.
  • Freaky Is Cool: His reaction to the Zi-O Trinity transformation, which is a Fusion Dance between him, Geiz and Black Woz. Geiz and Woz are turned into wristwatches that merge with Zi-O before his face just falls down to his chest before a new face appears. And all three of them are sharing Sougo's body. His reaction to all this?
    Something amazing has just happened!
  • Friendless Background: Due to Sougo's crazy dream, he never had any friends before Tsukuyomi and Geiz appeared. The only thing he could call a friend was a toy robot.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Present day Sougo Tokiwa is little more than a lazy dreamer. Fast-forward to his future self, Oma Zi-O, and he's feared by all.
  • Future Me Scares Me: Played with: while he’s bummed out to find out he’ll turn evil, Sougo’s future self doesn't scare him enough at first to change his ways. It’s not until Sougo is sent to 2068 and comes face-to-face with the monster he’ll become that he finally becomes frightened and starts taking the threat of becoming Oma Zi-O seriously.
  • Goal in Life: As mentioned above, he wants to be a king. The fact that he still has this goal even at 18 years old is seen as a mark of childishness, and his schoolmates and great-uncle are trying to get him to find a more reasonable goal.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Is practically forced into one due to Swartz's Xanatos Gambit and overwhelming power. Nothing at Sougo's disposal is remotely capable of matching Another Decade, but his future self informs him that there is something that can defeat Swartz: Oma Zi-O. Despite Sougo having spent the entire series trying to prevent this outcome, he has no choice but to become his future self if he wants any chance at defeating Swartz.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Sougo always wanted to be a king when he was a kid. He gets his wish… except his future self becomes a "Demon King" who rules the world with an iron fist. He thinks that all he has to do to avert this is to swear to become a good king, only to discover that his future self made that exact same promise.
  • The Good King: What he wants to become. Upon seeing what his future self becomes, he decides to do everything in his power to stop this from happening.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: He may look unassuming, naive and just as far from his future self as he could be. He does have some fairly stupid moments, but otherwise is a scarily good strategist, manipulator and fighter.
  • Gratuitous English: He's fond of sprinkling his speech with random English words like "excellent" and "yes".
  • Guile Hero: One of his defining traits. Don't let his Obfuscating Stupidity fool you, as he is also a cunning and clever manipulator.
  • Guttural Growler: When Sougo adopts his Oma Zi-O form, his voice comes off as being frighteningly deep and menacing, making him sound like the supposed Demon King of Time he'll become in the future.
  • Hidden Depths: A less-than-positive version happens as the series progresses and it’s demonstrated that Sougo has all the traits of Oma Zi-O lurking beneath the "well-meaning but flaky teenager" exterior we saw at the start. He turns the Wizard arc into one gigantic Batman Gambit by manipulating Geiz and Woz to get what he wants while they're convinced it's in their best interests, in Episode 9 he casually curb-stomps Geiz, with the implication that he's always been that strong but held back because he doesn't like fighting. Manipulating people comes so naturally to Sougo that he does it subconsciously: it takes being confronted by his Mirror World self to even realize it when he cons Geiz into committing suicide because it's just that instinctive to use people for his own ends.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Sougo’s loopy attitude caused the people around him — aside from his uncle — to treat him as an outcast, so he didn't have any friends until Tsukuyomi and Geiz arrived. Even though he readily thinks of them as his friends, they are still the same people who argue over whether to murder him now or later.
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • Subverted. Despite the best efforts of Tsukuyomi and Geiz, the final episode sees Sougo donning a dreadfully familiar golden Ziku-Driver, though this is so he can undo the damages caused by Swartz, repair the damaged timelines, and bring the other Time Jackers, as well as Geiz and Tsukuyomi, back to life.
    • Played straight later when it is revealed that he still wants to become a king even after Swartz — the one who gave him the idea in the first place — is gone.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": In the summer movie Over Quartzer, Sougo gets to meet the original Demon King himself: Oda Nobunaga. And if you recall, Sougo himself is a fan of the feudal warlord. It doesn't take a genius to guess what will happen. It's ultimately subverted in that, while Sougo is excited to finally meet the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, he ultimately becomes dismayed by the fact that not only is Oda Nobunaga a manchild, he is really incompetent. Hilariously, the Oda Nobunaga known and feared in Japan was actually Geiz, who temporarily took over Oda's army to combat the Quartzers.
  • Lack of Empathy: An odd example. He is a compassionate kid, but he just doesn't seem to notice what people around him feel; for instance, he had no idea that Geiz was angry until the other rider grabbed his collar and screamed in his face. The other option may be that he is well aware of everything, but he doesn't care unless those feelings are directed at him or have to be accounted for in a plan (his or someone else's).
  • Love Hurts: The entire Kiva arc shows this. Sougo finally gets reunited by chance with Yuko Kitajima, his first love, who gets him to believe she was wrongfully convicted of murder. Turns out she lied; not only did she actually do what she was convicted of, but she's not even the woman Sougo believed she is. However, Sougo is so smitten that she is easily able to trick him. On top of that, she was killed by Ora after her defeat as Another Kiva, right in front of him. Poor dude just needs a hug now.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: Sougo is very intelligent and a master manipulator but he's so head over heels for Yuko that he shuts off his brain and believes every word she says, making it unbelievably easy to trick him into believing she's his first love.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • He is named after the apartment complex Shotaro Ishinomori stayed in during his mangaka days, Tokiwa-sou.
    • "Tokiwa" also carries the word (とき Toki), which can be translated into 'time' when it is written in kanji "時".
  • Nerves of Steel: As a kid, he actually stared down and screamed at Swartz. The very same Swartz who is the leader of the Time Jackers and who is perfectly capable of killing him without a second thought.
  • Nice Guy: He is polite and friendly to just about everyone, even Geiz (who wants to kill him) and Black Woz (who wants him to become Oma Zi-O). He is actually so polite and optimistic it's scary sometime.
    • Deconstructed in the movie, where it’s revealed that the fact he was so likeable made it easy for the other Riders to pass their powers to him, thus advancing Quartzer’s plans.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: His battle against Oma Zi-O causes a massive paradox that alters the entire timeline to one where Hiryu has come to power, and the world is now under the rule of a tyrant even worse than Oma Zi-O.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Much like a previous king, Sougo's kind and dopey nature belies the fact that he can be shockingly cunning and manipulative when he wants to be. Geiz realizes by the end of episode 8 that he spent the entire two-parter as a puppet on Sougo's strings, a two-parter where Sougo even manipulates Woz into giving him the information that he wants. Not long after, Sougo also reveals that he's a much better fighter than he's been letting on.
  • Our Founder: The first episode shows that in 2068, there's a statue commemorating his first transformation, which shows Sougo in his henshin pose with statues of the other Heisei Riders standing in a ring around him.
  • Phrase Catcher: It seems "That doesn't seem right" is one when the past Riders see him botch their finishing moves.
  • Power Incontinence: As Sougo's power escalates, he finds himself having increasing difficulty with controlling it. This applies to both his time-manipulating superpowers, which begin to manifest without needing Ridewatches, and his skills at manipulating and deceiving others, a way of behaving that comes so naturally to Sougo that he sometimes doesn't even realize it when he's duping other people into harming themselves for his gain.
  • Precocious Crush: As a child, Sougo’s first crush was a high school girl he refers to as Miss Sailor. He thinks Yuko Kitajima is Miss Sailor when they meet.
  • Protagonist Journey to Villain: What Sougo's adventures, as detailed in the series, would have ended in, were it not for Tsukuyomi and Geiz. Even so, the fact remains that his future self is a tyrannical despot.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Sougo's really bad with this, and in #22 it causes even Tsukuyomi to turn against him. His mirror self, however, implies that it's not so much as his communication skills being subpar, but actually intentional without him even realizing it.
  • Rapid Aging: #28 shows that this is an application of Sougo's powers that he's been able to use since he was 10. He can rapidly age something to dust as shown when he used this power on a Dai Mazine.
  • Red Baron: Aside from being called by his Rider name Zi-O, Sougo is known as (and in the future becomes) the Demon King and the King of Time. In Kamen Rider Build Be The One, Sougo also claims that he's been called the Demon King of Time.
  • Reality Warper: He's subconsciously creating futures from the dreams he has. The final episode has him channel Ohma Zi-O's power to destroy and recreate all the Rider Worlds, saving them from Swartz's apocalypse.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Played straight and implied in different instances. During the Another Zi-O II arc, he's the person other than Woz and the Time Jackers that remembers the original timeline before Hiryu alters it. In the series finale, after Sougo defeated Swartz and undid all the damage he caused, including restoring the timelines of the other Kamen Riders, Sougo still wishes to become king in spite of the reset he caused as Oma Zi-O.
  • Rookie Red Ranger: Despite only being recently given his Driver, in his first fight against Geiz who has much more experience as a Kamen Rider which include fighting in a war against his future self and also having more Ridewatches, he still managed to fight evenly against him and even outwit him during their battle and escaped. Later subverted in their second fight, which shows that Sougo didn't so much as get his ass handed to him as he wasn't motivated to fight Geiz at the time.
  • Self-Serving Memory: Throughout the series, he is stated to have first got the dream of becoming king from a dream he had when he was 9. Over Quartzer throws this notion out, revealing he’s wanted to be a King since he was a toddler. All the dream did was change his motivation.
  • The Slacker: He does have a Goal in Life, but it’s not a terribly realistic one and he doesn’t even seem to know how to achieve it. At one point Tsukuyomi remarks that his grades are all poor (except for History), which is accompanied by a shot of him sleeping in class.
  • Stepford Smiler: Sougo maintains his optimistic cheer even when he's hurting inside, or even after the heartbreak of losing his only friends. Sougo's uncle eventually works up the nerve to call him out on it, telling him that a leader who can't admit when they feel bad will come to lack empathy for the feelings of others.
  • Stranger in a Familiar Land: Finds himself in this situation during the Another Zi-O II arc, due to being Ret-Gone from history during that time.
  • Superpowers For A Day: In the final episode, Sougo utilizes the power of Oma Zi-O and demonstrates just how powerful the Demon King of Time can be. However, rather than fulfill the Stable Time Loop that Swartz has been imposing, Sougo chooses to end his reign 50 years early by restoring the damaged timelines and reviving his friends, plus Heure and Ora, at the cost of his own powers.
  • Take a Third Option: In the final episode Sougo does become Oma Zi-O after the deaths of Geiz and Tsukuyomi. But he decides that instead of using his new power to rule over the world like his future self did, he instead uses it to undo the damage that Swartz did at cost of his powers.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Book dumb he may be, he finally passed a test for graduation in episode 24 with a score of 82%.
  • Time Master: At first it seemed that his time manipulation powers were the result of Ridewatches, it turns out that Sougo has had these powers at least since he was 10. If anything, the Ridewatches are merely tools to unlock more of his power rather than bestow anything on him. The powers he has shown are rewinding time, stopping time, rapidly aging something till it turns to dust, predicting a person's future actions, seeing the future in his dreams, even manipulating future timelines and seeing the past. Over Quartzer reveals that it was actually Swartz who gave him his powers, and SOUGO was the one who stopped the falling debris in #27.
  • Too Powerful to Live: Tsukuyomi believes this by episode 23. Her seeing Sougo’s ability to reset the timeline reminds her too much of Oma Zi-O that she teams up reluctantly with White Woz. But the realization that Sougo can subconsciously manipulate the future to fit his dreams, deeply terrifies her that she's even more determined to stop him.
  • Trap Is the Only Option: Being a chessmaster sometimes means Sougo goes for this. Most notably, the reason he makes the seemingly insane decision of following Oma Zi-O's advice to gather all the Ridewatches is because he knows he'll need that level of raw power to take down his future self.
  • Troll: With the appearance of White Woz, Sougo has taken to yanking Black Woz's chain by asking him if he's really him or his counterpart... despite the glaring differences between the two.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: There is a reason that one of Sougo's potential futures is called the Ruler of Time. Since getting the Zi-O II Ridewatch, Sougo keeps discovering more and more of his hidden and honestly ludicrously powerful time powers. The only thing stopping him from essentially stopping the villains with a single thought is he doesn't have any fine control over his powers and that he doesn't even know about all of them. Once he did, though...
  • Unstoppable Rage: In the final episode after Geiz dies protecting Sougo from Swartz, Sougo in his rage and despair unlocks Oma Zi-O's powers. And then it gets worse when Swartz kills Tsukuyomi as well, Sougo screams her name is anguish as he quickly and brutally kills Swartz with a rider kick.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Tsukuyomi theorizes that Another Kikai was a time anomaly created as a result of Sougo's growing powers making his dreams the future reality, instead of foreshadowing it. This was further evidenced by how much Kamen Rider Kikai and his Another counterpart were heavily connected to a toy robot that he had called his "best friend" in his childhood.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To two different people no less!
    • Swartz gave Sougo his dream of being a king to gather the Heisei Riders' powers to both strengthen Sougo and cause enough time space distortions that every world except Swartz's is fused into one. Swartz then plans to steal Sougo's power for himself and then destroy Sougo's world to save his world and rule over it as king.
    • SOUGO, his original self, gave Woz the Ōma Kōrin Reki to create Oma Zi-O to steal the Heisei Riders' powers. He then plans to recreate the Heisei era and rule it as the King of Time.
  • Verbal Tic: Due to his idealistic nature, he often says "Feels like it"note  at the end of most of his sentences.

Tropes exclusive to him as Kamen Rider Zi-O
Rider Time! Kamen Rider Zi-O!
Rider Time! Kamen Rider~! (Rider~!) Zi-O! (Zi-O!) Zi-O~! II!
Trinity Time! Mittsu no Chikara! Kamen Rider~ Zi-O! Geiz! Woz! Trinity~!
Grand Time! Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade~! Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade~! W! OOO! Fourze~! Wizard! Gaim, Drive~! Ghost! Ex-Aid! Build~! Iwae! Kamen Rider~! Gra~nd~ Zi-O~!
King Time! Kamen Rider Zi-O! O~ma~!
Shukufuku no Toki! Saikou! Saizen! Saidai! Saikyo-o! note  Oma Zi-O!

  • All Your Powers Combined: Zi-O Trinity, Grand Zi-O, Zi-O Oma Form and Oma Zi-O are all built on this trope.
  • Battle Aura: As Oma Zi-O, Sougo gains a dual-colored black and gold one after he transforms and during his finisher.
  • Bling of War: Each new form of Zi-O gains an increasingly flashy amount of bling.
  • Boring, but Practical: Zi-O Trinity lacks the Combat Clairvoyance of Zi-O II, monstrous speed of Geiz Revive, or various special abilities of Woz's Miridewatches and the Rider Armors, trading it all for a substantial increase in brute strength and access to their various weapons. And it has the secret bonus of being able to hurt Oma Zi-O, as it never existed in his own timeline.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S":
    • Zi-O's default visor is "Rider" in katakana, which changes to what Rider Armor he's currently using. Takes it even further when he uses the OOOArmor, where the katakana of the animals that make up Tatoba Combo replace the images.
    • The Zikan Gilade gets in on this too, where the side of the weapon's current form having the katakana for either "sword" or "gun"
      • The Saikyo Zikan Gilade takes this theme even further by adding Zi-O's own face onto the sword and the Best Face mode spells out the katakana for "Zi-O Saikyo (Strongest)" all across Zi-O's visor.
  • Canon Welding: Oma Form's summoning abilities are essentially Grand Zi-O's with this on top of them. While Grand Zi-O can summon the riders from any point in time, Oma Form can summon any rider from any form of Kamen Rider continuity, such as web-series, manga adaptations, and even stageshows.
  • Chekhov's Gag: One of Trinity Form's more humorous side-effects is to forcefully transport Woz and Geiz to Zi-O to transform, willingly or not. This gets weaponized by Sougo in #46 to transport himself and Eternal into the Another World where Geiz and Woz are trapped in to destroy it and set everyone free.
  • Chrome Champion: To contrast with his future counterpart, the current Zi-O is accented with shining silver.
  • Combat Clairvoyance: Zi-O II gives Sougo the ability to see his opponent's future moves, via the Precedence Blades atop his helmet. The ability isn't an instant-win button on its own, though: an opponent whose reflexes are too fast can react to Sougo's predictions, while other foes are simply too strong. In both cases, while the clairvoyance helps, Sougo also needs to outwit his opponents the old-fashioned way.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Another black colored Rider, but Sougo is deadset on ensuring that this trope is in effect. When told that he'll become a Demon King, he resolves to become "the greatest, kindest Demon King ever!" This is even true in the final episode when Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O but proves to be as benevolent as before.
  • Depower: As a result of the Ridewatches breaking in episode 47, the Grand Zi-O Ridewatch disappears.
  • Dual Wielding: As GrandZi-O, Sougo can summon multiple weapons of past Riders.
  • Finishing Move:
    • Time Break: A series of magenta colored characters that spell out "Kick" circle around Zi-O's opponent, and when he jumps up, they land on his right foot as he lands a jump kick.
    • Vortex Time Break: In BuildArmor, Zi-O creates a white energy chart similar to Kamen Rider Build's RabbitTank's Vortex Finish, but instead of a kick, Zi-O slides down on the graph and attacks with the Drill Crusher Crusher.
    • Critical Time Break: In Ex-AidArmor, Zi-O sends the prelude flying up into the air, before smashing the ground to send the enemy flying. Then, he lands a diving punch at the enemy with the prelude's words acting as a guide.
    • Limit Time Break: In FourzeArmor, Zi-O transforms into a rocket-like state to fly himself and the enemy into the Earth's upper atmosphere before delivering a corkscrew kick with his lower half covered in magenta energy. This is referred to as the Space Rocket Tailspin Kick. Alternately, he can skip the "space" step and just perform a corkscrew kick, known as the Rocket Tailspin Kick.
    • Scanning Time Break: In OOOArmor, Zi-O jumps into the air, with three giant core medals following in front of him. Then, Zi-O delivers a rider kick, hitting each of the core medals along the way, until they merge into the TaToBa symbol (albeit in kanji formatting) as they connect with the enemy.
    • Giga Scan Time Break: When piloting the Time Mazin in TaJaDol mode, the mecha performs a copy of the Prominence Drop.
    • Squash Time Break: In GaimArmor, Zi-O charges the Daidaimaru Zs with energy before unleashing a powerful slash on the target that traps them in an badly drawn orange sphere. Alternatively, he can slash at his opponents, and break them into pieces.
    • Final Attack Time Break: In DecadeArmor, Zi-O performs the finishing move of whatever RideWatch is plugged into the third slot:
      • Build: Performs a copy of the RabbitTank Sparking's rider kick (the funnel version that Sento used in the form's debut fight).
      • OOO: Zi-O flies into the air and performs a flaming flying drop kick on the target, similar to OOO Tajador Combo's Prominence Drop.
      • Ryuki: Zi-O performs a flying kick engulfed in flames, similar to Ryuki's Dragonrider Kick Final Vent.
      • Saber: Zi-O coats the Ride Hei Saber in flames and slashes the opponent, similar to Saber’s Flame Cross Slash.
    • Maximum Time Break: In WArmor, the Rider Armor assume their Memory Droid forms representing Double's halves, with all three converging on the target in a rider kick similar to the Triple Extreme.
    • Twice Time Break: In Zi-O II form, Zi-O coated his left fist with pink energy before delivering a straight punch to his enemy. Alternatively, he can perform an enhanced version of his base Time Break kick.
    • Trinity Time Break Burst Explosion: In Zi-O Trinity form, a green energy cube and a series of magenta "Kick" characters appear and circle the enemy. Zi-O Trinity then leaps into the air as a series of yellow "Kick" characters line up with his foot, and the magenta characters merge into one imprint. His kick then sends the enemy flying into the energy cube which then turns into a timer that detonates the instant it hits zero.
    • All Twenty Time Break: In Grand Zi-O form, he summons as many of the main Heisei Riders and have them perform their final attacks on the opponent. He could opt to freeze them temporarily to deal some strikes to the enemy beforehand. Alternatively, he can just summon all of the main Heisei Riders and perform a combined Rider Kick.
    • Oma Zi-O Hissatsu-Gekinote : In Oma Zi-O form, Zi-O channels energy then jumps high to perform a Rider Kick, while a series of black-colored "Kick" characters appear and circle the enemy. The Apocalypse of Kingdom moves into V-shape when Zi-O performing attack.
    • Giri Giri Slash: By placing a Ridewatch in his Zikan Girade in Ken Mode, he can channel its power into a Rider Slash. When in Zi-O II form, and wielding the Saikyo Zikan Girade (in Best Face mode), Zi-O coats the blade with yellow energy, before raising the weapon, extending the energy blade with a line of pink characters spelling Zi-O Saikyou forming along it, and strikes down the enemy with a downward slash. This is the ''King Giri Giri Slash".
    • Zure Zure Shooting: By placing a Ridewatch in his Zikan Girade in Zyu Mode, he can channel its power into a Rider Shooting.
    • Ultimate Time Break: After plugging the Decade Ridewatch into the Heisaber, and selecting all 19 of the previous 19 Heisei Riders symbols with the Hand Selector, Zi-O creates several cards-like projections, before delivering several Rainbow-energy coated slashes to enemy. When in Decade-Ex-Aid Armor, the strike is delayed for a bit before taking effect, reminiscent of Ex-Aid's Hyper Muteki finisher Hyper Critical Sparking. When the Ryuki Ridewatch is plugged in, Zi-O coats the blade in orange flaming vortex before launching it at the enemy.
  • Fusion Dance:
    • DecadeArmor's Final Form Time combines DecadeArmor with the body of Legend Rider's Mid-Season Upgrade form.
    • Zi-O Trinity can combine the powers of Zi-O, Geiz and Woz along with their respective Weapon of Choice but also fuse the minds of the three riders sharing in one body.
  • Gold-Colored Superiority: Played with a sinister bent. As Sougo progresses through his increasingly powerful forms, the silver on his costume is steadily overtaken by gold until it becomes the suit's primary color outright. One glance at his future self's attire and it should become clear why this is a worrisome direction for his color palette to be taking. #49 demonstrates just how powerful Sougo can be while in his Oma Zi-O mindset, however brief his stay as Oma Zi-O was.
  • Good Counterpart: Sougo's Super Mode Grand Zi-O is this to his future self's Oma Zi-O form. They are both the result of Sougo gaining the powers of all the main Riders of the Heisei era, have a regal design and has gold as the primary color of the form. Subverted as Grand Zi-O is less a good counterpart and more a vastly incomplete version of Oma Zi-O as it only has the powers of the main 20. This is also played straight with Sougo's Oma Form, possessing the Oma Zi-O Ridewatch from his future self that gives him the powers of Oma Zi-O that doesn't corrupt him.
  • Hero Killer: Inverted when he becomes Oma Zi-O, instantly killing some of the most powerful Big Bad and/or Final Boss characters in less than a minute, with Swartz/Another Decade barely taking that much more effort.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Despite inheriting the powers of other Riders, he doesn't really know much about them or how they fight, at best being able to briefly see them in action when travelling back in time. This often leads to situations like flubbing Build's catchphrase or performing Fourze's Rider Rocket Drill Kick... By transforming into a rocket and corkscrewing through space feet-first into his opponent.
  • Humongous Mecha: Zi-O has a Time Mazine (originally Tsukuyomi's) to use for time travelling to the past, and battling against the Time Jacker's own Time Mazines. Additionally, the Time Mazine can also utilize a few of the Ridewatches powers when Zi-O plugs them into his Ziku Driver (for example: when using the OOO Ridewatch, the Time Mazine inherits's OOO's Tora claws).
  • Imperfect Ritual: Grand Zi-O was formed without the Drive Ridewatch from Sougo's timeline which led to Oma Zi-O taking control of Drive's powers in their duel since the one Geiz stole is still technically his. Once obtained, this is subverted as Sougo remains Grand Zi-O for the remainder of the show after the movie. But in the finale it is revealed to be a double subversion, as Oma Zi-O is NOT the unification of the powers of all 20 primary riders, but the unification of the powers of EVERY Heisei Rider, making Grand Zi-O not just an incomplete version of the form but only unified a small fraction of the potential powers.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Despite the best efforts of Geiz and Tsukuyomi, Sougo ends up using Oma Zi-O's Ziku-Driver. Granted, since being Oma Zi-O is his own Godzilla Threshold.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Zi-O II's Combat Clairvoyance is an extremely deadly ability, but seeing the future is useless if the opponent has the exact same power thereby negating it, or is moving so fast he can't react to it or so powerful they blow right through your guard. Geiz Revive can do the latter two things.
      • Though this is later downplayed. As it was due to his inexperience that he struggled at first. Later on as he acquires more experience, he develops ways to utilize his ability to dodge and parry blows that are normally to strong to block until he gets a chance to counter, while also developing ways to utilize the knowledge to defeat speedsters as shown with his fight with Punch Hopper.
    • Zi-O Trinity's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. While the form is very powerful due to fusing Zi-O, Geiz and Woz into one, allowing them to steamroll pretty much everyone else but if they ever face someone stronger than them, like Kamen Rider Ginga, it becomes nearly impossible to fight intelligently because Sougo, Geiz and Woz are bickering over what to do.
    • Grand Zi-O might have the power of all 20 main Heisei Riders but Sougo needs to touch their respective relief to use their powers. Thus if he's outnumbered he can't use their powers as shown when Another Zi-O II and Another Decade can summon their respective never dying Another Riders and Another World Dark Riders to overwhelm him. Also Sougo can only use the maximum strength of the Riders in their canon thus if they face enemies stronger than them like how Another Decade's Another World Dark Riders are, they will inevitably be destroyed and Sougo overwhelmed as well.
  • Midseason Upgrade: He gets two, the Decade Ridewatch and Zi-O II. Decade provides an interesting spin since it gives him access to the other Heisei Riders' Midseason Upgrades like Build RabbitTank Sparkling or OOO Tajador Combo; for Riders without mid-season forms he instead assumes their final forms, such as Ryuki Survive.
  • Power Copying: By placing a Ridewatch in the left spot on the Ziku Driver, Zi-O can access the Rider Armor, and gain the abilities of his predecessors. These include:
    • BuildArmor: Gains access to the Drill Crusher Crusher, Build's own Drill Crusher turned into a Blade Below the Shoulder. Thanks to the FullBottle Shoulders, Zi-O has access to the Rabbit and Tank powers. When combined with a Time Mazine, it gains a giant version of the Drill Crusher Crusher.
    • Ex-AidArmor: Gains access to the Gashacon Breaker Breakers, pile driver variants of Ex-Aid's Gashacon Breaker (in Hammer mode). He can also jump higher, and create energy blocks for platforming purposes. When combined with a Time Mazine, it gains access to giant versions of the Gashacon Breaker Breakers.
    • FourzeArmor: Gains access to Fourze's powers, wields two Booster Modules on his arms, and can transform into a rocket himself.
    • OOOArmor: Gains access to the TaToBa powers such as enhanced sense of direction, the Tiger Claw Z, and enhanced jumping. When combined with a Time Mazine, it gains access to the Tora Claws.
    • GaimArmor: Gains six copies of the Daidaimaru Z (two he can wield in his hands, two he can wield with two extra arms on his back, and two more on the sides of his shins), and his Lockseed Shoulders can open crack portals.
    • GhostArmor: Gains the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost, such as invisibility, intangibility and is capable of levitation at will. He can also summon Parka Ghosts as reinforcements through the Eyecon Shoulders. This armor is primarily used by Geiz.
    • DecadeArmor: Gains a third slot on his Ziku Driver, allowing him to insert another Ridewatch and upgrade their form into a stronger one that Rider possesses, generally their first Midseason Upgrade (for example, Mighty Brothers for Ex-Aid and RabbitTank Sparkling for Build), though not always, as Ghost's Grateful Damashii and even Ryuki Survive is also summonable. This form wields the Ride HeiSaber. Some of the Decade forms include:
      • Build Form: Gains access to RabbitTank Sparking base powers, and wields the original Armor's Drill Crusher Crusher.
      • Ghost Form: Gains access to the Grateful Damashii powers such as summoning Parka Ghosts.
      • Ex-Aid Form: Gains access to the Mighty Brothers XX powers, which includes splitting himself into two copies, one orange and one blue.
      • OOO Form: Gains the TaJaDol combo's abilities, such as enhancing his attacks with flame.
      • Ryuki Form: Gains the Ryuki Survive form's abilities, and inherits the Dragvisor-Zwei in Sword Vent mode as a secondary weapon.
    • WArmor: Gains W's aerokinesis, and hand-to-hand fighting styles. Additionally, the Gaia Memory Shoulders can detach from his body to become the humanoid Memory Droids.
    • KuugaArmor: Gain's Kuuga's hand to hand combat skills, similar to the Mighty Form.
    • Zi-O II: By accepting his darker impulses and essentially copying himself, Sougo gains the power to manipulate time as he wishes.
    • Zi-O Trinity: Gains the powers of Geiz, Woz, and himself in this form with the ability to summon any weapon tied to the main forms of said Riders and to use the full force of said weapons without initiating a finisher.
    • Grand Zi-O: Gains the powers of all 20 main Heisei Kamen Riders. By tapping a statue once, he can create a time portal to summon that specific Rider from their timeline. Tapping it twice summons their weapon. Tapping his own statue can make all the Riders he summoned freeze in time, regardless of whenever they're midair or not.
    • Zi-O Oma Form: Gains the power of Oma Zi-O. His summoning abilities are enhanced, allowing him to summon the main Riders in their special forms exclusive to movies and web episodes.
    • Oma Zi-O: Combines the powers of every Heisei Rider, primary or not, into a single body. This allows him to not only summon the Riders in a similar fashion to Grand Zi-O but manifest their abilities himself without need to summon them.
  • Power Echoes: The Oma Zi-O Driver has a noticeable echo as Sougo transforms into Oma Zi-O.
  • Power Fist: A running trend, as several of his Rider Armors (most prominently Build and Ex-Aid) change the original Riders' personal weapons from handheld into arm-mounted punching weapons.
  • Powers via Possession: By tapping one of the rider statues Grand Zi-O can summon a transparent version of the previous main riders then this transparent rider overlays Sougo to gain that rider's powers. He first showed this ability in episode 41 to gain Agito's power to defeat the Another AgitΩ summoned by Hiryu.
  • Reality Warper: As Oma Zi-O, he's can destroy and remake space and time to his whims as he shows in the last episode when he destroys his world and remake the Kamen Rider multiverse to undo the damage that Swartz did while changing reality so Geiz, Tsukuyomi, Heure and Ora are now from his era as his friends while also losing his powers as Oma Zi-O.
  • Star Power: Regulus, the constellation that shines to signify the Day of Oma, is used to form Zi-O Trinity.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Sougo's brief time as Oma Zi-O shows exactly why every other character is so terrified by him as he completely destroys Swartz in no time at all.
  • Summon Magic: As GrandZi-O, Zi-O can summon any of the past 20 main Riders in any of their forms by tapping their statue on his armor and opening portals in time to replay their actions to attack, such as Build's kick against the Strong Smash, Kuuga's kick against Zu-Zain-Da/Rhinoceros Gurongi, OOO's kick against the Neko Yummy complete with the broken pillars, and Gaim's finisher first used against the Byakko Inves.
  • Super Mode: Kamen Rider GrandZi-O, his final form accessed with the GrandZi-O Ridewatch. It wields the power of all 20 Heisei Kamen Riders. He contains statues of all of the Heisei Kamen Riders adorned on his body with Zi-O's making a crown. He can summon any version of all 20 primary rider by tapping the corresponding statue. His extra final forms, Oma Form gives him powers of Oma Zi-O and then there's the actual Oma Zi-O he becomes ..
  • Temporal Paradox: Trinity and Grand are two forms that do not exist in Oma Zi-O's timeline. Even if Sougo was to ultimately follow his future self's path, the timeline has been fundamentally altered.
  • Time Master: While the clock element of Zi-O's powers is initially mostly symbolic, he gains increasing power over time with each progressive form.
  • Time Rewind Mechanic: The Zi-O II Ridewatch is one. Sougo was able to rewind time and prevent both Geiz and Tsukuyomi's deaths on separate occasions with Zi-O II's power. In the case of Geiz, he didn't even need to transform, just using the Ridewatch normally.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Compared to his future self, Sougo is shown to possess much less control over his time-manipulating powers, which sometimes suffer from Power Incontinence as a result. By the end of the show, he's essentially conquered this flaw.
  • World's Strongest Man: As Oma Zi-O, he combines the powers of every single Heisei Rider into one body, making him strong enough to slaughter an entire army of monsters within seconds, defeat previous final bosses with a single blow each and remake the entire Kamen Rider multiverse to suit his whims.

    Junichiro Tokiwa 

Junichiro Tokiwa

Portrayed by: Katsuhisa Namase

Sougo's great uncle and guardian. He runs a watchmaking and repair shop by the name of Kujigojido. He often provides our heroes with cryptic hints and vital advice that aids with their mission.
  • Cryptic Conversation: He often rambles about receiving items to fix that are not clocks. More often than not, these ramblings would carry a subtle, yet vital hint or clue that would actually aid our heroes in solving their missions.
  • Genius Ditz: Junichiro is brilliant at any sort of mechanical repair and an excellent cook, but manages to go an entire year without realizing that Sougo's a Kamen Rider despite his guests being anything but subtle.
  • Insistent Terminology: Despite all evidence that he's a do-anything repairman, to such an extent that the Taros call him the "#1 Repairman of the Era", Junichiro insists that he only fixes clocks.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: A self-inflicted example. Junichiro manages to go nearly the entire show without realizing that Sougo's a Kamen Rider despite the main cast openly discussing time travel and Rider-related matters in front of him, hosting several past Riders for lunch, hiring him to repair the Denliner, and in general doing everything short of transforming right in front of him. Sougo eventually has to tell him to his face what's happening for Junichiro to finally figure it out.
  • Nice Guy: Overall very kind towards Sougo and friends. He took Sougo in after he lost his parents, accepts Tsukuyomi and Geiz pretty much as a part of family, is friends with Woz long before the herald moves in and just loves cooking for anyone, who comes in, be their human or Imagin or anyone else.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: While Junichiro claims to be a clock repairman by trade, he's capable of repairing basically anything, up to and including time machines. He even fixes the Ridewatches for Sougo after they're broken and leaking history itself.
  • Parental Substitute: Acts as Sougo's guardian in the absence of his parents.
  • Parents as People: Or in this case, "parental substitutes". In episode 27, he admits that he never scolded Sougo because he was scared, not knowing what to say because Sougo lost his parents so young. When he finally does advise Sougo that it's fine to feel sad, he nearly keels over from the fear afterward.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: While he's not without his own serious and touching moments such as giving advice to Sougo, generally his appearances lower the tension. Even when he is trying to stab Sougo in #41, he does so with a radish.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He tries to support Sougo in his decision to be a king, but also tries to gently steer him into a more normal occupation for his future and well-being.
  • Running Gag: He never seems to be tasked with repairing a clock. Episode 7 has him note that he only seems to get a clock once every three months or so and that people apparently refer to his shop as a place for any repair job. In Episode 11 when Woz asks him to repair an actual alarm clock he's absurdly excited. So excited that he's pretty much blind to the world until he finishes working on it. Episode 39 takes the gag to its logical conclusion with the Taros asking him to fix the Denliner, trying to justify it by claiming that it's like a clock. And he succeeds and it doesn't stop there, in Episode 49, he was able to fix the RideWatches.
  • Supreme Chef: Apparently his cooking is so good, it even impresses Shouichi Tsugami .
  • Unfazed Everyman: He isn’t aware that Tsukuyomi and Geiz (and even his own nephew) are time travelers, but he accepts the fact that they’re living under his roof without a second thought. In Episode 3 he even makes the two of them bento lunch boxes to take to school, which prompts Sougo to remark on how accepting he is. Seeing Sougo come tumbling out of a mirror fazes him a little bit, but he shakes it off by assuming that's just something kids do these days. His reaction to Woz saying that Sougo is in space in episode 38 is make more food as Sougo has to be starving when he comes back. He even meets the Taros in their true forms without batting an eye, only stating they look more like Oni compared to Kyousuke.
  • Won't Take "Yes" for an Answer: In Episode 11, Woz asks him to repair an alarm clock. Because he's so used to it (see Running Gag), Junichiro automatically goes into his normal spiel about "Sorry, this is a clock repair shop" before realizing that the object in question actually is a clock. By that point Woz has apparently changed his mind and Junichiro practically has to pry the clock out of his hands just to work on it.


People from 2068

    Geiz Myokoin/Kamen Rider Geiz 

Geiz Myokoin/Kamen Rider Geiz/Keito Myokoin

Portrayed by: Gaku Oshida (live), Yuya Nawata (suit)
Zi-O! The only one who can defeat you… is me.

A Kamen Rider from 2068 and a member of his time's resistance army. In an attempt to change the future, he travels back in time to kill Zi-O before he gets a chance to rise to power in the first place. Through some convincing, and after seeing Sougo's resolve firsthand, he instead moves in with the young Rider and accompanies him on his journey.
  • Aesop Amnesia: Played realistically. Geiz is easily manipulated, and despite putting on airs of being a hardened soldier, he's actually very soft-hearted and often hesitates when it counts. Both of these traits are things that take more than just one lesson or pep talk to grow past. It takes Geiz being shown twice in short succession that other people are getting hurt or even killed because of his inability to fulfill his promises for him to finally muster the strength of will to become Geiz Revive.
  • Anti-Hero: While Geiz's goal to prevent a Bad Future is admirable, he's anything but noble in how he goes about trying to achieve it. Tsukuyomi is usually able to rein in Geiz's worst impulses, but he's still ill-tempered and antisocial even at the best of times.
  • Been There, Shaped History: The Movie reveals that he was the historical Oda Nobunaga, with the real one being too incompetent to do much of anything.
  • Black-and-White Insanity: Geiz doesn't really seem to have a grip on the idea of "subterfuge" or "faking loyalty". Sougo becoming a Fake Defector to learn more about how not to be a King from Kuroto Dan lead to Geiz immediately declaring that Sougo's locked into the path of Oma Zi-O and needs to die.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Geiz will take just about any excuse to pick a fight with Sougo, who has good reason not to be concerned. At every turn, Geiz finds himself either manipulated by Sougo into doing what he wants despite Geiz's attempts to do the opposite, or worse, it does come to a fight and Geiz finds Sougo to be quite capable of absolutely crushing him. In White Woz's timeline, Geiz does ultimately gain the power to defeat Zi-O as Geiz Revive, and in so doing bring about the good future, or so Woz claims. He becomes Geiz Revive in the present, and indeed is capable of defeating Zi-O. Quite easily at that.
  • Career-Ending Injury: In Geiz, Majesty, his reincarnation, severely injures his foot to the point he had to give up his dream of being a judo champion.
  • Contrasting Sequel Protagonist: As with Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O and Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, Geiz is a big departure from Daiki Kaito/Kamen Rider Diend:
  • Death by Irony: He and Zi-O fight Another Riders using the Ridewatch needed to destroy the corresponding Another Watch permanently. In the timeline Sougo erased by rewinding time, his attack was reflected by Another Ryuga, turning his own strength against the Geiz Ridewatch and destroying it. This in turn, lead to his death.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Just like Zi-O II for Sougo, Geiz Revive is able to beat Another Riders without the appropriate Ridewatch, at least according to White Woz. Given its debut showing, it's hard to disagree.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: It's very obvious that Geiz despite himself is growing fond of Sougo but refuses to admit it. It takes till #28 that he finally admits that he does see Sougo as a friend.
  • Despair Event Horizon: He crosses this when he believes Tsukuyomi dies in the bus crash that took the lives of Sougo's and Hiryu's parents which she could have caused all because of his own reluctance to use Geiz Revive to kill Sougo. He comes back when Sougo shows just how much he treasures Geiz as a friend and seeing that Tsukuyomi isn't dead.
  • Deuteragonist: Of the first half of the show. Geiz's growing relationship with Sougo is the part most explored and forms the narrative backbone for that overall storyline.
  • Dramatic Irony: He wants to kill Oma Zi-O, the man feared as the Demon King, yet he was the original Demon King himself in feudal Japan.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Geiz made it clear that he is the only one who can defeat Sougo the moment he becomes Oma Zi-O. He, like everyone else has his limits; he is against White Woz's idea of attempted killing of Shinji Kido to prevent Dark Shinji/Another Ryuga from existing.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Geiz is a warrior from the year 2068 and the first user of the Ziku Driver to become Kamen Rider Geiz.
  • Foil: He acts as one to Tsukuyomi, both coming from the future where Oma Zi-O rules with an iron fist and traveling back in time to stop his rise. But while Tsukuyomi attempted to peacefully persuade Sougo from gaining his powers, Geiz came back to murder him. Tsukuyomi spends the early episodes trying to understand Sougo and stopping him from becoming evil while Geiz is eager to murder him. Geiz and Tsukuyomi both have trouble seeing Sougo as Oma Zi-O due to his current kindness and how they deal with this shapes their later interactions with him. Geiz's dedication to hating Sougo is slowly weakened by Sougo's kindness to the point he's very divided about killing Sougo compared to Tsukuyomi's early trust in Sougo has only made her dedicated to standing against him later on. They are also much more involved in Sougo's life than expected with Geiz's future battle with Sougo determining his future.
  • Freak Out: He has this expression when he, Woz and Sougo are forcibly merged as part of the Zi-O Trinity transformation.
  • Genius Bruiser: In contrast to Sougo's scribbled notes, his finishers in the BuildArmor generate a series of linear equations similar to Sento, strongly implying he's near the same level intellectually. Justified both because he comes from a much more advanced future and because he operates and presumably has to maintain equipment capable of time travel.
  • Good Is Not Soft: A member of the resistance army who fight to give the future world freedom from the tyranny of Oma Zi-O and not afraid to get his hands dirty by killing who he think is the past self of his hated enemy. However, this attitude is almost always much more hindrance than help: it nearly even keeps Geiz from getting the Wizard Ridewatch because his social skills are so poor that Nitou doesn't even remember his name.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He can go from stoic and unmoving to attempting murder screaming in two seconds flat. Better times, he express his disagreement with Sougo with a scathing glare. Worse times, he grabs Sougo and shakes him out of nowhere. When Sougo forces Woz to apologize in #28, Geiz tackles Woz and tries to strangle him (or something).
  • Identical Stranger: His actor looks oddly similar to a young Ren Akiyama. This then comes full circle for a brief gag in Rider Time Ryuki when Shinji briefly mistakes him for Ren, complete with Satoshi Matsuda wearing his clothes.
  • Insistent Terminology: He always refers to Sougo as Zi-O instead of his name. This supplies Geiz's out-of-character moment when he calls Sougo by name instead in #16, showing how hard Sougo's decision to give up the Ziku driver and thus his dream hits him.
  • I Choose to Stay: In Episode 46, his Another World (supposedly his ideal world) shows him having an honest heart-to-heart where he admits to Sougo that he wants to stay in the present and create a new future with Sougo's help. After being rescued, he tells Tsukuyomi that he's come to feel they belong in this era, and (grudgingly) thanks Woz for helping him figure it out.
  • Knight Templar: As shown repeatedly, his mentality boils down to two options; you're either 'doing what's right' or 'an evil that must be destroyed'. This attitude repeatedly bites him in the ass, making him painfully easy for Sougo to manipulate.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • "Geiz" is a German word which means "stinginess" or "miserliness".
    • It is also a case of Punny Name on English word "Gates" since in Japanese and Ancient Egyptian culture, Emperor of Japan (Mikado) and Pharaoh both having "gate" etymologies: "a gate connects god and human" or "a gate connects humanity and future".
  • Morality Pet: Tsukuyomi is the one to have convinced Geiz to spare Sougo at first, and in general is the only one he listens to.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Geiz definitely does not look like he can thrown a butter knife hard enough to lodge it into the counter, knock Another Rider down with a punch or lift a huge dumb bell.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution:
    • Essentially the initial reason why Geiz came to 2018 - to kill Sougo before he becomes Oma Zi-O.
    • Also Played for Laughs in Heisei Generations FOREVER. While he and Geiz spy on a retconned Tsukuyomi who turned into a schoolgirl with beyond terrible grades, they spot Ataru getting a bit too close to the latter's liking, which leads to this exchange:
    *sees Ataru talking to Tsukuyomi*
    Geiz: Who's that? He's being chummy.
    Sougo: Could this be... her boyfriend or something?
    Geiz: Who's boyfriend?
    Sougo: Tsukuyomi's.
    Geiz: With who?!
    Sougo: With that guy.
    Geiz: With Tsukuyomi?! No way! Not on his life!!
    *Geiz whips out a charged Faiz Blaster X, about to fire*
  • My God, What Have I Done?: An inverted case as My God What Haven't I Done as Geiz feels his hesitation made Tsukuyomi so desperate that she would kill Sougo as a child and because of that attempt it ended in her death. Thus he's dedicated to defeating Sougo to make up for his mistake.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Geiz's new determination to defeat Sougo might have unlocked the Geiz Revive Ridewatch but Geiz becomes completely determined to defeat Sougo at all costs that he actively ignores Hiryu. In #27 Geiz easily defeated Hiryu again but instead of destroying his Zi-O Anotherwatch, Geiz simply left him alone. This made Hiryu realize he couldn't beat Geiz or Sougo and started to create an army of Another Riders just to have a chance to get revenge.
  • Not So Above It All: Despite being the Hot-Blooded Blood Knight of the team, he's afraid of ghosts and a low-budget horror movie left him up all night in fear. When the others decided to scare him enough to overcome his fears, even the anatomy mannequin put him on edge because it reminded him of the middle school urban legends the movie was based on.
  • Oblivious to Love: He's utterly clueless about Ora's flirting with him in Geiz: Majesty.
  • Only Sane Man: When Sougo's terrifying power as Zi-O II drives his friends away, Geiz is the most reluctant to break off their relationship due to his previous Character Development having taught him to second-guess his antagonism towards Sougo. No good deed goes unpunished, though, and Geiz's hesitation is what ultimately brings about the events that send him tumbling over the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Geiz does a good job of acquiring appropriate clothes for whatever environment he's supposed to be going undercover in... and then wears his collar and watch holder on top of the disguise. Tsukuyomi does the same thing with her mantle, so maybe it's a 2068 thing.
  • Properly Paranoid: Geiz has a reason to be hostile towards Sougo, knowing fully that he will become Oma Zi-O and will not hesitate to put him down when that happens. Episode 16 finally justifies this the moment Tsukasa sends Sougo into 2068 and meets his future self in person.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: In episode 26, Geiz sees Tsukuyomi in what looks like an attempt to kill Sougo as a child, which appears to be the cause of the bus crash that killed Sougo's parents along with a bunch of innocent people, including Another Zi-O's family. Is his takeaway the realization that their goal to change the future had gone too far, as well as the possibility that Tsukuyomi may have been the cause of Sougo beginning his path to becoming Oma Zi-O and that Another Zi-O's grudge was her fault? No. He feels that Tsukuyomi's death was his fault because he was hesitating in killing Zi-O, resulting in him gaining the resolve to become Geiz Revive. A very messed up moral there.
  • Reincarnation Friendship: After dying thanks to Swartz, Sougo uses his time powers to reincarnate him as Keito Myokoin in the new timeline.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: The otherwise-comedic Bibibi no Bibill Geiz Hyper Battle Video very briefly implies Geiz has PTSD from his experiences in the Resistance, as he briefly catches a specter of someone from the group and seemingly experiences a flashback, leaving him incoherently babbling affirmations to the "person."
  • Stolen MacGuffin Reveal: Was revealed in Episode 13 that the Ghost and Drive Ridewatches he has (and supposedly all his other Rider equipment) were secretly stolen from Oma Zi-O prior to coming to 2018. Episode 41 reveals that this is not a good thing, as Oma Zi-O can hijack the Drive powers of Grand Zi-O, because it came from his RideWatch.
  • The Team Normal: Downplayed as Geiz is a Kamen Rider and has the powers that entails but as the series continues you realize Geiz is the only one of the heroes without inherent super powers. Sougo and Tsukuyomi have time powers and Woz was able to easily block a punch from an Another Rider long before he became a Kamen Rider himself.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Big time. As far as he can tell Sougo is going to be the person that ruins his time - but as long as Sougo's up against the same monsters that he is, they're going to have to do this together. And after he gets over that, it shows up again with Black Woz. Only this time, it's mutual.
  • The Lancer: Like many secondary Riders, his philosophy clashes with Sougo's immensely. Whereas Sougo tries to help most of the people around him, Geiz is outright hostile toward anyone other than Tsukuyomi, has a Hair-Trigger Temper and generally subscribes to an inherently cynical view of the world.
  • The Needs of the Many: Whether it's wanting to kill Sougo before he can become Oma Zi-O or wanting to kill Another Riders regardless of what they've actually done so far, Geiz has no problem with bringing harm to potentially-innocent individuals for the sake of everyone else. This changes when working with Sougo puts him in the position of helping others, to the point that he tries to avoid taking the Quiz Ridewatch so Mondo can resolve his own family history. And later on getting disgusted with himself for even briefly considering White Woz's plan to kill Shinji Kido to destroy Another Ryuga.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Towards Sougo, in order to prevent the latter's ascension into Oma Zi-O. He doesn't take it kindly when Hiryu tries to claim this as his right and is capable of postponing his attempts to fight Sougo, so he could take on whoever wants to do the same.
    • This holds up even after the timeline reset, with Geiz stating that he will defeat Sougo if he ever becomes a Demon King and Sougo fully counts on him to do so.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Slowly but surely Geiz is growing out of his Knight Templar mentality.
  • Tsundere:
    • Possibly overlapping with Defrosting Ice Queen. Geiz makes it clear that he, in no way, considers Sougo a friend, but later in the series he starts to realize that he's becoming soft around him. Following his escape from Helheim forest, he renews his vow to kill Sougo...and then promptly worries with Tsukuyomi over his seemingly-dead body when his soul is sucked out in a botched attempt by Another Ghost.
    • He finally caves in and calls Sougo his friend in #28. It doesn't change anything on the fact that he might have to kill him one day, but for the time being, they're okay.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Save for his watch holder and collar, Geiz has a new outfit in every episode. The fact that he wears the watch holder and collar over each new outfit, regardless of how badly it clashes, acts as a Running Gag.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Reaching the point of deconstruction. Geiz's hatred of Oma Zi-O has made the man frighteningly easy to manipulate with almost every faction, including Sougo himself, using him for their own benefit multiple times. Geiz is capable of learning a little bit from this, and even manages to get one over on White Woz, but his stubbornness makes the lesson have a hard time sticking. Sougo even once manages to manipulate Geiz into killing himself, without meaning to, because he's just that easy to fool. It is very telling that even when he manages to obtain Geiz Revive, the power that would allow him to avert the Bad Future and succeed in his mission, he's STILL getting played like a chump by White Woz.
  • What You Are in the Dark: When no one is looking and something happens to Sougo, Geiz gets visibly upset as he just can't bring himself to hate the guy despite how he usually acts towards him.
  • We Used to Be Friends:
    • Episode 7 indicates he and Woz were friends at one point. It's left in the air what Noodle Incident split them apart.
    • Episode 29 officially reveals what had occurred between the two, revealing Woz was the commanding officer of the Resistance unit that Geiz and Tsukuyomi were in. At some point, orders came through to have someone infiltrate and get close to Oma Zi-O, with Woz volunteering to do so. Whatever happened behind the scenes resulted in Woz defecting to Oma Zi-O, and deliberately feeding the Resistance false information and being the cause of many of his former comrades' deaths.
  • Why Can't I Hate You?: Platonic variant towards Sougo. He admits in episode 15 he has trouble seeing the present Sougo as Oma Zi-O just due to how different and nice Sougo is. Thus he's actually quite conflicted about his mission even begging Sougo to just throw away his belt so he doesn't have to kill him.

Tropes exclusive to him as Kamen Rider Geiz
Rider Time! Kamen Rider Geiz!
Rider Time! Kamen Rid~er Geiz! Re~vi~i~ve Go~retsu~! Goretsu!
Rider Time! Kamen Rid~er Geiz! Revi-Revi-Revi Revi-Revi-Revi Revi-i-ve Shi-ppu! Shippu!
Majesty Time! G3, Knight, Kaixa, Garren, Ibuki, Gatack~! Zeronos, Ixa, Diend, Accel! Birth, Meteor, Beast, Baron~! Mach, Specter, Brave~! Cross-Z~! Kamen Rider~! Ye~ah! Geiz Maje~sty~!

  • All Your Powers Combined: His reincarnation Keito gets ahold of the Geiz Majesty Riderwatch in the V-Cinema movie Geiz, Majesty thanks to Daiki Kaito's Rider Cards, which combines the powers of the Heisei Secondary Riders the same way the Grand Zi-O watch does the Main Riders to defeat Another Diend/White Woz.
  • An Axe to Grind: One half of his Zikan Zax's weapon modes.
  • Boring, but Practical: Compared to Zi-O II and Woz's wide arrays of flashy abilities, GeizRevive only has three tricks: Goretsu is monstrously strong, Shippu is faster than lightning, and Geiz can change between the two in the blink of an eye. With it he can defeat Zi-O not by outmatching or negating his time-manipulating abilities, but through sheer brute force.
  • Cool Guns: He wields a copy of the Faiz Phone X. He can also use number codes to utilize the FaizArmor's armaments, much like the Rider himself.
  • Chain Reaction Destruction: As Revive Goretsu, Geiz's strikes with his chainsaw are so powerful that they produce this effect in a line away from him.
  • Chainsaw Good: The first of his upgrade form's weapon the Zikan Jaclaw. Goretsu form seems to favor it.
  • Deadly Upgrade:
    • What GeizRevive turns out to be. According to Black Woz, the GeizRevive Ridewatch's power is caused by compressing and expanding time itself which puts a huge strain on his body, to the point that he experiences several nosebleeds, bloody tears and even spitting out blood after canceling his transformation.
    • This drawback was eventually dropped, with Producer Shirakura explaining it as Geiz physically adapting to constant usage of it in a similar vein to adapting to a routine exercise.
  • Fragile Speedster: What Shippū is for Geiz. Trading power and defense for overwhelming Super Speed, Shippū is a monster in speed blitzing the enemy which doesn't give them time to react at all and even said enemy used teleportation to escape, Geiz just outrun them and strike them without hesitation.
  • Finishing Move:
    • Time Burst: Geiz creates an image of the future of his foe, mid-explosion, as several projections of his face characters and his boot's design extend out to his enemy. The image moves back in time until it and the enemy meet, and then the enemy follows the image's path until they explode. Alternatively, Geiz can instead ram the enemy while on the Ride Striker.
    • Omega Time Burst: In GhostArmor, Geiz preforms a copy of the Ore Omega Drive as his right foot glows with an orange flame created by the Parka Ghosts, and he performs a flying kick covered in spiritual energy. Alternatively, he can create a ball of orange spiritual energy before throwing it at the enemy.
    • Hissatsu Time Burst: In DriveArmor, Geiz performs a copy of the JustiSmash finisher as he speeds around his enemy, and rapidly punches them. Alternatively, he can send Shift Tires flying towards his opponent.
    • Vortex Time Burst: In BuildArmor, Geiz performs a copy of Build RabbitTank Form's Vortex Finish attack. Alternatively, he can perform Zi-O's finisher by attacking with the Drill Crusher Crusher.
    • Exceed Time Burst: In FaizArmor, Geiz summons the Faiz Pointer Pointer and performs a copy of Faiz's Crimson Smash Attack. Alternatively, he can summon the Faiz Shot Shot and perform a copy of Faiz's Grand Impact Attack
    • Strike Time Burst: In WizardArmor, Geiz levitates into the air and kicks through a Wizard-styled Magic Circle, his leg growing to massive proportions (resembling a combination of Wizard's Big and Extend powers).
    • Critical Time Burst:
      • In GenmArmor, Geiz circles around his opponent in high speeds, destroying anything in his way, before finishing him off with a Rider Kick.
      • In Ex-AidArmor, Geiz jumps up and hits the enemy with the Gashacon Breaker Breakers before jumping around the enemy and delivering a kick.
    • Hyakuretsu Time Burst: In GeizRevive Shippu, Geiz performs a quick flying side kick charged with blue energy before quickly kicking the enemy from all directions.
    • Ichigeki Time Burst: In GeizRevive Goretsu, Geiz performs a flying side kick charged with orange energy.
    • El Salvatore Time Burst: In Geiz Majesty, Geiz channels the power of the previous Secondary Riders into either a punch or a kick.
    • Zakkuri Cutting: By channeling a Ridewatch's power into the Zikan Zax's in Ono Mode, he performs a powerful slash.
    • Giwa Giwa Shoot: By channeling a Ridewatch's power into the Zikan Zax's Yumi Mode, he fires a special arrow.
    • Super Noko Setsuzan: By channeling a Ridewatch's power into the Zikan Jaclaw's Noko Mode, he performs a powerful slash.
    • Il Salvatore Time Burst: As Geiz Majesty, he either delivers either a Rider Punch or a Rider Kick charged with the power of all of the previous Secondary Riders.
  • Humongous Mecha: Like Zi-O, Geiz has a Time Mazine to use for time travelling to the past, and battling against the Time Jacker's own Time Mazines. His seems to be a custom version as it's red instead of white. As with Zi-O's, it can access the abilities of past Riders should Geiz use a Ridewatch while piloting it.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Zi-O Trinity acts as this compared to GeizRevive for Geiz. While not as strong as Goretsū or as fast as Shippu, it's strength and speed is a good intermediary as well a safe alternative to the at first dangerous GeizRevive
  • Lightning Bruiser: On paper, GeizRevive is this to Zi-O II, having a much higher ability perimeter. In practice however, Goretsū granted Geiz an enormous strength and impressive defense to fight up close while Shippu trading a bit of defense for bursts of Super Speed to Speed Blitz Zi-O II even when the Combat Clairvoyance of Zi-O II is active.
  • Midseason Upgrade: As stated above, Geiz can use Decade's Ridewatch. However he also gets the GeizRevive Ridewatch which can evolve him into Geiz Revive. Unlike Zi-O, Geiz gets two forms out of the upgrade, either Goretsu, or "firey", or Shippu or "windy". To adhere to Multi Form Balance Goretsu acts as the power form, while Shippu is the speed form.
  • Mighty Glacier: What Goretsū is this for Geiz. Trading speed for excellent defense and powerful brute strength, Geiz tanked even the enemy attack and fight them up close.
  • Power Copying: Like Zi-O, Geiz can access the Rider Armor, and gain the abilities of his predecessors when placing a Ridewatch on the left side of the Ziku Driver, or can assume stronger personal forms. These include:
    • GhostArmor: Geiz gains the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost, such as invisibility, intangibility and is capable of levitation at will. He can also summon Parka Ghosts as reinforcements through the Eyecon Shoulders.
    • DriveArmor: Geiz inherits Kamen Rider Drive's speed, and can launch energy variants of the Type Speed Shift Car through the Shift Speed Speeds on his wrists.
    • BuildArmor: Gains access to the Drill Crusher Crusher, Build's own Drill Crusher turned into a Blade Below the Shoulder. Thanks to the FullBottle Shoulders, Geiz has access to the Rabbit and Tank powers. This armor is primarily used by Zi-O.
    • FaizArmor: Geiz inherits Faiz's weapons such as the Faiz Shot Shot (similar to the normal Faiz Shot), and the Faiz Pointer Pointer (similar to the normal Faiz Pointer).
    • WizardArmor : Geiz inherits Wizard's magical abilities.
    • GenmArmor: Geiz inherits Genm's abilities, mirroring those of Ex-AidArmor except without the Gashacon Breaker Breakers, and gaining the speed and agility of Genm's favored Level 3 Gashat, Shakariki Sports. He can also throw energy versions of the Trick Flywheels. When combined with a Time Mazine, he can make use of Genm's Warp Pipes to confuse his opponents.
    • Ex-AidArmor: Gains access to the Gashacon Breaker Breakers, pile driver variants of Ex-Aid's Gashacon Breaker (in Hammer mode). He can also jump higher, and create energy blocks for platforming purposes. This armor is primarily used by Zi-O.
    • GeizRevive: Gains access to two forms, each stronger than Zi-O II.
    • Geiz Majesty: Geiz is adorned with the power of all of the previous Secondary Riders before him, and has access to their weapons.
  • Red Is Heroic: Grim as his mission may be, Geiz is a heroic Rider through and through. His armor is a deep scarlet to match. Adding to that he tends to keep the Ridewatches of primarily red Riders such as Wizard, Faiz and Drive.
  • Shed Armor, Gain Speed: GeizRevive Shippu trades the thick armor and enormous strength of Revive Goretsu for Super Speed so great that even being able to predict the future isn't enough to reliably dodge Geiz's attacks.
  • The Straight and Arrow Path: The second weapon form, and his ranged option.
  • Time Master: A more subdued example; his Time Burst ability is described as having a special type of lag, which means that the attack is actually delayed in time.
    • Up to Eleven as GeizRevive. In this form, he's outright compressing and expanding time to boost his abilities beyond his body's own limits. This is also why Zi-O II can't simply predict his attacks; it's not so much he's too fast so much as time itself is being bent all around to speed him up.
  • Wolverine Claws: Mode two of his Zikan Jaclaw. Perfect for close quarters fights, likely why Shippu uses it.


Tsukuyomi/Alpina/Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi/Alpina Tsukuyomi

Portrayed by: Shieri Ohata (live), Natsumi Sano (suit)
Young Tsukuyomi Portrayed by: Yui Matsushima

A mysterious girl from 2068 and Geiz's fellow resistance member who travels alongside him to 2019. Unlike Geiz who advocates outright killing Zi-O, Tsukuyomi instead chooses to guide Zi-O from the path of villainy by having him meet and learn from past Riders, in the hope that he becomes a heroic Kamen Rider.

Her true identity is later revealed to be Alpina, a princess of a royal family hailing from another timeline with the power to control time, as well as the younger sister of Swartz. She eventually gains the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi.

  • 11th-Hour Ranger: Tsukuyomi gains the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi in episode 48 just before the final battle.
  • Action Girl: She is a member of the the future's resistance army and has no problem handling herself in a fight, managing to hold her ground against Another Build with little but a blaster. While the blaster's effectiveness quickly plummets against serious threats, upon gaining her own time-stopping abilities she begins readily using them in fights.
  • All-Loving Heroine: At least when it comes to Sougo, being the first time traveler to believe that he doesn't have to become Oma Zi-O. Her confidence in him isn't limitless, though, and later events shake her confidence in her decision.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Subverted. While she does look like one since she is a beautiful young woman with calm and collected personality but she is more friendly and pleasant to interact with when compared to the Hair-Trigger Temper Geiz.
  • Ambiguously Human: The reveal of her time powers put into question what she even is when Swartz says they're cut from the same cloth. Episode 43 reveals that she is human, but from a different timeline than the rest of the cast.
  • Amnesiac Hero: She has no memories of her past before joining the future's La Résistance, courtesy of her brother.
  • Amnesiacs are Innocent: As Alpina, Tsukuyomi was fully on board with Swartz's plans which would have resulted in millions of deaths. But after losing her memories Tsukuyomi became an All-Loving Heroine who deeply values life and tries to prevent as much death as possible.
  • Apocalypse Maiden: An indirect example, as it's established by the end of the Gaim arc that Tsukuyomi and Geiz's actions are helping bring about the very Bad Future they want to prevent. It was a direct example initially, as Alpina was completely on board with her brother's plan until he betrayed her.
  • Betrayal Insurance: To give her a fighting chance against Swartz, Sougo and Tsukasa devise a plan where Sougo travels to 2068 to give Tsukuyomi a Blank Watch to store some portion of her powers, so that when the time comes where Swartz steals her powers he could not manage to take all of it, much like Tsukasa with his Decade powers. This, and further empowering from Oma Zi-O, allowed her to use her remaining powers to transform into Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi, to face Swartz as Another Decade.
  • Boyish Short Hair: During the special crossover with Decade she cuts her long hair into bob cut.
  • Cain and Abel: Episode 38 reveals she's Swartz's younger sister, thus the heroic Abel to his Cain.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Even when Tsukuyomi isn't wearing one of her white dresses, she retains that white mantle over whatever disguise she ought to be in at the time.
  • Contrasting Sequel Protagonist:
    • Just as Sougo and Geiz can be compared and contrasted with Tsukasa and Kaito from Kamen Rider Decade, Tsukuyomi is easily compared and contrasted with Natsumi Hikari from the same series. Both Natsumi and Tsukuyomi spend their series working to keep their series' main character from becoming evil and become white-colored Kamen Riders at the end. But while Natsumi was a normal person thrust into insanity due to her taking in an amnesiac Tsukasa, Tsukuyomi is a member of a royal family with time powers whose big brother kickstarted the plot. Also Natsumi became a Kamen Rider using a Transformation Trinket from an anniversary series in a movie, while Tsukuyomi becomes a Kamen Rider using her series' Transformation Trinket in said series.
    • Her starting out as a Mysterious Waif with no memories of her past, being a close companion and support to the series' hero, and her being related to the series' Big Bad bring to mind Koyomi from Kamen Rider Wizard. However, unlike Koyomi, who was horrified by her father causing the first Sabbath and his planning to create a second one, Alpina actually went along with her brother's plan to destroy the multiverse until he wiped her memory. In addition, while Koyomi only became a Rider in a movie, Tsukuyomi becomes one near the end of her series (which in turn parallels Mayu/Kamen Rider Mage).
  • Deuteragonist: Of the second half of the show. Her connection and past with the main villain of the story is what sets up Zi-O's concluding arcs, cumulating her in becoming a Kamen Rider herself.
  • Die or Fly: Tsukuyomi awakens her time powers in episode 31 when an Another AgitΩ is about to attack her.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Due to her amnesia, she didn't realize that she had time powers.
  • Dub Name Change: In the Korean dub of the show, her name was changed to Selene.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": She was named Tsukuyomi by the resistance, due to her not remembering her real name. Her true name is Alpina, but most of the cast still calls her Tsukuyomi even afterwards in the post-series spin-offs.
  • Fake Defector: In the final episode, she feigns defecting to Swartz’s side after receiving her Ridewatch. This leaves Swartz vulnerable to an attack from behind by Tsukuyomi as he’s trying to escape back to his dimension, and gives Sougo an opening to destroy Swartz for good.
  • The Fatalist: A downplayed example, but Tsukuyomi believes that if Sougo gains the power of Oma Zi-O, his destiny to become evil will be set in stone. This prompts her to briefly reverse her stance about killing Sougo upon his displaying the might of Zi-O II, an earlier version of that same power.
  • Foil: She acts as one to Geiz, both coming from the future where Oma Zi-O rules with an iron fist and traveling back in time to stop his rise. But while Geiz came back to murder Sougo, Tsukuyomi attempted to peacefully persuade Sougo from gaining his powers. Geiz spends the early episodes eager to murder Sougo while Tsukuyomi tries to understand him and stop him from becoming evil. Geiz and Tsukuyomi both have trouble seeing Sougo as Oma Zi-O due to his current kindness and how they deal with this shapes their later interactions with him. Tsukuyomi eventually trusted him so much that she thought it was impossible for Sougo to become Oma Zi-O and the realization of Sougo potential power and evil drives her against him compared to Geiz's whose initial distrust of Sougo ironically makes him more hesitant to go against him. They are also much more involved in Sougo's life than expected with Tsukuyomi being involved in the accident that killed his parents and being present in the moment that shaped Sougo's dream.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Tsukuyomi not knowing who Oda Nobunaga is while Geiz does makes more sense when it's revealed she has amnesia.
    • In Heisei Generations Forever, when Tsukuyomi loses her memories, she doesn't know why someone would call her Tsukuyomi. This hints that her real name isn't actually Tsukuyomi.
    • Tsukuyomi being from another timeline is hinted when she and Tsukasa visit her past in the Kabuto Arc and they see her childhood home is a huge house in 2058. Tsukuyomi said the remaining people still alive under Oma Zi-O's rule, live in refugee camps which makes it odd that Tsukuyomi's family alone is living in luxury.
    • In episode 15 of the Kamen Rider Zi-O Supplementary Plan where they discuss what would happen if Sougo did give up being Zi-O for good, Tsukuyomi suggested she take over with the show being named Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi. In episode 48, Tsukuyomi becomes a Kamen Rider herself.
  • Good Counterpart: To Woz, who she competes with regarding their desired paths to guide Sougo towards, and later to Swartz as his sister. Played with in the latter case, as she wasn't always good.
  • Gender-Blender Name: "Tsukuyomi" is the name of the Japanese lunar deity, who is depicted as a male. Fittingly enough, her Rider form features the moon.
  • The Heart: Due to her status as Geiz's Morality Pet, she more or less keeps the trio together. She helps bring about Geiz and Sougo's conflict in the Geiz Revive storyline by losing her faith in Sougo, and she's ultimately responsible for resolving the storyline by convincing the pair to stand down.
  • Hime Cut: She has this hairstyle, though it's pretty clearly a wig.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Downplayed, in that she's completely right that Sougo would never want to become Ohma Zi-O, but completely wrong that he never would.
  • Hypocrite: Part of the reason for her Heroic BSoD in episodes 31 and 32 is that she feels she's this because she turned against Sougo for his growing time powers only to learn that she also has time powers. Potentially stronger ones.
  • I Hate Past Me: She doesn't get along with her past self very well, especially given young Alpina was completely on board with Swartz's scheme to wipe out all the competing timelines.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Tsukuyomi didn't react well when she realized she had time powers in episode 31. Given said powers have only been shown to belong to Oma Zi-O as well as former and current Time Jackers, it's understandable.
  • Identity Amnesia: Episode 31 reveals that she lost all of her memories from before she joined the resistance, Tsukuyomi isn't even her real name. She claims that she's fine with it now.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: In Episodes 1 and 11, she gets an unwilling Sougo into fights by making threatening remarks while affecting a deeper voice, making it sound like he was the one doing the threatening. In the latter case, Sougo even remarks "Wow, deja vu..."
  • Logical Weakness: While Tsukuyomi's ability to stop time is very useful, it requires a physical gesture to activate, making her vulnerable to threats that move too quickly to react or can restrain her from being physically able to gesture. Fights between her and the Time Jackers are decided by who stops the other first.
  • Magical Computer: In Episode 1, she pays an Edo-era shopkeeper by literally swiping coins off the screen of her tablet, which causes them to drop into the woman's open hands. In Episode 10, she uses it to heal Geiz's injuries.
  • Meaningful Name: Going along with the time theme of the series, Alpina is a brand of Swiss watches. Swiss watches are known for being top quality to the point where they can virtually last forever, which references her being next in line as ruler in her own time.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In-Universe example: She considers Zi-O II to be Sougo's, and seeing him use its time-manipulating powers to undo death and sculpt every event to his liking is enough to finally turn her against him.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Has way more fun than even Woz or Sougo while scaring the crap out of Geiz in Bibill Geiz. She also really wants to meet a ghost in person.
  • Non-Lethal Warfare: In Episode 1 she uses the Faiz Phone X to knock Sougo, Sento and Banjou unconscious so she can get the former back to 2018.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • If Episode 13.5 is anything to go by, she seems to have a crush on Ryoma Takeuchi.
    • In Bibill Geiz, she is a lot less stoic and melancholy than in the main series. She laughs a lot more, messes with the guys by making herself look like a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl, engage in many nonsensical stuff, and at one point skips. This is a character who rarely even smiled before. She also seems to be the one who picked the horror movie they had all seen the night before (though only Geiz was scared too much by it) and chose a haunted school as the place to force Geiz to confront his fears.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: "Tsukuyomi" is the name the resistance gave her. Late in the series, her true name is revealed to be Alpina.
  • Only Sane Man: Relative to Sougo and Geiz early on, where Sougo appears to be a lazy dope and Geiz a bullheaded oaf. As both go through their character development, this role eases up and Tsukuyomi's own character flaws become more apparent.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Like Geiz with his collar and Ridewatch holder, Tsukuyomi always wears her white mantle over whatever outfit she's supposed to be using as a disguise.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: She acts like one in the final episode to get on Swartz's good side to find an opportunity to kill him. It worked.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: It turns out, Swartz and Tsukuyomi aren't only siblings, but in fact come from a currently mysterious royal family who are all Time Masters, and Swartz was the one who sent Tsukuyomi to 2068. Tsukuyomi was going to become Queen if not for Swartz's actions.
  • Reincarnation Friendship: After dying thanks to Swartz, Sougo uses his time powers to reincarnate her as Alpina Tsukuyomi.
  • Re-Power: Tsukuyomi becoming a Kamen Rider returns her time powers that Swartz stole.
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor: Subverted; her apparent betrayal was so she could find an opportunity to kill Swartz.
  • Student Council President: Her role in Sougo’s reset timeline.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: She feels like this, because of everyone else's quirks which just leaves her exasperated.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Downplayed between her and Black Woz as they can work together fine but it's obvious that Tsukuyomi is distrustful of Black Woz.
  • Time Stands Still: About halfway through the show, Tsukuyomi discovers that she has the same abilities as the Time Jackers.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She was pretty badass before but episode 38 reveals she might have stronger time powers than any of the Time Jackers, even Swartz, being able to freeze a planet-sized asteroid in place. And then in episode 48 she becomes a Kamen Rider too.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Although not shown eating it, she is said to prefer super spicy foods, according to Geiz.
  • Troll: Constantly fucks with Sougo, Black Woz and Geiz. By making a very good impression of Sadako from The Ring.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: She wears a different pastel or mostly white dress every episode—though she does keep her cape.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: It's soon clear that Tsukuyomi and Geiz are enacting a Stable Time Loop and bringing about the very future they want to prevent. In a lesser example, her presence on the bus crash in 2010 is what caused Swartz to damage the bus in a way that caused it to crash in the first place, killing all the adults while he escaped to 2019 with the kidnapped children.
    • To an even lesser extent, her very existence led to her being chosen as the heir over Swartz, who kickstarted the events in response. Though he of course is still at fault here.
  • Walking Spoiler: As seen by the many spoiler tags, Tsukuyomi's background is heavily tied to the series' plot and setting.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child:
    • Initially it was thought that Tsukuyomi caused the bus accident that killed Hiryu and Sougo's parents when she opened fire and caused the bus to crash. In reality, however, she was trying to protect Sougo from Swartz. While she was under the idea that Zi-O needs to be killed, she won't go so far as to kill him as a child.
    • This was used against her in episode 47 where 2058 Swartz keeps his teenage appearance, knowing full well that Tsukuyomi cannot bring herself to shoot him despite his future actions and intentions.

Tropes exclusive to her as Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi
Rider Time! Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi! Tsu-ku-yo-mi!

  • Badass Cape: Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi comes with a glorious white cape.
  • Barrier Maiden: The reason Swartz and Tsukuyomi's world was dying was because it didn't have any Riders of its own, causing it to conflict with the other worlds in the multiverse. Tsukuyomi gained her own Rider powers in order to stabilize her world and restore it.
  • Finishing Move: Time Jack: Tsukuyomi leaps into the air as the sky momentarily darkens, revealing a glowing crescent moon in a background as her visor glows, then she delivers a kick surrounding by a glowing yellow spiral to her opponent.
  • Laser Blade: She can make a white one from her hands called the Luminous Fractor and uses it to stab Swartz in the back.
  • Light Is Good: Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi's main color is white and Tsukuyomi is an All-Loving Heroine determined to change the future for the better.
  • Lightning Bruiser: According to the wiki, in terms of pure number alone, she outclassed Zi-O, Geiz, and Woz in their base form.
  • Lunacy: Tsukuyomi's transformation sequence features the moon phases, and her visor is shaped like a crescent moon.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She's the sole female Rider of her series.

    Sougo Tokiwa/Oma Zi-O 

Sougo Tokiwa (Future Timeline)/Oma Zi-O

Portrayed by: Seiji Takaiwa (untransformed, suit), Rikiya Koyama (voice)
Shukufuku no Toki! Saikou! Saizen! Saidai! Saikyo-o! note  Oma Zi-O!

The future timeline incarnation of Sougo Tokiwa is the titular "Demon King" of Time. This tyrant controls the future, to the point that none can stand against him. To stop his rise, several individuals from the resistance army travel back in time to intercept Sougo and changes history. The Time Jackers on the other hand, wants him to rise in power but with their own candidate under the armor.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Oma Zi-O is the unification of not just the main 20, but every Heisei Kamen Rider's power.
  • Alternate Self: Over Quartzer reveals that he's essentially this to the Leader of Quartzer. Oma Zi-O didn't even originally exist until SOUGO gave Woz the Oma Advent Calendar, which would allow him to take the necessary steps to lead Sougo into becoming Oma Zi-O.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: As noted by the man himself, he has power worthy of having the title "Demon King". Each and every appearance of his displays overwhelming might on a level no one in the series can even dream of matching.
  • Badass Boast: His very first line no less!
    "You fools could never hope to defeat me. Do you know why? Because I was born to be king."
  • Badass Baritone: Courtesy of Rikiya Koyama, he has a deep and sinister voice.
  • Badass Cape: He has a pair of watch hands hanging down the back of his suit, which give off the vibe of either a cape or a really long scarf.
  • Bad Future: Saying the future Oma Zi-O rules isn't very pretty is an Understatement. Half of humanity has been completely wiped out, the remaining half have been forced into refugee camps and most of the world has been devastated by the Dai Mazines.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: By the time the series proper begins, Oma Zi-O already succeeded in ruling the entire world with an iron fist for fifty years with no one powerful enough to stop him. The story of Kamen Rider Zi-O all revolves around preventing this trope in the first place.
  • Benevolent Boss: For all the faults he show gives him, he is never seen treating his servant Woz with any disdain in their shared screen time.
  • Bling of War: Unlike Sougo in the present, this Zi-O is decked out in golden armor, has a watchband sash not unlike Drive's Tires, and clock hands on his back like a segmented cape. His Oma Zi-O Driver is also gold-colored with two eagle-like engravings where the Ridewatch slots should be.
  • Brought Down to Badass: The Ohma Zi-O that appears in Zi-O Vs. Decade is much weaker than either the one seen previously or Sougo when he gained the form. This is because he's burnt through vast amounts of power by attempting to create and recreate too many worlds. He's still MUCH stronger than everyone else, including Tsukasa's upgraded final form and only loses because he allows himself to be defeated.
  • The Caligula: When he finally gets more screen-time, it becomes incredibly clear that Oma Zi-O is completely and utterly out of his gourd, genuinely believing that he is "the greatest and most beloved Demon King". He's reduced the world of 2068 to a Mad Max lookalike, has an army of evil monsters at his side that terrorize the populace and slaughters those who resist wholesale. He's clearly a man of the people.
  • Cessation of Existence: If Sougo destroys his Ziku Driver, Oma Zi-O is effectively erased from existence. He comes right back if the young Sougo puts on another. In the final episode after Sougo uses his powers to destroy the damage that Swartz caused at the price of his powers, this happens to Oma Zi-O for good.
  • The Chessmaster: Seems to be this at the end of Forever King 2018. He knew Sougo would destroy his Driver after seeing how he turned out and Face Death with Dignity. When Sougo gains a back-up Driver and reaffirms his desire to not become the Demon King, Oma Zi-O can only laugh as he is ushered back into existence, knowing full well his present-day self would do so. After all, he was born to be king.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Oma Zi-O is, in many ways, the opposite of Evolt.
    • Evolt controls space, Oma Zi-O controls time.
    • Evolt wants to destroy earth for fun, Oma Zi-O wants to rule it as the Demon King.
    • Evolt is an alien Ancient Evil, Oma Zi-O is a human from a Bad Future.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Every single fight this man is shown to participate ends in a one-sided slaughter. His introduction seen has him single-handedly wipe out the Resistance. When Sougo attacks his older self, Oma Zi-O doesn't put any effort and simply counters whatever Sougo throws at him by using the same Rider powers he uses. Even when Sougo obtains the Grand Zi-O Ridewatch, he still mops the floor with his younger self (though compared to their previous bout, Sougo manages to land a few hits on him). Their third and final rematch subverts this, in that while Oma Zi-O is still superior in terms of power and experiences, he's hurt by Zi-O Trinity on account of Trinity being a form he never obtained in his timeline, And then it's revealed he's literally not trying.
  • Dark Is Evil: With him, it most certainly is. The color black is just as prominent as the gold on his suit and this version of our protagonist is an ruthless tyrant who rules over the Bad Future he himself has created.
  • Dark Reprise: His Leitmotif is an instrumental, minor-key version of "Zi-O, King of Time", Sougo's image song.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: In Japanese, his full name parses as something presumably meant to mean "Demon King Calamity Zi-O", but parses as "Maoh Oma Zi-O", and, taking into account the fact that "Zi-O" could potentially mean "time king", sounds effectively like "Demon King King Demon Time King". Episode 1.5 has Sougo point out the redundancy in the name and express dismay that his naming sense has gotten so cheap.
  • Deity of Human Origin: He doesn't come out right out and say it, but in his time, he's become this. Oma Zi-O is functionally omnipotent, unkillable, appeals to the Divine Right of Kings and has the power of twenty generations of heroes or villains in his body. Some of those Riders were never human or were aliens, gods or monsters of staggering power. He can do all that they can and more.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Because he never obtained his own version of Zi-O Trinity (seeing as how he never met Geiz in the present), it's the only form present-day Sougo has that he has no counter to, That said, it's able to catch him off guard, not ACTUALLY do any damage.
  • Divine Right of Kings: He appeals to a version of this (albeit one that invokes a generic "destiny" rather than any gods) to justify his rule, saying that he became king because he was born to be one.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: Rider Time: Zi-O vs Decade has a scared child found in the middle of the woods by Tsukuyomi. And then he switches a dep per octave, before he pulls out the Ohma Driver.
  • The Dreaded: Oh, most definitely. When you've managed to kill HALF OF HUMANITY ITSELF before ruling over the rest with an tyrannic iron fist for the next fifty years with no one able to stop you, how can one not qualify as this? It has reached the point that any and all of his most prominent foes who wish to dethrone and/or have him killed had to travel back to before he even became Zi-O in the first place because his power is that damn terrifying and overwhelming to directly confront in any capacity. Its quite telling that the Leader of Quartzer, otherwise known as the original Sougo Tokiwa, also decided on using his younger self, knowing that his plans would most definitely fail if he tried using Oma Zi-O himself to reset the Heisei era.
  • Evil Old Folks: Given that he is supposed to be Sougo fifty years into the future, he more than qualifies, being in his late sixties. While his face is obscured when his human form is shown, he has white hair and what few details can be made out do imply he's an old man.
  • Evil Overlord: Rules the future of 2068 with an iron fist, as his title of Demon King would suggest.
  • The Faceless: Out of suit, his face is always obscured. Parts of it have been shown, but his full face was never revealed. In fact, it wasn't even revealed that Seiji Takaiwa was the one playing "Old Sougo" until after the final episode aired.
  • Fallen Hero: This Sougo has definitely attained his wish to become a king. The greatest in history.
  • Famous Last Words: When he's erased for good, he doesn't mind, and in fact, enjoyed meeting Sougo.
    Future Sougo: "Meeting you certainly was interesting, my younger self."
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Considering that his younger self was a humble, friendless slacker, the difference between Sougo and Oma Zi-O is utterly terrifying.
  • Godzilla Threshold: On two accounts.
    • In The Movie Over Quartzer, Oma Zi-O willingly intervenes in the present day to give his younger self a fighting chance against the Leader of Quartzer, namely because if SOUGO destroys the Heisei Era, he goes out with it.
    • Informs Sougo in the penultimate episode that, as it stands, there is not a snowball's chance in hell that he can defeat Swartz as Another Decade...unless he becomes Oma Zi-O himself. In other words, if Sougo wants to beat Swartz, he has no choice but to don the golden Ziku-Driver.
  • Gold-Colored Superiority: He uses a gold-colored variant of the Ziku-Driver and his Rider form's main color motif is also gold, as befitting of a King. He's also far more powerful than the current Zi-O.
  • Good Powers, Bad People: He wields the power of twenty heroes, and he uses them to rule the world with an iron fist.
  • Gone Horribly Right: SOUGO's goal was to create an alternate version of himself to distract the multiverse from his own machinations. To say this worked too well is something of an understatement, as he created a version of himself whose power VASTLY eclipeses his own, to the point when a portion of it (in the form of modern Sougo's Oma Form) can competely curbstomp him.
  • Graceful Loser: In the final episode as Sougo decides to reverse the damage that Swartz did at the cost of his powers, all Oma Zi-O does is laugh and say that he was glad he got to meet his younger self, before he disappears.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In the final stageplay (which takes place in the Over Quartzer timeline), he temporarily gets brought back and joins Sougo for one last battle against Hiryu, who became Another Oma Zi-O. They completly mop the floor with him.
  • Hero Killer: Implied. It was stated that Oma Zi-O went on a path of conquest, and heavily implied that he claimed the powers of other Riders through battle rather than being gifted them. In several of Woz's flashbacks in the early episodes, images of Zi-O fighting other Riders are shown. And since Oma Zi-O is still around and the Riders aren't...
  • High Collar of Doom: Well, not incredibly high, but still counts compared to Zi-O's base form.
  • Identity Denial: An unusual case in that every other character already knows Sougo will grow up to become this tyrant, but Sougo disbelieves that he could ever become such a monster so fervently that he makes Geiz, Tsukuyomi, and even parts of the audience start to doubt it's true, until Sougo's faced with the man himself and can no longer deny reality.
  • Invincible Villain: From Geiz and the Resistance's perspective, as their best efforts were completely crushed by him without doing anything meaningful to him. The only thing that has been shown to be capable of challenging, let alone beating him, is Geiz Revive in White Woz's timeline who battled and defeated Sougo in his Zi-O II form. This ultimately never happens because it is averted thanks to Geiz and Sougo burying the hatchet.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Despite the Bad Future Oma Zi-O rules, he is correct that he did save the world; he just didn't make it a pleasant place to live in. Episode 48 reveals that Oma Zi-O knows about Swartz and his plan. Thus the fact Oma Zi-O even exists means that Swartz, at least temporarily, failed to destroy the world. There's also the events of the Over Quartzer movie...
  • Knight of Cerebus: He's already an unstoppable force to begin with. The first thing he does in the Cold Opening is to singlehandedly wipe out every member of the La Résistance and going as far as to reduce their army to dust. Episode 16 takes it to a more terrifying level when he beats Present!Sougo using Kuuga, Kiva, and Ryuki's powers with little to no effort.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Zi-O Trinity is the only form of Zi-O capable of hurting him, as it's an anomaly that never existed in his own timeline, combined with Geiz, who the original never met, and Woz, whose powers only existed in an alternate timeline.
    • The only thing that could destroy him for good would be Sougo willingly giving up his driver permanently. During the events of the series, this happens, and the second time sticks.
  • Love Redeems: In Rider Time: Zi-O Vs Decade, his relationship with Tsukuyomi causes him to allow regular Sougo to kill him.
  • Maou the Demon King: He definitely invokes this archetype; it's even explained that the "Oma" part of his name is just a rearranged version of the stock "maou" title. He doesn't lead armies of monsters like most Demon King characters, but that just means he concentrates all that power in himself.
  • Meaningful Name:
  • Mind over Matter: Has access to every other riders powers, including the kind of telekenisis demonstrated which the likes of Kouta would be capable of.
  • Names to Run From Really Fast: Does Demon King sound like a friendly title to you?
  • Not Quite Dead: When Sougo reset the world, Ohma Zi-O, the true Sougo, was trapped between dimensions.
  • Obliviously Evil: Oma Zi-O genuinely thinks he's fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a benevolent and beloved king—despite having killed off all the past Kamen Riders, wiped out half of humanity, and is currently ruling the rest with an oppressive iron fist.
  • One-Man Army: More like One Man Apocalypse. The Cold Opening shows Oma Zi-O positively and literally destroying and eviscerating the La Résistance, Humongous Mechas and all. Given the timeline, it can be safely said that he's been doing this kind of slaughter for 50 YEARS. There's also the fact that he cemented his rule in the first place by single-handedly killing half of humanity.
  • Pet the Dog: Oma Zi-O empowers the blank Ridewatch his younger self slipped to Tsukuyomi in episode 48 despite feeling that it's pointless.
  • Physical God: By the time he rules the world, he has fully mastered his power which include willful manaipulation of time and space combined with the entire powerset of the Heisei riders. He demonstrates some of Kuuga's and Kiva's abilities combined with enough raw power to one shot some of the strongest rider villains. Word of God confirms he had powers he hasn't openly demonstrated: like Kouta's reality warping, Evol's planetary destruction and galactic warping, Chronus' Pause, Genm's resurective immortality, various riders' super speed etc. etc. and he is literally all powerful. The finale and supplementary information goes even further, revealing the power to sense people in other dimensions, fight with infinite energy coursing through his body, teleport through space and time, age objects to death, manipulate fate, and destroy all of space and time within the Kamen Rider multiverse.
  • Planet Destroyer: Episode 48 reveals that Oma Zi-O has the power to destroy space and time.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: It's a bit of Godzilla Threshold, but he isn't fond of his Alternate Self and, for the first time, interferes with the events of the present timeline by helping Sougo obtain the Zi-O Oma Ridewatch.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: Sougo swore to avoid ever becoming Oma Zi-O by declaring he would instead become the greatest and most beloved overlord in history. Oma Zi-O swore the same thing, and honestly believes he succeeded.
  • Puppet King: Shortly after he is ushered back into existence and begins to laugh, believing that everything is going as he has expected, a shadow is sitting behind Oma Zi-O's throne, hinting that for all his power Oma Zi-O may be subservient to someone else. This is downplayed as episodes 27 and 28 reveals that Sougo is Swartz's candidate for Oma Zi-O, but later episodes show that the existence of Oma Zi-O means that Swartz's plan failed. And Over Quartzer reveals that he's also this to his own alternate self before he helped his younger self defeat his alternative self.
  • Rapid Aging: Combined with One-Hit Kill, one of the powers he shows in #1 when he was able turn an entire army to dust.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His visor has a prominently crimson color to it, signifying his status as a major villain.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: He has a pair of watch hands hanging down the back of his suit, which either gives of this or Badass Cape.
  • Shadow Archetype:
    • Being the future self of our protagonist, Oma Zi-O is very obviously this to present Sougo - representing all of the worst traits, habits, and tendencies he's been displaying throughout the series and turning them all Up to Eleven. His ambition, manipulations, and lack of regard for others feelings made manifest and brought to the forefront without any of his redeeming traits to temper them and his morality.
    • As befitting for evil version of the anniversary Kamen Rider, he's this to every main Heisei series Rider that came before Zi-O. In Kuuga, Blade, Gaim, and among others, one big concern and theme running throughout each story was what amassing enough power to reach their full potential would do to their minds and turn them into the very thing they were fighting against. Kuuga feared becoming a Living Weapon who lived only for fighting, Blade was worried he'd turn into a monster like the Undead he's trying to defeat, and Gaim was afraid of giving up his humanity the stronger he got. This version of Sougo is what happens when all of that power goes to one's head and he becomes a tyrant worse than any villain in the Heisei era.
  • Spanner in the Works: Over Quartzer's plan was actually going quite well and was close to succeeding...until Oma Zi-O decided enough was enough and proceeded endow his younger self with enough of his power to defeat SOUGO and lead Woz into pulling a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Strong and Skilled: Oma Zi-O combines the unified powers of a hundred Riders with fifty years of practice and experience in using every single one of those abilities.
  • Summon Magic: Like Grand Zi-O, Oma Zi-O can summon any past Rider to fight for him.
  • Super Strength: During the battle in Episode 1's Cold Open, he drags a Time Mazine into his hands with his Mind over Matter powers and then hurls it.
  • Super Power Lottery: With the combined powers of every single Heisei Rider and absolute control over time itself, Oma Zi-O is a leading contender for the king of this trope.
  • Talented, but Trained: Episode 28 reveals that Sougo received his time powers as a little boy, long before he ever had obtained his first Ridewatch. Oma Zi-O simply had over fifty years to master those same powers to the point that calling him invincible is quite frankly the most accurate thing you can say about his strength.
  • Tautological Templar: The man somehow believes that he honestly is the "the greatest and most beloved Demon King". Despite the fact that he killed half of the population of earth, put the other half in ghetto camps, and periodically terrorizes said survivors with his army. The most twisted thing about him is the fact that from a certain point of view he is. After all, he's the only Demon King the world's ever had, and from his warped perspective he's simply putting down insurrections against his "benevolent" rule.
  • Tempting Fate: At the end of their first meeting, he tells Sougo that the only way to prevent his rise is to destroy his belt. Sougo follows this advice, and this actually does get rid of Oma Zi-O. Pity about the Time Jackers.
  • Time Master: His title is the King of Time for a damn good reason. He and his younger self have demonstrated Time Stands Still, Dreaming of Things to Come (complete with creating new timelines from said dreams), Combat Clairvoyance, Time Rewind Mechanic, and Rapid Aging. By the end of the show, it's unclear if his control over time even has any limits, beyond his past self's lack of fine tuning.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: The Sougo we're following is an All-Loving Hero that wants to become king to protect the people around him. This Sougo is no longer anything like that.
  • Villain of Another Story: His rise to power and Protagonist Journey to Villain takes place in a completely different timeline.
  • Villain Protagonist: He is what Sougo will become if nothing changes, and changing the future turns out to be a very difficult task indeed.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Has white hair, presumably due to being in his late 60s, and is a tyrannical and monstrous Evil Overlord.
  • Willfully Weak: The final episode reveals this Oma Zi-O has been severely holding back each time he appears.
  • World's Strongest Man: Possessing the combined powers of not just the main twenty, but every Heisei Rider, Oma Zi-O is bar none THE most powerful being in Kamen Rider lore. The one and only time he's seen truly fighting seriously, he obliterates the likes of Evolt, Gamedeus, and N-Daguva-Zeba in a single blow each.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Sougo thought his vow to become "The Greatest and Most Beloved Overlord" would be enough to keep him from becoming this guy, only to discover that Oma Zi-O is the end product of making that vow. The only thing that works to actually prevent his rise is for Sougo to destroy his Driver, and even that only lasts until the Time Jackers force him to become Zi-O once more. In the end, Sougo does indeed become Oma Zi-O, but escapes becoming his future self by sacrificing his powers once again to give them back to the Riders.



    In General 

Portrayed by: Keisuke Watanabe (live), Eitoku (suit)

A Woz is a Woz, of course.

A prophet from the future. The two iterations of Woz came from their distinctive future timelines, serving themselves as Heralds to Sougo and Geiz respectively.
  • The Corrupter: Both are trying to influence the person they serve to ensure the future they desire but it's more evident in White Woz than Black Woz.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Black & White, an insert theme about Woz following and praising his ruler as a loyal prophet unaware of the new future that may lie ahead.
  • Foil: To each other interestingly enough. Black Woz despite serving Oma Zi-O, who rules the future with an iron fist, is the nicer and far more respectful of the two while White Woz is far crueler and sadistic of the two despite serving Geiz Revive, who defeated Oma Zi-O and created a peaceful future. And while Black Woz is open about his plans and desires, White Woz is revealed to be lying in #28.
  • Hammy Herald: More obvious with Black Woz but White Woz also does this as shown in episode 26 when Geiz awakens the Geiz Revive Ridewatch.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: They do not like the other because their respective Undying Loyalty is mutually exclusive. For one Woz's master to win, the other Woz's master will be killed.
  • Terminator Twosome: With the twist they're from separate futures both are trying to ensure come to pass.
  • Undying Loyalty: To their respective masters. Though it's an act on White Woz's part; his true allegiance lies with Swartz.

    Black Woz 

Black Woz/Kamen Rider Woz

A mysterious prophet from the same future as Tsukuyomi and Geiz, he reads prophecies of future events, often to the heroes directly. His true allegiance for now remains as cloudy as Zi-O's fate, though it appears that he has some kind of loyalty to the once and future king...
  • Affably Evil: He wants the Bad Future to occur and with Sougo as Oma Zi-O, but doesn't take any steps to enforce it until the other Riders begin to help Sougo to alter the timeline, which prompts Woz to ally with the Time Jackers in order to keep Sougo himself from altering history any further. Even then, he remains as friendly and helpful as a villain could possibly be, appearing if Sougo needs advice or when he acquires a new Ridewatch.
  • Ambiguously Human: He is strong enough to stop a punch from Another Rider barehanded and toss him away afterwards. Also, he can travel through time without a time machine, no one ever sees him coming or leaving, he has a very slight echo to his voice and he appears to bleed paper.
  • Badass Boast: "Woz's power has indeed returned to Woz."
  • Berserk Button:
    • As Another Fourze will tell you, Woz hates it when someone tries to interrupt Sougo's transformation.
    • While played for laughs at first, he takes his book of prophecy very seriously, to the point of switching sides to the Time Jackers against Sougo to prevent his future self from rewriting the history prophesied in it, and continues to do so after learning Sougo's successful rewriting of history now has Geiz's name added to the book despite him originally playing no part in it.
    • A slightly more downplayed example; he gets quite peeved when people interrupt or ruin his dramatic moments or speeches, but he tries to remain composed, if only to try to get back into the spirit of the moment.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: In Episode 10, he adds Kousei Kougami's "Happy birthday!" at the start of his normal “ascension speech” when Sougo first uses the OOOArmor.
  • Breakout Character: Woz immediately became a fan-favorite character due to his bombastic heraldry making him a living meme approaching the level of fellow breakout character Kuroto Dan. Toei was quick to capitalize on this status by releasing a Woz plush toy, making him one of the very few face characters in any Rider show to get merchandise depicting them.
  • Breakout Villain: Woz is an odd inversion of this, in that while he stays Affably Evil throughout the entire show, his popularity with the audience and chemistry with the heroes led to a change in the show’s original plans, which had him making a Face–Heel Turn and becoming the final Big Bad of the show, rather than remaining the Token Evil Teammate the whole time.
  • Catchphrase: “Rejoice!”note , which he says at the start of his “ascension speeches” every time Sougo claims a new power.
    • To a lesser extent, he has “It is written in this book that…”, which he uses at the beginning of most of the pre-episode recap narrations. Becomes a Subverted Catch-Phrase in the final episode, where he remarks “Whatever the future may be, it isn’t the one written in this book.”
  • Character Development: Early on, Woz is paranoid about the potential changes to his timeline and the uncertainty that Sougo will become Oma Zi-O and does his damndest to make sure things go according to his book. When his future starts to become uncertain with the appearance of his Alternate Self, Woz is positively freaked out and even more worried. This all changes when he declares that a new history is about to begin when Sougo utilizes the Zi-O II Ridewatch and he conspires with Heure to obtain the power of Kamen Rider Woz, announcing that a new history is about to begin. He’s fine that history is no longer the same, just so long as Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O as intended.
  • Chessmaster Sidekick: While Oma Zi-O is very intelligent and cunning, it's Woz whose the one guiding his past self to become the demon king on his behalf.
  • The Comically Serious: He is often vexed when Sougo asks him for an Another Rider's information, especially if that Another Rider who is based on a Rider from an alternate future.
    Black Woz: Please do not treat me as if I am a radar for Another Riders.
  • Crazy-Prepared: He had a second Ziku-Driver ready to give to Sougo just in case anything happened to the first. As well as a third one for Tsukuyomi to use.
  • Deadpan Snarker: His conversations with anyone but Sougo are laced with sarcasm and/or apathy, showing that he almost actively loathes anyone who isn't Sougo.
  • Didn't See That Coming: While Woz is generally Crazy-Prepared and everything seemingly going to plan before hand, there are several things that deviate from what his book details as the Timey-Wimey Ball continues to unravel.
    • The Man of the Beginning using his divine powers to send Future Sougo to the present and Future Sougo’s subsequent interference throws a wrench in Woz’s expectations that leads to him briefly aligning with the Time Jackers to correct things.
    • He decidedly did not see an alternate version of himself traveling back in time as a Kamen Rider in direct opposition to him and Oma Zi-O coming.
    • The Zi-O Trinity Ridewatch, since it doesn’t exist in the original timeline.
  • Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: Was at first a member of the Resistance who infiltrated Oma Zi-O's forces. Except he really did side with Oma Zi-O and provided the Resistance with faulty information to lure them to their doom. And then it's revealed he was a member of the Quartzer all along.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Yes, he's a Large Ham who is actively trying to goad Sougo into becoming the worst despot in recorded history, but even he thinks Kuroto Dan is a bit much. Albeit it may be because he finds Kuroto’s personality annoying, rather than his actions.
  • Evil Mentor: In theory if not necessarily in practice. Woz actively encourages Sougo to become Oma Zi-O, but rarely does anything to try and force him in that direction, confident that the overlord he worships will emerge in due time. Oma Zi-O's continued presence in the future gives Woz good reason to be so self-assured.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He was once the leader of the Resistance faction Geiz and Tsukuyomi were under, who volunteered himself as a spy to infiltrate Oma Zi-O's ranks and find a plan of attack. This ended up being a trap set up by himself that killed most of his faction, with the surviving Geiz and Tsukuyomi baffled as to why he switched sides.
  • Fake Defector: Woz spends most of the Another Zi-O II arc with Hiryu saying that because Sougo’s future as Oma Zi-O has been erased, he serving a new overlord. But in reality, he's trying to figure out Swartz’s real plan.
  • Foil: To White Woz, as both are Heralds who are loyal to a certain Rider. Black Woz is the servant of Oma Zi-O, while White Woz reveres Geiz Revive as a messianic figure who defeated the demon king. However, their personalities differ: Black Woz is genuinely polite and well-mannered, even towards his overlord's enemies. White Woz is rather smug, amoral, manipulative, and callous at worst. He is quick to commit Pay Evil unto Evil to punish the Time Jackers for their insistent meddling.
  • Foreshadowing: Played for Laughs as a Running Gag when he reads the intro instead of White Woz. Black Woz has a habit of reading just a little bit ahead of current events and providing a tease for something that happens during the episode before catching himself and semi-jokingly berating himself for reading ahead or providing unneeded details with a smile on his face.
  • Great Big Book of Everything: Woz is never seen without his Ōma Kōrin Reki (roughly "Great Calamity Advent Calendar"note ), which appears to provide him with an account of future events.
  • Good Counterpart: Strangely, Black Woz is the good counterpart to White Woz. Despite the fact that in any other show/franchise he'd be the evil AU version as he serves a tyrannical demon overlord.
  • Hammy Herald: He essentially serves as Zi-O’s hype man, proclaiming his every action as if it came from a majestic tale. And he will make sure everyone within a five block radius can hear his proclamations. He even hypes himself once he transforms into Kamen Rider Woz for the first time.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After an entire arc building it up, the battle with Another Blade in #30 solidifies his turn, deciding to join Geiz in helping Sougo build a new future, of course he still wants Sougo to become Oma Zi-O so it's zigzagged.
  • Heroic BSoD: A Played for Laughs version happens in the Another Hibiki arc when he gets too focused on celebrating Sougo's 19th birthday that he focuses only on preparing Sougo's birthday causing Tsukuyomi to call out his efforts as just self-satisfaction. He spends the from latter half of episode 33 to the latter half of episode 34, hilariously depressed.
  • Improbable Weapon User: In contrast to his counterpart’s reality-altering and Rider powers, his main powers come from his scarf that is able to grab, defend and teleport him, and his book, which is able to grow in size to imprison his opponent. He was implied to be able to curbstomp Geiz with these before, but after Geiz Revive turns the tables on him he resorts to having to steal Kamen Rider Woz's powers just to stand a chance against him.
  • In-Series Nickname: “Black Woz”, as proposed by Sougo following White Woz’s appearance to differentiate him from the latter.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Does not hesitate to rub it in Kuroto's face after he is defeated that he'll make great "fertilizer" for Sougo's path onto becoming a better king.
  • Lack of Empathy: He is annoyed that Sougo ignores him in favor of checking on a victim of Another Ex-Aid.
  • Large Ham: His introduction of Zi-O after his first transformation is so bombastic that he practically steals the scene. Also, he introduces every new Ridewatch that Zi-O uses in this way and hates when someone interrupts him.
  • Medium Awareness: Putting aside the Supplementary Plans, in Over-Quartzer he seems fully aware that he and the others are characters in a TV show. When the group travels back to the Sengoku era, Woz refuses to change into period costume because "It would be confusing to our viewers", and there's a moment late in the film where he addresses the audience directly.
  • Mysterious Stranger: He's keeping an eye on everyone, but we don't know for what purpose. His character profile even describes him as a “Mysterious Prophet”.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: Not in the way that Kamen Rider usually plays this trope, but rather Woz’s scarf is a multipurpose tool that can stretch upwards of a dozen yards, restrain people by wrapping around them, or be used to make a hasty retreat.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • He slightly drops his bombastic demeanor when time is messed with in favor of a quiet, simmering anger. By the time Kamen Riders that shouldn't exist start appearing, he becomes genuinely shaken.
    • A more positive example happens in episode 40 when Sougo gains Grand Zi-O and instead of making a grand speech like usual, he's so overjoyed he decides to just enjoy Sougo showing off his new power.
    • On the more serious side, in the final episode, when Sougo finally gives in and becomes Ohma Zi-O after Geiz and Tsukuyomi are killed by Swartz, Woz is so stunned that he's left speechless. He doesn't deliver his normal speech until Sougo bitterly orders him to "rejoice", and he still seems rattled afterwards.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: He is aptly unnerved at the sight of his counterpart from Geiz Revive’s timeline. This is very much justified as White Woz’s sole existence threatens everything he has been working since the story’s start and is very proactive about enforcing that threat, as well as seeing what kind of a sadistic and callous individual he could have become.
  • Ontological Inertia: Seems to be a fan of this, given how unlike both the heroes from the future and the Time Jackers, his only interest is in making sure things happen as they were meant to happen.
  • Out of Focus: Zi-O vs Decade mostly uses him to explain the various Sougos’ existence and hint towards another meeting between Zi-O and Decade.
  • Perpetual Smiler: He usually appears wearing a smug smile because things rarely don't go his way through the first 16 episodes. Then his alternate self starts making sure they won't (his or anyone else's). By #19, he has practically become a Perpetual Frowner.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite his tense relationship with Geiz and more detached one with Tsukuyomi, episode 43 shows he does cares about them. He dropped his cover and rushed in to save Tsukuyomi when he saw Swartz was stealing her powers and lightly and playfully hit Geiz on the chest after the timeline was fixed with a big smile on his face.
  • Properly Paranoid: The instant Woz drops his bombastic demeanor also shows that he can be worried whenever Sougo messes up with the timeline (accidental or not), as shown in the Gaim arc. By the time Another Riders based on Riders that don't exist in the present show up along with his alternate future counterpart, he becomes more paranoid than ever.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: A trait inherent to him, presumably due to his status as a member of the Quartzers. After Sougo rewrites history in the final episode, Woz is the only one who retains his memories of the series' events.
  • Screw Destiny: He rips apart the Oma Advent Calendar that Barlckxs gave him to guide Sougo to become Oma Zi-O in Over Quartzer, declaring to Barlckxs that his loyalty lies with Sougo as his true liege-lord.
  • The Smart Guy: Woz is often the source for information on the Kamen Riders and thanks to his Oma Advent Calendar is knowledgeable in how the future will progress as well.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: He appears out of nowhere just long enough to fawn over Zi-O and/or deliver cryptic advice, and then vanishes just as inexplicably.
  • Sweet Tooth: Shown to have one during the Kiva arc, especially with Junichiro's apple pies. He even helps himself to Sougo's piece after he insists he doesn't want any.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Between him and Geiz, though more so Geiz's end. While Woz views Geiz as an annoyance, he doesn't have very many reservations working with him while Geiz still seems to hold a grudge against Woz for betraying the Resistance to Oma Zi-O.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: A Supervision variant. Woz is trying to bring about the timeline nobody wants, but he's too useful, too knowledgeable about future elements and too dangerous to ignore.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After hijacking the power of Kamen Rider from White Woz, he finally becomes a Rider in his own right.
  • Token Evil Teammate: He's this to the trio, joining Geiz and Tsukuyomi in living at Kujigojido. While he's just as loyal to Sougo as they are, if not more, he is dedicated to ensure that Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O while they are determined to prevent it. Of course it's downplayed as he's not violent nor vicious especially compared to White Woz and generally listens to Sougo's commands.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Ensures that this trope is in full swing and he's willing to engage in combat whenever someone tries to interrupt Sougo's transformation sequence.
  • Trickster Mentor: Loyal enough to his overlord to warn his past self of Geiz's "red robot," but not so proactive as to do anything else to protect him unless someone tries to pull a fast one and interrupt Sougo's transformation.
  • Undying Loyalty: It's clear that Woz has an affection for at least the power and might that Zi-O has in the future, given the fact that he presents Sougo with his Rider Belt on a velvet cushion.
  • We Used to Be Friends: He and Geiz were friends at some point. Now they can barely tolerate being in the same room as each other. Justified, since Woz betrayed the Resistance to Ohma Zi-O. This crushed the Resistance underfoot and kick-started Geiz and Tsukuyomi's mission to the past.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: The resident champion of this in the series. For all the messing of the Timey-Wimey Ball nearly every character does and the paradoxes that occur as a result, you'd be hard press to find Black Woz dropping his polite yet calculating demeanor at any point in the story. Indeed, even with the introduction of White Woz and the Future Kamen Riders, you wouldn't be blamed to think Black Woz is on top of everything from how he acts because he is.

    White Woz 

White Woz/Kamen Rider Woz
Rejoice, "Il Salvatore."

A different version of Woz from an Alternate Timeline where Oma Zi-O was defeated, he is a mysterious visionary who "directs" events to the future he wishes. To that end, he arrives in 2019 to aid his messiah Geiz Revive in defeating Oma Zi-O, as prophesied on the impending Day of Oma as Kamen Rider Woz.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Sougo encourages him to "always make plans so that they'll foil them again" after he has succumbed to ending the world because his future won't happen. This strikes a chord in him that makes him a bit sentimental towards Sougo, even giving him the Trinity Ridewatch. He then has a final chat with Black Woz about how he is lucky having friends and how he has grown fond of the overlord, while at the same time warns them of Swartz's plans, all before ceasing to exist as his timeline didn't come to pass.
  • Alternate Self: The White Woz that returns in episode 45 isn't the same White Woz that the show had been following. This White Woz comes from an alternate world created by Another Decade, where he was successful; as such, he retains the Kamen Rider Woz powers. Like the original White Woz, he had a Heel–Face Turn and now shows genuine concern for Geiz, actively aiding the heroes in rescuing him from Swartz's Another World.
  • Ambiguously Evil: White Woz claims to be on Geiz's side, and represents a future that sounds like an objectively good thing, but since it's supposed to involve Geiz killing Sougo on the Day of Oma, his future might not be as bright and shiny as he claims it is. The "ambiguously" part is dropped entirely when it's revealed that Geiz Revive is designed so that it will kill Geiz, and that White Woz was answering to Swartz all along.
  • Anti-Villain: Being the Herald for Geiz Revive and to make sure Geiz defeats Oma Zi-O, this doesn't stop White Woz for committing even more villainous acts to deal with a greater evil. Episode 27 throws out the "anti" part.
  • Arc Villain: Drives much of the conflict during the Day of Oma arc and ceases to exist when Sougo, Geiz, and Black Woz formally bury the hatchet when the arc ends after the Blade two-parter.
    • He somehow returns in the V-Cinema series Next Time as the mastermind of Geiz, Majesty, hoping to use Keito, Geiz's reincarnation, in his schemes to become Another Diend.
  • Batman Gambit: Making best use of his tablet's probability-influencing abilities requires him to be able to do this, since he can only make people do things that they had a chance of doing anyway.
  • Blatant Lies: Episodes 27 and 28 reveals he has been lying from the start and wasn't even loyal to Geiz at all. White Woz has been working with Swartz from the start, just going about their shared goal from a different plan. White Woz reveals that Geiz Revive killing Sougo wouldn't bring about the perfect future he promised and might only bring about a future that he wants as he laughs at the future casualties as a result.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: White Woz tries to pull this off, but his sheep costume isn't particularly convincing in-universe or out. That said, he is a better actor than he looks, since everyone is convinced that he's some new third party before it is revealed that he was working for Swartz all along.
  • Break the Haughty: Episode 27 ends with Black Woz stealing his Kamen Rider powers from him with Heure's help.
  • The Bus Came Back: Despite being erased from time, he's summoned from another dimension by Swartz/Another Decade at the end of episode 45, in replacement of Geiz who was sent to the dimension he was pulled from in his place. It was a brief return as he willingly saves Geiz at the cost of his life.
  • The Chessmaster: White Woz makes aggressive use of his tablet's ability to alter probability to make sure things go according to his script, even treating Sougo and Geiz themselves as nothing but players for him to direct along the stage.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: In episode 28, White Woz tortures Heure by stomping him to understand what Black Woz is planning.
  • The Corrupter: Zigzagged. While White Woz is dedicated to guiding Geiz to becoming Geiz Revive and defeating Oma Zi-O, he is frustrated by Geiz's compassion that he sees as naivete. He advises that Geiz to focus on his mission at all costs. Of course since it is revealed that White Woz is actually evil, this is played straight.
  • De-Power: Apart from using the Future Note to create Miridewatches, he can also create them by siphoning a Rider's power directly with a blank one, not unlike how Hiryu creates the Anotherwatches. He does this to obtain the Quiz Miridewatch.
    • In episode 27, he loses his power to transform into Kamen Rider Woz thanks to Black Woz and Heure.
  • The Dragon: He has been working for Swartz all along.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Played With: Despite everything about him, even he's horrified when he learns that Black Woz Gave Sougo the Zi-O II watch, and thus the power of Oma Zi-O, early.
  • Evil All Along: Episode 28 reveals he has been working with Swartz since the start.
  • Exact Words:
    • Episode 27 reveals that he calls Geiz "my savior" because Geiz' purpose is to be his personal savior by ensuring his timeline becomes reality - White Woz knows that Geiz cannot handle Revive and will not survive the battle with Sougo.
    • Funnily enough, this same trope comes back to bite him in the very same episode, by his own hand no less! Specifically, when writing down that the power of Kamen Rider Woz would return to Woz...failing to specify which Woz it would return to.
  • Face Death with Dignity: His last moments before disappearing is him at his most respectful and humble.
  • Famous Last Words: "I suspect [Sougo] will bear an interesting future (...) Oh, and beware of Sir Swartz. His ambitions are far greater than you come to realize. (*begins to fade away*) It seems the time has come. I do hope that your future is devoid of darkness..."
  • Faux Affably Evil: To contrast him with the original, this Woz is not without a charming and suave exterior, but it also reveals him as an outright heartless, manipulative, and sociopathic individual underneath, making it all the more chilling.
  • Foil: To Black Woz himself. Both are hammy heralds with an Undying Loyalty to a certain Rider (Oma Zi-O and Geiz Revive) - Black Woz is Oma Zi-O's servant who comes to have Sougo take the path of the demon king, White Woz reveres Geiz Revive as his savior who vanquished Oma Zi-O. However, their personalities are the exact opposite: Black Woz is Affably Evil, courteous even to Sougo's enemies, and rarely takes action unless he has to, while White Woz is a cruel, unscrupulous Perpetual Smiler who constantly adjusts events to suit his purposes.
  • Foreshadowing: White Woz's description of the Geiz Revive timeline foreshadows Swartz/Another Decade's Another World. Specifically in Episode 21, White Woz has stated that his future is a "everlasting peace as if time itself has stopped". And in episode 46 he mentions that the Another World is "A place of repose, where time stands still for eternity".
  • Good Is Not Nice: Be it threatening to kill a child, admittedly one of the Time Jackers, in order to gather information, or treating everyone around him like a disposable pawn, this Woz is nothing short of villainous in his behavior. However, he seeks what appears to be a good future, or at least a better one than the reign of terror of Oma Zi-O. This goes straight out the window when it becomes clear that the future of Geiz Revive is a future that's mostly for White Woz's own benefit.
  • Gratuitous Italian: Refers to Geiz Revive as il salvatore when Geiz first uses the form.
  • Hate Sink: White Woz's motives might be justifiable at best. However, he is but a nasty piece of work who goes his way to be as despicable as possible, making Heure and Black Woz himself all the more sympathetic. And any sympathy he may have had goes out the window in episode 28, when it is revealed that his true allegiance is with Swartz. Eventually he later grows out of it after Sougo convinces him to return the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive Ridewatches, as well as giving Sougo the new Zi-O Trinity Ridewatch, before he finally fades away while he warned his original timeline self of Swartz's schemes.
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Sougo manages to convince him to return the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive Ridewatches, but he goes above and beyond by creating the Zi-O Trinity Ridewatch.
    • The White Woz summoned from Swartz's Another World had one a long time ago. He is truly loyal to Geiz even creating a plan to save his savior at the cost of his life.
  • Herald: He is this for Geiz Revive, the savior who defeated Oma Zi-O on the Day of Oma in his timeline.
  • His Name Is...: In Episode 46, he tries to warn Geiz about Swartz's ultimate goal before he fades away, only to be interrupted (and prematurely killed) by Swartz.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Hoo boy. Next time you have to write something in your tablet, make sure that you specify which Woz you're taking about.
  • In-Series Nickname: "White Woz", as proposed by Sougo to differentiate between him and the original Woz, who in turn is nicknamed "Black Woz". The other characters take to using this term rather quickly.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He has set up as a jerk with a heart of moral ambiguity with good intentions for the future. Then he gets Futuring Quiz and uses its powers to gleefully torment Tamotsu Douan/Another Quiz with a pair of cruel questions seemingly hand-tailored to Kick the Dog while laughing. Episode 27 even reveals that his Undying Loyalty to Geiz is to a certain extent. He only cares that Geiz kills Sougo so his timeline comes to pass and doesn't truly care about Geiz himself, happy to let Geiz Revive slowly kill his "savior".
  • Knight of Cerebus: White Woz's arrival and what it means for the timeline are enough to make the characters start taking their situation much more seriously than they had before. White Woz himself is a new breed of villain who is far more dangerous than the Time Jackers.
  • Knight Templar: Like his savior, White Woz is no saint in his pursuit of the greater good.
  • Lack of Empathy: White Woz shows little to no sympathy or empathy to anyone, not even Geiz. To him, everyone needs to get in line to aid his Savior's ascension the way he envisions it. Also unlike Black Woz, who only responds to Sougo's prioritizing heroism over becoming the Overlord with exasperation at worst, White Woz reacts to Geiz not wanting to follow the path of Geiz Revive by telling him he doesn't have a choice in the matter.
  • Large Ham: If there's one constant across time, it's that Woz is hammy.
  • Light Is Not Good: Both his outfit and Rider form sport glittering silver colors with neon green. White Woz is anything but pure white on the inside.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Most of the time, the solution he comes up with when dealing with a problem, if not to Kick the Dog, will be this. Case in point, when dealing with Another Ryuga, his solution was to kill Shinji. It doesn't help that one of his first actions was writing it so that a car would attempt to run down a kid.
  • Necessary Evil: Due to the paradoxical nature of the future Riders. Kamen Rider Woz is the only one who can create their respective Ridewatches and defeat the Another Riders based off them.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: A male example. Unlike Black Woz, who only smirks when things go accordingly as planned. White Woz is quick to cackle in a rather unnerving fashion.
  • Not So Different:
    • From Black Woz, as both seek to serve another Rider for the purpose of awakening their full potential and bringing about a future that is, at least on the surface, everything that Rider's ever wanted.
    • He also hypes up Geiz in his first appearance as Geiz Revive, not unlike Black Woz hyping up Zi-O. It's even lampshaded by Sougo.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Unlike Black Woz, who usually keeps some distance from Sougo, White Woz doesn't mind getting a little too close to his savior for comfort.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: The things White Woz does to Heure and Ora are downright torturous. Even with the Time Jackers deserving such comeuppance for their actions and abuse of their time-stopping powers, White Woz's punishments are portrayed as excessively cruel.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Even more so than Black Woz.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: He has shades of this as he is so much more gleeful than his counterpart, especially when wrecking someone in battle, bending reality with his book or scheming something.
  • Redemption Equals Death: His last actions is returning the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive Ridewatches, making the Zi-O Trinity Ridewatch and warning Black Woz of Swartz before the Geiz Revive timeline is completely destroyed and he disappears along with it.
  • Ret-Gone: With the rise of Zi-O Trinity, his timeline was erased, and as a result, he is wiped from existence.
  • Rewriting Reality: Whatever White Woz writes in his tablet becomes reality, as long as it had a chance of happening already. He can use this to create his Miridewatches, but only if the future Rider's existence has already been assured, bringing his timeline closer to becoming the one true reality.
  • Sadist: White Woz really takes pleasure in making the Time Jackers suffer in even the most grueling ways possible the instant they cross with him.
  • Shaped Like Itself: "A Woz is a Woz, of course".
  • Shoot the Dog: One of his darker actions is his attempted murder of Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki just to destroy Another Ryuga. Luckily Geiz stopped him.
  • Smug Super: White Woz makes frequent use of his ability to rewrite reality, even doing so in the middle of battle to declare his victory before it happens.
  • Sociopathic Hero: Be it manipulating Sougo and Geiz to do as he wishes, informing Geiz he has no choice about becoming the savior Woz wants him to be, or inflicting cruelty upon the Time Jackers, White Woz is smug and uncaring to everyone around him, all with a smile on his face. And then episode 27 reveals that he was never a "hero" to begin with.
  • Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum: Thanks to the Another Zi-O arc, his future has become impossible, meaning White Woz doesn't have much time before ceasing to exist. Out of spite, he decides to use the power of Blade to reunite the Jokers and end the Battle Fight to trigger the end of the world.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Despite ostensibly being heroic, he is much more cruel than Black Woz, who is often polite and controlled even to his overlord's enemies. At worst, he is sternly disapproving. Part of this might have something to do with him owning the BeyonDriver, and therefore having the power to enforce his desires.
  • Underestimating Badassery: For all of his ability to control the flow of events, this man has very much paid the price for not taking into account the resourcefulness of Black Woz. Firstly, when the latter has managed to give Sougo the Zi-O II RideWatch without White Woz even realizing this until it was too late. Secondly, but much more importantly, with Black Woz being able to steal the powers of Kamen Rider Woz literally right in front of White Woz's face. That last point leaves White Woz screaming in pure anger at what just happened.
  • Undying Loyalty: White Woz claims to be Geiz's loyal servant like how Black Woz is Sougo's, episode 27 reveals that it's a lie and he's only using Geiz. But the White Woz summoned from Swartz's Another World in episode 45 reveals he is actually loyal to Geiz, even creating a plan to save Geiz at the cost of his life.
  • Up to Eleven: While Black Woz was peeved that Geiz's name was even mentioned in his book ever since the events of the Gaim Arc, the history in White Woz's book does this to Geiz by making him the revered savior/messiah that vanquished Oma Zi-O and changed the entire course of history. White Woz actually embraces this fact.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: He describes the future without Oma Zi-O as a peaceful utopia and he will do anything to achieve it, even going against his messiah or killing defenseless civilians. Of course #27 reveals that said "utopia" is only such for a select few, potentially even just him.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: The version that Swartz summoned has him coming from a world where his plan succeed, but doesn't have the power of Ginga, and thus is stuck with the basic form, while his counterpart has already evolved past that stage. It comes to no surprise when he fights his counterpart with the power of Ginga, he gets defeated near instantly.
  • Villainous Breakdown: White Woz's smug demeanor virtually never cracks, but Black Woz and Heure teaming up to steal his powers sends it crashing down with a roar of frustration.
  • Walking Spoiler: It is hard to talk about him without mentioning he isn't the Woz we know and revealing that the actions of the main characters caused another timeline to be created.
  • Xanatos Gambit: The way he created the Shinobi Miridewatch in #18. He goads Sougo into fighting Another Shinobi, while talking Rentaro back to his senses, with Swartz continuously activating the Another Shinobi watch each time the latter is defeated. And, it worked.

    Kamen Rider Woz 

Kamen Rider Woz
Touei! Future Time! Sugoi! Jidai! Mirai!note  Kamen Rider Woz! Woz!
Touei! Finaly Time! Gin-gin-gira-gira-Galaxy! Uchū no kanata no Fantasy! Woz GingaFinaly! Finaly!

The Rider form of White Woz, and later, Black Woz, through the BeyonDriver and the Woz Miridewatch.
  • Badass Cape: In his GingaFinaly form.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: In Futuring Shinobi, He creates multiple clones alongside him to attack together. They are also able to perform Ninjutsu techniques.
  • Double Take: His own transformation sound does this, with the second "Woz!" at the end sounding confused at the idea of Woz being a Rider. It also adds this to every other Futuring announcement.
  • Finishing Move:
    • Time Explosion: Woz sends a green energy cube behind the enemy, then surrounds himself in a green energy tornado with a green "kick" character swirling around him before corkscrew kicking the enemy into the cube that transforms into a timer that explodes the minute it hits zero.
    • Futuring Shinobi:
      • Ninpou: Jikan Shibari No Jutsu/Ichigeki Kaman: Woz electrifies the enemy and lifts him up before creating clones and slashing him rapidly.
      • Ninpou: Jikan Shibari No Jutsu: Woz creates several clones that attack the enemy all at once with Green Energy Slashes using Zikan Despear in Kama mode.
    • Futuring Quiz:
      • Fukashigi Magic: Woz summons some giant energy question marks to restrain the enemy and detonates them.
    • Futuring Kikai:
      • Full Metal Break: Woz released a series of Electromagnetic waves that allows him to manipulate electronics to do his bidding.
      • Bakuretsu DeLance: Woz rushes towards the enemy before impaling them with a yellow energy-coated Zikan Despear.
      • Full Metal Break/Bakuretsu DeLance: Woz captures the enemy using two wrench like armaments before impaling them with yellow energy-coated Zikan Despear.
    • Woz Ginga:
      • Cho Ginga Explosion: In Woz GingaFinally, Woz teleports himself and the enemy into deep space before delivering a kick with his foot covered in violet, blue, and yellow energy resembling a spiral galaxy. In another variation, Woz can conjure a galaxy within a certain area to rain fiery meteors down to eliminate his enemies.
      • Sui-kin-chi-ka-moku-do-ten-kai Explosionnote : In Woz GingaWakusei, Woz summons energy planets which then diffuse into multiple energy asteroids that rain down upon the enemy.
      • Burning Sun Explosion: In Woz GingaTaiyo, Woz causes a giant explosion that incinerates everything in sight. Another variant involves Woz channeling the sun's burning energy to each of his hands and blasting it in beams to destroy his enemies.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Quiz is perhaps Woz's strongest Miridewatch with its ability to painfully shock anyone who can't answer his yes or no questions correctly, but since it's reliant on the user's knowledge and ability to come up with questions that the opponent doesn't know the answer to, White Woz has much more difficulty using it than the original Quiz did. To elaborate, Quiz tended to ask questions that he could make true or false (i.e. Will your attack miss? Will my attack connect?). Woz tends to ask questions that aren't so clear or he doesn't know the answer to either (i.e. "Even though [Another Ryuga] are an invincible opponent, you will be defeated by Woz". Woz's expected answer: True. The actual answer: False. The result: Nothing happens. "Will fighting [Another AgitΩs] lead us to another Ridewatch? The answer: Unknown. The result: Nothing happens).
  • Just for Pun: Woz's forms are all listed as Futuring x with the x being the Rider whose power he's currently using. That is a combination of featuring, given that this is technically the debut of these three Riders, and future, given that they've yet to exist.
  • Names to Run From Really Fast: Translating his weapon's name parses to "Time spear of despair", or alternatively "Time's up spear". Both are fittingly menacing.
  • Ninja Log: In Futuring Shinobi, Woz quickly substitutes himself with another object such as a scarecrow or a ragdoll, allowing him to flee and/or hide.
  • Power Copying: As with Zi-O and Geiz above, Woz can access the powers of the other Riders by placing a Miridewatch into his Beyondriver and access a Futuring form. Some include:
    • Futuring Shinobi: Gains access to Shinobi's ninja techniques and skills to fight against his enemies.
    • Futuring Quiz: Gains Quiz's powers, such as people answering his quiz correctly or incorrectly will would affect the outcome of the battle.
    • Futuring Kikai: Gains Kikai's powers, with multiple robotic armaments and devices for combat. He can also unleash multiple spanners that enter anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby and turn them into robotic servants, or control any machinery around him.
    • Woz Ginga: Gains Ginga's powers, including gravity manipulation, teleportation, levitation, and a general stat boost. Has two sub modes, GingaTaiyo, and GingaWakusei.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: In his Futurering Shinobi form.
  • Super Form: Kamen Rider Woz GingaFinaly, Woz's final form accessed with the Woz Ginga Miridewatch, based on Kamen Rider Ginga. Unlike the other three Miridewatches, it has three modes: the default Finally, Taiyo (Sun) and Wakusei (Planet). It can also bypass the restrictions on destroying Anotherwatches, like Zi-O II, Trinity and Geiz Revive.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: The Zikan Despear, Kamen Rider Woz's signature weapon; it ca be a Blade on a Stick, a Simple Staff, or a Sinister Scythe.
  • Unwilling Roboticization: Weaponized as Futuring Kikai, which allows him to turn any nearby humans into robotic slaves stronger than normal humans.


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