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Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce)

    Bulleteer (Alix Harrower) 

     Firehawk (Lorraine Reily) 

  • Action Girl
  • Damsel in Distress: When Lorraine was a normal girl, as daughter of a senator, she frequently found herself the target of those who would seek to use her as a vehicle for sabotaging her father's political efforts and is often kidnapped.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: She was kidnapped and subjected to extensive programming to kill Firestorm (and transformed into Firehawk to have the ability to do so). She threw it off, but not before a fight.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Lorraine is turned into Firehawk by being forcibly subjected to the same type of reactor meltdown that created Firestorm. Her powers are similar, but are more focused on nuclear fire than molecular restructuring.
  • Flaming Hair: Firehawk is perpetually surrounded by a corona of "atomic fire". This ambient corona is for visual effect only, and does not possess any thermal properties. Lorraine's complexion takes on a golden or orange hue when in her Firehawk form.
  • Flying Firepower: Firehawk can channel the nuclear energy within her body, granting herself the ability to fly.
  • Hand Blast: Firehawk can generate waves of thermal nuclear energy, which she can focus into blasts of heat from her hands.
  • I Love Nuclear Power
  • Invocation: Though she doesn't need to, Lorraine Reilly tends to say "Firehawk!" upon transforming.
  • Love Interest: Firehawk was once romantically involved with Firestorm. In later years, she became involved with the futuristic hero known as Booster Gold.
  • Rescue Romance: Lorraine developed an immediate attraction towards the nuclear hero when save her, but constantly wrestled with her emotions, acknowledging the fact that she knew very little about him.

     Firestorm II 
AKA: Jason Rusch (and other hosts)

     Red Arrow 
Red Arrow (Roy William Harper, Jr.)

Roy was approached by Hal Jordan with membership in the new Justice League. While in battle, Hal referred to him as "Red Arrow" in an attempt to stop himself from revealing Roy's name (despite the fact that Roy's identity has been public knowledge for some time now). Roy accepted membership in the League and officially adopted the identity of Red Arrow, justifying it as a final "coming of age" and outgrowing his troubled relationship with his adoptive father Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). See Green Arrow characters page for more info.

    Geo-Force (Brion Markov) 

Brion Markov is Geo-Force, a powerful super-hero and member of the royal family in Markovia. His powers allow him to control gravity and the Earth's terrain. This has lead him to become a long-standing member of the Outsiders and he later joined the Justice League. His sister is Terra of the Teen Titans.

  • Break the Haughty: During his time in the Outsiders, Batman gave Brion no special treatment, regarding him simply as another member of the team, subordinate to his wishes. This caused a great deal of friction between Batman and Geo-Force, until Batman earned Geo-Force's respect and trust. Geo-Force learned that he was expected to follow orders without being consulted as to his opinion.
  • Cain and Abel: Unknown to him, he was the Abel to his half-sisters Terra. At first, the Titans did not tell Geo-Force of Terra's betrayal, letting him think that she died a hero. At a later date, however, Batman revealed the truth to Geo-Force, which left him even more heartbroken than before.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Brion is able to manipulate the Earth itself by vibrating and transforming it's crust (the ground). He can use this power to create earthquakes, tap into lava flows, and levitate or create shapes out of solid rock.
  • Gravity Master: Brion is able to manipulate the gravitational field of Earth itself. He can increase the gravity around and within an object to make it extremely heavy or he can decease the gravity around or within an object to make it extremely light.
  • The Leader: He is a skilled leader of teams, military forces and once of a country.
  • Logical Weakness: While Geo-Force is at his strongest when he is firmly on solid earth ground, his powers and health will deteriorate if he is taken off earth for a long period of time. In such instances, Geo-Force will die unless he returns to earth in time.
  • Playing with Fire: Brion is able to manipulate fire and lava from it's source within the Earth.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He is the rightful prince of Markovia.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Subverted. During Crisis On Infinite Earths; when Geo-Force, Blue Beetle, and Doctor Polaris are sent back in time by the Monitor, to when Nazis occupied Markovia, Geo-Force tells Doctor Polaris that he can kill the Nazis attacking the three heroes and even joins in.

    Supreme Chef (Jon Standing Bear) 

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