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aka: Batman And The Outsiders Katana

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    Steve Trevor

Abilities: Intellect, unarmed combat

In the New 52 Steve becomes the U.S. government's liaison to Diana during her stay in Washington, D.C. and later becomes the head of the newly formed A.R.G.U.S, as well as the UN's liaison to the newly formed Justice League.
See his own page for more.

    Martian Manhunter

AKA: J'onn J'onzz
Abilities: Super-strength, flight, shapeshifting, telepathy

Last living Martian and a mental and physical powerhouse, J'onn was recruited to counter Superman.

See his own page for more.



AKA: Carter Hall
Abilities: Flight, mastery of various weapons

A ferocious flying warrior, Hawkman was recruited to counter Aquaman.

See his own character sheet for more.


AKA: Selina Kyle
Abilities: Master thief, agility, escape artist

Catwoman is confronted by Steve Trevor, who offers her a spot on Amanda Waller's new Justice League of America. Selina initially refuses, but accepts the offer after Trevor promises to help her track down a woman who has apparently been posing as Selina. It is later revealed that Catwoman was chosen specifically to take down Batman should the JLA ever need to defeat the original Justice League.

See her own page for more.

    Green Arrow

AKA: Oliver Queen
Abilities Master archer, marksmanship

Queen is part of a crack state-sponsored team assembled by Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor of A.R.G.U.S. to bring in good PR for the US government and serve as a defense against the independent Justice League headed by Superman and Batman should they ever go rogue.

See his own page for more.


AKA: Courtney Whitmore
Abilities: Cosmic Rod grants flight and energy manipulation

Stargirl appears in The New 52 as part of a new Justice League of America title. She was chosen by Amanda Waller as the public face of the JLA's PR campaign. After the disbandment of the JLA following the Forever Evil crossover event, Stargirl joined Justice League United.

See the JSA characters page or her own page for more info.

This won't end well...for them.

AKA: Tatsu Yamashiro
Abilities: Master swordsmanship

Katana is a DC Comics superhero first introduced by writer Mike W. Barr in Batman and the Outsiders back in 1983. A martial arts-themed superhero from Japan, Katana was one of DC's earliest Asian superheroes, as well as one of the few Asian superheroes of any notoriety.

Before becoming Katana, she was simply Tatsu Yamashiro, a young Japanese housewife. After Yakuza thugs killed her husband and children, Tatsu took up her husband's blade, Soultaker, and dedicated her life to cutting down evil wherever she encountered it.

The character has long been a supporting player in the DCUniverse, but finally ascended to a lead status as one of the main characters in the New 52 relaunch of Birds of Prey (a title that had previously been criticized for its lack of minorities). In 2013, Katana not only features in her own ongoing series written by Ann Nocenti, but is also a part of Geoff Johns' new Justice League of America line-up. During DC's Rebirth era, Katana served a prominent role as Rick Flagg's second in command in the 2016 run of the Suicide Squad. Then in 2019, DC released a new Batman and the Outsiders series which reunited her with fellow veteran Outsider Black Lightning.

Outside of comics, Katana has been featured in several episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and appeared as a main character in Beware the Batman. More recently, she was a character in DC Super Hero Girls, season three of Arrow, and in Suicide Squad (2016).


  • Katana (2013-2014)

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Tropes seen in these series include:

  • Ascended Extra: Katana was Batman's principal partner in Beware the Batman, filling the role usually held by Robin and Batgirl.
  • Badass Normal: However, in the New 52, Soultaker is the Sword Totem of the Sword Clan that grants her enlightenment and immortality if she can use it right.
  • Bullet Catch: She does this with her sword, when a maddened Rick Flag shot at Amanda Waller
  • The Bus Came Back: In her New 52 solo series, she's in her twenties as opposed to being in her thirties or forties before New 52. So her only dead loved one was her husband, there was no mention of any children. These days, they brought back her dead kids and there's mention of dead children especially from Amanda Waller.
  • Captain Ersatz: A villain heavily based off Katana named Tsukuri appeared in a few episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
  • Captain Ethnic: Katana's first few outfits were all based on traditional Japanese Rising Sun imagery. These days, she primarily sports a suit of black armor along with a white mask featuring the Japanese Hinomaru on her forehead.
  • Cool Sword: Soultaker. It drinks the souls of those it kills and then makes them available as ghosts to answer questions.
  • The Corrupter: Batman fears that Amanda Waller is this for Katana, she's twisting Tatsu into going down a bad path (earlier Katana had slashed Batman in the back, nearly killing him because he took down the rest of the squad).
  • Crusading Widower: Starts her career after the death of her family.
  • Death by Origin Story: Tatsu's husband and twin children were killed in her origin story, driving her down the path of vigilantism.
  • Domino Mask: Her current costume. In older incarnations, she wore fuller head coverings.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: In issue 13 of the '80s Batman and the Outsiders, Katana (who actually Is Just Better, by the way) is tracking a poisoned and delusional Batman. She stops to save a civilian's life and thus, loses Bats. So she expresses her regret to substitute commander Black Lightning, prompting the following conversation:
    Black Lightning: Don't go committin' Hara-Kiri or anything over it, Katana! You've been through a lot lately!
    Katana: Don't pity me because of the death of my husband, Lightning! I won't have that!
    Black Lightning: Sorry! But any of us would have done the same thing!
  • The Dragon: Katana is this for Rick Flag, Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn. As a killer she's lumped in with the other villainous members of Suicide Squad but she's a volunteer and helps keep order with the squad and watch her bosses's backs.
  • Empathic Weapon: Soultaker contains the spirit of her husband, and a number of other souls.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Her sword, Soultaker, absorbs the souls of those it kills.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: The DC heroine named Katana wields a magical katana called "Soultaker". It cuts through just about anything. It completely resists melting. And yes, she can deflect bullets with it. But it also has a curse: those killed by the sword may have their soul taken into the world within it, and can subsequently be summoned to do the wielder's bidding. And it makes an evil person who holds it even more malevolent.
  • Lady of War: Quietly composed and graceful as she fights enemies with her katana.
  • The Lancer: As of 2019, Katana is essentially this to Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning during their time with Batman's latest incarnation of the Outsiders. In contrast to her previous dynamic with the Suicide Squad's ever-rotating leadership, she has a genuine bond with Jeff as mutual confidants and takes charge of the team whenever he or Batman are indisposed. Once the team eventually disbands, the two decide to stick by each other's sides and adventure together.
  • Lawful Neutral: Katana probably falls here. She probably would be Lawful Good, except she seems a bit too harsh in general, such as basically viewing all criminals as deserving of death even if their crimes are farily minor or they have some extenuating circumstances or the like.
  • Master Swordsman: Though not her only skill set, you best believe she's good with a blade.
  • Mentor Archetype: The Next Batman: Second Son reveals that Katana, now Older and Wiser compared to her early days as a merciless Crusading Widower, fulfilled this role to the young Jace Fox during the years of his exile from Gotham City. Not only did Tatsu take Jace under her wing as a protégé, but she has played a crucial part in teaching him how to mature past his self-loathing as well as directly inspire him to become a hero in the first place.
  • Parental Substitute: For Halo, from quite early on in the Outsiders.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Katana's real reason for joining the Suicide Squad is to eventually kill them. Her sword has given her a kill list of people who need punishing and Amanda Waller is one of them.
  • Powers via Weapon: She is a Master Swordsman who has no powers, but her sword has the ability to take the souls of those its wielder kills.
  • Public Domain Artifact: Katana wields a sword made by Muramasa- who was described as being mad; the sword itself steals the souls of those it kills.
  • Rogues Gallery Transplant: An unusual one, one of her enemies in her New 52 solo series is The Creeper, who was a superhero prior to the world reboot.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Caught between old traditions and being a young superhero, Katana can definitely come off as this.
    As my elders would say, my shame is deep. As the kids would say. Epic fail.
  • Soul-Cutting Blade: Soultaker. It not only removes the soul from the body of its victim, but traps the soul in the blade.
  • Talking Weapon: Technically it's the soul of her husband (which is trapped in the sword) and it only talks to her. Doesn't come up too often, though.
  • They Call Him "Sword": Her nickname is "Katana".
  • Token Good Teammate: She and Rick Flag are this for the Suicide Squad.
  • Villain Killer: She's a hero, but make no mistake, she gives no clemency to criminals. Katana lost her husband and children to her husband's jealous brother, who had connections to the Yakuza. After killing her brother-in-law, but failing to save her family, she made it her life's mission to hunt down and kill anyone that was involved in crime, especially those who were present at her family's murder. She uses the very same sword that was used to kill her husband no less.
  • Whole Costume Reference: In an issue of Li'l Gotham, Katana investigates a suspicious street racing gang while wearing the Bride's yellow racing jumpsuit from Kill Bill (which is thus also a second-hand reference to the Bruce Lee tracksuit).
  • Will They or Won't They?: Bryan Hill's run of Batman and the Outsiders establishes this kind of dynamic between Katana and Black Lightning. Tatsu admits that she's actually more than interested in a Relationship Upgrade with Jeff, having spent so many years alone after the death of her husband. But Jeff initially wishes to leave things as they are between them for his own personal reasons. Then this gets developed even further during backup issues set within DC Infinite Frontier, where their Unresolved Sexual Tension has not only evolved to a point where Everyone Can See It, Tatsu's Mother-In-Law Shiori tries to have Jeff assassinated just to spite Tatsu for inadvertently loosing the soul of her late son Maseo.



AKA Francisco Ramon
Abilities: Generates damaging vibration waves, senses interdimensional breaches, disrupts recording equipment.

New to the super hero scene, an encounter with a boomtube gave him control over interdimensional vibrations. His abilities made him a counter to the Flash.

See his own page for more.

    Green Lantern (Simon Baz)

See the Green Lantern Corps page for more.

Every Justice League needs a Green Lantern and the new recruit was chosen to hold of Hal Jordan.

    Doctor Light

AKA Arthur Light
Abilities: Intellect, energy absorption and projection.

  • Adaptational Heroism: Pre-New 52, he was a villain. In the New 52, he's a supporting member of the JLA. He even has a family and is one of the nicest members of the JLA.
  • Happily Married: In the issue before his death, he was on the phone talking to his wife (the heroic pre-52 Doctor Light Kimiyo Hoshi). There was even a picture on his desk showing them and their two children.
  • Light 'em Up
  • Naïve Newcomer: As Steve Trevor once said, he's a scientist, not a soldier.
  • Sixth Ranger.
  • The Smart Guy: He was a scientist before gaining his powers. He wrote the book on metahumans.

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