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Characters / Juan dela Cruz

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    Juan dela Cruz 
Portrayed by: Coco Martin
  • Allegorical Character: Juan dela Cruz represents the common Filipino.
  • Protagonist Title: duh. The main hero of this series is Juan dela Cruz, the same as the series.
  • One-Man Army: Juan is shown to kill multiple aswangs single-handedly, without the help of anyone.
  • The Chosen One: As a son of a Tagabantay, Juan was tasked to be the next Tagabantay, the only one that can wield the Bakal na Krus, an iron cross that can change into various weapons. However he is also the prophesized Anak ng Dilim, the Son of Darkness, who is fated to lead the aswang to dominate over the humans. The story unsurprisely seeks to subvert this trope, with Juan who tries to reject his fate as the Anak ng Dilim upon learning the dark prophecy regarding him.
    Rosario Galang 
Portrayed by: Erich Gonzalezs


Portrayed by: Shaina Magdayao
  • Archer Archetype: She is the best archer in her land.
  • Real Name as an Alias: Her human name, Mira is basically the shortened form of her true name, Mirathea.
  • Warrior Princess: She was sent to the human realm by her mother Nerea to save their world from the Anak ng Dilim prophecy. She also kicks aswang butt too.

    Samuel Alejandro/Haring Aswang 
Portrayed by: Albert Martinez
  • A Father to His Men: The Haring Aswang is the highly respected figure in the aswang society and is honorifically called Ama or father by his constituents. Samuel Alejandro, the Haring Aswang cares greatly to the wellfare of his race. He would never kill an aswang, except if it would be for the betterment of the race in the long term or to protect his secret, that Juan is the Anak ng Dilim and not his other son, Kael. Also, he truly cares for Juan and was aware that many of his brethen will unknowingly kill his Tagabantay son who is also the Anak ng Dilim, the Dark Messiah of their race.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Most of the time, when Samuel is in his office.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: Samuel often does this to his wife and his son, Laura and Kael for defying him.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Juan was happy to out that Samuel Alejandro was his real father, until he learns the real identity of his father.
  • Sailor's Ponytail: Although he later ditches the hairstyle and adopts a Barbarian Longhair.
  • One-Man Army: Samuel Alejandro also has demonstrated this. He is not a Haring Aswang for nothing after all.


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