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    Bad Apple's Diverging Delicacies! "Great Undertakings for Your Service!" 
“The ones he called ‘Plastic Team,’ styling themselves B.A.D.D.G.U.Y.S. They all have established a dive bar and place of investigation… They call their place ‘Bad Apple,’ yet they seem to have good in mind.”
Bad Apple is a small dingy dive bar in the shopping district, which acts as the base of operations (and a workplace for the majority) for B.A.D.D.G.U.Y.S., a rather bizarre and ambitious lot.

Team as a whole

Ananas "Agnes" Bayley - 「Pork Soda」

Played by: Demonickraken
A carbonated drinks addict, bizarre soda seller, and bartender at Bad Apple's, Agnes aspires to become the worst villain the world has ever seen, causing problems on purpose and generally being a thorn in everyone's side.

His stand, 「Pork Soda」, can place 'soda lids' on inanimate objects, through which their contents will be drained in liquid form. Only containers will be actually drained though - a solid object won't be hollowed out, its 'liquid contents' simply being created from scratch.

  • Bad Liar: Due to often speaking before thinking, Agnes will often blurt out the most blatant lies just to try and screw with whoever he speaks to. It's often not hard to see through these lies, especially once contradictions pile up.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Tends to be underestimated due to his self-important nature and Laughably Evil tendencies. Pork Soda, however, is a very powerful Stand, and for all that he draws too much attention to himself, the danger he deliberately brings upon others is very real.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Agnes is perhaps...a little too reliant on his soda. Or caffeine in general, though his "Pork Soda" is a favorite that's usually carried around.
  • Soda Can Shakeup: Soda lids created by 「Pork Soda」 can pop off on their own of the objects they're attached to are shaken enough.
  • Unconventional Smoothie: Anything that 「Pork Soda」 creates and opens lids on will start spewing its contents in liquid form. Anything. Which is convenient to its user's...specific taste in drinks.
    • Bizarre Taste in Food: Agnes's stand name comes from his favorite mix, which partly consists of liquid porkchop that his stand can create, and he will constantly create even more unconventional ones and attempt to sell some to others.
      • Considering his Mixology 4 stat, these drinks theoretically are actually good. They just don't sound appetizing.
  • Useless Useful Spell: Inverted during M10. Agnes' Mixology skill, which would usually appear quite useless in a fight, becomes a great asset when he needs to create a thick enough Soda to suffocate Ocean Soul.

Arpeggi Osso Buco - 「NEXT LEVEL」

Played by: Streamanon aka Streambeon
Chef at Bad Apple's by day and vigilante by night, Arpeggi came to Los Fortuna together with Gabbana Dolce to bust a crime syndicate and found himself trapped in the city just like everyone else. He now resumes his vigilante routine inside the city, although nobody else on the team except Gabbana knows it.

His identity is helped kept secret by his stand, 「NEXT LEVEL」 - a belt that transforms into wearable suits of armor depending on what Acts Arpeggi has already unlocked.

Act 1 is bulky and can shoot confectionary icing that can be either slippery or viscous.

Act 2 is medium weight and has an oven in the abdomen that can either heat up and shoot objects stored within or accumulate, heat up, and release smoke.

Act 3 is the most lightweight and can produce and launch any ingredients found in a basic yellow cake, such as eggs, flour, or milk, as well as cook them within its abdomen oven into various confectionaries Arpeggi can then telekinetically manipulate.

Father Blue Brother - 「Tainted Love」

Played by: Speedwagon aka Nomnomnomsnakes
Having seen his stand manifestation as a divine wake-up call, Blue Brother studied to eventually being ordained as a priest; he now investigates various cases where stands might be involved. Stuck in Los Fortuna after being reassigned there by his bishop, Blue now works as a priest in Saint Jude's Church, as well as a regular patron at Bad Apple's and ally of the bar's stand users.

His stand, 「Tainted Love」, can transfer harm that Blue has done into healing, and vice versa: for example, if Blue broke somebody's arm or punched a hole in a wall, he could then heal someone else or fix an object; and vice versa, if he gauzed somebody's wound, he could then cause a gash to appear on somebody else or create a hole in a wall.

  • Empathic Healer: Played with. 「Tainted Love」 can turn any damage that Blue deals into healing, and any healing/repairs that Blue delivers can be returned elsewhere as equivalent damage.

Gabanna Dolce - 「Doja Cat」

Played by: Fujo aka mina aka skidji
Formerly a 'political enforcer' for a shady family-owned food packing business, Gabanna later became tired of dubiously legal dealings she helped run and retired, opening a dive bar in a small town. This is where she met Arpeggi, quickly learning about his secret vigilante life and strong-arming him into an alliance. After two of them came to Los Fortuna to bust a crime syndicate and got trapped, Gabanna opted to buy and manage a new dive bar called Bad Apple's.

Gabbana's stand, 「Doja Cat」, is a massive cat-like 'Boss Bitch' that can create smaller cat-like minions, or 'Bottom Bitches', out of various particulates, such as smoke, sand, dust, etc. These minions can then 'dive' into materials that created them, such as cement 'cats' being able to 'dive' into concrete, or gunshot ones being able to enter bullets.

Jenny Kid - 「The Offspring」

Played by: Vanarchist
Jenny's life has gone downhill since her father was killed, her dreams of becoming a doctor thwarted by dropping out and being arrested and incarcerated for possession and robbery. Her stand manifested in prison, allowing her to escape at the cost of being declared legally dead. She's been struggling ever since, mostly making ends meet via sex work, although lately she became a waitress at Bad Apple's after being trapped in Los Fortuna like everyone else.

Jenny's stand, 「The Offspring」, lets her create up to 7 full or partial clones out of any living creature she touches, including other clones and herself, which she then gains full control of.

  • Humanshifting: One application of the Offspring shown off in Jenny’s first match, where she used her cloning ability to form someone else’s body around herself.
  • Jerk With A Heartof Gold: Her jerkiness is mainly her trying to look cool.
  • The Medic: Serves this role along with Father Blue, due to her actually receiving medical training.
  • Me's a Crowd: The main ability of her stand is to create clones of any living thing she’s touching.
  • Mondegreen: Her name comes from the lyric “Jaime had a chance well she really did” from “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, which her creator misheard as “Jenny”.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: The Offspring is frequently used to give Jenny extra limbs.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Jenny is among the shortest characters in the tourney, but is physically built and has a stand to enhance her abilities.

Markus Ness Mathison - 「Underwater」

Played by: Smallest Apple
An aquarium employee who met and befriended Blue Brother before the tournament's events, Markus found himself in Los Fortuna just as suddenly, and it is through Blue that he found Bad Apple's. He doesn't exactly work there, but he does help them with various errands, such as acquiring fish for the recipes from the Waterfront district.

His stand, 「Underwater」, is a small fish that can expunge water that Markus can control, as well as put any other water he touches under his control. It also can create salt in controlled water, allowing for creation of various structures.

Pandora Anada - 「Plastic Love」

Played by: Phi aka lovrinasez
Pandora is a very cute, sweet, and loving woman, perfect for the job of housekeeping the upper homestead of Bad Apple's restaurant. It's a pity such a good lady is surrounded by such multitude of unfortunate accidents... In reality, however, Pandora Anada is a serial killer, who, due to a childhood trauma, believes that one is supposed to kill those they love. She does it subtly, through happenstances, aided by her stand.

By itself, 「Plastic Love」 is basically useless, an immobile head that tags along Pandora and can't do anything other than separate itself into butterflies. Those butterflies, however, are the main ability of the stand, capable of simple interactions with objects around Pandora as if manipulated by human hands.

    Sharp Lookers 
“The ones he called ‘Glass Team,’ now the Sharp Lookers… Why, they’re a bold sort, no, making the gambits that they are. Calling themselves a part of SKADE talent agency, though… Amusingly brazen, isn’t it?”
On the surface, SKADE is just a small developing talent agency in the city's business district, formerly Sabaton Corp but reformed and reorganised after being subsumed by ODIN. However, the main purpose of SKADE is to infiltrate and investigate the corporate behemoth that is ODIN, a task taken upon by a group of stand users who are SKADE's prime employees, having dubbed their crew 'Sharp Lookers'. With their investigative prowess, no mystery of this city will remain unsolved for long...

Team as a whole

Ace High - 「Gangsters Paradise」

Kitose: Well fuck me, you’ve been doing it for twenty years? How are you so chipper still?
Ace: Oh, don’t worry. I’m very tired.

Played by: Kingfelix aka Northjedi
Formerly an aspiring gambler in Las Vegas, Ace had a change of heart after losing everything in a bad bet, instead becoming a police detective after his stand manifested. Upon being brought to Los Fortuna, he was quickly recruited into SKADE as part of the 'talent scouting team'; in reality, his job is to be one of the investigators "in the streets".

Ace's stand, 「Gangsters Paradise」, is a deck of cards he can summon and control. The cards act as portals to their personal pocket dimensions, where Ace can hide objects or himself; while their storage space is not that big individually, Ace can stack cards to multiply their capacity cubically.

Casu Marzu - 「Bite Me」

His stand, for that’s what he had learned 「Bite Me」 was not too long ago, was still married to this magical girl narrative. It was almost wounding to see others with their stands separate from their body, not forced into embarrassing attire to activate their gifts, but there was no second chances when it came to obtaining a stand.

Played by: ragmaan aka mgraana
By the day, Casu is an automechanic, but at night his stand forces him into the role of a 'magical girl', a vigilante for justice. Shortly after finding himself in Los Fortuna, Casu was quickly recruited into SKADE as part of the 'talent scouting team'; in reality, his job is to be one of the investigators "in the streets".

Casu's stand, 「Bite Me」, is a sentient hat that transforms him into a 'magical girl', making him more feminine and strong-arming him into various acts of vigilantism.

Act 1 grants Casu a large syringe that can drain color out of objects, leaving them featureless white in coloration. When enough color is obtained, Casu can then execute a number of feats, such as creating hard light platforms, shooting corrosive balls of glitter, or sprouting wings.Act 2 changes Casu's outfit, as well as turning syringe and the hat into an eldritch tentacle being. By detaching and deploying its tendrils, it can create zones of 'forbidden color' that human mind can comprehend, resulting in impeded vision.

  • Bishōnen: Casu has his bodily features softened when affected by his stand, making him more feminine.
  • Color Failure: 「Bite Me」 is capable of draining color out of anything it can stick its needle into, turning objects blank-white and using what it drained as material for its Hard Light constructs.
  • Magical Girl Warrior: transforms into one under the effect of his stand, although a bit reluctantly.
  • Mini Dress Of Power

Elliot - 「Work It」

Elliott: Dammit, fine. We’re now working together, Howard. It-it’s not like I have anything better to do or anything.

Played by: Saltyjub
Daughter of Olympic athletes, this goliath of a woman was constantly bullied for her size as a kid, making her abandon any aspirations in sports. Instead, she found employment in japanese crime syndicates as a bodyguard, later going freelance as the sole member of her very own company, 'Say So Secutity'. Shortly after finding herself in Los Fortuna, Elliott was recruited into SKADE as its head of security.

Elliott's stand, 「Work It」, is a sentient head with a mass of sheet-like tentacles. These tentacles can wrap around objects, able to change their own texture from incredibly slippery to incredibly sticky.

  • Bad Liar: Elliott's main weakness is utter inability to tell a lie or even keep a secret - whatever she knows, she will blurt out at the least convenient moment for her. Especially given how she's a bodyguard who gets paid to shut up about some sensitive information...
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Then again, with her extraordinary strength and grabbing skills, holding a weapon would only hinder her.
  • Big Fun: Incredibly muscular and imposing, but also very affable and outgoing to a fault.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: For all her imposing appearance, Elliott is a genuinely affable and gentle person, her job based on keeping people from harm.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Impulsive, brash, basically incapable of telling lies ot keeping secrets, and her stand is a loudmouth. She is still a world-class bodyguard with a vice grip.
  • Covered in Scars
  • Expy: Of Missy Elliott.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only woman in the player team (and no, Casu's altered appearance does not count).
  • Talker and Doer: 「Work It」 is a sentient stand and frequently attempts to coach Elliott in anything, including selling her skills. Since it represents her primal subconscious, or the Id, this soesn't always go well...

Howard Nelson Green - 「Whiplash」

Howard: I’ve always felt like I do my best diving deep into the data, looking for discrepancies and flaws. Management is too far removed from what I do best.

Played by: Firedragoon aka taldorblackfire
Howard has always avoided promoting to higher management, always seeing himself more fit and competent as a regular business analyst. This changed after he founf himself in Los Fortuna, as he quickly was recruited by mysterious backers to lead and manage Sabaton Corp, a bait company created to be absorbed by ODIN as SKADE in order to infiltrate and investigate it. It is thanks to Howard that all the other Sharp Lookers found themselves in SKADE.

Howard's stand, 「Whiplash」, is a simple 'gun' that can create and shoot highly durable and elastic rubber bands that will wrap themselves around whatever they hit.

Kitose 'Kisa' Saiko - 「Video Killers」 and 「Radio Star」

Kitose: I know where to find you if I need to do so. You’re not hard to find.

Played by: Firebrand aka fastlikelightning
Gifted with incredible analytical mind, Kitose's career as the police detective was jumpstarted as he seeked justice for his sister, who was killed by a surgery malpractice. As he discovered a pattern that suggested that this was, in fact, a serial killer, he set himself on that case and pursues it ever since along with his childhood's best friend, police chief Masahi Kyosu. Shortly after Kitose found himself in Los Fortuna, he was recruited into SKADE as part of its 'talent scouting agency'; in reality, his job is to be one of the investigators "in the streets".

Kisa's stand has two distinct forms it can switch between:

「Radio Star」 is a humanoid capable of shooting magnetic tapes, down which objects can be transfered and forcefully launched. These tapes can also attach to whatever they hit.

「Video Killers」 is a colony of ladybugs who can fire tape that, upon hit, access a living being or object's past 24 hours of sensory memory, such as vision, hearing, taste, etc; they can them copy up to 10 seconds of a single sense's timeframe and transfer it to another living being to playback, essentially forcing them to experience said sensation.

Prince Cosmo - 「The Lonely Rolling Star」

It was moments like these that made him miss the NASA crew. At least they had minds that he could speak… mostly freely with. But here he was in a veritable intellectual desert, trapped in his room, getting caught up on the scientific scene. And that’s how things would have continued, if he didn’t see an email that made that friendly old man’s message echo in his mind.

Played by: Windrammer aka Ken_Nard
Born with exceptional learning capabilities, Prince Cosmo is no ordinary dog. Having learned to read, write, and access computers on his own, Prince managed to enroll in a university and graduate as valedictorian in mecnahical engineering and astrophysics, quickly finding a job in NASA. His aspirations soon led him to work on International Space Station, but his stand has unfortunately pulled him back to Earth, leading to retirement back to study and scientific work. After finding himself in Los Fortuna, Prince Cosmo was soon recruited into SKADE as head of research.

His stand, 「The Lonely Rolling Star」, has two distinct forms - a hulking protective humanoid 「Sayonara Kodoku」 and a mobile platform 「On The Rocks」, between which he can freely switch. Both of them possess an ability to create forcefield-like shields, either in place or around objects. It also can accelerate these shields and attach them to Cosmo or itself via tethers.

Raymond 'Ray' Delwyn Shimizu - 「Pure and True」

Raymond: Well, one of more annoying jobs was when I had to fix the Eiffel Tower. I was in France at the time, heard it had been damaged in a stand battle, thought it would be an easy fix. But then I learnt that I had to climb the tower with the pieces in hand to repair it. I was also on my own, so I was doing it in the middle of the night as well. Worst part of my vacation. The worst part was the fight was over soda.

Played by: Flamechar
Top-ranking member of Speedwagon Foundation's very own Stand Events Relief and Repair, Raymond is hardly a stranger to dealing with stands and stand users. Shortly after finding himself in Los Fortuna, he was almost immediately assigned as the Foundation's liaison in SKADE. On paper, his job is simply to manage the firm and talent.

Raymond's stand, 「Pure and True」, can 'purify' objects to a variety of effects, from removing pollution to repairing them to their original state to actually disassembling them into their base components.

Rushen Smith - 「Men in Black」

Rushen: Son, I’m feeling the right levels at the moment. I ain’t worried ‘cause I’m confident in both the boys back home, and I’m confident in myself. Lighten up, man.

Played by: Levyafan
Ace field agent of FBI's very own Unusual Events Department, Rushen is no stranger to dealing with strange cases, including anything related to stands. Shortly after finding himself in Los Fortuna, Rushen was reassigned as the government's man in SKADE, although on paper his job is simply to manage the firm and talents.

Rushen's stand, 「Men in Black」, is a tool in two acts:

Act 1 is a 'light pen' that can harvest light from any source and later dispense it as constructs made of 'solid light', as well as create blinding flashes.

Act 2 is a blaster-like weapon that can harvest sounds and either shoot them to remotely playback or fire devastating sonic blasts.

  • The Ace: A star field agent of his department, with skills and ego to match.
  • Beehive Hairdo: Will Smith's cylindrical hi-top fade taken to its logical extreme to the point of being a frequent subject of player jokes.
    • Skunk Stripe: Three of them, in front and sides along the length.
  • Custom Uniform: True to his stand user status, his suit is anything but standard-issued, covered in green pattern, star-shaped rhinestones, and badges shaped like alien heads.
  • Expy: Of Will Smith, particularly as Agent J from Men in Black.
  • FBI Agent: Part of the fictional Unusual Events Department.
  • Gas Leak Cover-Up: Used in one of his clean-up missions to cover up the stand fight that occured recently.
    Rushen: Aight guys, not much to see here! Gas lines malfunctioned, blew up a few houses, ya know how it is! That's why you always check if your stove is off when you leave the house!
  • Hard Light: The main ability of 「Men in Black」 is to create constructs out of this, like a 3D-pen. It's lightweight and durable enough to withstand some powerful blows, and Rushen has enough control over what he can create, allowing for some versatile tools.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: True to its inspiration, 「Men In Black」 can produce flashes of light that gives non-users mild amnesia and makes them suggestible to lies about the recent events. This comes handy when Rushen needs to cover up, for example, a stand attack that happened in public.
  • Little Useless Gun: Subverted with 「Men in Black Act 2」, which is just as comically tiny of a gun as the Noisy Cricket blaster it's based on - and just as powerful.
  • Recoiled Across the Room: Kickback from powerful shots of 「Men in Black Act 2」 can easily result in this.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Used as protection against his stand's flashes and brightness of solid light.

Masahi Kyosu

Chief of police and Kitose Saiko's best friend since childhood, Masa found himself in Los Fortuna alongside Kisa and now tags alongside anywhere (except stand battles, as he isn't a stand user).

Yellow Backer

One of the three backers for the Sharp Lookers. Mostly concerned about the potential corruption within ODIN.
    Baker Street Rat Pack 
“The ones he called ‘Gold Team,’ now you know as the Baker Street Rat Pack… Rough-and-tumble vigilantes at home in a place of mystery. Might that bring anyone else to mind..?
Having taken a supernatural Prohibition era hotel located in downtown Los Fortuna from a gang that used to occupy it, a group of stand users who came upon each other by mere happenstance have decided to team up and get to the bottom of Los Fortuna's mysteries, as well as clear it of all the injustice in the process.

Team as a whole

Cowboy Dan - 「Make Everybody Happy」

Cy Syntheta - 「Faceshopping」

Damian Murdoc - 「O Green World」

Dory Hunk - 「Champagne Supernova」

Funk Odyssey - 「Stiletto」

Maxwell 'Ten-ten' Tennet - 「Lightning Strikes Again」

Ostro Crudo - 「Innuendo」

Peter 'Treagon' Bequasimodo - 「Running In The 90s」

B. B. Daddy - 「Mr. Pinstripe Suit」

The late founder of Hotel Delmano, who's aspiration to maintain a top tier venue were hampered by the Great Depression. Despite his greatest attempts and tons of sunk cash, the hotel was nearing shutdown as the man was found dead, shot in his penthouse suite.

However, left behind was his posthumous stand, 「Mr. Pinstripe Suit」, which maintained the hotel ever since. When paid sufficient cash and presented with a request, the stand will then provide suitable service - within reason, of course.

    Red Carpet Renaissance 
“What he called the ‘Velvet Team’ is ‘underground…’ What? Not worthy of a grin? Regardless… The Red Carpet Renaissance are already beginning to rework this city’s old tunnels and substations to their ends.”
Underneath Los Fortuna, through a series of hidden subway tunnels with the main entrance in the entertainment district, a nimble and luxurious train called 'Red Orca' makes its way, housing a group of dubiously moral stand users willing to make Los Fortuna theirs.

Team as a whole

Antonio Busy Bottom Alexandria - 「Guns N Roses」

Arthur 'Art' Johnson - 「Tiny Bubbles」

Dimitri Ulrich - 「Nothing Matters」

Emilie 'Dread' Delacroix - 「Joywave」

Kimijo 'Jo' Kaneko - 「Easy Lover」

  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Evil variant, after fighting crime in Los Fortuna for months on end, she and her wife, Akiko, manage to find an opportunity to be among the first people to ever leave Los Fortuna, in the process even being able to inspire others to someday do the same. No longer tied to the rules of Stand users' Gravity pulling them together, she might truly be able to retire from fighting to protect herself.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: After Jo's Sushi was burned to the ground by Ugo, she basically said 'to hell with this city' and joined Jack Aurel's faction just in time for their final siege of the Los Fortuna Museum of Natural History. Even more vitally to their defenses, her wife and 32 Footsteps were able to keep basically everybody out while the ritual was completed.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Sort of, since she was always a hell of an antihero, but she still had to be driven to the brink to join Jack Aurel.
  • Godzilla Threshold: After Ryuga defeats her, her extremely powerful wife briefly takes a role in the story, transforming the bad situation of Jack's ritual into something that even a massive combined force couldn't hope to harm.
  • Happily Married: To Akiko, an NPC character.
  • Henshin Hero: One of many in the tournament, and perhaps the most morally grey of the player-controlled ones.
  • Hero Killer: Kills Father Blue Brother in the eighth match of the first round, the first player character death in the story.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Disparages Ugo as "probably has Punisher sticker" in reference to his Rabid Cop tendencies, when she's basically a living example of the man herself... Though like the character, and unlike his Misaimed Fandom, Jo understands that what she does isn't necessarily good or aspirational.
  • Karma Houdini: Directly complicit in the deaths of tens of thousands of Los Fortuna citizens, Jo gets to be completely severed from fate's intentions for her and become one of a very small number of people able to leave the city. She does so, and she and her wife exit the story happy.
  • Serial Killer: Butchers criminals with her superior knifework and powerful suit Stand.
  • Supreme Chef: Her sushi is amazing, and it's shown that she's generally extremely well-liked by a large number of regular customers.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: For the most part, she takes everything from the heat from killing Blue to her defeat by Ryuga on the chin, speaking candidly about her motivations and not shying back from accusations even as she stands her ground... Then it's the destruction of Jo's Sushi that drives her to desperation.

Laverne Cassiel - 「Bourgeoise Cheating」

Myalomones 'Hypiretes' Romopoulos - 「Doin' It Right」

UltraNebula67 - 「Pixel Peeker Polka」

    The Graveyard Shift 
“The ones he called ‘Bone Team,’ and they identify as the Graveyard Shift, working a combination restaurant-gym… A combination that sets them apart from the rest.”
Located in the Los Fortuna's slums, this team of stand using misfits runs/lives by the building containing the restaurant 'Elephant Bones' and the gym 'Dukes'.

Team as a whole

Byte - 「Block Rockin Beats」

Effie Linder - 「Blood in the Water」

Fira B. aka 'Tempest' - 「In Silico」

  • Anti-Hero: At her best, she's still a self-serving career criminal trying to keep outside muscle from threatening her turf. She'll work with or crush who she needs to to get to that end.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Her matches, as well as R 2 M 18's writeup, show exactly why she isn't someone to be defied or challenged lightly.
  • Bad Boss: Perfectly willing to send her teammates out on extremely dangerous errands because she can't be assed to.
  • Badass Driver: As a former street racer, her skill behind the wheel is practically unmatched.
  • Blob Monster: While 「In Silico」 tends to take the shape of a sea slug while at rest, it's actually entirely amorphous.
  • Liquid Assets: The main ability of 「In Silico」 is to transfer density/viscosity between itself and materials it touches.
  • The Stoic: Has made a concise effort to suppress her emotions in an effort to hide any weaknesses she might have.

Ice "Zebra" Station - 「White Stripes」

London 'Heartbreak Kit' Lovett - 「Sweet Light」

Shelldrake - 「I Am Shell, I Am Bone」

  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: His duties are more important to him than the flow of daily life, being fine with disrupting it if it means completing his job.
  • Circling Vultures: Due to the incan belief that condors carry the dead to the afterlife, Shelldrake considers it his sacred duty to observe other creatures die - sometimes even to the extent of stalking them. His special talent to see other creatures' life force might suggest he has a point...
  • Liquid Assets: 「I Am Shell, I Am Bone」 can, when cutting into an object, instead 'cut away' its density, making it lighter and more brittle.
  • Polly Wants a Microphone: While not a parrot, Shelldrake is perfectly capable of speaking and understanding English.
  • Psychopomp: As an Andean Condor, he fulfills the mythological role of one who can identify the imminently deceased and guide them to the afterlife.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: In R 1 M 1, his calmer head and willingness to disrupt the flow of the airport just to serve his purpose as an envoy of death is contrasted against Nix Ripa's heated passion and desire to leave the city to a destructive extent.
  • Token Non-Human: An andean condor on a team of humans.

Tiger 'Glitch' Ricky - 「Vida Loca」

William Eyelash - 「Ocean Eyes」

    Judecca Highrollers 
“The ones he called the ‘Ice Team,’ now style themselves the Judecca Highrollers, went and bought a whole island, and with their funds, got a hotel and other places open alarmingly quickly.”
An entire island resort called Eighth Circle, south from the city's waterfront, is now the base of operations for a group of stand users called 'Judecca Highrollers' - each a 'traitor' to something that has previously mastered or benefitted them, they have currently created an unlikely alliance, each in pursuit of their own ambitions.

Team as a whole

  • Morality Kitchen Sink: You've got good people, neutral people, and one very evil manta. They're all over the place, and one of the only teams whose goals hardly align. In fact, many of them dislike each other a lot (see: Manta).

Alexis Williams - 「Kingdom of Desire」

  • All-Loving Hero: Alexis (platonically) loves everyone on her team, except herself. She even got married to her stand in round one, although this was undone at the end of their round two match.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Though Alexis is almost always happy, and her stand seems more utility and mobility based, she can use it to devastating effect to turn arenas into minefields. The only thing holding her back in battle is her pacifism, and even that's not doing much.
  • Destructive Romance: Alexis briefly got married to her stand, Kingdom of Desire, during their round one match, but called it off in round two after a fight had left the two in a much worse emotional state.
  • Having a Blast: Her stand, Kingdom of Desire, can create metal balloons which she can explode from any range.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Despite having every opportunity to turn the arena into a deadly minefield during her round two match, Alexis chose to use her field of balloons to bluff, choosing to incapacitate Wrenn rather than kill him.

Axel Stinger - 「Liquid Stranger」

  • Brains and Brawn: Was definitely the smart one is his match with Bucket, and continues to be the smarter one of the two. Bucket seems to be catching up, but very, very slowly.
  • Making a Splash: While he doesn't manipulate it, Axel's stand turns the dark surfaces near him into entrances to a watery pocket dimension.
  • Stealth Expert: Is really good at sneaking around and stealing things, with the help of his stand power.
  • Straight Man: Was the sole sane person on his team in his first match, and continues to put up with Bucket's bullshit.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and Bucket's fight with UE, and only fought in the first place because of the info at stake. Probably would've left Bucket to get curbstomped had it not been for the niters.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Despite his average strength, Axel is still gifted in thieving, and using his stand to get an edge on his opponents.

Bucket - 「Dark Red」

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Bucket is extremely easy to underestimate, for various reasons. He's an idiot. However, he's also a very strong idiot, with a stand made for using his opponent's attacks against them.
  • Challenge Seeker: Bucket's a fighter at heart, and wants to fight ALL the people he can. This winds up getting him in a battle with Ani and Medea, which he loses.
  • Chaotic Neutral: Bucket isn't concerned with good or bad, he just does whatever makes him happy. Though he's lately been a bit more concerned with helping others, since that makes his friends happy (making him happy), he's still willing to excuse some pretty abhorrent stuff, such as Jo's killings.
  • Chaotic Stupid: Bucket is not smart. His opening move in his match against UE was getting thrown into a food stall, and he wrecked almost every other stall on the way. He's known for this sort of thing.
  • Character Development: After his battle with Ani and Medea, Bucket became much less egotistical, and actually a somewhat good person. He's still not great, mind you. But he's getting there.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Gained incredible agility, and near superhuman swimming prowess and balance, all from simply living on a boat his whole life.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: An idiot, but a strong idiot, and extremely capable in combat thanks to his agility and powerful stand.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Bucket's parents vanished at sea, and his adoptive father died while he was young. He's lived relatively parent free since.
  • Fragile Speedster: Bucket's got 5 agility, and a 5 skill for balance, but a feeble 2 endurance. He's gotta work hard to not get hit.
  • Improvised Weapon: Utilized a deep fryer in an attempted finishing move against Medea. It didn't work out, but it would've been cool.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Bucket's best friend and mother figure, Leo, is at least 10 years older than him.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Bucket's stand gives him four extra octopus arms, which he uses as big strong arms for grabbin'.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Tiny as he may be, Bucket is an incredibly dangerous fighter, and his stand arms pack a hell of a punch.
  • Pride Before a Fall: Bucket was an egotistical lunatic before being defeated by Medea and Ani, which wound up making him a much better person.
  • ShoutOut: Bucket's name is a reference to guitar player Buckethead.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: He started as one of the bigger assholes in the tournament, but after being defeated by Medea and Ani, Bucket realized that maybe he wasn't all that great. After getting off of his ego trip, Bucket wound up becoming a pretty alright guy, and even started dating Cy. Good for him.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: For whatever reason, Bucket completely refuses to wear a shirt. The only time he wore one was during Medea and Rob's match, in which he wore a shirt labeled "NUMBER ONE MEDEA FAN".
  • Wild Man: Lived on a boat his whole life. He's the definition of this.

Cybil Antoine - 「Gold Guns Girls」

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Though it may also be part of the reason for her 1 in stealth, Cybil rocks a stellar bright red suit at all times.
  • Cool Guns: Is able to create golden pistols with her stand, which she uses to great effect.
  • The Stoic: Cybil is amused by almost nothing, and is completely bored all the time. They are not happy.
  • The Team Benefactor: As one of the three rich people in the team, Cybil keeps the highrollers afloat with her ridiculous amount of money. She even got a bigass golden statue of herself. Nice.

Klein Bras-Cheche Heitsugi - 「KOAN Sound」
  • Anime Hair: Started his tourney career with some spiky anime hair, but replaced this with dreads in round two.
  • Back from the Dead: One fine night in his apartment sometime after R1, Klein died due to his bloodline curse, but managed to revive himself by filling the hole in his chest with Koan Sound. As a result of overcoming death, he gained a new ability, Koan Sound Act 2.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Klein's bloodline is followed by a curse that kills the firstborns at 21. He managed to overcome it, thankfully, but has still lived a pretty rough life because of it.
  • Flash Step: Can use Koan Sound ACT 1 to send himself forward a short distance, practically teleporting around.
  • Glass Cannon: KS 2 is an incredibly powerful stand, capable of instantly creating large holes with nothing more than a touch. However, it's got a measly E endurance, meaning the slightest bit of damage could take it out.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Used these to overwhelm and defeat Remix, attempting to outfight in order to avoid his opponent's stand.
  • Not Quite Dead: He got better.

Duchess Leopoldine 'Leo' von Eisenbahn the Third - 「Van Horn」

  • An Arm and a Leg: Her second defeat at the hands of Nix led to her needing an arm amputated.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: To Nova after becoming her accomplice; though capturing the smaller threat was the goal, Leo was the true danger of the match and last one standing besides Nix.
  • Face–Heel Turn: From the most genuinely good of the financial benefactors of the Highrollers, to the one who compromised perhaps the most on her ideals, striking up an ill-fated alliance with Nova Nascens to ensure future safety for her family and becoming a terrorist.
  • Strong and Skilled: Leo's gained a lot of strength from working as a train conductor, and is extremely gifted in using that strength for train purposes.
  • The Team Benefactor: While her financial contributions are a bit less than Cybil and Nalksi's, Leo's money still does numbers to keep the team afloat. She's currently putting that money towards building up a railroad network in her city.

Manta Malaise - 「Morgana Courts Danger」

  • Animal Motifs: Manta usually dons an over the top costume resembling that of... well, a manta.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Manta is as bad as possible to a cartoonish extent. They're ominous, a bit creepy, and talk in all sorts of menacing language. Their Big Evil Plan is to drown all of the fish... At least, at face value. Truly, however, they have a very nuanced accelerationist motivation and particular knowledge on how to kill sea life.
  • Evil Plan: They want to drown all of the fish. Allof them.
  • The Faceless: Manta normally wears a face concealing Manta costume, equipped with an evil looking moustache and their various bits and bobbles.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: The members of the Judecca Highrollers all work with them, sure, but none of them actually like Manta (aside from Alexis, but she likes everybody). The only one with a decent opinion of them is Cybil, who simply tolerates them, mildy disliking them as well. They take to this collective dislike like a fish in water.
  • I Shall Taunt You: Manta's dialogue is laced with clever quips and drags. They're just so evil, after all.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Manta's entire shtick is how absurdly and comically evil they are. Compared to the mostly neutral members of their team, they're by far the evilest.
  • Villainous Friendship: During round 1 match 20, Manta wound up becoming friends with Born Bad, a fellow villain with a desire to create parking lots. The two are the best of buds.

Nalksi Stracciella - 「Sleep Well Beast」

  • Affably Evil: Carries herself publicly like a good person, but also has public executions within her cult, and is pretty brutal with those she views as evil. Those who aren't in her social circle and see through to her more brutal side tend not to be swayed by this, as seen by Arpeggi's low opinion on her.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: One of the benefactors of the Judecca Highrollers, and of the three, certainly the one who had the most frightening pedigree as a brutal cult leader with a transforming super mode, as well as ambitions to spread Focolare's message and influence into the city, but ultimately, defeated by Arpeggi and, on a wider scale, by Sound's Garden. Alexis offhandedly mentions in match 1 that an associate of hers had been completely defeated by the crime rings.
  • Body Horror: Is able to create all sorts of creepy beasts due to her stand's abilities.
  • Girly Bruiser: Wear fancy dresses and the like to her matches, but also becomes a horrific body horror monster with minions to boot when she needs to fight.
  • Minion Master: Her stand allows her to create gruesome minions out of things inside of the human body. She uses this to great effect, but it wasn't great enough to win her only match.
  • The Team Benefactor: One of the three rich people on the team, Nalksi's wide influence is great for keeping the whole thing active, and while she isn't Cybil levels of rich, she can definitely afford to do some cool shit in the Eighth Circle.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Despite being able to kill many pedestrians during her round one match, Nalksi opted to do the complete opposite, even going as far as to become even more violent with her enemy if he tried to harm pedestrians (he did not).
  • The Worf Effect: On top of losing to Arpeggi and being the conduit for his gaining ACT 2, Focolare's attempts to get into Los Fortuna wound up this to the Sound's Garden Crime Rings; their infiltrations were found out and defeated swiftly, and the ensuing conflict saw them handily defeated by the growing organization.

    Suburban Regalia 
“The ones he so creatively dubbed ‘Wood Team,’ then, became the ‘Suburban Regalia,’ a ragtag lot in an underground lair all their own… So many things just under the surface of that town.
Underneath an abandoned shopping center in Los Fortuna's suburbs, a secret lies: an underground lair, dubbed 'Free Viper', houses a very strange group of stand users who have opted to call themselves 'Suburban Regalia'.

Team as a whole

Arthur Lifeson - 「Madrigal」

Bert - 「Perfect Hair」

Black Knight Penitentiary Album - 「Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto」

Final 'Remix' - 「God-Shattering Star」

Guy-Manuel Mota - 「Veridis Quo」

Isley Öldman - 「Old Heart」

Lemon Demon - 「Touch-Tone Telephone」

Tracy Von Kehr - 「SMASHMOUTH」

    Masters Of Funky Action 
“Those he called ‘Clay Team,’ right by his doorstep, the Masters of Funky Action… Why, their eccentricities fit right in with that school’s staff.”
Housed on a small fleet of boats in a river right next to Midnight Sun College Of Arts campus, eight bright stand users have united as the college's official outreach club called 'Masters Of Funky Action' (or MFA for short), with the goal “To Empower the Los(t) Souls of Los Fortuna! With the Power of their Groovey Spirit and Strength of Will!"

Team as a whole

Aaron Kirk aka 'Jang' - 「Mice on Venus」

  • The Leader: Of the MF As, which has earned him in particular some pretty good ins with other officials of the college.

Admiral Pineapples - 「Starlight Brigade」

Bang 'Boogie' Bronson - 「Rugged Man」

Bang 'Boogie' Bronson was officially slaim in combant aganst the evil dcotctor dreadeheade. Retst in peace 2011-1214 :pensieve:

El Gringo

Casey Williams - 「Mirror Mirror」

Jacob Brown - 「Megalo Strike Back」

Perseus Drakos - 「The Stranger」

Rudolf 'Nureyev' Pavlova - 「Synthesizer」

Wrenn Aflight - 「To The Sky」

  • Anti-Hero: Despite his cute exterior, a very straightforward example of this; he sees no issue with killing anyone in his way, has little trust in others, and can be very passive-aggressive on a good day.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Overly-sweet on the outside with a cruel, calculating interior.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: In spite of the negative tropes here, he's ultimately a frightened young man whose first instinct in a bad situation is to try and help people in need and reassure the fearful.
    Underground Exodus 
“Those he called ‘Steel Team’ it seems have found someplace of local legend, becoming the Underground Exodus… Always, there seems to be some fools with a bus or two in these, huh? I wonder why that is…”
Located in a mythical location, a bus graveyard overgrown with plants despite being right in the heavily-polluted industrial district, a group of stand users who call themselves 'Underground Exodus' have a common goal, dubbed 'Urban Arcadia project': to clean and improve the environment of the district. Air purification, plant life reintroduction, streets beautification - these are all methods and goals that Urban Arcadia pursues through the hands of Underground Exodus.

Team as a whole

  • Abandoned Area: The team's base is entirely this; a bus graveyard that's in the process of being reclaimed by nature.

Anthony 'Ani' Oakey - 「Alien Ant Farm」

Antoinette Katz - 「Hill Climber」
An aimless vagabond searching for human connection. Her unsettling smile and unnaturally cheerful demeanor conceal a deeply anxious and isolated person.

Her Stand ability, 「Hill Climber」, spawns paths of tiles where gravity is normalized in a two-meter radius, allowing her to traverse any environment with ease. Its sub-ability, 「Half of the Way」, allows her to rewind and launch any object in motion affected by a path's gravity.

  • Blinding Bangs: Her hair completely covers her eyes; this doesn't seem to interfere with her sight at all.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: She's able to predict the trajectories of objects in motion, allowing her to aim with unusual precision.

Keith Moon - 「Moonshadow」

  • Green Thumb: His Stand's ability allows him to create and control cacti within a 200 meter radius around himself.

Marlin Joaquinn - 「Marley and Marley」

  • Cursed With Awesome: Marlin's stand is a parasitic one and is meant to be purely an inconvenience/torture to whoever possesses it. Through sheer strength and power of will, she managed to weaponise the heavy chains and weights wrapped around her as heavy weapon, armor, grappling hook, mobility, it gave her an incentive to get very strong.

Medea Pierrot - 「Dead Skin Mask」

  • Animorphism: Medea's stand allows her to transform herself or others into an animal the mask depicts...provided she knows its anatomy well enough.
  • Clown Species: While Medea herself is a human, the Pierrot family business is the breeding of 'clowns': Homunculi bred for several reasons, including the entertainment industry.

Pemburu - 「Bungalow Bill」

'Rob Zombie' - 「Bombs over Brooklyn」

χ - 「The Universe」

    Black Hill Estate 
“And then those he called ‘Leather Team’ look to have converged in mutual companionship in solitude in the Black Hill Estate… Spencer had for so many years been an elusive one, but even then this utter, palpable absence is new.”
Located in the Agricultural District, the Black Hill Estate is a winery located in the middle of a jungle, what would have been utter folly without the soil in the specific area being absurdly rich. This Estate has been abandoned and left open for a few years, yet the construction of the building and the odd nature of the wood in the Agricultural District has kept it at least mostly intact and livable.

Eight outsiders, newcomers to the city, have washed up into the area. It would not be really correct to call this group a ‘team’. There is not enough cohesion to really call them that, with several of the group having antisocial or reclusive tendencies. That said, the people who live on the estate are at the least de facto allies. There doesn’t seem to be any real inclination for them to fight, and several have goals that align well with each other.

Team as a whole

  • Abandoned Area: The Estate was abandonned after its previous owner disapeared, leaving the area devoid of human presence.
  • Big Fancy House: The manor in a nutshell. It is large enough so that every team member (minus Jade and Espiritu) has a room to themself.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: Due to the effects of a mysterious Stand, 「Last Peace」, the entirety of the Estate resets everyday, cancelling negative changes made to it.
  • House Squatting: This is basically what the team does to the Estate, since it is an Abandoned Area.
  • Luxurious Liquor: BHE's function is to make wine, and Cabarnet is eager to take control of its production.
    • During Pride Month, there is another brand of multi-colored wine produced: "Rainbow Hill Estate".
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Even more so than most teams. Most of the Stand Users who ended up at BHE are either recluse, wary of each other or just passably tolerant of each other's presence at first.

Cabernet 'Cab' Sauvignon - 「Red Red Wine」

Cabernet is a vintner and sommelier, and current - or, to be more accurate, only - head of wine production at the Black Hill Estate. Due to his upbringing in haute society, he has very refined tastes, finding it hard to connect to other people on anything other than a superficial level, something which he desperately wants to remedy.

His Stand, 「Red Red Wine」, can create wine, but it can also imbue anything it touches with the properties of alcohol. This ranges from making other people feel the effects of drunkenness, to raising or lowering the alcohol content of liquids, to making solid objects flammable.

  • Alcoholic Parent: Cabernet's father was one, which might have contributed to the son's arsonic tendencies.
  • Booze Flamethrower: One of the ways Cab can utilize his wine-imbuing stand (by either making an object/liquid flammable or outright creating a Molotov Cocktail).
  • Kill It with Fire: His preferred approach to fighting is to drown the enemy in incendiary bombs created by his stand.
  • Pyromaniac: Downplayed nowadays, but very prominent in his childhood. Even now Cab appears to have a "therapeutic box of matches and lighter" on him at all times.
  • Wine Is Classy: He is a winemaker and a sommelier, and is as pretentious as one can get.

Espiritu - 「Glass Animal」

A jaguar with incredible strength, Espiritu is nonetheless fragile and troubled. Cursed with an infestation that eats away at him and mutates his body, he is constantly terrified and in pain. Being trapped in this new city has done nothing for his well-being, and he dreads the fate that he'll meet in it.

His Stand, 「Glass Animal」, is a close-range Stand which is emaciated, weak, and slow. It allows him to freeze any fluid, and frozen air is made into a highly durable, glassy material. Despite its weakness, it is nonetheless impressively durable and precise in its abilities.

  • Cats Are Magic: Or, in this case, infested with some dark force and wielding a stand.
  • Cowardly Lion: Above all, Espiritu wishes to be left alone and would prefer to run away from any enemy. When he is forced to face his opponent, however, he is a very formidable fighter with the strongest bite in the animal kingdom...and that's even before his stand comes into the equation.
  • Panthera Awesome: A highly menacing jaguar...or highly adorable, depending on whom you ask.

Ian Rains - 「Wow Wow」

Inch Nine - 「Cajun Born」

  • Flat-Earth Atheist/Implausible Deniability: Adamantly disbelieves in fate's existence in a world where its reality, and in particular its crushing grasp and the resistance thereof are extremely direct plot points, widely understood and studied in-universe. Hell, she strikes up a relationship with Cairo Satori, who outright weaponizes its reality to guarantee that they always have Stand Users to record footage of.
  • Gentle Giant: Not a violent or aggressive person, even if she's not to be fucked with in spite of that; Art learned that, and then Byron and all of ANVIL barely fared better.
  • Southern-Fried Genius: Cajun variant. She grew up in the bayous of Louisiana, and knows little about the outside world by the time she's sucked into Los Fortuna, but she's an extremely quick learner and curious person eager to try new things.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Putting Cairo on speakerphone during Byron's boss fight led to the latter realizing just how many parties were conspiring against him, turning his already increasingly militant bent into full-on With Us or Against Us aggression.

Jade 'Antlerhead' - 「Insomniac」

Jade: Though they... Seem to be all too... Fond of scaring each other because of... Me... They never seem to... Listen to each other and just... Let me be...
A mysterious being, usually referred to as a forest spirit, yet only self-identifies as "Jade" and lacks any signs of physical sex, they are often seen dragging their feet across long distances and stalking others for no apparent reason. Their Stand, 「Insomniac」, could best be described a severe, advanced infestation of ravenous carnivorous beetles inside of their body, which they utilize to set traps or attack people directly with. They show little to no emotion and the only facial feature they display are two bright green eyes that can penetrate pitch-black darkness, it is very hard to know what they think, especially given how their speech is slathered in a heavy coat of sarcasm.

Jesse Jefferson - 「Imagination」

Jesse, as he pulls out a gun from 「Imagination」: If all else fails, this doesn't.
The former boss of the biggest mob of Montreal, as well as a very creative mind, Jesse now prefers to live peacefully and watching over his siblings. Now stuck in Los Fortuna, he is currently trying to find a way out while warming up to his new teammates and protecting the Estate.

His Stand, 「Imagination」, can connect our world to a pocket dimension under its total control. However, no living being can be sucked inside, so he can only take inanimate objects in and out of it.

  • Abnormal Ammo: 「Imagination」 can throw all sorts of things, ranging from blunt items such as a hammer to more peculiar things, like smoke and sewage.
  • Abusive Parents: Jesse's mother and father weren't the most loving folks around.
    • When he first discovered his Stand, his father used to belittle him at any occasion because of its inability to touch physical matter. Over the years, Jesse has gotten hammered in the head that he doesn't matter as a person, and that his time is better spent making others happy.
    • No one ever actually told Jesse that Santa Claus isn't real before he came to Los Fortuna. Instead, his parents told him that he was, and that he simply never bothered to bring him and his siblings gifts because they were "naughty children" (when really they were just lashing out against their abuse). This continues to contribute to Jesse's terrible self-esteem.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Jesse's eagerness to please is very notable. Whatever he does, he can't bring himself to do it for its own sake, or else he feels completely useless. He has also shown to have a rather severe martyr syndrome and he is profoundly unhappy.
  • Badass Family: Jesse and his siblings have reigned as mob bosses for the better part of their lives, and they were the children of two powerful Stand Users as well.
  • Berserk Button: Hurting his siblings, as well as any ally he is currently affiliated with. Hurting innocents for one's selfish ends is also a good way to enrage him.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He is very protective of his two younger siblings, Jennifer and Jeffrey. Hurting them is a sure way for him to beat you down.
    • This attitude extends to his view on the other inhabitants of the Black Hill Estate, most of which either do not care or outright dislike him for it.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Strangely enough for a gangster, Jesse has this attitude after his first match, stemming from his obsession with being useful and the lack of a group he can call his own.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Jesse is generally a very dirty fighter.
    • He hides Imagination in the ground to protect it from Damian Murdoc's anti-Stand bullets, and attacks Ostro Crudo's legs, bypassing his defenses.
    • He immediately aims for Byte and Zebra's legs at the start of his second match, but this doesn't suffice to win.
    • Up to Eleven for his return in Round 5. Since the goal was for him and Zebra to last longer than their opponents, Jesse took lethal shots at them as often as he could to accelerate the process. When faced with a crows where people will explode one by one after some time, he kills them one by one to shorten the time that Keith and Pemburu get to set themselves up.
  • Cosmic Plaything: NOTHING goes right with anything that Jesse attempts to do in Los Fortuna, or his life prior to that for this matter.
    • After years of being nothing but devoted to his gang and siblings, he gets unceremoniously thrown aside and left to rot before the events of the tournament.
    • Trying to investigate the place where Andre died results in him being forced to fight and injure two other men, and he doesn't learn anything useful in the process.
    • He tries to figure out who set Inch up to fight, only to come off as prying and overbearing to the latter.
    • His attempt to become the Chairman of Los Fortuna ended with a crushing defeat.
    • When trying to intervene to stop Jack's rituals, all he accomplishes is getting in the way of more organized authorities and provoking one of Jack's strongest allies. The only thing he found to do was assist with evacuation efforts by the end.
    • His attempts to sabotage the Devil Blue's shipyard in the following days only result in him getting a concussion and putting Espiritu in danger.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Jesse has been the victim of his parents' abuse for years, then he lived on the streets with his siblings until he gained higher and higher positions in criminal organizations.
  • Death Seeker: His obstination to always be on the front lines of anything, plus his very dangerous excursion in the outskirts of Los Fortuna, lead many to believe he's this. Espiritu also fears that Jesse plans to make himself a martyr when time comes to help others escape.
  • Enemy Mine: During Round 5, Jesse is paired up with Zebra, the same person who defeated him several months prior. Zebra's opponent at the time of his own previous elimination was also, notably, an ally of Jesse's.
  • Hammerspace: How 「Imagination」 functions in a practical sense. It can store up almost anything from our world and keep it for later use.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Jesse has a history of violence and murder, but he always commited those actions in order to help someone he cared about. He is is very vocal about his dislike of selfish acts.
  • Freudian Excuse: He is a thief, a gangster and a serial killer, but this was always done to protect and help his younger siblings. His antisocial tendencies can easily be attributed to his abusive parents.
    • He is also very rude and prying to almost everyone he knows, but at the same time he never truly recieved affection before and thus does not know how to express it himself.
  • It's All My Fault: He takes his defeat very hard, and blames himself for putting Espiritu in danger, and before that he blames himself for Jack's ritual coming to completion, believing he could have done something to stop it.
  • Masterof None: His individual stats suffer from this. He has impressive fighting skill, but his lackluster physicals cause him to be overshadowed by both Ostro Crudo and Byte in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Pride Before a Fall: Jesse was extremely confident in his fighting if nothing else, before he came to Los Fortuna. Losing to Byte and Zebra taught him that he's not invincible, which only contrinuted to the complete and utter degradation of his ego and self-esteem.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Purple is the main color scheme of 「Imagination」.
  • Retired Outlaw: Some time ago, Jesse quitted his position as mob boss due to his degrading lifestyle, leaving the spot to his sister.
  • Siblings in Crime: After Jesse became a gang leader, he dragged his two younger siblings in his business, and together they formed the strongest mafia in Montreal.
  • Taught by Experience: He has fought his fair share of rival Stand Users before the tournament.
  • The Bus Came Back: After being eliminated in Round 2, Jesse makes a short comeback in Round 5 as a surprise ally for Zebra.
  • Unrealistic Black Hole: This is what 「Imagination」 uses to conect our world to its own. They are actually three-dimensionnal portals.
  • Weak, but Skilled: For a Stand User, anyway. 「Imagination」 can't protect Jesse from attacks well and cannot hurt Stands, so they rely on good tactics and reaction to win fights.
    • He has a whopping 4 in fighting prowess, putting him up there with the best of the world in terms of sheer skill. However, he has mediocre strength, agility and endurance to back it up.

Nix Ripa - 「Sub-Zero White Knight」

Nix: If you wanna get strong, you need to learn from the strong.
  • An Ice Person: Nix' Stand Power is heavily linked to ice.
  • The Big Guy: Out of the human members of the team (Jade nonwisthanding), Nix is the biggest of them.
  • Hot-Blooded: Majorly, ironic for his ability set. When setting off to fight Shelldrake, he becomes extremely angry and destructive in the process.
  • Ice Breaker: His Stand's ability can fragilize objects, giving them the same solidity as ice.
  • Mentor Archetype: His seeks out people he deems "weak" in order to mentor them into becoming strong.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Before his first battle, Nix has been kidnapped, forcibly transported to Lost Fortuna, and seperated from his child. When Shelldrake delays the departing of the plane that he was trying to use to get out of the city, all Hell breaks loose.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: In R 1 M 1, his heated passion and desire to leave the city to a destructive extent is contrasted against Shelldrake's calmer head and willingness to disrupt the flow of the airport just to serve his purpose as an envoy of death.
  • The Social Darwinist: A variation. He believes that the strong's role is to elevate the weak up to their level. However, Nix also explicitely has contempt for those he sees as "weak".
  • Unstoppable Rage: Nix practically makes this his formal fighting style. First, during his battle with Shelldrake in a nutshell, and a second time when partnered with Ian Rains. He spends the entirety of his fights throwing a veritable tamper tantrum, which end up extremely tactically beneficial for one way or another.

Richard Stone - 「Heavens」

A very eccentric wandering painter, who is always searching for an encounter with a fellow Stand User. He wishes to witness formidable battles (or being part of them) and make masterpieces of them.

His Stand, 「Heavens」, takes the form of black lines that can create ultra-resilient membranes between each other, allowing it to create virtually any shape.

  • Affably Evil: A dangerous murderer, but such a nice guy.
  • Art Attacker: His Stand is described as "a 3-d mandala" that can shred anything in its range.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He will kill you if you cross him.
  • Eccentric Artist: He's kind of an odd duck. After all, he does chase after potentially very dangerous individuals just to get a picture of them.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Jacob Brown, as well as Jesse Jefferson and most of the rest of the Estate.
  • Karma Houdini: Though he didn't kill match 4's victim, he's still a serial killer and dangerous man in his own right, but not only is he quickly released from prison, but his highly publicized wrongful arrest leads to him becoming a face against police excessiveness in Los Fortuna. #Free Stone
  • Photographic Memory: He has an excellent memory that allows him to paint people and scenery without issue.
  • Seeker Archetype: Stone walks around the world in order to find Stand Users to paint, including murderers and the like.
  • Walking the Earth: Richard has travelled through many countries and even continents in his search. After being released from prison, he continues a smaller-scale version of this, observing and wandering the city itself.

    Boss Characters 

Ocean Soul - 「Calamus Root」
The evil flesh and/The aching bone/The blood on the tracks/Like a river over me
Played by: Ronandstone
A mysterious creature that at some point got swept into the waters surrounding Los Fortuna's Waterfront District and the boss of R1 M10. Unable to escape, they instead hunt the fish and makes short work of any passing ship, being number one reason nobody can leave the city through the ocean. They were defeated in Round 1 Match 10 by Agnes and Prince Cosmo; while not dead, they were beaten enough to retreat and take a break from their usual reign of terror.

Their stand, 「Calamus Root」, is an array of coral tubes on their body that produces the titular substance. Mixed with any kind of fluid and splashed on any solid surface, it can cause it to either grow (creating 'tumors' or 'spikes') or shrink (creating 'depressions' and even 'holes').

Conqueror Worm aka Mr. Jones - 「Conqueror Worm」
Played by: New Kak
The serial killer plaguing the Woods At Aurelio Suburbs and the boss of R1 M20. Formerly a vigilante who was trying to help people, they soon were corrupted by their lack of accountability into doing heinous things just to see what they can get away with, as well as gain some fame in the process. Upon arriving to Los Fortuna, they began to terrorize the Suburbs, kidnapping citizens and forcing them to play deadly games in a trapped mansion. Their actual identity is Mr. Jones, head of Aurelio's Neighbourhood Watch. He was defeated by Casey Williams and Manta Malaise in Round 1 Match 20, ditching the serial killer hobby and instead becoming an errand boy and announcer of Entertainment District's underground fighting ring.

Their stand, 「Conqueror Worm」, is a grotesque suit that gives them enhanced physique and protection; it also allows them to merge into flat surfaces as a 2D image, as well as take anything or anyone with them. It also acts as a convenient mask and voice changer to hide their identity.

Emily "The Gambler" Stanton - 「The Hounds」
Played by: CleverRuse
The leader of the Bakker Syndicate in the Slums and the boss of R1 M30. Emily was but a child when her home was destroyed by an earthquake that rended the entire Los Fortuna asunder; the neighbourhood she used to lived in was neglected by the government and exploited by various criminals, turning into what's currently known as Slums. She grew up to join the police force in an attempt to expose and arrest the crime lords, only to get kicked out due to the corruption in the ranks. Instead, she took out all the crime lords of Slums in a single night, forming the united Bakker Syndicate and becoming the Slums warlord known as The Gambler. She also appears to be the prime suspect in murder of André Tifáni. She was defeated in Round 1 Match 30 by Aaron Kirk and Funk Odyssey and arrested, as her Syndicate fell apart and the Slums fell into disarray once again.

Her stand, 「The Hounds」, is a pack of metallic dogs with gasoline-like saliva that can teleport through any shadows around Emily.

Ernie Ford - 「Company Store」
Played by: DungeonDice
The living legend of Agricultural District and the boss of R2 M6. Ernie Ford was quickly swept into the volatile world of stand fights, volunteering to fix various messes and property damage caused by careless stand users. As more and more work piled up, Ernie had less and less time to sleep... until he simply stopped whatsoever, transformed into some kind of cryptid-like presence he's knows as to this day. He was peacefully defeated in Round 2 Match 6 by Effie Linder and Jenny Kidd, who were strong-armed into recovering his notebook; they instead conspired to create a fake one in order to spite the forceful employer.

His stand, 「Company Store」, has simple yet potent ability to take any object lodged between two or more surfaces that Ernie touches, and 'dislodge' it, teleporting it anywhere in 2 meter radius.

John 'Jack' Aurel - 「Lazaretto」
Played by: regen
The deadbeat father of Damon and Jack Aurel from Tournaments 3 & 4, respectively, Stand user hunter, and the boss of R2 M10. John was saved from certain death by being spirited away into Los Fortuna and quickly took a liking to the city. However, as more and more of stand users began appearing, Jack realised just how much danger the place he began to call his new home was. Striving to save others, or perhaps just himself, he devised a grandiose plan to free himself and others from the bonda of Fate that tie the city down. To this end, he joined forces with Final Remix and Kimijo Kaneko with her wife Akiko, who were recently retired, as well as Flying Man Red, to help him. Their plan finally came to its climax in Round 2 Match 10, where he attempted a ritual exploiting thousands of souls to 'overload' Fate and use this window to let himself, his allies, and many others to escape the city. He was confronted by Emilie 'Dread' Delacroix and Bert, his ritual seemingly thwarted... until Bert hijacked the ritual for themselves, causing massive calamity, killing tens of thousands, and freeing themself from the Fate's grasp. Heavily injured, survival already near-impossible, Jack is last seen rejecting efforts to pull him from the collapsing rubble of the museum, an incident with massive fatality rates. One way or another, he's certainly dead soon after.

Jack's stand, 「Lazaretto」, allows him to change the direction, in which objects or people he touches fall. It can also create zones of 'altered gravity', where the falling direction is similarly altered or reduced.

Byron Oxbow - 「LOCK BITES KEY」
Just wanna build a home/It’s the best advice/Got to pave a road/Lay that surface down
Played by: Rocket Llama
Head of the Industrial District's ANVIL Union and the boss of R2 M18. Not much is known about Byron's past; it is implied that he has worked with factories for many years, and he participated in bare-knuckle boxing as a younger man. Currently, he is one of the most-respected men in the Industrial District, and he treats his workers in kind; he is fiercely protective of his friends and family and will not hesitate to use extreme violence if they are threatened in any way. [[In the aftermath of R2 M18, he survived the collapse of a rebar factory and declared war on any and all Stand users who weren't a part of the Industrial District.]]

His Stand, 「LOCK BITES KEY」, can 'screw' objects into any surface; these objects can then be fired out in a straight line at A POW.

    Other Characters 

Professor Andrew Tiffany aka André Tifáni -

André: I’ve just sort of been attached to the idea of a participatory piece of ever-growing artwork lately, I suppose… I who create it, those who consume and are shaped by it… I am making artists, as much as I am making art. That’s my favorite thing about being a professor, as well.
  • Breaking Old Trends: Previous tourneys have seen their early-introduced 'announcer' characters, while hiding their true intentions, were ultimately revealed to be on the side of the main antagonistic faction of the story and become a boss somewhere in the latter portion of the story. André, meanwhile, says what he intends fairly up-front, interacted heavily with the cast via an in-universe equivalent to a discord server, and then died.
  • Cool Old Guy: In his late fifties and generally pretty affable.
  • Cool Teacher: Pretty well liked and respected, on top of being a very famous artist.
  • Famed in Story: For, among other feats, helping rebuild a portion of the city devastated by natural disaster, designing the city's flag, and being an involved member of the college board.
  • Fictional Document: Holds the dossier of which territories are occupied by which stand users, giving the readers (and the players) the starting idea of Los Fortuna setting and the teams makeup.
  • Nice Hat: A red beret.
  • Posthumous Character: Though people did get to know him while alive, major information about who he was and what he'd done only came out after his demise was revealed.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Ultimately killed before the start of round one after being built up across three announcement posts, being the focal character both of the roster and stage selection posts.

Big Hoss

Professor Willard Zardoz Drankwater

  • Ascended Meme: A person on the OCT central discord server got the name "Drank Water" from a name generator, which caused laughter for a long while in the voice chat. The judges all agreed privately to name this character that.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Must be extremely clever to be given a position at a University, despite the fact he calls Chemistry Alchemy and types in all caps.
  • Incoming Ham: The player's first introduction to him, but not the viewer's, via chatroom:
  • Large Ham: When asked who he was:
  • Punny Name: His first and middle name’s first syllables combine into “Wizard.”
  • Wizard Classic: A parody.

Mysterious One-handed Man

Cairo Satori

Cairo Satori was at home, with the cameras on. What better time to be yourself, than when other people can see it? People who, invariably, are going to love what they’re seeing? Not to get an ego about it, but they picked a fantastic career for their attitude toward being on screens. It all just worked out, without any of the hard work. They took a sip of coke, because what else do you keep in a mug when you’re doing an interview and don’t drink coffee? Getting to twenty million Youtube subscribers from so many successful prior projects was a landmark before this, but breaking into a world of media outside that sphere already felt legendary.

"You" (Lore Introduction/Team Announcement Post)


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