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Characters / Jake English's Mysterious Theater of Scientific Romance from the Year 3000

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Karkat Vantas

See Homestuck Trolls One

Dave Strider

See Homestuck Kids

Jake English

See Homestuck Post Scratch Kids

Pinkie Pie

See Friendship Is Magic: Pinkie Pie

Alfred Smith

A character Edrobot once invented for a Homestuck RPG, Al is the apprent leader of a Cast Herd consisting of himself and fellow OCs Lant Kreck and Electra Pendragon. Though at one point obsessed with JRP Gs and heroics, he has since calmed down somewhat.

Lant Kreck

A character Edrobot once invented for a different Homestuck RPG, Lant is a Terronian sent to Alternia as a newborn in order to escape his planet's prophesied destruction. Thanks to some remarkable fortune, he was able to disguise himself as a Troll for years, and eventually decided to protect his adoptive planet under the superheroic identity of "The Emerald Claw".

Too bad he failed to save Alternia.

Exactly what happened next is unclear, but eventually he ended up on Earth, and has been traveling with Al and Electra ever since.


Electra Pendragon

A bratty girl who is either the future daughter of Saber and Gilgamesh, or (more likely) a crazy kid who just thinks she is. Whatever her origin, she travels with Al and Lant for reasons that arn't exactly clear.

Opal Edwards

A Gardevior who joins up with Al's Cast Herd in season 4.

Jade Edwards

A Pokémon OC who was working with The Prophet Gilesbie during Season 3.


Though season 4 was a parody of Countdown to Final Crisis, Jake and Co.'s plotline centered around their efforts to stop Monarch, a time-traveling villain from the future, in a lose parody of a DC event comic.


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