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Characters / Jak and Daxter: Next Generation

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Main Cast

Wes Mar

One of Jak and Keira's twins, Wes is the scholar and mechanic, a racing fan and has some emo tendencies.

Damas Mar

Out of the twins, Damas is the adventurer and marksman, relatively popular with his peers and is something of a lech.

Jak Taro

Daxter and Tess's son, who they named after Jak. He is a lot like his father: quick-witted, brave, and fiercely loyal.


Ava Archer

Torn and Ashelin's daughter. She is a gymnast and martial artist, and was a tomboy in her youth, though she had become more feminine with age.


Pecker and Berri's son. Cayo is almost a carbon-copy of his father: brash and obnoxious, but courageous and loyal.



Pecker and Berri's daughter. Sorea is smart and is usually soft-spoken, but hurting the innocent will seriously set her off.

Scout Raikes

Sig and ex-wife Aaralyn's daughter. Scout is strong-willed, fiercely independent, and strong.

Jary Thompson

Jary started out as the school bully, but eventually grew out of it. He had a hard time growing up, but with the help of his friends, he's starting to heal.


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