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     Crackhead Carl 

Bloody Freddy


     Freddy Krueger 
  • Badass Boast: Oh boy, does he have many. Such as the one we gives to the police chief claiming they're taking the city back from him.
    Freddy: Takin' it back? No-Talkin, you hear this shit? Motherfucker you never had this city. This been my city.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: He occasionally has someone to carry out his work for him (ex. No Talking to take someone out), but if someone slights him personally somehow, they better hope he doesn't find them and especially try not to sleep.
  • Bald of Evil: Especially pronounced here, since his GTA character model can't wear a mask and a hat at the same time.
  • Benevolent Boss: Despite his reputation, he treats his gang well enough that they actually show more respect for him than overwhelming fear.
  • Blood Knight: "I love this shit! Whats crackin'!?"
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Most of what comes out his mouth is either a taunt or a Badass Boast that he can sure as hell can back up.
  • Cast from Hit Points: His dreamscape powers evidently put a toll on him
  • The Dreaded: Basically, there are three types of people: the ones that work for him, the ones know who he is and are scared shitless of him, and the people who don't know who will soon learn why. A gangbanger who was initially eager to do a drive-by loses his shit when he learned who he was shooting at.
    Crypt#1: The hell' wrong with you?
    Crypt#2: Ah, so you gonna play stupid? You didn't tell me you was beefin' with that dude!
    Crypt#1: Watchu talkin bout' fool? I said a cat named Fred stole some drugs from me, I want you to put in some work-
    Crypt#2: Yeah! "Fred", not Freddy Kruegar, nigga!
    • Up to Eleven later when the police arrested Freddy's second in command and collected drugs he was carrying. A large squad of officers, a few soldiers and a tank were outside waiting for him knowing he was coming to their station in person with only No-Tallking with him. Which means that freddy can't invaded their dreams in a safe distance.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Implied. After hearing Carl's backstory, Freddy randomly states that his own mother hung herself because of Freddy's criminal activities. After leaving, he has No Talkin' blow open Carl's cell and release him.
  • Invincible Villain:
  • Karma Houdini: So far, he has yet to pay for his crimes.
  • N-Word Privileges
  • One-Man Army: He and No talking show up, by themselves, at the police station, where there is an army with a tank outside, and demand that he release his second in command, give back his drugs or they would all die. Freddy and No Taking walked out of a large gunfight unscathed and the entire force dead.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Averted. He'll have his crew carry out work for him, but he will come to deal with issues himself if things go south.
  • Pet the Dog: Aside from a few insults, he's surprisingly courteous to the people under his employ and they even talk to him casually.
  • Villain Protagonist

     No talking 

     Jason Vorhees 


Da Patrol


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