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Player Characters

     Ida Walker 
  • Friendly Sniper: To her coworkers, eventual targets, and anyone else who doesn't seem like an immediate threat.
  • Lesbian Cop: Sort of. Lesbian private detective who frequently works with cops, at least.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Ida's been smoking since before she started her career. Said career occasionally involves killing people.

     Opal Susie Schwartz 

The Singer

23 | American | Human
April 12th, 1897 | 4'11" | 100lbs

A young and popular singer who performs and works at a club owned by the Pinkertons. Opal at a very young age had dreamed of becoming a singer, her voice always seemed to bring life to the family garden. But, her parents had other plans for their daughter, her natural affinity for plant-life made her ideal for pursuing medicine. Little did they know, Opal was a rather gifted phytokinetic, able to manipulate plants at her will—though at the time, she believed it was her voice that made the flowers in the garden bloom (now she knows better).

This conflict of ideals and passions lead to her mutilating her tongue in a rather hasty attempt to force herself to abandon her dreams, to appease her family. She was rather fortunate the injury healed with seemingly no negative after affects other than now being the proud owner of a forked tongue.

She still pursues her dreams, despite what her family wishes, believing she should choose how to live her life…though still doing her best to make up with her family on the side, by completing the education they wanted her to have. Though without their funding, she turned to a man she would come to know as her friend, Vale, for help. In return for her services, spy work, she is rewarded with being able to live in comfort, earn luxuries such as fine jewelry and wine, as well as the occasional sex romp. Friends with benefits after all.


     Meg Estelle 

     Roarke Farrell 

     Domino René 

     Yuri Kholodkov 

The Teacher

32 | Russian | Human
April 25th 1892 | 6'2" | 155 lb
Taurus | INFP | Type 4

A scatterbrained, romantic English professor with a questionable past. Yuri fell in love with language at a young age, quickly developing dreams of becoming a renowned author and leading a life like the protagonists of his favorite novels—going on adventures, travelling the world, undergoing novel-worthy experiences, and most importantly, falling in love. After an 'incident' with a student at his university in Russia, he was sentenced to prison—though with the help of some friends in low places he managed to escape and flee to America wherein he hoped to lie low and start anew, remaining under the radar but clinging still to his old dreams with a naive hope of fulfilling them yet.

  • Hot Teacher: Though he's anything but stoic or suave, Yuri demonstrates several tell-tale traits of the "hot teacher" trope.
  • Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: If it wasn't clearly exhibited by his little fiasco with his former student in Russia, he tends to let his his heart guide his head when he's stricken with infatuation, for better or worse. Usually worse. Emotionally desperate.
  • Never Going Back to Prison: Though there aren't many things Yuri particularly fears, if there's one thing that downright terrifies him it's the idea of going back to prison. Although his time there arguably hardened him, it's an experience that keeps him up at night.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Though he tends to be quite the pushover, the phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' tends to ring true with this one.
  • Mother Russia Makes You Strong: Yuri is anything but physically impressive, though emotionally and mentally his time in Russia seems to have had some considerable effect on him. Specifically, in relation to his morals.
  • Apologizes a Lot: The guy's not necessarily the most socially sturdy. Despite his mastery of two languages and considerable eloquence in writing, he tends to stammer and flounder verbally, especially when put on the spot or with an audience. Get him talking about something he loves, though, and it's almost a task to shut him up.
  • The Power of Love: Yuri is the textbook definition of a hopeless romantic. There's nothing more beautiful, pure, or strong to him than love, and he absolutely thirsts for it.
  • The Muse: Going hand in hand with the previous point, the man tends to romanticize most things, whether it be for the sake of inspiration to write about or simply to experience the full beauty of it. This can approach unhealthy levels, especially when paired with his questionable moral compass. He's able to romanticize his own decisions, the pain or injury of others, and even himself.

     Rivaille "Vale" Kane 

The Lawyer credit 

53 | American | Human
November 23, 1870 | 6'3" | 170lbs

An experienced and versatile lawyer who works for and with the Pinkertons. He goes by the nickname "Vale" to those who know him and "Sir" and "Mr. Kane" to those who don't. He comes from a high class and privileged family without much conflict and sees himself as destined for greatness. Ambitious and determined, he's been working towards building his contacts and networks so that he can become a politician and eventually president.

  • Amoral Attorney: Both through occupation and through ambition, Vale doesn't particularly care if the person he's working with is in the right or not so long as he's being paid.
  • Asexual: Despite his attractive looks and his many escapades with most genders, Vale has little sexual attraction to anyone, and even less of an active libido, claiming people themselves as turn-offs to him.
  • Hello, Attorney!: Despite being 53, Vale's notable for his strikingly attractive and intimidating looks, and often uses it to his advantage to sway favor towards himself.
  • Omnidisciplinary Lawyer: More due to occupation than choice, Vale as a part of the Pinkerton's legal team is often assigned cases that are out of his original schooling expertise. Originally a corporate lawyer, Vale has gotten almost 15 years experience in civil and criminal law defending his fellow Pinkertons, as well as having general expertise in various other types of cases that he's been assigned. His office is consistently full of law books in case he has to study to take on a case type he's unfamiliar with.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: At 6'3", Vale is the tallest of the main cast of Dartmouth. Said height, combined with his black hair and black suits make for an intimidating presence, and Vale's arrogance and irritation at the ignorant and at people in general can lead to a few flatly delivered snide comments.


     Fahim Haddad 

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