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Ironheart has welcomed and then demolished many characters over the two and a half years of its run; many, even Most of those characters are now deceased. Those that currently survive do so against the odds; these are their summaries.

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     Alive Characters 
Grandmaster Ander Windrivver

Player: Baerdog7

Status: Alive


Player: Archpaladin Zousha

Status: Alive

Incom Morgan

Player: Pwenet

Status: Alive

Isera Harvent

Player: Kasanip

Status: Alive

Korram Alstan

Player: Dorizzt

Status: Alive

  • Playing with Fire — His signature ability.
  • Unstoppable Rage — Quite frequently. Korram has something of a short fuse.
  • Red Right Hand — During the first part of Escape From Ironheart, Korram's right hand was constantly on fire. Even after it was no longer permanent, this was still his preferred method of fighting.
  • Badass Normal — Even after losing Calcifer, Korram manages to do quite well for himself.
  • Discard and Drawafter ejecting Calcifer from his body, Korram makes a deal with Purifier, another Lord of the Inferno, who perfectly fuses with him, granting him his old fire powers back, as well as Shapeshifting powers.
  • Heroic Willpower — One of his defining character traits; when obscene amounts of firepower can't solve his problems, sheer grit and determination usually serve as a substitute.
  • Berserk Button — Baron Demetrius Gast. More importantly, do NOT TOUCH Katrina Alstan.
  • The Hero — A Deconstruction. Korram seemed like a classic example when he was a resistance leader, but his actions were motivated primarily by hatred and rage, and he severely neglected his daughter in the process.
    • At the same time, Korram is a genuinely good person, when he isn't being controlled by his negative emotions or lying fire spirits.
  • Revenge — His motivation for most of Escape and Flight.
  • Deal with the Devilnot a classical example, but Korram's deal With Purifier comes with a lot of strings. To a lesser extent, his deal with the Baron at the end of Escape From Ironheart.
  • Blessed with Suck — Korram's borrowed flames are extremely powerful, but each incarnation of the ability has come with serious drawbacks, ranging from being constantly on fire to sharing a body with another being, who is not very happy about the situation to being slowly brainwashed into a suicide bomber by a Manipulative Bastard.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique — Banefire, which can consume literally anything, even souls. It also slowly destroys the user, until there is nothing left.
  • The Chew Toy — Korram really can't catch a break.
  • Heroic Sacrificeat the climax of Flight From Ironheart, Korram gives up his chance at killing the Baron in order to save Miriam by taking a hit from the Herald's scythe.

Mal Harath

Player: Vegna

Status: Alive

  • Bare-Fisted Monk — Mostly.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome — Leading to his entrance into the story.
  • Does Not Like Shoes — They reduce his power's range, but act as a handy measure against for his Super Senses leading to a Sensory Overload.
  • Dishing Out Dirt — A fairly mild version, with him currently unable to freely shape the earth he uses.
  • The Drifter — Following for any information on his teacher's murderers.
  • Elemental Baggage — Linked with his magical skills.
  • Fantastic Fighting Style — Terra Style.
  • It's Personal — Hunting the murderers of his teacher, having spent several years looking for clues, he's got a bit of a personal vendetta against them. But he won't admit that much.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard — Trained primarily in martial arts, but has basic earth magic training to supplement his skills.
  • Sensory Overload — When using tremorsense in a crowded area, hampered by his inability to turn it off.
  • Super Senses — Tremorsense, giving him a veiw of anything in contact with the ground within a general range.
  • To Be a Master — Terra Style is a dying art, leading Mal to not only want to find another master to finish his training, but also to pass it on some day.

Marisel the Protector

Player: The_Snark (Must suffer!)

Status: Alive


Player: Lonna

Status: Alive


Player: Iethloc

Status: Alive

'The Spirit'

Player: Gorgondantess

Status: Alive(?)


Player: OverWilliam

Status: Alive

  • Action Survivor — Mostly his shtick to this point; though he doesn't have any super powers, improbable fencing skills, or terribly reliable spellcasting, Tare has survived his way through the toughest prison in the world and then Hell itself and came out the other side alive.
  • The Atoner — Tare's relationship with Karami. She doesn't know.
  • Big Brother Instinct — One of the most defining characteristics of Tare's life; this trait has had a major impact on nearly every event in the game, and even on most of those leading up to the in-game storyline.
  • Chaotic Good — Though he obviously doesn't have much regard for law or order, he is quite firmly on team 'Good'.
  • The Chew Toy — It's true... the kid can't seem to get a break.
  • Dare to Be Badass — Tare's argument to convince Melcara not to willingly submit to thousands of years of undeserved torture in Hell (combined with a 'These things we do, that others may live' clause).
  • Disproportionate Retribution — Tare did commit a legitimate crime before being sent to Ironheart, but not one that deserved a one-way trip to Ironheart.
  • How Do I Shot Web? — Being a street rat, Tare has never had formal training— and even if he had access to such, his spellcasting ability has remained a carefully hidden Ace-In-The-Whole when dealing with other mundane thieves of the Guild. He seems to be figuring out more and more as the game progresses.
  • I'm Having Soul Pains — What happens when Tare overexerts his magical talent. Hinted to possibly be spiritual Growing Pains, however...
  • Invisibility — Tare's favorite spell, even before his allegedly one-way trip to Ironheart.
  • Lovable Rogue — The poster child.
  • Magical Gesture — Tare figured out Somatic components half by accident; they are still unfocused and imprecise, mostly relying on raw concentration for control.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
  • Projectile Spell — Tare's final Lighting Bolt spell cast as the gang was fleeing the dungeons beneath the Screaming Estate (and Hell entirely).
  • The Runaway — Tare's backstory. Was once the eldest of a large family, partially explaining his protective instincts for those in trouble around him; exact motivations for leaving are unexplored.
  • To Hell and Back — Played straight. Tare got sent there by accident in the middle of the Herald's return, and clawed his way out tooth and claw (and brought a new friend with him).
  • Shock and Awe — Though to that point most of his abilities were of Utility value, while raiding the Screaming Estate Tare's magical talent manifested electrically.
  • Silver Needles — Collected from the torture chamber where Ironheart guards were tormenting his now-MIA werewolf companion, Tare used the silver needles to devastating effect against demons encountered in the Dark Forest.
  • Stripperiffic — A rare male example, Tare removed his shirt while in the Screaming Estate to appear more like a male bondage slave (it helped him blend in, under the circumstances— long story).
  • Super Speed — Tare accidentally stumbled onto this spell-like ability while running after the elves shortly after arriving in Hell. Prolonged use exhausts his magical stamina very quickly; seems to be progressing toward Flash Step levels as he experiments with shorter bursts coupled with higher speeds.
  • Weak, but Skilled

Umber, Lord of Blood

Player: WhiteKnight777

Status: Alive(?)

     Dead Characters 

Player: Garm Ranah "Little Heap"

Status: Alive

Amraf “Twister” Birsten

Player: Engineer

Status: Alive


Player: Darkadvice

Status: Alive


Player: gnome_4ever

Status: Alive

Dima Vostrog

Player: rubakhin

Status: Alive


Player: Warshrike

Status: Alive


Player: Gygaxphobia

Status: Alive


Player: Frozen

Status: Alive

Val Mercer

Player: smartaleq

Status: Alive


Status: Alive


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