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    In General 
  • Back for the Finale: In the third part of Terrorcalypse, many of them are shown hiding in the Crystal Shack under the leadership of Pearl.
  • Monster of the Week: Most of them are one-episode antagonists that are disposed off by the Crystal Shack gang. However, some of them come back some chapters after their debut.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: If the fact that the Slendytubbies replace the gnomes of the first story doesn't impress you, then try to check any of the other swaps.

    The Slendytubbies 
A group of bear-like creatures with light gray skin and televisions on their bellies. The first supernatural creatures Chara and Frisk face off agains't, kicked off by the fact Frisk is temporarily kidnapped by four of them.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: When Chara shakes hands with Tinky Winky, she finds out his skin (and probably the rest of the race as well) has a bedsheet texture.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: The main Quartet chases off Chara and Frisk in their bigger monstruous forms.
  • Friendly Enemy: Chara and Frisk doesn't seem to hold a large grudge agains't them (in Chara's case, it's slightly odd). They even attempt to contract them to help defeat Peridot in "Peridot's Ascension".
  • Starter Villain: They kick off all the engagement of the Dreemurr twins over the supernatural of the town.

    The Inside Falls Destiny 
A legendary dragon claimed to live high in the mountains.
  • Monster of the Week: Of "The Tale of Destiny".
  • Our Dragons Are Different: A yellow dragon based on the Chinese myth ones instead of the common, Western variation ones.
  • Real After All: Not as explictly as the Gobblewonker, but the gang does hear some of it's flying noises before going away.

A bunch of girls with squid characteristics that try to take Chara under their wing to make her more feminine.
  • Enemy Mine: They hate Mettaton for not being manly, but during Terrorcalypse, they work together to survive.
  • One-Gender Race: Female in their case.

The main protagonist and playable character of Cat Girl Without Salad: ~Amuse-Bouche~. Thanks to a code Chara found out, she was brought to life.

A puffball-looking alien child that ended up trapped in Inside Falls after falling from the sky a undetermined time ago. Frisk befriends him and decides to search for the "Warp Star" he left behind so he can go back to his home.

    The Tyranossaurus Rex 
A pre-historic beast of millions years ago that was preserved in sap before the summer in Inside Falls.

    The Bendy Trio 
A trio of characters from a 30's cartoon, brought to life thanks to Frisk's imagination. Frisk personally thinks they are her semi-imaginary friends.
  • Art Shift: In-Universe, they are stated to look exactly like cartoons from the 30's era, only with more realistic proportions.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: Upon discovering they were actually summoned to spy on the Dreemurr's, they just briefly get caught on despair before accepting it and deciding to stick on the Dreemurr side anyway.
  • Came Back Strong: They are revived thanks to Frisk's imagination, after the Zodiac Demons destroy them.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Thanks to the limited color pallet of their origin show, they are entirely black and white. But since Frisk imagines them as her semi-imaginary friends, they're on her side.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Join up with Frisk, Chara and Asriel after being summoned as a apparent consolation gift for Frisk.
  • It Has Been an Honor:
    Bendy: Buddies? It was a blast our journey...but unfortunately we are going to need to push you outta the way!
  • Taking the Bullet: When the Zodiac Demons combine their strength to destroy Frisk and Asriel's bodies and wake them up prematurely, Bendy and his pals take the attacks, resulting in the trio melting into ink pools and fading away.

One of the characters of a visual novel Asriel bought called Doki Doki Literature Club!. At first, she looks like a character like any other inside the game, but when she deletes two of her classmate's files, it's revealed she's sentient.

    The Other Great Aunt/The Beldam 
A creature with button eyes, and arms & legs made out of needles, that feeds on the souls of children she manages to lure with the Other World's charm. When Frisk and company visits her, she takes a form with similarities to Pearl Crystal Dreemurr.
  • Evil vs. Evil: The reason why Frisk is going to her in the first place is to get a piece of her hair, that is going to help protect the Crystal Shack from the Zodiac Demons. Can be considered Evil Versus Oblivion to a degree, since the Zodiac Demons' goal is putting a apocalypse on it.
  • Foil: Both she and the Zodiac Demons are vile creatures that are agains't the Dreemurr's, have black and/or white on their palettes, use manipulation and false flattery (overreacting when they don't get what they want), and depend of some sort of method to acess the real world (the Beldam tries to use her severed hand to catch the girls one last time, the Zodiac Demons must use a body as a host after a deal or break the multidimensional rift to obtain full freedom). But while the key can easily lock her from the real world, and her world's entrance in this AU is hidden enough to render it almost unknown, the Zodiac Demons' are near omnipotent in-dreams, and their "lock" (the rift) is something fragile that could easily shatter and free them.
  • Magic Hair: Her hair is one of the components to create a Zodiac Demons-proof barrier.
  • Monster of the Week: Of "Frisk and The Secret World".
  • Yandere: She will do anything to keep children on her spider web.

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