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  • Magnetic Hero: Ironically, while she hates Ash for being one of these, Chloe seems to have made friends easily when she's allowed to be herself. On the Train, she's befriended Atticus and Lexi (even taming his darker impulses to murder Grace and Simon), saved Zack from electric torture and forgives Amelia for everything she's done. She's gotten One-One's attention for this and she hopes to unite the denizens of the Infinity Train to topple the Apex.
  • Martial Pacifist: Despite how she likes writing up very creative ways for people to die or meet a Fate Worse than Death, she would rather not make that become a reality. However, she will fight if there is no other option / if you decide to push her too far. In her video to the denizens of the Infinity Train, she requests the denizens defend themselves from the Apex but not critically injure or harm them, seeing that it's pointless to shed even more blood.
  • Made Out to Be a Jerkass: It's eventually revealed that the reason that she was bullied was because Sara convinced everybody that Chloe was a genuinely bad person with a weird love for monsters. And now after Parker's rampage, people have good reason to believe this was right, as it as both done in her name and while she was still demanding everyone's forgiveness after running away.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Zigzagged with her and Lexi. Chloe is a girl at heart who is quick to fight opponents off with a donut holer and loves the macabre while dressing up in a dress and has flowing hair. Meanwhile, Lexi is given an aloof air and is a bit of a brooder but he is capable of drawing, will dance to the Lobster Quadrille and coos over cute things like an adorable winged jaguar cub.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name is translated into "Bloom", and Blossoming Trail is all about the journey she takes to become her true self.
  • Misplaced Retribution: Being angry is one thing, but the problem with Chloe is that it's who she vents it out to because of how she has so much self-loathing towards, well, everyone for putting too much on her, bullying her, and never wanting to know the true her.
  • Missing Child: Becomes this when she runs away from home after all the shit she goes through from being pushed into fighting Ash. Ironically, this is when everyone she knows finally starts to notice her. When this is brought up in Arc 2, Chloe notes that people only feel sorry now instead of when she finally needed help and would rather not talk about the subject for the time being.
  • Moment of Weakness: When she sees the injured Mew, she begins relapsing into the same spiteful, hate-filled girl she was pre-Train, which prompts another Moment of Weakness from Delia, which leads to Goh being picked by the Train.
  • Modesty Towel: Wears one in when dipping in a hot spring in the Elephant Teapot Car.
  • Motif: A recurring element of her stories involve trees and forests in some way.
    • Her "Specter of the Black Forest" was a baby raised by something called "The Maiden Tree", and her two book reports were A Monster Calls (which had the Monster made from a Yew tree) and a previous unnamed story that involved an evil tree. She also gets into her first real fight, in which she begins to come into her own, in The Midnight Car, which is a dark forest where The Wild Hunt roams. Honestly, if she ever changes her mind about becoming a Trainer, a Trevanent would be right up her ally.
    • According to Parker, a dream match of Chloe was between The Birch versus The Beast, both of them being tree-based abominations. Moreover, Chloe was wearing a white jacket with a black tree silhouette on it on the day she read him her "Specter of the Black Forest" story. Continuing onto this, Lexi designs the walls of their room, the bedsheets and pillows in Hotel Crayola with black tree silhouettes.
  • Music/Age Dissonance: Chloe listens to songs from bands like Creature Feature, The Decemberists and The Birthday Massacre which are bands that you don't expect ten-year-old girls to get into. She also likes foreign language songs, having one in French and Spanish on her phone.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Has a massive moment of this during The Cyan Desert Car when she sees what her threat to run away again unless everyone in Vermillion apologizes has caused.
  • Naïve Everygirl: Really dislikes being one of these, especially due to how she isn't into Pokémon like everyone else in her world. She immediately starts shedding this trait once she enters the Train.
  • Never Be Hurt Again: After getting the courage to become her own person, she vows that no one is going to hurt her again in her email to her father during her email to him while in the Canals of Fondue Car. It's deconstructed when she tells Parker that unless everyone apologizes to her, she'll never come back, leading to him unleashing the Unown and punishing her tormentors, inflicting massive amounts of psychological trauma and spurring two people (Ms. April and Goh) to try commit suicide. Now everyone in Vermillion City sees her as an ungrateful Jerkass brat who ran away over some petty slight and expected them to beg for her forgiveness if they truly want her back.
  • Never My Fault: Deconstructed. While there are a lot of outside factors that led to her current predicament,note  Chloe ignores the fact that most of her problems were on her due to refusing to explain her wants and needs and then expecting people to read her mind and cater to her. And it's not until long after she's boarded the Train and called out by her mother for her bitchy attitude that she finally makes an effort to become a better person and starts accepting responsibility.
  • New Friend Envy: Hates Ash because of how he easily wins over Goh due to them loving Pokémon and how Goh abandoned her for chasing Mew. This makes her unable to confess everything she's been going through until she finally unleashes her bottled up frustrations with everyone. It's later revealed that she wanted to be friends with Ash, but the bullying from her school made her afraid that he wouldn't want to do anything with her since she wasn't a Pokémon lover (and it really didn't help that Ash's only info from her at the time came from Goh). She gets over it in the Cyan Desert Car, asking to be friends with Ash for real this time and apologizing for how she acted towards him.
  • Nice Girl: Flaws aside, she has a sweet and gentle heart and it's her kindness that attracts Lexi (for taking a blast of hot water for him) and Zack (for destroying the shock collar he was wearing). In the Canals of Fondue Car reveals that despite all the bullying Chloe went through, she still took the time do things for others, including Sara. It gets to the point that she forgives Amelia for everything they did.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Chloe holds an interest in the macabre to the point that even the supportive Atticus and Lexi are occasionally surprised by some of the things she comes up with, while the few people back in Vermilion City who were aware she held such interests prior to her disappearance were either mocking or wholly disturbed by it (except for Parker and her literature teacher Mr. Bradbury, who were wholly encouraging).
    • She's good at making rather dark stories. She writes one where an Expy of Goh gets cursed to follow a wish-granter for all eternity as part of her trial for the Library of Flying Books Car, and a story she's currently writing on her phone is about children raised by malevolent trees. Parker reveals that she actually has an entire collection of stories written in a book she calls "Tome from the Lands of Blazing Darkness". Chapter 12 reveals that she entered a horror writing contest and got third place.
    • The character she made for the 'Create-a-Crush' app became the being known as the Specter of the Black Forest who saw a tree as his mother... and said tree fed on the life force of children to live.
    • A subtle one is how she knows about Eligos (from the Ars Goetia), meaning that she has a not insignificant amount of interest and knowledge on demons. This is confirmed in later chapters as she has written a story focusing on Vine and drew the seal of Marchosias on a newly crafted scabbard for Cheshire.
    • When Lexi wants to describe how he wants to horrifically torture Grace and Simon, Chloe's suggestion is pretty dark, even if she is quoting the chorus of "The Mariner's Song".
    • To calm herself down, she sings the lyrics from The Art of Poisoning and A Gorey Demise. The last one was only after the penguins who heard the former song request something regarding the alphabet.
    • Chloe can calmly explain what happens should you drive a pair of scissors into one's ear while Lexi questions where she even learned such a thing.
    • Subverted in Chapter 18; whatever Henry and Walter's true forms are like, they're so horrifying that Chloe begs them not to show it until she and the others reach the Fog Car.
    • She's shown to be excited in playing in CarnEvil for real and even after going through it once, she wants to go at it again so she can finally beat Tokkentaker.
    • The chapter after the Dead Carnival Car has her happily dressed up as Fran Bow, which was a horror game about a girl entering a world of madness.
  • No Sympathy: Chloe's self-loathing and hatred are so deeply rooted in her mind from the trauma she endured and the ignorant people in her life that she simply cannot bear to be sympathetic to those who once wronged her, no matter how much they're sorry about what they did or how much they've been punished for their actions. It takes a long time for her to let go of this trait.
  • No Sympathy for Grudgeholders: After holding a Long List of grudges against the people of Vermillion City for causing her so much pain, and acting purely on fury-fueled spitefulness even as it becomes clearer to her that the situation wasn't as black and white as she thought, her mother finally calls her out on her shit at the end of the Dead Carnival Car, letting her know that the her decision to hold grudges has caused more harm than it's worth, and that if she doesn't get her act together, she'll never be accepted again not just in Vermillion City, but the rest of the world, as the Unown incident spread far beyond Vermillion City. Chloe admits that her mother has a point and decides to change herself.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: In Chapter 11, she vows to Lexi that she's going to stay with him until they can find the Apex, even if her number reaches zero. She states that just because no one ever cared for her doesn't mean she'll fall into that same trap.
  • Noodle Incident: In a flashback about how her classmates make fun of her, when she gives a book report of A Monster Calls, Sara makes note of her last book report regarding an evil tree.
  • Not Like Other Girls: Feels isolated from her peers because she doesn't like anything they do, from the type of guys they're into to, of course, Pokémon. She's never invited to hang out with them as a result, making her feel like no one actually likes her or wants to be her friend. Talia even posted a picture of a birthday letter Chloe wrote when she was younger on Facedex, wishing for a huge party with all her friends. She even later states that she wasn't girly enough for her class.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Chloe had been Made Out to Be a Jerkass by everyone courtesy of Sara convincing them that she was a bad person writing nasty things about them. The fact that she was rather antisocial and generally unpleasant to everyone even before the bullying took place didn't help matters.
  • Not So Different: In the penultimate chapter of Arc 2, Chloe admits that deep down, she was exactly like Goh: both of them decided friendship was worthless and hung onto an obsession, not realizing how they were hurting others by not confessing their pain sooner. Similarly...
  • Not So Similar: She notes that she's just like The Cat, running away from problems like a coward towards a boy (Simon/Goh) and making them become worse. Atticus, Lexi and Amelia reassure her that she's not The Cat because Chloe did realize how she hurt Goh and is working on making amends whereas The Cat never did anything in the slightest.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Her not knowing that Ghost-types No-Sell Tackle is this, as she confesses to Azam, because it makes her feel like she is a complete idiot for not knowing simple Pokémon battling techniques and for not being just like everyone else who expect her to love Pokémon. Her father telling her this and the idea of her classmates laughing at her because she didn't know this at all (which is 100% accurate as they did laugh at the recording of her losing) reflects to her that she's not worthy of trying and learning anything new.
  • Otaku: Aside from the list of spooky kid shows that her brother brings up and her love of demons, author notes states she reads Black Butler, and her favorite arc is the Noah's Circus arc. She also admits to have read Uzumaki and When Wingulls Weep.
  • Parasol of Prettiness: One of the items Atticus hands Chloe before they leave Corginia is an umbrella decorated with fish on it. Chloe puts it to good use when they and Lexi take a boat across the lake in The Crayon Car. She later weaponizes it by using its wooden handle to destroy Zack's shock collar.
  • Parental Issues: Wants her dad to notice her for once, but at best he praises her when she's into Pokémon and at worst his eyes are on Ash and Goh for they like Pokémon and he completely forgets how she's not into battling and doesn't know about type-effective moves. It's one of the factors as to why she ran away from home. The Erlking even notes her daddy issues on his "Princess Checklist". It's the outburst that lead to Chloe getting on the train that finally alerts the Professor to how little about his daughter he actually knows...but by the time the Professor realizes that he needs to be a better father, Chloe has decided that she wants nothing to do with him, telling him not to contact her and that he be on his best behavior when she returns, else threatening to go back on the Train for good. It also doesn't help that most of these problems could've been softened had the Professor taken her to therapy as advised by the only teacher at her school who gives a damn about her. Act 2 has Delia point out that Chloe was truly selfish in what she wanted when she never wanted to explain what was going on. Chloe admits that Mrs. Ketchum has a point.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: It turns out that one of her interests was softball. She and her father used to play ball together regularly when she was younger, after he got her a bat she named "Sliver Night", and even her classmates begrudgingly admit that she's exceptionally skilled at the game. She uses her experience with battling as part of her combat style with Cheshire whether it's to smack someone across the face or to swat items with it.
  • Performance Anxiety: When Lexi tells Chloe she should read some of her stories to the Sorbet Sharks in Chapter 8, Chloe refuses immediately as she's already had trouble getting her own classmates to listen to her. It takes a pep-talk from Lexi and Atticus to help her let go of the idea that the sharks will have the same mocking reaction.
  • Pipe Pain: Before she got on the Train, Chloe lets out her frustration by beating up trash cans with a nearby pipe. Before she leaves the Corgi Car, she is gifted a steel pipe (or "donut holer") from Randall and names it Cheshire. Unlike Tulip, who only used it in the final episode of her story arc, Chloe uses it constantly as a weapon during her more violent journey, using it like an improvised baseball bat due to her skills in softball. One-One allows her to bring the pipe with her home which she uses to knock Ms. Turner unconscious and save her class. Unfortunately, Chloe is unable to keep it after since it's completely ruined and the police took it as evidence.
    • She tries doing this when fighting Team Rocket and does get a few hits in, until Meowth destroys the pipe with Fury Swipes.
  • Playing Card Motifs:
    • A piece of fanart of Chloe has her hair decorated with the playing card suits.
    • An accessory Chloe wears for her "Fran Bow" costume is a sword broach with the suits on the blade.
  • Playing with Fire: Olmec's cloak gives her the ability to summon fire which she uses as a Flamethrower, Fireballs or using it to set Cheshire on fire.
  • Plucky Girl: By the time Act 2 of Blossoming Trail starts, she's a determined and feisty warrior who is ready to take on the Hidden Temple and steps up to the plate to help dismantle the Apex once and for all.
  • Precision F-Strike: Tells the Apex to "Go Sawsbuck yourselves" upon being resurrected as she knows that the Apex would not give a fuck if she died.
  • The Promise: The end of Blossoming Trail and prologue of Voyage of Wisteria has her make a promise to the Red Lotus Quarto. Stay in her world and never come back to the Infinity Train while they are on the lookout for Goh.

    R - U 
  • Rage Breaking Point: Chloe is essentially a ticking time bomb in a pretty dress.
    • The first chapter of Blossoming Trail is essentially this, following Chloe becoming more and more frustrated and upset throughout the day until her father starts talking about her finally becoming a Pokémon trainer, causing her to lose it, slam a plate of curry onto Goh's face, chew out her dad, Ash and Goh for never caring about her, and then running away to enter the Train.
    • In the Crayon Car, the flashback of the Talent Show at her school had Chloe get completely drenched in red paint by Sara, with her brother getting hurt in the process. She just barely manages to keep her calm until Sara throws on a final insult, saying that Professor Cerise doesn't give a shit about her, at which point Chloe tries to bash the girl's head in with a paint can (getting doused with the paint to look like she's drenched in blood) while screaming bloody murder and daring anyone else to attempt messing with her, lest they receive the same treatment.
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses: Inverted. Chloe is a girly girl with long hair, a compassionate heart and wears dresses compared to previous Infinity Train females who wore pants, shorts or Skirt over Slacks in the case of Tulip (although that one is justified since she was initially heading off to coding camp when it was snowing). However, she is not weak in any sense of the term. She hates being compared to a princess and is more into witches instead. Unlike the girls on the Train, barring MT, Chloe is not afraid to fight for her life if she needs to with a donut holer because she she has skills in softball, she likes video games with dark themes (Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill) and is interested in the subject of demons. In the Fog Car, the "Princess" is the one fighting off against most of the baddies associated with the Cage of Flauros and against Walter and Henry, she leads the fray. In comparison, Grace, the older tomboy of the two, is terrified as hell and barely gets a few hits in.
  • Red Baron: "Chloe of the Vermillion", initially a nickname given to her by Atticus in their first introduction, eventually becomes her title as a proud warrior ready to fight off the Apex. She later gets "Slayer of the Apex" for helping bring the Apex down for good.
  • Red Is Heroic: The heroine of Blossoming Trail with long maroon hair, a red cloak and is associated with the color red in general.
  • Redheads Are Uncool: She has maroon hair, in contrast to other students in her class who have black, brown or blond hair, and she's an outcast because she's into horror and not a Pokémon lover. This also extends to how she feels so insignificant to her father — he'd rather focus on the black haired Ash and Goh than on his own flesh and blood.
  • The Resenter: Underneath the surface, Chloe shows a lot of resentment and hate for the people in her life from bias and everyone pushing her to a role she does not want. Part of her character growth is to let go of this.
    • Hates her father for never noticing her at all in favor of Ash and Goh or anything relating to Pokémon as if she's actually interested in it. In the Intermission, she emails him stating how much she hates him and to not talk to her until she gets home (due to him not knowing that he could contact her and him having never decided to contact her for weeks). By the end of The Dead Carnival Car and beginning of The Curry Car, she decides to reconcile with him again.
    • Hates Ash, as he's the reason why Goh spends even less time with her, and in addition to him being much more accomplished than she is. It gets to the point that when she has to answer Atticus's question about why she and Ash can't get along, she immediately denies that they can and it makes her number rise back to 151. Chapter 18 and 19 later reveal that she doesn't hate him as it was her self-loathing issues and bullying at school preventing her from seeing that Ash was being sincere in wanting to be her friend. She decides to start anew with him and hopes to go on plenty of adventures when she returns.
    • She hates Mew even more than Ash because the Pokémon has become Goh's sole obsession for the past few years, causing their friendship to shatter into pieces. It's fitting that her story in Chapter 5 makes Mew out as an asshole that twists the wish of the protagonist (aka Goh) and has fun in seeing them suffer. She is horrified to learn that the reason Goh got kidnapped was because of a crazed Shiny Hunter injuring Mew.
    • And finally, she hates Goh for abandoning her for his goals, for constantly talking about Ash, him shutting her out to focus on Mew and the last straw was shouting out her face that she had no dreams at all that made her seem so inferior to him. It's no wonder that she wrote a story that had him get a cruel comeuppance. She says her farewells to him in the Intermission. She is shocked to learn that Parker put Goh in a Mind Rape though.
  • Revenge via Storytelling: She admits to Lexi that she writes a lot of these stories mostly to get back at all who have hurt her. The first story she writes in Blossoming Trail essentially states how much she wants Goh to suffer for relentlessly chasing Mew.
  • Rule of Symbolism:
    • Before entering the Train, Chloe's hair is stuck in a braid, representing her rigidity, how she's always keeping her head low and unable to decide who she is. When the Train arrives, its entrance causes her braid to be undone and with it, she is free to become her true self away from those who weighed her down.
    • Chloe's lunchbox is faded and something she kept for years as a gift from her mother. Giving it away to Atticus is her first step of shedding the old Chloe and the first steps of her becoming someone new.
    • Starting with the Intermission, Chloe calls herself "Chloe of the Vermillion" instead of Chloe Cerise. This shows off how she no longer associates herself with her father, and she is called a name given to her by a good friend of hers (Atticus).
    • After the fight with The Organ Man making her lose most of her hair, Chloe styles it into sideswept waves and adds blue streaks. This is coming after her mother's email to tell her to stop making excuses and admit that she made plenty of mistakes, which has her learning to experiment and try new things and casting off many of her flaws and resentment she had in others. Moreover, Chloe is depicted as a Fiery Redhead and this is around the time she's letting go of a lot of her anger and is learning to be calm like water.
  • The Runaway: After blowing up in the Cerise Lab, Chloe decides to run away and have her own journey, believing no one really cares for her as a person, and reasoning it can't be too hard if other ten-year-old children leave home all time. Of course, most don't end up on the Infinity Train...
  • Sarcastic Clapping: She types this in her message to Ash when he finally realizes how much curry was a sore spot to her.
  • Satiating Sandwich: She's known to eat plenty of sandwiches on the Train. Justified in that sandwiches are easy to carry and eat throughout many of the cars.
  • Scare 'Em Straight: To ensure everybody that she's not joking about it, she sends Parker a message that says that if things don't get better in Vermillion City, she will return to the Train, possibly for good. Parker listens, alright...
  • Screw Destiny: As The Fog Car continues, Chloe finds herself having to face off against Walter and Henry's machinations and the other components of the Cage of Flauros. Even after being called Lady Destiny she decides that she's not going to fulfill that role and will save everyone via her methods.
  • Secretly Selfish: Post Cyan Desert Car has her be told out that she was just as selfish as Parker, Goh and perhaps her class when she requested everyone give her what she wanted yet never did anything to confess her problems. Chloe admits that it's true and decides to truly change herself for the better.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Just as she had always feared, her mother has forbidden her from enjoying horror (albeit temporarily), because her hiding what she liked in the first place started a domino effect that had effects including her running away, Parker abusing the Unown to hurt people, and getting the family entangled in lawsuits.
  • Showing Up Chauvinists: A PG-example; Chloe admits to Lexi that when they play softball at school, she wants to prove all her nay-sayers wrong (as evidenced by Yeardley not wanting to admit that Chloe is exceptionally skilled in said sport). Author's notes reveal that she did this to Yeardley at the arcade once; when he stated that CarnEvil wasn't a game for her, she proved him wrong and got a higher score than him (although she didn't make it to the Final Boss).
  • Shrinking Violet: Due to many of her issues, she's usually shy and unable to stand up for herself. Once she's on the train, she vows to fix that, getting back into her passions of horror writing, being able to read one of her stories on stage to roaring applause, and realizing that there is nothing in the way of her being who she truly is.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Amelia weaves tales about Chloe being a powerful witch to The Apex. Given that Chloe can cast fire and later can summon demons, that's not entirely wrong.
    • In Voyage of Wisteria, the denizens in the Canals of Fondue Car are talking about all her feats and somewhat exaggerating them. This doesn't help Goh in the slightest.
  • Significant Green Eyed Red Head: Has green eyes and maroon hair, and she's the focus of Blossoming Trail and the deutagonist of Voyage of Wisteria. The green eyes are symbolic of how she's green with envy towards Ash, and her maroon hair adds to her being associated with the color red.
  • Significant Wardrobe Shift:
    • Chloe's first outfit on the train is a white beach dress with blue sealife to signify her new desire to unmoor herself from other's expectations of her and freely try new experiences. This is in contrast to her school uniform decorated with giant anchors, reflecting her indecisiveness and hesitance to do unfamiliar things and how she's weighed down by her insecurities and the pressure on doing what society dictates she should do.
    • Chloe's second outfit makes her resemble Fran Bow to highlight how she's heading off to a world of darkness.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: She's a girly girl with long hair, a pretty white dress and a kind and caring disposition. She also carries a steel pipe (or "donut holer") as her main weapon and will use it if you push her buttons too many times and will show no mercy if you decide to bully her or her loved ones. Just ask Sara when she decided to pull a Carrie on Chloe and ended up being attacked repeatedly with a paint can.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Played with. While Chloe's the protagonist of this story, in the anime her role is minimal compared to Ash and Goh's adventuresnote . So when she leaves for the train, everyone she interacted with realizes just how important she was to them....with varying results. This starts spreading into more and more chaos as time goes on, leading to her brother about to completely terrorize Vermillion City with the Unown and for her former childhood friend to end up in a suicide ward.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Amongst the representatives needed for Henry and Walter's plan — Dreams, Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delight — she's the only girl, filling in as "Lady Destiny".
  • So Proud of You: When she meets up with Zack and Ray after the Fog Car, Zack can't help but praise how Chloe has grown under his tutelage.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: On the surface she is initially aloof and would repeatedly turn down chances to hang out with Ash and Goh. We later learn that she was bullied by others to follow her father's career and was so disillusioned over the glamorous and happy lives of Trainers due to so much bias, had little to no support for her hobbies because her classmates teased her and the adults could care less about her problems and what she wanted most of all was just someone to comfort her and tell her to try again. The fact that everyone around her — baring her brother and English Teacher — ignored her or failed to approach her amplified these problems and made her feel like she was worthless and so insignificant to Pokémon.
  • Spit Take: Does this with her cup of tea in the Cyan Desert Car after learning of Parker's rampage across Vermillion City with the Unown.
  • Static Character: Deconstructed. While Chloe grows more confident and assured in herself, her deepest underlying issues, like her resentment and self-loathing, remain stagnant through the story. The reason for this turns out to be not only because she's spent years internalizing said issues, but also because her Descent into Addiction regarding brutal speeches caused her to willingly stagnate. After all, if she can only get her catharsis by staying spiteful, why should she change? She eventually gets out of it at the end of the Fog Car.
  • Stepford Smiler: Was considered this most of the time in prior to entering the Train in Blossoming Trail due to hiding her pain because no one noticed or cared. By the time of the sequel, she still has shades of this but mostly to hide her worry about Goh being on the Train.
  • Stock Shoujo Heroine:
    • Chloe is a sweet and passionate girl who starts out depressed, insecure and saddled with nicknames like "Klutzy Chloe" and "Monster Lover". As she gradually traverse the Infinity Train, she starts becoming the girl she should be, reaches out to others with love, kindness and friendship while also willing to defend herself with a donut holer and stand her ground against injustices and speak her mind without shrinking back in fear. She is tasked by One-One to help defeat the Apex not because she has a magic power, but more for her determination to stop them from doing more harm to others and her kind heart.
    • Moreover, she is not an Idiot Hero, having a brilliant mind capable of writing lots of horrifying tales and knowledge of demons at her disposal. She doesn't have a love interest (with the closest thing to one, Lexi, described as a head taller than Chloe, being a close friend and confidant. Oh and also because he's technically a talking book). She is known to have a love of sweets and insecurities of not being noticed and loved by others due to constant bullying problems. And unlike the anime, the fanfic focuses on red instead of pink as her focus color.
    • However, this trope also works against her: in any other series, Chloe wouldn't have stood out that much, but in the world of Pokémon, especially the one presented in this story, she not only stands out like a sore thumb, but does so in a way that causes people to grow envious of her and bully her in return, causing her to hide a lot of baggage behind her layers.
  • The Storyteller: She is known to recite many of her stories in Act 1 due to her love of writing. The Cyan Desert Car arc has her travel for a story-festival.
  • Stopping the Blame Game: After spending the entire story blaming everybody else for her problems while refusing to see her role in everything, the email she sends Ash when she's about to enter the Fog Car explicitly notes that, if she does on the Train, that it won't be anybody's fault. She still has to work on it though, as seen halfway into the Fog Car.
  • Summon Magic: Chloe is given a blessing of a crimson wing mark on her arm during the Cyan Desert Car. She uses this during her fight against The Organ Man, allowing her to summon Amdusias to destroy his contraptions and later brings in other demons before culminating it with Lucifer.
  • Super OCD: It's mentioned early in Blossoming Trail that Chloe always has certain rituals and habits: always eating the same lunches made by her mom (to the point Goh can name one by memory), needing her hair brushed a hundred times, having to take three spoonfuls of honey with milk before bed, etc. After getting on the train, Chloe admits that she wants to break out of that cycle and slowly becomes more adventurous. This is presumably all done because of the pressure she's gone through from her classmates making her afraid to put more effort into anything hew.
  • Sweet Tooth: She has a love of chocolate and other types of sweets and almost every car has her indulge in her love of them.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Chloe's first train attire is a white dress with sea life on the collar and waist. Unlike her school uniform, with two large anchors that scream how she's stuck in place and unwilling to move forward, her new dress shows the fish swimming freely to signify a new her about to go on an adventure and willing to experiment.
  • Tame His Anger: Wrath is easily one of Chloe's most consistent flaws, and it's one that she has a lot of trouble working out. Act 2, in part, is focused on Chloe realizing this trope's not only in effect, but that she can't be The Ditherer regarding this: she must learn to control her anger, lest things go back the way they were and she ruins what little good will she has left from people. This still flares up in Arc 3 as she is angry and hating herself for not conforming into what she was supposed to be that set the entire story off.
  • Tantrum Throwing: After running away from the lab, Chloe rips posters off an alleyway and beats up trash cans with a pipe as she lays out her frustration over Pokémon, her friends, her father, and her own self-loathing. She repeats this in The Cyan Desert Car when she learns what Parker got up to.
  • Teach Me How To Fight: She asks Lexi to teach her how to fight with her donut holer in the Crayon Car not only for future fights but also if they ever bump into the Apex. She also requests training from Zack every time the Red Lotus Trio cross paths with Zack and Ray.
  • Things That Go "Bump" in the Night: Chloe has a love for monsters. Not 'Pocket' monsters, but 'monster' monsters (including demons). All as part of her love of macabre stories. Her father is surprised and a little confused that her daughter likes monsters but not Pokémon.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: While she's more willing to forgive those who are actually trying to atone for their mistakes, she has little patience for those who made her life a living nightmare and one of the things she must do is learn to forgive:
    • She is unwilling to forgive Goh for all of the pain he gave her — tossing her aside for Mew, never being her when she needed him, never kept his promises and saying that she had no dream — and texts that she's sick and tired of always trying to being the one repairing their friendship in her farewell text. That said she's horrified to learn what happened to Goh while she's in the Cyan Desert Car.
    • She can't forgive her father for his Parental Neglect, never understanding what she is into, assuming that she's just as enthusiastic into Pokémon like him, and putting his time and attention onto Ash and Goh (or his "new sons" as she puts it). She tells him to never email her again while she's on the Train and heavily threatens that if he does anything to upset her when she returns that she will just run away and stay on the Train for good. In Arc 2, she later decides to email him as a way of her reaching out to him and forgiving him for his mistakes.
    • The Apex and their crimes honestly make her determined to topple them as their chaos reminds them too much of those who hurt her. Speaking of which...
    • Her entire class, and her homeroom teacher, could rot in Hell for everything they did to her. Or not; she is horrified to learn that Miss April was Driven to Suicide. She's not ready to approach her classmates yet, but she is saying farewell to Sara and Yeardley's abuse on her.
    • Ash, for just taking up the spotlight, pulling everyone away from her and not once approaching her with something other than those creatures and not even noticing how it would affect her. She reveals to Azam that what she really wanted from him was just to approach her and be her friend but her insecurities made her unable to express it. The following chapter has her confess everything and has her wanting to start again when she returns.
    • Simon, on the other hand truly deserves it for all that he did.
    • She never says this out loud to Ms. Turner but it's clear that she did not like how this madwoman put her former class hostage and kidnapped her friend.
    • She eventually gets a taste of her own medicine after the Act 2 fiasco happens, at which point everything that just happened gets traced back to her, and the Vermillion City she once demanded forgiveness for wants nothing to do with her and her family anymore. And not even just them; Delia makes it clear she's not going to cut her some slack like everybody else.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to Amelia's Tomboy with a dress, long hair, love of chocolate and cute things and being much more innocent of the duo.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Pre-Infinity Train Chloe was unable to stand up for herself. Infinity Train-Chloe has become much more assertive in who she is and is receiving combat skills from Lexi and Zack to combat the Apex. By the time she faces CarnEvil, she's the one who goes toe-to-toe with The Organ Man, and only asks Lexi to help cut her hair off so she can escape the Organ Man's grasp. By the time she enters the Fog Car, she's facing off Delrium and the Bogeyman and summons Lucifer to destroy Walter's monster form
    • In contrast to how she couldn't fight Ash's Gengar, when she fights off Team Rocket with a pipe and Yamper, she actually manages to get a few hits in.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: Was once an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl who didn't show any signs of liking anything and exploded at her friend, Ash and father when they express how much they love Pokémon to her. In contrast, the Chloe on the Infinity Train is happier than she's ever been in her life because she's in a world filled with adventure, is traveling with people who actually care for her, is learning to truly embrace the things she loves without anyone holding her back, and is willing to confront her past mistakes and request Ash's friendship. By the time she returns home in Voyage of Wisteria, she happily hugs Ash's Dragonite and is getting into Pokémon research one step at a time.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Before hopping on the Train, Chloe was a withdrawn girl who kept her emotions bottled up until they tipped over, causing her to lash out to grandiose effect. Once she gets taken by the Train, the euphoria and bliss she gets from being in a place that she doesn't have any expectations thrust upon her causes her to not only indulge in her darkest fantasies, but also become almost as worse as the real targets of her hate in her righteous anger, to the point she begins to Kick the Dog with everybody who she once knew just to make herself feel better at their expense, whether they deserve it or not.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: After multiple InternalReveals about how everyone in the Pokémon world is taking her disappearance and haughty attitude, and finally getting some constructive criticism and encouragement towards reflecting on her responsibilities for her predicament, she (after quite a bit of loud screaming) sincerely vows to change for the better, becoming a much more considerate and emotionally mature person.
  • Too Unhappy to Be Hungry: At the story's beginning, she stops eating her mother's lunch after she got pressured into battling Ash by her classmates and then refuses to eat all the curry Mr. Mime makes — per Ash and Goh's request because it's a solid reminder that she's been forgotten by Goh — before she ultimately snaps and slams a plate of spicy curry into Goh's face and runs off. How hungry she is only hits her after she gets on the Infinity Train and meets Atticus.
  • Tranquil Fury: Chloe is usually with Hair-Trigger Temper but she drops into this when she tells the Apex — who were happy to see her dead and wanted to make sure she wasn't resurrected — to "go Sawsbuck themselves" in a calm voice.
  • Trying Not to Cry: In Azada, she refuses to cry in front of Lexi when she explains how she feels so different from her classmates.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: She doesn't hold any qualms for getting her arm and part of her back hit with boiling water when stopping a fight between Lexi and Titus, as it was only an accident.
  • Twofer Token Minority: The only human and female member of the Red Lotus Trio until Amelia joins the group.
  • The Un-Favourite: Views herself as this trope, feeling that everyone in her life values those who love Pokémon, such as her younger brother Parker, Goh and Ash, over people like her who don't. This was never actually the case, but Professor Cerise quickly realizes how easily his actions could be construed as this and feels regretful about not stopping it sooner.
  • Unwanted Rescue: Refuses to be rescued at all by Goh due to how she hates how he essentially abandoned her and also because she's physically unable to as long as she has a number. Unfortunately, Goh doesn't accept this and begins losing his mind, blaming her for his descent into insanity.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Chloe didn't introduce Parker to horror with the idea that he'd encounter the Unown, create living nightmares, Mind Rape people, and other terrible things. Nonetheless, she is still the reason why Parker is doing that in the first place. Let alone the fact that it is largely in part to her having run away and her last email stating that she won't come back home unless she's certain everyone cleaned up their acts else she'll run away again for good, that Parker was in a state where the Unown would react to him. In her defense, she had no idea that her running away from home would lead her onto the Infinity Train. She's horrified to learn what Parker has become.

    W - Y 
  • Water Is Womanly: In the first arc, Chloe has a water motif and is the sole girl of the Red Lotus Trio. This is represented by her having a gentle and caring nature, wearing a dress that evokes the sea and most of the experiences that relate to her character growth involve water. That said, she can also be quite aggressive when pissed off, reflecting how water can shift from calm to dangerous in a second.
  • Waxing Lyrical: Has a tendency to pepper her speech with various literature and song references, mostly to make a dark joke to the point that she can catch Lexi and Atticus off guard with some of her morbid ideas.
  • Was Too Hard on Him: As the reprecussions and consequences of her actions begin to settle in, Chloe slowly comes to realize that she was incredibly harsh on everybody back at Vermillion City, especially her family and Ash.
  • "Well Done Daughter" Girl: Chloe only wants her father to pay attention to her, but he only recognizes her when she fought (and lost) to Ash because he takes it as a sign that she's finally taking an interest in Pokémon battling and doesn't consider the fact that she doesn't like being in the Institute. By the time the Professor starts realizing how he's been a neglectful parent, Chloe has given up on this goal, as she no longer sees him as a father until her mother emails her and tells her to stop thinking this way.
  • Western Zodiac: She's a Libra, denoted by the journal she wrote that contains all her stories being marked with the symbol on the front. Libras are known to be fair-minded and peaceful individual who hate violence and injustice, and prone to indecisiveness, self-pity, and holding grudges. Despite her darker thoughts, Chloe has no interest in actually harming her classmates, and at one point says that she wants help for her anger issues. The flaws mentioned above just so happen to be three of Chloe's fatal flaws, as well. Finally, they also hate being alone, mirroring Chloe's angst on having no support whatsoever.
  • Wrath: One of Chloe's greatest weaknesses is her unrivaled temper, which causes her to not only take hasty and impulsive decisions, but also convinces her to wallow and bathe in her spite and self-loathing whenever she gets closer to making things right, and her Descent into Addiction is partially fueled by the pleasure she gets from rage-derived speeches.
  • Write Who You Know: In-universe; the story she writes in Azada is essentially based on Goh and her friendship and Goh's obsession with Mew, albeit it's a dark and twisted variation that ends with a Karmic Twist Ending.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are!: When Chloe starts to have a panic attack about reading one of her stories on stage in The Plush Penguin Car, because she's afraid of being mocked at and ignored like at school, Lexi gives a speech of this kind.
    Lexi: Chloe, listen to me very carefully. Those sharks are not insensitive classmates. You're not in that classroom where no one listens to a single word you say. You are in a land of ice cream and penguins and these pups are not going to laugh at you. And you want to know why? Because they'll be too engrossed with your tale to even consider laughing at it. You're going to wow them.
    • The end of Le Chat Chalet Car has her told by Atticus, Lexi and Amelia that she's better than what her classmates and Grace and Simon make her out to be as she's doing all she can to fix her mistakes to go home.
  • You Are Grounded: In a way: Talia tells her in her email that once Chloe gets home, she is not going to be have anything to do with horror for a while. She ends up agreeing, giving Lexi and herself a makeover and deciding to try new things.
  • You Are Not My Father: In the Intermission, she addresses her father as "Professor Cerise" in her email to him, cementing that she no longer sees him as her father after he failed to be there when she needed it. Talia puts an end to it after the Dead Carnival Car, sternly telling her that while Professor Cerise seriously screwed up, his intentions were out of love. The chapter ends with Chloe writing an email starting with "Hey dad".
  • You Don't Look Like You: The Chloe who returns home after the Infinity Train is so vastly different from the one who entered it (wearing a yellow dress, striped stockings, and newly cut and styled hair), it's kind of hard to believe that they're supposed to be the same character. This is also used to her advantage, since keeping her old looks would just remind people of UnChloe, and nobody wants to remember her.
  • You Remind Me of X: Amelia has a soft spot for her because Chloe reminds her of Alrick; preferably since both have a fondness for Alice in Wonderland. She and One-One also see Tulip in Chloe.

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