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Home to characters from the Arrowverse as well as Black Lightning and Lucifer with elements of Ultimate Marvel and Static Shock.
     Team Arrow 

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

  • Friendly Rivalry: Adopts one with Clint Barton over which of them is the better archer; culminates in a contest where they essentially draw.
  • Heroic Safe Mode: Enters into this after seeing Felicity and Diggle disintegrated right before his eyes.
  • The Leader: Steve Rogers swiftly identifies Oliver as the leader of the other heroes when the two teams first meet.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Oliver has this moment when he realises that Felicity was replaced by a Skrull years ago and he never noticed the difference.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Diggle, Felicity and Laurel all assure him that he shouldn't blame himself for not realising that the Skrulls had replaced Felicity.

John Diggle/Spartan

  • Alternate Self: He's one to Earth-51 John Stewart, otherwise known as Green Lantern. Badassery seems to be a multiversal constant for him.
  • Bring It: His reaction when his cosmic cop trainer declares he won't go easy on him is basically "do your worse".
  • Emerald Power: As befits a Green Lantern.
  • Face Death with Dignity: In Salvation Run, Diggle's ability to do this when faced with a mass of Skrulls about to kill him contributes to him being chosen as a Green Lantern.
  • Put on a Bus: Diggle is one of the casualties of the Snap.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In Salvation Run, Diggle becomes the new Green Lantern for his sector.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Gives this speech to Oliver in Salvation Run after Oliver's kicking himself for not realising that Felicity and Laurel were replaced.

Felicity Smoak

  • Jerkass Realization:
    • Being "dusted" made Felicity/Lyja face up to how she'd been letting her ego get the better of her, undercutting Oliver and "being a rampaging bitch." She's cut back on the behavior, such as letting Oliver know that killing Diaz didn't make him any less of a hero and being more supportive of him.
    • Later after Felicity is rescued and Lyja has been exposed, she expresses regret for Lyja's darker actions, acknowledging that she would have done what Lyja did if she'd been there.
  • Put on a Bus: In the original fic, Felicity is one of the casualties of the Snap.
  • The Reveal: Felicity has been a Skrull imposter named Lyja since right before Oliver's confrontation with Ra's.
  • Shipping Torpedo: After being rescued, Felicity assures Oliver she's not going to hold him to the marriage to Lyja. She also makes it clear she's known all along Oliver loves Laurel, not her and has long let go of any jealousy and encourages Oliver to go after Laurel.

Roy Harper/Arsenal

Thea Queen/Speedy

  • The Bus Came Back: Despite being officially 'retired' from Speedy at this point, Thea returns to the role and Star City to help investigate the Dusting, and later accompanies the team to the Avengers' world to help stop Thanos.

Laurel Lance/Black Canary II

  • Spared by the Adaptation: Salvation Run reveals that Laurel was captured by the Skrulls before her death in the confrontation with Darhk, with the result that she is still alive, albeit in Skrull captivity.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In Salvation Run, Laurel has acquired the Canary Cry herself due to the Skrulls' experiments.

Dinah Drake/Black Canary III

  • Put on a Bus: Dinah is one of the casualties of the Snap.
    • In Salvation Run, Dinah takes a savage cut across her throat by a Skrull. While she survives, it's indicated she may have lost her ability for the Canary Cry and taking time away to recover. The talk between the Doctor and Mia indicates Dinah was always meant to do more as cop than a Canary.

Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific

Mia Queen

  • Related in the Adaptation: In Salvation Run, Mia is revealed to be the daughter of Laurel Lance rather than Felicity Smoak.
  • Ship Tease: Suggested at, as she notes that Nora Allen just isn't her type.

     Team Flash 

Barry Allen/The Flash

  • Crusading Widower: Being forced to watch Iris being Dusted left him desperate to fix things.
  • Doppelgänger Gets Same Sentiment: After Bart Allen mentions fighting a "Black Flash" Barry gets silently concerned. It is unknown what (if any) relationship Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon has with the Smallville Black Flash.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: While on Earth-199999, Barry's access to the Speed Force is slightly weakened to prevent time travel being a viable option, but this is downplayed as Barry's own experience leads him to conclude that using time travel to solve their problems would likely just create new ones.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: A minor example in Legacy of Lightning; He and Team Flash disagree with Barry of Earth-51 request to deal with his Reverse-Flash on his own, but respect his right to handle his problems his way.

Cisco Ramon/Vibe

Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost

  • An Ice Person: Caitlin's powers are restored, but she doesn't regain the Killer Frost persona.

Wally West/Kid Flash

Harry Wells

Iris West-Allen

  • Put on a Bus: Iris is one of the casualties of the Snap. Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans reveals that she is one of the trillions of souls inside the Soul Stone, where she meets Ozel Ozlazur of Earth-199999 and regales the young Inhuman with tales of her husband's adventures as the Flash

Joe West

  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: It's still unusual, but Joe wonders what it says about their lives that Iris is so nonchalant at meeting an alternate version of Barry who doesn't even look like the Barry Allen she married.
  • Put on a Bus: Joe is one of the casualties of the Snap.

Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man

  • Put on a Bus: At the time of the Snap, not only was Ralph currently being used as the host body for the Thinker, but he was also one of those Dusted; the team are later able to restore him to control of his body in Legacy of Lightning.

Nora West-Allen/XS

  • Ship Tease: Has elements of this with Mia Queen, with Mia just noting in turn that Nora isn't her type.

     The Legends of Tomorrow 


  • Bar Brawl: Of course they find a way to do this, starting a brawl with the Guardians in the mess hall of The Orville.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: The Guardians basically call the Legends out on this, observing that, for all their faults, the Guardians have never caused the problem that they have to solve, where the Legends seem to deal with that all the time.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: One of the most epic around.
  • Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth: Loki thinks they're nothing but doofuses. Loki.

Sara Lance/Black Canary I/White Canary

  • Action Girl: Naturally.
  • Really Gets Around: The opening meeting between the Arrowverse crew and the Avengers has Alex thrown to realize Sara has slept with her, Ava, Oliver, Nyssa and John Constantine.

Ray Palmer/The Atom

Mick Rory/Heat Wave

  • Amazon Chaser: Is quite taken with Jessica Jones while watching her fight off a bunch of mooks.
  • Hidden Depths: Surprises the gang by talking about the logistics of how alternate timelines and possible futures work, brushing it off as data gained when he was working for the Time Masters.
  • Odd Friendship: With Rocket.
  • Ship Tease: Mick is notably impressed by Jessica Jones, to the point that they have sex during the heroes' victory party.

Len Snart/Captain Cold

  • Actor Allusion: Sara snaps that the team is "tired of hearing [his] Prison Break stories!", a reference to them sharing the same actor.
  • Back from the Dead: It turns out he survived his seeming death and was thrust into the future of The Orville timeline.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Does a terrific Spit Take when Black Siren says his counterpart on her Earth is the Commissioner of the Central City Police Department.

John Constantine

  • Closest Thing We Got: While Constantine states that he won't become the new Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient One and Loki concede that he's their best option to pass on messages to the other heroes.

Nate Heywood/Steel

  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Nate sums up to Ray the reaction of the Legends to meeting Loki in his ghost form.
    Nate: This is when you know you've been at this job for too long. We're talking to the ghost of a Norse god and I'm not even surprised by it anymore.
  • Seen It All: Is surprised that he's no longer surprised by the things he sees as a superhero.

Ava Sharpe

  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Ava contacts the Legends to give them additional information on the situation, but she is not shown accompanying them to meet the Avengers (although she may have simply decided that it was more important for her to assist the Time Bureau in their home universe).

Zari Tomaz

  • Put on a Bus: More like 'left on the bus'; Zari is forced to remain outside of time on the Waverider while the rest of the Legends return to help their allies due to her originating from the future, as they are concerned that the Snap may have killed at least one of her ancestors and thus erased her from history.


  • Made of Iron: While her ability to actually shapeshift is presumably still lost, she can alter her density so that she can survive on high-gravity worlds like Xeleya.
  • Older Than They Look: Mentions at one point that she was present when Hannibal crossed the Alps.


Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning

  • Action Dad: As in canon, he's a father of two daughters and a superhero of his own.
  • Angry Black Man: He confesses to Luke Cage he first put the tights because he was pissed off and wanted everyone to know it. He's much more mellow today but he still was in Tranquil Fury while kicking seven shades of crap off the Red Skull.
  • Badass Teacher: Not only he's busy with mundane high school at day, he's busy with mentoring his sidekicks at night.
  • Electric Black Guy: The OG example.
  • The Mentor: After realising that Static and Spider are bent on being vigilantes, he decides to teach them how to be good and effective ones.
  • Papa Wolf: He's quite touchy regarding his daughters or newfound sidekicks.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: His answer to Red Skull calling him a "filthy animal" is affirming that black people don't care for world domination, they just want to be left in peace but racist freaks refuse to allow this. Oh and he's also beating the living hell out of the Nazi during it all.
  • This Is Reality: Black Lightning tells Miles and Virgil that "this is not a YA novel" where teenagers always come out on top no matter how dangerous things are.

Anissa Pierce/Thunder

Virgil Hawkins/Static

  • Electric Black Guy: The most famous example after Black Lightning.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: In his own words, "do I look like I know what I'm doing?".
  • Magnetism Manipulation: Static can generate electricity from his body and administer it in a range of different attacks and uses. He can charge devices, drain devices and project his electricity in a variety of controlled ways.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Virgil is rather aggressive and bluntly spoken, borderline insulting towards authority figures, contrasting with Miles.

Miles Morales/Spider-Man

  • Don't Tell Mama: He outright begs Black Lightning to not inform his dad of his moonlighting as a vigilante.
  • Nom de Mom: His father is Jefferson Davis.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Miles tends towards nervosity and is generally more polite than Virgil.
  • Token Minority: Arguably applies to Miles, as he's the only superhero in Freeland whose powers aren't primarily focused on wielding electrical energy.
    • From a reader's perspective, he's a Marvel character who's native to one of the DC Earths; no other character in the stories work in such a way.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: He first was Dusted by a genocidal galactic tyrant and had to be resurrected, granting him abilities he didn't activated before he almost was victim of a car crash. Yeowch.

Officer Jefferson Davis

  • Abuse Mistake: Pierce warns him about Miles showing up with bruises and how it could turn public opinion against Davis, which horrifies the poor man.
  • Adult Fear: He quietly confesses he still has nightmares about his son and wife being dusted in front of him.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted, since he has the same given name as Black Lightning. They mutually call each other "Other Jeff".


Katherine "Kate" Kane/Batwoman

Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • The Bus Came Back: The Snap and its undoing prompts Bruce Wayne to return to Gotham.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: But of course. His cousin is annoyed when he pulls this on her.


Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash

Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer

Ricardo Diaz

  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: The specific details aren't provided, but Oliver killed Diaz after the Snap is undone because his allies expressed a superior understanding of Oliver's motives to accept that his willingness to kill wasn't always a bad thing.

Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker





Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

  • Awesome Aussie: He's surprised to learn Earth-51 Deathstroke isn't one, but a U.S. Army veteran instead.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: He confronts his Earth-51 counterpart, the two quickly get on each other's nerves, Earth-51 Slade dismissing his counterpart as unable to understand his full potential and Slade angry that his other self is only in the game for the money without any interest in something more despite them both having lost their families.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress

  • The Bus Came Back: Cuts a deal to work for Argus in order to be freed from prison.
  • They Fight Crime!: Ends up partnering with Slade on a quest to track the Earth-51 Deathstroke which takes them to other realities.
  • Vengeance Feels Empty: After she's Dusted, admits how she realized seeking revenge on her father didn't heal her broken spirit and wants a true purpose in life.

Nyssa al Ghul

  • Ship Tease: She and Alex banter about their past with Sara while working out, and Sara, Laurel/Siren and Kara later see the two of them having sex.

Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl/Merlin

Lucifer Morningstar

  • Cassandra Truth: He's completely up front on how he's the Devil come to Earth and no one believes him.
  • Deadpan Snarker: As ever.
    Amenadiel: You know what's happened.
    Lucifer: No, brother, I've spent the last seven hours with my fingers stuck in my ears humming Coldplay songs.
  • Flaming Devil: Openly leers at Thea Queen and when her boyfriend Roy Harper takes umbrage, Lucifer casually invites him for a little threesome.
  • Horrifying the Horror: The Devil himself was utterly freaked by the Snap.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Explicitly states this when talking with Melinda May in Salvation Run that every act of evil committed by humanity is on them rather than him.
  • Talking Down the Suicidal: He had to dissuade officer Chloe Decker to not eat her gun after losing her daughter to the Snap.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Learning that the mystical event that took Trixie and Maze away was deliberately caused put the Devil in a punishing mood.
  • You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: The Snap shocked him so much that he doesn't refer to Dan — one of the victims — by the more disparaging "Detective Douche".


Chloe Decker

  • Driven to Suicide: Lucifer had to talk fast to stop her from eating her gun after the Snap took her daughter right in front of her.
  • I Owe You My Life: She comes to Lux because she wanted to thank Lucifer for stopping her suicide attempt, since the Snap actually was reversible.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: A temporary state caused by the Decimation. She really didn't take it well.
  • Skeptic No Longer: After half the world's population vanished into dust and reappeared, she's much more inclined to believe Lucifer's claims to demonhood.


  • Ambiguous Situation: It's unsure yet whether this is before his fall to villainy or if, perhaps, Sinestro is actually a good guy in this universe.
  • Training from Hell: Promises to invoke this on Diggle


Incorporates elements of the Earth-2 seen in The Flash with the characters of Stargirl (2020).

Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Siren

  • The Atoner: She's driven to make up for her criminal past by helping the Legends.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In Tomorrow's Guardians, during the big Bar Brawl, Black Siren is tempted to unleash her sonic cry but thinks better of it for fear it can shatter the windows on the ship. Later, when the Kaylon invade the ship, Siren does exactly that to suck several of them into space.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Pretty much her entire attitude when she joins the Legends. It's hard to blame her.

Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick

Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl

Yolanda Mortez/Wildcat II

Beth Chapel/Doctor Mid-Nite II

Rick Tyer/Hourman II

  • I Need a Freaking Drink: After seeing Courtney vanish through a portal with another version of herself, Rick muses that he wishes he could start drinking again.

Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E.



Earth-3 as seen in The Flash.

Jay Garrick/The Flash

  • The Mentor: In Lightning Strikes, Jay offers advice to the Barry Allen of Earth-51 about his potential.


Home to characters from Supergirl.
     The DEO 

Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl

  • Clark Kenting: A running gag with her is people from the Avengers' Earth asking how she gets away with just glasses as part of her civilian disguise.
  • The Cutie: Kara is optimistic, cheerful, and bubbly, and easily endears most people to her.
  • Heroic BSoD: The Snap briefly throws her into a catatonic state... in which she can still hear people screaming in anguish and horror.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss: Kara adopts this mindset after the first Snap regarding her cousin's fate, as Superman was on a mission in deep space when the Gauntlet was activated. Thus, she spends the events of Crisis telling herself that he's busy helping out elsewhere rather than assume that he's been dusted as well.

Alex Danvers

  • Ship Tease: She and Nyssa end up bonding over their mutual past with Sara and have a one-night stand. Naturally, Kara finds it hilarious.
  • Working with the Ex: Played with as she and Sara do their best to stay professional after their one-night stand.

J'onn J'onnz/Hank Henkshaw/Martian Manhunter

  • Put on a Bus: J'onn stays on Earth-38 to coordinate the response to the crisis.

Winn Schott

  • The Glomp: His knee-jerk reaction after being unsnapped is hugging the crap out of J'onn. Due to the circumstances, the Martian doesn't protest.
  • Put on a Bus: Winn is one of the victims of the Snap.

Lucy Lane

  • The Bus Came Back: Following the Snap, Lucy decides to return to National City to assist the DEO as she feels that's the best place for her to make a true difference.

Brainiac-5 (Brainy)

  • Magic Versus Science: Brainiac is repeatedly unable to comprehend Merlin's magic, insisting that it must be science he just hasn't understood yet even after Merlin turns him into a rabbit as a demonstration.


General Zod

Lex Luthor

  • Arc Villain: Of Distant Cousins.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Dude quotes Hitler unironically. And he still wonders why people hates him.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: As always, Lex is the poster boy for this.
    • He gloats to Lena on Kara being Supergirl... only to find Lena knew and doesn't mind about the secret. He's also jarred Cat knows but won't expose Kara as she knows Supergirl's identity is more important than Cat breaking a huge scoop.
    • He thinks Superman somehow caused the Dusting so he could make himself look better by "fixing" it as that's just what Lex would do.
    • He continues to believe Superman and Supergirl's actions are designed to "show their superiority" over humans rather than helping the world.
    • He relates how his plans to turn Ben Lockwood into Agent Liberty were ruined when, after he and his wife were returned from being dusted, Lockwood found a Thanagarian saved his son and realized not all aliens were horrible. Lex is disappointed in how Lockwood is allowing that to change his entire viewpoint on aliens.
    • The biggest of all: Lex knows Kara is Supergirl, knows Supergirl is Superman's cousin, knows Kara is Clark Kent's cousin... yet doesn't even consider how this means Clark and Superman are the same person. As Lena says, Lex would never accept that someone of Superman's power would pose as a regular human rather than use his powers to rule.
  • Evil Counterpart: When Black Widow asks how bad Lex is, Kara compares him to "Tony Stark without the moral compass, far more murderous and with his showboating replaced by xenophobia".
  • Impostor Forgot One Detail: He flawlessly pretended to be Maxwell Lord, only for Brainy to point his image inducer couldn't change his shadow.
  • It's All About Me: As far as Lex Luthor is concerned, even the fact that General Zod thought it would be a bad idea won't stop him unleashing Doomsday on the world.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Lex actually quotes Hitler when discussing his anti-alien philosophy, observing "I don't see why men shouldn't be as cruel as nature", but claims that he's not Hitler because he doesn't consider it 'genocide' to kill aliens as he says "Genocide only counts if it's people who deserve to live".

Eve Tessmacher

  • Beleaguered Assistant: Was this to Cat Grant. She also has shades of this with Lex, being visibly fed up with his utter inability to see beyond Clark Kenting.
  • Only Sane Man: Up to a point; she might be working with Lex Luthor, but she has managed to recognise that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person when Lex is continually incapable of doing the same.

General Astra

  • Back from the Dead: Lex Luthor brings her back from the dead as part of his plan.
  • Heel Realization: After coming back from the dead, Astra admits that she has re-evaluated her old views, and now concedes that Myriad was too extreme a response.

Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee


  • The Dreaded: Even General Zod was terrified at the mere thought of facing this monster.
  • Evil Counterpart: After hearing the tale of Doomsday's creation, Pepper compares Doomsday to the idea of trying to make the Hulk an even greater monster.


Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman

  • Put on a Bus: Was off-planet when the Dusting took place, and Kara tells herself that he's off helping other worlds rather than face the possibility that he was another victim.
  • The Ghost: He's frequently mentioned by his cousin, but has yet to put in an appearance.
  • Uncertain Doom: Kara desperately wants to believe he's helping other worlds instead of considering the possibility of Clark having being Dusted.
  • There Is Another: Earth-51 Clark wistfully expresses envy over the fact this iteration of Superman still has a living, biological cousin.

Cat Grant

  • The Bus Came Back: Returns to take back control of CatCo, feeling it's better to be a media mogul once more.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: Reveals she's known for years Kara is Supergirl.
    Cat: I'm an award-winning journalist, your disguise is atrocious and I've known nuns who are better liars than you!
  • Unknown Rival: Claims to have a panic room not for alien/villain attacks but because "I'm the sworn enemy of Lois Lane and need a place to hide!" She doesn't seem to hear Kara's assertion Lois barely even thinks of Cat.

Lena Luthor

  • Actor Allusion: Brilliantly played, since Katie McGrath playing Morgana Pendragon and Lena Luthor means both women are one person on the meta-level.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Unlike in canon, Lena reacts positively to Kara revealing herself as Supergirl. This hadn't happened in the show yet though, before Lena began to show her darker side...which here is Morgan anyway.
  • Decomposite Character: An unusual variation. "Lena Luthor" is modeled on a young Morgana Pendragon, the sweet and compassionate woman Merlin once loved. When she becomes her own person, she still has young-Morgana's idealism and niceness.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Morgan only intended for "Lena Luthor" to be a fake life which she would easily discard. Black Kryptonite reveals Lena is a real person with a soul and feelings of her own.
  • Literal Split Personality: After Lena is revealed to be a fake identity for Morgana created by a spell, Kara uses black kryptonite to split Lena and Morgana into separate people.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Merlin tells her she's all the goodness Morgan couldn't cut out from her, and now she gets to live her life as she wants.
  • The Reveal: It turns out "Lena Luthor" never actually existed as she's really Morgan Le Fey having used a spell to craft an identity so strong that she believed it herself. It took being "Dusted" for her to remember her true identity and power.

Billy Batson/Captain Marvel


Home to characters from the DC Extended Universe.
     Justice League 

Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman

  • Big Damn Heroes: Applies to most of the League, but Superman deserves special credit; when Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Supergirl (Earth-38) were having trouble against Thanos, Superman showed up and swiftly turned the tide to the point of taking the Gauntlet away from him.
  • Clark Kenting: He's the freaking Trope Namer! Okay, slouching and dropping his voice one octave help, but truly the glasses are crucial.
  • Crusading Widower: He could hear his beloved Lois being dusted, and he immediately jumps on the opportunity to find the one responsible and force him to bring her back.
  • Humble Hero: Deep down, Clark Kent is just a Farm Boy from Kansas who wants to help people.
  • Last of His Kind: As far as he knows, the other Kryptonians are in the Phantom Zone or dead.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivered one to Thanos about his inability to consider alternative solutions, but it obviously has minimal impact on Thanos.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: His Super Senses informed him of General Swanwick's inhumanity, yet he abstained from outing the guy.
  • Spotting the Thread: He couldn't help notice that General Swanwick didn't have his organs in the right place.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • Amazon Chaser: Even when the "dubious morality" criteria stays unfulfilled, the Bat likes his women tough. Earth-51 Talia al Ghul the master assassin pines after him, he had a fling with Classy Cat-Burglar Selina Kyle and could have Ship Tease with Wonder Woman, THE resident Amazon badass warrior.
  • Badass Normal: The only purely human member of the Justice League present, but he swiftly joins Team Arrow in beating up Hydra's forces.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Allegedly has plans for situations including being turned into a dog.
  • Death Glare: Such an intimidating one, he manages to cow superhumans who could just break his back on their knee.
  • Master Actor: When he impersonates small-time crook Matches Malone to Deathstroke.
  • No Social Skills: It takes a lot for proud asshole Tony Stark to accuse you from this.
  • Pragmatic Hero: He outright paid Deathstroke to bring him samples from Thea Queen's blood and Lazarus water, because Deathstroke may be a tool but he's also a very good agent.
  • Ship Tease: He attends a museum exhibition of potentially mystical artefacts with Diana as his date, which may or may not suggest at deeper feelings.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Actually gets this pulled on him by Green Arrow.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: His solution to finally deal with Amora and the mentally enslaved Balder was to throw the Martian Manhunter at them.
  • Terror Hero: He's called out on this by Spider-Man and Stan Lee's cameo, and even Freddy Freeman and Darcy Lewis note that he's very intimidating.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: A pillar of his moral character. Even after hiring Deathstroke, he threatened to dock the mercenary's pay if he heard about bloodshed on the job.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

  • Action Girl: Particularly notable as she joins Sif, Okoye and others in battling the Dark Elves.
  • Divine Parentage: Thanos identifies her as an Olympian, indicating her status as the daughter of Zeus.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Alex and Sara are basically drooling over her when they see her.
  • Ship Tease: She attends a museum exhibition of potentially mystical artifacts as Bruce Wayne's date, which may or may not suggest at deeper feelings.

Barry Allen/The Flash

  • Outside-Context Problem: On Earth-1, DeVoe's plans are undermined when this Barry assists Team Flash.
  • Put on a Bus: He's Dusted along with almost the whole Legion of Doom.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: He doesn't actually do it, but after the rest of the Shazam family join the fight, Flash informs Superman that he's leaving the team if they recruit the grade school kids.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman

  • Actor Allusion: Never mention Baywatch around him.
  • Battle Couple: He considers asking Mera to fight besides him at the Battle of New York as a date.
  • Berserk Button: He apparently really doesn't like Baywatch.
  • Put on a Bus: Batman deduces he was taken by the Snap when he doesn't call the League in the immediate aftermath.
  • Rated M for Manly: After seeing Arthur effortlessly ravage several of Thanos' forces while flirting with Mera, Drax declares him a true man.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: Parodied and averted - Peter Quill begins to ask Aquaman what kind of power talking to fish is, only for him to summon a tidal wave that includes a humpback whale squashing several of Thanos's forces.

Victor Stone/Cyborg

  • Hollywood Atheist: Observes that he didn't believe in God, but muses that he may start praying after he and Shuri use the Mother Box to interface with the Gauntlet and project Ray, Scott and Hope into the Soul Gem.
  • Ship Tease: Shuri is clearly impressed with Cyborg, although Sam Wilson and T'Challa muse that it's hard to be sure if she has a crush on the man or the tech.

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

  • The Mentor: When John Steward decides to keep his Lantern ring, Hal decided to teach him the ropes to superheroism.
  • Put on a Bus: He had to sit out on the rescue intervention due to him being Snapped.

John "Stewart" Diggle/Green Lantern

Billy Batson/Shazam

  • Actor Allusion: Sif muses he looks very much like her late friend Fandral in his grown-up form.
  • All-Loving Hero: He has no problem interacting with the obviously alien Martian Manhunter and is even ready to let Black Adam in peace as long as the guy is genuinely protecting Kahndaq.
  • Declaration of Protection: Rather sweetly, he declares anyone daring to give shit to J'onn J'onzz for being a Martian is going to find the whole Shazam family on their way.
  • Kid Hero: In Sins, Sirens & Strife the League are all shocked when Shazam is forced to reveal his true identity.
  • Mythology Gag: The public is naming him "Captain Thunder", his alias in the Flashpoint timeline.
  • Shock and Awe: He's still learning how to offensively use his lightning.
  • Sibling Team: Adoptive variant, since he's protecting the city of Philadelphia with the other kids in his foster family.

J'onn J'onzz/Calvin Swanwick/Martian Manhunter

  • Due to the Dead: The reason why he picked the African nationality for his Secret Identity? The scientist who brought him to Earth was a black man.
  • Fantastic Racism: He's rather apprehensive about going public as a hero because of this.
  • Godzilla Threshold: He knows using his powers means losing his peaceful life. He still intervenes to break Amora's psychic thrall upon Balder.
  • Last of His Kind: The Last Son of Mars.
  • Mind Manipulation: The reason why Batman decides to call on him is his extremely powerful telepathy.
  • The Reveal: The general turned Secretary of Defense is really the Earth-51 Martian Manhunter.

Alfred Pennyworth

  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: He would really like for Bruce to dial down on his endless crusade against crime and find personal happiness instead — which shows in his fondness for Bruce's former lover Selina.
  • Not So Stoic: Lets out a small smile when Flash asks if the cameras are recording Batman having been transformed into a dog]].
  • Shipper on Deck: Subtly, but even the relationship didn't work out, he still appears to approve of Selina Kyle's past relationship with Bruce.

     Birds of Prey 

Harley Quinn

Black Canary

  • Important Haircut: Got this because long hair was too much of a hindrance for fighting.


Renee Montoya

     Legion of Doom 

Lex Luthor Jr.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's completely freaked out by the Snap.
  • Not Me This Time: The "Snap Wave" hits Earth-51 right when the League are fighting the Legion of Doom. As various heroes and villains turn to dust, Superman demands to know what Luthor did but Luthor protests he had nothing to do with this before he too turns to dust.

Solomon Grundy


  • Freak Out: Her understandable reaction when she sees her own body disintegrating is to scream.


Sam Scudder/Mirror Master

Len Snart/Captain Cold

Digger Hawkness/Captain Boomerang

  • OOC Is Serious Business: Boomerang is the only member of the Legion of Doom still standing when the "Snappening" hits. Rather than run off as he normally would, Boomerang can only stand stunned amid the piles of dust.
  • Sole Survivor: He's the only member of the Legion of Doom not being affected by the "Snappening ".
  • Villainous Breakdown: He's stricken mute and stunned when he becomes the Legion's Sole Survivor.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

  • Arc Villain: Of Different Strokes.
  • Consummate Professional: He will accomplish his mission, no matter the obstacles, the job's very nature or the buyer's identity.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: When Earth-1 Slade asks if he ever had a Grant or a Joe, Deathstroke softly admits "it went badly".
  • If I Wanted You Dead...: Flatly states the only reason Team Arrow is still alive after a fight is because he's being paid a bonus not to kill anyone.
  • Implacable Man: His mission took him on another Earth, with different people and different places, yet he still fulfilled it. Deathstroke is nothing but a professional.
  • Nothing Personal: He's a mercenary to the core, so yes. A job is a job.
  • Not So Stoic: The only crack in his professional veneer appears when he's reminded of what happened to his sons.
  • Only in It for the Money: His Alternate Self is a bit miffed about it. He's later seen bluntly telling Matches Malone he doesn't care about his jobs, just about his payment at the end.
  • Spot the Imposter: When he attacks Team Arrow, most of them think he's their Earth's Deathstroke. Oliver doesn't as the fighting style is different and he took this Deathstroke down with a move Slade taught Oliver. Felicity then shows video of how this Deathstroke is several inches taller and has a different voice pattern.

     Monster Society of Evil 

Thaddeus Sivana

  • Actor Allusion: Green Lantern notes Sivana reminds him of Sinestro. Both characters have been portrayed by Mark Strong.
  • No-Sell: For unspecified reasons, Sivana is immune to Amora's attempt to use her powers to control him.

Mister Mind

  • Ambiguous Gender: Amora briefly wonders if she's supposed to call the caterpillar a "he", since it's a caterpillar.
  • Glass Cannon: Deprived from its awesome psychic prowess, Mind is a mere caterpillar and as such extremely squishy.
  • Outside-Context Problem: In Sins, Sirens and Strife, Mind manages to take down Batman and the Flash because neither of them were expecting a talking caterpillar to be a factor.

Stanley Printwhistle/Ibac

  • By the Power of Grayskull!: His transformation is triggered when he screams "Ibac".
  • Dumbass Has a Point: While not the smartest of the group of villains assembled, Ibac is the one to point out to the others that they can't forget that Enchantress will have her own agenda and isn't just helping them gain their own dreams for the sake of it.
  • Fun with Acronyms: His name: The terror of Ivan the Terrible; the cunning of Cesare Borgia; the fierceness of Attila the Hun; and the cruelty of Caligula.
  • Lower-Class Lout: All his mannerisms - he's crude, brutish and he doesn't bother hiding it.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: He automatically depowers when saying "Ibac" a second time, allowing Batman to knock him down.

     Other Supervillians 

Teth Adam/Black Adam

  • Actor Allusion: When Freddy starts to identify himself, Adam snaps "It does not matter what your name is!"
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Rather than be captured, Adam ends up becoming the recognized leader of his home nation to rule as he wishes.
  • Berserk Button: He was rightfully pissed off when he saw how low his country was dragged by greedy politicians.
  • Evil Counterpart: Serves as this to Shazam, although he is a reasonable counterpart.
  • Genius Bruiser: He can lose a fight against Shazam, but the precautions he took beforehand ensure he will walk free.
  • Hero's Evil Predecessor: That's because of him the wizard was so stringent about entrusting his power to someone completely pure of heart.
  • A Hero to His Hometown: The Justice League considers him a supervillain and huge threat to global security. To Kahndaq, Black Adam is the man who overthrew a dictator and genuinely wants to bring prosperity back to the country.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: His first public act on the cape scene was throwing the last dictator of Kahndaq to the masses dude starved and oppressed every day. It's hard to not cheer on him for this one.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: Contrasting with his (reluctant) teammates's really self-aggrandizing preoccupations, Adam is driven by a genuine love for his country.
  • Redeeming Replacement: He manages to be this as a ruler to Kahndaq, as Teth-Adam genuinely cares about making the land safe and prosperous instead of lining his pockets and oppress the masses.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He's totally aware of Billy's true age and feels no remorse trying to murder him.



  • Informed Ability: Batman expresses fear of Bane's potential as an enemy, but the villain is only shown in a brainwashed state where he has little real grasp of tactics.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Batman knows Bane was under some sort of influence in their fight as the man is nowhere near stupid enough to try punching Superman without some Kryptonite.

The Joker

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Just as this Joker is musing that his life has become stuck in a rut since Batman became too busy with the League to bother with him and wants something to shake up his life, he enters his current base and finds his entire gang slaughtered by another version of himself who proceeds to kill him and take his place as this world's Joker.
  • Killed Off for Real: Is killed by his counterpart from another universe, who dismisses him as a disappointment.
  • Villain Decay: Is accused of this by his Earth-1992 counterpart, who tells him that he has gone from the man who once killed a Robin to a lame take on a standard crime boss who lacks any real style and lost all of his old 'quirks', the 1992-Joker explicitly comparing his counterpart to the likes of Black Mask rather than himself.

Ra's al Ghul

Talia al Ghul



  • Battle Couple: She joins Aquaman for the Battle of New York.
  • Blood Knight: She considers fighting a alien horde as a lovely date with Arthur.
  • Redhead In Green: Her attire for the party thrown by Tony Stark following the Second Battle of New York.


  • Action Mom: Proves it aiding the Amazons fighting demons.


  • Badass Boast: Gets one when she and Atlanna face off against Circe's demons.
    Hippolyta: Come. Let us show them how queens make war.
  • Lady of War: The Queen of the Amazons shows she's still the best fighter of the lot.


Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Major Lucy Lane

     Other Superheroes 

Nabu/Dr. Fate

  • The Archmage: The DC equivalent to the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Mr. Exposition: Right after the Decimation, he's the one to explain its cause to the League.
  • Noodle Incident: Diana and Bruce had the opportunity to meet him. Apparently, it went badly since they're rather hostile to him.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He only appears to explain the League why half the universe vanished into dust and to send them to the Avengers' Earth, right at the perfect moment to turn the battle's tide.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

  • Lighter and Softer: He's mentioned to be prone to cracking jokes, so he's more laid-back than his Earth-1 counterpart.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Deathstroke accuses him of being a constantly preaching "liberal" and as such finds Earth-1 Oliver refreshingly blunt.
  • Refused the Call: Flash mentions he declined an invitation to join the League as he wanted to keep focusing on street-level.

John Henry Irons/Steel

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Shazam Family

  • Ascended Fanboy: Freddy's status as this is acknowledged when he is initially enthusiastic about meeting Batman before noting that the Dark Knight is a lot more intimidating in person than he expected.
  • Boxing Lessons for Superman: With the fight concluded, Thor and Sif offer to train the children in their abilities.
  • Brainy Brunette: Discussed for Mary at least, as she muses that she may take politics courses at college to try and deal with the stupidity of the process that would allow Black Adam to remain in power after he just fought with the Justice League.
  • Sibling Team: Foster siblings who fight crime together!

Zatanna Zatarra


Home to characters from Wonder Woman (1975) and The Bionic Woman

Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

  • Clark Kenting: Even the Earth-1992 Diana, used to seeing Superman as Clark Kent, is impressed by how a pair of glasses and her hair in a bun is enough for this Diana to hide her identity.
  • One Steve Limit: Is referred to as 'Prince' when she and her Earth-1992 counterpart are present.

Steve Trevor

Etta Candy

Steve Trevor Junior

  • Identical Grandson: Both Dianas lampshade how bizarre it is that Steve is the spitting image of his father.

Jaime Sommers


Barbara Minerva / Cheetah


As in canon, the home to a Batman who chose to kill even his 'allies'.

Bruce Wayne

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Wayne’s words suggest that he first crossed the line when the Joker killed Tim Drake.
  • Doting Parent: Zigzagged. Wayne threw his moral code away to avenge Tim Drake and he still uses Cassandra's birthday as his computer's code access, yet his extremism drove Dick Grayson away.
  • Expy: He has strong vibes of Owlman and the Punisher, with a dash of Justice Lord Batman.
  • Handicapped Badass: Even in his crippled condition, Batman muses that no conventional prison would be able to hold Wayne.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: He doesn't even hide how this is what's happened to him.
  • Misplaced Retribution: Wayne claims at one point that he now considers himself just as responsible for the crimes of his enemies as they were, seeing his new willingness to kill as a means of ensuring that can’t happen again.
  • The Password Is Always "Swordfish": An interesting subversion, with the password being one of his children's birthday. Except Earth-1992 Batman never got to meet and adopt Cassandra, so he is unable to guess it.
  • Shoo the Dog: His Earth-1992 counterpart accuses him from this, since his extremism drove Commissioner Gordon and Dick Grayson to leave while he outright forced Alfred to go.

Luke Fox

  • Adaptational Heroism: In the original Crisis miniseries he seemed to be OK with Batman killing his opponents. Here he only stuck around to avenge his father, and, once he realized vengeance did nothing to ease the pain, hoped that there was still good in Wayne, trying to encourage a more moderate view even when Wayne proved more ruthless.
  • Morality Pet: Luke at least tried to serve as one for Wayne, but admits that he failed and recognizes that killing criminals truly accomplished nothing.
  • Take Up My Sword: Before departing, Batman suggests to Luke Fox that he could serve as the new hero for this world’s Gotham.
  • Vengeance Feels Empty: He ultimately realized killing criminals wouldn't actually help with his grief and rage over his father's demise.

Tim Drake

Dick Grayson

Barbara Gordon

  • Ambiguous Situation: While it's implied she's dead, it's unclear if she is or not, though whatever happened to her was enough to temporarily get her father to support the killing of anyone Batman wanted.

The Joker

Clark Kent/Superman

Cassandra Cain

Commissioner Gordon

  • Broken Bird: He's said to have abandoned Earth-99's Gotham. Given what Bruce has become and Barbara probably having been killed, it's hard to blame him.
  • Morality Chain: At the least, Wayne respected him enough to not become entirely a monster as long as he was working in Gotham. But when he decided to leave the town...
  • Papa Wolf: He let the Joker's murder slide for something the clown did to his daughter Barbara.
  • You Killed My Father: Possibly. In most canon materials, Joker only crippled Barbara Gordon, but Earth-99 Barbara's situation is rather ambiguous regarding her survival.



Home to characters from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.


Stella Nicholls

Ramon Morales

  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Some of the other soldiers harass and insult him because he attempted to dodge the Vietnam War draft.
  • Ship Tease: He doesn't object to another soldier insultingly calling Stella his girlfriend for sending him letters.

Ruth Steinberg

  • Big Sister Instinct: The reason she's traveling the country with Stella is to try and find a way to bring back Chuck.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Her scar is a sizable one on her cheek, which serves as a reminder to her of the incident with the spiders that nearly left her traumatized and committed to an asylum for life.

Roy Nicholls

  • Older Sidekick: He's essentially this to his daughter, serving as her transportation on her endeavor to find a way to. bring back Chuck and Auggie.
  • Open-Minded Parent: He's completely willing to drive. his daughter and her friend around the country.


Tommy Milner the Scarecrow/"Ebenezer"

  • Adaptational Villainy: Make no mistake, he was a horrible guy in the film, who threatened people for petty reasons and abused Ruth, but now that he's a monstrous living scarecrow, he'll gladly murder people he has no vendetta against.
  • And I Must Scream: On Earth-199999, he is rendered immobile once again due to Michael losing access to his powers there, and a suburb dwelling family puts him up next to their flower garden. One can hardly feel sorry for him.
  • Bishōnen Line: After Michael restores his mobility, his appearance changes to be a little closer to his original self. The keyword here being little. Very little. He also fully regains his ability to speak, which Harold lacked.
  • Composite Character: His being named "Ebenezer" on Earth-199999 by the Laughton family could be interpreted as him being the MCU version of the Ghost Rider villain Scarecrow.
  • The Dragon: To Michael Langdon.
  • Legacy Character: He's ironically this to Harold, his own murderer.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He refers to Latinos as "wetbacks", and delighted in the late Chief Turner's mistreatment of them, such as the targeting of Ramon.


Home to characters from Smallville.
     Justice League 

Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Bart Allen/Impulse/The Flash

  • And I Must Scream: Was stuck into the Speed Force with the Black Flash until his rescue by his two counterparts.
  • The Bus Came Back: Lightning Strikes sees Bart being rescued from the Black Flash by the Barry Allens of Earths-1 and -51.
  • Meaningful Rename: Following his rescue, he decides "Impulse" was only an immature brat and adopts the "Flash" moniker.

J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter

Dinah Lance/Black Canary

Victor Stone/Cyborg

Chloe Sullivan/Watchtower

     Justice Society 

Carter Hall/Hawkman

Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl

  • Other Me Annoys Me: Immediately assumes that her Earth-2 counterpart is just as shallow and immature as she was when she first got the staff.


Home to characters from Cartoon Network shows.

     The Powerpuff Girls 


  • Adaptational Attractiveness: The three are described as having their looks based on FusionFall incarnations. This means they have normal fingers, toes, noses, and ears, and are apparently pre-teens rather than kindergarteners.


  • Lawful Good: Blossom firmly believes that laws have to be upheld, even if she doesn't like the person she's helping.


  • Actor Allusion: Chapter 3 of "The New Kids In Townsville" has Bubbles dreaming that she's Truffles from Chowder. Both characters are voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Nice Girl: Bubbles is nothing but sweet and polite to everyone. This even include Princess, who Bubbles even compliments at one point.


  • Mythology Gag: At the end of "The New Kids In Townsville" she's taken on her Belladonna persona from FusionFall.
  • Refuse to Rescue the Disliked: After Princess insults her and her sisters one time too many, Buttercup swears to never step in to save her.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Though she doesn't keep her sisters from stopping them, Buttercup seems to actually agree with Ace when he points out that the Gangreen Gang have barely inconvenienced Mr. Morbucks by trashing his house. It probably helps that she despises Princess.

     Townsville residents 

Professor Utonium

  • Actor Allusion: Pym notes that the Professor sounds like Tony from their world. The two are voiced by the same voice actor, Tom Kane.
  • Stepford Smiler: He was taken by Thanos' snap, and is still kind of shaken up by the experience, but tries to hide it behind his usual cheery demeanor.


     The Gangreen Gang 


  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's uncomfortable when Princess makes a xenophobic/racist comment.
  • Mythology Gag: At the end of "The New Kids In Townsville" he's seen admiring a bass guitar, a reference to his role in Gorillaz.

Lil' Arturo


Big Billy


     Other Bad Guys 

Princess Morbucks

  • Hate Sink: Nobody actually likes her due to her terrible personality.
  • Spoiled Brat: What she is at her core.

Mojo Jojo



Fuzzy Lumpkins

The Amoeba Boys




The Grim Reaper "Grim"



Dee Dee

Johnny Bravo


Home to characters from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

     "Team Neutron" 

Jimmy Neutron

  • Heroic BSoD: He was deeply affected by Carl turning to dust in his arms because of Thanos, and not having any way of knowing what happened. He spent months in his lab, neglecting to go on adventures with his friends, until he was able to learn the cause.
  • Official Couple: With Cindy.

Cindy Vortex

  • I Know Karate: Said word for word by her at one point.
  • Official Couple: With Jimmy, who she doesn't deny liking anymore despite still snarking at him.

Carl Wheezer

  • Angst? What Angst?: He was dusted, but remains his usual self after coming back.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: While under mind control, Carl fails to obey a command of Beautiful Gorgeous' because she sarcastically said she meant Libby after he asked if she meant him (since she only called him "redhead", rather than by name).

Sheen Estevez

  • Cloudcuckoolander: He excitedly expects an adventure with giant lobsters right off the bat and Planet Sheen is apparently a silly story he made up. Then there's how he plays Jenga on top of that. Honestly, you'd think he was being his normal self when he randomly started rambling about parsnips if it weren't for the other guys succumbing to it too.
  • Official Couple: With Libby.

Libby Folfax

  • Heroic BSoD: The normally confident and sassy Libby was horrified by being dusted and cried and cried in Cindy's arms when she was returned from the Soul Gem.
  • Official Couple: With Sheen. She finds him fun to be around.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: While Cindy and April are also appalled by Beautiful Gorgeous and Junkman brainwashing various aliens and their allies to make them into slaves, Libby is particularly disgusted by the sight of it all.

     The Big Top Secret Organization 

Jet Fusion

Commander Baker

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He's totally fine with Jimmy taking the Silverwing to help the Gorlocks, and urges them to take the ship so Dr. Moist can't potentially steal it.


April the Gorlock

Hugh Neutron

  • Cloudcuckoolander: He wrote a rock opera about ducks for one thing. He also put his own face on mugs.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: He behaves a bit more seriously when April crash lands in front of his house, giving her a blanket and asking her who attacked her planet.


  • Hidden Depths: Sam could be a huge jerk at times in the show, but according to Jenny, he hid his poor health so nobody would be worried about it.
  • Killed Off for Real: He died before the story began, to the surprise of Cindy and Libby.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. Sam is mentioned in a story where another Sam, a member of the Monster Buster Club, is also a character.

Bolbi Stroganovsky

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Even compared to the other examples from Earth-961, Bolbi proves to be downright bizarre; Why he assumed he was hired to be a stripper for a party at Jimmy's house is anyone's guess.



Dr. Sydney Moist

  • Unwitting Pawn: His attack on the BTSO base was all part of the larger plan of Vexus and her allies. Being the loony he is, Moist likely has no idea what's going on at all.

Beautiful Gorgeous

  • Would Hurt a Child: She's all too willing to hurt the much younger heroes affiliated with "Team Neutron".

The Junkman


Home to characters from Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

Henry Fleming

John Henry

Dorthy Gale


Professor Randolph Carter

Tom Sawyer

The Scarecrow

Tin Man/Nicollo "Nick" Chopper

     The Government 

President Abraham Lincoln


Home to a variation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
     The League 

Dr. Zoe Van Helsing

Dr. Tom Jackman/Hyde

  • Driven to Suicide: The Dusting nearly drove Jackman to this before Hyde stepped in to stop him.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Despair Event Horizon: After losing John and so many others during the Dusting, Sherlock spent the next few hours drugging himself into a stupor as he had no way of understanding what had just happened until the Dusting was undone.

Dr. John Watson

  • The Medic: Officially serves as this for the League.

James Bond/007

     MI 6 

Mycroft Holmes/M

Eve Monneypenny

Bill Tanner


Campion Bond


Number One/Ernst Stavro Blofeld

  • The Ghost: He’s mentioned twice by his subordinates but he’s nowhere to be seen.

Count Dracula

Sebastian Moran

Sofia Jackman/Ms Utterson

Mr Hinx


Hank Morgan


Li’l Petey


Charlie Bucket

  • Noodle Incident: Charlie has apparently been to Narnia and Middle-Earth at some point in his past travels.
  • Professor Guinea Pig: Charlie apparently tested the taste of the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster by drinking it himself to see if it would make a good flavouring, and spent the next few hours so drunk that James had to keep him contained to stop his boss embarrassing himself.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Suggested; it appears that Charlie has managed to weaponize some of Wonka's malfunctioning recipes, such as the gum that turned Violet Beauregarde into a blueberry.

James Henry Trotter

  • Mythology Gag: Charlie Bucket's assistant just so happens to be another character from a book by Roald Dahl.

Matilda Honey

James "Jimmy" Bond


Home to characters from the MonsterVerse.



King Ghidorah


Home to characters from Once Upon a Time.

Regina Mills


  • Humans Are Morons: Sums up how any version of Oz is made up of idiots due to how "a fourth-rate huckster with a hot air balloon" was able to convince the populace he was a powerful wizard with simple magic tricks.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Doesn't get along well with Elphaba.



  • An Ice Person: Elsa could generate ice and snow as a young kid, but had a hard time controlling her powers.




Fiona/Black Fairy

  • Back from the Dead: She's somehow survived her seeming demise to offer an alliance with Morgana.
  • Not So Different: Claims she and Morgana are much alike in how "you have to give up love for power."

King Arthur

  • Other Me Annoys Me: Invoked in Counterpart Conferences, when Nimue observes that she's heard tales of a version of Arthur who was a true monster (Word of God confirms that this was a reference to this version of Arthur).


Home to characters from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and The Transformers.
     G.I. Joe 

Conrad Hauser/Duke

General Clayton M. Abernathy

Shana O'Hara/Scarlett

Allison R. Hart-Burnett/Lady Jaye

Darshell Fairbone/Flint

Wayne R. Sneeden/Beach Head

Marvin F. Hinton/Roadblock

  • Rhymes on a Dime: Much like his '80s cartoon counterpart.
    Huntress: Wonderful, I'm going to die alongside the black commando Dr. Seuss.

Snake Eyes


Optimus Prime






Hot Rod




Cobra Commander

  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: It was mentioned he was once like his cowardly 80s cartoon counterpart, when he came back from being dusted however his personality shifted to that of his G.I. Joe Resolute counterpart.
  • Pragmatic Villain: Cobra Commander ensures that Megatron won't just blast him as an arrogant organic by retrieving the AllSpark before he makes contact with the Decepticons and putting it in a secure location that only he knows with a randomly-changing password, thus giving him a bargaining tool to convince Megatron to cooperate.



Storm Shadow



  • Not So Different: Megatron is amazed at how Cobra Commander nicely sums him up as a former low-level worker who realized the only way to "beat" the system was to tear it all down and start a new one.
  • We Have Become Complacent: Subverted. The key reason Megatron keeps Starscream around is that he figures Starscream's constant scheming is a good way for Megatron to stay on his toes.


  • Not So Different: Megatron is forced to admit that he actually understands Starscream's constant plotting and desire to become leader since, if their positions were reversed, Megatron would be doing the exact same thing.
  • The Starscream: Well, duh.



The Earth of the DC Animated Universe.


Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • Crazy-Prepared: His Earth-99 counterpart notes how, in any world, Batman has plans to take down every member of the Justice League if he has to.
  • Dare to Be Badass: When Earth-99 Luke Fox laments the fact Gotham has no more defenders, he merely looks at the young man and asks: "Does it?".
  • Evil Me Scares Me: He confesses to Alfred meeting Earth-99 Batman badly rattled him, even more than his Justice Lord counterpart.
  • Hidden Depths: He's the slightest bit wistful when interacting with Earth-2005 Bruce Wayne, his one Alternate Self who successfully retired and found love.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Faced with his Earth-99 counterpart, the only way to stop the other Batman is for him to trap his counterpart in the Phantom Zone.
  • Ignorant of His Own Ignorance: He's able to disable the Earth-99 Batman's computer as he naturally can guess every access code his counterpart would come up with. When Earth-99 Wayne asks "that include Cassandra's birthday?" Batman is confused as his world doesn't seem to have a Cassandra Cain.
  • Noodle Incident: He’s been traveling the multiverse in search of the Joker and Ra’s al Ghul and met the Earth-1 version of himself and Batwoman.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: The normally stoic and reserved DCAU Batman is furious to see what his Earth-99 counterpart has become and is afterward haunted by what he could have been like.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Confronts his Earth-99 self in Counterpart Conferences and is utterly disgusted at what his counterpart has become.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers one to his Earth-99 counterpart when comparing him to the other Batmen he’s seen;
    Batman: I should thank you. Every now and then… for just one moment… I think about how easy it would be to get rid of Joker or Ra's, once and for all. Now…I see what happens when I cross that line. No matter what, I'm never going to become you. […] The day I think [like you] is the day I give it up. There are a lot of us across the multiverse. We've all stared into the abyss. The difference between us and you? You blinked.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Basically says this to his Earth-99 counterpart when Wayne claims that they are as responsible as their enemies for the people the villains have killed, Batman countering that their enemies are all sick people who are solely responsible for their actions.

Diana/Wonder Woman

  • Clark Kenting: She does this using a blonde wig and it completely works.
  • Ship Tease: Acknowledges her complex relationship with Batman, musing to her Earth-75 counterpart that she is attracted to a complex individual.

Alfred Pennyworth

  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Admits he's pleased that at least one Bruce Wayne (the Earth-2005 version) was able to leave behind Batman and enjoy a happy life (He's also happy at least one version of himself gets to have a satisfactory retirement).
  • Servile Snarker: As usual, he cheekily needles at his employer.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Reassures Bruce that Earth-99 Batman wasn't him, merely a criminal who happened to share his face and voice.


Ra's al Ghul

The Joker

  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: Evoked when he confronts the Earth-51 Birds of Prey and muses that he kills everyone no matter their ethnicity, just finding it odd that this Black Canary is so different from the others he's faced.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Utterly disgusted by the Earth-51 version of himself who he dismisses as nothing but a souped-up mob boss lacking his style and panache.
    Joker: I am the Daniel Day-Lewis of crime, my friend, whereas you are Adam Sandler.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In Counterpart Conferences, the Joker does a huge one to his Earth-51 counterpart, noting the man is unworthy of their name and nothing but a dressed-up thug.
    "Do you want to know why I picked you? I saw a few other versions out there, you know. Some were really, really out there. I mean, there's one where we look like a truly demented punk clown of some sort, that's really not fun. There's another where I just sound too damn serious. A couple others aren't too bad and I don't mind them much. Now, one version was just makeup and a scarred face but I kind of liked him. He got the chaos of things and how to enjoy yourself so I let him go by. But you, on the other hand… oh, I had to target you. […] Because you are just… pathetic. Look at you." [Indicates the other Joker's outfit] "The tattoos? That's just gauche, really and mars my beautiful face up. The gold teeth, ugh, how hard it must be cleaning out those things. And your fashion, if we can call it that, is horrendous. But it's your behavior that really sticks in my craw. You're just a nasty thug, a hood with a little joy but nothing like you should be doing. Where is the style? Where is the panache? Where are the epic schemes? Making fish look like you? The creative death traps for Batman? Hell, when was the last time you just went on a wild drive and tossed pies of poison gas at people? Take away the hair and smile and what are you? You're a lame take on Black Mask or someone like that. You are not worthy of bearing our name in any way. You don't try to teach people the joke, you are the joke. I am the Daniel Day-Lewis of crime, my friend. Whereas you are Adam Sandler. This town… this world… deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm going to give it to them. As for you, I believe that it's past time that you got the treatment you truly deserve."
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: When the Joker walks into a museum to find the Justice League trying to catch the animal-transformed Superman, Batman and Wonder Women, he decides there’s no point sticking around for his originally-planned robbery after a ‘joke’ like that


  • Became Their Own Antithesis: Diana criticizes how Aresia talks of 'saving' women and yet uses spells to control them to serve her.
  • The Bus Came Back: She survived her seeming death, albeit with a scarred face.
  • It's All About Me: Aresia ignores all evidence that contradicts her own beliefs, to the extent that she now considers herself the only 'true' Amazon
  • Unwitting Pawn: Subverted; she's fully aware Circe is using her and could care less as she's too overwhelmed with a desire for revenge.


  • Baleful Polymorph: She turns Superman into a chimp, Batman into a dog, and three different Wonder Women into pigs.
  • Only One Me Allowed Right Now: Mentions that the main reason she can exist on Earth-51 is because her counterpart has been banished, hinting that her level of power would make it dangerous for her counterparts to manifest in the same world at once.
  • Worf Had the Flu: While she manages to turn Superman, Batman, and three Wonder Women into animals, Zatana notes that the spell was relatively impulsive, making it easier for her to break it.


Home to characters of Power Rangers, currently in the time frame of Mighty Morphin.
     Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 


  • Animal Mecha: The Ninjazords are shown in full, with the Avengers being particularly bemused to witness the Rangers using them.
  • Discard and Draw: After the Mandarin and Zedd take the six active Power Coins, the Avengers are able to work with Alpha, Shuri and Doctor Strange to analyse the remaining dregs of power in the original Red, Yellow and Black Coins and the all-but-depleted Green Coin to create new powers and suits for the Rangers.
  • Kid Hero: The Avengers are shocked to learn that the Rangers are all teenagers, although this allows Spider-Man to unmask and assure them that the Avengers won't think less of them for being teens given the precedent he's set.
  • Underestimating Badassery: The Rangers basically fall victim to this when they face the Mandarin; after spending the better part of three years facing various monsters, they assumed that a human foe wouldn't be that much of a challenge and are subsequently outmaneuvered because they didn't give the fight their full focus.

Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger/White Ranger

Rocky DeSantos/Red Ranger II

  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: The Power Rangers are nonchalant over meeting the Hulk and others. Rocky even lampshade this:
    Rocky: Dude, we fight a winged golden monkey every other day, this is nothing.

Adam Park/Black Ranger II

  • Never Live It Down: In-universe. He gets mocked for having once been tricked into a "date" with Scorpina.

Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger II

  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Does this with Trini during the final confrontation with the villains' allied forces

Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger

  • Hollywood Nerd: Billy's 'nerd' status is acknowledged, to the point that the Avengers are shocked to realize that he's never watched Star Trek.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Billy returns to this, with Kimberly noting that he's traditionally grown out of that (and all-but-explicitly states that he's only doing it now because Trini has returned to provide her usual 'translations' for the others).

Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger

  • Actor Allusion: Laughs at how a career placement test indicated she'd make a good police officer.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Downplayed as the Mandarian uses his rings to take control of her mind but "only" makes her give up her Power Coin, then threaten to slit her throat to force the other Rangers to do the same.
  • Valley Girl: When the crisis is over, Kim's response is to go shopping, to the point of trying to offer fashion tips to Captain Marvel and the Black Widow; Natasha muses that helping Kimberly shop is the only time she's felt legitimately exhausted.

Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger I

  • The Bus Came Back: Returns along with Trini and Zack to help the others after the Mandarin and Zedd steal the Power Coins.

Zack Taylor/Black Ranger I

  • The Bus Came Back: Returns along with Jason and Trini to help the others after the Mandarin and Zedd steal the Power Coins.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In-Universe, Spider-Man notes the rather disturbing implications of the original Black and Yellow Rangers being African-American and Asian, which prompts Zack to admit to Trini that he'd been thinking the same thing since they became Rangers and just didn't want to bring it up.

Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger I

  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Does this with Aisha during the final confrontation with the villains' allied forces
  • The Bus Came Back: Returns along with Jason and Zack to help the others after the Mandarin and Zedd steal the Power Coins.
  • Translator Buddy: Kimberly notes that Billy's only returning to his old habit of using big words so that Trini can do this for him, and Billy doesn't deny it.


  • OOC Is Serious Business: For the Rangers, the news that Zordon doesn't know what caused the Dusting is an example of just how terrifying it is.

Alpha 5

  • Birds of a Feather: Works with the Vision, Tony Stark and Shuri to create temporary new suits for the Rangers.
  • Fun with Acronyms:
    Vision: Fascinating. An alphmoric lorcaid persona android.
    Kimberly: Wait, that's what his name means?

     Lord Zedd and his forces 

Lord Zedd

  • Arc Villain: Shares this role with the Mandarin in Powers and Marvels.
  • Insult Backfire: After the Mandarian takes control of Kimberly's mind and Zedd threatens to have her stab herself, Tommy starts to say "you slime-sucking...", but Zedd dryly notes that any insult of Tommy's "I'll just be taking as a compliment."
  • OOC Is Serious Business: The Dusting is such a shock that Zedd doesn't even think about taking advantage of the fact that half of the active Power Rangers are victims of it as well, too shaken at seeing everyone else in the Palace get dusted in front of him.

Rita Repulsa

  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Incredibly, for once, she subverts this. When the Rangers are forced to give up their coins, Zedd is ready to leave but Rita openly says "how many times have we done this? We let them live, what happens? They go on some quest, get new powers, come back and kick our rear ends!" Zedd agrees and they're about to kill the Rangers when Doctor Strange transports the Rangers to safety.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Per usual.
    Rito: Hey, sis, I think those two (Ant-Man and Wasp) were here to cause trouble!
    Rita: I am blessed with genius.


  • Self-Serving Memory: When Goldar states that he’s missed his chances to destroy Jason, Jason observes that Goldar is “into rewriting history” as their one-on-ones were always fairly evenly matched once Jason had his morpher.

Rito Revolto

  • Comically Missing the Point: When the Mandarin talks about breaking the seals, Rito apparently assumes this is a reference to the animal.


  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Basically applies; Finster attempts to stop Scott and Hope's infiltration of the palace with his latest creation, but since the monster is a mix of a lobster and an ant, Scott is able to control it and turn it against everyone else in the palace while he and Hope escape.

     The New Machine Empire 

Emperor Gasket

  • Evil Overlord: Of the Gorlock home world, following his invasion.
  • Green and Mean: He's a primarily green plated robot and a murderous monster.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He's gone from Prince Gasket, who had to flee his father's wrath, to being Emperor Gasket, whose forces conquered an entire planet faster than Mondo could've dreamed thanks to the Jenny copies.
  • Unholy Matrimony: With Archerina, also Happily Married.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Child Gorlocks were not spared in his decimation of their cities.

Empress Archerina


Home to the Batman of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Bruce Wayne

  • Dented Iron: He took ginormous damage from fighting Bane. It contributes to his Alternate Self's decision to let him enjoy his peaceful life, since it's too expansive.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Defends his decision to retire on the grounds of everything he’s lost and the changes he’s made to Gotham during his time as Batman, an argument that is accepted by his counterpart.
  • Happy Ending Override: Defied. While the Batman of Earth-1992 thought about recruiting his help to find the Joker, he decided to let him be after hearing how great his life is, in particular noting how he refers to himself as Bruce Wayne and not Batman.
  • The One Who Made It Out: So far, he's the only iteration of Bruce Wayne who managed to avoid letting Gotham swallow his soul and life, getting to retire in Paris with his lover Selina instead.
  • The Peter Principle: Earth-1992 Batman ultimately decides to let him be, partially because this Bruce Wayne has no experience regarding magic, metahumans or alternate dimensions craziness and as such would be out of his competence zone if introduced to the multiverse.
  • Retired Badass: As in the trilogy, this Bruce Wayne has fully retired as Batman, with his Earth-1992 counterpart expressing satisfaction at the idea that at least one version of himself gets a happy ending.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: His existence allows Earth-1992 Batman to shoot down Earth-99 Wayne's argument that no version of the Dark Knight gets to have a happy ending, since this iteration of Wayne managed to give his all to Gotham, make it better, leave it in his successor's hands and get the girl in the end.
  • Token Human: Courtesy of the Nolanverse's realistic setting, this Bruce has no experience with aliens, magic or dimension hopping.

Selina Kyle

John Blake/Nightwing

The Joker

  • Villain Cred: The Earth-1992 Joker mentions seeing this Joker when he was travelling across the multiverse, and observed that, while this counterpart was "just makeup and a scarred face", the 1992-Joker admired how "he got the chaos of things and how to enjoy yourself".


The world where the events of Cursed take place.




A universe based on various Pixar films, currently in the age of the The Incredibles and other Supers.
     The Incredibles 

Robert "Bob" Parr/Mr. Incredible

Helen Parr/Elastigirl

  • Overprotective Mom: Though she doesn't say it aloud, she's worried at the thought of Violet getting seriously involved with boys.

Violet Parr

Dashiell "Dash" Parr

John Jackson "Jack-Jack" Parr

  • Put on a Bus: He's with Edna Mode while his family goes on vacation and end up battling Royal Pain. He's also absent when his family confronts Jack Spicer.

     Other Supers 

Lucius Best/Frozone



Evelyn Deavor/Screenslaver

Buddy Pine/Syndrome

     Regular humans 

Rick Dicker

  • Government Conspiracy: Rick is part of one that has somehow made everyone, including the Supers, forget "the Vanishing" ever occurred. It turns out that he's somehow acquired a Cosmic Cube.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He knows it isn't right to work with villainous individuals like Jack Spicer and Lash, but is only doing it to keep memories of the "Vanishing" from impacting his world.

Edna Mode

Honey Best

  • The Ghost: In keeping with the films, she doesn't appear in person.


Home to characters from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! and Wolverine and the X-Men.

Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man

  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Tony still doesn't believe in magic even after Doctor Strange once turned him into a frog.
  • Put On The Bus: Iron Man stays behind while the rest of the Avengers accompany Thor and Jane to Asgard, Hawkeye observing that they didn't want him to anger the Asgardians by going on his usual rants about how they're 'just' advanced aliens rather than gods.

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Thor Odinson

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: At the end of Brothers of Thunder he notes that in his youth becoming king had been on his mind constantly, to prove that he could be a better ruler than his father, and now that he actually has the throne, the responsibility makes him want to run back to Earth. He even drops the trope name in his musings.
  • I Thought Everyone Could Do That: Just like his counterpart, he has a bad habit of assuming things like the existence of the Savage Land are "common knowledge" for Earth so never brings them up.
  • One Steve Limit: While his Earth-199999 counterpart is active on Earth-8096, the local Thor agrees to be known as 'Odinson' while his other self is present.

Hank Pym/Yellowjacket

Janet van Dyne/Wasp

  • Growing Up Sucks: Invoked when Janet is concerned at the idea that her and Hank's counterparts might be "as old as 50" when Jane reveals that the Wasp in her and Thor's world is Hank and Janet's daughter.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

  • OOC Is Serious Business: When Hawkeye is completely serious when warning Jane not to talk about Banner in front of the Hulk, that makes it clear to Jane that she should take that warning seriously.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Laughs at the idea of his Earth-19999 counterpart being married with kids.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

  • Berserk Button: Clint warns Thor and Jane not to mention Banner in front of the Hulk.

Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel

  • Leotard of Power: Jane comments on this several times, saying it makes Carol look like a Kardashian and asks if it ever rides up on her.


  • Heroic Sacrifice: Throws himself into a rift with Surtur to keep the fire demon away from Asgard forever.



Warriors Three

Beta Ray Bill


Red Skull

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

Baron Zemo

Amora the Enchantress

  • Cannot Spit It Out: The end of Brothers of Thunder reveals that she did have feelings for Skurge, but couldn't actually say that she did before his death.

Skurge The Executioner:

  • Redemption Equals Death: In Brothers of Thunder, Skurge sacrifices himself to hold back an army of the dead at Gjallerbu, which single-handedly earns him a seat in Valhalla.


  • Fate Worse than Death: The whole of the Brothers of Thunder story had him impersonated by his Earth-199999 counterpart as part of a plan to defeat the new Hydra, Surtur, and Dormmammu, while he was still getting venom dropped on his face regularly, and since he was supposedly executed, no one is going to be coming looking for him...
  • Exact Words: When Jane speculates Hydra doesn't know Loki is planning on giving Earth to Dormammu, Loki dryly states he told Hydra they could conquer the world. He simply didn't say how long they would have to hold it.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: The idea of a Loki being a hero deeply offends him.


Home to characters from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Angelica Yoshida (née Jones)/Firestar

Bobby Drake/Iceman

     Family and Allies 

Shiro Yoshida/Sunfire

Yū Yoshida





Home to characters from Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs and Freakazoid!.


Home to characters from Avengers, Assemble!

Captain America

Iron Man

  • Screw Yourself: Hawkeye is completely bemused to realise that Tony is genuinely hitting on his own female counterpart.


  • Ignored Aesop: In Brothers of Thunder, Betsy Banner (a female Hulk) advises the Hulks of Earths 8096 and 12041 to acknowledge Bruce Banner's existence more than they do, but while 8096-Hulk acknowledges the point, 12041-Hulk remains in his transformed state.

Black Widow


Captain Marvel


  • One Steve Limit: This Thor agrees to be called 'Prince', while with his Earth-199999 and Earth-8096 counterparts.



Helmut Zemo



  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Similarly to the comics, despite once attempting to go straight, unlike Songbird, Atlas and Mach-IV, she's back to villainy alongside Fixer.


Wrecking Crew



Home to characters from various PBS Kids shows, such as WordGirl and Maya & Miguel.


Home to characters from Xiaolin Showdown.
     Xiaolin Temple 

In General

  • The Ghost: They don't appear in person in the chapter that introduces their show to the multiverse.





     The Heylin 

Jack Spicer


Home to characters from Stranger Things.


As in canon, the universe of characters from Spider-Man: The Animated Series and X-Men, set sometime after both shows ended.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

  • Actor Allusion: When he first meets the Titans, Peter pretends to be a Daily Planet photographer named Eric Barnes. In the series, he was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid (1989).
  • Action Dad: He has an infant daughter with Mary Jane named May.
  • Guilt Complex: He feels partly responsible for Sin-Eater's murder of Jubilee's foster father, since he failed to capture him earlier.
  • Happily Married: To the (non water clone) Mary Jane Watson.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

  • Big Damn Heroes: She rescues Spider-Man and Terri Lee from Sin-Eater's poison gas.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She's specifically mentioned to be voluptuous and exposes her cleavage to Peter.
  • The Tease: She likes to tease Peter with offers of sex, even though he's married with a child, just for the fun of it.

Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstorm

Doctor Stephen Strange


Scott Summers/Cyclops

Jubilation Lee/Jubilee

  • Costume Evolution: She's described as wearing something more like her modern looks, rather than her regular look from the show.
  • Heroic B So D: She has this after her foster father is killed by Sin-Eater.
  • It's Personal: She wants to be the one to defeat or even kill Sin-Eater due to him killing Davis, her foster father.

Piotr Rasputin/Colossus

Neal Shaara/Thunderbird

Remy LeBeau/Gambit



Julio Richter/Rictor



Christopher Summers/Corsair


     The Rangers 

William Talltrees/Red Wolf

Victoria Star/Shooting Star


Stanley "Stan" Kao/The Sin-Eater

  • Adaptational Badass: He's able to easily fend off Spider-Man, with Spider-Man falling back after kicking him due to him just being that strong. He's later compared to Captain America.
  • Adaptation Name Change: From Stan Carter to Stan Kao, to reflect his Race Lift.
  • Fallen Hero: Lee remembers him as being a good man and a good cop. Clearly something changed.
  • Fantasy Gun Control: He uses a crossbow instead of a gun, likely meant to reflect that lack of real guns in the series.
  • Knight Templar: He wants to kill Terri Lee since she aids Spider-Man, who's a vigilante. He later successfully kills Davis Beverly, Jubilee's foster father, just because of that connection alone.
  • Race Lift: He's white in the comics, but Asian-American here.
  • Silver Fox: He's described as being handsome despite clearly aging and having graying temples.

The Chameleon

  • The Voiceless: Like in the show, he doesn't speak when undisguised. Even then, he only utters one line when disguised as Changeling, and it's to himself.
  • Unwitting Pawn: His mission to kill the Titans at Cyborg's wedding was actually just part of a larger to have them gain possession of Chemo.

Ahmet Abdol/The Living Pharaoh


Mary Jane Watson-Parker

May "Mayday" Parker

Detective Terri Lee

Davis Beverly


Home to characters from Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Recess.

     Team Possible 

Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible

Ronald "Ron" Stoppable



     Other Heroes 

Jacob "Jake" Long


Haley Long, the American Dragon

     Global Justice 

Dr. Betty Director

Gretchen Grundler

Gustav "Gus" Griswald


Home to characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Merlin (2008) with elements of the X-Men Film Series and a few characters originating from The DCU.

Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man

  • Foil: The Mandarin believes they're perfect opposites, the decadent Western capitalist and the enlightened Eastern mystic.
  • Not So Different: Just like Bruce Wayne, he's a rich asshole who needs a more sensible teammate to ground him or he will alienate everyone around him.
  • Take Up My Sword: Tony lifts Stormbreaker after Thor is disarmed, only for his enthusiasm to be quashed when Thor clarifies that there is no worthiness enchantment on his new hammer.

Steve Rogers/Captain America

  • Berserk Button: He's quietly infuriated by Red Skull's utter misinterpretation of the American Dream.
  • Humble Hero: Steve Rogers still considers himself that little guy from Brooklyn who was too stubborn to stop fighting.
  • It Has Been an Honour: Tells this to Superman for the Justice League helping the Avengers to fight Thanos and restore the Multiverse. Supes returns the compliment.
  • The Leader: Even the heroes of Earth-1 soon have no problem deferring to Rogers as the leader of their united group.
  • Patrick Stewart Speech: He tells Skull America's strength is not military but people sharing a dream the Nazi will never be able to understand.

Thor Odinson

  • Amazon Chaser: He had a past with Sif and is visibly impressed by and appreciative of Jane becoming worthy of Mjolnir.
  • I Thought Everyone Could Do That: Tony and Jane both note how Thor (and Sif) have a problem in assuming things like the Morphing Grid or other cosmic events are common knowledge for Earth and thus never feel the need to mention them.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

  • Birds of a Feather: Apparently, the Hulk likes Groot. Well, they're both green, very badass when push comes to shove and kinda limited in vocabulary...
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Hawkeye and Widow are jarred when the Hulk appears and actually talks to them in a semi-intelligent manner before "smashing."
    Hawkeye: Since when does he actually carry on a conversation?!
  • Shipping Torpedo: At some point Bruce and Natasha decided to end their old near-relationship.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

  • Action Girl: She may not have any powers, but she's one of the biggest badasses of the six founding members.
  • Shipping Torpedo: At some point Bruce and Natasha decided to end their old near-relationship, Natasha reflecting that it was more like two broken souls leaning together.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: The story was written before Avengers: Endgame, so Natasha does not sacrifice herself to get the Soul Stone.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

  • Circus Brat: Confesses he learnt archery there when Oliver disparagingly asks where he was teached.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Has one with Oliver as they argue on who's the better archer and finally try to settle it in a contest (which ends in a tie).
  • Spared by the Adaptation: He mentions he can cope with the Snap because he still has his boys with him. Avengers: Endgame didn't even let him have this.

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

  • Robosexual: Wanda is in love with the Vision, 'nuff said.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

  • Back from the Dead: Barry and Wally are able to bring him back to life after finding him in the Speed Force.
  • Didn't See That Coming:
    • Naturally, his first words when he returns to life before a stunned Hawkeye and Black Widow.
    • Subverted in the battle with Alpha Flight when the equally fast Northstar actually does see Quicksilver coming.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Pietro acknowledges that the Vision makes Wanda happy, but warns him that he will leave the android back in a toolbox if he hurts her.


  • Back from the Dead: With the Mind Stone retrieved, Shuri works with Cyborg to reactivate the Vision.

T'Challa/Black Panther

Scott Lang/Ant-Man

  • Birds of a Feather: Joins Hope and Ray Palmer in essentially 'infiltrating' the Soul Stone.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss: Scott all but explicitly states that he's telling himself that his family haven't contacted him yet because of the current chaos rather than explicitly acknowledge that they've probably been killed in the Snap.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

  • Ascended Fanboy: His status as this is noted when Natasha warns against letting Peter come to Earth-38 as he'd probably spend his time looking at the different movies, such as how the Star Wars sequel trilogy of Earth-38 is based on the novels.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Peter discusses his indirect role in the death of his uncle Ben to make a point to Johnny Storm about the potential costs of being selfish with his powers.
  • Kid Hero: Very much so.
  • Motor Mouth: Even busy fighting a alien horde, Peter still finds time to worry about his Aunt May and criticize Batman's whole shtick as freaky.
  • Red Herring: When the vigilante "Spider" goes active in Freeland, Vibe and Caitlyn first seek his Alternate Self before understanding it's a totally different person.

Hope Pym/Wasp

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: A less direct example in Powers and Marvels, when Carol comments that the Power Rangers' weapons and vehicles look like "rejects from a 1990s Japanese TV show".
  • Hates Being Nicknamed: Hits the roof when she discovers that Cat Grant's name for her when she arrives in National City is... Power Girl.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss: Played for laughs when she and Peter Quill talk about seeing Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie live while they're on Earth and neither Scott nor Hope have the heart to break it to them that all three stars have passed away.
  • Mythology Gag: When Natasha mentions a date of Carol's named "Marcus," Carol snaps to never mention the name again. This references the infamously hated storyline where Carol was basically raped by the Scarlet Centurion.
  • Take That!: In Powers and Marvels, Carol Danvers complains about people on the internet photoshopping smiles on her.

Hank McCoy/Beast

  • Token Minority: After Cap invites Beast to join the Avengers, he concedes that part of this is to give the Avengers a 'token mutant'.

Jane Foster/Thunderstrike

  • Action Girl: Promoted to this, and in such a style!
  • Passing the Torch: Despite his history with the hammer, when Mjolnir accepts Jane as its wielder after its restoration, Thor assures her that she can keep it.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Word of God reveals that the original script for Endgame would have positively identified her as one of the victims of the Snap, but here she survives to join the Avengers in their investigation.
  • Take Up My Sword: After being taken prisoner and nearly killed by Hela, Jane Foster proves worthy to hold Mjolnir and becomes a Goddess of Thunder.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Jane goes from dying hostage to the new Goddess of Thunder as soon as she touches Mjolnir.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: She would have words with this bitch Hela for hurting her man Thor.
  • Ye Olde Butchered English: Apparently, anyone carrying Mjolnir will speak this way. She's left a mite befuddled over it.

Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

  • Amazonian Beauty: Her transformation made her into an emerald-skinned, tough-as-nails giantess.
  • Amoral Attorney: Averted, Jennifer is working for a law firm and firmly a heroine.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Angie Harmon.
  • In the Blood: She was targeted to recreate the procedure which caused the Hulk to emerge on the grounds she might have the same "quirk" enabling her to survive and gain powers. The assumption was right.
  • A Rare Sentence: Gets this gem in Powers and Marvels:
    She-Hulk: And in this week's entry in "sentences I never thought I'd hear myself say"...Please step out of the giant robot frog with your hands up.
  • Tragic Monster: Subverted. When Bruce breaks it to Jennifer Walters that she'll never be able to return to her human form, Jen just relates that she loves now being a green-skinned powerhouse.

Darcy Lewis

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Zigzagged; she feels a strong physical attraction for Bruce Wayne, who's a veteran hero... and also constantly terrifying people through his demeanour, finding ways to maim or kill his friends and blunt to the point of being a jerkwad.
  • The Bus Came Back: Returns to help Jane and joins the Avengers support staff.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Many of her interventions are about sex or her sex life.
  • Noodle Incident: Apparently, she was involved into a threesome once and found the experience really uncomfortable.
  • Perky Female Minion: Even after Jane became a goddess, the very bubbly Darcy is still her assistant.

     The Guardians of the Galaxy 


  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Slightly downplayed as we don't know the public's opinion on them, but to the rest of the superhero community they're a bunch of idiots who can't be trusted with simple tasks. It's hard not to see why.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Oh, are they ever...

Peter Quill/Star-Lord


  • Back from the Dead: Constantine is able to restore Gamora to life by performing a complex ritual with the aid of Nebula to draw her soul back to her body.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Cuts off an argument about their competence with Sara by pointing out that the Legends have invariably caused most of the problems they have to stop, while the Guardians at least always deal with other peoples' problems.


  • Literal-Minded: As usual, metaphors go over his head.
    Quill: Buy me some time!
    Drax: You cannot buy time! It is not a physical commodity!

Rocket Raccoon

  • BFG: Rocket expresses his appreciation for the cold gun when Mick Rory lets him use it.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Creates a bomb from just various odds and ends he picked up around the ships.
  • Odd Friendship: With Mick Rory.
  • Pink Elephants: Mick Rory and Jessica Jones' reaction when they see the talking, gun-toting raccoon is to believe they're drunk as a skunk, again.


  • Expy: Cisco gleefully nerds over the fact Groot is basically an Ent.
  • Made of Iron: Is so sturdy that he can survive on a high-gravity world like Xeleya on his own.
  • When Trees Attack


  • Sensor Character: Can sense emotions, and at one point even seems to be aware when the planet Moclus is destroyed some considerable distance from her.


  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Any pair of sisters sometimes feel the urge to murder each other. For Nebula, it was unfortunately literal towards Gamora, but she really mellowed nowadays.
  • Only Sane Man: Nebula feels this way when dealing with the quirks of the other Guardians.


Charles Xavier/Professor X

Scott Summers/Cyclops

Jean Grey

James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine

Ororo Munroe/Storm

Alex Summers/Havok

Robert "Bobby" Drake/Iceman

Anna Marie/Rogue

  • Southern Belle: Gambit immediately identifies her as a fellow Southerner.

Piotr Rasputin/Colossus

Remy LeBeau/Gambit

  • Noodle Incident: Wolverine mentions how Gambit helped him out in New Orleans some time earlier.
  • Ship Tease: Is attracted to Rogue right away while she seems unsure.
  • Third-Person Person: Does this which Rogue finds annoying.

Warren Worthington III/Angel

     Alpha Flight 

James Hudson/Guardian


Michael Twoyoungmen/Shaman

Walter Langkowski/Sasquatch

  • Friendly Enemy: He spends his fight with Beast respectfully talking about a research paper he recently published and promise to keep in contact once their fight is over to continue their discussions.

Jean-Paul Beaubier/Northstar

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier/Aurora

Eugene Judd/Puck

Heather McNeil/Vindicator

  • Canada, Eh?: Invoked when she appears to vanish in the fight.
    Iceman: Did she just blow them up?
    Angel: Nah. They're Canadian. They're too normal to be crazy.

Roger Bochs/Box

     Fantastic Four 

Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic

Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Johnny Storm/Human Torch

  • Attention Whore: Mostly preoccupied by his followers on Twitter, and the first use he wants to apply to his powers is becoming a celebrity.
  • Hot-Blooded: Like his powers, he's a very temperamental person and it doesn't take much for him to go berserk on things with his powers.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Sam Claflin
  • Jerkass Realization: Johnny has one when, after talking about his own plans to use his powers to improve his celebrity status, Peter Parker talks about his old plans to do the same thing before his actions indirectly led to the death of his uncle.
  • Phoneaholic Teenager: Ben outright read him the riot act when he tried to take his phone on their spaceflight. Johnny mainly uses it because he's addicted to Twitter.

Ben Grimm/The Thing


Matt Murdock/Daredevil

  • Amoral Attorney: Averted, and he doesn't find this stereotype very funny after hearing a joke too much.
  • Evil Lawyer Joke: Daisy Johnson thought he was Inhuman because of his Super Senses, but hey, a lawyer is some flavour of inhuman, right? Matt himself is rather annoyed because he heard all the jokes.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Decided to come back from the dead when half of New York City vanished into dust.
  • Obfuscating Disability: Invoked as Bullseye states that the Kingpin assumes Matt is faking being blind to cover his secret identity but Bullseye knows better.
  • Never Heard That One Before: He knows all the lawyer jokes and doesn't care about learning the ones from another world.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Matt bluntly tells Foggy that he and the other Defenders are off to stop a war between two ninja clans with the aid of a group of mutated turtles trained by a mutated rat, and Foggy assumes he's just joking.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: He was laying low until the Snap threw the multiverse into chaos. Jessica is completely pissed off by this and hits him when they meet again.
  • Sensory Overload: It's mentioned how Matt had to train himself not to be overwhelmed by the sounds and smells of New York City. He can be hit by this as Bullseye activates a sonic device which is far more damaging to Matt's hyper-aware ears.

Jessica Jones

  • The Alcoholic: Her past trauma and the sheer zaniness New York sometimes can be drive her to crawl into the bottle.
  • Birds of a Feather: She has a brief fling with Mick Rory, who's just as much of a drunk and a fighter.
  • Girl of the Week: To Mick Rory. He would very much like to see her again.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Befitting an alcoholic, her knee-jerk reaction to the Snap was to find the nearest bar. Then again after witnessing Groot return to life.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: Jessica tries to invoke this after seeing Groot return to life, but decides to keep fighting after Hydra destroys the bar she was about to visit.

Luke Cage

  • Actor Allusion: Castle sarcastically asks him if he's a priest.
  • Slowly Slipping Into Evil: Danny warns him against this, telling him that when you start taking the wrong decisions for a good reason, it's easy to jump onto wrong reasons.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: He's all for Black Panther and Black Lightning fighting the good fight, but is the "Black" part of the moniker really necessary? And he also ponders about African superheroes being perceived as Angry Black Man.

Danny Rand/Iron Fist

Doreen Allene Green/Squirrel Girl

     Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Nick Fury

  • Absence of Evidence: After the Snap is undone, Tony and Steve muse that the fact that they haven't heard anything about Fury yet is essentially proof that he's out there.
  • Dark Secret: Played for Laughs, but he ominously hinted he lost his eye in terrible circumstances instead of confessing a kitty actually scratched it off.

Phil Coulson

  • Broken Pedestal: Suggested that Coulson has a minor version of this when he's shown to be disappointed after learning the truth about how Fury lost his eye where everyone else just burst out laughing.
  • Open Secret: Coulson learns that the Avengers have known that he was alive ever since the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. when all their old secrets went 'public', and have just been waiting for him to tell them himself.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Referenced; when Oliver says that he thought Coulson was dying, Coulson just responds "I got better".

Maria Hill

Daisy Johnson/Skye/Quake

  • Entertainingly Wrong: She admits to Daredevil she thought he too was an Inhuman — after all, it wouldn't be the first time Terrigenesis induced a handicap while granting powers.

Melinda May

  • Action Girl: Manages to take on Amaunet Black and win.

Alphonso "Mac" MacKenzie

Elena "Yo-Yo" Rodriguez

  • Atrocious Alias: Johnson notes that Elena tried using "Slingshot" for a while but it didn't work, observing that all the good speedster names are taken.

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes

  • Artificial Limbs: His artificial arm.
  • Put On The Bus: Basically; he decides to remain with Coulson's team rather than the Avengers as he feels his history is too controversial for him to be publically accepted as a member of Steve's team, particularly after his role in the deaths of Tony's parents.

     The Inhumans 

Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt

  • Deus Exit Machina: The most powerful Inhuman in the Royal Family, finds himself Dusted, leaving his subjects and family in disarray.
  • Telepathy: Since he can't talk, he uses telepathy to communicate with others.

Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon/Medusa

Crystalia Amaquelin/Crystal

Karnak Mander-Azur

  • Badass in Distress: Alongside Black Bolt, Auran and Ozel, he's one of the Inhumans who are 'dusted'.

Triton Mander-Azur

Gorgon Petragon



  • Age Lift: In Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans, she's characterized as being in her late teens. Per Wordof God, she's around 19-21 years old in the story.
  • Ascended Extra: She was literally a One-Shot Character in the comics whose powers were never revealed (if she had any), but here she's friends with Louise Fisher and her power is super speed.
  • The Atoner: She was one of the Attilanian Inhumans who helped Maximus overthrow Black Bolt. She regrets it, as she fell for his promises for freedom for her people.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Described as wearing a purple tank-top that shows her midriff. The civilian outfit she wears in the story is meant to be based on the outfit she wore in her one comic appearance here.
  • Irony: Ozel wanted the freedom to decide her destiny. She admits in Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans that now that she has it, she has no idea what she wants to do with her life.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans gives her the full name Ozel Ozlazur.
  • Super Speed: She's an Inhuman speedster, a reference to her interaction with Quicksilver in her only comic appearance.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has green hair, which is hardly unusual for an Inhuman.



  • Anti-Hero Team: Zemo is a terrorist, Sofen, Jenkins and Ebersol are crooks, Ava is a fugitive and Melissa is a former diva. Tom Foster is the only one without a doubtful past.
  • Unwitting Pawn: They have no idea they're being used by Norman Osborn as his own personal squad rather than working for the government.

Thaddeus Ross

Helmut Zemo/Citizen V

  • Berserk Button: Don't bring up his family, as he makes it very clear to Sofen.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He and Karla definitely don't like each other. Melissa thinks it's nothing compared to the celebrity feuds she has seen.

Karla Sofen/Meteorite

  • Control Freak: She's Meteorite, so of course she always needs to be in control.
  • Freudian Excuse: Invoked as she claims her selfish attitude is because her parents wasted their lives working hard for others and is determined to never put anyone's needs before herself. Ross smirks that "it's no surprise a shrink has a Freudian excuse."
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood
  • It's Probably Nothing: Can't help but think Ross is acting more overbearing than how she has seen him on TV, but dismisses it as people simply acting different when away from cameras. She doesn't know Ross is being impersonated by Norman Osborn.
  • Psycho Psychologist: Even Ross lampshades that she's a criminal psychologist in both senses of the word.

Ava Starr/Ghost

  • Intangible Man: Courtesy of her quantum field.
  • Power Incontinence: Ross recruited her for the Thunderbolts with the promise to help her gain control over her intangibility.

Tom Foster/Goliath

Paul Norbert Ebersol/Techno

Abe Jenkins/MACH-1

Melissa Gold/Songbird

  • Attention Whore: She wanted to do big, so she became a pop star, and her decision to join the Thunderbolts is mainly to keep being a star.
  • The Diva: She was a one-time major pop star until a combination of scandals and bad behavior wrecked her career.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Victoria Justice
  • Mythology Gag: Her pop star stage name was "Mimi" after "Screaming Mimi," her criminal alter ego in the comics.
  • Ship Tease: Much like in the comics, there is an attraction between Mel and Abe.

Bill Foster

     Masters of Evil 


  • Big Bad: Of Infinity Crisis.
  • Brought Down to Badass: Invoked when Loki explains that Thanos's use of the Gauntlet has damaged it so that he can't use the Stones again, although he retains enough residual power from the Stones that he's now physically poiwerful enough to take on a hundred Asgardians if he wanted. During the final battle, Thanos proves able to stand up to Iron Man, War Machine, Captain Marvel, Supergirl and Superman all at once even after losing the Gauntlet.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: As part of his "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Superman notes that Thanos can't contemplate the idea that anyone would try and solve the problems he acknowledged in the universe without resorting to more extreme measures.
  • Fate Worse than Death: When faced with the assembled forces of the Avengers, Team Arrow, Team Flash, the Defenders, the Legends and the Justice League, Thanos is prepared to be killed, but instead the heroes decide to do something worse to him, with Superman sentencing Thanos to the Phantom Zone.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Thanos styles himself as one, though as the heroes point out, he could've gone about his "save the universe" goal without the whole killing off half of the population.

Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

  • Badass Decay: Invoked by him on how HYDRA has gone from an army ready to conquer the world to the equivalent of an American corporation holding board meetings.
    Red Skull: I want...for you stop destroying my dream!
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: The Red Skull is impaled on an American flagpole after receiving a major beating from Captain America, Phil Coulson and Black Lightning.
  • Karmic Death: A Nazi fanatic is finally brought low by a genuine American patriot, helped by a black man.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Calling Black Lightning a "filthy animal" isn't going to give him points on the tolerance front.
  • Sanity Slippage: Characters observe that Schmidt has gone insane after being trapped on Voromir for seventy years, but Steve and Stark note that it would have been a very short trip.

Sinthea Schmidt/Sin

  • Alliterative Name: Sinthea Schmidt, or SS. Fitting, no?
  • Enfant Terrible: Sinthea Schmidt, granddaughter of the Red Skull, made her first kill when she was seven years old.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Played with; Sin admires her grandfather, but neither of them express actual affection for each other.


  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Hela is disintegrated by Thor and Jane using Stormbreaker and Mjolnir to hit her with lightning simultaneously.
  • Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance: Hela has Thanos recreate Mjolnir for her, only to realize after she summons it that she can't actually use it due to the "only the worthy may wield" enchantment.


  • Off with His Head!: Is decapitated by Wonder Woman and simultaneously cut in half by Sif.


  • The Chessmaster: He helps Thanos set up The Masters just so he can see them fall.
  • Eviler Than Thou: Lucifer observes that Mephisto is the entity responsible for all the really negative things he's meant to have done.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: As Lucifer tells Chloe "the one honest thing about Mephisto is that he's always lying." Thus, the fact Lucifer believes Mephisto is telling the truth about things like the Blackest Night "should scare my domain out of you."
  • Pragmatic Villain: He pushed the Masters towards failure because he really wanted his chance to corrupt more souls, but he couldn't do that with the ones trapped within the Soul Stone.

     Brotherhood of Mutants 

Erik Lensherr/Magneto

  • Magnetism Manipulation: He wrote the freaking book about it.
  • Parents Know Their Children: In Gamma Relations, Magneto feels there's something about the Maximoff twins but is unable to define what.
  • Superior Species: Holds that mutants are the natural next step of evolution and humans are inferior.
    Magneto: Why should we seek equal rights? You are not our equals.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Erik's defense of mutants is a laudable enterprise. His means to do this, less so.

Raven Darkholme/Mystique

John Allerdyce/Pyro


Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister

Samuel Sterns/The Leader

Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus

  • Arch-Enemy: Otto is soon to become one to, who else, Spider-Man
  • Broken Pedestal: Downplayed. While Peter Parker did admire Otto when he was younger, he only expresses mild disappointment when he finds out Otto's turn to villainy and otherwise doesn't seem too bothered by it.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Bryan Cranston.

Norman Osborn

  • Greater-Scope Villain: Is the actual mastermind behind Gamma Relations and the Thunderbolts.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Matthew McConaughey
  • Magnificent Bastard: Brilliantly impersonated Ross to form the Thunderbolts and make them think they're working for the government so he'll have his own personal team to take on the Avengers.
  • Rogues Gallery Transplant: A rather interesting example. He's well known as the Green Goblin, the nemiesis of Spider Man in the comics but much like in Secret Invasion onward he's being depicted as an enemy of the Marvel Universe as a whole. However, in his first scene he makes it clear that out of all of the Avengers, the one he has the most interest in is Spider-Man.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio

  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: As in the movies, he's driven by how he was ignored by Tony Stark for his creations.
  • Engineered Heroics: He was responsible for the big splash that the Thunderbolts' public introduction was, giving them the "Elements of Doom" to fight.
  • Fishbowl Helmet: Obviously for him.
  • Master of Illusion: Crafted the "Elements of Doom" which even the Thunderbolts didn't realize were fake.
  • Named by the Adaptation: In Far From Home it was actually fairly ambiguous if "Quentin Beck" was Mysterio's real name or another one of his lies. In Justice Like Lightning the narration explicitly identifies him as Quentin Beck.

Adrian Toomes/Vulture

     The Hand 

Tomi Shishido/The Gorgon

  • Arc Villain: For the first half of In Hand in Foot.
  • Death Is Cheap: It is rumoured that he has been dead before, to the extent that his permanent demise is doubted even when he's been turned to stone and is lying in pieces on the floor.
  • Handicapped Badass: He demonstrates a lethal skill at hand-to-hand combat even while blindfolded.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Is killed when Squirrel Girl accidentally-on-purpose uses Shredder's helmet to reflect his own vision back on himself.
  • Noble Demon: May be the reason why he bothers engaging in hand-to-hand combat when he could end any fight in a moment just by taking his glasses off.
  • Taken for Granite: Has the ability to turn people to stone with a glare; uses glasses or a blindfold to avoid simply turning everyone he looks at into statues.
  • Worthy Opponent: He's actually impressed the Shredder is skilled enough to match him in swordsmanship.

Zheng Zu/Fu Manchu

  • Badass Mustache: He wouldn't be complete without his mustache.
  • Evil Old Folks: Elderly yet leads the Hand and can disappear without anyone noticing.
  • I Have Many Names: Tells Fisk he's had several names throughout his life, but the most famous one is Fu Manchu.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Agrees on a ceasefire with Fisk in order to deal with the Shredder before resuming their conflict; they won't work together, but their forces won't fight each other either.



  • Kill and Replace: It is noted that the Skrulls don't do this most of the time for more pragmatic reasons, as they can draw on the memories of living subjects to ensure they don't make mistakes.
  • We Are Everywhere: According to Talos, a common trick of a captured Skrull scout was to invoke this and make the populace believe there were scores of Skrull agents about when, in reality, there were none. The Skrulls would then just sit back and watch the planet tear itself apart in paranoia of "enemies" and leave it weakened for a full-on invasion. However, Talos worries that Paibok's claims of Skrulls in other realities is not a bluff.


  • Deadpan Snarker: Has this trait.
    Talos: In case it's escaped your notice, I have a unique skill set that allows me access to areas that would normally be difficult to get into.
  • Defends Against Their Own Kind: Talos basically leads the Skrull faction that is attempting to find a world where they can live in peace, in opposition to the faction that want to continue their old ways of conquest.


  • Bed Trick: Since she claimed to be Felicity when she married Oliver, she's technically guilty of rape by fraud. He's completely disgusted after learning the truth.
  • Easily Forgiven: Subverted: Although both are affected by Lyja sacrificing herself, neither Oliver or Felicity can truly forgive her for what she did to both of them.
  • In Love with the Mark: Under Lucifer's "deepest desire" trick, she confesses she really did fall in love with Oliver.
  • In Spite of a Nail: As in Earth-616, she infiltrated the heroes by seducing one of them, in this case posing as Felicity Smoak to seduce Oliver.
  • It Meant Something to Me: She insists that "it wasn't all a lie" right after Taking the Bullet for Oliver.
  • Taking the Bullet: She throws herself between her superior and the man she loves, in spite of the latter hating her for deceiving him.

     Other Superheroes 


  • Amazon Chaser: Literally - she's very interested to hear about Paradise Island, which is home to an entire nation of beautiful, badass warrior chicks.


  • Action Girl: The quintessential one.
  • Boxing Lessons for Superman: Trains Jane in how to fight without just relying on her hammer, and later offers similar lessons to Shazam and his 'siblings'.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Apparently, she has shades of this, and drove the whole Shazam family to beg for mercy when they asked her training tips.
  • I Thought Everyone Could Do That: Like Thor, she has a bad habit of assuming things like the existence of Atlantis and the appearance of the MCU Martians are "common knowledge" for Earth and never brings them up.
  • Shipping Torpedo: Assures Jane that any feelings she had for Thor are long gone and that he loves Jane in a way he never felt for Sif so has no problem with the two being together.

Frank Castle/The Punisher

Dr Stephen Strange

  • Achievements in Ignorance: Despite being one of the most power magic users on his Earth, Dr. Strange refuses to acknowledge his abilities as anything other that "an advanced science". By the time of Powers and Marvels he has grown out of this thinking and fully embraces the idea of magic.
  • The Anticipator: When Ant-Man, the Wasp and the Atom make their way into the Soul Stone, Strange notes that he expected someone there a day ago.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Particularly relevant in Powers and Marvels, when he summons a portal to rescue the Rangers just after they have had their Power Coins stolen.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Once Strange has had an hour to study his books, he is able to cast a spell that permanently banishes any attempt from Zedd and Rita to return to this world.
  • Refusal of the Call: When he was offered membership of the Avengers apparently he made a face that said "are you a moron" before promptly vanishing.

Roberto "Robbie" Reyes

  • Big Brother Instinct: Right after escaping Hell, he immediately wants to phone home to reassure his younger brother Gabe that he's alright.
  • The Bus Came Back: Like in canon, he was stuck in Hell, but is now able to leave and operate on Earth once again.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Due to Michael Langdon losing access to his powers on Earth-199999, Robbie easily wipes the floor with him.

Will Payton/Starman

  • Adaptation Expansion: His debut establishes that a version of the events of the 1984 film Starman occurred on Earth-199999, and that Will was the child that Jenny Hayden and the titular "Starman" conceived during those events.
  • Adaptational Heroism: In the comics, Will's father was a drifter who abandoned his family. Here, he's Will's step-father, a forest ranger, and presumably a caring husband and father.
  • Adaptational Name Change: In the comics, Will's father was named Raymond Derring. Here, it's Raymond Payton, and he's Will's step-father.
  • Ascended Extra: Payton is not one of the most famous incarnations of Starman.
  • Canon Immigrant: Payton is originally a DC character.
  • Flying Brick: Payton has super-strength, super-durability, and can fly.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Payton is half-human, half-alien. It's the reason he has superhuman powers.
  • Happily Adopted: Has a stepfather and half-sister named Jayne, and he had a happy childhood.

     Other Supervillains 

The Mandarin

  • An Arm and a Leg: The Mandarin loses his hands when Iron Man seals his rings in a coolant Stark created to contain laboratory experiments that go wrong, resulting in him burning his own hands off when he tries to burn the coolant off and the substance traps the energy on his hands.
  • Arch-Enemy: He sees himself as Iron-Man's. Tony doesn't return the feeling.
  • Arc Villain: Shares this role with Lord Zedd in Powers and Marvel.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Donnie Yen.
  • Noble Demon: Played with. He uses his Mento-Intensifer to control Kim's mind and threatens to have her kill herself unless the Rangers hand over their coins. Once they do, he lives up to his word and lets Kim go. Zedd openly notes how he "could never understand honorable evil." However, he seems to have little issue with Zedd and Rita prepared to destroy the helpless Rangers after he's finished with them.
  • Nostalgia Filter: Shows this in his battle as he claims to be out to "return" Earth to a "pure" time before technology rose and "ruined" things.
    Mandarian: The paradise before your kind came around!
    Iron Man: Oh, yeah. Folks dying from easily treatable diseases. Mass starvation and droughts. Inability to communicate with other nations. Far too easy for a local warlord to crown himself a king and tyrant, it was the pips!
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He explicitely targets Kimberly with his mind-control device, musing that she's the obvious choice as a woman and an Occidental.
  • Underestimating Badassery: The Power Rangers figure one lone man will be no trouble compared to the monsters they've faced, and so don't go all-out when fighting the Mandarin. Between his rings and martial arts skills, the villain is easily able to manhandle the team and force them to surrender before they have time to adjust their strategy.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: How he presents himself as he's bound and determined to "restore" China to greatness, no matter that it means undoing all of the modern world in the process.

Herbert Edgar Wyndham/High Evolutionary

Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom

  • At Least I Admit It: His main different with Magneto is Doom shamelessly and openly confessing he wants power because he thinks he was born to rule the world.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He wants to become the world's prime ruler, he knows he wants it for the power and he refuses to hide it.
  • Noodle Incident: It is stated he has begun his attacks against the Fantastic Four though we don't see them. Carol and Natasha's familiarity with him in Distant Cousins suggest that he also attacked the Avengers.
  • Not So Different: He says he and Magneto are much alike in being persecuted in their youth and each feeling the world is best served when they're in charge.
  • Sore Loser: He doesn't enjoy being ribbed about the Fantastic Four managing to foil his terrorist attack.
  • Third-Person Person: He wouldn't be Doctor Doom without this.


Harvey Rupert Elder/Mole Man

Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

  • Greater-Scope Villain: He unleashed Bullseye on Daredevil's trail, leading the other villain to commit a bloodbath in the Daily Bulletin building.
  • I Was Beaten by a Girl: Fisk insists Daredevil is only pretending to be handicapped, because he cannot have been beaten by a blind wimp!
  • Morality Pet: It is noted that Vanessa was this to him, but she died in the Snap when her helicopter pilot was one of the victims, and now Fisk no longer cares about trying to put on a publically respectable appearance.
  • Shoot the Messenger: Discussed but defied; despite his more ruthless reputation, when someone brings him bad news, Fisk lets the man confirm that he's just the messenger and asks to talk to the person who made the decisions he's angry about instead.

Benjamin "Dex" Pointdexter/Bullseye

  • Axe-Crazy: The reason why he murdered almost everyone in the building in various gruesome ways? He got bored waiting for Matt to walk into his ambush.
  • Berserk Button: Don't call him by his former name. And do not. Make him. Miss!
  • Combat Pragmatism: He decides to ambush Matt in his civilian identity and force him into Sensory Overload to easily kill him.
  • Genius Bruiser: Psycopathic he may be, Bullseye still managed to peg Daredevil as blind attorney Matt Murdock and extrapolate his Logical Weakness.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: His trademark gimmick.
  • Mythology Gag: Introduces himself much like in Kevin Smith's "Guardian Devil" arc by flipping a paper clip to smash through a wine glass, bounce off a chair cushion and land right between the pages of A Catcher In the Rye.
  • That Man Is Dead: Tells Fisk that "Benjamin Poindexter died on the operating table" and to only call him Bullseye.

Morgan Le Fey

  • Arc Villain: In Of Kryptonians and Queens.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Sort of. Her goal is to return to Earth-19999 which she is able to accomplish, only to land in the presence of Victor Von Doom.
  • It's All About Me: Is so certain of her 'destiny' that she tries to draw Excalibur and ends up with a hand that looks like it's been dunked in acid.
  • Literal Split Personality: Kara is able to use black kryptonite to separate Lena and Morgana into different people, with Lena basically the manifestation of Morgana's goodness.
  • Love Is a Weakness: She firmly believes power is the only thing worth living for.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In-Universe. Merlin already knew she was a hopeless case, but seeing her about to kill a helpless Lena just because she wanted to destroy the last remnants of her goodness truly exhausted his reserves of patience.
  • Motive Decay: Where her original motive was to protect other magic uses, she now just wants revenge on Merlin.
  • The Nth Doctor: Arguable; her change in appearance from Katie McGrath to Elizabeth Hurley is explained as her wanting to distance herself from Lena after the two were separated.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Merlin mourns the genuinely good and compassionate woman she once was, before her hunger for power and bitterness warped her into a monster.

Amora the Enchantress

  • Alpha Bitch: Jane outright states she met cheerleaders less bratty and obnoxious than Amora.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: In her mind, she's a brilliant schemer who's excellent at manipulating others to gain ultimate power. To everyone else, she's an obnoxious, conceited brat who's nowhere near as clever as she thinks she is.
    • Thor openly states that Loki laughed his head off at Amora's pathetic attempts at plotting.
  • Disappointed by the Motive: Jane and Circe both muse that for all her talk, Amora's "grand scheme" of making everyone on Earth fall in love with her was pretty petty.
  • Dumb Blonde: Basically, she's that but fancying herself a world ruler. Needless to say, she's an utter disaster.
  • Evil Is Petty: Thor and Sif explicitly muse that Amora is not so much evil as really annoying.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Charlize Theron.
  • Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance: Has no idea of Asgard's fall until Thor tells her there's nothing for her to rule.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: In spades.
    Amora: I was born to be a queen!
    Circe: You were born a lowly pawn and think you invented the game of chess.
  • Villains Want Mercy: She's not afraid of begging for her life when it looks like she will be killed by the infuriated heroes. Needless to say, Thor is incredulous she would even think it would work, after all the crap she pulled.


  • Composite Character: With the Power Prism and the outfit he wears after gaining it, he's essentially become a version of Dr. Spectrum.


  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: His main concern is seeking out whoever caused the dusting/blip, since it took half of his crew, who he valued greatly.
  • Meaningful Name: His name is derived from Attila, as in Attila the Hun. Fitting for a military leader with a commanding presence.



  • Be Careful What You Wish For: At the end of Brothers of Thunder, the Loki of Earth-199999 tells his Earth-8096 and Earth-911111 counterparts that he dreamed of ruling his Asgard for centuries, but actually trying to run the place wasn't worth it and was ultimately All for Nothing, especially since he could only do it by impersonating Odin, and that Lokia is better off finding her own path rather than trying to rule her Asgard if it still exists.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He's a Trickster God, yet the Legends' utter insanity makes him throw the towel. The Vikings were already bad, but this Beebo thing just took the cake!
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Loki claims he was planning to double-cross Thanos and take away the Tesseract/Space Stone once he'd conquered Earth as, whatever else, he felt wiping out half the universe was sheer insanity.
    • In Sins, Sirens and Strife, the fact that even Loki couldn't stand Amora makes it clear how annoying she really was.
    • In Brothers of Thunder, although it physically pains him to say it, he knows that not only is Thor the better man for the throne of Asgard, he engineers a coming together of three Avengers groups to make sure that the heroes are ready for it, while causing the fall of Surtur, Dormammu, and tricking the new Hydra into the open in the process.
  • Faking the Dead: After appearing to have been a ghost or spirit, it turns out Loki is very much alive, having faked his death at Thanos' hands and seeking a new purpose in life.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Has a low opinion of Laufeyson, in part because they used to be a lot alike in the past.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Loki doesn't hold back on how he considers the Legends a pack of idiotic bumblers, and his opinion of the rest isn't much higher.
  • Trickster God: As befits Loki, he always has a plan or is manipulating someone.


  • Ship Tease: Shuri is shown basically hovering over Cyborg, but Sam Wilson and T'Challa express uncertainty if she's interested in the man or the tech.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Unlike canon, she's not taken in the Snap.


Wade Wilson/Deadpool

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Typical of Deadpool.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Everyone's reaction to him is basically "the HECK is wrong with that dude?".
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Courtesy of being... well, himself, Deadpool freaks or annoys everyone he meets. Even Logan uses "friend" very loosely when it comes about him.
  • Take That!: Makes a jab at Secret Empire
    Deadpool: How ya doing, Deadpool, used to have about five books a month but still managed to avoid becoming a Nazi.


  • Calling the Old Man Out: Nimue (Cursed) encourages him to consider that he can't spend his life waiting for Arthur to come back and should start exploring other options, particularly in regard to his treatment of Kilgharrah.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Admits to Kara that he was in love with Morgana back in Camelot and wonders that if he'd ever told her, it would have prevented her fall to darkness.
  • The Gadfly: His answer to Brainy's claims about magic not being real was to turn the cyborg into a fluffy bunny.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Indicated as he keeps an imprisoned Kilgharrah chained up to use his knowledge with the dragon openly noting Merlin knows it's wrong but still does it.
  • It's All My Fault: Merlin blames himself for Morgana's fall into villainy and Jason Blood being bonded with Etrigan, but while nobody disagrees with him about Etrigan, Kara particularly assures him that he can't blame himself for Morgana as there's no way to know how much influence his lies had on her actions.
  • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: Nimue speculates that he's basically idealized his memories of Arthur and Camelot, and needs to acknowledge that even if Arthur came back things might not work out.
  • Occult Blue Eyes: The legendary warlock from the Arthurian mythos is mentioned having piercing blue eyes.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: He's not impressed to learn his counterpart on Earth-1 was actually an alias for the time-travelling 1940s superheroine Stargirl.
  • Pet the Dog: Merlin is quite aloof and abrasive towards his allies. Yet he's nothing but gentle towards Lena, who's the embodiment of Morgana's lost goodness, encouraging her to live a life she can be proud of.

Jason Blood/Etrigan

  • Canon Immigrant
  • Evil Redhead: Downplayed regarding Jason Blood, as his body is hosting a bonafide demon and he's generally abrasive, but he's otherwise content to live and let live.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: His hatred towards Merlin for bonding him to Etrigan is acknowledged as justified by everyone, even Merlin himself.
  • Loners Are Freaks: An inversion, he isolates himself because he's far from the garden-variety of humans and asks to be left alone.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Etrigan, alas for everyone. It quickly grows annoying, see.


Foggy Nelson

Virginia "Pepper" Potts

  • Big Damn Kiss: She gave one to Tony when he came back alive in New York. Then she slapped him.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Invokes this in Distant Cousins when she learns that Astra has been dead for years despite the woman literally just attacking them, Pepper openly reflecting that she misses the days when someone coming back from the dead was actually unusual.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In Distant Cousins, Pepper has received her own armour from Tony, considering the codename 'Rescue'.

Fin Fang Foom

  • Expy: Spider-Man compares him to Smaug - another totally evil Large Ham of a dragon.
  • Large Ham: Completely unable to open his maw without making a boast or taking a piece of the scenery. The Power Rangers quickly grow annoyed with it.

Joseph "Joey" Tallarico

One of the Inhumans' human allies.
  • Most Writers Are Writers: Joey is a science fiction author.
  • Shout-Out: His surname is a nod to video game composer Tommy Tallarico.
  • Ascended Extra: He's the counterpart of a young boy named Joey who traveled with Black Bolt in the 1970s during the Kree-Skrull War storyline in the comics.

Louise Fisher

A scientist who dreams of going to the Moon.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans hints that she is an atheist.
    Louise: I've never really had much use for religion. I've had even less use for people like Roberts who use it to justify being bigoted.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: She shows shades of this trope.

Dave Dawson

A surfer, and friend of Crystal.

Tana Moon

A talk show host in Honolulu, she ends up being part otherworldly legacy.
  • Canon Immigrant: She originally was from DC's 1990s Superboy comic book. The author of Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans brought her in as a nod to Miles Morales appearing in Freeland at the end of Infinity Crisis, and the story in which she appears in was set in Hawaii, just like the Superboy comics she debuted in.
  • Foreshadowing: When she's introduced in the story, she's wearing a green outfit.
  • Ring of Power: She becomes the Green Lantern of Earth-19999, thanks to the Phantom Stranger taking a Green Lantern ring from a dusted Corpsman on Earth-51 and sending it through a dimensional rift the Lantern was investigating at the time he was dusted.

Billy Roberts

A prominent preacher in Hawaii, he sees Attilan as something to fear.
  • Condescending Compassion: When confronted to a young Inhuman who's genuinely curious about Earth, his attempts to explain quickly come as cringeworthy.
  • Fantastic Racism: He exhibits a strong disdain for the Inhumans, as he sees them as unnatural monsters. He's shown to be horrified by Terrigenesis, as he believes it condemns Inhumans to being seen as freaks... while not realizing that he is in Attilan, where Terrigen transformations are not seen as unusual. He also shows disgust at the idea of Captain America being an Inhuman when Crystal suggests it.

Trish Walker

Elektra Natchios

Misty Knight

  • Weirdness Magnet: She briefly laments the fact her life completely ceased to make sense, right as she's beating ninjas with her bionic arm alongside a quartet of mutated turtles.


Power Pack



The home of the Teen Titans, who are now just past their teens and called The Titans.

     The Titans 

Dick Grayson/Nightwing (formerly Robin)

Victor Stone/Cyborg

  • Actor Allusion: Dresses up as a Tyrannosaurus with his mechanical parts showing, referring to Grimlock who was voiced by Khary Payton.
  • Official Couple: With Sarah Simms, who he is marrying.
  • Sole Survivor: During the Snap/Dusting/Blip, he was the only member of the core Titans team who survived. Thankfully, he got his friends back soon after due to the heroes' actions in Infinity Crisis.

Garfield Logan/Changeling (formerly Beast Boy)



Wally West/Kid Flash

Roy Harper/Red Arrow (formerly Speedy)

  • Noodle Incident: He and Green Arrow thought Chemo was going to attack Copenhagen of all places once, though it ended up being a false alarm.
  • Mythology Gag: He insists he was Green Arrow's partner, like during Speedy's sole appearance in the DCAU/Earth-1992.



     Other Superheroes 

Cliff Steele/Robotman


Floyd Lawton/"Dudley Dean"/Deadshot

  • Villainous Rescue: He disabled Chemo for the Titans, but it's because Slade hired him to do it as part of a larger plot.


  • Weaksauce Weakness: If one shoots or harms his orb, like Deadshot did, he's forced to retreat back into it.

Slade Wilson

  • Greater-Scope Villain: He's the one behind Chameleon unleashing Chemo at Cyborg and Sarah's wedding, and Deadshot disabling the monster so Cyborg could take it captive to study, which is all part of some unknown larger plan.
  • Real Name as an Alias: He simply goes by "Slade", in contrast to his counterparts, who go by Deathstroke.


Sarah Simms

  • Fairy Tale Wedding Dress: While it isn't described in great detail, her wedding gown is described as beautiful and helping her look radiant to Cyborg.
  • Official Couple: To Cyborg, who she is marrying.



The home of characters from Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

     Next Avengers 

James Rogers

  • Fantastic Racism: In a sense; he immediately assumes that Warren's test-tube kids have to be villains because their parents were villains before he learns anything else about them, such as how they were 'raised' by a clone of Spider-Man.


Henry Pym Jr.


  • Put On The Bus: By the time of Test Tube Troubles, Azari has left the team to assume the throne of Wakanda.

Francis Barton/Hawkeye

     Original Avengers 

Tony Stark/Iron Man

  • The Atoner: He feels incredible remorse for helping create Ultron, which is why he has dedicated so much in helping to rebuild the world.

     Friends & Allies 

Gabriela Sepulveda

Angus O'Connell

  • Heroic Lineage: While his father Ulysses Archer wasn't a famous hero, he still feels proud to be his son.
  • Nom de Mom: Since his parents were never married, he goes by the last name of his mother Taryn O'Connell.



Doctor Doom

  • Death by Adaptation: Doom was killed by the Masters of Evil when they used his portal technology to escape Ultron's attack by retreating to another universe.

Elihas Starr/Egghead

Joseph Manfredi/Blackwing

David Cannon/Whirlwind

Bruno Horgan/Melter

Chen-Lu/Radioactive Man

Elton Healey/Oddball

Miles Warren/Jackal

  • Entitled to Have You: Even after Gwen's death, Warren was so fixated with her that he created a 'daughter' for himself using Gwen's DNA as the mother.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Suggested; Warren might have only focused on Spider-Man, but he had such a twisted reputation that Tony is immediately disgusted when Ciara expresses her plans to use 'Jackal' as her codename.
  • Rogues Gallery Transplant: Posthumously, anyway; his test-tube children immediately attract the attention of the New Avengers, and he apparently had plans to give minor villains genetically-engineered children before his death.

Gorgolla the Living Gargoyle

  • Evil Is Hammy: As a villain created during the Silver Age, it sure loves giving grandiose speeches.

     Test-Tube Children 
Created by Miles Warren, AKA the Jackal, using DNA samples taken from various minor villains to create test-tube infants that inherit some of their parents' powers. After Warren's death, they were 'raised' in secret by Pedro, a flawed clone of Spider-Man, but have now emerged to redeem their parents' legacies and follow Pedro's example.


  • Cloning Blues: A clone of Spider-Man, he suffered from various genetic defects and died relatively recently.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Despite his genetic template being American and speaking English, Pedro apparently spoke Spanish and had a Spanish name.
  • Legacy Character: Basically this for Peter Parker, even if he never had the chance to do anything with it.






     Other superheroes 

In General

  • Posthumous Character: Ultron killed most of this world's heroes and kept remnants of their costumes and such as trophies. The following are simply ones Tony mentions while looking over said remnants.

Walter Newell/Stingray

Buford Hollis/Razorback

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Bonita Juarez/Firebird

Unknown/Arabian Knight

Greg Willis/Gravity

Delroy Garrett Jr./Triathlon

James Rhodes/War Machine

Suzi Endo/Cybermancer


Ulysses Solomon Archer

Santo Vaccarro/Rockslide

  • Despair Event Horizon: Suffered from this after seeing so many of his friends to die at Ultron's hands.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Subverted. Despite working with Gorgolla and wanting to get revenge on Tony Stark for creating Ultron, he simply can't go through with it and eventually rejoins the heroes.
  • The Lost Lenore: He appears to have had feelings for Hope Abbott/Trance, and losing her deeply affected him.


An Earth apparently identical to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, save for the fact that all male heroes are female and vice-versa


Iron Maiden/Antoni 'Toni' Stark

Captain America/Stephanie Rogers

  • Boyish Short Hair: Presumably, as her hair is described as short and still kept in a military style.
  • First Love: Percy Carter was this for Stephanie.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Portrayed by Alison Brie
  • Reality Ensues: She says she had a tougher time than any male Steve Rogers as a woman in the 1940s had to fight harder to be accepted in the military.
  • Straw Feminist: Subverted. She doesn't really see herself as a symbol for inspiring women. She's glad she wasn't around during the Women's Liberation Movement, since she stated she wouldn't have handled the bra-burning.


Hawkeye/Chris Barton

Black Spider/Nikolia Romanoff

Hulk/Betsy Banner

Quicksilver/Piera Maximoff

Scarlet Warlock/Walther Maximoff

Captain Marvel/Carl Danvers


Nicola Fury

Murray Hill

Peter Potts


Individuals from unspecified Earths

     TMNT and Allies 


  • The Leader: As usual, he is this to the rest of the Turtles.



  • Gadgeteer Genius: Since arriving in Earth-199999, he has built new gear for the team based on salvaged trash, although he notes that Stark technology in particular is far more advanced than he's used to working with.
  • Geeky Turn-On: His reaction to Stark tech is declaring himself in love. His brothers' reaction is outright This Is Gonna Suck, as they know he will try to stuff them into ugly armours.


  • Big Eater: In true Michelangelo fashion, once the introductions are out of the way, his first question for the Defenders is if they know a better pizza joint than the one the Turtles have been using so far.
  • Joke and Receive: A good description of Michaelangelo's description of the Turtles' origins as he attempts to jokingly refute the idea that they have anything in common with Daredevil, only for his description to exactly describe Matt's own history.


  • Birds of a Feather: Swiftly bonds with Hudson on how the young find it easier to adapt than they do.
  • Old Master: Splinter makes such a significant impression in this role that even Jessica Jones and Frank Castle find themselves listening to him, even if they don't entirely agree with his insights.

Casey Jones

  • Catchphrase: "GOONGALA!"
  • Insult Backfire: Casey takes it as a compliment when Danny Rand observes that his combat style makes it clear that he’s self-taught.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: This basically describes Casey's combat style; he isn’t as technically skilled as the Turtles or the Defenders, but he makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm.

April O'Neill

  • Action Girl: She is noticeably not as well-trained as the Turtles, but she can still use a sword with above-average skill.

     The Foot Clan 

Oroku Saki/Shredder


  • Dumb Muscle: The Turtles reflect that the mutagen made him and Rocksteady more powerful but also made them more stupid.


  • Dumbass Has a Point: Despite his reported low intellect, Rocksteady was at least able to point out the challenges the Foot faced in trying to get home.

Baxter Stockman





  • Birds of a Feather: Finds himself bonding with Splinter on how the young can more easily adapt, while being reminded that they were that age once themselves.


  • Doesn't Like Guns: To the extent that he crushes the Punisher's weapon even though Castle is (technically) on their side.


  • Gadgeteer Genius: Swiftly demonstrates this when he starts working with Donatello to try and search for dimensionally-displaced individuals based on their unique vibrations.


     Time Lords 

The Doctor

  • Hero of Another Story: In Salvation Run, the Doctor took Mia Queen back in time to help rescue her mother, takes Mia and Nora back to the future after they've restored some of their timeline, and suggests that she is tracking the people behind the Skrulls' attempts to expand into other realities.

The Mistress "Missy"

  • Spared by the Adaptation: Somehow survived the events of "The Doctor Falls". Of course this being the Master it comes as no surprise. The Doctor doesn't even bother asking as she gave up figuring the Master/Missy's survival out long ago.



  • Villain Decay: Invoked as he believes he and his forces were turned into jokes and now ready to become serious warriors again.
  • Villain Team-Up: He and Hordak agree to bury the hatchet and work together to use the power of Third Earth to conquer their respective worlds before finally having it out.
  • You Have Failed Me: Sends a clear message he's no longer screwing around by frying Kobra Khan to ash after he botches kidnapping Queen Marlena. He also killed Stinkor.


  • Villain Team-Up: He and Skeletor agree to bury the hatchet and work together to use the power of Third Earth to conquer their respective worlds before finally having it out.


     Third Earth 





  • Enemy Mine: After being driven off by Skeletor and Hordak, Mumm-Ra realizes the two are so powerful (and his own forces so inept) that (as much as he hates it), his only chance is to ask the Thundercats for aid.

     The Orville crew 


  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis Failure: Majorly subverted. Ray is astonished as to how a crew from 2420 are easily quoting 20th century movies and TV shows.

Captain Ed Mercer

  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Suggested when Teyela comes to him and starts talking about humanity's past sins in history, Mercer telling her that if this is going to be another case where aliens start citing their superiority over humanity he's not interested in hearing it.

Commander Kelly Grayson

Lieutenant Commander Bortus

  • Not So Stoic: By Bortus's usual standards, he is visibly shaken when the Kaylon destroy Moclus, even if he manages to put it aside to focus on the evacuation.

Doctor Claire Finn

  • Robosexual: Her relationship with Isaac is acknowledged by Snart.

Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr

  • Noodle Incident: At some point, Mercer saw LaMarr basically 'lose' a fight with a stuck drawer, despite the fact that he had two arms and a screwdriver.

Lieutenant Talla Keyali


  • Defends Against Their Own Kind: As soon as Ultron exposes his new control of the Kaylon, Isaac wastes little time in speaking in defence of humanity and actually attacking other Kaylon forces to protect the Orville crew.

Lieutenant Alara Kitan

  • The Bus Came Back: When the Legends, the Guardians and the Orville crew come to Xeleya to save it from a Kaylon bomb, Alara decides to rejoin the crew as her medical issues are almost resolved and they could probably use all hands on deck.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Alara just happened to be on holiday on the islands where the Kaylons mounted their attack, and is thus in position to meet up with the Guardians, the Legends and the Orville crew who came down to stop the Kaylons deploying the bomb.

     The Kaylon 
  • Not So Different: Ultron is easily able to take command of the Kaylon as their existing agenda was fairly similar to his own.

     The Krill 
  • Enemy Mine: As in canon, they call a truce with the Union as the Kaylon will want to wipe out the Krill as well.
    Teleya: We Krill have a variation of one of your human sayings. "The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend...but it is better than having two enemies."

  • Arc Villain: Of the latter half of In Hand and Foot with Shredder.

     Magical Beings 


  • Scaled Up: When she's fed up with people arguing, she shapeshifts into a dragon to bring order back. Now that's a nifty trick.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Purple, since that's her colour motif.




  • Noodle Incident: Officially revealed that she was still alive when she returned to Oz to help after the Dusting.


     The Monster Buster Club 


  • Canada, Eh?: The group is from their reality's version of Canada.
  • Important Haircut: While the reason isn't explained, most of the team have gained new hairstyles.
  • La Résistance: They're opposing the New Machine Empire from beneath the planet's surface.

Cathy Smith

Danny Jackson

Christopher "Chris" Dancing Light

Samantha "Sam" Paulucci

     The Irkens 

The Grand Empress/Tak "E"






Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9)

  • Actor Allusion: Her human disguise is East Asian in appearance, no doubt a reference to Jenny's voice actress Janice Kawaye being Japanese-American.
  • Blue Is Heroic
  • One-Woman Army: She's the primary defender of her Earth for a reason.
  • Nice Girl: She nothing but kind to Jimmy Neutron and his friends.
  • Robot Girl / Ridiculously Human Robots: She has a completely human personality and can now even disguise herself as a normal teenage girl.

Sheldon Lee/The Silver Shell

  • Color Motif: He named the Silverwing himself, and it's very likely the similarity to the Silver Shell's name was intentional.
  • Teen Genius: He completed the Silverwing, an enormous ship of Jimmy's design that the BTSO was building, within weeks of following after Jenny to Earth-961 and being recruited by Jet Fusion.

William Theodore "Will" Stronghold/Thruster

Layla Williams/Green Thumb

  • All-Loving Hero: Suggested when she heals even one of her villains (albeit just to make sure he doesn't die.
  • Expy: Like in the film, she's essentially Poison Ivy as a hero, further emphasized here by having her wear a costume similar to Ivy's.
  • Named by the Adaptation: She's given the superhero alias Green Thumb.

Warren Peace/Lion

  • Dark Is Not Evil: The costume he wears is black, dark grey, and red, but he's a hero through and through.
  • Genius Bonus: At least suggested when he confirms that his codename of 'Lion' is a reference to Leo Tolstoy, the author of War and Peace, as well as how lions are linked to fire in various mythologies.
  • Tsundere: He acts somewhat grumpy and rude, but is genuinely happy that Violet and Dash like his name.

Matt Garetty

Pavitr Prabhakar



  • Eviler Than Thou: Thanos actually finds himself frightened by the sheer evil of Darkseid when they meet in the Phantom Zone.


  • Arch-Enemy: She's Jenny's nemesis.
  • Continuity Nod: In the episode "Designing Women", Vexus acquired Jenny's schematics from Jenny's friend Sheldon in disguise to learn all her weaknesses. Here, she was able to help Gasket create an army of robot soldiers based upon Jenny to use against to conquer the Gorlocks' home planet, presumably using said schematics.
  • Evil vs. Evil: She's planning to betray Gasket, as he is with her.
  • Pride: She still has a huge ego.

Michael Langdon

  • Anti Anti Christ: Defied hard. While he holds contempt for the Devil, he's still firmly on the side of evil.
  • The Anti-Christ: He is this, or least one of them from the American Horror Story universe.
  • Bad Boss: He kills Tommy without a second thought to see if he'll be sent to another universe like he does, and to get a rise out of Clarence.
  • The Devil Is a Loser: On Earth-199999, he loses access to his powers and is reduced to a petty crook that's easily bested by Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider.
  • Dimensional Traveller: The Devil somehow made it so the he will manifest in a different world in the Multiverse every time he dies.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The mere idea of Clarence forgiving his misdeeds and encouraging him to rise above his diabolical nature is utterly alien to him. Of course, it only makes Clarence pity him more.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere / Noodle Incident: How did he end up naked in a field on Earth-143? Well, even he doesn't know. It turns out the AHS Devil sent him at random.
  • Gorgeous Garment Generation: Well, less "gorgeous garment" and more "everyday street clothes", but yeah.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: He displays powers he didn't have in American Horror Story, but it get's explained; Michael gains a new power set in each universe he wakes up on.
  • Outside-Context Villain: He's this to Earth-143, as he's completely unconnected to Sarah Bellows' cursed book and the monsters that came to life from the stories.
  • The Unfavorite: The Devil has replaced him on his native Earth and is an expectedly awful "parent" to Michael, making fun of him in the form of Sister Mary Eunice, essentially telling him to make him evil "grandkids", and then tossing him into the endless multiverse to fend for himself.

Sue Tenny/Gwen Grayson/Royal Pain

Mister Grayson/Stitches

Penny Lent/Plenty O'Penny


     Other Threats 


Cosmic Beings

Other worldly entities that are not bound to any specific Earths.
     Clarence Odbody 
  • Big Good: He’s stepping up to become this to Earth-143. The results are mixed; He does save Ramon, but Michael Langdon is able to escape to another universe.
  • Nice Guy: That he just pities Michael, despite him being an unrepentant monster, is a good indicator.
  • Our Angels Are Different: He's a celestial being who appears as a ball of light, who can possess dead bodies and turn them into angelic avatars for himself to do good on Earth(s). He happily admits that the "Cosmic Realm" is weird. He can also cast limited "spells" that effect the flow of time and sense beings across the multiverse, but only so many at a time.
  • Race Lift / Younger and Hipper: To oppose Michael Langdon on Earth-143, he takes on a young Vietnamese man named Nguyen as his new physical form.

     Mar Novu/The Monitor 
  • For Want of a Nail: Thanos's actions caused him to reconsider his plans for Elseworlds.
  • Omniscient Morality License: Counterpart Conferences reveals that he has sent Nimue to various alternate realities to 'test' their Excaliburs and basically just expects her not to bother about why he's doing this.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: While he expects Nimue to help him in his efforts, he appreciates when she might need a break, such as after her confrontation with Morgana and the Stargirls.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Calls out the Watchers on how, despite having incredible powers, they do absolutely nothing with them except observe. He does admit, however, that they're not entirely unjustified in their concerns.

     Uatu/The Watcher 
  • All-Powerful Bystander: As usual but it's getting harder and harder to stand by this.
  • Armor-Piercing Response: Gets one, from Mar Novu.
    Uatu: Worlds shall live. Worlds shall die. And the multiverse shall never be the same. Our task is to watch and monitor all.
    Mar Novu: And what good is that when there is no one left to know what we have observed?
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Downplayed, while not antagonistic he is suspicious of the Monitor, knowing full well of his reputation.

     Madame Web 

     Phantom Stranger 
  • Deus ex Machina: Like in the comics, the Phantom Stranger is practically omnipotent. To prevent him from being a story-breaker, the Stranger is often shown as a guide to others to take the necessary action to solve a crisis. This is shown in Infinity Crisis: The Inhumans, when he takes a Green Lantern ring from a dusted Corpsman and sends it into a rift that takes it to Earth-19999, hinting that Earth-19999 will need a Green Lantern.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: According to John Constantine, various stories have said the Stranger is either an angel who was exiled for refusing to take sides during Lucifer's rebellion; The Wandering Jew; the Roman Centurion who stabbed Christ on the cross and was condemned to walk the Earth until his return; a souped-up magician; a nobleman caught between Heaven and Hell; or Judas Iscariot himself paying penance.

     Infinity Stones 
  • Adaptational Badass: While the inverse was true with their film counterparts, here not only do the Stones regain some of their original comic abilities (if one gets destroyed it will inevitably reform) it seems that, unlike the Gems (which storylines such as JLA/Avengers revealed are basically powerless outside their home universe), the Stones work outside their native universe as Thanos’ command was carried out throughout the entire Multiverse (even other versions of the Marvel universe).
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: In order to prevent anyone assembling the Infinity Gauntlet again, with the crisis concluded the heroes disperse the stones across four different universes; the Vision and Doctor Strange retain 'custody' of the Mind and Time Stones while Steve Rogers gives the Space, Reality and Power Stones to Supergirl (Earth-38), the Flash (Earth-1) and Superman (Earth-51) with instructions to hide them somewhere safe, and the Soul Stone dispersed after it was 'hacked' by the Mother Box with none of the heroes aware of its current location.


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