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A list of characters in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona fanfic, In the Eye of the Beholder. For canon characters, only list tropes that appear in the fic.

Warning: Unmarked spoilers below. It is advised to finish chapter 69 before it's safe to read what's here.

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    Quartz Idol Busters 

A group of high school students who wish to save others from their Idols and solve the mystery of the mirror world and Narcissus Syndrome.

In General

  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each QIB member has a different colored and initialed pin and ribbon (for the girls) representing them:
    • Lydia: Blue
    • Allie: Red
    • F.Z.: Purple
    • Damien: Black
    • Jacob: Silver
    • Nori: Yellow
  • Combination Attack: Are capable of using Fusion Spells by combining their magic attacks.
  • Irony:
    • Ophelia uses Water spells when the original Ophelia died from drowning. In Lynne's chapter detailing the events of Chapter 55 from her own perspective, while not knowing Lydia's backstory, she lampshades how odd it is and wonders what it means about her rival. Lydia herself ends up lampshading it later when talking to Amelia about Personas.
    • Medusa is summoned through a mirror, when the mythological Medusa was defeated by Perseus with the help of Athena's reflective shield.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Save for F.Z, who's a ghost, the QIB are a bunch of regular highschoolers trying to solve the mystery behind the mirror world and Narcissus Syndrome.
  • Spirit Advisor: Their Personas talk back and serve as advisors of sorts.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Damien and F.Z. do not get along at all, and the rest of the team save Lydia doesn't really hang out with her when there isn't training to do or Idols to fight up until Nori joins.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Their Personas may be weaker on average than those belonging to Sycophanta, but they can close the gap with their larger amount of battle experience.

Lydia White

Arcana: 0. The Fool
Persona: Ophelia
The main character of the story, a new transfer student to Ruby J. Fulton High School in Quartz, Texas.

Her Persona is Ophelia, Hamlet's lover from the eponymous play. Lydia has the power of the Wild Card, which allows her to use multiple Personas.

  • Armor-Piercing Question: After being on the receiving end of Carla's attempts to get her to explain why she won't date Alvin romantically, Lydia asks a question that manages to cut through Carla's defenses:
    "I wonder how you learned how to see the invisible burdens that people carry. And more importantly, why you can read people so well and yet so easily decide to hurt them."
  • Cool Big Sis: F.Z.'s Idol reveals that she thinks of Lydia as the cool older sister she never had.
  • First-Person Smartass: While Lydia is unfailingly kind and polite most of the time, her inner monologue can have her snarking at or otherwise expressing annoyance at the petty behavior of those around her, particularly when it comes to Carla and Dawn in her dance team trying to influence her against the other.
  • The Leader: She's the leader of the QIB, but it's deconstructed in how everyone constantly expecting Lydia to have the answers to everything just because she's the leader wears on her a lot as the story moves forward.
  • Making a Splash: Ophelia specializes in Water spells.
  • New Transfer Student: In Persona tradition starting with 3, she's a new transfer student to Fulton High.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Carla picks up that something's wrong regarding Lydia's refusal to date because she freezes rather than give her a straight answer one way or another.
  • Secular Hero: Mentions that she never had much of an interest in religion.
  • Security Blanket: Her ladybug plushie, Junebug, which she's had since childhood.
  • Survivor Guilt: Is revealed to have a fair amount of guilt regarding her boyfriend sacrificing his life to save hers shortly before she moved to Quartz.

Allison Lorena "Allie" de Luna

Arcana: IX. The Hermit
Persona: Medusa

One of the first people Lydia meets in Ruby J. Fulton School, Allie de Luna is a member of the eSports team and possesses an interest in getting down to the bottom of the mystery of the mirror world.

Her Persona is Medusa, the Gorgon slain by Perseus.

  • Covert Pervert: If her Idol having two faceless, shirtless men on each arm is any indication, which she blushes at upon seeing.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Medusa specializes in Earth-based spells.
  • Geek Physiques: Is described as pudgy in appearance, and also happens to be pretty geeky.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Her loner tendencies have her viewed as a freak by a good portion of the student body.
  • Number Two: Is considered the effective second in command if Lydia is rendered incapacitated.
  • Only Friend: Prior to Lydia arriving in Quartz, Damien was her only friend.
  • Ship Tease: It's hinted on more than one occasion that Allie has a crush on Damien:
    • When Allie's Idol tries to convince her to accept it, one of the things it does is claim that it'll get Damien to notice her more in a romantic sense, after stating that he's the only good guy she's ever met.
    • Carla refers to Damien as being Allie's "not-boyfriend" when talking to Lydia about how she's figured out her group of friends.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Is one of the shorter members of the group, and also happens to be pretty intelligent.
  • Taken for Granite: Medusa's Petrava skill can petrify opponents for a short amount of time.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Has arachnophobia, which comes into play when the QIB has to fight a giant spider Shadow within Valerie's mansion. It still persists even after defeating it.

Damien Hall

Arcana: XI. Fortune
Persona: Ra

A volunteer at Fulton High's library and one of the first people Lydia meets in Quartz, Damien was Allie's only friend before they met Lydia.

His Persona is Ra, the sun god of Egyptian mythology.

  • Brutal Honesty: While trying to get Nathan to reject his Idol, he tells him straight up that it's unlikely that he'll be able to get into college football like his Idol claims with his football skills, since he had been doing so terribly and no talent scouts had come to scope him out. Nathan admits that while it's a harsh assessment, it's also pretty much true.
  • I Just Want to Be Badass: His Idol shows that one of his biggest wishes is to be a world-traveling badass, but Allie helps him realize that such a thing would come with numerous downsides, which allows him to reject his Idol's offer.
  • Only Friend: Was Allie's only friend prior to meeting Lydia.
  • Playing with Fire: As to be expected from a sun god, Ra uses Agi spells.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He doesn't hesitate one bit when the QIB fights Valerie, having Ra send her flying with a kick and punching her glasses off.


Arcana: XVIII. The Moon
Persona: N/A, later Malinalli

A mysterious ghost girl who inhabits the mirror world following her death after rejecting her Idol, with the ability to manipulate grass and quartz, and teaches the rest of the QIB about its secrets and dangers.

It is later revealed that in actuality, her Idol just beat her to within an inch of her life, then possessed her body and kicked her soul out to wander in the Mirror World while she took her place in the real world. Her full name is Florissa Jennifer Zavala, but she prefers to go by her nickname, Rissa.

After finding her Idol and defeating her with the help of QIB, she was able to get her body back, as well as get her own Persona, Malinalli, who is based on the Nahua woman who was instrumental in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, acting as an interpreter, advisor, and intermediary for the Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortés.

  • Ambiguously Brown: Lydia thinks she's probably Hispanic, but F.Z. can't really remember much about her past apart from her initials, that she was a resident of Quartz prior to her death, and that she lived only with her dad. After getting her memories fully back, it's subverted as it turns out she's indeed Hispanic.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Defeats her Idol/Shadow Self by possessing her after the rest of QIB incapacitates her, and making them come to an understanding.
  • Blade on a Stick: Is capable of forming weapons out of quartz in the mirror world, but primarily uses a spear. She loses this ability upon gaining her Persona.
  • Blow You Away: Her version of Malinalli uses wind spells.
  • Buried Alive: Got buried alive by her Idol, which has given her a fear of the underground.
  • Determinator: She never stopped fighting right until her perceived death, which is likely why she remains in the mirror world.
  • Discard and Draw: Attaining her Persona causes her to lose her powers over quartz and the environment of the mirror world in general, though she can use Malinalli's mirror to create portals like Sycophanta can.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Can manipulate the quartz inside the mirror world, including creating it out of nowhere and fashioning it into weaponry. This is also her Idol's Persona's specialty.
  • Ghostly Goals: Hers are regaining her lost memories, which she eventually does fulfill upon meeting her Idol.
  • Green Thumb: Can manipulate grass inside the mirror world, but after getting her body back, she no longer has these powers.
  • How Dare You Die on Me!: Invoked, F.Z. tells Lydia and Allie shortly before battling Damien's Idol that if they die fighting him she'll never forgive them, with a nervous expression rather than her normal snarkiness.
  • It's All My Fault: Her Idol reveals that she blames herself for distracting her dad from the road the night they got into an accident thanks to a drunk driver.
  • Missing Mom: Mentions that she only lived with her dad, and upon getting her memories back it's revealed her mother died in a car crash.
  • Mundane Utility: The first thing F.Z. did with her powers was use them to create the attire Lydia and Allie see when they meet her for the first time.
  • Out-of-Clothes Experience: F.Z. mentions in Chapter 10 that when she first came back she was completely nude.
  • Portal Door:
    • She can open portals between the real world and mirror world by slicing through the air with quartz.
    • After losing that ability, she gains the ability to use Malinalli's mirror to create portals like Sycophanta can with their mirrors.
  • Red Baron: Sycophanta refers to her as "The Rebel".
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: F.Z. has the filthiest mouth out of the QIB, to the point that Nori tells Lydia that if she ever met Nori's younger sister Desiree and the latter picked up F.Z.'s swearing habit, their parents would forbid them from talking.
  • Stepford Snarker: Her acerbic tongue hides the fact that she's quite troubled by her existence as a ghost whose quartz creations don't even last.

Nathan Young

Arcana: VII. The Chariot
Persona: Tepeyollotl

An 18 year old football player on Fulton High's Football team, who finds himself at a crossroads as his skill at the sport declines. Following facing his Idol, he decides to quit the football team and join the health club.

His Persona is Tepeyollotl, the Aztec god of earthquakes, echoes, and jaguars.

  • Big Man on Campus: He isn't, but his Idol shows that part of him wishes he could be the star football player that everyone looks up to, even if he's currently only mediocre.
  • Combat Medic: Aside from lightning and physical skills, Tepeyollotl can also heal.
  • Dented Iron: Notes that one of the reasons that he doesn't want to continue playing football after rejecting his Idol is the physical toll it takes on the player's bodies.
  • Non-Human Head: As to be expected, Tepeyollotl has a jaguar head.
  • Shock and Awe: His primary attack magic is Zio- spells.

Jacob Martinez

Arcana: XIX. The Sun
Persona: Icarus

A Hispanic sophomore artist who ends up in the mirror world after his older girlfriend Lana breaks up with him.

His Persona, Icarus, is a Sensor-type, allowing him to easily identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: He and Lana first appear in Chapter 18 unnamed, several chapters before their official debut.
  • Breaking Old Trends: Of the usual trend of Sensor-type Persona-users being females (Fuuka, Rise, and Futaba)
  • Kill It with Fire: Icarus is weak against fire-based attacks, which is likely a reference to how the mythological Icarus met his end by flying too close to the sun and drowning when it melted the wax holding his wing's feathers together.
  • Non-Action Guy: As to be expected from someone with a Sensor-type Persona, he doesn't do any fighting.
  • Secret Keeper: Only he and F.Z. know about the circumstances behind Alexander's death and its effect on Lydia as a person.

Noreen "Nori" Sanchez

Arcana: II. The Priestess.
Persona: Frigg

A drama student who joins the QIB after ending up in the mirror world due to frustration with her personal problems.

Her Persona is Frigg, the goddess of foreknowledge and wisdom in Norse Mythology, and wife of Odin.

  • An Ice Person: Frigg primarily uses Bufu spells for attack magic.
  • Combat Medic: Frigg can use healing spells such as Diarama.
  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: Frigg knows debuff spells such as Rakunda.
  • Expy: The author compares Nori to Persona 5's Haru Okumura in terms of temperament.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Downplayed, while she's not described as fat per se, F.Z. in Chapter 50 thinks she's easily the most full-figured of the QIB's girls thus far, with only Allie coming the closest to matching her body-type wise.
  • Ice Queen: While she normally isn't in her day to day life, Lydia notes that she becomes icy in temperament while in battle.
  • Nice Girl: Is the first person besides Lydia to actively try to befriend F.Z., and also happens to be generally sweet-natured.

Amelia Sweet

Arcana: XVII. The Star
Persona: Pasithea
A student from Quartz West High who gets involved with QIB after being pulled into the mirror world following a chance meeting with Lydia and her friends at a dress store.

Her Persona is Pasithea, the personification of altered states of consciousness from Greek mythology.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: When she was younger the other children perceived her as weird and picked on her.
  • Disappeared Dad: Her father didn't want children and left soon after she was born, though by the time of the story he's returned in an attempt to be a better parent.
  • Heroic Bastard: Her parents weren't married when she was born, and her dad didn't want children.
  • The Klutz: She trips over her own feet after trying to walk away from Lydia's group at the dress store.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Even in the What If?, New Game+ where Lydia allows Amelia to claim the dress she was about to get, she still ends up being sucked into the Mirror World anyway.
  • Non-Elemental: Pasithea's attacks do Almighty damage, which has no elemental affinity.

Mark Stevens

Arcana: ???
Persona: Mars
Amelia's friend who gets involved with the QIB when he too ends up in the mirror world thanks to his Idol.

His Persona is Mars, the Roman god of war.

  • Only Friend: Was basically Amelia's only friend growing up, as she was seen as weird by other kids.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Can use both light and darkness spells.


Morgan Hale

Arcana: XX (T). The Aeon

A member of the Fulton High student council and friend of Carla's, who ends up getting mixed up with the QIB.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Morgan is described by everyone who knows her as being a little odd.
  • Gamer Chick: Loves videogames, which gives her common ground with Allie.
  • Jumped at the Call: Upon learning about what the QIB does, she immediately wants a trip to the mirror world. She is granted this, but finds that one can only become a Persona-user if they encounter their Idol or are directly chosen by Philemon. She later tries to go into the valley by herself, but unfortunately finds that the mirror portals only work for Persona-users.

Alvin Edward Ross

Arcana: VI. The Lovers

The announcer for the Fulton High football team and friend of Carla, who takes an interest in Lydia thanks to the latter.

  • Mistaken for Gay: Subverted. Despite being considered very handsome by the bulk of the student body, he'd never had a relationship, leading them to believe he's gay right up until he asks Lydia out in front of the rest of the QIB, but he later reveals he's bisexual, just not interested in any of the guys around him.
  • Just Friends: Lydia insists that their relationship remains strictly platonic for the time being due to Alexander still being The Lost Lenore to her, though she does admit to finding him a charming guy.

Lin Hall

Damien's Chinese adopted sister.

  • Happily Adopted: She's just as much a part of the family as her other siblings.
  • Secret Keeper: While she's aware of the QIB and what they do, she has no desire to become a member, so she helps by keeping things secret and keeping an eye out for potential new members.

    Non-QIB Social Links 

Gerald White

Arcana: I. The Magician

Lydia's younger brother, currently a freshman at Ruby J. Fulton High.

  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Downplayed, Lydia can find him annoying at times, but her sisterly love for him is clear to see.
  • Lampshade Hanging: When she begins his Social Link, Lydia lampshades how it's described as a "new" bond when she's known him for their entire lives.

Carla Simmons

Arcana: III. The Empress

The captain of Lydia's dance team, who ends up taking a liking to her, much to Lydia's chagrin.

  • Evil vs. Evil: Downplayed in that it's more Jerkass vs Jerkass, but neither Carla or Dawn are the most pleasant of people, with Lydia only being friendly with them because she feels it'll cause more trouble for her down the line if she doesn't, combined with her own sense of Chronic Hero Syndrome.
  • Hidden Depths: When Lydia asks her directly why despite being so knowledgeable of people's hidden struggles, she's so easily willing to hurt them, Carla neutrally says:
    "Maybe it's just that everyone else is blind. Is it my fault if they keep running into things that hurt them?"
    • Naturally, this suggests there's a bit more at play regarding Carla's behavior than just high school politicking.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: Platonic variant, Carla's main interest in Lydia is that she can't manipulate her like everyone else she knows.
  • The Napoleon: Lydia notes that despite being barely five feet tall, she keeps control over the team through sheer presence.
  • This Is Reality: When Lydia states her confusion that Carla would want to be friends with her precisely because she can't manipulate her like everyone else, Carla responds by saying that in the real world, focusing her energy on destroying someone who's not even a threat to her position like a stereotypical Alpha Bitch cheerleader in the movies would is pointless.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: When Lydia mentions to her that she's decided not to date Alvin, but won't give her reasoning, Carla acts with what Lydia is surprised to describe as actual concern, though she still decides to keep her feelings to herself.
  • The Social Expert:
    • Carla tells Lydia that her parents taught her the importance of understanding others, which is why she has an uncanny knowledge of how people work, but Lydia theorizes that it didn't come with lessons about caring about others, hence her Alpha Bitch behavior.
    • In Chapter 58 she reveals through one conversation that she's figured out that there's something surrounding Lydia's refusal to date, describing it as a "big-ass rock" she carries around, and even has some theories for what's causing it, but decides not to pry.

Victoria "Tori" Parker

Arcana: XI. Justice

A member of a Christian club who decides to befriend Lydia out of a desire to get away from her more fundamentalist friends.

  • The Fundamentalist: Subverted. While she might seem that way at first, she's not as pushy compared to her friends Bethany and Joyce.
  • Nice Girl: She's a genuinely nice person, though her association with Bethany and Joyce makes people think she's just as imposing as them.


Arcana: XVI. The Tower

Among the eldest of the Velvet Siblings, Victor serves as Lydia's Velvet Room attendant, which in this story takes the form of a theater's dressing room.

  • Intrigued by Humanity: He keeps the money that Lydia gives him just for the sake of novelty, and even visits Fulton High to see one of the football games at one point.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Like his siblings, he has golden eyes.
  • Was Once a Man: A lot of hints indicate that this applies to him.


In General

  • Catchphrase: Some variation of "I am an Idol, everything in you that you wish you were!"
  • One-Winged Angel: Upon being rejected, they'll go berserk and change into a more monstrous form.
  • Shadow Archetype: To the Shadow Selves in Persona 4. While both are formed from the insecurities of their hosts, the Shadow Selves were the parts of their hosts that they pretended didn't exist, while the Idols are formed from their host's distorted ideas of who they feel they ought to be, ie their repressed ideals. That said, as revealed by Idol F.Z., they're by no means mutually exclusive beings, as her repressed ideals turned out to also be part of her repressed weakness.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Their view of those who reject their offer, causing them to go berserk and attack.

Idol Allie

The first Idol encountered by Lydia, which takes the form of an older, taller, and thinner Allie with purple and red streaks in her hair, whose lair is within a quartz rave warehouse.

Its berserk form takes the shape of a monstrous figure covered in flashing LED lights, wielding two electrified glowsticks of different colors in each hand.

Idol Damien

The second Idol encountered by the QIB, taking the form of Damien but as a secret agent, with a lair within a massive quartz skyscraper.

His Berserk form takes the shape of an even taller Damien wearing a navy blue suit and a backpack fused to his body that contains numerous gadgets.

  • Agony of the Feet: Lydia uses his pistol to blow out his ankles so he can't run.
  • An Ice Person: One of his weapons is a freeze ray.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: As part of Idol Damien's secret agent image, he wears a navy blue suit with a phoenix emblem.
  • Blow You Away: Can wield a gray rod that produces powerful winds.
  • Boom, Headshot!: Lydia defeats him via pistol shot in the face.
  • The Gunslinger: Wields a massive pistol with deadly accuracy.
  • Hand Cannon: Idol Damien's pistol is very large, though as Lydia finds, it's actually fairly light for its size.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Lydia defeats him by shooting him in the face with his own dropped pistol after shooting out his ankles.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: When it looks like he's about to lose, Idol Damien tries to blow the group away with a rocket launcher.
  • Power Nullifier: His antenna can seal magic skills.

Idol Nathan

The third Idol encountered by the QIB, taking the form of a taller, more muscular Nathan wearing a tight white polo shirt, navy blue visor, white tennis shoes, and a giant red headset with a headphone, whose lair is within a massive quartz football stadium.

His berserk form takes the shape of a defensive line of faceless football players with their limbs stuck together, save for a bigger one resembling Nathan in the center, with extra limbs.

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Idol Nathan is more than half the size of a football goal post.
  • The Blank: The football players making up his lower body are faceless.
  • Body of Bodies: His Berserk form is partially made up of football players stuck together in a phalanx position, who can split apart in order to attack.
  • Deadly Game: Makes the Personas of the QIB and Nathan play a rather deadly football game.
  • Making a Splash: Can use water-based attacks.
  • Rated M for Manly: Idol Nathan is far more muscular than the real thing.

Idol Jacob

The fourth Idol encountered by the QIB, taking the form of an older Jacob dressed in robes and carrying around paintbrushes, whose lair is a quartz version of the Parthenon.

His Berserk form takes the shape of a being in wizard robes wearing glasses and a black and white heart-shaped sigil, capable of inflicting infatuation and fear.

  • Barrier Warrior: Creates a diamond shaped barrier to defend himself.
  • Flunky Boss: Uses his summoned Shadows to fight for the first stage.
  • Sinister Shades: Wears ivory-colored glasses and happens to be antagonistic.

Idol Nori

The fifth Idol encountered by the QIB, her Idol's Nest taking the form of a theater. Her Berserk form is that of a massive plant woman.

Idol Amelia

The sixth idol encountered by the QIB, her Idol's Nest taking the form of a massive multicolored tower.

  • A God Am I: Thinks of herself as a goddess. Thanks to the valley supercharging her, she has the power to back it up.
  • Flunky Boss: Has a bunch of Shadows attack the QIB.
  • Hoist by Her Own Petard: As it turns out, when an Idol is accepted once, there needs to be a second acceptance for the subject to become a corrupted Persona-user. When Amelia realizes that her Idol is not a nice person at all, she rejects it. As a result, when Idol Amelia is about to transform to try and kill her, it turns out she can't because all of her power had gone to Amelia because she accepted her Idol the first time, enabling Amelia to defeat her by herself and become a Persona-user more in line with QIB.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: The first battle against Idol Amelia goes so badly that for the first time the QIB is forced to flee, nearly dying after getting knocked off Amelia's tower by her Shadow minions. This is subverted in the What If? chapter covering the New Game+, where Lydia single-handedly trounces her.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Idol Amelia goes up to Lydia and boops her on the nose because she's completely confident the QIB won't do anything against her.
  • Wimp Fight: According to Amelia, since neither she nor her Idol knew anything about fighting, it came down to (in her opinion) perhaps the world's lamest fistfight once said Idol was stripped of its power.

Idol Mark

The seventh Idol encountered by the QIB, taking the form of a soldier.

  • Breather Boss: In comparison to the battle against Amelia's Idol, Idol Mark is basically a pushover and doesn't really last long against the QIB once he's shown to be incapable of taking on a berserk form.
  • Knight Templar: Represents Mark's ideal of being a hero of justice who punishes the guilty.

Idol F.Z.

The eighth Idol faced by the QIB, who is revealed to have taken over F.Z.'s body and has been running her life while she's been stuck in the mirror world. Unlike the other Idols fought up to this point she doesn't transform, but instead uses a Reverse Persona, namely Reverse Malinalli. Uniquely, she happens to be both an Idol and a more traditional Shadow Self.


A group of Persona users who try to make people accept their Idols, leading them into conflict with the QIB.

In General

  • Achilles' Heel: Lynne is the strongest of their Persona users apart from Corbin, so once she's out of the picture their battles with the QIB get far less one-sided since their other members lack battle experience and the QIB has a numbers advantage.
  • Anti-Villain: They appear to honestly believe that they're doing the right thing by getting people to accept their Idols.
  • Arch-Enemy: To the QIB, as their goal of getting people to accept their Idols places them in direct conflict.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The first time they and the QIB meet, the latter gets their asses handed to them by Rosalia.
  • David vs. Goliath: As a result of accepting their Idols, their Personas are much stronger than those of the QIB on average, meaning that it's an uphill battle fighting them.
  • Deal with the Devil: Allie theorizes that accepting their Idols has some sort of catch despite their greater power compared to the QIB, comparing it to a "get rich quick" scheme, but whatever downsides there are remains unknown.
  • Enforced Cold War: Both groups have Fulton High School members, but they only fight while in the mirror world, with school interactions being limited to snarking at one another.
  • Older Alter Ego: While within the mirror world they appear much older, presumably due to accepting their Idols and taking on their forms.
  • Portal Door: Both Gilgamesh and Midas can create portals between the real world and mirror world.
  • Shadow Archetype: To the Investigation Team of Persona 4, as they go around trying to get people to accept the darker aspects of themselves, but in this case it's the exact wrong thing to do.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: They lack as much battle experience on average then the QIB since they only train on each other instead of the Shadows out of the belief it would take too long, but their Personas are individually stronger.

Lynne Magdalene Faire

Arcana: XI (T). Hunger
Persona: Rosalia

The co-leader of Sycophanta alongside Corbin.

Her Persona is based on Rosalia Rossellini and the Rosalia Virus from the Trauma Center series.

  • Another Side, Another Story:
    • Chapter 33 retells the story of Lynne meeting the QIB following Jacob joining the group in the previous chapter, but from her perspective.
    • Chapter 56 retells Chapter 55 from Lynne's perspective, showing that they were spying on the QIB the whole time using Gina's Persona Aura plus the ambient Shadow energy to keep themselves from being noticed, while also expositing on how the quartz valley works.
    • Chapter 3 of All the Myriad Ways shows how she got involved with the valley.
  • The Confidant: Lynne is Valerie's regarding her love life.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Rosalia has red hair and eyes.
  • Friendly Enemy: Despite the fact that the QIB and Sycophanta are enemies, Lynne seems to genuinely want to be friends with Lydia, even giving Lydia her number and becoming her Hunger Social Link, though she insists that they don't talk about Persona business.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Rosalia is a singular evil angel, bringing up Lynne's darker thoughts and desires, and becoming more prominent while she's in the quartz valley.
  • Know When To Fold Them: After getting foiled by F.Z. in Nori's Idol's Nest, she decides they're better off leaving it alone.
  • Making a Splash: Rosalia can use Aqua spells, giving Lynne another parallel with Lydia.
  • Not Brainwashed: When Lydia asks her if it's possible that they may be being controlled, Lynne angrily states that everything she and the others have done is of their own free will. This is corroborated by Chapter 3 of the fic All the Myriad Ways, which depicts how she met and accepted her Idol. That said, Lynne does note that her thoughts change while inside the valley, leading her to become more murderous.
  • Poisonous Person: Rosalia can use Poison skills, which she uses to curbstomp the QIB the first time they meet.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Rosalia has red eyes and is a very powerful and dangerous Persona.

Corbin Sanders

Arcana: IV. The Emperor
Persona: Gilgamesh
Sycophanta's co-founder alongside Lynne.

His Persona is Gilgamesh, who has the ability to open portals between the real world and mirror world just like F.Z.

  • Badass Baritone: Speaks with a deep baritone while in the mirror world.
  • Badass Beard: Gilgamesh has a long beard and is extremely powerful.
  • Jerkass: Insults Lynne for getting herself hurt while helping her dad with the house, and takes great pleasure at taunting the QIB for their shortcomings.
  • Portal Door: His whip can open portals between the real world and mirror world.
  • Troll: He loves getting a rise out of people, in particular the QIB.


Arcana: VII. The Chariot
Persona: Midas
A new recruit of Sycophanta, the QIB first encounter her when they visit Jacob's Parthenon.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: In-universe Lydia feels bad about beating her since she just cries instead of insulting them, but the rest of the QIB are far less sympathetic, F.Z. even taking the time to go break her glasses before handling them back to her.
  • Combat Stilettos: Wears four inch heels in the mirror world, but even with them on is still way shorter than Lynne is.
  • It's All About Me: Lynne notes that compared to the rest of Sycophanta, her desires were and are a lot more self-centered than theirs.
  • Light Is Not Good: Midas uses Hama-spells, but Valerie is a villain on the side of Sycophanta.
  • Taken for Granite: Midas can turn people into golden statues, much like his namesake, which happens to Nathan when they fight her.
  • Older Than They Look: Unlike the rest of the Sycophanta, who are comprised of teenagers, she's actually an adult at 21, which isn't immediately apparent due to her short height.
  • Really Gets Around: Lynne's version of Chapter 50 reveals that Valerie has a habit of getting into one-night stands with men she meets at bars.

Rory Lewis

Arcana: XIII. Death
Persona: Yama
A student of Quartz Eastern High who joined Sycophanta at roughly the same time Jacob joined the QIB, since both were trapped in the mirror world at the exact same time.
  • Nice Guy: Despite being on the opposing side, he's a genuinely nice person outside of battle.

Gina Alvarez

Arcana: XVII. The Star
Persona: Aura
A Fulton High student who ended up getting trapped in the mirror world at the same time Nori was, but ended up getting recruited by Sycophanta instead. She happens to be the daughter of Fulton's chemistry teacher, Ms. Alvarez.

Her Persona is Aura, the Titan-goddess personification of the wind from Greek mythology.

  • Cool Shades: Wears a pair of sunglasses as her other self within the mirror world.
  • Jumped at the Call: Gina is one of the more enthusiastic members of Sycophanta regarding what they do.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Has a habit of rhyming when in the mirror world.
  • Sensor Character: Aura is a Sensor-type Persona like Icarus, though Gina notes that her sensing isn't quite as good while in battle mode, and admits that Icarus is the better sensor of the two because it's completely dedicated to the task.


    Other Characters 

Mr. Marshall

Lydia, Allie, and Damien's US History teacher.

Alexander Melvin Black

Arcana: 0. The Fool (Presumably)
Persona: Hamlet

Lydia's boyfriend from her original hometown, who died saving her life shortly before she moved to Quartz. In one scenario within the fic All the Myriad Ways, he gains the Wild Card ability instead due to Lydia dying instead of him.

His Persona would've been Hamlet, from the eponymous play.

  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Hamlet specializes primarily in physical skills using his sword.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Is implied to have done one to save Lydia's life, leaving her with no small degree of Survivor's Guilt as a result.
  • For Want of a Nail: Chapters 1 and 2 of All the Myriad Ways, which take place in a universe where Lydia is implied to have died instead of him, have Alexander become the Beholder instead with Hamlet as his Persona.
  • The Lost Lenore: Part of the reason Lydia is reluctant to date again is due to Alexander's death being still fresh in her mind.
  • Posthumous Character: Has been dead since before the story began, but his influence looms large over Lydia, and he gets more characterization in All the Myriad Ways.

Yolanda Zavala

Arcana: ???
Persona: Kabandha

One of the protagonists of the uncompleted In the Eye of the Beholder prequel fic The Fragile Veil, the mother of F.Z aka Rissa, and a Persona user.

Her Persona was Kabandha, the demon defeated and freed from a curse by Rama.

  • Hero of Another Story: One of the protagonists of The Fragile Veil.
  • Life Will Kill You: After surviving a harrowing adventure while trapped at her university, she dies in a car crash years later.
  • Posthumous Character: Died in a car crash years before the events of the story.
  • Sole Survivor: Of the Corpus incident apart from Lloyd Ross, who ended up in a mental asylum for years as a result of all he witnessed.


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