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The Author Avatars of the various forumgoers.

Wierd Joykill

A necromancer and all-around genius. He's a bit abrasive, but most of the other forumites are willing to overlook it. Doesn't get along well with Eric.

Tropes associated with wierd:

Gizogin/Gizo X

The Chief Medical Officer of the fortress, along with his android replica.

Tropes associated with both Gizogins:

Tropes exclusive to Gizogin:

Tropes exclusive to Gizo X:


A forumite in the body of a dragon.


Zanzatkuken the Great

A forumite that was transferred to a different universe by a mistake in the program. He ascended the ranks of a dragon civilization, and became a planeswalker. He is now dead.

Tropes associated with Zanzetkuken



A kobold with a stealing problem. Specifically, he doesn't steal nearly as much as normal kobolds do.

Eric Blank

The only one who actually gets things done. He organizes all the dwarves while the other forumites are off messing with the fabric of reality or having silly adventures.

Tropes associated with Eric:

  • Only Sane Man: He certainly sees himself this way, and is probably the most down-to-earth of all the forumites.


A human Swordsman, who arrived at the fortress along with 3 merfolk. He apparently was a former prisoner of goblins, after his Uncle betrayed his brothers family to a mysterious figure known only as "The Marshal". Will do anything to redeem his family's name.

Tropes associated with Corvus:

  • Evil Uncle: His uncle, who was only given half the family land. His reaction: Betray my own family to goblins, so I rule the land/county!

Tropes associated with the merfolk:Also none.


A dwarf, seemingly inhabited by the soul of a forumite. Not really a possession, more a reincarnation. This Reudh was 'forcibly ejected' from his mountainhome for using an ancient form of Masonry to turn stone into any object he so desires, and have it so function - eg. he can shape a stone into a dagger, and it will work as well as any metal dagger, but being that it is stone it will likely shatter very quickly, possibly after the first strike.He's a fairly secondary Forumite, and even then he's only a quasi-Forumite anyway. A mild, quiet dwarf, he is. The downside of his masonry is that inevitably someone will get hurt by it.

Tropes associated with Reudh:

  • Cast from Lifespan - Reudh's masonry skills take the lives of people near him, slowly. The incident that prompted his forced ejection was an attempt to shape a huge obsidian block- a bang and three dwarves were immured alive inside. Recently revealed that the mechanism is the Architectinomicron's presence in Reudh is able to siphon life force- but wisely it chooses only to take the life force that is in excess. It was the cause of his forced ejection when it became desperate and lashed out.

  • Blessed with Suck: Again, Reudh's masonry skills have a downside. Not to mention they aren't that useful anyway... at the moment.

  • Glass Cannon: Reudh's pushdagger and hammer made from cinnabar stones are roughly as strong as steel, thanks to his masonry, but are likely to shatter with any sort of use. The pushdagger hasn't seen use; but the hammer's handle has snapped once while Reudh was attempting to free Corai and his kobolds from a cave they were immured in. It's more of a Glass Weapon situation.

  • Improvised Weapon: Anything made of stone can be hastily changed into a small knife, or given time, a larger weapon.


Clockwork Hugo

The Opponent


An extremely powerful sorceress who worships former Forumite KodKod. KodKod, who became a name to run away from very fast.

     Supporting Characters 


An ancient mummy, grumpy at having been disturbed from his slumber. Prone to fits of violent rage and swearing.


Gizogin's younger sister. A teleport with a fair amount of magical skill.

Tropes associated with Lana:


One of the peasants Reudh assigned to search for fruit. Foolishly he ate some Ngumrashfruit and is currently vomiting his guts out while searching for any of the Gizo-Bodies. Othob is dwarven for 'Stupid', and it fits.

Tropes associated with Othob:

  • Too Dumb to Live: This. So far, his only notable occurrence has been eating poison fruit, despite Wierd knowing what fruits were alright to eat.
  • Ascended Extra: Othob was one of a group of seven dwarven peasants that Eric Blank selected to help Reudh with harvesting. He's the only named one so far.

Cog Wrathhammer

A dwarven adventurer of some repute. Wound up in the same world as the forumites after a fierce battle with an evil sorcerer. Lana eventually sent him home again.


An elf rescued from Thari's tower. Reudh remade his eyes out of stone... but a drawback is that Kenozi is a mind slave to Reudh. Magic, even Masonry Magic has side effects. Reudh has never attempted to control him and is unaware that he can, and so for the moment Kenozi has free will. Kenozi could not remember his own name after the brainwashing, and so he named himself Kenoziathe, which is Elvish for "Fierce-rock". Reudh mentioned that the dwarven equivalent would be "Zikelid", so Kenozi adopted the name of Kenoziathe-Zikelid. He hasn't made an appearance for a while, presumably healing the injuries of his recovered sight.

Tropes associated with Kenozi:

  • Happiness in Slavery: Kenozi for the moment is utterly thankful to Reudh after recovering his sight. He is unaware of the mental link, and so is Reudh... though when the link is activated Kenozi will gladly be a happy slave.
  • Body Horror: The torture inflicted on the elves by Thari for her pursuit of science was beyond anything ever seen.


Archie is a manifestation of the tome (the ancient Architectinomicron) that Reudh read many years ago to acquire the forbidden masonry. It survives and feeds its powers by siphoning excess life force from nearby people or animals. It is neither malevolent nor helpful- it tells Reudh that it will only take excess life force as it benefits Reudh as a host (no one sickens, no one finds out), and it benefits Archie (it gets fed and can continue to help Reudh's masonry).

Tropes associated with Archie:


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