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This is the Character Sheet for Ice Heart. They will not be organized in alphabetical order, just so you know. Also, it's under HEAVY construction. Due to the amount of Character Development that Snow Fox Of Death is trying to work in, spoilers will not always be marked.

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     Protagonists (Living and Dead) 

Arane Westfield/Kitsune

A half-Hyra who is the current cleric of Kitsune and also one of the last of that clan. She was born in a farming village owned by a minor lord and worked in the family's plot of land for most of her life (hence the surname from her human family, Westfield— her family was given the field on the westernmost side of the village). However, after Risaki disappeared and her father died, she and her younger brother Lartol were forced into servitude in order to pay off their taxes. Due to fire phobia that renders her practically useless in a kitchen, Arane turned to hunting to earn her keep, and only her naivety saved her from becoming a concubine.

After beginning her adventure, Arane, with Kitsune and Wylfing's help, becomes more aware of suffering as well as the complexity of human emotion, all of which only confuse her more. By the time Lartol commits suicide, it can be said that most of her maturity came from repeatedly suffering. And again. And again. And it shows when she becomes almost as cynical as Wylfing, using what remains of her old self as a cover for her real feelings and saving it for him.

Wylfing of Argon

A human werewolf who is the third child of the king and queen of Ruenia. Thanks to his birth, his mother died, and his father accidentally summoned the Soul Thief. He was bitten by an werewolf ambassador when he was seven and exiled like all werewolves, but ran away because he didn't want to be a monster. He was not given a warm welcome back. At this point, he began developing a bitter and cynical outlook, but managed to become friends with his older brother and a maid called Euphie.

Wylfing's past left emotional scars on him that his constant dwelling only deepened until he developed his current problems, including his dislike of physical contact and his insane attachment to certain things. He almost hated Arane at first because she bothered him so much, but he came to realize that she was just naive. Pitying her, he started teaching her about how people work and in the process grew possessive of her until he realized he was in love. When she rejected him, he was devastated.

Damie Kitsune

Arane's half-brother. Risaki gave him the ability to read minds/sense life forces after the Soul Thief ripped his eyes out. He is a Jerkass Stoic who spends his time giving intelligence to the Order of the Spirit Keepers, going to extreme lengths to protect his sister, and being strangely kind to certain people. Needless to say, everyone either hates him or feels uncomfortable around him, even though he keeps his abilities a secret (but Wylfing guessed a long time ago).

Fifty years ago, he was a cheerful guy who was friends with Wylfing, who introduced him to Lumi. Soon after, he lost his eyes to the Soul Thief in exchange for her life. Years later, they eloped, but Risaki found them and warned them that it could never end well and wiped Lumi's memories. Their daughter, Lunara, was swapped with Mikio and Midoka's stillborn baby.

The Twins

Lini and Lumi have conflicting personalities but they are so inseparable people usually refer to them that way. Their surname comes from the fact that their father made fishnets for a living. Their mother, cleric of Knox, and the cleric of Argent were summoned to the castle to figure out how to turn the king back to normal. It was in this way that the king's children discovered that he was possessed by a demon. The Soul Thief killed the two clerics, who passed on their powers to the twins. They went to the Resistance with the king's children but they also helped Risaki form the Order of the Spirit Keepers. Both of them currently work as spies.

Lini Netter

A girl who is at least fifty-eight years old but has been granted temporary immortality from the goddess Knox and therefore looks about eighteen. As the cleric of Knox, Lini has powers over wind and is very sneaky. She served as the head of the Resistance's stealth force. Evangeline ordered her to send someone along to help Arane and Wylfing find the Death Scroll, but she decided she was bored and went to do it herself. She kidnapped Arane and explained her past to her.

Is in love with Phoebus, but denies it at the top of her lungs. Her twin sister Lumi and Wylfing like to snicker about it behind her back.

Lumi Netter

Lini's twin sister and the cleric of Argent. Lumi is calmer and less likely to lose her temper, but ditzier. She was also given temporary immortality and led the group of magicians working for the Resistance. As the cleric for the goddess of magic, dreams, and music, she is The Ace when it comes to magic and spends a lot of time with her head in the clouds. Was told to send one along to help Arane and Wylfing find the Death Scroll, but, like her sister, she decided she was bored and did it herself. Unlike her sister, she was distracted in their homeland of Tania and decided to build a castle and wait for them there.

Lumi and Wylfing are both very nerdy and are Platonic Life-Partners, but everyone thinks it's odd that she has no interest in men. It turns out that this is the result of lingering memories of Damie that Risaki failed to suppress. She doesn't remember her marriage to him, but feels that she has to wait for someone.

Phoebus of Argon

Wylfing's older brother who was born as the heir to the throne of Argon. He doesn't like responsibility, so he offered the position to Wylfing, who gave it to Evangeline. Very book dumb and irritates his brother a lot, almost as a hobby. He is just as Hot-Blooded as Lini and their supposedly nonexistent relationship shows it.

Despite their differences, Phoebus is good friends with his brother and seems to be able to read him as well as Arane. He drinks a lot, but not as much as Wylfing, and does not have a place in the council because he's too lazy. He spends most of the time in the background, which he doesn't seem to mind, but wishes that he could at least be taken seriously.

Evangeline of Argon

The eldest of the royal family and also the least compassionate. Due to jealousy of Wylfing, (the Soul Thief chose to possess her to feed off of the aura her soul produced from it. It just made her hate the poor kid even more) she was less than kind to him and they were rivals for years. It did not help when she became the leader of the Resistance. The truth is, she's scared of what might happen to her if he gets too pissed, so she tries not to push him too far. The two are both clarividents and she actually took him under her wing until they realized that he was a little too clever for his own good.

The reason she's such a Jerkass is because while Wylfing was in exile, the Soul Thief was torturing Risaki's first husband in a dungeon. She found them, the Soul Thief sensed her blooming jealousy of her brother's cleverness and fear of his inner monster, and decided he could feed off the hatred in her soul for a while. It keeps going until Wylfing kills her.

Erina Abelin

A noblewoman who can read the Life Scroll. She was discovered by spies in Argon in the beginning of the third book. She was very taken with Wylfing from the moment they met and almost managed to seduce him. Evangeline decided to "make Wylfing happy" by arranging a marriage between them. Arane was not pleased, mainly because she believed that Erina's Damsel in Distress status would put Wylfing in danger.

Lartol Westfield/Kitsune

Arane's adopted younger brother. His main purpose was to be Plucky Comic Relief and be a universal Morality Pet. The Soul Thief did Mind Rape on him until he committed suicide in order to make Arane less mentally stable. In Ice Flower Wylfing was given the task of taking care of him while Arane wasn't around and Lartol revealed to him their Backstory and why they are what they are.

Risaki Kitsune

Arane and Damie's mother and the former cleric of Kitsune. After she was Happily Married to Damian, a Hyra from the clan of Kenta, the Soul Thief eradicated hers. He accompanied her on the revenge quest. The Soul Thief found them, however, but Damian interfered to let her escape, but the Soul Thief was so pissed that he tortured him in Argon. Risaki escaped with him, but he died after reaching home. She begged his parents to kill her and give the god vessel to someone else, but they refused because she was pregnant. However, they did try to keep Damie and exiled her from their clan, but Damie followed her and he too was shunned by Kenta. Her older brother, Mikio, was found alive and she moved in with his family. The child Risaki had been carrying during this ordeal was miscarried in the meantime. Risaki later presented evidence against the Resistance's belief that the king was still alive (among other more important things) but Evangeline dismissed them as lies. An assassination attempt did not help matters, but it did result in the Order of the Spirit Keepers.

Word of God says she has not yet found a plausible explanation for how she got through her second marriage with all that in her mind. Risaki was visibly depressed ever since Damian died and was not very attentive to her children, including Damie, but especially Lartol. Before her disappearance, she gave Arane the bow and arrows, and taught her some elementary shooting. After reaching the clan Mikio had married into, she died, having arrived too late to fix damage from her stay in the warmer regions, though she also lost the will to live.

     The Order of the Spirit Keepers 

When Risaki's information was condemned as lies by Evangeline, Lini and Lumi believed her and helped form the Order. Eventually, they created a small army of Hyras, elves, dwarves, and some Resistance members that act as spies. Representatives of each species, one male and one female, meet in the home of Lysander the elf, using magic mirrors to involve the higher ranking members of the army in the discussion. Most of their work is sabotaging Resistance efforts that will hinder their own goals and researching anything that might help their cause.


The elf whose home is the meeting place of the Order. When Risaki was hiding from the Resistance, he sheltered her. In addition, he is the cleric of Sirius.

  • Butt-Monkey: This would be unusual, as he's an elf, but Word of God says that the elves in this series are a parody of traditional fantasy elves, so...


A young elf girl who is the cleric of Avia. Arane is rather fond of her.

Dags Bellcote

A human who was a former general in the Resistance, but was discharged by Evangeline for unknown reasons, probably because of his missing leg. He was a member since its founding and is therefore quite old, but he'd still be out there kicking butt if he still had his leg. Spends his time dispensing military advice, drinking, and groping. Mircissa is his daughter.

Mircissa Bellcote

A human woman that wields a giant ax and has a nasty attitude. Dags is her father. Her mother was killed by the Soul Thief.

Ronund Bergarinsson

A dwarf who likes to swing a mace around and pretend he knows everything. He is the cleric of Gilgamesh.

Ervada Albelinessdaughter

A dwarf woman whose unofficial job is keep Ronund's ego in check. She is the cleric of Meili.


The Soul Thief (Shiro Kitusne)

The Big Bad of the series who... well... steals souls. His real name is Shiro. About seventy years before the main plot, he was part of a farming family like Arane, and with a Hyra father. Also much like Arane, the Hyra left and the human died from grief. Very much unlike Arane, he killed his little sister, Daisy, to lessen his burden, but was so horrified that he learned magic and used his new skills to trap souls of people he killed, hoping to be able to trade them off and bring Daisy back. Over time, however, he forget his original intent because he just enjoyed the killing. However, when he visited the city of Argon, he stalked Nimue, Wylfing's future mother, by getting a job as a gardener in the palace. When he found out she would marry the prince, he was so upset that he was careless enough to be caught and killed by someone seeking revenge for a previous murder he had committed. After burning in hell for a while, he sensed a disruption in the barrier between the mortal and spirit world, recognized the king's voice screaming for his wife, and Shiro's soul energy was so strong that he managed to escape. He possesses the king and has effectively taken control of the government so he can run around and kill people and not have to worry about silly little things like the law.

Uses a floating castle as headquarters for his vampire, werewolf, and Vrylupis army.


An undead little girl that serves the Soul Thief who always calls him "[big] brother". This turns to be true.


Mioku Shou

First seen in Ice Flower flirting with Arane, [ the author is still debating whether or not to include a rape scene. He follows her back to the elves and stalks her, much to Wylfing's displeasure. However, he soon disappears after Soul Thief makes him a deal: become a Vrylupis and work for him and Wylfing dies, leaving him free to take Arane, and there will be some way to make it so that there is no need for her to die. Even though a lot of his feelings for Arane seem to be lust, he is also attracted to her for her sweetness and naivety, but that probably just turns him on even more. [[spoiler: When he realizes the Soul Thief never intended to spare Arane, he helps Wylfing and Erina save her in the last book.

Mikio Kitsune

Risaki's older brother and Arane and Damie's uncle. He survived the massacre of the Kitsune clan, but was separated from his sister and they couldn't find each other for years. Probably something to do with the fact she traveled the world to get her revenge. In the meantime, he had married into the Shou clan.

  • Berserk Button: His sister and Lunara.
  • Dirty Old Man: He makes a lot of sexual jokes, but as far as we know, he hasn't cheated on Midoka.
  • Papa Wolf: He's very protective of Lunara.

Midoka Shou

Mikio's soft-spoken and docile wife, which is unusual for a Hyra, but she is really very, very scary.

Kito Shou

The somewhat hapless son of the cleric of Shou who seems to be around Damie's age. We don't see much of his father, but Arane makes friends with him during her stay with the Hyras. Mioku was his best friend, but they drifted apart over the years.


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