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This is a list of characters from the animated film series: Ice Age, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and Ice Age 5: Collision Course.

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The 'Herd'

A group of unlikely prehistoric animals who wind up becoming a tight-knit community.


  • Badass Crew: They are very close companions (to the point of considering each other family) and are each tough and strong in their own ways.
  • Family of Choice: Most of them are different species but are part of the Herd regardless.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Many of the relationships of the Herd begin because they were forced to work together for a common goal. And in the end, the bond solidified.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Four mammoths, three ground sloths, two sabretooth cats, two possums, and a molehog. As Sid himself put it:
    Sid: We are the weirdest herd I have ever seen.
  • Undying Loyalty: Bickering or not, they got each other's back.

Introduced in Ice Age

    Manfred "Manny"
Voiced by: Ray Romano

A mammoth whose full name is Manfred; Manny is introduced in the first film as anti-social and uncaring to those around him but he gets better and eventually becomes quite friendly and kind if not a total killjoy.

  • Action Dad: Both an actual dad and a Team Dad. Either way, he doesn't shy away from getting into a fight if it means defending himself and/or his family.
  • Adult Fear: He lost his first family to hunters prior to the events of Ice Age and is constantly fearful of Ellie and especially Peaches meeting the same fate. This becomes a mild source of tension when Peaches becomes a teen and later, an adult.
  • Affectionate Nickname: He's called "Bro-Dad" by Julian.
  • Aesop Amnesia: He never does get over his fear of something happening to Ellie and Peaches, but considering that he watched his first family die while he was unable to protect them (and that dangerous things refuse to stop happening), this is entirely justified. However, he's had to learn to respect the fact that Peaches isn't a baby anymore several times.
  • Amazon Chaser: Manny, himself, refers to Ellie as "stubborn and hard-headed" and loves her for it.
  • Animal Species Accent: Ray Romano's low, nasally voice goes hand-in-hand with Manny's long trunk.
  • Babies Ever After: He and Ellie have a daughter, Peaches, by the end of the third movie.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Ellie in the second film.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Being betrayed. After he finds out about Diego's ambush, he becomes the most furious we've ever seen him. He even comes damn near close to killing Diego right then and there.
      Diego: I'm sorry—
      Manny: [pins him to the wall with his tusks] No you're not! Not yet.
    • Creatures who kill for pleasure, likely due to his experiences with humans. This makes him something of a Bully Hunter - though rather than being something he goes out of his way to do, it's rather that it's one of the few things that can take him out of his apathy and shows that he really does care.
    • He also hates being called fat claiming he’s poofy.
  • Big Good: Throughout the entire series he’s one to his herd and family.
  • The Big Guy: Manny is a combination of Classes 1 and 2. He's a Gentle Giant, but you do NOT want to piss him off because he will attempt to kill you.
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio: The big to Diego's thin and Sid's short.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The brunet to Sid's blond and Diego's redhead.
  • Broken Bird: His first wife and first kid being killed by hunters was what got him to always defy friendship.
  • Catchphrase: Manny has two, that relate both to his weight.
    • "I'm NOT Fat!"
    • "I'm Poofy".
  • Character Development: In the first movie, Manny was a grouchy, antisocial mammoth without a firm belief in staying loyal to others, and was easily annoyed, mostly at Sid's idiosyncrasies. But as the film went by, he revealed himself to be a good person who had just lost his way after the loss of his family. And his new friends, Sid and Diego, helped him develop into a more social and nice guy.
  • Crusading Widower: It's revealed in the first film that his wife and son were killed by humans.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Brown pelt and brown eyes.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: His wife and child were killed by humans, which is why he is so grumpy now.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Manny lost his first wife and child by hunters.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Though not as pronounced as Diego.
  • Defrosting Ice King: His apparent cold exterior at the beginning of the original Ice Age is because he's suffered the recent loss of his family. Fortunately, Roshan, Sid, and Diego fall into his path and give him something more to live for, and his friendships with them gradually reveal the deep warmth of Manny's heart.
  • Determinator: Once he sets his mind do something, he is either far too headstrong or far too stubborn (or both) to give up on it.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Even at his lowest point during the first film, Manny makes it very clear to Carl and Frank that he doesn't like animals that kill for pleasure.
    • As much as a jerk he could be in the first film, he noticeably always intervenes when it looks like Sid, Diego, and especially Roshan are in life-threatening danger, even if just moments before or afterwards he's grumbling about how much of a pain they're being.
    • From the fourth film, Sid often gets on Manny's nerves a lot, but abandoning the poor sloth behind his back with his grandmother was something that shocked him, and he geuninely felt bad for Sid when breaking the news to him.
  • Gentle Giant: As grumpy as he can be, he's harmless unless you mess with his herd.
  • Gleeful and Grumpy Pairing: The happy go lucky and outgoing sloth, Sid, formed a one-sided friendship with the grumpy wooly mammoth, Manny. By the end of the movie, though, their friendship becomes genuine, albeit, a bit volatile.
  • Grumpy Bear: Moreso in the first film, but toned down greatly in the next three. He appears to be only playful in the sequels.
  • Happily Married:
    • With Ellie. They bicker at times but their love and devotion to each other remains steadfast.
    • Was also this to his former mate before she and their child were killed by humans. A brief shot of them together showed that they deeply loved one another.
  • Heartbroken Badass: In the first film, he's mourning his family. He's still the biggest and toughest of the characters.
  • Held Gaze: With Diego, twice - once in the original film and then again in Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Bonus points for happening in highly tense moments for both of them.
  • The Hero: He is the protagonist of the movies, and The Leader of the Herd.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: He falls for the Fiery Redhead Ellie in the second movie.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When he takes Diego's place on the ice bridge, knowing that he may die by taking his place.
  • Honorable Elephant: Rather, a mammoth, which is a prehistoric relative of the elephant. But he's definitely honorable, heroic, usually the Straight Man, and an all-around badass.
  • I Am Big Boned: Apparently he's not fat... his fur just makes him look 'poofy'.
  • Ineffectual Loner: Originally this in the first movie.
  • In-Series Nickname: His full name is "Manfred".
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: At least after Character Development set in. Before that he was bordering on Jerkass, if only because his grief-depression and borderline suicidal behavior is making him antisocial. By later films, Manny has mellowed out significantly and cares dearly about his herd. Even Sid.
  • The Kirk: As The Leader, Manny fits this archetype well, and is often the mediator between Sid and Diego during their disputes when they get on each other's nerves.
  • Last of His Kind: He's lead to believe so early on in The Meltdown, but is later subverted after meeting Ellie and realizing there are dozens of more mammoths like him at the end of the film.
  • The Leader: Type Mastermind and Levelheaded. For the former, he's usually the one coming up with the plans and for the latter, he's usually the Only Sane Man.
  • Meaningful Name: Manfred is German for "Man of Peace" and throughout the first movie - and into the sequels - he stands out as someone who is against injustice and corruption who tries to keep the peace.
  • Moving Beyond Bereavement: Manny starts the first film as a cynical loner after the death of his wife and child, but after bonding with Diego, Sid and Roshan he's able to grow out of his shell and move on from his former loneliness. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown continues his arc, having him doubtful of seeking a new romantic partner, Ellie, due to still not having moved on from his previous family. In the end, he's able to finally move on and is able to start a new family with Ellie and the rest of the Herd.
  • Not So Above It All: While Manny has been known to get annoyed by Sid's antics and tomfoolery, when Sid teased Diego for his Belligerent Sexual Tension with Shira, he happily joined.
    Sid and Manny: [singing] Diego and Shira, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
    Diego Real mature, guys... Real mature...
  • Oblivious to Love: He doesn't appear to be aware that he's falling for Ellie in the second movie until Sid points it out. Subverted in that he's perfectly aware of his own attraction to her... he's still coping with the loss of his family is all.
  • Official Couple: With Ellie.
  • Only Sane Man: Most of the time, he can be seen rolling his eyes or getting angry at pretty much everyone.
  • Overprotective Dad: Justified, given his past. Losing his first wife and child has him terrified over the prospect of losing Ellie and Peaches.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Manny's fur is darker in comparison to Ellie's.
  • Papa Wolf: DO NOT under any circumstance mess with this mammoth's herd or family.
    • One of the best examples in the cycle is the event when Manny and Diego are defending from guanlongs Ellie giving birth to her daughter.
    • If you attempt to kill Manny's wife and daughter, as Gutt found out — Manny will bat you far far far away into the distance so you'll never harm his family or anyone else ever again.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: The savvy guy (Only Sane Man) to Ellie's energetic girl (Fiery Redhead) in the second movie.
  • Shipper on Deck: He (with Sid) tease Diego about his growing attraction towards Shira in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Manny is aloof, standoffish and depressed for most of the first movie, because he's still grieving the recent deaths of his family, but his heart eventually starts to unthaw from his friendship with Sid and Diego, and his feelings of paternal care for Roshan.
  • Straight Man: Manny's often the most serious and rational character in the movies and lot of his humor comes from him being annoyed by Sid's antics.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: He's usually the serious one opposed to Sid's goofy personality.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Especially in the first movie — he was cold, rude, and aloof but showed his kinder side in moments of vulnerability. After Character Development, he's still serious, but shows more of his softer side.
  • Team Dad: He's the 'Daddy', Ellie's the 'Mommy', Diego's the 'Uncle', and Crash, Eddie, and Sid are the 'Children'.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Manny has always been a badass considering his size and strength, but he took Badass skills Up to Eleven when fighting the evil Captain Gutt.
    Manny: You know, sometimes, it pays to weigh 11 TONS!
    [leaps on the edge of the ice, launching Gutt into the air] Bon voyage, Monkey boy! [strikes Gutt with a log, sending him flying far away into the distance]
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Manfred had been surly and asocial after losing his mate and his child. However, after restoring the human infant Roshan to his father, Manfred discards his isolationism and happily forms his own herd with Diego and Sid.
    • This continues further on in the sequels, as Manny proceeds to start over as the herd gets bigger and bigger.
  • Tragic Hero: Noted in the first film. One of the reasons the audience can sympathize with Manny despite him being a total jackass to everyone is because of his horrible backstory. One day, human hunters attacked his family and killed both his wife and son. Although Manny escaped the hunters, he laced himself with so much guilt over his inability to save his family that he became a cynical, depressed loner with no friends or anyone to talk to.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Manny's favorite fruit are peaches, which led to his daughter's name.
  • Troubled, but Cute: His Troubled Backstory Flashback in the Original movie reveals him to be this - poor Manny.
  • Undying Loyalty: Manny is a firm believer in staying loyal. He tells Sid to be loyal, or in his case grateful, to his mate. Manny also wanted to stay loyal to his late wife in the second film.
  • Uptight Loves Wild: The grumpy, sarcastic, and sane Manny fell in love with the energetic, strange, and stubborn Ellie. This is lampshaded by Sid:
    Manny: So, you think she's the girl for me?
    Sid: Oh, yeah, she's tons of fun, and you're no fun at all. She "completes" you.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Sid. Manny may be vocal about how Sid is annoying, but also won't hesitate to save the sloth when it counts.
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Sid states that Manny has beautiful eyes.
  • The Worf Effect: An implied and barely averted example in the first film. Manny is established as formidable since the beginning of the film when he easily tosses aside two rhinos. However, the Sabretooths give him considerably more trouble, in part thanks to the foreshadowed strategy of blocking his escape route, and it's implied that Soto would've killed Manny were it not for Diego intervening at the last second.
  • You Are Grounded: He pulls off a humorous Bait-and-Switch version of this trope in Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, in which he seemingly grounds Peaches for running off to the North Pole... then clarifies he was talking to Sid!

    Sidney "Sid"
Voiced by: John Leguizamo

A sloth who is the 'Gooey Stuff' that keeps the herd together. He is portrayed as clumsy, fast-talking, and unpopular; and is voiced with a lateral lisp. Also self-dubs himself 'Lord of the Flame' after he learns to create fire in the first film.

  • Action Survivor: Sid is a pretty physically average ground sloth who has no fighting skills and is frequently characterized as being trepidatious and timid. Despite that, ever since he first crossed paths with Manny and Diego, he's found himself having to survive all sorts of insane, dangerous situations he never thought he would find himself in - like outwitting a pack of hungry sabertooth cats, being hunted by sea monsters during the time of a great flood, being dragged off into a land of dinosaurs, and embarking on a dangerous odyssey across the seven seas with his friends while they're being hunted by pirates.
  • Accidental Athlete: In the original movie, several times. Sid makes a touchdown during a game of football against dodos, ice-skates better than his other traveling companions, and is successfully able to create the first skiing and snowboarding events in history!
  • Aesop Amnesia: In every film so far, Sid learns that the others do care about him and respect him, but seems to immediately forget this by the next one, so he can learn it again.
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio: The short to Manny's big and Diego's thin.
  • Black Sheep: He's considered a nuisance by his own family, and they abandoned him because of it. The fourth film reveals that while Sid is a screw-up and the pariah of his clan, he's ironically a better person than all of them, since Sid is capable of loyalty and caring about people other than himself.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The blond to Manny's brunet and Diego's redhead.
  • Butt-Monkey: Not even his family wanted him. The majority of Sid's problems are self-imposed, either through not being properly careful, or through having delusions of grandeur.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Especially in the first film, where he's a shameless flirt and (in a deleted scene) a groping, piggish horndog. He loses the worst of these traits as the films progress, but he never does learn to stop overestimating his attractiveness or his skills with women.
  • Character Development: A fairly subtle example. Sid starts out a total coward who only tags along behind Manny as protection from bigger animals, despite the mammoth's complaints. While Sid is still easily the most fearful member of the herd, by the end of the first film he's grown increasingly willing to put his own life at risk to help his friends, and throughout the following sequels he's faced near-certain death with them multiple times.
  • The Chew Toy: If you don't count Scrat, Sid's the victim of most physical comedy of the cast.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: More pronounced in the first film than the sequels. While Sid is easily the wackiest and most spontaneous animal of the core three compared to Manny or Diego - often thinking outside the box and doing his own thing, no matter how weird it may seem - he's gradually overtaken by Ellie and her brothers, Crash and Eddie, by the second film.
  • Comically Missing the Point: All the time.
    Sid: I was kidnapped by a tribe of mini sloths! And they worshipped me! I mean, sure, they tossed me into a flaming tar pit, but they worshipped me!
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He became this in the first film in the Dodo scene.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His biological family constantly abandoned him throughout his life.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Whereas Scrat headlined all the other short-subjects, Sid got Surviving Sid all to himself... albeit still with a Scrat cameo.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Very snarky towards Diego in the first film.
  • Distressed Dude: Since he is not of a particularly impressive build like Manny nor a formidable predator as Diego and much too brash, incompetent and impulsive for his own good, Sid needs saving a lot of the time.
  • The Ditz: Though he sometimes falls under Genius Ditz.
  • Dumbass Has a Point:
    • In the second film, he calls Diego out on his fear of water, then points out that with the ice melting and a flood approaching, he'll inevitably have to admit his fear and face up to it.
    • To Manny in the second film:
    "You need to let go of the past so that you can have a future."
  • Extreme Doormat: Subverted actually. Sid's weak-willed and cowardly nature has its limits, and if you push him far enough, he will push back, regardless of whether or not the person he's talking to can easily end him. For instance, his exchanges with Diego in the original film grow progressively sassy and rebellious.
    Manny: Sid, the tiger found a shortcut.
    Sid looks out at the deadly cave shortcut in front of them.
    Sid: No thanks, I choose life.
    Diego: (menacingly) Then I suggest you pick the shortcut.
    Sid: (feigning ignorance) Are you threatening me?
    Diego: MOVE SLOTH!
    A cave-in is triggered, causing the cavern to fall in towards them.
    Sid: (sarcastically) Way to go, tiger.
  • Fatal Flaw: Thanks to his rather abusive upbringing - where his parents and the rest of his family would repeatedly abandon him so he wouldn't be a hindrance to them - Sid has some major abandonment issues, which he becomes increasingly aware of throughout the movies. The Herd gave Sid a place where he belonged for the first time in his life, and in the third film, he comes to the stinging, sobering realization that he's more reliant on his friends for company than they're reliant on him: he spends a good chunk of that movie wondering what he's going to do with his life, when they're all seemingly moving on with theirs. Sid can also be very needy for validation due to his low self-esteem, which stems from a similar origin as his abandonment issues. In the second film, Sid grows resentful of the fact that Manny and Diego apparently don't respect him, and he spends much of that movie trying to prove himself and gain approval from someone or something.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Played with. If there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that Sid is a lazy and carefree loser. What's sad is Sid knows this, and is often trying and failing to earn himself more respect from the others. This is actually subverted quite a lot with Manny and Diego as it is shown they in fact do truly care for him, they know that he's the one who keeps their little family together, and legitimately feel bad when they hurt his feelings.
  • Freudian Excuse: He was abandoned and left behind by his parents more than once. After meeting Sid's Dysfunctional Family, even Diego comments "That explains a lot about Sid".
  • Genius Ditz: Sometimes, most commonly in Ice Age and Ice Age: The Meltdown where his abilities show him to be not as stupid as he looks - at times, anyway.
  • Gleeful and Grumpy Pairing: The happy go lucky and outgoing sloth, Sid, formed a one-sided friendship with the grumpy wooly mammoth, Manny. By the end of the movie, though, their friendship becomes genuine, albeit, a bit volatile.
  • Gonk: Sid isn't much of a looker: one of his eyes is bigger than the other, he has misaligned buck teeth and a pot-belly and is constantly flithy.
  • Graceful in Their Element: On ice.
  • The Heart: While he's often jokingly singled out as The Friend Nobody Likes, Manny and Diego admit that Sid is the one who holds the Herd together, since, for all his faults, he has a strong compassionate streak and he cares about the well-being of all of them as a group. Notably, in the original film, Sid is the first one of the trio to warm to Roshan, and the first one to want to help the baby for Roshan's own sake.
  • The Hero: According to the franchise's official wiki, he's the main protagonist of the third film.
  • Honorary Uncle: For his friend Manny's daughter Peaches.
  • Informed Species: Doesn't look very much like a ground sloth, but more like a modern day sloth, although not that much. To be fair, early concepts of Sid looked more like realistic ground sloths, but they looked kind of boring with not much personality. So they drew Sid as the sloth we know him today.
  • Innocently Insensitive: The defining feature of his personality is that he always speaks his mind without any consideration for the others thoughts or feelings, which is caused by his lack of understanding more than anything.
  • Jerkass Ball: Sid holds these moments sometimes, most notably in the third movie where he doesn't even give his friends one word of thanks for embarking on that perilous journey to save him, and instead complains about how hard watching his kids were — for one day!
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: As insensitive and annoying as he can be, he does still care about the herd, and in a way is the one that keeps them together.
  • Kindhearted Simpleton: As seen in Jerk with a Heart of Gold, he truly means well despite how unknowingly insensitive he can be most of the time.
  • Large Ham: John Leguizamo's performance as the wacky and zany sloth often provides some a lot of the movies' over-the-top comedy.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Initially, before they become friends, Sid only tags along behind Manny on his journey (against his wishes) so he can use him as protection against bigger, meaner animals - something they're both well aware of. As a result, Sid winds up having to contend with Diego, a very untrustworthy predator who has it out for him, for most of the movie to ensure Roshan's safety.
    Sid: Awww, the big bad tigey-wigey gets left behind. Poor Tigey-Wigey.
    Manny: Sid, Tigey-Wigey is gonna lead the way.
    Sid's expression slowly drops while Diego smirks wickedly.
  • Lovable Coward: Sid is easily the most fearful member of the herd, prone to a lot of complaining, and he’s considered a screw-up by his family to the point where they repeatedly abandoned him to get rid of him. Ironically, Sid goes on to develop better moral character than all of his family throughout the franchise. Sid’s relatives have a habit of cutting off anyone who inconveniences them as deadweight (like Sid or Granny). By contrast, despite being a self-confessed coward, there’s never a moment in the movies where Sid abandons his friends to try to save his own skin when they need him - whether it means confronting a hungry pack of sabertooth cats to save Roshan, risking getting eaten by sea monsters to save Diego, racing down a cliff to save Mama Rex’s eggs, or fighting off pirates to help Manny.
  • Manchild: Remember the time he got worried about what Santa Claus thinks?
  • The McCoy: To Manny's The Kirk and Diego's The Spock. Sid is easily the most emotional of the three and usually the first to remind his more stoic friends of their moral duties. Mainly in the first film, as it gets toned down in the sequels.
  • The Millstone: He has his moments of competence, but whenever the heroes' plans go wrong he's likely to be at fault. Especially notable in the third film, in which he spends most of the movie needing to be rescued by the others, and the one useful thing he does (help tie up Rudy) is undone moments later by himself.
  • The Nicknamer:
    • This pops up in the Original film, where he shortens Manfred's name to "Manny" and the name sticks.
    • His nickname for Roshan? "Pinkie!"
  • Non-Action Guy: Compared to Manny and Diego, Sid is easily the least physically capable member of the core three, and his fighting skills are non-existent. He's fully aware of his limitations as well. Whenever Sid is forced into a physical altercation with someone, he will either need to scramble for safety, be rescued by his friends, or outwit the animals who are currently trying to kill him.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: From the very minute he meets Manny, whom he compliments by saying "You have beautiful eyes" and his tendency to cling to people he likes (especially Diego, whose expressions indicate his dislike of this) show Sid as a very touchy-feely individual who doesn't seem to care about others' personal space.
  • Official Couple: As of the fifth movie, he becomes mates with Brooke.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Sid's fur is more dingy and dirty-looking than Brooke's brighter and colorful one.
  • Papa Wolf: As clumsy and cowardly as Sid can be, one surefire thing that will bring out his protective instincts is his love for children. In the original film, Sid was the first of the trio to take a shine to baby Roshan and would face any kind of danger to keep him safe: even confronting a pack of hungry sabertooth cats for him. In Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Sid grows just as fond of the baby T. Rex trio he adopted and shows his protective side towards them. He even stood up to their adult T. Rex.
  • Pet the Dog: Has a few instances of this.
  • Pick Up Babes With Babes: He tries this with Roshan in the Original film, using his relationship with the adorable little baby to impress a pair of sloth ladies, which actually seems to work until Manny steps in.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: He's the most comical of the main trio. Compared to his friends who have more emotional character arcs - like Diego's Heel–Face Turn causing him to adapt to a whole new lifestyle, or Manny trying to build a new life with Ellie as a widower - Sid's journeys throughout the films are often played more for laughs, though there is a bit of pathos wrung out of the abandonment issues his family gave him.
  • Prince Charming Wannabe: Ice Age: Chills, Thrills And Spills paints him as this.
  • The Quisling: Parodied in The Meltdown, he joins in dancing with the vultures during "Food, Glorious Food" and continues singing it in the next scene, despite it being about the vultures eating them. Its more a sign of his stupidity, eccentricities and childishness.
    Everyone: SID!
    Sid: What? It's catchy!
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: He does it constantly (i.e. the second time he encountered Carl & Frank). Let's face it, John Leguizamo truly has a feminine sounding scream.
  • Servile Snarker: Diego's on the top of the food chain, but it doesn't stop Sid from snarking at him.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: A ground sloth.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Sid tried to convince Manny to become a couple with Ellie. Unfortunately, his attempts were horrendously insensitive.
    • He (with Manny) tease Diego about his growing attraction towards Shira in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.
  • Smarter Than You Look: On his better days. He can even be tricky and resourceful to get his points across or teach a lesson.
  • Stealth Mentor: To Diego in the second film.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: He's usually the serious one opposed to Sid's goofy personality.
  • Suddenly Fluent in Gibberish: He's the one who manages to successfully communicate with the hyraxes in the fourth film.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Most of the time, especially in later movies.
    • He has also a moment in the second movie when he wants to jump off a waterfall in order to get respect from others.
    Manny: You jump off this, the only respect you're gonna get is respect for the dead.
    Diego: Come on, Manny. He's not that stupid. [Sid prepares to jump] But I've been wrong before.
    • In the fourth movie, when Sid is about to eat a berry, Diego warns him not to eat it because it was a lotus berry that could paralyze him. Ignoring his warning, Sid eats the berry... and becomes paralyzed.
  • Trickster Mentor: In the second film he subtly motivates Diego to learn how to swim by telling him that many animals learn how to swim at a young age. The catch? He left out the part about cats not being among said animals.
  • True Companions: With Diego and Manny. Despite the teasing and insults, the trio will never turn their backs on each other.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: With Brooke, as of the fifth movie. He is a goofy-looking, scrawny and awkward sloth, she is a pretty sloth with long hair.
  • The Un-Favourite: His own family left him behind in his sleep.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Manny and Diego. Despite their teasing, it's clear they truly care for him and feel bad when they hurt his feelings.
  • White Sheep: To the rest of his family. Despite initially being set up as the useless Black Sheep who's so annoying even his family doesn't want him, Sid eventually shows himself to be far more loyal and moral than they ever were; while his family just abandons anyone who inconviences them like Sid or Granny, Sid goes out of his way to keep his makeshift herd together no matter what danger he runs into.

Voiced by: Denis Leary

A smilodon who is the only carnivore of the group. Has a somewhat sarcastic personality, although it's usually not intended as malicious. He was a bad guy in the first film but after bonding with Manny and Sid he inevitably did a Heel–Face Turn.

  • Anti-Hero: He evolves into this via Character Development and Becoming the Mask in his role in the original movie. In the subsequent films, he's the only carnivore in the herd and probably the second prickliest member after Manfred as the brusque tough guy of the gang, but still a heroic figure nonetheless.
  • Anti-Villain: Diego is one from his very first appearance, where the expression in his eyes shows his qualms over Soto's order to kidnap the helpless baby for them to kill so that his leader can mete out his revenge on the humans.
  • The Atoner: Over the course of the first film as he starts Becoming the Mask which leads to a Heel–Face Turn which becomes a Heroic Sacrifice, so that he can ensure that Manny, the baby, and Sid, do not suffer because of his previous selfishness.
  • Babies Ever After: Discussed. In the fifth film, he and Shira discuss having children together and how good of parents they would be.
  • Bad Liar: This gem from Continental Drift:
    (after Sid's family ditched him and Granny behind their backs)
    Diego: I'll handle this. Sid? Uh... Your family was wiped out by an asteroid. Sorry.
  • Becoming the Mask: In the first film, Diego gradually begins to respect Manny, especially after he saves his life, and grows to love the baby, Roshan, which leads him to have compunctions about the plan he has set up for them, ultimately furthering his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Shira in the fourth film, as they trade sarcastic quips with one another while also developing a mutual attraction.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He's much friendlier after his Heel–Face Turn, but do not hurt Sid, Manny or the baby. When he tells you to leave them alone, you better leave them alone... Unless you want his claws in your face.
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio: The thin to Manny's big and Sid's short.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The redhead to Sid's blond and Manny's brunet.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Initially an icy loner and a remorseless killer, Diego becomes this trope after he thaws out through The Power of Friendship; it's even Lampshaded a few times when his friends tease him about it. Post Heel–Face Turn, Diego is still a tough guy, but he has a major soft spot for kids, he has a strong Odd Friendship with Sid that ensures he will always come to the sloth's aid when he needs him, and in general, he's fiercely loyal and protective when it comes to his friends / herd.
  • The Bully: To Sid, initially. When Diego was still an antagonistic character in the original film, he took an instant (and mutual) dislike to Sid for his flippant, lippy attitude. Invoking the usual hierarchy between predator and prey, Diego would frequently try to threaten, intimidate and browbeat Sid into submission by promising to eat him - though how much success he had in scaring the sloth and pushing him around would vary from scene to scene.
  • Bully Turned Buddy: Towards the end of the first film, Diego and Sid start to warm up to each other and become genuine friends, as signified by Diego pretending to threaten Sid and then roping him in for a playful noogie, as well as Sid being immensely relieved to see that Diego survived Soto’s attempt on his life. In the second film, there are still moments where Diego tries to threaten Sid into keeping quiet about his secrets, but they’ve clearly grown closer, and Sid has grown comfortable enough around the saber to pull him into a happy bear hug at the end. By the third, fourth and fifth films, any tension that used to exist between the two friends has disappeared entirely, save for some lighthearted teasing.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • In the first film, he wasn't, nor was he in the Christmas special or third film. But the second film constantly made him get freaked out by water.
    • In the fourth film, he constantly gets made fun of by Shira, has his species constantly questioned, accidentally gets stuck in a log ride, kisses Sid by accident, and is hugged by a swarm of hyraxes.
  • Cats Are Snarkers: Diego's usual response to the madness around him is an unimpressed look and a dry quip.
  • Cats Hate Water: This trope was used in the second film when Diego became freaked out about water as the area begins to flood.
  • Character Development:
    • Like Manny, the first movie has Diego learn to let go of his hatred of humans (who slaughtered many of his packmates) while he's spending time with Roshan.
    • Throughout the first film, he realizes how much better and healthier it is to surround yourself with friends and comrades who care about you, as opposed to a pack of people who are only out for themselves. His connection to the Herd wavers in the third film, when he thinks hanging around a bunch of herbivores all the time is making him too soft for a saber, but in the end, the lesson he learned about the importance of family is only strengthened by the experience. In the fourth film, he sees a bit of his old self in Shira, and he passes only along the wisdom he gained years ago to her, to help her break away from her Bad Boss and complete her Heel–Face Turn.
    • In the first film, Diego seemed to have anger management issues and was quick to lash out when provoked, and traces of that trait carried over to the second film. By the third and fourth films, he's mellowed out a lot more and gotten his temper under control as a result of maturing.
  • The Comically Serious: In the original. In the sequels, he's loosened up a bit.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Half of his pack were killed by human hunters so their fur can be used to keep warm.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He even surpasses Manny with his snarking. But then again, he is voiced by Denis Leary.
    Sid: Hey, my feet are sweating.
    Diego: Do we need a news flash every time your body does something?
  • Defector from Decadence: When he turns against Soto in the original film.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Like Manny, he starts out cold and emotionless, intent on only getting Pinky and using the others as a means for leverage within the pack with Soto, but his friendship with Manny and Roshan and Sid help him to thaw out emotionally.
  • Delivery Guy: While fighting off a bunch of hungry Guanlongs... poor Diego.
  • Demoted to Extra: He was pretty much demoted to being an extra in the Christmas special.
  • Deuteragonist: In the original film, as noted below on the Out of Focus entry, Diego is the second most important character in the film after Manny, since the original movie follows their Character Development and friendship closely and the impact they end up having on each other, whilst Sid is in the very minor role of "comic relief" and supporting character to both of their arcs.
  • Disney Death: In the original movie, he takes a seemingly mortal blow for Manny from Soto, only to turn up alive later on.
  • Double Agent: In the original film, he is working for Soto to get the baby, whilst pretending that he is friends with Manny and Sid and their charge. This later comes to bite him in the back, however, when he Heel-Face Turns.
  • The Dragon: To Soto's Big Bad for the first half of the first film until his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He didn't feel entirely comfortable about killing babies and also is loyal to those who save his life.
  • Good Is Not Soft: He's a warm, level-headed guy. Just don't hurt his Sid and Manny, or Roshan for that matter. It is only for the better when he demands you to leave his friends alone.
  • Guttural Growler: His big-cat vocalizations aside, he has a pretty husky voice, too.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Mostly in the first film. He becomes a lot calmer and more tolerant in later films, maybe because he's gotten used to Sid's silly demeanor.
  • The Heavy: Diego is the most active villainous presence in the first film.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In the first movie. Diego slowly begins to have an attack of conscience because he bonds with Manny, Sid and Roshan, sees the forgiveness Manny gives to the baby and his kind, and sees Manny go out of his way to save the creature that is setting him up for slaughter. Manny's loyalty and his decision to rescue him serves as the final catalyst for Diego to change allegiances, and he performs a Heroic Sacrifice to protect Manny from his former pack leader. He narrowly avoids Redemption Equals Death, and he becomes a full-fledged heroic character and a core member of the herd for the rest of the franchise (albeit a gruff and prickly one).
  • Heel Realization: He's confronted about the selfishness and brutality in his plans that set up Manny when the mammoth saves him from the lava, and after Roshan chooses to walk to him first. This culminates in his change of heart and the decision to do whatever it takes to make sure his new "herd" makes it to safety - even if it might mean his own death.
  • Held Gaze: With Manny, twice - once in the original film and then again in Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Bonus points for happening in highly tense moments for both of them.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: His Heel–Face Turn prompts him to turn against Soto, his leader, in order to save Manny, Roshan and Sid, and he ends up taking the fatal blow meant for Manny as the battle is winding down. The film even goes so far to show him dying, and telling the others to go on without him to make sure Roshan gets back to his father.
  • Honorary Uncle: For his best friend Manny's daughter Peaches.
  • I Dont Want To Be Normal: Instead of wanting to settle down with his Herd Diego wanted to go on another adventure, which later turns into a Be Careful What You Wish For moment.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: As an Anti-Villain, Diego is originally hostile, cynical, short-tempered and sinister, but he softens as he travels with Manny and Sid to return the baby to his human tribe and shows more and more of a conscience, eventually pulling a Heel–Face Turn. After becoming an official member of the herd, the reformed Diego is a tough guy who's never slow with a caustic remark and likes to keep his more vulnerable emotions in check, but he's also loyal, supportive, courageous and fairly warm-hearted to the animals who get to know him, having an odd friendship with Sid in particular.
  • The Lancer: If Manny's The Leader, then Diego is the second-in-command, and this shows throughout the films with Diego essentially being Manny's wingman and balancing him out leadership-wise. This is also a component in the original film as well since Diego is the second most important character after Manny with a lot of time devoted to his own leadership skills and how they complement Manny's, though in a negative way since Diego isn't the most stellar guy early on in the film.
  • Meaningful Name: Diego is the Spanish/Hispanic version of the name "Jacob" which means "He deceives." Just like the Biblical Jacob, Diego is redeemed as well despite his deceptions.
  • The Mole: Diego's role in the first film before his Heel–Face Turn. Lampshaded by promotional posters that have "Double Agent" as a description for him.
  • Not So Above It All: He pretty much shares the Only Sane Man role with Manny, but he does have a goofier side that surfaces from time to time. In particular, he seems to have a suppressed daredevil streak. In the first film, he immediately wants to redo the near-death experience the trio had sliding down the ice caves, and in the second film, he cheers Sid on to try to jump off a waterfall. In the third film, he's just as impressed by Buck's daring feats and his tall tales as Crash and Eddie, to Manny's annoyance.
  • Official Couple: With Shira by the end of Continental Drift. The next movie, Collision Course, has them discussing the idea of having children.
  • Out of Focus: In the original film, he was arguably the second most important character after Manny. In the sequels, he's more of a supporting character.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Diego's has golden colored fur while Shira's is white.
  • Predators Are Mean: Downplayed. As much of a remorseless predator he claims to be, he's not that bad of a guy. If anything, he's more of a Bruiser with a Soft Center, especially towards Manny and even his daughter, which Sid and others point out.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Narrowly averted. Originally, the intention was for him to die by the creators, but Denis Leary warned it would upset kids and the test screening proved him right. So it was changed to an Unexplained Recovery even though the final cut of the film does show Diego obviously dying, on-screen, in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The Smart Guy: Most prominently in the first film, because he's too smart to know that, if he just changes sides quickly, it won't end well plus he's shown to be smart when they show how he manipulates Manny and Sid to think that he's leading them to "the humans". Furthermore he came up with a plan to escape Soto's pack, which worked for the most part. It is carried over in the sequels to; Diego is able to keep a cool head and come up with ideas while everyone else is panicking. In the second movie it was Diego who quickly came up with a plan when everyone (including himself) was dangling or balancing on an entirely unstable pile of rocks.
  • The Spock: If Manny's The Kirk, then Diego's The Spock. Diego is dispassionate, calculating, logical, and intelligent, and even more of a Deadpan Snarker than Manny. As a result, he helps balance Manny out and Manny helps him bring out his softer, emotional side in the Original and the other films. Diego and Manny basically reflect the friendship of the original Kirk and Spock.
  • Straight Man: He tends to share this role with Manny, having a much more dry, deadpan and serious personality compared to Sid's zany, spontaneous, Cloudcuckoolander mentality - though he does loosen up and become more willing to entertain Sid's silliness overtime.
  • The Stoic: At least in the first film. While he does thaw quite a bit, he still likes to keep his emotions to himself and put up a tough exterior.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Like Manny, he was quite serious and aloof in the beginning but gradually became warmer and nicer after Character Development.
  • Taking the Bullet: How he saves Manny during the climatic battle at the end of the original Ice Age.
  • Token Evil Teammate: He's originally The Mole in the Herd, working as Soto's right-hand man, until his Heel–Face Turn. Afterwards, this trope is played more for laughs. He's the only carnivore in the gang until the end of Continental Drift, and he's usually the first one to threaten to kill/eat their enemies. One time, he griped about losing his edge, and in Continential Drift, he claims he's a "remorseless assassin", but can't back that up.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In the original film, Diego is very brusque, standoffish and short-tempered, frequently snapping at Manny and Sid, who he considers to be prey animals. After befriending them and pulling his Heel–Face Turn, he becomes a lot more friendly, laidback and down to earth in the sequels, trading quips and snark freely with the two.
  • Took a Level in Idealism: Diego starts off only knowing self-serving Darwinism under the ruthless Soto. After being rescued from certain doom by Manfred, Diego hears, "That's what you do in a herd: you look out for each other." This "got your back" principle, which is lacking in his original pack, inspires Diego to abandon his mission to betray the group to Soto's pack and actively defend Manfred and the sloth Sid. In the fourth film, Diego (who's been with his Family of Choice for years at this point) tells Shira he used to be a lot like her, ruthless and out for himself all the time, before he found a better way of living his life with Manny and Sid, and he never looked back, which causes her to gradually do the same.
  • Unexplained Recovery: In the original film when he returns to Manny and Sid after apparently dying. He brushes it off with "Nine lives, baby!" Because of this, some fans theorise there might've been a supernatural intervention involved for his being recalled to life, though nothing like that is stated explicitly in the film.
  • Villain Protagonist: He evolves into this via Character Development and Becoming the Mask in the original film. His switching sides as a result of Manny's kindness to him nearly cost him his life but he survives Soto's violence towards him.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Sid. Diego looks perpetually annoyed around him and is quick to deliver some snark at Sid, yet he will go to great lengths to save the sloth when he happens to be in danger (which is quite often).
  • The Worf Effect: He's usually a competent and magnificent fighter, but both Soto and the pirates came to the point of overpowering him.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: In the second movie, Diego's fear of water nearly gets him killed. But by the end, he learns to overcome it.

Introduced in The Meltdown

Voiced by: Queen Latifah

A female woolly mammoth, whom Manny, Diego, and Sid meet during their migration to escape the flood in the second movie, Ice Age: The Meltdown. She serves as a Love Interest to Manny.

  • Acrofatic: Ellie is a hundred ton mammoth who can swing on trees like a possum.
  • Babies Ever After: She and Manny have a daughter, Peaches, by the end of the third movie.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Manny in the second film.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Manny sheepishly admits he finds her large rump attractive.
  • Big Little Sister: Implied to be the younger sister of Crash and Eddie, but is gargantuan compared to them. Justified, because she's a mammoth and they're possums.
  • Broken Bird: Was a lonely orphan up until she found Crash and Eddie's mom, and became a part of their family.
  • Character Development:
    • In her first appearance, Ellie was a strange Genki Girl who loved to be a part of her brother's pranks. Come the next movie, Ellie has become more mature and even achieved the status of Only Sane Woman.
    • Away from her husband, she turns out to be an effective leader in her own right when she leads her remaining family and the other animals to the land bridge on her own.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She was seperated from her original herd when she was only a child. Thankfully, she was found by her adoptive opossum mother.
  • Fiery Redhead: Especially in her first appearance, she's fun-loving and doesn't take Manny's attitude lightly. With character development she still keeps the "fiery" aspect, but in a more controlled way.
  • Gentle Giant: A Big Fun mammoth.
  • Happily Adopted: Though she was unaware that she was in fact a mammoth rather than a possum until she met Manny, she still seems to have had a happy life with the possums. Even when she learns the truth, she still considers them to be her family.
  • Happily Married: With Manny. They bicker at times but their love and devotion to each other is strong.
  • Hot-Blooded: She can get pretty pumped, mostly in the second movie.
  • Love Interest: To Manny.
  • Nice Girl: All in all, Ellie is a kind, strong, and beautiful soul. She loves those close to her very much, and is willing to go to great lengths to save them when they're in danger.
  • Oblivious Adoption: There is a reason that Ellie used to be the picture for that page.
  • Official Couple: With Manny.
  • Only Sane Woman: In the third movie, she's the one making the rational decisions when Manny is being too stubborn, Sid is being unreasonable, or Diego is being selfish or stubborn.
  • Open-Minded Parent: More so than Manny. She believes that whatever her daughter gets into, she will be able to get herself out of it on her own. This is averted, however, in the fifth film, where she tries to throw cold water on Peaches' plans to leave home by convincing her that she's woefully unprepared to handle it without her parents' help. It doesn't work, and both she and Manny get called out on it.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Ellie's fur is lighter in comparison to Manny's.
  • Pregnant Badass: In the third movie, despite being pregnant with her and Manny's child, she's still able to think quick on her feet and go into danger for her friends. She gives birth to Peaches during the climax.
  • Romancing the Widow: Manny is a widower and they fall in love.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: The energetic girl (Fiery Redhead) to Manny's savvy guy (Only Sane Man) in the second movie. She loses this trait later on.
  • Second Love: To Manny, since his first wife died.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: Has reddish fur and green eyes. She's also the first mammoth that Manny meets for a long time and they become an official couple.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Ellie was understandably upset and offended when Manny suggested that they get together to "save their species" and promptly gave him the cold shoulder. But when the two are forced (by Diego) to cooperate to get the herd out of mortal peril, she sees his bravery and selfless nature and begins to fall for him...only to turn her back on him again due to a fight over whether they should cross a risky geyser field, in which Manny calls her stubborn and hard-headed. The feelings are rekindled, however, when Manny comes back to save her from drowning. Even in the end when they find out they don't have to be together because there are other mammoths, she decides to accept Manny's proposal by choice, having legitimately fallen in love with him.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female in the herd up until Manny's and her daughter Peaches is born, that is.
  • Team Mom: Even before becoming a literal one, she did take care of the team, and in the cases of Eddie, Crash and Sid babysat them.
  • Tsundere: Is a dere dere. She's sweet, but getting her mad is a big mistake.

    Crash and Eddie

Twin possum brothers who become new protagonists in the second film. Adopted brothers of Ellie the mammoth, they cared for her and taught her to hang by her tail from a tree branch when she slept, as they did. They are usually portrayed as the comic reliefs of the group.

  • Big Brother Instinct: They love Ellie dearly and are fiercely protective of her, even though she's a completely different species than them (and towers over them). When Manny's attempts to flirt with her failed miserably, they both resent him and call him a pervert.
  • Cowardly Lion: In the fourth film. They don't even bother to try to free their friends, and don't contribute in the ensuing battle until Louis has given the herd a fighting chance.
  • Demoted to Comic Relief: While they have always been comedic characters, their relationship with Ellie is important to the plot of The Meltdown, and they're shown to at least have some common sense. In the third film, their role is largely mitigated, though they continue to serve a purpose to the plot. From the fourth film onward, however, they Take a Level in Dumbass and pretty much only exist as background space and make an occasional joke.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the fourth film.
  • Fearless Fool: While it's evident in all three of the movies they're in, they admit to Louis in the fourth that they're just too dumb to be scared of dying when they pull crazy stunts.
  • Hero Worship: In third film they discover an idol in Buck.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Crash has blue eyes, while Eddie has brown eyes. Eddie also has a brown stripe down his nose.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Their goofy, childish behavior makes them this.
  • Little Big Brother: They are implied to be older than Ellie, and they are much smaller. Justified, as Ellie is a mammoth and they are possums.
  • Manchild: Increasingly with each film. Their sister Ellie is old enough to have a grown daughter, and they're somewhere in the vicinity of her (Ellie's) age, but you'd never know it by listening to them.
  • Out of Focus: They contribute nothing to the plot in the fourth film, and very little in the fifth.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Not that the films were lacking in this department.
  • Sixth Ranger: They join the herd only in the second movie.
  • Those Two Guys: They're almost never seen without each other.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: While they were certainly goofy in their debut movie (the second), they were still marginally intelligent. By the fourth movie, even admit that they're too stupid to be scared of the supposed end of the world.
  • Trickster Twins: Their main hobby is playing pranks, either on each other or their family. While harmless, their antics tend to annoy others.


Introduced in Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Voiced by: Ciara Bravo (Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas), Keke Palmer

Manny and Ellie's daughter.

  • Acrofatic: She's just as mobile as any mammoth on land. She's super agile on trees, like her mother and uncles. Trees. She uses her tail to swing from tree to tree.
  • Action Girl: The way she took on Captain Gutt alone ensures she qualifies as this.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest member of the Herd. As such, the audience sees her visibly age throughout the franchise from a newborn baby to an adult mammoth.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Peaches manages to get into the "cool" mammoth posse, which includes her crush, Ethan during the fourth film. However, she winds up accidentally hurting her best friend, Louis, when she denies their friendship to look cooler. He overhears her and is visibly hurt. Not long after that, Ethan's devil may care attitude nearly kills her and then, he insults her family by saying that it's bad enough that her family is half possum.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Is sorta one in the 4th film, disrespecting her father even when he tells he's only looking out for her best interest. She gets over it by the end though.
  • Character Development: Collision Course has Peaches becomes a more Older and Wiser person than the Bratty Teenage Daughter personality she had in the previous movie.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Her tree-swinging ability in the fourth film.
  • Cheerful Child: In the Christmas Special, Peaches is an energetic and happy child.
  • Daddy's Girl: Despite their clashing over her being rebellious and him being overprotective, Peaches loves Manny dearly. She's close to both her parents though.
  • Dude Magnet: Her crush in the fourth film, Ethan, took a liking to her over the fourth film. Her best friend, Louis, has a massive crush on her. And she's happily engaged to Julian in the fifth film.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: In Ice Age: Continental Drift, Peaches has a bun with her bangs pulled off to the side, and her hair is flipped to the left. In Ice Age: Collision Course, she has her bangs pinned up, and her hair is flipped to the right — a subtle sign of her Character Development.
  • Gentle Giant: While she started off bratty in the fourth movie, she was a still decent person. She gets better in the fifth.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: In the fourth film, Peaches may have said some hurtful stuff but she wasn't wrong over how Manny embarrassed her in front of the other mammoths. Even the other mammoths around her said that what Manny did was embarrassing.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Peaches may have been a major brat to Manny, but she immediately shows that she deeply loves him after they are separated.
  • Meaningful Name: Her names actually has three meanings — First, peaches are her father's favorite food. Secondly, it was a code word for her mother to use to let Manny know the baby (a still unborn Peaches) was coming. Lastly, she's "soft and round" like the fruit.
  • Nice Girl: After Continental Drift, Peaches becomes more patient and level-headed.
  • Not Wanting Kids Is Weird: Played painfully straight. In the Easter special, she makes a passing remark to Ellie that she's not sure she wants kids. Ellie treats it like the worst thing in the world, and sure enough, Peaches changes her tune by the end of the short.
  • Oblivious to Love: Peaches is completely unaware that Louis has feelings for her.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Peaches has light brown fur while Julian's fur is darker.
  • Parting Words Regret: Subverted. Before being separated from her father, Peaches angrily tells him she wishes he wasn't her father. She later comes to regret what she said because she fears she'll never see him again and the last thing she did was disown Manny. Ellie reassures that Manny would do all he can to make it back to them. And sure enough, he does.
  • Relative Button: Insulting her family, especially when you says half-possum is a good way to get her pissed.
  • She's All Grown Up: Born in Dawn of the Dinosaurs and a Cheerful Child in the Christmas special. Comes Continental Drift, and she's a teenager whom Manny has yet to understand she needs her independence.
  • Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy: The reason why she has a crush on local heartthrob Ethan. When he took an interest in Peaches, he "advised" her to not bring Louis along when coming to hang out with him and the Brat Pack; her crush on him blinded her so much that she actually followed his "advice" and later winded up hurting Louis's feelings, her best friend, by denying their said friendship to Ethan and the Brat Pack with Louis overhearing. Immediately afterwards, his devil may care attitude to life, a philosophy that nearly got him, Peaches, and their friends killed was a major turn off for her. However, the final nail in the coffin that ultimately assured her that Ethan wasn't "the one" was when he insulted her family.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Thanks to becoming Older and Wiser, Peaches drops her previous Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy attraction and falls in love with the sweet, friendly, and incredibly hopeful Julian.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: With Louis. While she's a giant mammoth, he's a tiny molehog.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Goes from an immature Bratty Teenage Daughter in the fourth film to a mature Nice Girl by the fifth.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: As a toddler, Peaches was a lot sweeter and closer to her dad. Her desire for independence and Manny's overprotectiveness serves as a wedge between them as she gets older, though they do still love each other immensely.
  • What Could Have Been: In-Universe. Manny thought about naming her "Ellie Junior".
  • Youngest Child Wins: Unlike her older half sibling, she survives into adulthood and even gets married.

Introduced in Continental Drift

Voiced by: Jennifer Lopez

Gutt’s second in command, a female saber.

  • Action Girl: She's a pirate who can put on a fight.
  • Babies Ever After: Discussed. In the fifth film, she and Diego discuss having children together and how good of parents they would be.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: She has pretty white fur and flawless face, while all the other members of the Pirate Crew are quite ugly. Unsurprisingly, she is the one who eventually has a Heel–Face Turn
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Diego in the fourth film, as they trade sarcastic quips with one another while also developing a mutual attraction.
  • Berserk Button: She doesn't liked to be called "kitty".
  • Character Development: Herd life was initially something that Shira was uninterested in, but this view changed quickly as she was accepted into Diego's collective herd as his mate.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Implied. She mentioned willingly leaving her pack (which Diego even noted that doing that is hard) and that Gutt saved her life at some point which led her to pledge loyalty to him as a part of his pirate crew.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Shares this trait with Diego.
  • The Dragon: To Gutt at first.
  • Friend to All Children: When she and Diego talk about starting a family in Collision Course, Shira is shown to have a soft spot for children in general.
  • Grudging "Thank You": When she's held prisoner and Diego brings her water.
  • Heel–Face Turn: But of course. Notably, hers happens a bit faster than Diego's did. Must be because of Diego actively encouraging her to do this. Captain Gutt's dickery helped.
  • Love Interest: For Diego.
  • Nonstandard Character Design: Is designed more realistically and less cartoony than the rest of Gutt's crew.
  • Official Couple: With Diego by the end of Continental Drift. The next movie, Collision Course, has them discussing the idea of having children.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Shira's fur is white while Diego's is golden-colored.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Apart from a few insults directed at them as a group, she's never spoken more than ten words to any herd member who isn't Diego. In Collision Course, she doesn't do much save stand next to him and discuss having children with him.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: The main reason Shira falls for Diego is because he offered her a place in the Herd saying that the members look out for each other.
  • Spicy Latina: Courtesy of being voiced by Jennifer Lopez.
  • Tsundere: Type A. Despite her stubbornness and initial attitude towards Diego, Shira eventually falls in love with him.
  • Ungrateful Bitch: At first. She doesn't appreciate being rescued by the herd when Gutt leaves her to drown.

    Sid's Granny
Voiced by: Wanda Sykes
Sid's grandmother. She's rather nutty, and also shows horrendously bad personal hygiene. The rest of Sid's family searched for him with the only purpose to dump her with him then scram. When she disappears early in the film only to later be found "stowing away" on the Herd's little "boat", they have no choice but to take her with them. Has an imaginary pet called Precious. Who turns out to be real.
  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: A downplayed example, some parts of her fur are purple-ish.
  • Black Sheep: Like Sid, she is considered a nuisance by their family.
  • Cassandra Truth: Her pet, "Precious", is real. SHE'S A GIANT WHALE.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Shows shades of this, though she does have several moments where she shows she's not entirely crazy.
    Granny: I slept through the asteroid that killed the unicorns!”
  • Cool Old Lady: She's tough, funny, and has a pet whale.
  • Covert Pervert: Her siren takes the form of a muscular male sloth with a prominent Porn Stache.
    Siren!Sloth: The wrinklier the raisin, the sweeter the fruit.
    Granny: Ooh, Granny like it! Granny like it very much!
  • The Cuckoolander Was Right: About the existence of "Precious".
  • Dirty Old Woman: If the siren scene in Continental Drift left any room for doubt, her relationship with Teddy in Collision Course dispenses with it. While he's got a legitimate crush on her, she doesn't even try to pretend their relationship is based on anything other than sex.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: She thought that Captain Gutt was a "nice monkey" at first in the 4th movie.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Teddy, a rabbit in Collision Course.
  • I Was Quite the Looker: And how.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Usually a grumpy old lady, but she's shown to have some sympathy for her grandson Sid and was genuinely saddened when the herd found the land-bridge destroyed and the others nowhere to be found.
  • The Load: Her family considers her to be this, and at first it seems she'll be one to the herd as well. She does prove useful at some points however, especially by having a giant pet sperm whale.
  • Miniature Senior Citizen: She looks like she might be folded in half the way she’s hunched over.
  • Never Mess with Granny: She's a tough old lady.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: So far she's just "Granny". Her name was finally revealed at the end of the fifth film: Gladys.
  • The Pig-Pen: Seen in the scene where she has her "first bath in decades" and and releases enough oil to cause the water around her to develop a bright sheen and kill off several fish once and a shark.
  • Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!!: She’s not afraid to whack you with that stick, just ask Diego.
  • Swallowed Whole: Courtesy of Gavin in the fifth film. Of course, she is Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth.

Voiced by: Josh Gad

A teen molehog who has befriended Peaches by the time the film starts. Has a pretty obvious crush on Peaches, but lacks much self-confidence in himself, and is thus easily intimidated.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: For some reason, Louis isn't as well liked from his peers (sans Peaches) and is even dismissed by Manny.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: The quiet, shy molehog managed to be the key person to attack Gutt.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In the climax, Louis stands up to Gutt and challenged him to a fight. Amused, Gutt accepted Louis' challenge, telling Gupta to let the molehog have a weapon. Louis threw the weapon into the air, distracting everyone as he burrowed into the ice, popping up by Gutt and smashing a heavy piece of ice onto Gutt's foot. The pain distracted Gutt, enabling Peaches to escape as an all-out brawl between the Sub-Zero Heroes and the pirates ensued.
  • Break the Cutie: Overhearing Peaches deny their friendship in order to fit in with the "cool kids" really hurts him.
  • Butt-Monkey: Louis isn't given a lot of respect by the Herd.
  • Cowardly Lion: Louis isn't up for hanging out with the Brat Pack, who like putting their lives on the line, but he will do so if it means helping his friends, especially Peaches.
  • Demoted to Extra: Only has an "blink and miss it" non-speaking cameo in the fifth movie. His absence from being part of the main cast could possibly be because Peaches married Julian and as a result, he just wanted what was best for her.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Presumably, since Peaches marries Julian.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Louis deeply loves Peaches, but she remains completely in the dark.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Most people call him 'Weiner'.
  • Hopeless Suitor: Even before Peaches marries Julian, she was completely unaware of Louis's romantic feelings for her.
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: He's a short molehog who crushes on Peaches, an enormous mammoth.
  • Nice Guy: Louis is polite, loyal and holds a lot of likable traits including great dependability (as Peaches best friend).
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Gives really effective ones. Either when he gazes at Peaches or when he's deeply hurt.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: A cute mole-hog who can pull of an impressive Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: With Peaches. While he's a small molehog, she's a giant mammoth.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the beginning, Louis was happy to just dig underground and staying out of danger. Come the climax, he uses his digging skills to attack Gutt to free Peaches.
  • Tunnel King: Louis likes digging. A trait that helps free Peaches in the climax.
    Louis: [to Peaches] I'm a Molehog, it's [digging] what I do. To me, it's fun.
  • Undying Loyalty: Louis proves to be very loyal to Peaches, as he willingly ventures onboard Gutt's ship and challenges him. He did not appear to be intimidated by Gutt, like most of the characters were.

Introduced in Collision Course

Voiced by: Adam Devine

Julian is a young and easygoing, fun loving mammoth who is Peaches' fiance. After they get married, their plan is to venture on their own which doesn't make him very popular with Manny and Ellie.

  • Big Fun: Much bigger than Manny, and much jollier as well.
  • Cuddle Bug: He enjoys hugging others.
  • Gentle Giant: He's huge and a very well liked mammoth.
  • Keet: Julian is quite chipper and happy-go-lucky.
  • Nice Guy: Julian is a caring and fun mammoth who loves Peaches and is willing to do anything for her.
  • Pale Females, Dark Males: Julian has dark brown fur while Peaches' fur is more light brown.
  • The Pollyanna: Is constantly happy, even with the threat of the world ending.
  • Second Love: To Peaches. She fell in love with him after she got over her crush on Ethan from the last movie.

Voiced by: Jessie J

A beautifully-dressed British ground sloth living in Geotopia who becomes Sid's love interest and new girlfriend.

Characters introduced in Ice Age

Voiced by: Chris Wedge

A squirrel who shows up in the beginning before the opening credits, right after the end before the closing credits, a couple of scenes in between, and headlining follow-up short-subject films. Oh, and every single ad for every movie.

  • Accidental Hero: He saves the herd and everyone else by complete accident in The Meltdown after he inadvertently breaks one of the giant ice walls open with his acorn, completely draining the titular flood.
  • Advertised Extra: While his role has increased in the sequels, Scrat still is only used for comic relief. Comic relief that is largely unrelated to the central plot. Anytime the main cast interacts with him, he's treated as vermin.
  • Been There, Shaped History: When he does impact the plot, he impacts it big time. As in causing tectonic plates to shift big time.
  • Breakout Character: Ever since Scrat was positively reviewed by many in the first film, they increased his screen time the rest of the film series, and for the home video releases, Scrat was given his own spinoff short films. He even appears in more advertisements for the film than any other character and he is the most popular of all the cast. Since 2013, Scrat now appears on Blue Sky Studios' Vanity Plate.
  • Butt-Monkey: The award goes to Scrat. Nothing ever goes the poor guy's way. He exists only for the purpose of being a butt-monkey — er, squirrel. Thing.
  • Cartoon Creature: Yes, Scrat is a sabertooth squirrel, but there is only one problem. Sabertooth Squirrels never existed in Real Life and God knows he does not look like a modern day squirrel, he has the tail of a raccoon and snout of a dog. Although, since the release of Dawn of the Dinosaurs, a prehistoric animal was discovered which held remarkable likeness to Scrat, the scientific name being Cronopio dentiacutus. More info about it can be found here.
  • The Chew Toy: All he wants is to have his acorn in peace. The world will never let him have it.
  • Companion Cube: Played for Laughs. As the sequels have gone on, his acorn has been played less as something he wants to eat and more as his Love Interest — even getting a montage set to a rewritten version of "Alone Again, Naturally" when he temporarily abandons it for Scratte.
  • Cosmic Plaything: Everything is out to prevent him from burying his beloved acorn, and is merciless in execution.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Sometimes. He defeats a school of piranhas on his own.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Scrat vs. A gigantic school of piranhas... Scrat wins.
  • Decoy Protagonist: Mainly due to Trailers Always Lie.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the Grand Finale film, Ice Age 5: Collision Course. He spends most of the film's time in space. He has a bit of screen time in this movie and returns to Earth after the film's events.
  • Determinator: No matter how bad things get for him, Scrat will never stop trying to get his acorn.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: In Dawn of the Dinosaurs. He could have settled into a loving relationship with Scratte, but he ultimately chose his acorn over her in the end.
  • Didn't Think This Through: His very simple and single-minded obsesssion with getting the acorn often leads him into deadly peril and with no means of escaping after getting it.
  • The Dog Bites Back: In the second film, Scrat goes completely sideways and attacks Sid for reviving him, after being in the Pearly Gates and being offered the biggest acorn in the universe (as the Adagio from Spartacus played.)
  • Failure Is the Only Option: He's never getting his hands on that acorn.
  • Henpecked Husband: After he briefly moves in with Scratte, all we see of their relationship is her forcing him to rearrange heavy furniture. When he leaves her for the acorn, she stares him down and scares him. He does get the upper hand over her, however... for a while.
  • Hero of Another Story: He's the protagonist of a at least one of the video games.
  • Iron Butt Monkey: All the abuse he takes would kill the other characters, but he inflates, stretches, and is squished just as much as any Looney Tunes character.
  • Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds: In Collision Course he nearly brings about The End of the World as We Know It. After our heroes save the day, Scrat accidentally destroys all life on Mars instead.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: In the fourth and fifth films, he accidentally triggers the cataclysms that threaten the heroes.
  • Out of Focus: In the fifth film. He has a small subplot in this film about his adventures in Space.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He causes several natural disasters just by attempting to bury his acorn, from collapsing glaciers to volcanic eruptions. Taken Up to Eleven in the fourth and fifth movies, where his relentless and endless pursuit of his acorn manage to cause extinction level events.
  • Recurring Extra: Perhaps the most famous and iconic example of this trope, as he is pure comedy material.
  • Series Mascot: He's the face of the Ice Age franchise, appearing in most promotional material. He was even the mascot for its animation studio for a time.
  • The Speechless: Can only make grunting and screaming noises. Cannot speak like other characters. This is briefly subverted in the opening of Collision Course: when he is booted off the UFO he was controlling and is being flung around on a cable, he can be heard saying "oh, no" at one point.
  • Time Abyss: He never seems to age, no matter how much time has passed. He existed before the series of films started, splitting up Pangaea, and the epilogue of the first movie revealed that he survived thousands of years after the events (albeit due to being frozen in a block of ice).
  • Vocal Evolution: Scrat's grunts and screams sound slightly higher-pitched and much more scratchy from Continental Drift onwards.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Appears in everything representing Ice Age. Many movie trailers feature nothing but Scrat scenes, even though his scenes are usually detached from the main plot.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: The acorn heaven in the second movie. Also, Scratlantis would count. If only he could repress that desire for the acorn...

Voiced by: Goran Višnjić

The deadly and dangerous leader of a pack of saber-toothed cats, Soto wanted to eat baby Roshan A.K.A 'Pinkie' in vengeance for the murders of several of his pack-mates. He is the main antagonist in the first film.

  • Badass in Charge: The leader of the sabertooth pack, and also the best fighter.
  • Bad Boss: The original film characterizes him as a Mafia leader of sorts without no qualms about killing his subordinates for failing him.
  • Big Bad: Of the first movie. He's the primary threat to the Herd, spending the movie hunting them down so he can kill 'Pinkie' in vengeance for the murders of several of his pack-mates at the hands of the child's tribe.
  • Cats Are Mean: He is a vicious and remorseless sabertooth who wants to take his revenge on the humans for the deaths of several of his pack. By devouring a human infant. And will kill anyone who gets in his way, even his own surviving pack members.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Manny. Both suffered the death of their family from humans, but whereas Manny learns to forgive and let go, Soto is simply more motivated to take revenge. Even as leaders, their styles couldn't be more different; while Soto frequently threatens his pack, Manny doesn't hesitate to risk his life for his herd.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Soto has a deep, imposing voice that instantly warns the viewer that he's up to no good. As noted above, he's basically characterized as a mafia leader to some extent.
  • Falling Chandelier of Doom: After Soto gets knocked against a wall by an enraged Manny, he can only watch in horror as dislodged icicles fall onto him.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: Granted, it happens off-screen, but getting impaled by multiple icicles is still a pretty brutal way to go for a kid's film.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: His death.
  • Hero Killer: He would have killed Manny in the final confrontation if Diego hadn't pulled his Heroic Sacrifice, and Diego nearly bites it himself in the process.
  • Hypocrite: He wants to kill Roshan in revenge for the deaths of half his pack. However, his appalling treatment of the surviving members (especially Diego) make it clear that he sees their deaths as a blow to his own ego rather than having any genuine care for them.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: How he's killed. It's not shown, of course.
  • Implied Death Threat: He gives several to Diego.
    Soto: I want that baby, Diego!
    Diego: I'll get it!
    Soto: You better! Unless you'd rather serve yourself as a replacement.
  • I Want Them Alive!: He wants Roshan alive to fully savor his revenge "fresh." He also threatens Diego that if Roshan's dead before then, Diego will do in his place.
  • Oh, Crap!: He realizes his fate the moment the icicles fall down on him.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Most of the plot focuses on Manny learning to let go and find a new family (as a result of Roshan and Sid's influence). While Soto has a personal vendetta to carry out against the baby, he doesn't take much action until the final act.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: His driving force in the film is to devour a human child as revenge for having most of his pride members killed by the child's tribe. However, this doesn't blind him to the fact that the mammoth protecting said child would make an excellent food source for the upcoming winter months.
  • Revenge Before Reason: He's hell-bent on killing Roshan as an act of vengeance against the human tribe that wiped out several members of his pack, and he will not be deterred even by the fact that he's a baby.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Most of the film deals with the development of Manny, Sid and Diego's relationship, hijinks and all. In contrast, Soto never engages in any of the comedy his henchmen do.
  • Would Hurt a Child: His entire plan is to eat Roshan alive.
  • You Have Failed Me: Soto threatens to kill Diego "as a replacement" if Roshan died over the falls rather than at his own claws, and decides to go through with it when Diego disobeys his commands in killing Manny. He's also not afraid in doing this to his other subordinates if they fail to accomplish his goal.

    Zeke, Oscar and Lenny
L-R: Lenny, Zeke, Oscar
Voiced by Jack Black (Zeke), Diedrich Bader (Oscar), and Alan Tudyk (Lenny).

The other three sabers from Soto's pack.

  • Ambiguous Situation: Zeke is left stuck headfirst in the hollow of a rock after a failed attempt to kill Sid and Roshan. It's unknown if he managed to get himself out or if he starved to death.
  • Badass Crew: Diego outright says that the three of them and Soto are too much for him, Sid and Manny to fight off.
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio: Lenny (big), Oscar (thin), and Zeke (short).
  • Butt-Monkey: Zeke has his moments, though not to the same extent as Sid.
  • Cats Are Mean: Very big cats and of course very mean as well.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: They never appear again after the first film, Diego does bring them up to Shira in the fourth film. Though considering what happened to Soto, it's unlikely they'd want to cross paths with the Herd again.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Zeke. What saber-toothed cat thinks about sorting meat?
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Half of their pack were killed by human hunters so they could use their fur to keep warm. Whether they would still attack the humans in retaliation were it not for Soto's desire for revenge is left to question.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Oscar has his moments.
    "Frustrated, Diego? Tracking defenseless infants too challenging for you?"
  • Karma Houdini: With the possible exception of Zeke.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Zeke. Just the mention or proposition of mauling something causes him to act like a kitten in a catnip field...who wants to kill something.
  • The Rival: Oscar seems to fancy himself one of Diego, taking the time to rub in his failures to bring in Roshan and showing the most noticeable distrust of Diego's words.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Once Soto meets the receiving end of several icicles, Oscar and Lenny don't waste time in running away and never coming back.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Lenny is a scimitar cat.

    Roshan aka "Pinkie"
Voiced by: Tara Strong

The baby that Manfred, Sid and Diego return to his father.

  • All-Loving Hero: Roshan is the Peace Child whose love for the animals brings them together in an unlikely herd and leads Manny on a journey of forgiveness to let go of his anger/bitterness toward humanity.
  • All There in the Manual: He isn't named in the film. The novel reveals his name to be Roshan.
  • Cheerful Child: Roshan is laughing happily when Sid drops him while he is climbing the cliff, and he takes everything in stride when it comes to being rescued by three animals - including Diego.
  • Children Raise You: Roshan noticeably softens Manny and Diego, and Sid is right at home with the little tyke. His making the animals begin to care for him eventually leads to them becoming a herd.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Most obvious whenever Sid is around him, but this happens with Manny and Diego, too.
  • Expy: A happy-go-lucky Fearless Infant & Cheerful Child who almost always has a positive outlook on life, sounds undoubtedly similar to Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats series.
  • Fearless Infant: Roshan is this to a T. Manny even lampshades it: "You're a brave little squirt. I'll give you that."
  • Living MacGuffin: This trope does fit Roshan, being more than just the "object" that the group has to return to his father after his mother's sacrifice for him.
  • Long Bus Trip: After being returned to his family, he has never appeared or been alluded to once in the sequels. A shame, because the SZH's rescue of him really changed them all for the better, and the herd was a result of his, uh, meddling (so to speak).
  • Meaningful Name: Roshan is a Hindi name that means "light" or "light at dawn" and these meanings are evident in that he is a bright and cheerful baby, and his love for the animals eventually leads them out of the darkness of their pasts and into the light of a new family.
  • Plot Armour: He doesn't die in the movie even though there's many chances for him to.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Downplayed. Roshan has a crucial role throughout the first movie since it was Manny, Sid, and Diego's goal to return him to his family. However, Roshan has only appeared in one film and it's thanks to his presence that the trio decided to stick together since they got closer, which led to them meeting other members of the Herd.
  • Token Human: And the first movie was the only one that featured humans.

    Carl and Frank
Voiced by: Cedric the Entertainer (Carl) and Stephen Root (Frank)

A pair of brontotheres angry at Sid for ruining a dandelion they were going to eat.

  • Ambiguously Gay: Frank is rather effeminate, and their introduction sees him surprising Carl with fresh greens and the only dandelion to survive the frost. It's never explicitly stated that they're together, but the general consensus seems to be that they are.
  • Anachronism Stew: Brontotheres went extinct some 32 million years before the Ice Age began.
  • Bit-Part Bad Guys: They are there to make Sid latch on to Manny for protection and friendship after he defeated them.
  • The Bus Came Back: Both of them return as the first boss in Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure.
  • Catchphrase: "Carl?" "Easy, Frank."
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Carl and Frank want to kill Sid because he... ruined their salad, accidentally flicked poop on them, unintentionally insulted them, and stole their impossible-to-find-dandelion.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Possibly, if the shape of their horns is anything to go by, Carl appears to be an Embolotherium while Frank looks like a Megacerops.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While their reaction to everything mentioned on Disproportionate Retribution was extreme, those are still legitimate reasons to be pissed at Sid.
  • Rhino Rampage: Technically they are not rhinoceroses, but brontotheres, but otherwise they fit this trope perfectly (they are even referred to as "rhinos" in the film).
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Perhaps the only appearance of brontotheres in media (apart from documentaries about prehistoric life).

    Ice Age Animals 

Prehistoric animals that are featured in the first movie.

  • Anachronism Stew: Brontotheres, Moeritherium, Chalicotherium, Gastornis, Synthetoceras and Platybelodon all died out long before the Ice Age started.
  • Doofy Dodo: The dodos could very well be the mascots for Too Dumb to Live.
  • Misplaced Wildlife: The dodo birds, Macruchenia and Palaeotherium. While most animals appearing in the film are based on North American species, dodos, Palaeotherium and Macruchenia were restricted to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Europe and South America.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Moeritherium, brontotheres and Macruchenia in the first film. Several others appear in the next films, including a Chalicotherium, a Gastornis, some Ceratogaulus (erroneously depicted as beavers when they should be more like gophers), Synthetoceras (erroneously depicted with deer antlers), Platybelodon (erroneously depicted as more hippo-like than elephant-like, notice a pattern?) and Bootherium (Harlan's muskox).

Characters introduced in The Meltdown

Voiced by: Clea Lewis

A tribe of miniature sloths that appear to worships Sid.

  • Appease the Volcano God: Despite being advanced enough to know that it won't work.
    Sid: You're a very advanced race! Together, we can look for a solution.
    Sloth: We have one - sacrifice the fire king.
    Sid: Well, that's not very advanced!
    Sloth: Worth a shot.

    Cretaceous and Maelstrom
Voiced by: Nicholas Inhofe (uncredited)

The main antagonists of Meltdown.

  • Ax-Crazy: Their demeanour is too manic and violent to be reminiscent of real animals. Just watch Cretaceous go berserk attacking Manny on an iceberg.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Of the second film. They are hardly ever separated in their stalking, and they target any animal that is within their reach.
  • The Bus Came Back: Both of them return as the second boss in Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure.
  • Carnivores Are Mean: In contrast to the plotting and vengeful Soto, they're simply defrosting predators looking for a bite to eat. How sentient they are is debatable.
  • Cold-Blooded Whatever: Both of them have a combination of fish-like and reptilian features.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: Either this or Death by Adaptation if Scrat's Nutty Adventure is canon. In the film, they're apparently crushed by a large rock, but in the illustrated storybook, they're eaten by vultures after washing up on land due to the flood receding. The Essential Guide and The Great Escape add a third possibility in a throwaway gag claiming they ended up as "good sushi" for the Mini-Sloths.
  • Eye Awaken: Cretaceous shifts his eyes to look at the camera while still frozen in an iceberg near the start of the film.
  • Fragile Speedster: Cretaceous is the smaller of the two and is quite quick and maneuverable, and the only one who can move on land, which he briefly does to try to attack Manny on an iceberg.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Intentionally exploited by Manny in Meltdown's climax - menaced by Cretaceous and Malestrom and unable to remove the rocks behind which Ellie is trapped, he uses the duo's strength against them by tricking them into lunging for him, then getting out of the way so that they smash into the log that's wedged between the rocks with full force. This both frees Ellie and causes a boulder to fall onto the two villains, ending their threat for good.
  • Informed Species: Cretaceous and Maelstrom are officially identified as unspecified species of Ichthyosaur and Pliosaur respectively. They look nothing like them however, with Cretaceous looking more like the sea crocodile Metriorynchus and Maelstrom resembles a kind of Mosasaur called Globidens
  • It Can Think: Though they never speak, they clearly glare, grin and snarl at the animals they're hunting with purpose. Cretaceous in particular seems to take sadistic glee in going after Manny.
  • Knight of Cerebus: They are portrayed as dead serious killers. They have a very creepy leitmotif, kill a minor character, and when the flood comes, they're given serious gravitas as they surge towards the end of the valley, the mammals now in their element.
  • Mighty Glacier: Maelstrom, the larger of the two, sporting a thick chunky build that lets him smash through thick ice and drag Manny down into the depths near the end of the movie.
  • Plot-Irrelevant Villain: They are brought with the new tide and feast on whoever is unlucky enough to encounter them without a plan. They more or less represent the dangers of the new changing environment, being predators of another time. The herd run into them coincidentally only twice, having other things to concern themselves for the rest of the film.
  • Prehistoric Monster: They come from the Mesozoic era and they are mostly characterized as violent, voracious monsters.
  • Sea Monster: Cretaceous is a stylized Icthyosaur (a dolphin-like reptile), and Maelstrom is a stylized Pliosaur (short-necked plesiosaur).
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Played With in that while they menace Manny and friends twice, they do prey on whatever other animals they can find.
  • Silent Antagonist: Neither of them ever utter a word.
  • Uncertain Doom: In the film, they're last seen getting pushed into the depths by a large rock. It's not clear if they were crushed by the rock, if they drowned since they still need air to breathe or if the flood receding killed them via stranding them on the shore. If Scrat's Nutty Adventure is canon, then they lived.

    The Lone Gunslinger
Voiced by: Will Arnett.

A vulture that warns the prehistoric animals about the meltdown.

  • Affably Evil: Very chatty for someone who wishes that his co-speaker dies so that he can eat him and will help it happen.
  • All There in the Script: His name "The Lone Gunslinger" is provided in the film credits.
  • Bearer of Bad News: After Manny fails to convince the others that the flood threat is real, he confirms it.
  • Brutal Honesty: He gleefully remarks that the more animals die in the flood, the more he has to eat.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a snide and fairly dark sense of humor.
  • Exact Words:
    Lone Gunslinger: There is some good news, though: the more of you die, the better I eat.
    Crowd: [gasp]
    Lone Gunslinger: I didn't say it was good news for you!
  • Feathered Fiend: Creepy and always reminding the animals that he'll eat them if they die.
  • Hidden Depths: Not only are he and his brood apparently quite fond of showtunes, but they're delightful singers and dancers too!
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He and his kin constantly talk about how much they'd love to eat the main characters, are snide, love heckling the "food" and are generally unpleasant. On the other hand he wasn't lying about the "boat" at the end of the valley, and the vultures guide the animals safely through honestly - and rush them onboard when the flood is about to happen... though they have no problem eating the ones that don't make it.
  • Just Desserts: In the Illustrated Storybook, he's implied to end up eating Cretaceous and Maelstrom.
  • Non-Indicative Name: He isn't actually a gunslinger, obviously. And since he travels with a herd, he's not alone either.
  • Nothing Personal: While his remark about happily eating anyone who doesn't survive the flood is a bit brutal, it's not really out of malice. It's just a scavenger being a scavenger.
  • Pet the Dog: See above and below. That and he's briefly accompanied by two vultures who are implied to be his wife and kid, suggesting that he's a bit of a family man.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Rather than let all the animals die in the flood and just take their pick when it's done (which would probably be wasteful anyway), the vultures are content with leading them through the valley and taking their pick of those who die along the way.
  • Vile Vulture: Again, an Affably Evil vulture who looks forward to devour the corpses of our heroes and anybody else getting drowned in the meltdown.
  • Villain Song: "Food, Glorious Food", an absolutely hilarious one.

Characters introduced in Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Voiced by: Simon Pegg

A weasel that makes an appearance in the third film and is one of the new protagonists. He is missing his right eye and wears a leaf as an impromptu eyepatch, and is slightly insane.

  • The Ace: An expert survivor in a hostile world of dinosaurs and routinely duels with a humongous Baryonyx.
  • Breakout Character: Was popular enough to show up in a cameo in Continental Drift, and returns as a main character in Collision Course. He's now set to star in his own movie, Adventures of Buck Wild.
  • The Bus Came Back: Returns for Collision Course.
  • But Now I Must Go: Opts to stay in the dinosaurs' jungle to hunt Rudy rather than go with the Herd. He stays with the herd in Collision Course
  • Born Lucky: He's invincible. He lives in a world filled with dinosaurs and even giant bugs, yet he never gets hurt.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Staying in a land of dinosaurs with nobody to talk to will do this to you.
  • Companion Cube: He still carries a torch for the "ugly" pineapple he accidentally married.
  • Crazy Survivalist: He's lived among the much larger dinosaurs for quite some time, and it shows.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Well, crazy, but still...
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Somehow winded up trapped in a dinosaur-filled land. Lost his eye to his nemesis. And went mad over time.
  • Ditzy Genius: In the 5th movie, he's shown to harbor quite a bit of scientific knowledge in spite of his eccentric nature.
  • Eye Patch Of Power: He wears a leaf as an eye patch.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: Just how long has he spent down there?
  • Handicapped Badass: He lost his right eye to Rudy but is still an amazing badass.
  • Honorary True Companion: Was offered a place in the Herd but he opted to stay in the dinosaurs' jungle instead.
  • I Choose to Stay: Buck is offered the chance to finally leave the dinosaurs' land at the end of the third movie, and actually considers it for a moment, but ultimately chooses to stay when he realizes Rudy is still alive.
  • Interspecies Adoption: In Collision Course, he rescued and adopted a baby pumpkin and named her Bronwyn.
  • Nice Guy: While he's insane, he's still a nice weasel.
  • Noodle Incident: "And now let me tell you about the time I used a sharpened clam-shell to turn a T-Rex... into a T-Rachel!"
  • Sanity Slippage: Suffered this three months prior to the third film, where he woke up one morning married to an ugly pineapple. In Collision Course, he adopts a pumpkin, believing it to be a baby.
  • Weapon of Choice: Always uses his dagger, which was originally one of his arch-nemesis's (Rudy) teeth.
  • Wicked Weasel: Subverted. He's crazy, but he is unambiguously a good guy.

Voiced by: Karen Disher

Scratte {pronounced "Scrat-tae" in the trailers} is a female sabre-toothed squirrel that makes her debut in the third film. She is seen in the second trailer with Scrat battling with her for the acorn by propelling themselves down a gorge to reach the fallen acorn, and succeeding. Scratte is also seen as a Love Interest for Scrat. Throughout numerous conflicts, the two fall in love, but Scrat ultimately returns to his old ways. At the end of the film, Scratte is left in the dinosaurs' jungle while Scrat returns back to the surface.

  • Crocodile Tears: When Scrat first takes the acorn from her, she starts weeping, making Scrat feel guilty. However, this is just a means to lower his guard so she can snatch the acorn back from him.
  • Dub Name Change: In Portuguese, she is named Scratita.
  • Femme Fatale: She seduces Scrat by using her rump.
  • Hartman Hips: She has broad hips and a plump bottom to emphasize her femininity.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: Subverted. After she used her flight ability to outsmart Scrat in the beginning when they fall off a cliff, Scrat activates her "wings" and lets the wind take her downwards when they get blasted into the air, leaving him alone with the acorn and her stuck underground. However, the acorn gets knocked underground with Scratte anyway.
  • Humanoid Female Animal: Downplayed. She strongly resembles Scrat, but her body shape and made-up appearance make her resemble a human more strongly.
  • I Am Not Lefthanded: Gets away with Scrat's acorn by hiding the fact that she's a flying squirrel until they're falling off a cliff and she's the only one who can escape.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She tries to take Scrat's acorn, but deep down, she's actually very sweet and loving. This is evidenced by her falling in love with Scrat. Like Scrat, she might've had feelings for him the whole time, but tried to hide it and focus on the acorn instead, until her heart of gold fully emerges when Scrat saves her from dying.
  • Love Interest: Scrat falls for her during the third movie.
  • Put on a Bus: She was left in the dinosaurs' jungle by the end of Dawn of the Dinosaurs and hasn't physically appeared since.
  • The Speechless: Like Scrat, she doesn't speak, but she makes vocal sounds such as screams, grunts, whimpers, and laughs.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Her 'eyeshadow' makes her appear more feminine.

    Momma Dino
Voiced by: N/A

Momma Dino, known also as simply Momma was a female Tyrannosaurus rex that abducted the ground sloth Sid from his herd when he took her eggs, only to raise them alongside the sloth further on.

  • Big Damn Heroes: "GO MOMZILLA!"
  • Brawn Hilda: She's big, aggressive, and not at all feminine.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Momma initially attempted to eat Sid but her children stood up to her and convinced her to let him live. Later, she lifted Sid into the cave that she and her children were using to hide from Rudy and Sid stated that she was actually a "softie" despite being a predator.
  • King of the Dinosaurs: She's portrayed as a powerful Mama Bear who even attacks the far larger predator Rudy to defend Sid and his friends.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: She and Sid act like this when they're fighting about how the baby dinos should be raised.
  • Mama Bear:
    • Was prepared to tear the upper world a new one to rescue her three babies.
    • She eventually gained a protective streak for Sid.
  • Shout-Out: She follows the rule set forth by Jurassic Park in that she can't see her prey if it doesn't move.
  • No Name Given: Her real name was never said.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Although Sid described Momma as being a "horrifying dinosaur" (which she didn't seem impressed by), she had a softer side since.
  • The Voiceless: All she does is growl and roar. Sid even gets upset that she doesn't "talk" to him about their issues.
  • Your Answer to Everything: Sid thinks her growling at him when he tries to raise the baby T. Rexes always answers everything.

    Egbert, Shelly and Yoko
Voiced by: Carlos Saldanha

The three baby dinos named Egbert, Shelly and Yoko are baby tyrannosaurus rexs which were adopted by Sid, a Ground Sloth. They are all voiced by director Carlos Saldanha. Sid stole the eggs from their mother (having found them alone, thinking they were abandoned) and hatched them himself . He was later taken away by Momma, their mother, for stealing her children. After being raised by Sid, they have an unusual behavior as a result of not being brought up by a dinosaur such as mimicking Sid and dancing.

Voiced by: Randy Thorn

A gigantic albino Baryonyx who is feared by all the creatures in the valley except Buck.

  • Artistic License – Paleontology: Real-life Baryonyx were much smaller than Tyrannosaurus rex. Rudy, on the other hand, towers over Momma. In addition, Rudy is shown to have a number of overlapping teeth, not unlike a crocodile, whereas the real Baryonyx had an overbite, like all other spinosaurids. His thumb claws also aren't noticeably larger than his other hand claws. In other words, he's lacking the feature that got his genus its name in the first place (Baryonyx means "heavy claw").
  • Big Bad: Of the third film.
  • Disney Villain Death: Gets pushed off the edge of the cliff by Momma Rex. Subverted in that he survives.
  • The Dreaded: Even Mommy T-Rex is afraid of him.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Rudy has yellow eyeballs with red irises.
  • It's Personal: Rudy recognizes Buck's knife as his old tooth.
  • Not Quite Dead: Presumed dead after his fall at the end of the movie, but it turns out he survived.
  • Plot-Irrelevant Villain: Like the sea reptiles before him, he is not seen speaking or planning, so he can't be much more than this.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: A red-eyed dangerous dinosaur - also Truth in Television, as almost all albino animals have red eyes.
  • Red Right Hand: His missing tooth.
  • Savage Spinosaurs: A giant Baryonyx that is feared by all, with the signature crocodilian head that spinosaurids are known. It also gets to fight a T. rex.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: One of the few examples of a Baryonyx in a film, albeit well over twice the size real Baryonyx are believed to have reached.
  • The Voiceless: Is only ever heard roaring.


A pterosaur that Buck uses in the climax.

  • Gender-Blender Name: The video game suggests that Roger is female.
  • Ptero Soarer: She's a pretty standard cartoon-y pterosaur. Probably the only accurate quality to her is that she walks on all fours.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When Buck asked about having kids.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Appears to be a Harpactognathus, a long-tailed pterosaur with a crest. Although she more closely resembles the stereotypical Pteranodon-Rhamphorhynchus hybrid and is called a "pterodactyl" by the creators.
  • The Voiceless: The rule rather than the exception with prehistoric creatures.

  • Ascended to Carnivorism: The Ankylosaurus is implied at the very least to be omnivorous, since it's depicted with a mouthful of sharp teeth and snaps at Manny's tail in a rather predatory manner.
  • Feathered Fiend: The Guanlongs, which are partially covered in quill-like protofeathers.
  • Gentle Giant: The Brachiosaurus is the only dino not to try to harm the gang.
  • Herbivores Are Friendly: Averted by the Ankylosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Iguanodon, and Pachycephalosaurus. Also the Triceratops in the video game. Played straight with the Brachiosaurus, which is the only dinosaur not to threaten the herd.
  • The Voiceless: None of them ever speak. They possibly can't talk.

Characters introduced in Continental Drift

    Captain Gutt
Voiced by: Peter Dinklage

Captain of the pirate crew that are the Herd's main foes in the 4th movie.

  • Anime Hair: You know how it looks like he’s wearing a Tricorner hat? That’s his hair.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Manny, after he not only manages to escape him, but steal his ship meant to replace the first one.
  • Bad Boss: He's cruel to his crew.
  • Badass Beard: Has a gigantic, scraggly beard that sits well since he's one of the most badass characters in the series.
  • Bears Are Bad News: He was originally conceived as a bear (probably a cave bear) but it was decided that an ape was more versatile.
  • Big Bad: Of Continental Drift.
  • Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti: Gigantopithecus is probably best known for its hypothesized relationship to those myths and legends. In that many think either its fossils or still extant members inspired the stories.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Noticeably the first main antagonist since the first film to be truly malevolent, as the Big Bads of the last two movies were predatory animals who, while persistent, where merely acting on instinct, while both Soto and Gutt were acting on personal motives. However, while Soto cared for his pack and wanted to kill the baby because the humans wiped out most of his pack, Gutt doesn't care for anyone but himself and can be considered to be more evil.
  • The Determinator: He will get his revenge on Manny. Consequences be damned. Even if he has to resort to attempting to kill Manny's family just to get back at him.
  • Dressed to Plunder: Despite not wearing clothes.
  • Dual Wielding: Is shown wield two swords that seem to be made out of jaw bones.
  • Evil Is Hammy: As one would expect from the only Ice Age villain ever to have a Villain Song.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Comes with the territory of being voiced by Peter Dinklage.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Depending on the scene and person he's talking to.
  • Irony: Calls himself "The Master of the Seas", but ends up getting killed by Sirensnote , denizens of the seas he claims mastery over.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Downplayed, as the film remains pretty light and he doesn't drain the comedy from a scene, but Gutt is the first true antagonist of the series since Soto. He's even worse than Soto as he does what he does for greed, power, and revenge, whereas Soto wanted to avenge his fallen packmates. Due to the resources he commands, he's also a much more powerful threat than Soto was.
  • Killer Gorilla: A gigantic, malevolent ape. Not a gorilla though, but a Gigantopithecus, a prehistoric relative of the orangutan.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He's strong, fast and very agile. If Manny didn't have the reflexes to use his tusks to block Gutt's swords, he could have gutted Manny a lot earlier. He's strong enough to force apart a huge block of ice in order to make a new ship.
  • Maniac Monkeys: He’s a Gigantopithecus, which makes him a BIG monkey (well, actually an ape. Apes aren't monkeys, and you should never get them confused.).
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: According to him, he earned his name by gutting his victims.
    Manny: "Captain Gutt?" [chuckles] Really? I have a little paunch too, but I wouldn't name myself after it.
    Gutt: [laughs mockingly] That's funny. You're a funny guy. But that's not how I got my name. [brandishes claws] THESE got me my name!
  • Never My Fault: He swears revenge against Manny for costing him his first ship and his "bounty", and later, Shira's loyalty. This is despite the fact that he attacked Manny and his group first, planning to kill them (and the ship was destroyed during their escape), and that Shira wouldn't have betrayed him if he hadn't abandoned her in the first place (not to mention he physically assaulted and demoted her for not killing Manny).
  • Red Baron: The "Master of the Seas".
  • Revenge: Against Manny for sinking his ship and stealing his replacement one.
    Gutt: That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty, and now the loyalty of my crew! I will destroy him! And everything he loves!
    • Gutt later beats Manny and the gang to the continent and takes Ellie & Peaches hostage.
    Manny: Okay! Let them go!
    Gutt: [chuckles darkly] I don't think so. You destroyed everything I had! I'm just returning the favor.
  • Swordfish Sabre: His weapon of choice is a sword made of the skull of a sawfish.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: He was probably the first Gigantopithecus in mass media (unless you count King Kong, who evolved from the Gigantopithecus according to the companion book, or Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti),
  • A Sinister Clue: Every time he fights, he can be seen using his sword with his left hand.
  • Slasher Smile: His default expression.
  • Talk Like a Pirate: To a fairly mild extent, but still noticeable.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After Manny steals his ship, Gutt is so furious, it's quite obvious he's lost a HUGE amount of his sanity. He later beats Manny and the gang to the continent and takes Ellie & Peaches hostage, stating that Manny took everything he had from him, and the evil ape intended to do the same.
    • Later during the battle when Precious vanquishes his crew, only Gutt dodges them, now not caring about his crew. Then he attempts to kill Ellie, but not before Peaches kicks him to the wall. Finally losing what's left of his sanity, Gutt then blocks Manny's path to return to his family, just as a landmass sends both of them hundreds of feet high.
  • Villain Song: The only main villain in the Ice Age movies to sing one, called "Master of the Seas".
  • Would Hurt a Child: Utterly willing to hold a dagger to poor Peaches — just to get even with her father — and would've killed her then and there had it not been for Louis.

    Gutt's Crew
Voiced by: Aziz Ansari (Squint, Continental Drift) Seth Green (Squint, The Great Egg-Scapade), Nick Frost (Flynn), Kunal Nayyar (Gupta), Rebel Wilson (Raz), Alain Chabat (Silas)

A group of piratical animals that serve Captain Gutt, consisting of Squint, a psychotic rabbit, Raz, a tough Australian kangaroo, Flynn, a dim-witted English elephant seal, Gupta, a cowardly Indian badger, Silas, a smug blue-footed booby from France, and Dobson, a mute boar and formerly Shira.

  • Affably Evil: Despite being one of the villains of the movie, as well as a complete buffoon, Flynn the elephant seal is arguably the most approachable and likable member of Gutt's crew.
  • Ax-Crazy: The whole lot of them do enjoy their job, but Squint really likes it.
  • Badass Crew: Not only could they effortlessly capture Manny, Sid and Diego, but they're later seen with the entire herd of background characters hostage. Just several mammals were enough to overpower a herd of animals who dwarfed half of their own.
  • Berserk Button: Squint hates being called cute. Ditto for calling him the Easter Bunny.
  • Big Fun: Flynn, one of the film's most hilarious characters, and an appropriately obese elephant seal.
  • Butt-Monkey: There’s a gag where the pirates are celebrating their success. Flynn has food but it gets stolen and claims someone took his booty. This shows him bouncing with two large buttocks on his back and everyone laughing at him.
  • French Jerk: Silas, due to hailing from the south of France.
  • Flat Character: Raz, Dobson, Silas, and Gupta. They don't do much besides serve as either Gutt's muscle or the crew's pets.
  • Hair-Raising Hare: Squint. An Ax-Crazy rabbit who could give Buck a run for his money, he loves working for Gutt and is pretty keen on slicing and dicing whatever he sees.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Flynn, who is frankly too stupid to really realize what's going on, and doesn't have a malicious bone in his blubbery body - if anything, he seems to have fallen in with a bad crowd.
  • Jerkass: All of them have various degrees of jerkishness (with the arguable exception of Flynn), but Squint is easily the worst of them.
  • Knife Nut: Squint for sure, also Raz, who keeps weapons for the entire crew in her pouch.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Besides Gutt, Dobson counts as well. He's instrumental in herding Manny and Shira into a corner by simply ramming into them.
  • Made of Iron: Given the cartoony nature of the series, Squint survives a severe squashing from the 9 ton Ellie.
  • Monstrous Seal: Subverted. Flynn is a large elephant seal and part of a pirate crew, but he's an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who's too goofy to actually be monstrous.
  • Only Known By His Nickname: Raz is apparently short for Rasmussen.
  • Parrot Pet Position: Silas has a habit of this, being the resident bird.
  • Remembered I Could Fly: Flynn needs to be reminded that he's a sea animal and can swim.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Flynn is an elephant seal, Raz is a Procoptodon (a short-faced kangaroo), and Silas is a petrel (although he has the feet of a blue-footed booby).
  • Sole Survivor: By the end of the film and not counting Shira, Flynn appears to be this, with Gutt having been eaten alive by sirens and the rest of the crew being blasted by high-pressure and high-speed water into the distance. Squint later turns up alive, though.
    Flynn: [being blasted with water] Oh this feels so good!!! Ah, thank you Mr. Whale!!!
  • The Voiceless: Dobson is the only member of the crew not to speak.
Voiced by: Drake

A carefree thrill-seeking teen jock mammoth who Peaches tries to impress.

  • Fearless Fool: He refers to barely escaping a cave in as fun.
  • Jerk Jock: He is the leader of the Brat Pack and is a bit shallow and egotistical.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold:
    • He tells Peaches not to bring Louis with her during their walk, and later showed disdain for her family being "half-possum." But when he insults Peaches for her "possum heritage", she furiously calls him out for his recklessness and storms out. He does seem to show regret after Peaches berated him.
    • He also shows true genuine concern at the climax while witnessing Louis standing up to Gutt to save Peaches.

    Steffie, Katie and Meghan
L-R: Steffie, Katie, Meghan
Voiced by: Nicki Minaj (Steffie), Heather Morris (Katie), Ally Romano (Meghan)
A trio of snobby teen girl mammoths.
  • Alpha Bitch: Steffie stands out the most being very snobby while Katie and Meghan just seem to agree with everything she says.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Katie (Blonde), Meghan (Brunette), and Steffie (Redhead).
  • Girl Posse: They're a trio of popular teenage mammoths who look down upon Peaches.
  • Jerkass: They insult Peaches for being "Half Possum" and also see Louis as nothing but an uncool loser.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: They are genuinely concerned at the climax for Louis and astounded by his bravery, they finally except him into the gang.


Bizarre sea monsters that take on the form of what you love most and try to tempt you into their clutches. Their true form resembles a mudskipper fish or a primitive amphibian.

Characters introduced in Collision Course

    Shangri Llama
Voiced by: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

An eccentric llama and the spiritual leader of Geotopia.

Voiced by: Michael Strahan
A fearless and fun-loving rabbit who serves as a "tour guide" to visitors of Geotopia and gets into a relationship with Granny.

    Neil de Buck Weasel

An astronomer weasel who exists within Buck's mind and indirectly helps the Herd in searching for a way to stop the coming "extinction". He also acts as the Narrator of the entire film and is a Fourth-Wall Observer.

Voiced by: Nick Offerman

A conniving and underhanded flying dromaeosaur who leads a group of egg-thieves consisting of himself, his daughter Gertie, and son Roger. He holds an intense hatred for Buck for repeatedly thwarting his family's escapades and attempts to get revenge on him by trying to thwart the Herd's attempt at diverting the asteroid.

  • Abusive Parents: Zigzaged. On one hand, Gavin frequently belittles and openly voices his contempt for his son Roger for not living up to his standards and disagreeing with his plan to stop the herd from diverting the asteroid. On the other hand, he treats his daughter Gertie with respect and clearly prefers her over Roger.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Despite of being abusive parent to Roger and showing his favoritism to Gertie, Gavin loves both his children, cares about them and protects them. Fortunately, he reconciles with his son in climax.
  • Big Bad: Gavin serves as the film's main antagonist for wanting to make sure the herd fails to make sure the asteroid hits.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Despite of being abrasive and constantly belittling to his son Roger and prefering his daughter Gertie, Gavin truly loves and cares about both of his children. Because of this, Buck convinces him to pull a Heel–Face Turn by convincing Gavin that revenge on him (Buck) is not worth jeopardizing his offspring's safety.
  • Feathered Fiend: Has feathers, and quite unpleasant.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He abandons his revenge scheme against Buck to help the herd divert the asteroid thanks to some persuading from Roger, Gertie, and Buck himself.
  • Jerkass: Not a very pleasant individual, especially towards his son.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He does care about his kids though, which is part of the reason he does a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Kick the Dog: A minor one, but when Gavin and his kids arrive on the surface, he callously tells Roger that if it weren't for the fact that he inherited his mother's telescopic eyesight, he would be useless to the rest of the family.
  • Papa Wolf: In climax he tried to protect his children from falling meteorites.
  • Parental Favoritism: He clearly prefers and respects his daughter over his son.
  • Plot-Irrelevant Villain: Although he plotted to stop the herd from diverting the asteroid, he and his kids ultimately failed to do anything that hindered the herd on their journey. In fact, the herd, sans Buck, even remained completely unaware of their presence until the third act.
  • Raptor Attack: Although he and his family are feathered to an extent and even have wings and a tail fan, they still aren't feathered enough. Also their ability to fly isn't exactly accurate either (it's speculated that a few dromaeosaurids may have been capable of flight, but all of them were significantly smaller than Gavin and his family).
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He isn't anywhere near as smart or capable as he thinks he is.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Gavin's desire to stop the herd and make sure the asteroid hits fueled by his belief that if he and his children succeed, the blast from the asteroid will effectively take out everyone on the ground while he, Gertie, and Roger fly safely overhead, thereby killing Buck and ensuring the dominance of their species. Fortunately, he is convinced otherwise during the film's climax.


A bulky female dromaeosaur and Gavin's daughter who faithfully follows and supports her father's schemes while abusing her younger brother Roger.

Voiced by: Max Greenfield

A spindly and neurotic male dromaeosaur and Gavin's son who is seen as a disappointment by his father.

  • Anti-Villain: He is really a villain in the name only and all he wants is his father's love.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: In climax he understand that his dad truly loves him and cares about him and his sister and the best thing in their family is that they are alive.
    Roger: Do you know what I love in our family? That we're alive. There are more importaint things than your pride right now. If you care about us, you should not kill him. You should help him, Dad.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: At the film's climax, he finally finds the courage to say "no" to Gavin and point out there are more important things at stake than the latter's pride
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has signs of this, towards his family mostly.
  • Family Eye Resemblance: According to Gavin, Roger has his mother's eyes (and that it's the only thing keeping him from being completely useless).
  • Forced into Evil: When it comes down to it, Roger is a truly good-hearted individual who displays genuine discomfort towards stealing the eggs of other dinosaurs and reluctance in hurting others, but given what kind of family he is a part of, he doesn't have any other option.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Granted, he was never really evil to begin with, but still.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: Not very skilled about hunting.
  • Missing Mom: It's never mentioned what happened to his and Gertie's mother. Although Gavin mentions that Roger has her eyes.
  • Morality Pet: Also to Gavin, but it became more noticeable close to the end of the film.
  • Nice Guy: Compared to his father and sister, he's much more reasonable and considerate.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. He shares a name with the pterosaur from Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Runt of the liter big on common sense.
  • The Smart Guy: Made evident he inherited the brains in the family when he contradicted his father's idiotic plan.
  • Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard: This is his reaction (in a more polite tone) to his dads plan.
  • Super Senses: He has the best eyesight out of his family, something Gavin claims he inherited from his mother.
  • The Unfavorite: It's clear that his father prefers Gertie over him.

Voiced by: Melissa Rauch

A female ground sloth who went on a single, painfully brief date with Sid.

  • Ambiguously Jewish: Her mannerisms, including the way she talks, makes her seem this way at times.
  • Flat Character: She exists solely for kicking off the subplot about Sid finding true love.

Alternative Title(s): Ice Age 5 Collision Course, Ice Age 2 The Meltdown, Ice Age 3 Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, Ice Age 4 Continental Drift, Ice Age Chills Thrills And Spills


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