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Sammy, short for Samantha, is the primary protagonist in iMew. After receiving her new phone in the mail, Sammy ends up inadvertently transforming herself while trying to figure out how to use the phone despite not being able to read Chinese. Although serious in her efforts to turn back into a human, Sammy tends to wonder off in favor of sales or food. Through her confrontations with Lori, the readers learn that Sammy is a legal major. Sammy calls Curran a rat instead of a ferret.



Lydia is Sammy’s best friend. Lydia tends to be the more serious of the two, often helping Sammy get out of trouble. Lydia has been known to hook Raf up with various women, specifically Lori and Sammy. Lydia is an avid painter.


Eddie is Sammy’s pet cat that first reveals Sammy’s cat transformation. Eddie causes the time concern over Sammy’s transformation after biting the charger cord. Eddie playfully teases Sammy about being stuck as a cat, taunting her with tuna fish. Eddie constantly complains about Sammy being a cheap when it comes to his food.



Raf is a male acquaintance to Sammy, Lydia, and Lori. Raf initially brings pizza over to Sammy’s house for a party but is left to house sit for Sammy while she deals with her transformation. Lydia often tries to hook Raf up with Lori and then Sammy. Raf is knowledgeable when it comes to cameras. Raf once assisted Lori with her homework.


Lori is Sammy’s arch rival and a legal major in college. Lori believes herself to be more fashionable and modern than Sammy when it comes to her attire and gadgets. Lori is neutral when it comes to Lydia. When pushed too far, Lorie goes berserk. Lori owns Curran, her pet ferret.



Curran is Lori’s pet ferret. Curran loves shiny items, especially Sammy’s new phone. Curran also enjoys running up Sammy’s skirt and stares at Sammy’s body.


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