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The agents that are working under the Aurum Investigation Agency for the Supernatural

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Grandmaster and Master Agents


Julian Peter Eon Von Hauer

Played By: SunEmperor
Ability: Telekinesis

"The key to breaking the rules is making it look like you are following them."

The Grandmaster of the Aurum Investigation Agency for the Supernatural.



Rais Bauer

Played By: OrangeCaptain
"I just don't wanna look back one day and think, 'i coulda eaten that'..."

The Secundus of the Aurum IAS, Eon's loyal Number Two


Calvin Shin

Played By: SparklingMage
Ability: Magic

"I sparkle because i care about your full viewing experience"

A high-tier Magician recruited by Eon together with his little sister Sena.


Iyas Hamid

Played By: OrangeCaptain
Ability: Regeneration ((cellular))

"I get gripped with sadness when I do not get the senior's discount anywhere."

Aurum's IAS resident Head Medic.


Sena Shin

Played By: SparklingMage
Ability: Cyberkinesis

"Your search history is safe with me <3"

Aurum IAS' Tech Support, also Calvin's little sister


Prestige Agents

Expert Agents

Specialist Agents

     Little Red 

Jonathan Roosevelt

Played By: victorioususagi
Ability: Heightened Sensory

"I don't think i've ever cared, sorry."


Elliot Morrow

Played By: Kanimimi
Ability: Combustion Inducement

"Hush, now, i'll be your hero today."


Dahlia Stark

Played By: Arishoo
Ability: Mediumship

"Stop staring at me like that! ...Oh, s-sorry, not you, there's a ghost-...N-nevermind"


Nicolae Badi

Played By: bluevelvetwings
Ability: Shock Absorption

"I bet everything will turn out okay. Totally."



Charles Ó hAllmhuráin

Ability: Tattoo animation

"Let's show 'em the true meaning of 'deader than dead'!."

     Soul Cutter 

Naoki Kondo

Played By: sol-an
Ability: Curse Immunity



Aiah Ramsumair

Played By: phantommuse
Ability: Levitation



Huang Feng Rong

Played By: nikkaroo
Ability: Wind Manipulation

"...I'll do my best"


Darin Houben

Played By: soaptoast
Ability: Elasticity

"I'll help you for free if you're pretty, or my friend, or if you're dying and i have to for moral reasons."

Trainee Agents


Nikolas van der Berg

Played By: sepuluhributiga
Ability: Flash Precognition

"Watch out for the stairs—-Well... i've warned you."


Aya Kannan

Played By: TheLunarEmpress
Ability: Psionic Construction

"Always use your power to protect!"

  • Cuddle Bug: Always wants to cuddle
  • Sweet Tooth: She loves chocolate and cake
  • How Do You Say: With English not being her native tongue, Aya tends to just butcher sentences, words, or add an unneeded 'The' where it doesn't belong.

Retired Agents


Kasper Poplawski

Played By: A24M
Ability: Hydrokenesis

"I'm laughing, I really am, no seriously!"

A Trainee agent that was killed by Cipactli bite and the resulting blood loss during the Dark Pasts case.


Stephanie Goldwind

Played By: y-choi10
Ability: Imaginary World

"Life is like chess, know the right moves and reach the King"

A Trainee agent that resigned from the agency.


Yuri Adiwangsa

Played By: sepuluhributiga
Ability: Guardian Manifestation

"If that's the case, then i'll just... try to not panic"

A Specialist agent that resigned from the agency.


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