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Characters / Hyrule Conquest
aka: Hyrule Total War

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  • Gods (Goddesses, Druthulidi, First Sages)
  • Ancient factions (Akkala, Oocca, Parella, Koholint, Lokomo, Guardians)
  • Civilised factions (Kingdom of Hyrule, Zora Dominion, Ordona Province, Lanayru Province, Labrynna Regime, Order of the Wizzrobe, New Hyrule, Clock Town, Great Bay Zora)
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  • Frontier factions (Gerudo, Darknut Legion, Cobble Kingdom)
  • Barbaric factions (Gorons, Moblins, Lizalfos, River Zora, Volvagians, Ocean Blins, Anouki, Darmani's Fallen)
  • Naturalistic factions (Kokiri, Deku Scrubs, Fairies of Tarm, Rito, Korok Colonists)
  • Shadow factions (Stalfos, Sheikah, Cult of Agahnim, Lost Gorons, Dark Deku Scrubs, Kingdom of Ikana, Yiga, Lorule)
  • Twili factions (Dynasty of Mizorant, Midna's Exiles, Great Fairies of Twilight, Sect of Morsheen, Bonemold Monks, Tribes of the Nether Rifts, Oorgath)
  • Others (Gohma, Church of Majora, NPCs, mercenaries and wild animals)

Alternative Title(s): Hyrule Total War Great Sea, Hyrule Total War Termina, Hyrule Total War, Great Sea Total War, Termina Total War


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