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Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Character sheet.

The Gaorangers

Kakeru Shishi/GaoRed | Actor: Noboru Kaneko

Known as the Blazing Lion, Red is a veterinarian chosen by GaoLion to lead the Gaorangers and become GaoRed. He is highly compassionate with the ability to talk to animals, and controls GaoLion, GaoGorilla, GaoKong and GaoFalcon.

Gaku Washio/GaoYellow | Actor: Kei Horie

Known as the Noble Eagle, Yellow was the first Gaoranger recruited and spent a year working alone with Tetomu. He often clashes with Red because he resents being replaced as the team leader, though eventually their rivalry cools. Controls GaoEagle, GaoPolar and GaoBear.

Kai Samezu/GaoBlue | Actor: Takeru Shibaki

Known as the Surging Shark, Blue is the youngest male on the team and a former "freeter" who has a close friendship with Black. He controls GaoShark and GaoGiraffe.

Soutarou Ushigome/GaoBlack | Actor: Kazuyoshi Sakai

Known as the Iron Bison, Black is a former sumo wrestler-turned-florist's assistant who is best friends with Blue. Despite being The Big Guy he is actually very sweet (unless you threaten the people he cares about) and scares easily. He controls GaoBison, GaoRhino and GaoMadillo.

Sae Taiga/GaoWhite | Actor: Mio Takeuchi

Known as the Belle Tiger, White is the youngest team member and the only girl. She is a martial arts student from Kagoshima. Controls GaoTiger, GaoElephant and GaoDeer.

Tsukumaro Oogami/Shirogane/GaoSilver | Actor: Tetsuji Tamayama

A 1,062-year-old GaoWarrior who was sealed away a thousand years ago after becoming possessed by the demon Rouki. After being defeated by the Gaorangers, he is physically separated from Rouki and joins the team as GaoSilver, the Sparking Wolf. He controls GaoWolf, GaoHammerhead, and GaoLigator.

Power Animals

The Hundred Beasts mentioned in the title, they grant their powers to the Gaorangers in their battle against the Orgs.

Tropes that apply to the Power Animals in general include:

  • Back from the Dead: The Power Animals the heroes partner with return in the finale, after being killed in the previous episode.
  • Finishing Move:
    • GaoKing 1: Animal Heartnote 
    • GaoKing 2: Surging Arrownote 
    • GaoMuscle: Muscle Lariatnote 
    • GaoHunter (Rouki): Beast Hurricanenote 
    • GaoHunter (Silver): Revolver Phantomnote 
    • GaoIcarus: Icarus Dynamitenote 
      • GaoIcarus Another Foot and Arm: Icarus Breakernote 
    • GaoKentaurus: Dance of the Beast Kingnote 
    • GaoKnight: Big Burn Final
  • Golem: They're spirits that occupy metallic constructs made from the Earth itself.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: GaoKentaurus is a centaurid mecha made of gigantic Power Animals.


GaoRed's primary Power Animal, a red lion with a golden mane. Forms the upper torso and core of GaoKing and the lower part of GaoKentaurus.


GaoYellow's primary Power Animal, a yellow-gold eagle. Forms the head of GaoKing and the waist of GaoMuscle and GaoKnight.


GaoBlue's primary Power Animal, a blue shark. Forms GaoKing's right arm and its primary weapon, the Fin Blade, and also GaoKnight's right arm.


GaoBlack's primary Power Animal, a black bison. Forms GaoKing's and GaoMuscle's lower torso and legs.


GaoWhite's primary Power Animal, a white-gray tiger. Forms GaoKing's and GaoKnight's left arm.


The first of the extra Power Animals the Gaorangers awaken, a cyan elephant; eventually GaoWhite partners with it. Forms a sword and shield for GaoKing, GaoKnight, and GaoKentaurus.


The second extra Power Animal encountered, and an orange giraffe, GaoBlue met it after he fought an Org underwater. Replaces GaoShark as a left arm and forms GaoIcarus' left arm, both as an arm-spear.

GaoBear and GaoPolar

The third and fourth extra Power Animals, with GaoBear being a black bear and GaoPolar a similar but white bear. GaoYellow encountered them as two mysterious boys, and after helping them regain their true forms, they expressed their gratitude by helping the Gaorangers. They form arms for both GaoKing and especially GaoMuscle.


The fifth extra Power Animal, a green gorilla. As the Gaorangers were sent back in time in their quest to acquire a mushroom needed to heal GaoLion, GaoGorilla awoke, helping the Rangers defeat the Bulldozer Org. Forms the head and upper torso of GaoMuscle and thus its core.


The movie-exclusive Power Animal, befriended by GaoRed. Forms the core of GaoKnight.

Soul Bird

The manifestation of the Gao Heart, Soul Bird was born from the Gao Egg created by the Radiant Mushroom. First appearing as a chick affectionately called Piyo-chan, it grew to its adult form while the Gaorangers fought Shuten.


GaoSilver's totem Power Animal, a silver wolf. It was under Rouki's possession when it first appeared. Forms GaoHunter's left arm.


One of GaoSilver's Power Animals, a primarily green alligator. It was under Rouki's possession when it first appeared. Forms the body and legs of GaoHunter.


One of GaoSilver's Power Animals. It was under Rouki's possession when it first appeared. Forms the right arm of GaoHunter.

GaoRhinos and GaoMadillo

Friends of GaoBison, they appeared in order to help defeat Rouki. GaoRhinos is a blue-green rhinoceros that forms a lower torso and legs for GaoKing, GaoMuscle, and primarily GaoIcarus, while GaoMadillo is a purple armadillo that forms a ball.


An ancient Power Animal in the form of a green deer whom Tetomu's grandmother Murasaki once sang to, accompanied by Shirogane/GaoSilver. Reappearing in the present day to immobilize Tombstone Org, it spurned the Gaorangers until Tetomu helped Silver regain its trust. Eventually becomes GaoWhite's third Power Animal, and serves as GaoIcarus' left arm.


Called the Ultimate Power Animal, it was a red falcon summoned by GaoRed after his friends in the afterlife solved a puzzle, granting him the Falcon Summoner. Forms the head, body, and wings of GaoIcarus and GaoKentaurus.

  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: It's the only other red Power Animal in the series, and not only does it ally with GaoRed, it's also one of the most powerful Power Animals.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Its wings are large enough to serve as a shield when held together.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade
  • Noble Bird of Prey: Heroic bird zord.
  • The Phoenix: Evokes this by exiting the volcano on the Animarium. The Phoenix motif is furthered by the implication that GaoFalcon helped in reviving the rest of the Gaorangers and GaoGod.
  • The Worf Effect: Gets this by being the first Power Animal on Sky Island to be killed when Senki begins his rampage.


Ally of the Gaorangers from a thousand years prior to the series. He appears in spirit form to help the Gaorangers break the curse on Shirogane. He appears as a young boy named Futaro to the dead Gaorangers to aid them in their spirit quest, and is revived alongside them with GaoFalcon's appearance.

GaoGod is composed of the five God Power Animals: GaoLeon, a black version of GaoLion forming its upper torso; GaoCondor, a blue bird similar to GaoEagle forming its head and bow; GaoSawshark, a maroon shark that forms its right arm and sword; GaoBuffalo, a brown buffalo that forms its lower torso and legs; and GaoJaguar, an orange jaguar that forms its left arm.


Gao Priestess Tetomu

  • But Now I Must Go: After Senki is killed off, she parted ways with the Gaorangers, although they had a picnic reunion in the finale's closing credits.
  • Hidden Depths
  • Magic Music: Her singing calms the Gao Animals.
  • Miko
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: If she never gave her food to Futaro/Gao God, then Senki's creation may have been averted.note 
  • Really 700 Years Old
  • Ship Tease: With Silver.
  • Team Chef: Her cooking becomes a plot point. It is what allows GaoLion to assume a larger size and kicks off a series of plot events that ultimately lead to Senki's creation.

Ogre Tribe Orgs

Duke Org Yabaiba

Duke Org Tsuetsue

Duke Org Rouki

  • Berserk Button: When Rouki finds out that Shirogane used him (through the Dark Wolf Mask) as power boost for GaoHunter, he was livid.
  • Laughing Mad: While enlarging himself during his final confrontation against the Gaorangers.
  • Magical Flutist
  • Mask Power: The Dark Wolf Mask contains the Thousand Year Evil, which can possess the wearer. Not even the Power Animals are safe from it.
  • Pet the Dog: Instead of killing Sae while he had the chance, he treated the wound on her leg instead. This serves as a hint that it was Shirogane who did that. Rouki would happily kill her, and would've done so if it weren't for Shirogane being his host.
  • Savage Wolves
  • This Cannot Be!: Rouki is having a Villainous Breakdown after GaoHunter broke his horn by using GaoMadillo as a cue ball.
  • Wild Card: He wants to get Revenge on the Gaorangers but has no interest in working with the Orgs at the same time... until Ura came up with a plan to implant a brainwashing grasshopper on him.

High Duke Org Shuten | Voice Actor: Tetsu Inada

High Duke Org Ura | Voice Actor: Tamotsu Nishiwaki

  • Back from the Dead: Twice. First after being killed by GaoSilver and second in the final arc.
  • Batman Gambit: His scheme hinged on quite a few, from the Gaorangers defeating Rouki and releasing the Thousand Year Evil within him, to the Gaorangers defeating the Orgs he made with the evil spirit in order to mature it, and especially Silver finally severing his connection to the evil so he could absorb it himself.
  • Benevolent Boss: Relatively speaking; he treats Yabaiba and Tsuetsue rather well, especially compared to his successor. He even gives them power from the thousand-year evil spirit.
  • The Chessmaster: A particularly brilliant one. Everything he did since he first appeared, from awakening Rouki to creating Orgs with the Thousand Year Evil, was all part of his master plan to achieve his One-Winged Angel form.
  • Disc Two Final Boss
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: His eyes are within nostrils.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: How he dies.
  • Knight of Cerebus: His stint as High Duke coincides with the Gaorangers being curb-stomped by Rouki, then culminates with the death of most of them.
  • Magic Mirror
  • Noblewoman's Laugh
  • One-Winged Angel: And, surprisingly, is effective - enough to kill all of the Gaorangers save Red and Silver.
  • Paper Fan of Doom
  • Sissy Villain: Noblewoman's Laugh? Check. Uses a fan as his weapon of choice? Check. Likes sparkly pretty things? Check, Check, and Check.
  • Villainous Breakdown: The moment when GaoFalcon showed up is where Ura is starting to lose his confidence and ends up screaming after being struck down by the Hyakujuuken.
  • Xanatos Gambit: His using the Thousand Year Evil to create Orgs. Whenever the Gaorangers defeated one, it would just make the evil spirit stronger. As mentioned above, it was more of a Batman Gambit as that was the outcome he really wanted.

High Duke Org Rasetsu | Voice Actor: Hidekatsu Shibata (male part) & Hiromi Nishikawa (female part)

Ultimate Org Senki | Voice Actor: Daisuke Gori

Three Org Brothers

The villains of The Movie, they appeared on the island where the Gaorangers and Tetomu were transported to. They forced the local villagers to work for them, until the Gaorangers intervened.


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