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Characters / Hunger Games Simulation Troper No. 9001 (Reboot Tributes)

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These are the following tributes that Troper No. 9001 has nominated in the Reboot. For tropes regarding her tributes in the Original Generation, click here.

Note: All of her tributes nominated before Season 74 technically get an extra appearance there due to Tier 0 aka EVERYTHING and beyond it being nominated by unfortunatezorua. Likewise, 9k1 herself technically makes an appearance in Seasons 25, 50, and 74 due to "YOU" aka the HGS Player being nominated in the first two and Zorua nominating Tier 0 in the last.


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     Hall of Famers 
These are the tributes she has nominated that made a podium finish and/or the most kills under her.

     Hall of Famers by Proxy 
These are the tributes previously nominated by her, but entered the Hall of Fame under other players.

     Honorable Mentions 
These are the tributes she has nominated that didn't make the podium and/or the most kills, but still did notable things in the Games, whether under her or other players.

     Other Tributes 
These other tributes she has nominated are sorted by their first appearance.


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