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    n3rd d4sh 
Joined around OG Season 174

Notable OG Tributes

Debuting in OG Season 129, mostly just puts in tributes which are completely stupid and tries his luck.

Notable OGV Tributes:

  • Multiple NASCAR drivers, including:
    • Chase Elliott (2nd place in Season 133)
    • Jimmie Johnson (2nd place in Season 154)
    • Kyle Busch (2nd place in Season 157)
  • Rey Mysdeerio, a deer head with a Rey Mysterio mask on. (2nd place in Season 135)
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Winner of Season 138)
  • Himself (3rd place in Season 143)
  • Duke Amiel Du H'ardcore (tied for most murderous in Season 148)
  • a printer (Winner of Season 155)
  • a burger (Winner of Season 158)
  • a default male mii. (Winner of Season 159)
  • Cecil Palmer. (3rd Place in Season 171)
  • Alex Jones. (3rd Place in Season 180)
  • USBall. (3rd Place in Season 185)

    Nie Orginalny 
First joined in OG eason 105, also suggested some events later.OG Tributes:

Joined in Reboot Season 211.

Notable Tributes

Joined in OG Season 205, nominates tributes mostly from video games and animation, including more obscure ones.

OG Podium Finishers and Mass Murderers

Other Notable OG Tributes

  • Geralt of Rivia (Season 209)
  • Yuma Chitose (Seasons 210 and 229)
    • Break the Cutie/The Woobie: Went through hell and back in a Season 210's gag save and it only continued in the official one. Doesn't help that the canon isn't that much better... Gets a little better next time around but still not perfect.
    • Disproportionate Retribution: On the receiving side in Season 210: after laughing at Chara, they wedgie her and possibly even molest her later. On the giving side in Season 229 gag save, killing fellow tribute Steve for calling her cute.
  • Aiai (Season 211)
  • Futaba Sakura (Season 231)
    • Action Girl: In the gag saves, she does a lot of stuff (sometimes hammy), making the other tribute feel insignificant. Not so much in the actual season, though.
    • Irony: In spite of being a social shutin, somehow manages to save a failing relationship in a gag save. Also has a temporary death to loot boxes in that same gag save.
    • Megaton Punch: Tried to do a Falcon Punch-like manuever in two different gag saves, though the first one was a miss.
    • Memetic Mutation: Invoked. In the first gag save alone she quotes three different memes.
    • Playful Hacker: Her hacking skills end up being used only to make speakers play Infinity in a gag save.
    • Properly Paranoid: Starts carrying salt once to protect herself against paranatural. Considering the events of Persona 5...
    • Stronger Than They Look: In gag saves, she wins an arm-wrestling contest against Plaguebearer and then as tiny version of her against Apollo Justice.
    • The Woobie: Suffers a bit during gag saves, which only adds to what she already went through.

    President Stalkeyes 
Has sent in a large number of varied Tributes to a pointless and agonising death. Her Tributes tend to have bad luck.

Notable OG Tributes:

    Psychedelicate - Original Generation 
Psychedelicate first joined the game in its 5th season, and the first tributes she’s ever submitted were Hatsune Miku and Stuart Ashen. From there, she became a regular member of the thread and primarily nominated anime characters - and sometimes the occasional inanimate object - as tributes for each season.

She took a hiatus somewhere between seasons 100-110, and made a brief return in Season 141, participating in a few more seasons before disappearing again, but from Season 178 onwards she has returned to becoming a regular. The majority of the tributes she enters nowadays are Danganronpa’' and My Hero Academia'' characters, though her tribute pool was a diverse range of anime characters in her earlier seasons.

OG tributes in the Hall of Fame and tropes applying to them include:

  • One Direction - Placed third in season 94
  • Osaka - Winner and most kills of season 147
  • Kazuichi Souda - Placed second and tied for the most kills (though he technically scored the most kills) in season 179
  • Himiko Yumeno - Placed second in season 181
    • Badass Pacifist: She's just one spot away from victory, and she hadn't killed a single tribute throughout the entire season. Then again, she likely didn't make any kills because she was too lazy to.
    • Brilliant, but Lazy: Despite her canonical self being incredibly lazy, Himiko was still able to last long enough to secure a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • Rabbitnote  - Winner of Season 210
    • Arch-Enemy: He fosters a rivalry with Cagney Carnation in the second half of Season 210, after he sends the flower to Heaven for divine retribution of his sins. Cagney gets back at him the next day by blowing a horn so loudly into his ears that he becomes deaf. Despite this shortcoming, however, Rabbit still manages to defeat him and go on to win the season.
    • The Bad Guy Wins: Subverted, since Rabbit is canonically an Anti-Villain.
    • Bestiality Is Depraved: He had some, um, fun with Yoshi on a plane in Season 210.
    • Beware the Silly Ones: He may have been trying way too hard to get some in his debut season, but the fact remains that he is an experienced and powerful villain who could probably main a pro hero if he really wanted to. This experience comes into play in Season 210, which he wins with ease.
    • Handicapped Badass: Near the end of Season 210, he is deafened by his rival Cagney Carnation. The hearing loss does little to hamper his performance, however, as he eventually finishes off Cagney once and for all and seizes the gold medal after killing Kanaya Maryam, whom he’d mockingly (and very badly) sung a Linkin Park song to shortly after going deaf.
    • Karmic Death: In Season 216, after a period of time where he doesn’t make any advances on any tributes, Rabbit finally gives in to his urges and cheats on Shouto Todoroki, his boyfriend back home, once again by indulging in a makeout session with Tokido the night before the Feast. Queen Tyr’ahnee, seemingly aware of his relationship status, ruins the moment. During the Feast later that night, Tokido takes advantage of Rabbit, who accidentally cast a beer spell, by encouraging him to get drunk, before punching him to death.
    • Really Gets Around: He spent most of Season 210 getting rather intimate with a few other tributes, despite the fact that he has a boyfriend back home. In Season 216, he averts this... until he gives in to his urges and indulges in a makeout session with Tokido the night before the Feast.
  • Natsumi Kuzuryuu - Got the most kills in Season 217
    • Arch-Enemy: Implied to have had this kind of relationship with Rainbow Dash, who killed her beloved older brother, Fuyuhiko, during the Bloodbath. This is further supported by the fact that Rainbow Dash has tried to kill Natsumi as well later on in the season.
    • Ax-Crazy: She goes on two different killing sprees at two different points in the season, taking out three tributes each. In the first one, she teams up with Boba Fett to slay some tributes in the name of the Blood God. She then snaps again during the Feast, setting off an explosive that kills another three tributes. This may be caused by her grief from losing both her brother Fuyuhiko and her friend Megadramon.
    • Vitriolic Best Buds: She quickly develops this friendship with Megadramon, who is implied to harbour unrequited feelings for her. It should be noted that her rampage during the Feast occurred immediately after he died from choking on his own vomit.
  • Yuki Sohma - Winner of Season 223
    • Involuntary Shapeshifting: Aside from the Zodiac Curse he suffers from in canon, where he turns into a rat whenever he's hugged by a girl or under physical stress, he also turns into a Chaosrealmer partway through Season 223 after kissing Havik in an attempt to remove the latter’s curse (unrelated to the aforementioned Zodiac Curse).
    • Magical Girl: He tries to please Kyubey twice in a row, first by offering it jellybeans (it refused them), then by trying to give it a present. This implies that he may have contracted with Kyubey to become a Puella Magi - or at least attempted to.
    • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Canonically, he’s a human boy who transforms into a rat whenever he's hugged by a girl or under physical stress. In Season 223, he becomes a Chaosrealmer, and is later implied to have become a Puella Magi.
    • Took a Level in Badass/Sanity Slippage: In the first half of the season, he doesn’t do anything noteworthy; however, his transformation into a Chaosrealmer has apparently resulted in him adopting the species’ murder-happy mindset, as he is so frustrated during a game of Akinator that he kills the genie in the middle of playing it. He later scores his victory by crashing a plane, killing the other three surviving tributes.
  • Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou (as one tribute) - Placed third in Season 231note  and second in Season 240
  • Enji “Endeavour” Todoroki - Got the most kills in Season 235 and placed third in Season 248
    • Adaptational Villainy: Like Eijirou and Katsuki before him, he went on a murderous rampage and managed to get onto the Hall of Fame. Although he didn’t murder anywhere near as many people as Eijirou and Katsuki did, he still got six kills, which was enough to cement his status as the most murderous of Season 235.
    • Even Evil Has Standards: He vocally disapproved of Magneto and Charlie getting married, for obvious reasons (though he was probably unaware that Charlie had a wife back home). Said disapproval resulted in the couple killing him.
    • Jerkass: He has remained mostly in-character and maintained his cruel nature throughout all of his appearances.
    • Self-Deprecation: He was nicknamed “Endeavour, Worst Fire Dad” for the second Father’s Day Special, so his fiery introduction in the Bloodbath inevitably resulted in this.
    • Would Hurt a Child: Early on in Season 235, he makes an attempt on Tyke Bulldog’s life. A few days later, he succeeds in killing him, as well as a bunch of other tributes. Considering his rather abusive treatment of his own son, Shouto, this isn’t exactly surprising.
  • BTS - Placed third in Season 245
    • Adaptational Villainy: From pedophilia to murderous tendencies, these boys are nothing like the sweet, friendly guys they are in real life - and they never show any signs of regret or desire to redeem themselves.
    • Ax-Crazy: Zig-zagged in Season 245. Being a themed season where nearly every tribute was a band, BTS technically killed 6 tributes. However, in the official stats and for the sake of convenience, they officially killed 3 tributes, which isn’t a very high body count compared to other notoriously psychotic tributes within the HGS. Nonetheless, they still made an attempt at the lives of Pentakill and Undercode, and were indirectly responsible for Soundgarden’s death.
    • Destructive Romance: While their polyamorous relationship with Pentakill in Season 245 took place offscreen, the fact that it was failing, as well as the fallout after their breakup, implies that it was very unhealthy. The fact that both bands were very murderous and aggressive towards the other tributes throughout the season doesn’t help matters.
    • Karmic Death: Immediately after their collective proposal to Riley Andersen, Konami steps in and stabs each member of BTS to death with an icicle.
    • Pedo Hunt: They collectively propose to Riley in Season 195, despite the fact that she is a preteen girl. The worst part? She says yes.
    • Psycho Ex-Boyfriend: To Pentakill in Season 245. Where do we even begin? After the two bands gang up on and murder Crush 40 for completely failing to save their failing relationship (likely by letting slip what BTS had done to Riley in Season 195), they get into a physical fight that resulted in Pentakill almost killing BTS. From there, while Pentakill become much calmer and seemingly at peace with the breakup, BTS seem to be in a foul mood for the rest of the season, becoming even more aggressive. After reuniting with Pentakill in the ball pit, BTS murder the members of Shag Carpeting, who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with them.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu - Placed second in Season 247
    • Butt-Monkey: He ended up being one of HGS’s most unfortunate tributes, starting from his first appearance in Season 141, where he was not only the first among Psyche’s nominated tributes to die, but he died to a cupcake that he could’ve eaten and enjoyed. From then onwards, he continued to die early on and/or unceremoniously despite his status as a Yakuza and being nominated fairly often, even being the first tribute to die in Season 217, which, in turn, caused his sister, Natsumi, to snap. To make matters worse, he was snubbed of a polykill award when dave_the_assassin, the runner of Season 238 misplaced what could’ve been the canon save. He finally breaks out of this status in his final appearance, Season 248, where he places second.
      • Interestingly enough, his performance notably improves whenever Peko Pekoyama, his bodyguard and canonically his closest conpanion, is nominated alongside him. Despite her dying very early on in Season 248, he managed to do so well that he finally scored a place on the Hall of Fame.
    • Together in Death: With Peko in Season 238, who was apparently trying to protect him from a brutal encounter with Alec Trevelyan. Unfortunately, he managed to take them both down with a single bullet.
    • Too Powerful to Live: He received a bunch of powerups in Season 238, which is the reason why Alec ultimately killed him.
    • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: He, along with his classmate Kazuichi Souda, sing a taunting blues song about the MHA Hero Curse to Eijirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou in Season 231. This may have driven them to snap and destroy E V E R Y T H I N G later on.

    Psychedelicate - Reboot 
Having participated since Season 1, she remains a frequent player of the HGS even in the reboot.

Reboot tributes in the Hall of Fame and tropes applying to them include:

  • Eiri Yuki - Tied for the most kills in Season 1
    • Battle Couple: It’s implied that he may have been this with Shuichi Shindou, his canonical boyfriend, throughout the season. Not only was Shuichi, who's canonically pretty wimpy and afraid of confrontation, almost as murderous as Eiri was, but they also made their kills at presumably the same time.
    • No Fair Cheating: Presumably the reason why his aforementioned boyfriend Shuichi failed to win a beauty pageant that he was a judge of, despite objectively being the most attractive out of the three contestants. It’s likely that the other two judges, Primrose Everdeen and Xingo, called him out on it, although the latter didn’t seem to like him to begin with.
    • The Plan: He hatches a plan to ensure his victory in the Hunger Games, which likely entails ensuring Shuichi’s survival as well. It does seem to mostly entail killing off his competition and lowering the numbers. Unfortunately, he gets killed before the rest of his plan takes effect.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu - Placed third and tied for the most kills in Season 8, and won Season 13

Other Reboot tributes include:

  • Shuichi Shindou (Season 1)
    • Adaptational Badass: He’s much braver and more strategic than he is in canon, where he's the standard uke archetype.
    • Battle Couple: Implied to have been this with his boyfriend, Eiri Yuki, due to the kills that they made at presumably the same time.
  • Maki Harukawa (Season 2)
    • Hoist by Her Own Petard: She ultimately meets her end when she attempts to walk on water, but fails miserably and drowns.
    • Small Name, Big Ego: She declares herself ruler of the world, brags like Gaston and even has the guts to give The God of Light a medal of dishonour for no apparent reason. Generally, she doesn’t seem convinced that her stealth skills need some serious work. This is ultimately what leads to her downfall, as she believes that she's a good enough ninja to be able to walk on water. This ends about as well as you’d expect.
    • Third-Person Person: Subverted. She refers to herself in third-person on one occasion, but she has also used first-person on another.
  • Australiaball (Season 3)
  • UKball (Season 3)
  • Hatori Sohma (Season 4)
    • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: He takes down Ainz in the Bloodbath to protect Bratty and Catty. Yeah, that’s right - Hatori, an ordinary human (aside from turning into a seahorse when hugged by a girl), single-handedly killed an ultra-powerful overlord.
  • Ayame Sohma (Season 4)
  • Itachi Uchiha (Season 5)
  • Esdeath (Season 5)
  • Fumikage Tokoyami (Season 6)
    • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: In a stark contrast to many of the other heroic MHA characters nominated, especially in the OG, Fumikage goes out of his way to stick to his moral code and do heroic deeds. He never kills or even attacks any other tributes, and, upon request, he even helps out a settlement in trouble. Despite all of this, when he tries to pull a sword out of a stone, he's deemed unworthy and struck by lightning. This may be a sign that the MHA Hero Curse is now rearing its ugly head in the Reboot.
  • Panty Anarchy (Season 7)
  • Stocking Anarchy (Season 7)
  • Kazuichi Souda (Season 8)
  • Naruto Uzumaki (Season 9)
  • Hinata Hyuga (Season 9)
    • Break the Cutie: Season 9 was not a good time for her. When she rescues James Bond from Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride, he freezes in his sleep the following night anyway, rendering her rescue pointless. After that, her friend and crush, Naruto, is killed by Julius Caesar. She does not seem to take either of these very well at all, and it’s implied that she feels as though she let Naruto down, considering that he ran back to the cornucopia to protect her in the Bloodbath, and she attempted to kill the female Rule 34 after his death, hoping to succeed in killing it after Naruto’s own failed attempt. She does seem to have began to move on later in the season, though, when she admits to Regigigas that she is its sister (somehow) and starts to bond with it.
  • Fantasy!Eijirou Kirishima (Season 10 (in his dragon form))
  • Fantasy!Katsuki Bakugou (Season 10)
  • Dracula (Season 11)
  • Mavis Dracula (Season 11)
  • Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way (Season 12)
  • The Sorting Hat (Season 12)
  • Hajime Hinata (Season 15)
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He was well on his way to this by the time John Marston killed his classmate Nagito during the Feast in retaliation to Hajime depowering him earlier that night. The next day, Hajime argues with John over it and seems prepared to kill him, only for Ultra Toad and Amuro Ray to join in, culiminating in a Big Ball of Violence. Vexed, Hajime violently destroys Amuro’s Gundam, the Nu Gundam, the following night. Chances are that he would’ve successfully avenged Nagito if only he hadn’t choked on cinnamon the next day.
  • Nagito Komaeda (Season 15)
    • Green-Eyed Monster: He insults Hajime’s waifu, who is heavily implied to be Chiaki Nanami, right in front of him, then lets out a Metal Scream to vent his frustrations the following night. Considering that he may or may not be canonically in love with Hajime, he seems to be jealous of Chiaki and frustrated that he can’t pursue Hajime himself.
  • Kirumi Tojo (Season 16)
  • Inko Midoriya (Season 16)
  • Atsuko "Akko" Kagari (Season 19)
    • Laser-Guided Karma: She treats Lucas very poorly for not giving her and her friends, Boney and Clark Griswold, his bread, which is implied to have been baked by them along with Slick since they presumably steal it back from him immediately afterwards. This treatment ultimately results in Akko killing Lucas. From there onwards, she suffers a number of grave misfortunes, including being forced to play E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by The Charger and even being partially eaten and insulted by the entirety of Detroit. Cozy Glow is ultimately the one who finishes her off.
    • Trademark Favourite Food: Implied to be bread, given the lengths she takes to obtain it.
  • Diana Cavendish (Season 19)
  • Kiibo (Season 20)
  • WALL•E (Season 20)

A contributor who joined in OG Season 72. Most of her Tributes are characters from Video Games, mainly Nintendo Franchises. She has also entered in characters from other franchises and series.

Notable OG Tributes:

Other Notable OG Tributes:

    Sailor Tardis 
A contributor who joined in the 108th season of the OG. Has had some success but rarely comments.

Notable OG Tributes:


Has his own page here.

Had entered many characters, and was a frequent host. Had moderate success.

Notable OG tributes:

A player who joined the game in OG Season 4. Notable tributes include:

  • Chaos Sorcerer (winner of Season 10)
  • A Deathclaw (tied for most kills in Season 5)
  • Jason Brody (3rd place in season 14 and got the most kills that season)
    • Took a Level in Badass: In the first season he appeared in, Jason wound up dying alongside Kars. Come season 14, he puts in a far better performance.
  • Super Vegito (tied for most kills in Season 65; 1st place and got the most kills in Season 87)
    • Took a Level in Badass: After spending most of his appearances as one of the game's biggest and most infamous Butt Monkeys, later seasons have him performing much more competently, to the point that he actually won Season 87.
      • Badass Decay: Unfortunately, he took a severe hit when he was killed in the Bloodbath for the third time (after Seasons 14 and 15) in Season 173.
  • The Chosen Undead (winner of Season 69)
  • The Ashen One (3rd place in Season 70)
  • Sweden (3rd place in Season 75)
  • Scott Pilgrim (most kills in Season 79)

    Smiley100P (OG) 
Started in Season 173. Very fun piece of trash.

Tributes in Alphabetical Order:

  • Amber [1] (S174: Nobody seems to recognize her. Made a very obvious choice in a trolley dilemma. Three strangers or Justin Bieber? Killed the latter. And then was pushed off a freaking cliff.)
  • Barnaby (S179: "Killed" a tiny candy birb and lost his kite in the process. Failed to hack the HGS. Tried to be cheered up by a couple of fish. Realized that a third was secretly badass. Betrayed and killed by Opal.)
  • Alternate Calliope (S195: Nominated.)
  • Bill Cipher (S194: Did a thing and... was vaporized by a chicken, okay.)
  • Cappy (S177: Killed a vampire by pushing him off a cliff, then broke copyright laws. And then got run over by a freaking train. gosh, man.)
  • Cat Noir (S185: I think he's doing good in his Grail Search? He did cross a canyon on a tight rope, which probably helped. Eventually got killed out of jealousy. Won a gag save, though... Sigh.)
  • Dave Strider (S193: Still perfectly in-character so far. Also somehow strangled a car. Eventually managed to finish... fourth. whyyy)
  • The 13th Doctor (S181: Seems to have gotten her stapler stolen. Found a rifle and won Wheel of Fortune. Got offended by a cowboy impression so badly that she freaking died.)
  • The Hunger Games SIMULATOR (S185: Beat Brant Steele's meat and got shot.)
  • Graystripe (S191: He seems to be having a nice time. Played some games, encouraged Water Cooler Delivery Guy to fly, got his camp raided, vented about his now-thrice-deceased mate and how she's in a different clan, then got eaten alive by Freeze Man. That was fun.)
  • Ichabod (S177: Killed immediately. S186: Mugged a guy for a smash invitation and was forced by Terezi to marry Malcom. He then proceeded to be shot by Kanaya. Who laughed about it.)
  • John Egbert (S182: gleefully killed two tributes, one of which was Gene from The Emoji Movie. Proceeded to be revealed to be worthy to be the king of Britain before he was killed by... Gene's ally? holy-)
  • John Watson (S182: Started the Fashion Police. Shoved Nagasi inside an iron maiden even though she looked quite nice. Now harpooned.)
  • Kanaya Maryam (S193: Yaay Kanaya destroyed an evil bottle I'm soooo proud- wELL @&$# YOU ZAPPA LEAVING HER TO DIE)
  • Laraminia (S192: Let's see. Out of memory she... hailed a virtual boy and... got hit by a boulder and probably got maimed to death by seagulls. sigh.)
  • Litten (S184: Seems important. She had stolen 40 cakes (that's four tens And That's Terrible!) and a pretzel, also killing Sweet Bro using a tactic she may or may not have learned from The Other Fire Cat... And then she got impregnated by aliens and anticlimactically thrown off a cliff by Tsurubami, who proceeded to win the games, much to my... disappointment.)
  • Done-With-Everything Opal (S179: Turns out, she's an alchemist. And a teacher. And a musician. And somehow similar to Panther Cap. And a bestiality victim. And now a potion.)
  • OW THE EDGE (S183: Did awkward things and played Spin the Bottle until he got elected President. When he destroyed Shere Kahn's computer, the tiger shortly killed him on a Judas Cradle.)
  • Pantalaimon (S173: Started a cult, even though he'd be the last animal to do so. Weird crap is happeninggggg)
  • Qarakimio (S192: yayyy invincibility star- ONO A PIT)
  • Rockruff (S184: Detective Gamechanger cashed in on her life insurance which by proxy means she's dead??? ...Wow hon)
  • Sherlock (S181: won a naval battle once. Then SLAYED A FREAKING GIANT MONSTER THING AND A GIANT APE THING. Then blown up by a 7-and-a-half-year-old child. Poor boi)
  • Shovel Knight (S174: In-character during the bloodbath, but screwed his characterization on day 1. He paid for it by being killed by a guitar.)
  • Silverstream (S173: Started a lemonade stand. Killed by Nobita Nobi when they were both Kaiju. S186: Eaten by The Rake during the bloodbath.)
  • Smiley 100 P (S195: Nominated.)
  • Tigerstar (S183: He turns out to be literally Satan and makes a deal with Queen Chrysalis. Then wrote a letter to Fawful before he was eaten by Maleficent. His second love was Vile, before his mortal form was horcruxed by The Warrior. The cat may have been killed, but the Devil Within...?)
  • Unikitty (S191: Faded to rainbow and drank Brain Bleach. Also killed Christmas Geromy with sparkle matter. And other people with Sparkle Matter. And then she mishandled a lightsaber and fell to pieces. And when I checked to see if she was the mass killer of the season, it turns out she freaking wasn't. Damn you, agility fails. Damn you, PJ, Jim, who happened to win the entire freaking thing. You had ONE FREAKING JOB UNIKITTY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa ok)
And now, I wasnt really around for the finale and as far as I heard, all the above tributes were nominated as "the souls of all previous tributes". So that was a thing.
Sooo from what I get they all just ran from the cornucopia to start with. After that, there was a bar brawl. Which the souls started. Dave's final legion was not too amused and sent them all a death threat. Including the souls of themselves. And then they started a bonfire from like one sword. And then some cats whipped up a feast for literally all of them. After that, they all just collaborated to give Kanaya of all beings a medal of dishonor. and they a l l lost a tooth trying to eat like one coconut. After that, they all got their hands filled to the brim with buckets. just empty little buckets. Only the trolls in there were really reacting to it beyond any humor. And then they bought a hugeass van with a painting of all of them because logic. They then wrote a song for some warrior girl i have no clue about. After I gave up on transitions, they won an arm wrestle with... something called Giegue, and then claimed the fanship of Void Termina. More random shit happened to them. Finally, during the feast, they were all killed and cooked by a single troper named Scipion 3. All of them. What a way to end things.

    Smiley100P (BTP Reboot) 
Some deep shit must have happened if i need to learn the color tag art. Again.
Why isnt this on the text formatting rules page again?
Ah well. New reboot, new folder.
Smiley/i just up and disappeared but hes/im back from that bus trip so here we go
also i curse now that too

Edit: well im back agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain and now im o v e r 1 8 and my name is Elliot now. Please help.

Tributes in Alphabetical Order:

  • Daisy (s47: She just immediately started competing in a first person shooter tournament with a cereal mascot. A c e r e a l m a s c o t. Then she had a part of her flesh ripped off by a goblin. And rolled down a hill trying to get some water with a sexy band. Attempting to comfort herself, she stole a cookie from Terra-Xenahort's cookie jar without asking. Puppy dog eyes ensued. Afterwards, she started to develop a habit of swearing in her sleep, probably from the stress. The next day, she calmed down and tried to take up painting to take the stress off her mind. That night, she decided to join into a protest about schnauzen sauce or whatever because why not. The next day was pretty eventless, at least until the games gets The Sims treatment and she gets burned to death by a mind-controlled Hero. At least the player also killed that cursed abomination sooo yay?)
  • DuckDuckGo (s49: Casually explodes in the bloodbath.)
  • Me (s51: Introduced in a hotdog stand in the bloodbath chaos, Me went on to go on a road trip, win a three legged race with the partner of a dragon, turn half dog, revive Shunt in spite of J-Hope, accuse Pumbaa of drinking milk (quite aggressively, may I add), prove to be a bigger badass than GM Sniper II and a better thumb wrestler than Nyusha (despite not having thumbs in the first place), and ultimately get y e e t e d by my rapper boy snoop doGg)
  • Rhys (s48: Apparently it is established that Rhys wears socks, despite being a small dog. She shot Giygas with a Stand Arrow a few hours prior and was scared away, yet she still made a music video with him, probably of that love song one of EarthBound's creepy samples is pulled from. The next day, she had some fun playing Cards Against Humanity. She had more fun commenting on a deathmatch in which p u n d a d killed someone shaping up to be a powerhouse. The next day she jokingly told someone to play Despasito so Eminem showed up and blew up her head with incomprehensible bs.)
  • The Boys (s51: started up painting the blood bath in all its glory. lost a minigame against someone who was doing absolutely nothing, who then proceeded to burn them, both figuratively and literally.)
  • RPS 101 (s49: Gets folded into a salmon by a car on day one. and ripped in half on night one.)
  • Whisper (s48: Immediately it is established that Whisper wants an Xbox One. Bored, she started to play real life Angry Birds and pretended someone was invisible. She then hallucinates saving a dog the next night and loses it the next day. Somehow, even the Witch of Space couldn't brainwash her. She then demonstrated her prowess by walking on lava. Over the course of the next couple days, people start doubting whisper's mental state when she wins Quidditch and asks for favors with puppy dog eyes. And gives out bad pick-up lines. And literally feeds a lass to death. One day, she found a heckin Mana Sword and used it to give herself god-like powers, marking the beginning of the end of the season. She then killed Rom and Ram with a fidget spinner to demonstrate her power. After taking a break and writing a shitty MSB Self-Insert Fic, she- she fucking died offscreen. Goddamit. She was thiiiis close to getting a podium finish, at lEaSt)
  • Wooloo (s47: Wooloo gets on Panem's Funniest Home Videos on day one. Probably without her consent. Fortunately, She found a group of buddies to re-enact Undertale with. She was Toriel. And then some asshole blew a horn so loud that her head exploded.)

Podium Finishers and Mass Murders by season

Season 50:

  • 2nd Place: Elliot (s50: Elliot is granted immunity during the bloodbath and subsequently has gum stuck in his fur. He and Ebony proceed to form a ninja team, thinking it would be cool. He then puts Scipion 3 in timeout and plays Jump Rope with Zanreo and Mett, mostly to help with their stress. He and Ebony met again in a game of baseball. Scipion then returns and plots revenge on Elliot, but given his recent practice, he aced the heck out of it. And then someone a c e d the heck out of an accuracy test and hits an apple on his head. The next day, he decided singing a Villain Song was a good idea because framing himself for murder is always a good idea in the games. He then chugged down some pulp, made a movie, and killed Eredars in an arena event. He and Ebony are the final two tributes left. He was killed by Ebony after a long fight.)
  • Champion: Ebony (s50: Blinded by The Meme Man's ugliness immediately during the bloodbath, Ebony terrified the heck out of poor Cel and pressed F to pay respects for TropesForever. He and Elliot proceed to form a ninja team, thinking it would be vital. Somewhere along that line, he must have meesed with bigfoot. In any case, he still gets in a debate with 4fterthought over who would win between WM23rat and Taco Badger and still gets an Iron D o g suit from a sponsor, probably May or someone idk. He then played baseball and accidentally hit a dude in the face with a bat. The next day, he scored his first kill, specifically some dude named Starfall. He then checks his horoscope (which is completely unknown to literally anyone) and necrobumps a fourmbase because he was bored. Ebony did not attend the feast. He then annoyed the heck out of Infinity because he stubbed his toe and wanted it healed. There was also an arena event, but he and Elliot were the only survivors. Needless to say, their bond broke, they fought, and he won.)

Joined in Reboot Season 147. Also frequently submits large numbers of events.

Podium Finishers and Mass Murderers:

  • Antique Yamaha Electone Organ: Mass Murderer (Season 147, 5 kills).
  • Block Of Netherite: 1st Place (Season 156), 3rd Place (Season 147), Mass Murderer (Season 156, 4 kills).

    Star Android Jaguar 
He debuted in Season 205.

Original Generation Hall of Fame

Reboot Hall of Fame

  • Nothing yet.

Tropes associated with Reboot tributes:

A player who first appeared in Reboot Season 35 and then later joined in Reboot Season 36. She mostly nominates characters from Video Games (mostly Kirby) and Western Animation.

Season 36

Season 37

Season 38

Season 39 - 3rd Battle Royale

Season 40:

Season 41:

Season 42

  • Manny Heffley

  • Loki (Champion)
    • The Trickster: Does a lot of tricks all throughout the season including helping out with a prank to put Mjolnir on a toilet seat.

Season 43

  • Staircase Tumble: Exaggerated as her death is caused by her cracking her neck while falling sown the stairs.

Season 44

Season 45 - Unexpected Character Season

Season 46

Season 50 - Troper Season

Season 51

Season 52 - 4th Battle Royale

Season 54

Season 55 - Space Season

Season 58

Season 59

Season 61

Season 62

Season 63

Season 64 - Magitek Season

Season 66

Season 68

Season 70 - Light Vs. Darkness

Season 71

Season 72

Season 73 - Death Battle

Season 74

    The Gamechanger 
He first appeared after OG Season 86 and suggested some custom events, he officially joined the Hunger Games in OG Season 89. He also started the Reboot thread.

His Tributes in the OG Include

Joined in OG Season 129, he has been a fairly regular player ever since.

Notable Tributes (Original Series):

Notable Tributes (Reboot):

Joined up in time for OG Season 200, the second Troper Games. She really likes Touhou Project characters and nominates them often.

Notable OG Tributes:

Other Tributes:

    Troper No. 9001 
Has her own pages here and here.

Some guy who joined in OG Season 77, then disappeared before returning in OG Season 183. He likes submitting tributes from various fighting games.

Notable OG Tributes:

  • Goenitz: Second place and most kills in Season 183.

Other OG Tributes:

  • Gill: Last place in Season 183.


A newcomer to HGS, Zorua debuted in Season 27 of the Reboot, although technically their first appearance in the Reboot thread was to suggest 4 events after the nominations for Season 25. They usually nominate meme-related and anime tributes. Ironically, they seem to have relatively good luck in the Games, as a stark contrast to their username.

Notable tributes (full list of Zorua's tributes below):

Their debut tributes were Retsuko and Ice Bear.

  • Season 27 Tributes: Retsuko and Ice Bear (Team Funny Animals)

    • Retsuko: Placed 10th, 1 kill. Death by bench pressing a barbell and being crushed under its weight.
    • Ice Bear: Placed 41st, 0 kills. Death by using a teleporter that lead into a chasm.

  • Season 28 Tributes: Shintaro Kisaragi and Coca-Cola (Team Cargo Ship)
    • Irony: Despite being a One True Pairing, they were nominated in the season directly before the Valentine's Day one.

  • Shintaro: Placed 48th (last), 0 kills. Death by being murdered while meditating during the Bloodbath.
    • We Hardly Knew Ye: A result of his unfortunate decision to not act in the Bloodbath.
  • Coca-Cola: Placed 10th, 0 kills. Death by embarassment over a blood transfusion that resulted in the death of Marx.

  • Season 29 (Valentine's Day Season) Tributes: Ugandan Knuckles and Big Chungus (Team I Don't Believe In Humanity)

    • Ugandan Knuckles: Placed 21st, 1 kill. Death by disintegration from the Infinty Gauntlet.
    • Big Chungus: Placed 31st, 0 kills. Death by being murdered for blocking a tribute on Facebook.

  • Season 30 (Adorable Season) Tributes: Haruka Kokonose and Izuku Midoriya

  • Season 31 Tributes: Bill Cipher and Kai Chisaki (Team Villains Who Like Disassembling People's Molecules)

    • Bill: Placed 2nd (Podium Finisher), 1 kill. Death by looking at his own shadow.
      • Always Second Best: He ended up accidentally killing himself despite being so close to winning.
      • Ascended Extra: Was given a major role in the HGS lore from Season 39 onwards, and still continues to appear there to this day.
      • Bestiality Is Depraved: He's caught making out with a golden retriever at one point in the season.
      • Embarrassing Nickname: "Egyptian Nacho". Needless to say, he doesn't take kindly to being called the "king of jackass chips". It later becomes a Running Gag in Convergence.
    • Overhaul: Placed 18th, 1 kill. Death by attempting to reenact Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and disappearing in a cosmic glow of light with Deathstroke.

  • Season 32 Tributes: Scorbunny and Rowlet (Team Those Two New Starters)

  • Season 33 Tributes: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and John Marston (Team HELP I CAN'T SWIM)

    • Altaïr: Placed 28th, 0 kills. Death by being murdered with an explosive.
    • John Marston: Placed 16th, 1 kill. Death by falling into a bottomless pit Dark Souls-style.

  • Season 36 Tributes: Sakura Minamoto and Hibiya Amamiya (Team Truckbait)

    • Sakura: Placed 25th, 1 kill. Death by being sold a bomb that exploded in her hands.
    • Hibiya: Placed 47th, 0 kills. Death by collective murder by three tributes over a basket of bread.

  • Season 37 Tributes: Takane "Ene" Enomoto and Prinpulp (Team Random Things I Found In My Avatar Gallery)

    • Ene: Placed 7th, 4 kills (Mass Murderer). Death by being skewered on an arrow.
      • Four Is Death: She killed 4 people, causing her to enter a 4-way tie for the title of Mass Murderer, and died in an event involving 4 tributes.
    • Prinpulp: Placed 31st, 1 kill. Death by being hit by an axe forty times.

  • Season 38 Tributes: Kurapika Kurta and Ash's Pikachu (Team Smug Little Yellow Shits)

    • Kurapika: Placed 42nd, 0 kills. Death by being murdered with a hatchet.
    • Pikachu: Placed 29th, 0 kills. Death by being decapitated from above with a sword.

  • Season 39 (Battle Royale) Tribute(s): Bill Ciphernote 

    • Bill: Placed 19th, 0 kills. Death by being stabbed from above with a dagger.

  • Season 42 Tributes: unfortunatezorua and Élise de la Serre

    • Zorua: Placed 46th, 0 kills. Death by murder by a tribute found hiding in the Cornucopia.
    • Élise: Placed 30th, 2 kills. Death by riding a Euthanasia Coaster.

  • Season 44 Tributes: Shuuya Kano and Kokichi Ouma (Team Lying Bastards)

    • Kano: Placed 2nd (Podium Finisher), 3 kills. Death by being skinned after a duel and thrown in a river.
    • Ouma: Placed 37th, 0 kills. Death by murder after being revived wrong.

  • Season 45 (Unexpected Character Season) Tributes: DIO and Sakura Haruno (Team USELESS USELESS USELESS)

    • DIO: Placed 3rd (Podium Finisher), 4 kills (Mass Murderer). Death by decapitation by shrapnel from an explosion.
    • Sakura: Placed 37th, 1 kill. Death by being murdered with a kukri.

  • Season 46 Tributes: Joe and Dennis (Team Obscure Indie Game Protagonists)

  • Season 47 Tributes: Saitama and The Hero (Team Caped Baldies)

  • Season 48 Tributes: K1-B0 and Morgana (Team Hope For Humanity)

    • Kiibo: Placed 40th, 0 kills. Death by being burned to the ground.
    • Morgana: Placed 25th, 0 kills. Death by dismemberment.

  • Season 49 Tributes: L Lawliet and N Harmonia (Team One-Letter Name)

  • Season 50 (Troper Games) Tribute(s): unfortunatezorua note 

  • Season 52 (Battle Royale) Tributes: Shuuya Kanonote  and DIOnote 

    • Kano: Placed 2nd (Podium Finisher), 1 kill. Death by being fed to SCP-914.
      • Gorn: Like the first time he won 2nd place, his death was extremely violent—except instead of being skinned alive and drowned, he was shoved through a meat grinder by Tuxedo Knight.
      • Running Gag: He seems to have a thing of "becoming a podium finisher but getting murdered gruesomely right before winning" going on for him at the moment.
    • DIO: Placed 33rd, 0 kills. Death by clawing his own throat apart and bleeding out.

  • Season 53 Tributes: Light Yagami and Dutch Van der Linde (Team All According To Plan)

    • Light: Placed 23rd, 0 kills. Death by being shot with explosive peanut guns.
      • Vague Age: He caused such a stir after being nominated yellow-flagged (in reality, the image used for him was contextually pre-timeskip, but looked ambiguous enough to be either) a new rule concerning tributes' ages had to be implemented in the main game.
    • Dutch: Placed 45th, 0 kills. Death by murder after not paying attention in the Bloodbath.

  • Season 54 Tributes: Lucky Chloe and Area 51 (Team Weebs Rise)
    • Lucky Chloe: Placed 33rd, 0 kills. Death by being (literally) backstabbed.
    • Area 51: Placed 46th, 0 kills. Death by being strangled with a backpack.

  • Season 55 (Space Season) Tributes: Hachimaru and General Grievous (Team Space Cyborgs)
    • Hachimaru: Placed 11th, 1 kill. Death by accidentally hitting himself with a baseball bat.
    • Grievous: Placed 48th (last), 0 kills. Death by being killed with an explosive.

  • Season 57 Tributes: Tet and Hisoka Morrow (Team Playing Card Motif)
    • Tet: Placed 47th, 0 kills. Death by murder and dismemberment.
      • The Worf Effect: And how! He's the second to die in the Bloodbath, despite being an immortal god with hyperversal-level powers and the most powerful tribute of the season. Killed by a bunch of human cell-eating butterflies, no less.
    • Hisoka: Placed 31st, 0 kills. Death by being killed after refusing to share a smoking pipe.
      • Drowning My Sorrows: He apparently gets so depressed that he can't find a Worthy Opponent in the Games he starts invoking this across events. Ironically, however, later becoming a stoner leads to his death.

  • Season 58 Tributes: Mae Borowski and Juuzou Suzuya (Team Barbed Wire/Baseball Bat)
    • Mae: Placed 42nd, 0 kills. Death by falling into a bottomless pit.
    • Suzuya: Placed 6th, 2 kills. Death by being charged at and crushed to death.
      • Adaptational Nice Guy: He's a lot less of an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight than his canon self in HGS and is quite friendly with most of the tributes...
      • Arch-Enemy: ...except Sonny, who insulted him for his height. Suzuya's battle with him eventually leads to his own death.
      • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: He does everything from participating in a game of Uno to randomly playing bagpipes during the season, and once again, it shockingly makes him seem more in-character rather than less.
      • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: A much nicer variant. After being the tribute to discover Jin's corpse, the next day he tries to comfort a saddened RM by patting him on the head.

  • Season 59 Tributes: Derping and Netflixworld (Team NS Nations)
    • Troubled Production: Being black-flagged tributes consisting of populations, they were one of the main reasons S59 was delayed so badly, causing the season to start well after the Reboot Anniversary rather than on the date itself.
    • Derping: Placed 1st (Hunger Games Champion), 3 kills.
    • Netflixworld: Placed 9th, 2 kills. Death by being collectively eaten alive.

  • Season 60 Tributes: Sans Costume!Mii Gunner and Bell (Team HGS Discord Jokes)
    • Sans!Gunner: Placed 47th, 0 kills. Death by standing on the podium too long, getting paralysed, and subsequently drowning.
    • Bell: Placed 18th, 1 kill. Death by murder after betraying a blood compact.

  • Season 62 Tributes: Yoh Shirono and Rilakkuma (Team Bear Friends)
    • Yoh: Placed 16th, 2 kills. Death by hitting the Arena Forcefield.
    • Rilakkuma: Placed 37th, 0 kills. Death by being gunned down by Snow Soldiers.

  • Season 63 Tributes: Sayaka Maizono's Corpse and Kyoko Kirigiri (Team Other Sayaka And Other Kyoko)
    • Sayaka's Corpse: Placed 10th, 1 kill. Death by (somehow) inhaling a fatal stench.
    • Kyoko: Placed 42nd, 0 kills. Death by being launched into the barrier.

  • Season 64 (Magitek Season) Tributes: Clover Kingdom and Japan (Team Magic And Tech Nations)
    • Clover Kingdom: Placed 40th, 0 kills. Death by getting thrown into a fireplace and burning.
    • Japan: Placed 46th, 0 kills. Death by being backstabbed.

  • Season 65 (Battle Royale) Tribute(s): Derping
    • Derping: Placed 34th, 0 kills. Death by drowning during a swimming race.

  • Season 66 Tributes: Kai Satou and Shay Cormac (Team Ex-Assassins)
    • Kai: Placed 28th, 0 kills. Death by losing a battle of the bands against Metatron, Hungover Hero, and Yuliy Jirov.
    • Shay: Placed 26th, 0 kills. Death by losing a battle of the bands against Metatron, Hungover Hero, and Yuliy Jirov.

  • Season 68 Tributes: Envy and Rio Ranger (Team Redemption Equals Death)
    • Envy: Placed 9th, 3 kills. Death by getting strangled with a rope.
    • Ranger: Placed 16th, 0 kills. Death by being eliminated by Steve Irwing's Final Smash.


A Mexican Troper who joined in Season 243, he usually nominates characters from Western Animation series. He is a big fan of cartoons and villains, as well as the self-proclaimed biggest shipper of Metalucy (Meta Knight and Lucina) on TvTropes. He is also one of the mods in the Discord Server alongside Zanreo, Troper No. 9001, dave_the_assassin a Psychedelicate

Tropes applying to Bale himself (OG and Reboot)

1OG Tributes:

Season 243:

  • Princess Harumi:
    • Adaptational Badass: She's capable of blowing a person to bits (the person in this case being Sebastian Michaelis) with one punch, whereas in canon, she's as strong as a normal human ( at least, when she' not wearing the Mask of Hatred. Sadly, this still didn't save her from being killed at the hands of Broly.
    • Bullying a Dragon: She learned the hard way that provoking Broly was a bad idea.
    • Disproportionate Retribution: She found herself in the receiving end of it, when she called Broly ugly, which caused the latter to kill her.
    • One-Hit Kill: Kills Sebastian with a single punch which also reduces him to Ludicrous Gibs.
    • The Worf Effect: The very next night, after one-shotting Sebastian with a punch, she got killed by Broly for calling him ugly.
  • Lord Shen:
    • Butt-Monkey: He got chased by Zira, Thrax, and Joseph Joestar over a loaf of bread; got insulted by Chains with an Elder Swear, and contracted a deadly disease from Makoto Naegi's ahoge's beats which ends up killing him, all without getting a single kill nor reaching the Hall Of Fame. He didn't fare any better when he returned in the Reboot.

Season 244:

Season 245 AKA Battle of the Bands:

Season 246

Season 247:

Season 249:

Season 250:

Tropes that apply to her in the OG:

Tropes that apply to her in the Reboot:

Tropes that apply to him in the Reboot Season 32:


Taking a more active role this time, VengefulBale returns as a regular nominator and occasional runner/host.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5 (Elemental Season)

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10 (Dragon Season)

Season 11 (Halloween Special)

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14

Season 15

Season 16

Season 17

Season 18

Season 20

Season 21

Season 22

Season 23

Season 24

Season 25

Season 26

Season 27

Season 28

Season 29: Valentine's Season

Season 30

Season 31

  • Beerus/Bills.
  • Champa.
    • Adaptational Wimp: In his home series he's a God of Destruction, and he can more than back up his title. Here? He was killed by a Noddy, of all things (AKA one of the most harmless mooks in gaming history). To add insult to injury, that same Noddy ended up absorbing his God Ki and powers after killing him.
    • The Worf Effect: See his Adaptational Wimp entry

Season 32

  • Rexy:
    • See her entry in the OG Tributes folder.
  • Dinosaur Ryuzaki
    • See his entry in the OG Tributes folder.

Season 33

Season 34

Season 35

Season 36

Season 37

Season 38

Season 39 (Battle Royale III)

Season 40

Season 41

Season 42

Season 43

Season 44

Season 45 (Unexpected Season)

Season 46

Season 47

Season 48

Season 49

Season 50: Troper Season

Season 51

Season 52: Battle Royale

Season 53

Season 54

Season 55 (Space Season)

Season 56

Season 57

Season 58

Season 59

Season 60

Season 61

Season 63

Season 64

Season 65 (Battle Royale)

  • Edgar the Bug
  • Basco Ta Jolokia
  • Pony Meta Knight
  • Cosma

Season 66

Season 67

Season 68

Season 69

Season 70 (Light vs. Darkness Season)

Season 71

Season 72

Season 73

Season 74

Joined around Reboot Season 2

Notable Reboot Tributes

  • Hardcase:-Podium Finisher and Mass Murderer for Reboot Season 19
    • Ax-Crazy: Spent most of Season 19 on a ruthless killing spree.
    • Odd Friendship: With Sideswipe: Coincidently, the same day Sideswipe was killed was also the day Hardcase began his killing spree in earnest.

He struggles to put his debut tributes due to missing the nominations. Finally makes it into OG Season 198. His debut tributes are Captain Lou and Live-Action Mario.

Notable OG Tributes:

Other Tributes:

  • Captain Lou: Debuted in Season 198, placed 30th
  • Live-Action Mario: Debuted in Season 198, placed 42th
  • Quick Man: Appears in Season 205, placed 38th
  • Hard Man: Appears in Season 205, placed 45th
  • Bwario: Appears in Season 206, placed 32th
  • Bwaluigi: Appears in Season 206, placed 42th
  • ROB: Appears in Season 204, placed 11th
  • A Dolly for Sue: Appears in Season 204, placed 48th
  • Black Spy Appears in Season 217, placed 8th
  • White Spy Appears in Season 217, placed 20th
    • Last Disrespects: Pees on the latest dead tribute's grave, in this case, Smokey's.

    Weird Guy 149 
He has been an infrequent contributor to the Games but he nonetheless has a small collection of podium wins in his pocket. He utilizes avatars from both his avatar gallery and images from Google.

Notable OG tributes:

  • Blastoise: Winner of Season 6.
    • Butt-Monkey: In both seasons he participated in, he was injured several times. Subverted since he won the first season he was in.
  • Mufasa: Runner-up of Season 14 and winner of Season 22.
  • The Joker: Winner of Season 18.
    • Combat Pragmatist: He only killed during arena events, as a departure from usual Joker shenanigans.
  • Bill Cipher: Winner of Season 25.

    Zanreo - OG and Reboot 
Joined in OG Season 162 and has been a regular ever since. Submits tributes from a variety of sources, mainly from video games, but also some anime, meme and various "joke" characters, plus the occasional tribute from her own webcomic. Also regularly suggests new events and occasionally runs or hosts seasons. Her first OG tributes were Ika Musume and CATS, and her first reboot tributes were Segata Sanshiro and Reggiegiygas note 

OG Podium Finishers and Mass Murderersnote :

  • Ika Musume (Season 162 (3rd place), 163[B], 228)
    • Badass Decay: After winning third place in Season 162, she was killed during Night 2 in Season 163.
    • The Soulless: Tried to sell her soul in Season 162, only to be informed she didn't have one.
  • Neptune (Season 166 (Winner), Season 176[B])
  • Histoire (Season 179 (most kills), 196[D])
    • Cute and Psycho: Killed 4 tributes at a time to combine them into a Frankenstein's Monster. This alone earned her a shared "most kills" spot despite dying as early as Day 3.
  • Croire (Season 179 (3rd place), Season 189[B])
    • Badass Pacifist: Got to third place without getting a single kill... though subverted since she did throw a frag grenade at Opal (but missed)
  • The Koopalings (Season 188 (2nd place), Season 189[B])
  • Meito Anizawa (Season 190 (most kills), 196[D])
    • Karmic Death: Started the season off by killing 3 other tributes with explosives in the Bloodbath. Then later, during the Feast, he was one of 3 tributes killed in the very same way.
  • Operator (Season 193 (Winner), 202[B])
  • Konami (Season 168, 195 (Winner+most kills), 196[D], 202[B])
  • Godot (Season 198 (3rd place), 202[B])
  • A zipperbelt (Season 201 (most kills), 220[D])
  • The Elite Beat Agents (Season 207 (Winner), 216[B])
  • Don-chan (Season 167, 208 (Winner), 216[B])
  • Yoshi (Season 210 (Most kills), 220[D])
    • Cute and Psycho: During Night 7, he would suddenly snap, roll up 5 other tributes and throw them off a cliff, followed by throwing St. Patrick into a garbage truck the next day. This late-game rampage got him most kills.
  • Chris Chiaki (Season 217 (Winner), 227[B])
  • Kichigai Record (Season 219 (Winner), 227[B])
  • Sony (Season 223 (Most kills), 248[D] (Most kills))
  • Mimi (Season 225 (Most kills), 248[D])
    • Break the Cutie: She did not take the early death of her best friend Nyami during Day 1 well, as she later that same day killed 3 other tributes with a pencil. She would just a few days later curse at Zanreo for nominating her, go on to set a trap for the Energy Sword, and later trick all six types of the Rakshi (though they were counted as 1 tribute) into a Pandora's Box trap, which ended up releasing evil after sucking them in. Even after dying from fall damage after throwing an Ender Pearl off a cliff, she'd get a taunt party thrown next to her grave right after.
  • Tibby's Mom (Season 226 (Most kills), 248[D])
  • Toaplan (Season 237 (3rd place), 240[B])
  • Swiss Army Kirby (Season 242 (Most kills), 248[D])
  • Apollo Justice (Season 231, 243 (3rd place))
    • Cargo Ship: Asked his own hair out for a date in Season 243. He got rejected, however.

Other tributesnote :

Reboot Podium Finishers and Mass Murderersnote :

  • Segata Sanshiro (Season 1(2nd place), 13[B])
  • Missingno (Season 9(Winner), 13[B])
  • L-Block (Season 17(2nd place), Season 26[B])
  • The Cheetahmen (Season 18(Most kills), Season 35[D])
  • Manga!Movie!Yoshi (Season 28(2nd place), Season 39[B](most kills), Season 73[D])
    • Mythology Gag: Killed 5 tributes by rolling them off a cliff in Season 39... the same way the Yoshi nominated by Zanreo (although that was "regular" Yoshi) did in OG Season 210.
  • Maou (Season 40(2nd place), 52[B])
  • RoboKing (Season 47(Most kills), Season 73[D])
  • Octavo (Season 71(3rd place))

Other tributesnote :