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Akihisa Goto

Ultimate Hypnotist

Akihisa Goto is one of the most widely recognized hypnotherapists in the country. He’s helped countless people through tough times by helping them let go of unhealthy habits, thoughts, perceptions and behaviours. He has gained a cult following for his unorthodox, old-school approach to hypnotism in regards to his practice. Those who have gone to see him have described him as ‘quite the character’, a laid-back eccentric who suddenly changes to be serious and mindful during his various sessions.

  • Adjusting Your Glasses: A bit of a nervous habit of his.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Goto requires contacts and can barely see without them, leading to him basically suffering from temporary blindness while the students were trapped in the dungeon.
  • Killed by Request: This is ultimately why Goto died in chapter 3: his player left the game and requested that he be killed off.
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  • Making a Spectacle of Yourself: Is always seen wearing a pair of 3-D glasses, despite them being extremely impractical.
  • Mellow Fellow: Goto tends to keep up a calm and laid-back attitude most of the time, and usually doesn't show any outwardly strong emotional reactions.
  • Not So Stoic: While Goto usually remains calm and is not strongly impacted by most things (at least outwardly), there have been a few times that he's broken down emotionally, namely after witnessing Kenta's execution.
  • Rage Breaking Point: The aftermath of Kenta's execution was this for Goto towards the entire game.
    • Tsubomi dismissing Choko's denial over Kenta's death in favor of going back to discussing escape plans also counts as one of these.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Goto stops making in-character appearances about mid-way through chapter 2, and is ultimately killed off in chapter 3. This is due to his player dropping out of the game.
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  • The Reveal: Due to the second motive, Goto reveals that the reason he wears his 3-D glasses is to hide the fact that he has strabismis in his left eye.
  • Thinking Out Loud: Does this frequently.

Alan Brandle

Ultimate Model Citizen

The leader of the fierce and feared Lit Fuse gang, Alan “Hotshot” Brandle has a history too obscured by myth to be sure just where he came from. All you know is whatever he’s done, he’s never been caught. That, and you’d never even heard of Lit Fuse until he took it over.

Buckles The Clown

Ultimate Clown

Receiving attention from all across Italy, the mysterious street performer Buckles the Clown is something of an urban legend. His performances are held seemingly in random places throughout the country without warning, each said to be incredible feats of humour and acrobatics, before suddenly ending, the show’s star vanishing each time without a trace. While these performances come as a delight to all that behold them, Buckles has been known to play somewhat vengeful pranks on businessmen and celebrities.

Recently, the identity of Buckles has come to light, being admitted to the prestigious Hopes Peak Academy with the title of Super Highschool Level Clown! A young boy by the name of Luca Zoccarato, it appears he intends to take his act to the stage!

Choko Chage

Ultimate Tea Party Planner

Choko Chage, a Japanese-English girl from England is famous for hosting prestigious tea parties from all around the world. Despite starting to host tea parties since what Miss Chage says "forever" she appears to have a natural affinity for hosting tea parties, even from such a young age. She is known to have a vast and wide knowledge for each and every type of tea out there that she could start rattling off tea facts the moment you ask her a question regarding it. This great knowledge of teas has allowed Miss Chage to choose the perfect teas to serve at each and every party as well as serving other drinks that compliment the tea should the guests wish to drink something other than tea. In addition, she makes each and every food she serves herself to ensure the entire tea party has the 'Choko touch'.

Miss Chage is most notable for hosting tea parties for the rich and famous to even royalty from both England and around the world. Whilst these tea parties are rather extravagant and exclusive, Miss Chage is still adamant in doing the work herself, preferring to be the 'perfect host' and allowing others to enjoy the enjoyment of a tea party. Due to this, Miss Chage doesn't just host tea parties for the rich and famous rather is frequently known to host many for acquaintances and even little kids wishing to play tea party. In her words "A tea party is just so relaxing.....everyone deserves to enjoy a good tea party now and then"

  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Blonde and very soft.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Blue eyes, and see above.
  • Luminescent Blush: Typical of anime.
  • Meido: Choko's outfit is much more similar to that of a Japanese maid rather than a French one and she basically acts like a maid too, ready to serve to the needs of others. In addition she played the role of a maid with Kenta and Yuudai even just thought originally she was part of the maid staff when he first met her.
  • Odango Hair: Two tightly tied buns.
  • Ojou Ringlets: Her framing hair.
  • Spot of Tea: Choko is literally the embodiment of this trope.
  • Surprisingly Normal Backstory: I swear she does.
  • Tears of Fear: Commonly does this when around people who are mean/rude to her or scary looking examples include Ruruisa and Yuudai, who actually did make her actually cry.

Colby Christian

Ultimate Child Star

Highly adept in singing, dancing, and acting, child star Colby Christian can do it all! From broadway plays, television, and the big screen, 10-year-old Colby has been winning the hearts of Americans everywhere, most notably utilizing his talents for the sake of musicals of all sorts. With a show-stopping proficiency in tap, some have even called him comparable to the likes of Shirley Temple, a new young america's sweetheart for modern times, quickly becoming a near household name in the states.

Though Colby’s talents have always been fostered by local productions and classes of all kinds, his mainstream debut came out of almost nowhere, as the young boy was picked up to playing the lead in the 20XX Oliver Twist movie remake, to incredibly high critical acclaim. With his mother as his agent, Colby has charmed audiences and cast members alike ever since, and landed role after role with tv series, musicals, movies and more.

Most surprising to audiences, though, was his early acceptance to the USA branch of Hope’s Peak Academy, due to an apparent skill in academics as well as performance and the branch not having an established younger department. While this has sparked controversy on the pressure being placed on the young boy, Colby has assured everyone that he is more than up to the task!

Estelle Deveruex

Ultimate Karaoke Singer

Sylvia Tyler, known publicly by her stage name Estelle Devereux, is a bright and bubbly star of the karaoke scene. Rumored to be able to copy and mimic the voice of any singer, she rose out of obscurity when a clip of her singing at her favourite bar went viral. Nowadays she can be found performing at packed bars and concert halls for money, and her skills have been acknowledged by talk hosts and celebrities alike. She’s oddly secretive about her personal life, and can never be seen without a mic and stand by her side.

Helloise Bordeaux

Ultimate Witch Doctor

The sleepy town of Briar Rose, located in the heart of Louisiana, is home to many a spooky phenomenon. Curious tourists with morbid tastes often find themselves in this otherwise unremarkable town exploring the various haunted locales said to be home to spirits of long dead witches, fiends, and even demons according to some of the more incredible accounts. However, there is one figure that seems to stand out amongst the rest when it comes to this town's paranormal phenomenon - an otherwise ordinary girl named Helloise Bordeaux, although some know her better for her title, "The Wicked Witch of Briar Rose."

How did a young girl like her, who goes to high school like any ordinary teenager, become so widely feared and awed by even the town's most ardent skeptics? There are many rumours surrounding this mysterious girl's life - so much so that the line that seperates myth and reality is blurred. As the town's resident "witchdoctor", her role is to ward off against witchery and curses, an issue that the deeply superstitious town of Briar Rose is flooded with. Those who come to her plead for a remedy that no doctor can give them, and she has always delivered without fail. Her services have lifted family curses that had plagued the most affluent of families for centuries, muted the voices of dead loved ones, and granted salvation to many a spirit chained to this world. Or so it is said.

How much of her story is magic? How much of her story is mundane? That much is unknown, for Helloise is a staunchly private and spiritual individual. Most interestingly, despite her famed legend, she has never made a single cent on her services. That is yet another part of the mystery that is Helloise Bordeaux.

Katja Nikolić

Ultimate Archer

Katja is a professional archer, well known for their skills in their home country of Croatia. They began archery when very young and showed immense talent from a young age, being able to hit targets accurately from a further distance than the average kid could. From that point on, they began entering tournaments whilst receiving special attention and intensive training from the archery club they were in. Eventually, Katja reached the finals of Croatia’s national archery competition at age 15 and won, making them the youngest ever competitor to take home a gold medal. They have had plenty of sponsors over the years, and aim to take home as many gold medals in archery as possible in the Olympics as soon as they are old enough to enter. Katja has a great relationship with their parents, who can often be seen supporting Katja at tournaments and during practice. The money Katja brings in from sponsors and interviews doesn’t hurt their relationship, either.

Katja has a sibling who is also an archer. However, they’re believed to be much less talented despite doing archery for around the same length of time as Katja. Katja themselves claims that their sibling is jealous of their talent and success and is not on good terms with the rest of the family because of that fact. They have also never been spotted attending Katja’s practice sessions or contests.

  • Archer Archetype: Katja appears to be this, if their lack of friends and haughty attitude is any indication.
  • Deadly Prank: At one point, Katja slipped some cleaning products into tea, intending to make someone sick by drinking it. This could've easily lead to serious illness or death. Even worse is that Katja legitimately doesn't seem to see anything wrong with their actions, treating it as a harmless prank.
  • Opposites Attract: A platonic version. Katja seems to get along well with Buckles, who would be considered to be their opposite in every way. While Katja is prideful, reserved and generally restrains themselves, Buckles is loud, more than happy to make a fool of himself and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Katja seems to have this with their sibling, who is also an archer and jealous of their talent. Whether this rivarly is one-sided or not is yet to be determined.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Katja seems to be a very miserable person, if their behaviour while alone is any indication. Despite this, they tend to take a harsher attitude when around others, bottling up their problems instead of letting the cracks show.
  • Stepford Smiler: Katja appears to not have it as together as they'd like others to believe, if their mini-breakdown in the kitchen is any indication.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Katja's first interaction with Colby ends with them trying to make him sick by slipping cleaning products into a pot of tea as a "prank". While the products were non-toxic and Choko was the unfortunate victim, this trope still applies.

Kenta Kimura

Ultimate Bellfounder

Often regarded as “Kyoto’s Preserver” the boy known as Kenta Kimura shocked Japan with his talent of bellfounding. Crafting bells that preserved and unified Kyoto’s religious community Kenta Kimura became a student of extraordinary ability and controversial scrutiny. Teachers and parents who opposed him often called him out for ruining the youths test scores with his ostentatious display of his skills promoting students to do dangerous extracurriculars in order for recognition. Whereas his supporters referred to him as a boy preserving Japan’s traditional and religious culture by encouraging the youth to take interest in them with how engrossed young people are today with technology his passion for bell founding has sparked up a new wave of of temple goers. With his appearance on Tokyo’s Broadcasting Station show “Youth Today” his fame set off like a wildfire becoming the youngest bellfounder in all of Japan.However, the attacks on his character have not relent. Not deterred by their threats or negativity the boy continues to do work for Sakura-ji temple under the stern gaze of Hiro Kobayashi. These days detractors often attack the boy’s crude behavior and “odd” look that has deviated from Japan’s traditional attire, especially coming from Kyoto.The attacks on Kenta’s character has made the city and prefecture defensive of their little “idol” and bell founding prodigy.

Lily Losick

Ultimate Roboticist

Surprisingly little is known about where Lily Losick came from, despite how up in your face she normally is, and her inability to stay quiet. She’s known for co-creating the first fully synthetic Android, capable of passing the Turing Test, as well as several other advancements in the field of robotics. Her biggest solo accomplishment, is creating the first completely artificial animal, known to man, a robot disguised as a Golden Retriever. It acts and plays around like a loving dog would, but is equipped with audio recorders, cameras in the eyes, a soda fountain, and a built-in playlist of songs, with speakers in it’s mouth.

While her achievements are astounding, and revolutionary, they aren’t what got her the limelight she has now. Sure, she would’ve gotten the attention eventually, once her inventions made it to the public, but that’s not how it went down. Lily hijacked a parade, that was supposed to celebrate the coronation of Princess Lockhart of the Kingdom of Nelaria, to show off her invention. Even though she was briefly arrested, the world now knew of her genius, and she was released a week after. Her stunt caught the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy in Japan, and the rest is history.

When asked why she decided to take such drastic actions to get her work out into the world, he words were, and I quote. “Go big or go home.”

Mallory Cyan

Fairytale Illustrator

Mallory Cyan is a well known storybook illustrator, and author. Because of her illustrations for various fairytales, as well as illustrated novels she is a very well known artist, and author. Her very first book that she illustrated was the classic, Peter Pan, which she quickly followed up with other stories. As far as her own works go, she has also created a popular book series that slowly becomes dark as the books continue on featuring various different Australian birds as protagonists.

Nanako Tsukishima

Ultimate Dollmaker

Nyanako is an internationally renowned and expensive brand of ball jointed dolls. Each doll is personally made by the dainty hands of Nanako Tsukishima, daughter of model Emiko Tsukishima and CEO of Tsukishima Financial Cooperation Satoshi Tsukishima. While her parents’ have spoken against their daughter’s business venture, Nanako remains an award winning dollmaker with several deals with talent agencies, movie production studios, and anime production studios to make dolls for their products and celebrities. She is versed in different styles of dolls from extremely realistic to extremely stylistic, Nanako has been able to perfect any creation she gets her hands on.

Nobu Wakabayashi

Ultimate Guro Artist

Guts. Innards. Intestines. Japan native Nobu Wakashima depicts our grossest insides into works of high art. He explores various emotions through depictions of horrendous pain, cartharises in cartilage, moods in marrow, the truth in tendons. A mysterious recluse, he worked for only himself, completely unaware that his digital artistry had took flight overnight.

His cult following spans from horror fans to private galleries all across the globe all eager for more. As his popularity grew so did his medium and gallery space. Art collectors funded his studio spaces per request, and in turn, he would grant his prolific patrons with one-of-a-kind masterpieces to be coveted for lifetimes to come.

Ruruisa Raffranz

Ultimate Contortionist

“.. And now, let’s give a big round of applause to... Rattlesnake!”

Meet Ruruisa Raffranz, or otherwise known as his stage name, “Rattlesnake”. Blessed with hypermobility syndrome, this eighteen-year-old lad is well-known for the showcase of his extreme physical flexibility. He debuted during the world tour of Cirque de Leodegrance in France, which is one of the most famous travelling circus in the world, where he first performed contortion in front of over a thousand audience at the age of only fifteen. Since then, he, along with other members of the travelling circus, have performed in many different countries, including America, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, China and Australia. However, during Cirque de Leodegrance’s world tour in Japan, he didn’t show up, and this brought much confusion to the dedicated circus fans.

Though, a few months later, Ruruisa’s fans rejoiced as he returned to the world of circus, when he suddenly appeared as a contortionist in Ryuunosuke Circus located in Japan. No one knows why did he leave Cirque de Leodegrance and reside in Japan - to the point even enrolling in a high school - but one thing’s for sure, his skills as a contortion performer has not deteriorate even a little bit, and he continues to capture the hearts of the Japanese people with his bizarre yet passionate performance.

  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: As a contortionist with hypermobility syndrome, Ruruisa can bend his body in fantastical ways.
  • Asshole Victim: Kenta ends up killing Ruruisa because the latter provoked him after not leaving the game room (not to mention he just generally acted like a jerk for the entire time he was alive).
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While Ruruisa is generally rude and brazen towards the participants on the killing game, he thanks Choko and gives her a smile when she brings him some tea.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Almost always seen with a scowl on his face.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: His death as the first victim of the killing game truly sets things in motion.

Shinji Watanabe

Ultimate Visual Kei Musician

J-Rock fanatics may have heard of him before, if not, seen his familiar face around Akihabara’s numerous posters and advertisements. Hailing from Kiraranshin Academy, Shinji Watanabe is the beloved all-male Nagoya kei band, Denzo Videl’s sole, founding leader and main vocalist. His heavy-sounding, tyrannic vocals enhance their songs, quaking their audience and leaving them amazed and off-stage, Shinji’s deep vocals capture young teenage hearts everywhere alongside his attractive appearance.

With high standards, Shinji guides his band through their skilled performances and highly-praised songs. Recently, Shinji released an album called “Walpurgisnacht, with superstition” featuring a unique solo sung by himself called “Friday XIII”, which sparked some controversy in the J-Rock industry with how much it deviated from the band’s original genre alongside its lyrics. Publicly, he’s super private about his life, dedicating interviews only about the band’s business and music.

Tsubomi Mishou

Ultimate Paparazzi

Researching Tsubomi Mishou only brings up a short article about Tsubomi’s acceptance. According to the article, her pen name is Ami Mishou.

Searching Ami Mishou, however, brings up a whole lot. Ami Mishou has been regularly publishing articles and photos of celebrity scandals for four years, starting when she was but a wee preteen. According to fact checkers, her accuracy rating of pegging scandals is at a high of 91%, which is highly unusual for celebrity gossip magazines. Her articles can be found in online periodicals, as well as multiple different kinds of newprints. She also has a blog and a Twitter for quick snaps and blurbs.

Yui Narita

Ultimate Volleyball Player

Yui started her descent into the world of sports almost as soon as she could. Being born to two active parents, she naturally became an active person right along with them; reading the sports section of magazines and newspapers, watching various sports events eventually solidified into a desire to play sports professionally. She started trying out different sports, seeing which one suited her fancy enough to make a career out of, and eventually volleyball caught her eye-and kept her attention-long enough for her to become the captain of her school’s volleyball team as well as quickly becoming known for her infamous spike.Eventually, she was scouted by a coach who offered her training to better her technique-in exchange for her having to essentially abandon her old team and train under the Japanese Olympic Volleyball Team. Although incredibly reluctant to just ditch her team like that, with the encouragement of her parents, and the approval of her former teammates she started playing with a new team and in a few years she was finally ready to participate in her first Olympic competition-which she won handily, with the help of her teammates, of course. This achievement, along with the other accumulated win streaks she’d set both back in high school and with the Olympic team alerted the Hope Peak’s Academy scouts and before long she was invited to study there, an invitation she accepted with much excitement. She hopes to be able to better herself, and as with most graduates of Hope’s Peak, make a career and/or future doing the thing she loves best.She also hopes that by doing this, she can encourage not only her four younger sisters to follow in her footsteps but also any other young girls who had dreams of being a great athlete as well. In doing this, she hoped to be a role model to as many people as she could and if this was her way of being able to reach out to many people, then she would take it.

Yuudai Izasaki

Ultimate Movie Monster

Yuudai Izasaki is better known as Son of Devil Clown from Demon Clown 2: Son of Babeebo, The Putrid from 8 Dead Relatives, or the titular Thing from the Mountaintop from last year’s definitive must-see horror film. He brings nightmare-inducing monsters from fiction to reality on the big screen, or at least on DVD and Blu Ray. He funnels his love of horror movies into his talent for making them, with resounding success among mainstream audiences. While his roles are famous for their terrifying realism, Yuudai himself, for the most part, isn’t. He’s never been granted the fame that the monsters he plays have. Despite that, he’s never given up on making himself a household name as the Ultimate Movie Monster.


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