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Characters / Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World

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The cast of Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World. Currently under construction

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    Good Guys 

Hottie (Alison Cole)

Hiro Hamada AKA Hottie II AKA Heat Blazer

>For more info of Hiro, see Big Hero 6 character page


>See Big Hero 6 character page

Go Go Tomago

>See Big Hero 6 character page

Honey Lemon

>See Big Hero 6 character page


>See Big Hero 6 character page


>See Big Hero 6 character page

David Eels

Kellyn Levy

Dorinda Galen

Designated Dean

Matt Keene

Moon Princess (Princess Mysty Nacluv)


Princess Dejah

Frost (Malissa Hart)


Manuke Pinku (Kai-Mei Song)

Princess Kai Formerly known as Manuke Pinku

face heel turn

Rae Strange

Clara the Mermaid


    Bad Guys 

Dr. Robotnik

>For more info on Dr. Robotnik, see Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog character page.

Princess Jody

Empress Serpenta/Everwraith

Carmen St. Cloud AKA Wettie (formerly Carmen Cole)

Emperor Dark

The Winter Assassin/Desdemona

Dr. Ricksano

Metal Hottie

The Frozen Heart (Formermly Malissa Hart)

Vengeful Mermaid once Princess Kai

Beauty is bad: she's a cute pre-teen mermaid...who kills people by drowning themLittle miss badass: she's TwelveMermaids are sirens: played very darklyOur mermaids are different: Angry and vengeful Revenge before reason: nobody knew she was trapped in Greendale. She doesn't care. All she cares about is tearing them all limb from limb


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