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This the the character page for the Hotel Dusk: Room 215 video game. The character page for the sequel, Last Window, is here. Note that the main and recurring character entries areduplicated; trope entries should go on the page of the game in which they appear.

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    Main and Recurring Characters 

Kyle Hyde

An ex-NYPD-detective-turned-salesman who works for Ed Vincent at the Red Crown company. A bit of a Jerkass and most certainly a First-Person Smartass, Kyle is searching for his partner Brian Bradley, who went missing after he double-crossed NYPD and Kyle shot him. He stays in room 215.

  • Private Detective: Well, a former professional detective, but he still speaks like one.
  • Running Gag: "Good name, isn't it?"
  • Through His Stomach: Not a straight example, but... the shortest and surest way to get in Kyle's good graces is to fix him a good meal or drink.
  • Turn in Your Badge: He was fired from NYPD before the events of Hotel Dusk.
  • When He Smiles: He rarely smiles if served a decent food from Rosa and bourbon from Louie for him but his biggest moment of that is right after he leaves the hotel in the epilogue, Mila follows him and asks if she wants to accompany him in which Kyle said yes with a nod which Mila smiles and he smiles back in true happiness.

Mila Evans

A mysterious young woman who shows up at Hotel Dusk after Kyle passes her on the way there. Nobody seems to know what she's looking for, and the fact she can't talk doesn't help matters.

  • Broken Bird: Oh so very much. Witnesses her friend get kidnapped by a complete stranger at the age of nine, brutally struck by said person and put into a coma, wakes up ten years later as a mute, searches for her father for six months with no sense of direction, and passes out again in the same room where her friend was kidnapped, this time being unable to breathe and narrowly avoiding death. And for all of her trouble, what does she learn? That her father may have been killed by Kyle's partner in the heat of rage when he came to visit her, as revenge for killing his own sister whose name was also Mila. Poor girl. For all of the crap she went through, there's no argument that she deserved a happy ending, either with Kyle or Rosa.
  • Cute Mute: Until chapter 9.
  • When She Smiles: She never shows a single smile but after hearing the satisfied truth from Dunning and learning Kyle is leaving the hotel in the epilogue, she follows him and ask if she can accompany him which he say yes with just a nod and Mila smiles with happiness.

Ed Vincent

Kyle's boss at Red Crown and a friend of his father. Ed is blunt and to the point, and has plenty of connections that let him know exactly what's going on most of the time.


Ed's secretary and a friend of Kyle's.

    Hotel Dusk Characters 

Dunning Smith / Marcel Osterzone

The hotel's owner who hates both criminals and cops. He's generally friendly (if a bit dishonest and grumpy) but get on his bad side and it's Game Over for you. He also likes hockey. He's also the painter Osterzone, and together with Robert Evans he created the painter as a fake persona, pretending Osterzone is a long-dead painter.

  • Anti-Villain: Technically the Big Bad of the game, but he's just one of the many victims of the Nile organization.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Started a scam with Robert Evans by creating the identity of Osterzone to sell his paintings. When he began to back out of it, Nile had his daughter Jenny kidnapped to force him into it.
  • Dead Artists Are Better: The Osterzone scam maintains that he never had much fame until his death, when in actuality he didn't actually exist until his "death", since he's just Dunning.
  • Karma Houdini: He's an overall nice man, but his locking Kyle in an airtight room is never addressed or condemned.
  • Walking Spoiler: Most of his plot relevance only shows up near the end of the game.

Rosa Fox

Hotel Dusk's only maid. She is very talkative and often complains that she is the only hard-working one in the hotel, which is pretty true. She's also a great chef.

  • The Cameo - She appears on a photo along with her husband in Another Code R.
  • Catch Phrase - "Busy, busy, busy" and "land's sake." The latter may have something to do with her husband being a sailor.
  • Collector of the Strange - She collects autographs.
  • Horrible Judge of Character - Averted, she's great at judging people, if a bit quick to jump on conclusions. However, Kyle makes her out to be one to keep her from finding out about Louie's past.
  • I Was Quite a Looker
  • Mama Bear - She gets really protective of Mila, and won't hesitate to chase Kyle off if she thinks he's bothering her. Imagine if she were ever in real danger.
  • Nice Girl: She might be whiny but she gets along well with Kyle and willing to help Mila not only to stay but to help find her missing father.
  • Only Sane Man - Of the hotel staff.
  • Supreme Chef

Louis DeNonno

A former pickpocket who has turned straight and works as the only bellhop in the hotel. His main interests are flirting with ladies and avoiding work. Throughout the game he pops up and helps Kyle a lot. He's also Italian and hates disco music.

  • The Bartender - The only job he likes to do - and is actually very good at.
  • Big Damn Hero - He saves Kyle's life in chapter 10.
  • Butt-Monkey - Probably takes the most crap from various characters in the game... as well as the universe in general.
  • The Cameo - He can be seen in a photo together with a yet-unidentified man who may be Martin Summer in Another Code 2.
  • Catch Phrase - He uses the word "trip" a lot.
  • Chivalrous Pervert - Though he backs off real quick when we learn that Mila is essentially 9 - and tells him 'no.'
  • Loveable Ex Pickpocket
  • Nice Guy - Helpful, funny, and with some surprising Hidden Depths of empathy and understanding.
  • Reformed Criminal: Although Rosa and Dunning don't know about his past.
  • Side Kick: He doesn't follow Kyle 24/7 like Maya Fey does to Phoenix Wright, but he is quite helpful and at least calls Kyle his partner, since they are both looking for Bradley.
  • The Slacker: He's quite a nuisance from Rosa's point of view because he often slacks around without doing his job well in cleaning everything, giving wrong packages to anyone and flirting with ladies but another job he can work with perfect routine is being a bartender.

Kevin Woodward

A surgeon who comes to Hotel Dusk with his daughter, Melissa. His wife left him some time ago.

  • Abusive Parents: Subverted. He does treat Melissa bit harsh because of all the stress after his wife left him for an unknown reason, Kyle calls him out on this which he apologizes to him and Melissa indicating he does love her.
  • Back-Alley Doctor: He was accused and successfully sued for malpractice. Whether that means he actually committed it is up to the player to decide, although Kevin says he didn't.
  • Dirty Coward: After he was given a lawsuit to compensate for the death of a patient, Grace gathers up a lot of money to help pay for it, Kevin discovered something wrong about it which made him distrustful and instead of ignoring about how she got it, he demanded the truth from her and add fire to the argument with her as Melissa watch in front of them as the consequences afterwards is Grace left them behind for an unknown reason. Kyle lampshades him for this situation and he humbly acknowledges it.

Melissa Woodward

Kevin's daughter, a young girl who misses her mother, even if she can be a brat sometimes.


An enigmatic woman in her twenties who thinks highly of herself and not so highly of others. She's actually Grace's younger half-sister, Kevin's sister-in-law, and Melissa's aunt.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: She and Grace have been moving homes repetitively because their weak-willed mother had to find a good husband and father for their happiness but after she died in the Las Vegas plane crash in 1960. Iris and Grace were placed into separate orphanages and Iris got adopted but escaped at the age of 15 to live a lonely life working at different diners for five years before she's reunited with Grace who's already married to Kevin and had Melissa.

Helen Parker

A polite old woman who comes to Hotel Dusk to stay in room 215 in the hopes of having her wish come true. She is Alan's mother.

Martin Summer

A best-selling novelist in his fifties who is staying at Hotel Dusk to receive a package for him. Since his first blockbuster novel, he's fallen on hard times, with each of his books selling worse than the last. Sometime after the events of Hotel Dusk and Last Window, he writes a number of columns about his time at Hotel Dusk and adapts Kyle's time at Cape West in Last Window into a novel.

  • Adjusting Your Glasses
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Summer is a friendly guy but when Kyle is suspicious of him especially after he read his notebook as the manuscript for the latter's successful novel, 'The Secret Word'. He confronts him which then Summer loses his shit against him but mellows out when Kyle said he wants to learn the truth instead of blackmailing or exposing him which he confides to him.
  • Dirty Old Man: If you make Kyle show him the Va-Voom! magazine to him, he admits to having a subscription to the magazine personally. Later on, he will tell Kyle that Cecily Lee on the cover resembles Iris, the woman from room 216.
  • Jerkass: Summer stole his friend Alan's manuscript for The Secret Word and became famous.
    • Jerkass Woobie: He wants to repent, though, and the guilt has been tormenting him for ten years.
  • Motor Mouth: Kyle in his mind calls him a 'windbag' when he can't shorten his long proses.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Practically, Big name, Big ego.

Jeff Angel (Jeff Damon)

Obnoxious and self-centered, Jeff is a college student who stops at Hotel Dusk after picking up Mila on the side of the road. He tends to try and act as though he's a lot more in charge of things than he really is.

  • Defeat Equals Friendship: Becomes nicer to Kyle after he's exposed as trying to frame him for theft.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Turns out he did cause two shits for Kyle and the hotel because his father, a lawyer was in cahoots with Nile and was pissed by his actions. So he stole the cash and the gun to not only spite him but to reveal the secret to the press after hiding the cash and the gun waiting to be found at the hotel and be arrested but Kyle knows the consequence for it by talking sense to him that Nile will murder him and his family for it and his jerk part is wiped off thanks to Kyle's advice.
  • Jerkass: He's a rude, snobby and arrogant dickhead to Kyle when they are talking to each other in the hotel. Not to mention in Chapter 4, he's responsible for putting his own chunk of cash inside room 215's toilet tank after sneaking in and then raise the alarm with Dunning and not only that, the following chapter has him stash a gun inside the laundry cart to be found deliberately.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: The son in a rich family run by his father and brilliant lawyer, Larry Damon who turns out to be in a dishonest alliance with Nile.
  • Real Name as an Alias: He kept his first name but his last name Angels turns out to be his false name when Kyle discovers his Student ID Card legally saying 'Jeff Damon' after he sneaks into his room.

Brian Bradley

Kyle's missing NYPD partner. While working on a case about the crime syndicate Nile, Bradley betrayed the police, causing Kyle to tear up the city looking for him. When Kyle caught up with him at the docks, he shot Bradley, who fell into the river.

  • Big Brother Instinct: He's very much a kind brother to his younger sister, Mila that his betrayal towards his NYPD colleagues was out of desperation Because Nile, the crime organization had her kidnapped and willing to let her go alive in exchange for his decision to do so which they didn't keep their word and had her killed.
  • The Chessmaster - Bradley orchestrated Kyle coming to Hotel Dusk in the first place, confident that Kyle would be brilliant enough to close the book on the hotel's many mysteries. He even left behind a good bye letter that he expected Kyle to find.
  • Never Found the Body: After Kyle shot him at the Hudson River and felled, his body was never found. He's already alive even after taking his bullet and went into hiding even three years in to murder Robert Evans in revenge for his younger sister, Mila's death and left the letter as his last words for Kyle to find.

Grace Woodward

Kevin's missing ex-wife and Melissa's mother.

Robert Evans

Mila's father, the curator of Gallery May in Santa Monica.

  • Evil Is Petty: He had Bradley's sister whom he was keeping her hostage to coerce Bradley to betray his own police force killed because simply she shared the same name as his own daughter. This gave Bradley his desire for revenge against him three years after faking his death.
  • Hate Sink: While what happened to his daughter was horrible, he's still responsible for most of the cast's suffering and its debatable how much he cares about the damage he's done.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His Osterzone scam is pretty much responsible for everyone's problems.

Alan Parker

A mysterious man whose name shows up on a decorative pen Summer owns.

Jenny Smith

A mysterious girl whose name keeps showing up around Hotel Dusk...


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