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Characters / Hoshigami Ruining Blue Earth

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    Main Characters 

The hero. Due to having amnesia, he remembers little about his own past, but still has the drive to protect those in need.

  • Secret Legacy: He and his father are descendants of Light Spirit Elvilla and the legendary King Sarnus.

Fazz's friend. Originally on the same side, Leimrey becomes convinced that humanity has betrayed the elemental spirits and deserves to go extinct, joining the Valaimian forces and becoming Fazz's rival.

  • Heel–Face Turn: He can be redeemed if various choices are made throughout the story.

Leader of the Order of Da Nante, which opposes the Valaimian army.

A girl that cares deeply for Fazz, and the Priestess of Elvilla.

The Priest of Kashis, and guardian of the Tower of Wind.

  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: He's actually a servant of Vugtis, and worked with Blackthorn to destroy Kersillius, kill Fazz's father, give Fazz amnesia, and then help Fazz gather the elemental Marselvas from the towers with the goal of feeding Vugtis their power.

A prisoner of the Valaimian forces, joining Fazz when they break out together.

The Priestess of Earth. Initially, she joins Fazz after paying him to act as her bodyguard. But in truth, she knew Fazz from the past, and wanted to guide him to those that can elaborate on his heritage.

A general of the Valaimian army. Though he repeatedly butts heads with Fazz, they do share some morals, and he can be convinced to switch sides.

A bandit leader. Though she fights against Fazz for invading her territory, she can be wooed to his side.

The Priestess of Water, who knows about Leimrey's past due to a shared history.


A skilled weapon-maker.


A man met at the Tower of Fire, who provokes a fight with Fazz just for fun. He also knows Alveen's father, who was a Priest of Fire, before dying and passing the title to his son.


The Priest of Force.


Sajiri and Sly

A pair of Valaimian goons.


A Valaimian general.


Eitolle and Seychel

Two bandits that work for Jacqueline, the latter of which is also her brother.

The most powerful man in the Valaimian army. However, his true allegiance is with Villa.

  • The Reveal: His true identity is an avatar of Vugtis.

The king of Valaim, who plots to conquer the world and destroy the seals of the elemental Towers for power.


The Hoshigami of Lightning, who wants the world to be at war in order to gather the other Hoshigami and shift control of the world from humans to elemental spirits. He attempted to do this in the past, but was prevented by Elvilla and King Sarnus.


    Other Characters 


Fazz' father.



The spirit of Fire that symbolizes power. The worshipers of Amu become proficient in Sword, and penalized in Bow and Morning Star.


The spirit of Earth that symbolizes the mind. The worshipers of Ema become proficient in Rings, and penalized in Axe.


The spirit of Force that symbolizes life. The worshipers of Sonova become proficient in Axe, and penalized in Knife and Boomerang.


The spirit of Water that symbolizes luck. The worshipers of Zeneth become proficient in Spear, and penalized in Sword.


The spirit of Lightning that symbolizes wisdom. The worshipers of Gote become proficient in Bow and Morning Star, and penalized in Ring.


The spirit of Wind that symbolizes speed. The worshipers of Kashis become proficient in Knife and Boomerang, and penalized in Spear.


The spirit of Darkness. His patrons gain a huge boost in physical power.


The spirit of Light. Her patrons gain a huge boost in magical power.

  • Big Good: Responsible for stopping Villa's machinations eons ago.
  • Prestige Class: To worship her, characters must have a high affinity with Ema, and a little affinity with Gote and Kashis.

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