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Characters / Hols: Prince of the Sun

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The characters of the movie Hols: Prince of the Sun.

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Hols is on the left.
Voiced by: Hisako Okata (original Japanese), Billie Lou Watt (English), Diana Santos (Latin-American Spanish)

The protagonist of the film and the titular "Prince of the Sun".


    Hols' father 
Voiced by: Hisashi Yokomori

In the past, Hols' father survived the attack on the land of his birth by the terrifying ice devil Grunwald. His dying words serve as the Call to Adventure for The Hero Hols.

Hilda is on the right.
Voiced by: Etsuko Ichihara

The mysterious young girl whom Hols meets in the ruins of his native village. Like Hols, Hilda is an orphan whose village was destroyed by Grunwald, who made her his sister and gave her immortality by the power of the magical "Medal of Life". She later turns out to be the one who helps him destroy the village that Hols settles down by summoning the rats and turning the people against each other, but Hols keeps his belief in her goodness. This belief eventually is shown to be right, as she makes a Heel–Face Turn after fiding Flip and Koro buried in the snow, giving up her immortality to save them.

Voiced by: Mikijirou Hira

The ice devil who has destroyed countless villages, including Hols' and Hilda's. Hols must defeat him to protect the village from being destroyed by him and his force.

  • An Ice Person: The base of his powers and attacks.
  • Big Bad: Everything in the movie is his fault, so yeah.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He loves preying on people's fears and emotions, especially his "little sister" Hilda's.

Voiced by: Yukari Asai (original Japanese), Francisco Colmenero (Latin-American Spanish)

Hols' companion as well as a bear cub.

    Chiro and Toto 
Voiced by: Noriko Ohara (Chiro), Hisashi Yokomori (Toto)

The friends of Hilda.


Voiced by: Yasushi Nagata (original Japanese)

The Evil Chancellor to the village's chief.


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