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Characters / Holly Hobbie and Friends

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The characters of Holly Hobbie and Friends.

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The Hey Girls

    Holly Hobbie
Voiced by: Alyson Stoner (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Nicole Bouma (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

The title character; a city girl who often visits her friends in the country town of Clover and has wild adventures.

  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Has blonde hair and is really friendly.
  • Nice Hat: Her beret.
  • Youthful Freckles: It's not always obvious in some of the pictures of her, but she has a streak of freckles underneath her eyes going all the way across her face. Also, these freckles may range anywhere from extremely to not-at-all visible based on what angle she's shown from and whether or not she's in motion.


    Amy Morris
Voiced by: Liliana Mumy (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Maryke Hendrikse (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Holly's friend, who's the funniest of the Hey Girls.

    Carrie Baker
Voiced by: Tinashe Kachingwe (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Dorla Bell (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Holly's other friend; the smartest of the Hey Girls and often the voice of reason whenever things go wrong.

Hobbie Family

    Robbie Hobbie 
Voiced by: Jansen Panettiere

Holly's little brother.

    Joan Hobbie 
Voiced by: Jane Lynch (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Saffron Henderson (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Holly's mother.


    Gary Hobbie 
Voiced by: Rob Paulsen (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Ian James Corlett (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Holly's father, who works in the city.

    Aunt Jessie Beech 
Voiced by: Rusty Schwimmer (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Heather Doerksen (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Holly's aunt who lives in Clover.

    Uncle Dave Beech 
Voiced by: Diedrich Bader (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Brian Dobson (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Holly's uncle.



    Kyle Morris 
Voiced by: Paul Butcher (Surprise Party - Best Friends Forever); Kelly Metzger (Fabulous Fashion Show - Marvelous Makeover)

Amy's little brother and Robbie's friend.


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