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Characters / High School DD

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All spoilers regarding the first four story arcs (volumes 1-20) are unmarked. Examples pertaining to the fifth story arc and Shin High School D×D can be spoiler tagged if necessary.

This page is for the characters that appear in the High School DXD franchise. Since this page features Loads and Loads of Characters, these characters are sorted according to their main factions within the light novels, manga and anime series.


  • Kuoh Academy
    • The Occult Research Club note 
    • The Student Council note 
  • Factions
    • Devils note 
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    • Angels and Fallen Angels note 
    • Vali Team note 
    • The Khaos Brigade note 
    • Mythologies note 
  • Other Characters
    • Dragons note 
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    • SLASHDØG note 
    • Other Characters note 

Alternative Title(s): Shin High School DXD


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