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Characters / Heta Quest

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    Feliciano Vargas 

He is the Alternate Self of Italy. Like him, he is a Big Eater for pasta, loves sleeping and your typical Italian[I mean Spinan]. He was killed by the Big Bad Natalya, and after that, he met Italy. Togeether, they must travel all around the Kingdom of Ara while Italy does a Dead Person Impersonation of him. He is also the keeper of the Memory Stone.—-

  • Adorkable: Even when his dead, he is still his care-free self.
  • Eyes A Lways Shut: Slightly subverted. Whenever he talks, his eyes are always open.
  • Sorry That I'm Dying: Correction, sorry that I'm dead. He had to leave so many loved ones and it hurts him that he couldn't tell them that his dead.
Especially for Ludwig...


    Ludwig Beilschmidt 

    Kiku Honda 

    Alfred Jones 

He is the Alternate Self Of America.


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