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Characters / Heroes Carnival Original Riders

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Here is a list of all Non-Canon Kamen Riders in roleplay/Heroes Carnival

Fate Testarossa/Kamen Rider Discord


  • Motif: Each form has at least one.
    • Apple Arms: Ancient Greece
    • Citron Arms: Knight
    • Pear Arms: Boxer, Kangeroo
    • Ice Cream Arms: Ice Cream, Penguin
    • Chapote Arms: Cyborg, Clint Eastwood
    • Bitter Arms: Sexy nurse
    • Sugar Arms: Clown, Tennis Player
    • Pumpkin Arms: Slasher movies, Halloween
    • Cassabanana Arms: Casablanca, Airplanes
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    • Carambola Arms: Lounge singer
    • Illama Arms: The Queen of Hearts
  • The Leader: Of Team Discord
  • Verbal Tic: Adds "darling" to the end of a lot of her sentences, especially when speaking to someone else.

Rebecca Valiant/Kamen Rider Chronos

Rebecca Valiant is a teenage girl from the eighties who found a magic pocket watch. Due to a slip up, she was dragged into the present, with the power to assume the form of Kamen Rider Chronos, the Clockwork Champion... as well as twelve other Kamen Rider forms.


  • Power Tattoo: After using the Chronos Watch, she was marked by a clock tattoo on her neck.
  • Totally Radical: Rebecca has a habit of trying to squeeze the last twenty-five years of fashion into her wardrobe.


Anna Grace/Kamen Rider Magician

Anna Grace is one of a long line of users of Kamen Rider Magician. Flirtacious and fun, she does whatever she can to defeat Phantoms and keep Gates out of despair. Her powers inspired all stage magicians.


James Harper/Kamen Rider Gram/Chroma-Gram



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