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Here is a list of all canon Kamen Riders in Heroes' Carnival.

Hikaru Corday/Kamen Rider Zeronos/Beet Buster and Deneb

Hikaru Corday is a super rich, super conceited, pretty boy who's only a member of the super spy team, The Go-Busters, because of his father's power and influence. Since just being a Go-Buster isn't enough for him, he's also become a Kamen Rider thanks to the contract he formed with the Imagin Deneb.


  • Noodle Incident: What happened between him and Liao (At least for now it's this).
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  • Powers via Possession: Unlike Den-O, only one of Zeronos' forms requires Deneb to possess him to access it.
  • Shipper on Deck: Deneb, if the recent Disney World incident is any indication.

Ryusei Tenkuu/Kamen Rider Bluto

Ryusei Tenkuu is a hot blooded, perverted high school that goes to AGHS and is a member of its Kamen Rider Club. He idolizes fellow delinquent Taiga Nakamaru who he refers to as "Aniki".


Sebastian Crowley/Kamen Rider Wizard

Sebastian Crowley, the crown prince of the Magic Land, an alternate dimension where everybody can use magic and mythological creatures exist. After learning of the corruption of the Council that rules the land in his father's stead, he's abandoned his past and embraced his future as a freedom fighter.


  • Archnemesis Dad: His dad allows the Council to continue with their evil acts.
  • Glass Cannon: The Dragon Styles are powerful and are capable of dishing out some serious damage. But, they can't take it or tank their own attacks in return.
  • Heroic Host - Her powers come from the Dragon Phantom.
  • Ring of Power: Has quite a bit giving him a wide range powers and the access to forms called Styles.

Doctor Endo/Kamen Rider Orga

Doctor Endo is an enigmatic figure that works for Smart Brain as their resident mad scientist. He's the one who creates all their cool stuff including their Rider Gears.


  • For Science!!: His main motivation. At least it seems to be..

Kaori Tsubasa/Kamen Rider Arc/Black Condor

Kaori Tsubasa, an older than she looks Fangire who was once Queen of the entire race before her husband was killed and a mysterious person(s) sealed her powers (and her memories) away. Now she's walking the Earth with her companion Yoru with the dream of becoming a hard-boiled detective.


Yoru Tsubasa/Kamen Rider Rey

Yoru Tsubasa, formerly Bishop of the Checkmate 4, is now Kaori's dotting caretaker who is actively searching for a way to restore her Fangire power and create a new Checkmate 4.


Neil Wotan/Kamen Rider Ryugen



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