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A list of the miscellaneous villains in Henshin Heroes.

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     Sir Peter Mantis 

Sir Peter Mantis

Peter Mantis used to be the head of the Metropolitan Police but is now leading the ruthless Hellfire Club. He's played by Jarvis.

    Azrael and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

Azrael/ Bishop Ryan Alexander

Azrael (posing as a bishop of the Anglican church) is one of the most proactive villains on the site. He's played by Darkblade.

Clive Edinburg/Kamen Rider Judgement/War

Ezekiel Iris/Plague

A young research scientist who fell in love with a woman called Hinaki Saitou. She asked him to stop people from crying and the result of that experiment was a deadly virus called Oculus Cruor that merged with his body and made him a vessel for the disease.

Amazon/Kamen Rider Amazon/Famine

Danny Ketch / Ghost Rider II / Death

Section is an anti-terrorist group that utilizes Kamen Rider's, Gaia Memories and death row inmates. All members are played by Ren.


Leader of Section, a man who looks out for the States and the States alone, while getting himself whatever he needs "for the job".

Simon Sullivan/Kamen Rider Vega

The expert marksman and "Guardian" in Section as the archer Rider, Vega, defected after Vincent was tricked into believing he was a turncoat.

Eugene Wilson/Kamen Rider Riki

Brawler and "Guardian" as Kamen Rider Riki, he uses melee attacks only.

Jared Collins/Kamen Rider Vega

Former rich boy who was imprisoned accidentally and drafted as long as he kept quiet so Section wouldn't find out he wasn't a killer, who became a "Guardian".

William Mercer/Kamen Rider Scissors

Former ecological terrorist who was drafted into Section for the sake of stealth missions, turned "Guardian".

Alice Dreider

A "Guardian" in Section without a Rider device, she uses any other Rider device whenever not in use.
  • The Chick - Fills in any open position when she transforms, though.

     The Greeed 






McKenzie Williams/Kamen Rider OOO

The successor of the OOO powers after Thomas's death, former girlfriend of Marcel, she's trying to find a way to save him, so she joined Smart Brain after Thomas's death. Then she joined with Mezool and with the Kougami Foundation. Has an abusive relationship with Mezool, with Mezool as the abuser. Played by Ren.

     The Hathaway Foundation 
An organization started around World War II to stop Sonnet, they are trying to stop the current Sonnet. So far they appear to be rather heroic but Cross insists that they're Anti-Villain's.

Tybalt Capulet

Leader of the Hathaway Foundation, acting as Mission Control. Played by Cross

Laertes Polonius/ Kamen Rider PROSE V3

Arguably the leader, since he's out working, unlike Tybalt. Warrior and leader by nature. Played by Cross.

Donovan Johnson

Doctor and scientist working for the Hathaways. Played by Cross.

Jennifer Banquo

Traitor among the Hathaway Foundation, she works for Mantis. Played by Cross.

Sakura Ryusaki

A woman who had been raped by her father, she fights as a warrior for the Hathaway Foundation, arguably broken. Played by Cross.

Yuki Arai

A young woman who joined the Hathaways seeing good things, who was also searching constantly for someone to marry. Tries to be Sakura's best and possibly only friend. Played by Ren.

Aurelio Lucius

Yuki's momentary replacement.
  • Expy - To [[Zen Aurelio Zen]]

Conrad Harper/ Kamen Rider PROSE V2

     Foundation X 
Foundation X is a secretive organization, funding other groups and garnering data on everything they can. All members played by Ren.

Neon Ulsland

Leader of Foundation X, always on a tight schedule and sending her men on their ways.

Erika Satonaka

A young woman sent to spy on the Kougami Foundation and get O Medals as well.

Shingo Izumi

A young former police officer looking into O Medals, usually with Satonaka.

Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal

Head of the Necro-Over project, working as one of the main warriors for the Foundation.

Jun Kazu/Utopia Dopant

Head of the Gaia Memory projects, an emotionless Necro-Over who turns emotions into weapons against others.
  • Weaksauce Weakness - Overload him with the emotions he uses as his weapon, and he's done.

Ridge Zen

The original backer of the Foundation with an interest in Orphnochs.

Kazuki Sasaki

Head of the Prince Corporation who joins the Foundation, but doesn't see much point in giving away his Rider systems.

Drew Evans

Head of the Horror unit, often hunting down these beings. He would die for the organization.

Aurellio Foss/Various Kamen Riders

Head of the Ranger Key division, and formerly a mole inside of Section, acting as their second in command. Often sits in the background, summoning Rangers with his Ranger Trumpet, otherwise the exact opposite, relying on his various Gaia Memories to transform into multiple elemental forms.Actor Allusion - This isn't the first time Nicholas Lea has been a Foss.

Neil Payne / Kamen RiderTheBee / Kamen Rider KickHopper

Head of the Zector studies, he works on the inside at ZECT, assuming the form of TheBee while acting as their assassin, while using KickHopper, his own creation, for the Foundation.

Marilen Yoshida/Kamen Rider Fleigha

Kiriha and Whip's cousin, a psychic who works for Foundation X and fights as Kamen Rider Fleigha, with former connections to Katsumi Daidou. Sly and manipulative. Played by Ren.

Jack Moon (Akira Takiya)/Kamen Rider Seiza

Jack Moon of the Jamanga is most likely the final surviving Jamanga, looking to claim dominance in the world, feared by various other groups, his abilities seem to be rusted beyond his reputation's limit. Currently employed by the Foundation after they saved him from death. Played by Ren.
  • Becoming the Mask - He forget his identity and took on the identity of Akira Takiya.
  • Big Bad - At least of the Japanese apocalypse, "Black Moon Rising"
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia - The Space Clan did this to him to make him forget who he was.

     Smart Brain 
Smart Brain is an organization looking to advance the human race as Orphnochs. Their base was destroyed by Section, and they've been working on restoring themselves ever since.

Thomas Reagan/Kamen Rider OOO

One of the former heads of the organization, an unwitting pawn of Foundation X for data on the O Medals and the OOO Driver. Died in London. Played by Ren

Jack Frost/Kamen Rider Eternal/Kamen Rider Orga

Leader of Smart Brain, trying to lead them to glory and rebuild the company. Lost the Orga powers to Wild Corp, now fights as Eternal. Played by Cross
  • Big Bad - Initially.
  • Discard and Draw - Jack lost his Orga Driver to Wild Corp, and replaced it with the Eternal Memory. Then his Lost Driver got damaged reducing him to a weaker form, and complications forced him into a younger human (as opposed to Orphnoch) form.
  • Elemental Powers - After getting some Gaia Memories from Shotaro Hidari.
  • Evil Brit
  • Knife Nut - Uses a knife as his primary weapon while Eternal.

Kenneth Frost/Kamen Rider Psyga

Adoptive son of Jack Frost, pretty much a loose cannon and vicious fighter. Played by Cross.


William Paragon/Kamen Rider Nazca/Great Leader

  • Big Bad - Presumably the leader of SHOCKER.

Tsubasa Todoroki/Kamen Rider V3/Hopper Version 3

A hybrid SHOCKER cyborg based on Rider 1 and Rider 2, the speed and style of the first, and the strength of the second. Played by Ren.

Drake Salance/Dragon

The dragon based cyborg made by SHOCKER. Responsible for converting Jerome to the organization, acts as his handler. A higher ranked member. Upgraded to Plasma Dragon. Played by Ren.


A SHOCKER cyborg based on a centipede. He had many arms, all of them poisoned. Killed in battle. Played by Ren.

Missile Rhino

A hybrid SHOCKER cyborg based on explosives. Killed by Kiriha/Rider 1. Played by Ren.


V3's handler, user of a whip and poison claws. Upgraded to Hydra Snake and killed by Femme. Played by Ren.

Fire Kitsune

     Space Empire Zangyack 


Leader of the current invasion, he finally replaced Giles with a coup.


Technical genius of the Zangyack, she has the equipment to make the Action Commanders grow.


Cyborg guard formerly for Oiles Giles. Formerly Cid, Joe's teammate and friend. Now works for Damaras.

Rei Fuyu

An effeminate young man who acts as a bounty hunter and mercenary for the Zangyack. He has the ability to become GokaiKiller, using the Villain Keys. He's tasked with eliminating the Gokaigers, as per his title. Played by Ren.

Basco ta Jolokia

Mercenary and space pirate working for the Zangyack, primarily with Rei Fuyu. He uses a puppet summoning trumpet to summon Rangers, but has recently started to fight himself, using the Grand Powers as his weapon.

    Gokai Mecha 

Robert Barron / GokaiMecha

    Oiles Giles 

Oiles Giles

Former commander of the current Zangyack forces at Earth, son of the Emperor. Overthrown by Damaras and fleeing from death from Damaras, working to reclaim his position somehow by utilizing the Gokaigers. Recently became GokaiGold. Played by Ren.



Rene Bede/White Drago Ranger


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