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All the other good guys in the Play-by-Post game Henshin Heroes.

William Arthur Philip Louis / Makaki Knight GARO

Former Prince of England and Makai Knight, he wants revenge against Peter Mantis while fighting the darkness of the world. Played by Clive.

Yuuga Bara / Makaki Knight MORO

A young Makai Knight who would rather not be one, but takes revenge for his dead girlfriend. Played by Ren.

Hikari Rei / Ultraman Nexus

  • Action Girl
  • All-Loving Hero - As befits the one chosen by the Light, Rei is one of the kind heartedest heroes in the game even to the point of trying bring out the goodness of some of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse but she will not hesitate to fight if she has to to save innocents.

Keiji Koji / Hood Racer T

Karazu Miyazaki / Milky Way / Sailor Jupiter

The flirtatious older sister of Sanyu Miyazaki. Her powers were obtained by a rather happy accident, and has only recently began fighting alongside the "big name heroes". Her powers are not based off an existing series, but based off of the Custom Robo game for the Nintendo GameCube. She later lost her powers to Peter Saint, but got the powers of Sailor Jupiter to replace that. Has recently proposed to Suzie Cross. Is played by Sanyu.
  • Ascended Fangirl - She idolized the Rangers and Riders before becoming a hero herself.
    • Doubly so once she becomes Sailor Jupiter.
  • Bi the Way - She's pretty open about it, flirting with just about everyone she meets.
  • Discard and Draw - Loses Milky Way powers, gains Sailor Jupiter.
  • Lipstick Lesbian - a partial example. While no means butch, she's pretty tomboyish at times. However, she still likes to wear dresses when the situation requires it.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac - Though it's been toned down recently. Justified, in that Karazu's usual nature cause a lot of problems in her and Suzie's relationship.
    • However, she's still the same as ever in the non-canon threads.
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    • Recently Deconstructed because of the aforementioned tension Suzie's actually broken up with Karazu.
    • Reconstructed again, as Karazu's now engaged to Suzie.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy - Has one involving Suzie and Kase. Especially noticeable in the In-Character Introduction Thread.
    Karazu: DOES IT MATTER?!

     Rescue Force 
An elite rescue unit, attempting to save lives when Extreme Disasters occur, or when anything occurs, including monster attacks, when no combat units are around. All played by Ren.

Ren Nakamuru (Original) / R1

A dedicated and driven man who was copied by a Worm earlier in his life, he gives it all to rescue work.

Nago Haske / R2

A cool, composed and somewhat overconfident rescue worker, things usually work out for him.

Aoi Kato / R3

A shy woman who is the youngest member of the team.

Misaki Miyagi / R4

The confident woman who is the primary vehicle operator of the team, who believes she deserves to be R1 and to become a Captain, like her father.

     Kougami Foundation 
An organization backed by Foundation X that studies the O Medals. All members are played by Ren.

Kousei Kougami

Head of the Kougami Foundation, a Large Ham who usually shouts and bakes cakes.

Shintarou Gotou

Soldier and warrior for the Foundation, he acts as head of the Ride Vendor 1st Division. His goal is to become a Kamen Rider above all else, while destroying the evils of the world.
  • Deadly Upgrade - His Kamen Rider "Death" arm burns through his nerves, eventually killing his arm if he doesn't do something about it.

Kiyoto Maki

Mad scientist of sorts with dreams of destroying the world. He makes most of the equipment for the Foundation.

Akira Date

A caring man who works for the 1st Division and looks out for the younger soldiers.

Terui Ryu

A man who lost his family to an unknown murderer, works for Kougami for the means to find this man, and works for the 1st Division under Gotou.

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