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This is a list of the Original Kamen Riders in the tokusatsu Play-by-Post game Henshin Heroes.

Arthur Ingram/Kamen Rider Sonnet

Arthur Ingram is a new Rider working with Ren to learn the ways of the Rider. He's played by Cross.

Ren Nakamura/Kamen Rider Avon

Ren Nakamura is a Worm copy of the original Ren, who still lives. Despite this, he is currently mentoring Arthur Ingram. He's played by Ren.


Whip Nagara/Kamen Rider Raiga

Whip Nagara is a young psychic man who attempts to help Ren, while keeping his area of Japan save in the man's absence. He's played by Ren.

Marcel Labat/Kamen Rider Sabre/Kamen Rider Arms

Marcel Labat was a young religious man who fought first as Kamen Rider Sabre, a religious Rider, who became the technological and weapon based Arms, only die die in a Fate Worse than Death. Currently under Demonic Possession. He's played by Ren.

Robin Jarvis/Kamen Rider Barghest

Elizabeth Clarke/Kamen Rider Forever

Elizabeth is an outwardly snarky character who controls the True Gaia Memory in hopes of a Gaia Impact. She's played by Kaisu.

Kizuna Ritayuku/Riderman Decade

Kevin Williams/Kamen Rider Liberty

Jason Grawli/Kamen Rider COSMOS

Damian Drake/Kamen Rider 000 (Zeroes)

Fiorela Auditore/Kamen Rider Creed

Simon Everett/Kamen Rider Variable

Nakida Sassu/Kamen Rider Rose

Captian Shirato Hayate/Kamen Rider OrgaEX

Greg Cypress/Kamen Rider Excelsior

Kaisu Sanyura/Kamen Rider StrikeHopper

Saji Yoshira/Kamen Rider Matrix

    WILD Fighter Corps 

Ryo E Regum / WILD Fighter Team KRSP001 - Accel

Drake T. Lance / WILD Fighter Team KRSP002 - Slide

Jacob A. Tioran / WILD Fighter Team KRSP003 - Crash

    Rider Army 

Kirihiko Sudo-Sonozaki/Nazca Dopant/Kamen Rider Nazca

Former Gaia Memory salesman and Commander for Museum, he fled them to join the Rider Army when he learned of the evils of Museum, eventually becoming Kamen Rider Nazca. Played by Ren.
  • Cool Sword - Nazca Edge.
  • Verbal Tic - Whenever he transforms, he always draws out his statement of "Henshin" by making it into "...Henshin!" Makes sense, as he doesn't think of himself as much of a hero, considering what he helped Museum do.

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