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A list of all the canon characters in the Play-by-Post game Henshin Heroes

Suzie Cross/Kamen Rider Drake

Photographer and traveling Kamen Rider, not to be confused with another. Played by Cross.

Zack "Assault" DeRagon/Kamen Rider Gatack

Leader of Wild Space Corp., he is attempting to combat all evils with his group while keeping people safe. Played by Assault.

Max Taggart / Kamen Rider Agito

A young man with troublesome powers that almost kept him from love. Played by Max.


Hidari Shotaro/Kamen Rider Joker

Detective of Fuuto City, hard-boiled, or half-boiled, depends on who you ask. Played by Max.

Kadoya Tsukasa / Kamen Rider Decade

Detective Damien Rassilon / Kamen Rider BLACK

Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider


Waylon Ciers / Kamen Rider IXA / Kamen Rider Dark Kiva

A Fangire and member of the Aozora hunting them, Waylon is the religious man repenting against himself, hunting his own kind. Played by Ren.

Nogami Ryotarou / Kamen Rider Den-O

A young man with terrible luck who becomes a member of the Wild Rider Corp, as well as Kamen Rider Den-O, plagued by his Imagin partners. Played by Kaisu.

Daiki Kaito / Kamen Rider DiEnd

A master thief who allies himself with the Wild Rider Corp, with the ability to summon drone versions of other Kamen Riders. Played by Kaisu

David McLeod / Kamen Rider Kabuto

A man from the future who went back in time to combat ZECT. Played by Max.

James Blackwood / Kamen Rider Faiz / Kamen Rider G3-X

Adam Jonas / New Den-O

Issei Kurosaki / Kamen Rider Caucasus

Tobias Perderau / Kamen Rider Birth

Komon Shimura / Kamen Rider Glaive

Sonoko Kurenai / Kamen Rider Kiva

Daughter of the previous Kiva, Wataru, she doesn't seem to like her duties, but fights as the new KIng of VAmpires. Or Queen, rather. Played by Clive.

K.W. Cross/Kamen Rider G1

Nakida's ex-boyfriend. Kyle Walter Cross is an Interpol officer investigating Shocker.

Kyo Jyuoku / Kamen Rider Giga

Hikaru Kagawa and Nago Yabe / Kamen Rider Double

The right side - a data human with the Gaia Library - and the left side, a freelance, mercenary Rider of sorts. They assume the form of Kamen Rider Double, working for a man named "Zeno", who knows more about Hikaru's past than anyone. In reality, the duo is a pawn of Foundation X. Played by Ren.

Mary Baudelaire / Kamen Rider Skull

A young woman who happened to come across the Skull Memory, and was later instructed on building a Lost Driver for her to use it, becoming Kamen Rider Skull. She seems to be another pawn for Foundation X
  • Deadpan Snarker - When she wants to.
  • Gadgeteer Genius - While she did have instructions on how to build the Lost Driver, the point still stands that she was capable of building one.
  • Nice Hat - Unlike the original Skull, her hat usually comes with the transformation.
    • It's also how Shotaro can tell that Mary didn't steal the Skull Memory from Sokichi Narumi's grave.

Tsukasa Kadoya / Kamen Rider Decade Fury Form

The REAL Tsukasa, having to use a belt and cards from an AR Tsukasa he defeated.

    Rider Army 

Kiriha Kyuuseishu / Kamen Rider 1

A man who broke through SHOCKER's mental conditioning and fights for the freedom of mankind, often on his own, rebelling against his former comrades. Played by Ren

Izumi Kiba / Kamen Rider Kaixa

Natsumi Sonozaki/ Kamen Rider Femme/Light Dopant

Jerome Endon/Rider 2

Former homicide detective who lost his job due to drinking, he joined SHOCKER for no real reason, but was eventually forced to join the Rider Army or die. Played by Ren.

Sutou Airi/ [1]

Ran Sakurai/Kamen Rider Zeronos

Eiji Hino / Kamen Rider OOO (AKA "The Second OOO")


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