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This is the current characters page for all Power Rangers/Super Sentai characters, original or not, in the Play-by-Post game Henshin Heroes.

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Groups with members from multiple Sentai/Ranger teams.

    AKB 48 
AKB48 is an all-girl idol group formed in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto. While their primary goal is entertaining the public, a few of them spend their free time fighting bad guys. These are the girls that are Rangers.

Minami Takahashi / Takamina / HurricaneRed

The General Manager and unofficial captain of the '48 family, she is also a trained ninja from Hayate's Way Ninja Academy.
  • Blow You Away - As a Wind Ninja, it's part of her standard repitoire of moves.
  • Ninja - Obviously.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse - Takamina's probably the shortest character on the site, tied with Yukie, standing at 5'10.5". However, that only makes her that much harder to see...
  • Playing with Fire - The Dry Gun
  • Rank Up - Was recently promoted to General Manager of the entire '48 family.
  • Team Dad
  • The Leader: Is usually a Type II

Mayu Watanabe / Mayuyu / Big One

The second Senbatsu of AKB48, currently in Team A. Also a cyborg.

Mariko Shinoda / ShinkenPink

The oldest active AKB48 member, currently in Team A. Also a samurai of the Shinoda family.

Sentai Teams

Oliver Jonas / MagiRed

A wizard who was sent back through time to find the cause of the apocalypse with his sister...only now does it sound like an anime pitch.

Courtney Jonas / TimeRed

Oliver's twin sister. Which is odd, considering they look nothing alike.

John Jones / Tavunak / Stag Buster

A headhunter from a parallel dimension exiled to Earth. He hides as a detective and uses the Stag Buster gear as a vigilante. Sound familiar, Smallville fans?

Mamoru Hoseki / Crimson Buster

The leader of the black ops unit of the Gobusters organization. He somehow gained the ability to fuse with his partner Alsatian to create the Diamond Buster.


Alsatian de Gin / Navy Buster

The partner of Mamoru. He is exceptionally trigger happy but is still the level headed one.

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