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Characters / Henshin Heroes 2 Canon Riders

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This is the current characters page for all Kamen Rider characters, original or not, in the Play-by-Post game Henshin Heroes.

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Multi-Rider Groups

    AKB 48 
AKB48 is an all-girl idol group formed in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto. While their primary goal is entertaining the public, a few of them spend their free time fighting bad guys.

Yuko Oshima / Kamen Rider Den-O

AKB48's choreographic center, she essentially is the second in command of the group. She can't fight by herself, so she gets help from her Imagin partners.

Sayaka Akimoto / Kamen Rider L'Arc

Captain of Team K, viewed as AKB48's mom, she was given the L'Arc buckle for unknown reasons.
  • I Know Aikido - Sayaka is a 2nd dan black belt. Mess with her groupmates and you'll find out why.
  • Team Mom

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