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Main Characters

Helios is one of the three great rulers of the Magic World. Because he resembles the sign of the sun, he is the main source of power of the Magic World. He is rather quiet and does not trust people easily, especially humans after he visited the human world to pay his last respects to the deceased Syn I. While searching for the savior of the Magic World, he accidentally stumbled upon Mineko, and that has changed his perspective about humans. He accepts Mineko as a friend and ally. His feelings towards Mineko slowly grows to a stage where it is 'more than just friends'. He owned a fire element called Miraa.

Mineko is selected as the savior of both worlds as she saved Helios from being swallowed by a magical whirlwind. This happened while Helios was using his limited power to search for the savior. She has a naive, cheerful personality and is always energetic, thus easily trusting people. But as the story progresses, her personality slowly changes. Her sincerity was questioned by Syn II, who then gave her a test to save the Magic World. At the end of the test, she sacrificed herself to save the Magic World from darkness. She was then revived by Princess Moragana who used the power of the Phoenix as Moragana claimed that "it was meant to be". After her revival, she received the power to create illusions from Syn II, proof that she managed to pass his test. The phoenix in her has become the target of The Dark World.



Luna is the brother of Helios and resembles the sign of the moon. He is different from his brother, as he is always calm in any situation and thinks of the consequences before he acts. He became Helios's second in command, and always stood by Helios whenever he needed help, even when not requested by helios. Luna had the ability to read peoples' minds by touching them, as he claimed his ability was similar to Moragana's. He seemed to be secretly in love with Mineko and died protecting her.


Louis or Kazura is Mineko and Tooru's best friend since they were children. But in reality, he is the Dark Magician sent by the Dark World to kill Helios. At first, he become the antagonist when he betrayed Mineko and the others in order to kill Helios. However, he did not expect that Mineko would turn out to be the savior that was mentioned in Moragana's prophecy. After Maryvessa was killed by Helios, he betrayed the Dark World to cope with his pain and regret towards Maryvessa's death and hatred towards Soileh. His thoughts are hard to read either by his friends or his enemies, making him the perfect spy. This also helps him in battle when his enemies cannot read his moves. His abilities are shape-shifting and duplication. But as the story progresses, he gained the capabiliy to produce lightning. (This is shown when Louis ate the medicine Evilina gave him to fight Arisu and Soileh). Little information is known about his past except when Maryvessa met with him in human world, he admitted that since 'that day', he was no longer a human.

Four Aces Of The Royal Guardian


He is from the animal world and was chosen to be Helios's guardian. His weapon is a Spoon that can throw magical auras. He has a slick and naughty personality on the outside, but in reality is very caring and sensitive towards other people's feelings. He is married to Melly and has one daughter, Mika. Spade is a good looking guy.



He is from the animal world and was chosen to be Luna's guardian. His weapon is a Fork but he seldom uses it. Compared to Spade, he has a more innocent, naive and premature personality. But as the story progresses, he becomes mature and closer to Mineko as they have similar personalities. He is described as the laziest Guardian of all four based on an Easter Egg's story in the First Volume of the Manga. Later in the story it was revealed that he had a crush on Diamond. He starts liking Diamond right after she starts blaming Mineko for the "death" of Heart. It was just a misunderstanding between Mineko and Diamond.


She is from the animal world and was chosen to be Moragana's guardian. Her weapon of choice is a Dinner Knife. She is a tomboy and isn't on good terms with Spade. She is very loyal to Moragana and never questioned her. Later in the story, she is described as a free spirit, and she was glad to be Moragana's guardian. It was also revealed that she is Diamond's younger sister. After Moragana's death, Heart went into a coma. But she's still hot.


She is from the animal world and was chosen to be Syn II's guardian. Her weapon is a Spatula (based on the picture in Helios Eclipse: Prologue chapter divider) and she has the ability to heal injuries. She has a very complex personality, from the shy and quiet person to one filled with the desire for revenge. Deep down, she actually likes Club.


Main Villains


He is the main antagonist and mastermind of the conspiracy to take down the Magic World. At first, he sent Maryvessa to take down Helios on Darkross's Day, using her as the sacrifice to kill Moragana. Then it was also revealed that he was the one who was plotting Syn I's death, making Helios furious. Now his only ambition is to create a perfect world in darkness. To make sure his plan succeeds, he orders his minions to capture Mineko, the prophesized saviour that contains the power of Phoenix. Helios and Soileh both share the same mind, as they were created at the same time and have the same ability (except that Soileh's power is Darkness). As Helios represents the Sun, he represents Eclipse, which bring darkness to the world.

The Scarred Lady

She appears in Mineko's dream several times. When Mineko saw her, she was stabbing both Helios (the another one could maybe be presumed as Soileh) with a knife. Moragana (in the dream world) showed her the possible fate of both the rulers of the Magic and Shadow Realms, hoping that Mineko would be able to stop the event before it happens. Her real identity is unknown, because her face was never shown and the only mark that Mineko noticed was her scar at her neck and her long white hair. She presumably will be the villain of the story.

The story eventually reveals that she is Mineko killing both Helios and Soileh, under the power of the Phoenix. The scar lady is actually Mineko herself.

Henchmen of the Dark World


Sister to Syn II. She escaped from Helios after a tragedic incident that involves her parents. Some change has happened to her body after the tragedy and she escaped to the Dark World. After a while, she found Louis and changed him. She wants destruction over the Magic World and free his brother. But in the end was being killed by Helios because of her obsession to take over the Magic World. Her soul seems to still alive in a puppet(Diva) that she always carry. Rumor has it that she will come back as GEN-2 (based on Helios Eclipse:Ternion sketch page).


A henchmen under Maryvessa. She uses chains to attack and fights along side with Lucifer. Not much information is said about her after Maryvessa was killed.


Also a henchmen under Maryvessa. His primary weapon is a sword and he can summon Darkross armies also. He likes to underestimate his opponents without knowing their capabilities. After Maryvessa is killed, he works under Soileh. He died after he was destroyed by the earth element released by Luna.


She is one of the three primary kids whom meet Helios and Luna 14 years ago. Heartless and cruel, she hides it behind her sinister smile. She is believed to have been destroyed by Helios's element power, but She was actually still alive and was raised by Soileh, who changed her into a Dark Magician. Because she absorbed one of Helios's element, Wood, she is capable to use the wood element as well as the element purification. She likes to wear bunny ears on her head.


He is one of the three primary students whom Helios meet 14 years ago. He has cold characteristic, quiet and seldom smiles. But sometimes his emotions are unstable when he meets his match. His desire to kill anyone causes him to have multiple personalities, but he usually hides it with his cold character. He absorbs one of Helios's element, Water and is able to control and produce a large amount of water which can be use as shield or weapon. His rival so far is Louis, as Louis is the only one that beat him. He is often seen wearing gothic styled outfits because of his appearance.


He is one of the three primary kids Helios and Luna met 14 years ago. One of the cheerful member, he usually eats and cracks jokes with his two friends, (although they didn't seem to like it) when he has free time. When Mineko asks him the reason on why he joined the darkness, he simply said that they don't fit living under the light. He also describe as the kind person, when Mineko accidentally bump onto him when Mineko want to hide her shyness on Luna. He absorbs one of Helios's element Wind, and capable to control wind by his will. Usually he wears normal human outfits and does not like to look fat.


Magic World


She is one of the three rulers in Magic Kingdom and possesses the power of prediction and once had the Rebirth Bird inside her. Her prediction that human will bring chaos to magic world change the view of magic resident against human. This cause great suffering for Syn's family as Syn I married a witchdoctor from human world. But she also know that only one savior can bring peace back to its place and that is Mineko, a human girl. So in order to save magic world, she order Helios to find the savior in human world and return his trust towards human. Actually, she's fall in love with Helios a long time ago, but she never mention about it, making it one-sided love. Now, she only lives in Mineko's dream, as she sacrifice herself to save Mineko by release the Phoenix inside her body.

Syn II

He is the one of three rulers in Magic Kingdom after taking over his father's throne, Syn I and possesses the power of manipulating time. He can't grow because of a spell and just binds in his castle to prevent him to go to the darkside. At first, Syn hated Helios because of what he has done to his family but later on he realizes that actually Helios saved him and his family honor. After becoming Helios's allies, he swore to protect the Magic World and Mineko no matter what happen. Although he act like a mature person, sometimes he show his childlike personality when he is mad with something, or play toys with Mika. Eddy often tease him, as Eddy thought he is so cute when he is angry.

Human World


He is Mineko's childhood friend, often help her because of her clumsiness and her habit of running late to school. Because of their long friendship, Tooru often back her up when she is in trouble. He is active in sports and Judo, and appreciate friendship. Actually, he has a deep crush towards Mineko, but he never tell her, and Mineko did not realize it, make it one-sided love. During a trip to Kaoru's Cake House, he met with Toroya, Arisu, and Sangatsu. Toroya took Tooru into a dimension and tricked him, turning him into a puppet in the end. He is presumed dead after Soileh told Mineko about Tooru being killed.

The KeepersThe Keeper are Magicians that use their own powers for their own reasons. They are not related to the Dark World and the Magic World. They sometimes challenge a Magician to get what they want. If they lose, they give the Magician their wish or desire things. Some offer something to a Magician for an unforetold price.


She is a Keeper that stays and hides in the Human World. Using 1/3 Dimension, she form a club called 'Dark Cooking Club' which is actually a disguise to hide her base. Even though she look like a little girl, she actually very matured since she is not human. Her power is absorption and she can absorb surrounding elements around her. She is also capable in making potions and weapons. It was revealed that Eddy (who is actually Syn I) made a contract with Evilina to transfer his soul to one dead body on Earth in order to protect his son, Syn II.


A follower of Evilina. He has fox ears, a tail and a collar that looks like Spade's. He follows wherever Evilina goes. His power is agility. He was dead when he was in victory fighting with Sangatsu. Sangatsu who was in frail position at that time helped by Princess Countessa (Evillina revealed it when she found the pearlstone left by Countessa in the match).


He is a mysterious and strange Keeper who loves cute things. His real powers are yet to be unknown. So far, he has the ability in healing just like Mineko. He usually teases 'his favourite subjects' like Helios and Syn II when they are in child form. As The Keeper, he offers the contract to Helios in order to escape. Helios accepted the contract and begin to take the test and as the result, Eddy will serve under him as Helios succeed the test. As the story progress, it revealed that he had strong connection with Evilina and see through to Countessa's evil plan. Later chapters reveals his true identity to be that of Syn I, Syn II's father.

Animal World


She is Spade's wife and live in Animal World until she meets Mineko. At first, she afraid of her but when Mineko mentions her husband's name, she greets Mineko with kindness. She also acts like a mother and close friend to Mineko and really loves her family.


When Mika grows up, he wants to be like Spade..

He is Spade's son. His appearance is like Spade's smaller version. He is a little bit naughty but she is actually really kind and always cheer everybody around her. His favorite food is bunny grass and he is an expert through Illusion Forest (which usually makes people lost their way).

The Leaders of Elemental Valleys

Queen Countessa

She is the leader of the Water Valley. She falls in love with Helios even when she is small when they meet for the first time (Note that the magical realm residents have reversed growth)and have the ability to create water. Actually she is one of the three unknown spies who are helping Soileh all this while. She also have great jealousy towards Mineko and will do anything to break Helios and Mineko apart. She killed Gothman while helping Sangatsu to fight him.

King Armand

He is the king of the Wind Valley. He is mysterious and he has the power to summon a big wind creature named Sorrow. One of the unknown shadows behind Soileh's conspiracy.

Queen Esmeralda

Fire kingdom ruler. She is hot-tempered thus she acts very aggressively. Helios have to bear her temper to gain her trust back. As a test, she trapped Helios and Eddy. In the end, she gave Helios the Dragon Sword as proof that she trusts Helios as the ruler of the Magic Realms. She has a son named Jareth.

King Draven

The leader of the Wood Valley. He is one of the 3 unknown shadows who helped Soileh. Like Soileh, he created conspiracy inside the Magic Castle in order to break Helios's relationship with others. One of his plans is to force Countessa to marry Helios to rule the Magic Kingdom. Has the power to summon a big wolf, Lestat. Syn II has been defeated when fighting with him but he was saved by Miraa (element of Helios) during the fight even though Sorrow swallowed his attack.

Princess Mokera

She is the mysterious nomad who kidnapped Helios while they are going to the Water Valley. At first sight, she fell in love with Helios and warned him not to go to the Water Valley. She also inflitrated the Magic Castle to save Helios. Later in the story, she revealed herself as the true heir and the new ruler of Earth Valley. Her power is yet unknown, but it shows that she has the capabilities to control the Earth element. Her personality is childish and innocent, even though she looks grown-up. She also have the kind of brash personality, always using rough tones when talking, fitting her as the ruler of Earth Valley (she was!). She was so strong that she defeated the Three Minions of Soileh (Toroya, Arisu, and Sangatsu) within a mere second.


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