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Azureyfear Winchel
Havia's sister. She's the primary antagonist of volume 11.

  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Though she calls herself a "benevolent soul," she's really just a depraved Glory Hound with a massive superiority complex.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: When first introduced, she appeared to be a girl only interested in her brother's well being. In reality, even though she thinks she's acting in his best interests, she's really just a manipulative, lying, petty and vindictive bitch out to destroy Lady Vanderbilt purely because she simply can not stomach the thought of reconciliation between the two families, regarding a grudge that neither of them even remembers.
  • Dark Action Girl: A crack shot with rifles, smart enough to run a drug war against a supernation, ruthless enough to execute her own people, and tough enough to survive Object maneuvers that would incapacitate an Elite.
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  • Death Seeker: Combined with Suicide by Cop. She was clearly not happy when Qwenthur broke into the Winchel Object and put all her efforts to ruin by making sure she lived to answer for her crimes. There's the fact that he sexually harassed her a bit too.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In her mind, at least. She was sitting in the empty space where the cockpit was supposed to go on the Winchel Object bought with money gotten from selling illegal drugs, purely so Havia would be forced to kill her. Because being killed by her brother protecting Lady Vandebilt would ensure his happiness.
  • Insane Troll Logic: She honestly believes that the best way to ensure Havia's happiness is to start a bloody civil war, cause countless civilian deaths, and force Havia to kill her while protecting his fiance.
    • To give a better understanding of her logic: The Vanderbilt and Winchel families hate each other and the Winchel family looks down on Havia for trying to reconcile their differences while the Vanderbilts hate him for being a Winchel. Azureyfear believes that by killing his own sister because she threatened the peace between the families will prove to both families his dedication and gain him respect.
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  • Moral Myopia: Constantly calls lady Vanderbilt "a whore" because the latter is engaged to be married to her brother, Havia, but fails to realize that she's figuratively if not literally "spreading her legs" for the Information alliance by selling out her own country, dealing illegal drugs, and firing upon Legitimacy Kingdom military and civilian interests that have nothing to do with her petty grudge.
  • Red Baron: Is known as "The Blue Rose of the Winchel family." Though with her current actions, that may soon change.
  • War Is Glorious: She has nothing but murderous loathing for any Actual Pacifist. In fact, she claims her actions are a "war for peace."
  • Yandere: Her "affection" towards her brother is clearly not healthy.
    • Tsundere: She usually hides her affection, treating him harshly and mocking his choices. All of this is to cover her affection and plan.

Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (JP); Ian Sinclair (EN)

A Legitimacy Kingdom reporter and photographer who despises the current era of "clean wars". He desires to find that one perfect picture which will expose the truth of conflict to the world.

  • Hero of Another Story: On a small scale; he is constantly looking for stories and has managed to sniff out conspiracies in the process, crossing paths with both the main cast and Mariydi.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Frequently travels into war-torn battlefields in search of a story. As seen in Volume 1 when he gunned down Oceania soldiers, he's also not above killing to protect others.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In Volume 1 he has this reaction when Frolaytia explains to him that by killing Oceania soldiers he just gave their military the perfect excuse to start wiping out villagers as "retaliation", something the coalition had been trying to avoid.
  • Only One Name: Despite appearing several times, his full name has never been revealed.
  • Superhero Paradox: He wants to end the world's perpetual war by capturing a photograph that will show the complacent citizens the true horror of it. But to do that he must both witness a tragedy and capture it in a picture without interfering. When he has the choice between a picture of such a tragedy and saving lives, he saves lives.

Lady Vanderbilt
Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)

Havia Winchel's fiancee. While younger than him, she is very active in politics.

  • Action Survivor: Despite having no military, weapons, or self-defense training, she has survived numerous dangerous incidents. The entirety of Volume 11 takes special note.
  • Actual Pacifist: She hates war and violence. However, get between her and Havia, and your life is forfeit.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Averted. Though there are times that she's ruthless, she's actually a very sweet and sensitive girl despite being from a noble house in the Legitimacy Kingdom.
  • Batman Grabs a Gun: The encounter with Eggnog's assassins in Volume 11 was all about this.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She's really good at this, not only "translating" Flag Eggnog's Insane Troll Logic to the Winchel maids, but on her very first appearance, her classic response to Havia's Precision F-Strike was truly priceless.
    Havia: FUCK!
    Lady Vanderbilt: Well, that's a rather bold demand, though I don't mind.
  • No Name Given: Her given name is never mentioned. We have her family name, but that's it.
  • Sickening Sweethearts: With Havia, and yes, it's mutual, though the first time they've been actually close enough to hold hands is at the end of Volume 11.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: She appears in only one scene in each of the volumes she's in, but she makes a dramatic impact every time.
  • Yandere: Downplayed. She proclaims that she's a kind and benevolent woman (and she is), and she'll allow Havia one mistress, for the sake of appearances, but if she ever takes a back seat in his affections, she'll break out the family's "collection."

Voiced by: Rumi Ookubo (JP); Sarah Wiedenheft (EN)

A former noble and Qwenthur's childhood friend who has become a battlefield idol reporter.

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the start of Episode 17, she said: "Now it's time for the show's opening! Start!" Cue opening sequence.
  • Catchphrase: How she introduces herself when her show starts.
    This is Monica, your battlefield idol reporter who can both sing and kill!
  • Fallen Princess: Once the haughty daughter of a storied noble family, they lost their money and titles.
  • Faux Action Girl: Despite her catchphrase, Monica has no combat training. She appears to have some knowledge of fencing and during the Royal Techno Academy's war between students and teachers she managed to defeat multiple teachers with a stun sabre, though Qwenthur remarks to himself it clearly had to do more with them being distracted by her torn dress that with her fencing skills.
  • Only One Name: She only uses her first name while on a show and Qwenthur only refers to her as such.
  • Recurring Traveller: She gets around a lot and often hosts shows in the same location as Qwenthur. Justified in that she's apparently trailing the 37th so she can show off to Qwenthur.
  • Tsundere: Quite obviously has a thing for Qwenthur but insists on treating him like her servant. Qwenthur's school friend can't understand how he hasn't figured it out yet.
  • Walking Techbane: Qwenthur complains that while she hid in his family's cellar Monica would break the portable televisions and radios he gave her before half a day could pass and would come crying to him to fix them. However it's also possible she simply broke the toys so she had an excuse to be around Qwenthur.

Iekazu, Shikibu, and Orihime
From left to right: Iekazu, Shikibu, and Orihime
  • Only One Name: Each of them are known only by their given name, whether or not they have Cherryblossom like Grandma Ayami remains to be seen.

Staivia Nikolaschka

A young princess and potential claimant to the throne of Volga, Staivia is a sweet and timid girl. Her brother's attempts to kill her drive the events of Volume 6.

  • Fallen Princess: She is a claimant to the throne of Volga but after the destruction of her personal bodyguard unit she's been on the run from her brother Prince Dmisiky's assassination plots. By the time his plans reach their climax Staivia gives in if only to protect her faithful maid.
  • Forced to Watch: She was forced to enter an Object she could not control on the threat of soldiers torturing her maid, the last person loyal to Staivia.
  • Groin Attack: Does this to Sonja aka Yusenlak, after some goading by Qwenthur and Havia.
  • Hesitant Sacrifice: While she had resolved herself to die to protect Mikfa, she still admits to herself she didn't want to die once trapped in the Object.

Stavia's loyal maid.
  • Only One Name: Is only known by her one name.
  • Undying Loyalty: Stayed with Staivia even when Dmisiky managed to subvert or eliminate every other supporter. Yusenlak felt confident leaving Staivia solely because he knew Mifka could protect her.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: She displays a surprising mastery of wrestling moves on Dmisiky's soldiers. She's wearing powered armor at the time, however, which means that each move reduces them to a fine red mist.

Mariage Nightcap

Bloodrics Capistrano
Frolaytia's older brother.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Bloodrics seems like a largely harmless and eccentric fop, even accounting for his expert swordsmanship. Then we learn why he's constantly surrounded by his retainers: To keep him from torturing people to death when he gets carried away.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: His introduction paints him as a complete idiot, but he's also a master swordsman who's not afraid to kill.
  • Mercy Kill: Does this to several of the 37th's members when they ask him to kill them quickly after a bombardment leaves many of them badly wounded with no hope of escape. He obliges and their thanks only make him feel worse about it.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: When Frolaytia refuses to leave the maintenance base in Volume 15 so she can organize an evacuation for the survivors, Bloodrics knocks her unconscious so he can evacuate her before the enemy arrives.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Donates massive amounts of money from his family's fortune to whatever charity takes his interest, usually with no regards for whether it's a scam or the effect it will have on the local economy. His donations are referred to as bombs of money.
  • Terrain Sculpting: He had New Caribbean Island created by detonating a massive payload of explosives on the bedrock, creating an artificial volcano.
  • Would Hit a Girl: In Volume 15, he knocks out his own sister in order to get her to safety.


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