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Major General Buffer Planters
Voiced by: Takayuki Sugo (Japanese); Greg Dulcie (English)

A flag officer in the Capitalist Enterprise army.

  • Mercy Rewarded: A few episodes after the 37th saves his life, he provides intelligence to Frolaytia during the campaign against the Mass Driver Conglomerate.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: Applied to him, not by him. In Heavy Object: An Audition War (adapted as episodes 9-14 of the anime), the 37th stumbles onto a group attempting to assassinate General Planters with an Earth-based laser attack on the lunar resort where he's vacationing, and are even tempted to let it go ahead due to realpolitik until they find out Havia's fiancee is there, too. Strangely for our protagonists' usual attitude, the potential collateral damage from the assassination attempt doesn't rate a mention.

Rockbelt Deansgate

Mariydi Whitewitch

An ace fight pilot belonging to a Capitalist PMC. She primarily operates in the Northern European Restricted Zone where the lack of Objects allows planes such as hers the chance to fly.

  • The Ace: One of the best fighter pilots in the Capitalist Enterprise.
  • Action Girl: At twelve years old she's already an ace fighter pilot and is just as lethal outside of the cockpit.
  • A-Cup Angst: Subverted. She doesn't care about being flatchested given she's twelve but is surrounded by people who piss her off by making jokes about it.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different: The volumes focusing on her are different from other volumes both in content and format. In terms of content, the focus on a Capitalist figher pilot means most of the story takes place away from Objects and can showcase different technologies and facets of the world. In terms of format, the story is divided into smaller chapters which tell a single story with little gap in-between as opposed to the three large chapters of the main series which are often separated by days or weeks.
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  • Berserk Button: Mariydi has two: Hard drugs and Elites. She hates drugs because they destroyed her favorite band and resents Elites both because they get paid the big bucks and she was rejected from the program.
  • Bio-Augmentation: She was surgically and genetically altered to test procedures for creating Elites and possibly as part of her own failed run in the Elite program.
  • Busman's Holiday: Mariydi is ordered by her superior to take a vacation in a high-end luxury resort. She's annoyed the entire time until a gunfight with Qwenthur and Havia ends with Mariydi going hand-to-hand with Catherine. After that she thinks the vacation was to her taste.
  • Clear My Name: A large part of Volume 13 involves Mariydi clearing her name after she's accused of treason.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Mariydi is a decent person when it comes to keeping civilians out of the war. However she won't bat an eye at killing thousands of support personnel to get her job done.
  • Hero of Another Story: Has so far been the protagonist and main point of view character for two volumes. She also periodically crosses paths with Qwenthur and Havia while on missions, never meeting personally but always having an impact.
  • It's the Journey That Counts: She doesn't really care about winning a gold medal at the Technopics or that doing so has made her a large amount of money from the sponsor. She instead places more value on the acquaintances she made there.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Thanks to her short stature, Mariydi endures this at the bust of Nancy Jolly-Roger several times. She is understandably less than enthused.
  • The Napoleon: Volume 13 has Mariydi facing the difficulties of an adult-sized world when she's still twelve. This is not helped by Nancy fully enjoying her finally being knocked down a peg.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: She wholeheartedly believes that battles between the nations should be kept on the battlefield and has defied orders to protect civilians in the past. That said, non-combat personnel don't count as "innocents" to her.
  • Product Placement: Her uniform is decorated with the logos of her company's sponsors.
  • Refused by the Call: Based on a spy's comment, Mariydi washed out of the Elite training program. The augmentation already performed on her body was instead put to use as a fighter pilot.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Has defied orders both in the past and in-story to save civilian lives, such as intercepting a cruise missile "accidentally" fired at a city.
  • Young and in Charge: She's the leader of her squadron, of which at least one member is a decade her senior. Their base notes that Mariydi is the only one who can keep them in line.

Angela Hibiscus

A Commander of the Moss Green PMC that operates in the Northern Restricted Zone.

A member of the Intelligence Agency's elite spy organization, the Outer Gods.

  • Code Name: That's all we have to call her.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a fetching beanie in her only appearance, having expected cold conditions.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Wears a pink outfit in her only appearance.

Rigas Blackpassion

The captain of the submarine Unique Publishing.

  • Cold-Blooded Torture: When he refuses to give Frolaytia the information she wants, she takes a gun and shoots him dead then has him revived. She repeats this process every time he offers even one word against helping her, with each near-death requiring more and more equipment to keep Rigas alive.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: He complained every step of the way as the Legitimacy troops retrieve his damaged vessel.

Alternative Title(s): Heavy Object Capitalist Corporations Military


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