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Characters / Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre

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List of characters that appear in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre

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     Main Characters 

Zhang Wuji

The son of Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu and the protagonist of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. He spent the first nine years of his life on Ice Fire island with his parents and godfather Xie Xun before embarking on a journey to return to mainland, where his life will change forever for better or worse. His adventures lead him to becoming a powerful pugilist and the 34th leader of the Ming Cult. Compassionate, thoughtful and kind by nature, he is nonetheless proved to be fiercely protective of everything he holds dear.

Tropes associated with Zhang Wuji

  • Accidental Pervert: Plenty of times, much to his dismay.
  • Apologetic Attacker: Usually apologizes profusely before breaking people's limbs off.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Arrives just in time to save the Ming Cult from total destruction at the hands of Six Major Orthodox Sects. His fight against the six orthodox sects is considered one of the greatest display of martial arts in Jin Yong universe (the other two is Xiao Feng at Hero Gathering Manor and Xiao Yuanshan at Yanmen Pass).
  • Dead Guy Junior: Named after Xie Xun's deceased son Xie Wuji. Bonus point for him being named after a baby. (Xie Xun's son was killed when he was only a year old).
  • Chick Magnet
  • Chekhov's Skill: His expertise in traditional medicine saves his ass more than one.
  • Contrived Coincidence: He just happened to fall off a cliff, landed in a cave then met a monkey whose body the Nine Yang Manual was sewn into. Really.
  • Determinator
  • Extreme Doormat: His love interests play him like a fiddle.
  • Game-Breaker: His two skills: the Nine Yang manual and Heaven and Earth Great Shift technique. The former is the greatest inner energy technique while the latter is the skill to manipulate energy and immitate all kinds of martial art. He's so broken even the three Shaolin Elders' combined assault fails to bring him down.
  • Like Parent, Like Spouse: His lover Zhao Min bears a striking resemblance to his mother Yin Susu in both appearance and personality.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Deliver a particularly brutal one to A'san, Zhao Min's servant.
  • No-Sell: Abbess Miejue's "Illuminating Buddha Light" attack has no effect on him since Miejue uses an inferior version of Nine Yang Divine skill to execute the attack.
  • Henpecked Husband: to both Zhou Zhirou and Zhao Min.
  • The Hero
  • Instant Expert: Learn the Heaven and Earth Great Shift technique in a few hours.
  • The Chosen One
  • Triang Relations: With Zhou Zhirou and Zhao Min. He's in love with Zhou Zhirou at first but she screws up so badly he eventually falls for Zhao Min. Not that Zhou Zhirou let him go.

Zhao Min

The daughter of Chaghan Temür, the Prince of Ruyang of the Yuan dynasty and one of the two female leads of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. Her birth name is Minmin Temür, title Princess Shaomin. Cunning, ambitious and full of vigour, she initally aids her father eradicating the rebel organisation Ming Cult and bringing order to the wulin. Then she meets the newly elected leader of the Ming Cult, various events would follow and her life would change forever.

Tropes associated with Zhao Min:

  • Action Girl
  • Betty and Veronica: The Veronica to Zhou Zhirou's Betty.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Heel–Face Turn: Eventually defects from Yuan's force to join Zhang Wuji.
  • Lady of War
  • Last Girl Wins: The very last of Zhang Wuji's harem and the eventual winner.
  • Love Redeems: Leave the Mongolian's side to join Yuan resistance force out of her love with Zhang Wuji.
  • Kick the Dog: Force the leaders of wulin to teach her martial art. The ones who refuse get their fingers chopped off.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Nearly brought the wulin to its knee with her wit alone. Her force ambushes the six orthodox sects after their campaign against Ming's Cult, the already exhausted sects stand no chance and are captured to the last man. Then she disguises her forces as monks and sends them to Shaolin Temple, using several hostages as bait to get in and captures the remaining monks. Shaolin Temple, the greatest martial art sect for centuries is undone in an afternoon. She instructs her force to leave fake messages on Shaolin Temple, framing Ming Cult for the crime. Then she sends an assassin disguised as a Shaolin monk to assasinate Zhang Senfeng, severely injure him and take out Wudang's greatest defender before marching her force to Mount Wudang, disguised as Ming Cult's member. Her plan is to completely crush the orthodox sects, removing a thorn on the Empire's side and blame Ming's Cult for the deed. After public opinion turns against Ming's Cult, she wil march her force and destroy Ming Cult for good. Two birds with one stone, indeed. Only Zhang Wuji's timely intervention stops her. Later she uncovers Cheng Kun's scheme to become Shaolin Temple's Abbott and ruins his plan. If she didn't fall in love with Zhan Wuji, the wulin would have been royally screwed.
  • Guile Hero
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: The brain behind Yuan force's operation.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: after falling in love with Zhang Wuji
  • Wedding Smashers: tell Zhang Wuji to not marry Zhou Zhirou in the middle of their wedding ceremony. Zhou Zhirou is pissed. Zhao Min has legitimate reason to do so, doesn't make it any less akward.

Zhou Zhirou

The other female lead of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. The daughter of a boatman, she met Zhang Wuji when he was a child and developes feeling for him. Later she joins the Emei Sect and becomes Abbess Miejue's disciple. She succeeds Meijue as leader of Emei's Sect. Her life is torn between her love for Zhang Wuji and her duty to the Emei Sect, ultimately leading to tragedy in both her personal life and career.

Tropes associated with Zhou Zhirou

  • Action Girl
  • Angst: Big time. Her mentor Miejue forces her to swear an oath in which she will never fall in love with Zhang Wuji and use her charm to steal Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre from him, learn the martial arts hidden within and destroy the Ming Cult, everything goes against her love for Zhang Wuji.
  • Betty and Veronica: The Betty to Zhao Min's Veronica.
  • Broken Bird
  • Childhood Friend Romance: with Zhang Wuji.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl
  • Downer Ending: For her storyline. She loses the struggle to win Zhang Wuji's heart to Zhao Min, is defeated by the Yellow Dress Maiden and loses both the Dragon Sabre and Heaven Sword, her reputation tarnished and her dream to restore Emei Sect crushed. It's a miracle that she doesn't snap right then and there.
  • Face–Heel Turn: She stole the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre and left Zhang Wuji's party marooned on an island.
  • Honey Trap: Miejue instructs her to pretend to love Zhang Wuji and steals the Dragon Sabre and Heaven Sword when she has a chance. She succeeds.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery
  • Lady of War
  • Karma Houdini
  • Kick the Dog: Slash Yin Li's face with the Heaven Sword and leave her to die.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope
  • The Vamp: She becomes this after her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After learning the skills hidden in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, she manages to defeat Yu Lianzhou, Yin Liting and Zhang Wuji. At the same time. Yeah she uses trickery to beats Zhang Wuji, but still.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: From a kind, humble and gentle girl to cold, ruthless fighter almost overnight.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid
  • Woman Scorned: As the end of novel may imply, she is not done with Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min yet...

The Heaven Sword and The Dragon Sabre

The Heaven Sword and The Dragon Sabre, or the Heaven-Reliant Sword and the Dragon-Slaying Saber, are the MacGuffin which the plot revovles around. The two reforged from a single sword, the Heavy Iron Sword which Yang Guo wielded in The Return of the Condor Heroes.The Heavy Iron Sword belonged to Dugu Qiubai, a great swordsman whose skills were unmatched in his lifetime. Yang Guo chanced upon the Heavy Iron Sword while he was recovering from the Love Flower's poison and the loss of his right arm. Later, when Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü left Xiangyang, they left the sword with the couple Guo Jing and Huang Rong. The sword was melted and special steel material was added and it was reforged to become two weapons; the Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber.In the 3rd revised edition of the novel, the Heaven Sword was reforged from Yang Guo's Gentleman Sword and Xiaolongnü's Lady Sword while the Dragon Saber's origin remained unchanged.

Hidden within the blade of the Dragon Saber is a book of military strategies and manoeuvres entitled Wu Mu Yi Shu or the Book of Wumu, written by Yue Fei. Similarly, hidden within the blade of the Heaven Sword are two scrolls detailing the powerful martial arts Nine Yin Manual and Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms.The Dragon Saber was given to Guo Jing and Huang Rong's son Guo Polu while the Heaven Sword was bestowed upon their younger daughter Guo Xiang.The content of the hidden book and scrolls, in addition to the fact that the weapons can only be damaged and broken when used against each other (thereby revealing the hidden items within), was the source of the claim that whoever possesses the Dragon Saber will rule the world and yet only the one who possesses the Heaven Sword can stand against the wielder of the Saber.The secret of the weapons was passed down via (and only through) the leaders of the Emei Sect. Mie Jue is succeeded by Zhou Zhiruo as leader of the Emei Sect and the secret is passed on to her. In the novel, she gains possession of both weapons through her cunning and deception and she breaks them, thereby obtaining the secret items hidden within them.


     Ming Cult 
The Ming Cult is a fictional cult and martial arts sect featured in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. It is also briefly mentioned in The Legend of the Condor Heroes. The Ming Cult is also known as the "Cult of Mani" to martial artists in the jianghu but its more common name is "Mo Jiao", which literally means "Demonic Cult" It is loosely based on Manichaeism, an actual gnostic religion which originated in Persia and spread to other parts of the world, including China. The cult is based on Bright Peak in the Kunlun Mountains and has several other bases spread throughout the land. Its most powerful skills are the 'Heaven and Earth Great Shift' and the 'Martial Arts of the Holy Flame Tablets'.

Yang Dingtian

Zhang Wuji's predecessor as leader of the Ming Cult. He was practising the "Heaven and Earth Great Shift" when he discovered his wife's illicit affair with Cheng Kun. He is infuriated and the energy flow in his body is disrupted. He is severely injured and dies.

The Bright Left and Right Messengers

Ming Cult's deputy leaders. The Left is considered senior to the Right.

Yang Xiao

The Bright Left Messenger, the highest ranking member after the cult leader. He served as the cult's acting leader during its period of internal conflict, and later as an adviser to Zhang Wuji after the latter became the cult's leader. Zhang Wuji names him the new leader of the Ming Cult before leaving with Zhao Min. He is Ji Xiaofu's lover and Yang Buhui's father.
  • Handsome Lech
  • The Atoner: Genuinely regret his crime and dedicate the rest of his life to raising Yang Buhui, his daughter.
  • Values Dissonance: He raped Ji Xiaofu, leading to the latter's self-imposed exile and eventual death. Yet he's still portrayed as fairly sympathetic in the novel.

Fan Yao

The Bright Right Messenger. He disfigured himself and disguised himself as a mute monk called Kutoutuo so that he could infiltrate Chaghan Temür's army and work as a spy for the Ming Cult.

Four Guardian Kings

Assist the leader in overseeing the cult's activities and act as front-line fighters. Naturally, each of them is a powerful martial artist. They are ranked in order of seniority: the dragon is the first, the eagle second, the lion third and the bat is the last. In martial art prowess, Xie Xun and Yin Tianzheng are on the same level and are superior to Daiqisi and Wei Yixiao.

Tropes associated with Four Guardian Kings


Nicknamed "Purple Dress Dragon King", is a half-Persian and half-Chinese who is described to have a beautiful appearance. Ranked first of the four kings, not because she's stronger than the other three but they willingly give her the top position since she's so beautiful. She is one of the three "Sacred Maidens" of the Persian Ming Cult and was sent to China to search for the lost manual of the skill 'Heaven and Earth Great Shift'. She broke her vow of celibacy when she married Han Qianye, settled on Divine Snake Island with him, and bore him a daughter, Xiaozhao. She disguises herself as an old hag and calls herself "Golden Flower Granny" to avoid being identified by the Persian Ming Cult.

Yin Tianzheng

Nicknamed "White Brows Eagle King", is Yin Yewang and Yin Susu's father, and Zhang Wuji's maternal grandfather. Ranked second of the four kings. He left the Ming Cult during its internal conflict and founded the Heavenly Eagle Cult. He dies from exhaustion while trying to save Xie Xun by fighting against the three Shaolin elders.
  • Animal Motifs: The eagle, duh. He even looks like one, with crooked nose resembling an eagle's beak.

Xie Xun

Nicknamed "Golden Haired Lion King". Ranked third of the four kings. His family was murdered by his former mentor Cheng Kun, who disappeared after committing the atrocity. Guided by fury, he went on a rampage to kill many people and push the blame to Cheng Kun, in the hope of forcing him out of hiding, but to no avail. Yin Susu throws her darts at him in self-defence when he is about to attack her during a fit of insanity, and he is blinded as a consequence. He becomes the godfather of Zhang Wuji, whom he names in memory of his own deceased son, Xie Wuji. The families and associates of Xie Xun's victims forgive him after his final confrontation with Cheng Kun. He becomes a monk eventually to seek peace and redemption for his past misdeeds.
  • Animal Motifs: The lion.
  • Always Someone Better: Cheng Kun is superior to him in both martial arts and craftiness.
  • Ax-Crazy: As a result of practicing the Seven Harm Fist.
  • Badass in Distress: Held captive by Shaolin Temple at the end of the novel.
  • Broken Ace
  • Cultured Badass: Well-versed in literature and the history of jianghu.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: The Seven Harm Fist. It causes damage to seven major organs in the body and will lead to repeated bouts of madness.
  • Handicapped Badass: Being blind doesn't make him any less dangerous.
  • Lightning Bruiser
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: His Lion's Roar technique. He uses his voice to project his inner energy and cause internal injuries to everyone nearby who hears his roar
  • Redemption Earns Life: After he admits his crime, the wulin community forgives him and let him become a monk in Shaolin Temple.
  • Revenge Before Reason: He killed a lot people and wrote Cheng Kun's name on the crime scence to force him out of hiding. Of course, Cheng Kun won't show up, and people shift the blame to him and the Ming Cult, leading to even more bloodshed.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge
  • Start of Darkness: the massacre of his entire family at the hand of his mentor Cheng Kun.
  • Took a Level in Cynic: Become terribly cold and disillusioned after his family's demise. Can't really blame him though.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He wasn't so bad before his family's massacre, even tried to persuade Cheng Kun to join the Yuan resistance movement. After that, he's willing to kill scores of innocent people to lure Cheng Kun out.
  • The Unfettered: He will get revenge on Cheng Kun, the rest of the world can deal with it.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Cheng Kun deliberately killed Xie Xun's family and went into hiding, knowing that Xie Xun will resort to extreme measure to get his revenge. Xie Xun's eventual rampage further the distrust between the wulin and Ming Cult, all according to Cheng Kun's plan.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Use this to kill Kongjian. Knowing that he can't defeat the monk, he pretends to commit suicide and when Kongjian drops his guard attack him with Seven Harm Fist, mortally wounding Kongjiang. Xie Xun deeply regrets this act and stop his killing.

Wei Yixiao

Nicknamed "Blue Winged Bat King". Ranked fourth of the four kings. His prowess in qinggong is unmatched in the jianghu. He once accidentally infected himself with an icy venom while practising the skill 'Icy Palm'. Since then, he has to suck the warm blood of living creatures (including humans) to keep the freezing poison in his body under control. Zhang Wuji cures him later by using the 'Nine Yang Divine Skill' to purge the venom from his body.
  • Animal Motifs: The bat, including the blood-sucking part. He even wears a kick-ass cape resembling a giant bat.
  • Flash Step
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: He use his qinggong to circle around a group of enemies, making sounds and taunting them to make them uneasy and tired. Then he will jump in to snatch one or two victims, sucking them dry before making his escape.
  • Signature Laugh: While people laugh into a series of "hahaha" or similar sounds, his laugh is only a long "haaaaaaaaaaaaaa". It reflects in his name (Yixiao literally means "One Laugh").
  • Superpowered Evil Side: He botched an attempt to improve his Icy Palm technique, forcing him to drink blood to keep the freezing poison in his body under control
  • Troll

Five Wanderers

A group of martial artists who split from the Ming Cult and vow never to return to Bright Peak. In fact, they're still loyal to Ming Cult and return when Bright Peak is under sieged from Six Major Orthodox sects.

Tropes associated with the Five Wanderers

Leng Qian

Nicknamed "Cold Faced Gentleman". Known for his taciturn, he rarely speaks but when he does he only speaks a few words contain the most necessary information.


Nicknamed "Monk with the Sack", since he carries a large number of sacks to capture people with.
  • Irony: His name literally means "Can't speak" but he's a rather talkative fellow.

Zhang Zhong

Nicknamed "Iron Crowned Taoist". Not much is known about him.

Peng Yingyu

Nicknamed "Peng the Monk". Meet Zhang Wuji and Ji Xiaofu at Butterfly Valley.
  • Defiant to the End: Refuse to say his friend's hideout despite being surrounded and tortured by Emei sect fighters.

Zhou Dian

Nicknamed "Lunatic". The most foul-mouthed of the five.

Five Element Armies

The main armed force of the Ming Cult. They're based on Five Classical Chinese Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Tropes associated with the Five Element Armies

  • Badass Army: Strong enough to defeat 20,000-strong Mongolian cavalry force at Shaolin Temple.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: Engage in civil war with Heavenly Eagle Cult while being assaulted by six orthodox sects.

Zhuang Zheng

The chief of the Gold Banner Faction. He is slain by Miejue.

Wu Jingcao

The former deputy chief of the Gold Banner Faction. Zhang Wuji promotes him to chief after Zhuang Zheng's death and tasks him with repairing the damaged Dragon Saber.
  • The Blacksmith: Skilled enough to repair the Dragon Saber. He refuses to repair the Heavenly Sword, citing that the sword has bathed in so much blood of Ming Cult's members and he can't bear to repair it.

Yan Yuan

The chief of the Earth Banner Faction.

Tang Yang

The chief of the Water Banner Faction.

Wen Cangsong

The chief of the Wood Banner Faction.

Xin Ran

The chief of the Fire Banner Faction.

Hu Qingniu

A physician residing in Butterfly Valley. He is nicknamed "Jiansi Bujiu" (lit. "watch one die and not save him/her") for his odd practice of treating the cult's members free of charge but not others regardless of whatever they are willing to pay. He helps a young Zhang Wuji slow down the effects of his injury caused by the Xuanming Elders, thereby preserving Zhang's life and buying him time to find a way to heal himself. He also indirectly imparts his medical knowledge to Zhang Wuji. He is killed by Golden Flower Granny in revenge because he refused to save her husband's life many years ago.

Wang Nangu

Hu Qingniu's wife. In contrast with her husband, she uses her mastery of toxicology to kill people. The couple become rivals in a contest, in which Wang will poison someone while Hu will try to save the person's life. She imparts her knowledge to Zhang Wuji. She is killed along with her husband by Golden Flower Granny.

Yang Buhui

Yang Xiao and Ji Xiaofu's daughter. Her name literally means "no regrets" to reflect her mother's love for Yang Xiao. Zhang Wuji helps her escape from Miejue after her mother's death and leads her on a perilous journey to bring her safely to her father. She regards Zhang Wuji as an elder brother for his care and concern towards her. The trauma of witnessing her mother's death makes her become suspicious of anyone who could be a potential enemy and this intensifies her hatred towards Miejue. This is evident in her treatment towards Xiaozhao, when she and her father suspect Xiaozhao of being a spy from the Emei Sect. It also made her extremely protective towards her father and Zhang Wuji, whom she sees as what is left of her family. She falls in love with Yin Liting, her mother's original fiancé, and marries him despite the large age gap between them. They are expecting a child near the end of the novel.

Zhu Yuanzhang

An ambitious minor leader of the cult who eventually unites the rebel forces under his control and leads them to overthrow the Yuan dynasty. He betrays the cult later and becomes the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty.

Chang Yuchun

A cult member who travels with Zhang Wuji to Butterfly Valley to seek treatment from Hu Qingniu.

Xu Da

A minor leader of the cult. Zhang Wuji presents him with Yue Fei's military text Book of Wumu. Xu Da studies the book and uses his knowledge to lead the rebels to victory in the battles against the Yuan forces.

     Yuan Empire 

Chaghan Temür

The Ru Yang Prince. He is appointed to eradicate the anti-Yuan rebels led by the Ming Cult. He is the father of Zhao Min and Wang Baobao.

Köke Temür

The son of Chaghan Temür and elder brother of Zhao Min. He is better known by his Chinese name Wang Baobao.

The Xuanming Elders

Zhao Min's chief enforcers and her strongest fighters. The apprentices of the late Taoist Baisun, they practice a powerful skill called "Xuanming Divine Palm" and once used it on Zhang Wuji in his childhood. They serve Chaghan Temür as mercenaries. Later, after seeing how powerful Zhou Zhiruo has become from practising the skills in the Nine Yin Manual, they attempt to seize the book from her, but are unwilling to share it with each other so they start fighting over the manual. Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min show up to help Zhou Zhiruo and defeat the Xuanming Elders. The two elders are:
  • Lu Zhangke: a lecherous fiend who has raped many young women. He lusts for Lady Han and Zhou Zhiruo.
  • He Biweng: has a penchant for fine wine.

Tropes associated with the Xuanming Elders

Vajra Sect

A mysterious martial art sect in Western Region founded by Huogong Toutuo, a traitor of Shaolin Temple many years ago. Huogong Toutuo was a servant in Shaolin Temple. He was abused and beaten by a monk so he vowed to learn martial art to get revenge. Since he was not a disciple, he had to learn by watching other disciples training. After 20 years, his skills improved dramatically and he decided to get his revenge in an annual martial art contest, killing several monks and injured many others. Later, he escaped to Western Region and founded Vajra Sect. Vajra Sect's skills are essentially Shaolin skills without any restrain or Buddhist pacifism. Its main weakness is that Huogong Toutuo learned martial arts by imitating others, he couldn't understand how inner energy works(which require reading manual and careful guidance from the mentor) and had to improvise. As a result, Vajra Sect's inner energy skill is inferior to Shaolin's. Several Vajra Sect's members serve as mercenaries for Chaghan, they are: Fang Dongbai (A'da), A'er, A'san and Gangxiang.

Tropes associated with Vajra Sect

  • Evil Counterpart: To Shaolin Temple.
  • Informed Flaw: Said to be weaker than Shaolin's martial arts, yet its members manage to defeat many high-ranked Shaolin monks, including one of the four Holy Monks.

Fang Dongbai

Also called A'da, is nicknamed "Eight Arms Divine Swordsman" because his skill in swordplay appears to be unmatched. He was originally a high-ranking member of the Beggars' Sect, but later faked his death and joined Vajra Sect in serving Chaghan as mercenaries. Defeated by Zhang Wuji.
  • Blade Spam: His attacks are so fast it looks like he has eight arms attacking simultaneously, hence his nickname.
  • Master Swordsman


A powerful martial martist whose main strength is exceptionally strong inner energy. Paralyzed Yin Liting by breaking his bones. Defeated by Zhang Wuji.


A powerful martial martist who appears rather early in the novel, when Yu Daiyan first discovered the Dragon Sabre. He was responsible for paralyzing Yu Daiyan when he refused to tell the Dragon Sabre's whereabouts. Zhang Wuji breaks his bones to avenge Yu Daiyan.


A'san's junior. He disguises as a Shaolin monk named Kongxiang and injures Zhang Sanfeng as a part of Zhao Min's plan to destroy Wudang Sect. Killed by Zhang Sanfeng.

The Divine Arrow Eight Heroes

A group of eight martial artists recruited by Chaghan Temür as mercenaries. They are all expert archers.
  • Theme Naming: Their names are based on Chinese words related to negative things like "injury", "defeat", "destruction", "damage", "loss", "degeneration" etc.

     Heavenly Eagle Cult 
A splinter faction of Ming Cult, founded by Yin Tianzheng after he left Ming Cult. Following Yin Tianzheng's return to Ming Cult, the whole faction rejoins Ming Cult.

Yin Susu

Yin Tianzheng's daughter and Zhang Wuji's mother. She meets Zhang Cuishan by coincidence and both of them are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled. She gives birth to Zhang Wuji. She follows suit after her husband commits suicide.

Tropes associated with Yin Susu

  • Babies Make Everything Better: Become noticeably nicer after giving birth to Zhang Wuji.
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Massacre the entire Dragon Gate security service for failing to bring Yu Daiyan to Wudang Sect safely.
  • Driven to Suicide: After Zhang Cuishan's death.
  • For the Evulz: Disguised as Zhang Cuishan when she massacred Dragon Gate security service. Why? Because it was fun.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Visibly shaken when she first heard about Cheng Kun's crime.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: Try to help Wudang sect in the impending fight with Shaolin, but Yu Daiyan discovered she was responsible for his demise and rebuff her.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After falling in love with Zhang Cuishan
  • Final Speech: Before she commits suicide, she tell Zhang Wuji to remember everyone in the hall and kill them when he grows up since they're responsible for his parents death. Then she tell him to be wary of beautiful women because they like to deceive man. He listens to neither of those. Dumb kid.
  • Noble Demon: She respected Yu Daiyan for his chivalry and tried to bring him home safely.
  • Thanatos Gambit: Pretend to tell the location of Xie Xun and the Dragon Sabre to the Abbott of Shaolin then commit suicide, knowing that people will flock to Shaolin Temple to demand answers, causing them a lot of trouble as a last "F*ck you" to the jianghu.

Yin Yewang

Yin Tianzheng's son and Yin Susu's elder brother. He is Yin Li's father and Zhang Wuji's maternal uncle.

Tropes associated with Yin Yewang

Yin Li

Yin Yewang's daughter. She practices the 'Thousand Spiders Venom Hand', a deadly skill she inherits from her mother and which causes her to become disfigured. She is thus known as Zhu'er ("Spider Girl"), a nickname given to her by her mother. Her mother practiced the 'Thousand Spiders Venom Hand', became infertile and disfigured, and fell out of her husband's favour. Yin Yewang took a concubine who bore him two sons. Yin Li killed her stepmother because she often bullied her mother and fled from home after that. Her mother commits suicide to allow her to escape from her father and half-brothers after she killed her stepmother. Her relationship with her father becomes estranged as a consequence. She encounters Golden Flower Granny, who protects her and accepts her as an apprentice. She develops feelings for Zhang Wuji when she first met him in her childhood but does not recognise him when she meets him again later. She is apparently murdered by Zhou Zhiruo but is revealed at the end of the novel to have survived.

Tropes associated with Yin Li

  • Brother–Sister Incest: She is Zhang Wuji's first cousin from his mother side. Technically, she's Zhang Wuji's first wife (he takes her as his spouse after her apparent death).
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Thousand Spiders Venom Hand, which cause swelling and disfigurement.
  • Enfant Terrible: Killed her stepmother when she was a child.
  • Facial Horror: Her disfigured face was slashed multiple time by Zhou Zhirou.
  • Little Miss Badass
  • Love Confession: Declare her love for Zhang Wuji when she is unconscious, in the presence of Zhang Wuji and his harem (Zhao Min, Zhou Zhirou and Xiaozhao). They're not amused.
  • Loving a Shadow: Turn out she doesn't really love Zhang Wuji. She loves Zhang Wuji, not the current one but the one in the past, they boy who bited her hand and was always rude to her. She believed Zhang Wuji fell off a cliff and died years ago and clinged to that belief forever.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: with Zhang Wuji.
  • Not Quite Dead: Survived after being slashed by Zhou Zhirou.

Yin Tianzheng's servant

Three former bandits who pledge their loyalty to Yin Tianzheng after he saved their lives. They're Yin Wufu, Yin Wulu and Yin Wushou.

Leaders of the halls and altars

Heavenly Eagle Cult has several halls and altars, based various divine creatures. Their leaders act as Yin Tianzheng's aides. The leaders are:
  • Li Tianyuan is the leader of the Heaven Hall and Yin Tianzheng's junior.
  • Chang Jinpeng is the leader of the Vermilion Bird Altar. He is slain by Xie Xun.
  • Bai Guishou is the leader of the Black Tortoise Altar. He is slain by Ding Minjun.
  • Cheng Chaofeng is the leader of the Azure Dragon Altar.
  • Gao Shanwang is the leader of the White Tiger Altar.
  • Feng Gongying is the leader of the Divine Snake Altar.

     Persian Ming Cult 
The main governing body of Ming Cult around the world. They come to China in search for the missing sacred maiden Daiquisi and retrieving the long-lost skill, the Heaven and Earth Great Shift.


Han Qianye and Daiqisi's daughter. Her mother sends her as a spy to infiltrate the Ming Cult and find the location of its secret tunnel. Xiaozhao becomes a servant in Yang Xiao's household. The Yangs suspect her of being a spy so they bind her in chains to restrict her movements. Xiaozhao runs into Zhang Wuji and narrowly escapes death with him in the secret tunnel. Xiaozhao falls in love with Zhang Wuji but can never be with him because she has to take her mother's place as a "Sacred Maiden" to save her mother's life. She eventually becomes the new leader of the Persian Ming Cult and returns to its headquarters in Persia.

Three Messengers

The Wind, Cloud and Moon Three Messengers are in charge of safekeeping the Ming Cult's sacred artefacts – the Holy Flame Tablets. There are the most powerful martial artists in the Persian Ming Cult. The three are:
  • Improbable Weapon User: They use the Holy Flame Tablets as weapon.
  • Weak, but Skilled: They're no match for Zhang Wuji individually but their martial arts are so bizarre Zhang Wuji can't even touch them.

Twelve Guardian Kings

Hing-ranking members of Persian Ming Cult. Four of them are named: Equality Guardian King, Unity Guardian King, Transparent Guardian King and Victorious Guardian King.

     Wudang Sect 

Zhang Sanfeng

The founder of Wudang Sect. He was previously from the Shaolin Sect and was known as Zhang Junbao in his younger days. After fleeing from Shaolin, he spent several decades wandering the jianghu before settling in Mount Wudang and founded Wudang Sect. His martial art is based on the philosophy of "softness beats hardness" and his version of the Nine Yang Skill. He is highly respected in the wulin not only for his prowess in martial arts, but also for his morally upright character. Word of God stated that he is the most powerful martial artist in Jin Yong's universe.

Tropes associated with Zhang Sanfeng

The Seven Heroes of Wudang

The first seven apprentices of Zhang Sanfeng. They are responsible for spreading Wudang's name through their prowess in martial arts, exemplary conduct, and deeds of gallantry.

Tropes associated with The Seven Heroes of Wudang

Song Yuanqiao

The most senior of the seven. Originally a reputable swordsman and the most likely candidate to succeed his master, he is disgraced by his son's misconduct and loses the opportunity to be Wudang's new leader.

Yu Lianzhou

The second eldest of the seven. The most powerful in martial arts among the seven. He is named by Zhang Sanfeng as his successor.

Yu Daiyan

The third eldest of the seven. He was ambushed and injured by Yin Susu for the Dragon Sabre and later was tortured and paralyzed by A'san. 20 years later, Zhang Wuji manages to heal his wound but his martial art skill cannot be recovered fully.

Zhang Songxi

The fourth of the seven and the most intelligent among the seven. He occasionally provides advice to his fellows.

Zhang Cuishan

The fifth of the seven. He has the best understanding of martial art according to Zhang Sanfeng. part from being an accomplished swordsman, he is also well versed in scholarly arts and calligraphy. His distinctive weapons earn him the nickname "Silver Hook Iron Brush". He is Zhang Wuji's father and Xie Xun's sworn brother. He meets Yin Susu by chance and they are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled there for ten years. He commits suicide after being cornered by martial artists when he refuses to reveal Xie Xun's whereabouts.
  • Blood Brothers: with Xie Xun
  • Cultured Badass
  • Driven to Suicide
  • Honor Before Reason: Let's face it: his wife and sworn brothers are both hardened killers and need to be brought to justice. Circumstance is irrelevant.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: with Yin Susu.Zhang Cuishan is the star student of one of the most respected sect in wulin, Yin Susu is the daughter of a cult leaders with bad reputation and a known killer herself.
  • Weak, but Skilled: His physical strength is mediocre, but his skills and understanding of martial arts more than make up for it.

Yin Liting

The sixth of the seven and the most emotional. was Ji Xiaofu's original fiancé. Their engagement ended when she realised that she loved Yang Xiao and was already pregnant with Yang's child. Many years later, after Yin Liting is injured in the same way as Yu Daiyan, Yang Buhui nurses him back to health and falls in love with him when he is recovering. Yin marries Yang Buhui eventually despite the large age gap between them. They are expecting a child towards the end of the novel.

Mo Shenggu

The youngest of the seven and the most hot-tempered one. He tries to discipline Song Qingshu after discovering his voyeuristic attempts on Zhou Zhiruo and the Emei Sect's members, but is accidentally killed by him.

Song Qingshu

Song Yuanqiao's son. His strong crush on Zhou Zhiruo makes him become extremely jealous when he sees Zhang Wuji and Zhou developing a romantic relationship. That ultimately becomes his weakness because it allows him to be manipulated easily by Chen Youliang and Cheng Kun into doing anything to win Zhou Zhiruo's heart and prove that he is better than Zhang Wuji. After killing Mo Shenggu by accident, he betrays the Wudang Sect and reluctantly joins the Beggars' Sect and helps Chen Youliang. Later, after Zhang Wuji reneges on his promise to marry her, Zhou Zhiruo pretends to marry Song Qingshu and teaches him the 'Nine Yin White Bone Claw' while actually plotting to use him to take her revenge on Zhang. Song is seriously injured at the Lion Slaying Ceremony during a fight against Yu Lianzhou and dies from his wounds on Mount Wudang

     Emei Sect 

Guo Xiang

See The Return of the Condor Heroes

Abbess Miejue

The leader of Emei. Her name literally means "destroy and eliminate". She aims to purge the world of evil and make Emei the leading sect in the wulin. Her dogmatic and extreme views lead her to commit various ethically and morally vicious deeds, including the indiscriminate slaughter of everyone associated with the Ming Cult and unorthodox martial arts sects. After the campaign against Ming Cult, she and other orthodox sect leaders are captured by Yuan's force and held captive. At Wan'an Monastery, she names Zhou Zhiruo her successor and plunges to her death from the tower after refusing Zhang Wuji's help.

Tropes associated with Abbess Miejue

  • Action Girl
  • Black-and-White Morality: There are only two sides in her eyes: the good side is the orthodox martial art community and the evil side is the Ming Cult. There is no middle ground for her and anyone associated with the evil side need to be destroyed regardless of actual crime or the degree of involvement.
  • Cool Sword: The Heaven Sword.
  • Lady of War
  • She Who Fight Monster: Doesn't realize that she has become much worse than the Ming cultists.
  • Holier Than Thou
  • Honey Trap: Tell her students Ji Xiaofu and Zhou Zhirou to do this to Yang Xiao and Zhang Wuji, respectively. The reward for succeeding is becoming the next leader of Emei Sect. Ji Xiaofu refuses while Zhou Zhirou accepts the deal.
  • It's Personal: The real reason why she's so fiercely determined to destroy Ming Cult. Her brother was murdered by Xie Xun, her senior Guhongzi was injured by Yang Xiao and eventually died, her beloved student Ji Xiaofu was seduced by Yang Xiao and refuse to obey her orders. The whole "destroying evil" thing is just a facade to hide her hatred.
  • Knight Templar
  • Lawful Stupid: Refuse Zhang Wuji's help because he is "evil" in her mind
  • Master Swordsman: Her swordmanship is second only to Zhang Sanfeng.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Kill Ji Xiaofu when she refuses to kill Yang Xiao.
  • Mrs. Exposition: Tell the origin and secret of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre to Zhou Zhirou.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Her name Miejue literally means "to destroy and eliminate".
  • Never Mess with Granny
  • One-Woman Army: Mow down waves after waves of Ming cultists.
  • The Scrappy: One of the most hated characters of Jin Yong's universe and rightly so.
  • The Unfettered: Her devotion to destroying evil is truly unsettling.


Miejue's senior. He challenged Yang Xiao to a martial arts contest and borrowed Miejue's Heaven-Reliant Sword in the hope that it would give him an advantage. However, he lost to Yang Xiao and the sword was seized from him by Yang before he could even unsheathe it. Yang Xiao made some unkind remarks, threw the sword to the ground and walked away. Guhongzi felt disgraced and insulted and eventually died in frustration. His death caused Miejue to bear a grudge against Yang Xiao and the Ming Cult.

Ji Xiaofu

Miejue's student who is seen as a potential successor to her teacher. She is originally Yin Liting's fiancée but falls in love with Yang Xiao instead and bears him a daughter. She secretly leaves Emei to raise her child, whom she names "Buhui" (lit. "no regrets") to reflect her love for Yang Xiao. Miejue eventually tracks her down and forces her to kill Yang Xiao, but she refuses and is killed by her teacher in anger.

Tropes associated with Ji Xiaofu

  • Meaningful Name: Named her daughter "Buhui" which means "no regret".
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Kidnapped and held captive by Yang Xiao for several months. She eventually falls in love with him.

Ding Minjun

one of Miejue's most senior students. She is jealous of their teacher's favouritism towards Ji Xiaofu and later towards Zhou Zhiruo. Peng Yingyu once remarked that she is "ugly in appearance and evil-hearted" after she blinded his right eye. She once self-appointed herself as Emei's acting leader when Zhou Zhiruo went missing, but her peers were reluctant to follow her because of her selfishness.

Tropes associated with Ding Minjun

     Shaolin Temple 


Zhang Sanfeng's mentor. A simple-minded man, he dedicates his life to maintaining the library of Shaolin. He learns the Nine Yang skill by accident and become a formiddable martial artist. After Zhang Sanfeng was accused of learning Shaolin's skills discreetly, he escaped with Zhang Sanfeng and Guo Xiang, dying of exhaustion shortly afterwards. Before his death, he recited the Nine Yang Manual to Zhang Sanfeng, Guo Xiang and Wuse, a Shaolin monk. Guo Xiang and Zhang Sanfeng would become the founders of Emei Sect and Wudang Sect, respectively.

Tropes associated with Jueyuan

  • Achievements in Ignorance: He learns the Nine Yang skill by accident. The manual was written between the lines of an old Buddhist text and he learns it just like any scripture.
  • The Mentor: to Zhang Sanfeng.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He actually doesn't know any martial art, but his inner energy is so strong he could fight on par with He Zudao.

Cheng Kun

Nicknamed "Hunyuan Thunderbolt Hand", is the primary antagonist in the novel and a formidable martial artist. He seeks to destroy the Ming Cult after his junior, whom he had a crush on, married Yang Dingtian and committed suicide to join her husband. He disguised himself as a Shaolin monk called Yuanzhen and successfully stirred up conflict between the Ming Cult and the six major orthodox sects through a series of machinations. He pretended to accept Xie Xun as his apprentice and then killed Xie's family in cold blood before disappearing. Although he dislikes the Mongols, he still reluctantly becomes an adviser to Chaghan Temür and helps him devise plans to eliminate the Ming Cult. As the story progresses, he becomes corrupted by his lust for power and plots with Chen Youliang to dominate the wulin, but their plan is foiled by Zhang Wuji and others. He is eventually defeated and blinded by Xie Xun.

Tropes associated with Cheng Kun

  • Combat Pragmatist
  • Didn't See That Coming: Totally doesn't see Zhang Wuji and the Yellow Dress Maiden coming. Can't really blame him on this one.
  • Deceptive Disciple: to Kongjian.
  • Evil Mentor: to Xie Xun
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Evil Plan: Cheng Kun implements two that takes several decades to complete.
    • He killed Xie Xun's family, sent him into a murderous rampage and stirred up conflick between Ming Cult and the orthodox sects. Then he spent several years secretly helping Xie Xun while causing even more conflict. Eventually, the orthodox sects team up and lay siege to Bright Peak, Cheng Kun uses the secret tunnet to get to Ming Cult headquarter and plans to asassinate the top leaders of Ming Cult and bury explosives under Bright Peak to kill the remaining members. If Zhang Wuji wasn't there to stop him, Ming Cult would have been annihilated.
    • After his plan to destroy Ming Cult fails, he aims to become the Abbott of Shaolin and leading the wulin into a new crusade against Ming Cult. Cheng Kun became Kongjian's apprentice and took the name Yuanzhen many years ago. After returning from Bright Peak, he and his lackey Chen Youliang capture Xie Xun and bring him to Shaolin, instructing the Three Shaolin Elders to guard Xie Xun. Then he captures the Abbot of Shaolin Kongwen and uses him as hostage to force Kongzhi, Kongwen's junior to obey him. Using Xie Xun and the Dragon Saber as bait, Cheng Kun organizes a martial art contest between the orthodox sects and Ming Cult and offered to give Xie Xun and the Dragon Sabre to the eventual winner. He plans to have the Ming Cult fight against the orthodox sects, greatly weaken both sides. Whoever the winner is will have to fight the Three Shaolin Elders and get killed. Then Cheng Kun will kill Kongwen, frame Kongzhi for the deed and with the aid of his collaborateurs become the new Abbott of Shaolin. As the new leader of wulin, he will renew fighting with Ming Cult and hope to destroy Ming Cult for good. Too bad Zhao Min figures out his plan.
  • Eye Scream: Xie Xun gouges out his eyes in their final confrontation.
  • Hidden Villain: He is responsible for the whole conflict between Ming Cult and the orthodox sects.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Blinded and defeated by Xie Xun, his apprentice whose life he utterly ruins.
  • Love Makes You Evil: He decides to get revenge on Ming Cult because Yang Dingtian married his lover.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He massacres Xie Xun's entire family but let Xie Xun live, knowing that Xie Xun will resort to extrem measure to get revenge. Xie Xun's eventual rampage further the conflict between Ming Cult and the wulin.
  • Master of Disguise: He was with Xie Xun the whole time he went on killing people under various disguises.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Kill Xie Xun's entire family.
  • Old Master: He's in his 70s at the end of the novel.
  • The Chessmaster

Four Holy Monks of Shaolin

Four high-ranking Shaolin monks that act as the sect's representatives. They are: Kongjian, Kongwen, Kongzhi and Kongxing.

Tropes associated with Four Holy Monks of Shaolin


Cheng Kun's mentor and the most powerful of the four Holy Monks. Killed by Xie Xun. He masters "Indestructible Vajra Body Skill" which make him impervious to attack. His skill is far superior to Xie Xun and likely close to Zhang Sanfeng's level.


The Abbott of Shaolin. Held captive by Cheng Kun at the end of the novel but is rescued by Ming Cult's force.


Kongwen's hot-tempered junior.


The last of the four Holy Monks. He masters the Dragon Claw technique. Killed by Zhao Min's servent A'san.

Three Shaolin Elders

The most senior members of Shaolin sect. More than 30 years ago, they fought with Yang Dingtian after being instigated by Cheng Kun and were injured by him. Since then, they have retreated into a state of "withering meditation". They become more aware of Cheng Kun's wicked intentions after listening to Zhang Wuji's explanations. Their skills are slightly superior to the Xuanming Elders. The Three Elders are: Du'e, Dujie and Dunan.

Tropes associated with Three Shaolin Elders.

  • Old Master: They're around their 90s.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Signature Move: Their combined attack "Vajra Evil Subduing Ring". It's powerful enough to kill strong fighters like He Taichong and Ban Shuxian with ease. It takes the combined might of Yang Xiao, Yin Tianzheng and Zhang Wuji to breach its defense.
  • The Hermit
  • Training from Hell: They spent 30 years in extreme meditation to learn Vajra Evil Subduing Ring.

     Kunlun Sect 

He Zudao

A prominent member of Kunlun Sect and a formidable martial artist. His nickname is "Kunlun Three Sage" which reflects his mastery of the zither, the sword and Chinese chess (Go). Yinkexi, one of the two men who stole the Nine Yang Manual from Shaolin, told him the whereabouts of the manual before dying. He Zudao misheard the message and passed on the wrong information to Jueyuan. He disappeared after losing to Jueyuan.

Tropes associated with He Zudao

He Taichong

The ungrateful and immoral leader of Kunlun Sect. His nickname is "Mr. Iron Zither". He and his wife try to kill Zhang Wuji and Yang Buhui after Zhang saved his concubine from death, but Yang Xiao saves Zhang and Yang. Later in the novel, he attempts to kill Xie Xun, who is held captive in Shaolin, so that he can take the Dragon Saber, but is slain by the three Shaolin elders. He and several other notable leaders of the wulin represent the hypocrisy of the so-called "good side", who resort to unscrupulous and ruthless means to achieve their goals.

Tropes associated with He Taichong

Ban Shuxian

He Taichong's domineering wife. She and He Taichong attempts to kill Xie Xun and steal the Dragon Sabre, but is slain by the three Shaolin Elders.

     Mount Huo Sect 

Xianyu Tong

The promiscuous and immoral leader of Mount Huo sect. Hu Qingniu once saved his life when he was infected with Golden Worm Poison by Lady Miao, whom he previously had a relationship with. Hu Qingniu's sister, Hu Qingyang, fell in love with him while he was recovering and married him. However, he forced Hu Qingyang to die so that he can marry the daughter of his predecessor, even though she was already pregnant with his child. Xianyu Tong's wicked deed was discovered by his senior, Bai Yuan, whom he killed before the secret was revealed. He then framed the Ming Cult for the murder. During the battle at Bright Peak, Xianyu Tong attempts to kill Zhang Wuji, who is aware of his dirty secrets, but is infected with the Golden Worm Poison again. Zhang Wuji defeats him and exposes his past atrocities. Xianyu Tong dies at the hands of He Taichong incidentally during the fight.

Tropes associated with Xianyu Tong

Two Elders of Mount Huo

Xianyu Tong's seniors. They team up with He Taichong and Ban Shuxian to fight Zhang Wuji but are defeated by him.

Tropes associated with Two Elders of Mount Huo

     Kongtong Sect 

Five Elders of Kongtong

Five senior members of Kongtong Sect that form their leadership. They bore a grudge against Xie Xun after he stole the 'Seven Harms Fist' manual from them. They are defeated by Zhang Wuji at Bright Peak. The fifth elder's name is not mentioned in the novel. The other four are:
  • Guan Neng
  • Zong Weixia
  • Tang Wenliang
  • Chang Jingzhi

Tropes associated with Five Elders of Kongtong


     Beggars' Sect 

Chen Youliang

Cheng Kun's Number Two. He serves the Beggars' Sect as a spy for his master and manipulates Song Qingshu into betraying the Wudang Sect. He defects to the Ming Cult after Cheng Kun's defeat but betrays the cult later and becomes a territorial warlord after the fall of the Yuan Empire.

Tropes associated with Chen Youliang

Shi Huolong

The leader of Beggars' Sect. He is hardly known to the wulin because he rarely made public appearances. He was murdered by Cheng Kun and Chen Youliang, who replaced him with an impostor under their control.

Shi Hongshi

Shi Huolong's daughter. She succeeds him as leader of Beggars' Sect.

     Zhu and Wu families 
The descendants of Yideng's servants Wu Santong and Zhu Ziliu. See The Legend of the Condor Heroes for more information.

Zhu Changling

Nicknamed "Heavenly Shaking Brush", is a descendant of Zhu Ziliu. He is skilled in using the "Yiyang Finger". He collaborates with Wu Lie to trick Zhang Wuji into revealing the location of Xie Xun. Fell to his death.
  • Karmic Death: Fall to his death when trying to kill Zhang Wuji.

Wu Lie

A descendant of Wu Santong. He plots with Zhu Changling to deceive Zhang Wuji into revealing Xie Xun's whereabouts.

Zhu Jiuzhen

Zhu Changling's daughter. Though beautiful in appearance, she is cruel and sadistic. She seduces Zhang Wuji and helps her father and Wu Lie trick Zhang into revealing Xie Xun's whereabouts. She is killed by Yin Li.

Wu Qingying

Wu Lie's daughter. She is Wei Bi's romantic interest and Zhu Jiuzhen's love rival.

Wei Bi

Wu Lie's student. He wants to win the love of both Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying. He is slain by Wei Yixiao while attempting to sneak up on him.


The Yellow Dress Maiden

Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu's descendant. Her real name is not mentioned in the novel but her family name is briefly said to be 'Yang' (楊). She appears to help Zhang Wuji in times of danger. She defeats Zhou Zhiruo's 'Nine Yin White Bone Claw' with an orthodox version of the skills in the Nine Yin Manual.

Tropes associated with Yellow Dress Maiden

  • Action Girl
  • Lady of War
  • Spanner in the Works: Foil Cheng Kun's plan to take over Beggars' Sect. Later she saves Xie Xun from Zhou Zhirou and exposes her as the culprit for stealing the Dragon Saber and Heaven Sword.