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Characters are sorted according to setting, and then alphabetically.

     Ohio, Present Day 
Where the main plot takes place.

Eva Peterson
"Life's too short!"
Played By: Rose Leslie

A cheerful, flirty woman, Eva is one of Granville, Ohio's newest residents. An interior designer with a sense for adventure, she didn't expect much of the sleepy little town. That all changed when she met Joanne Cho, owner of a local bookstore. She was immediately drawn to the woman, and felt a connection to her that she couldn't quite explain. The two keep running into each other, much to Eva's amusement. She is definitely interested in Joanne, and hopes to pursue a romantic relationship with her. As of now, she doesn't remember her dreams or have any inkling that Joanne is her soulmate, and they've spent countless past lives being ripped away from each other.

  • Canine Companion: Has one in Petunia, her little pug.
  • The Charmer: Eva could be seen as a female example, with her effortless flirting.
  • Dreaming of Times Gone By: Has dreams of her past lives, although she doesn't really remember them. It takes reading Joanne's dream journal to jog her memory.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Not a stereotypical version of this trope, but she'd definitely be considered this by some circles.
  • Plucky Girl: Definitely has shades of this.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red Oni to Joanne's Blue.

Joanne Cho
"Is this fate?"
Played By: Jenna Ushkowitz

A painfully shy, quiet bookstore owner, Joanne has lived in Granville, Ohio since she was born. Her whole life, she's never felt quite at home there — or anywhere. She's always felt unnoticed, like she doesn't belong. That all changed when she met Eva Peterson, a new resident. The other woman's frank interest surprised and captivated her, and she felt a connection to her that she couldn't quite explain. Now that they keep running into each other, Joanne is flustered but pleased. She can't help feeling, however, that there's something more between them, especially with the strange dreams she's been having lately ...

  • Cute Bookworm: Eva certainly classifies her as this, anyways ...
  • Crush Blush: Gets this frequently around Eva.
  • Dreaming of Times Gone By: Although she doesn't realize it, she dreams of her past lives with Eva. She keeps a dream journal that keeps track of what she sees.
  • Mortality Phobia: A very mild version of this trope, but she does note that she's been fixated on death lately, and when Eva fails to stop by to visit due to work she worries quite irrationally that the other died.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue Oni to Eva's Red.
  • Shrinking Violet: Very shy, and not used to the attention Eva gives her.
    Europe, 1590s 
A Medieval European Fantasy setting.


A witch who curses Evangeline and Joe to meet each other, die, and be reborn, setting up the plot.

Evangeline Pierpont
"Take a chance."
Played By: Natalie Dormer

An adventurous, somewhat impulsive woman, Evangeline was a peasant who lived in a village near the castle. The youngest daughter of a baker, she walked to the marketplace every day to deliver her father's bread, and every day she passed the castle. One day, she saw an unfamiliar man looking out the window at her and, curious, she climbed up the tower to see who she was. Shocked to find out that he was a prince, hidden away from the populace, she began visiting every day to get close to him. The two of them fell in love, blissfully unaware of the curse hanging over their heads ...

  • Action Girl: A muted version, but it takes a special kind of person to climb a random tower, after all.
  • Birth/Death Juxtaposition: She and Joe are killed on the same day their baby is born.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Joe sees her as somewhat of this at the start — she's an idealized woman that he's fallen in love with. However, Evangeline very much has a life of her own, and Joe comes to appriciate her as an actual person, rather than just the idea of her.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: It's not stated how many siblings she has, but part of the reason that she likes her daily walk is because it gets her out of the house.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Evangeline plays the adventurous, daring one to Joe's quiet, booksmart nature. Slightly subverted in that Evangeline wants to learn, but was not given the opportunity.

Joe Church
"You are everything."
Played By: Eddie Redmayne

A sheltered young man, Joe was a prince hidden away from the rest of the world from his worried parents. When his mother was still pregnant with him, she and her husband angered a witch who came to the castle. She cursed him to find his soulmate and then die cruelly, only to be reincarnated and have it happen again and again for eternity. Not wanting this to happen, he was locked away in a tower so that he'd never find his true love. He spent most of his time reading and watching passersby from the window. Slowly, he became infatuated with a blonde woman who passed by the castle every day. He never expected her to notice him and climb up his tower one day ...

  • Girl in the Tower: A rare male version of this trope.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: He only really gets to interact with his parents, so he's rather lonely.
  • Manchild: Not a cruel or rude version of this trope. But because he's never allowed anywhere but his room, he has some immature views on things.
  • Meddling Parents: His parents, the king and queen, pretend that they never had a son and keep him locked away in a tower to keep him safe from a curse.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Joe plays the quiet, booksmart to Evangeline's adventurous, daring nature. Slightly subverted in that Joe would be more adventurous if given the chance.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Joe's parents try to stop the witch's curse at every turn, ultimately ordering that Evangeline be sentenced to death in order to keep Joe from dying with her. Of course, he goes to protect her and is killed in the process. This trope runs even deeper than that, though — if they had never locked Joe up, he might have never met or fallen in love with Evangeline, since a lot of their romance was based on the fact that he was starved for attention by the time that they met.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Despite their best efforts, Joe does meet his soulmate, and dies shortly after she gives birth to their son.
    New England, 1650s 
A Scarlet-Letter-esque setting.

Elizabeth Paige
"Let there be mercy."
Played By: Eleanor Tomlinson
A romantic, dreamy woman, Elizabeth was all too aware of her place in the world. She never planned on rebelling against it, until Joseph Chastain, the new minister, moved to her town. Drawn to him immediately, he put a face to the daydreams she had often had but never dared to act upon. The two ignored their growing attraction to each other until they couldn't anymore. Unfortunately, their one night of passion had severe consequences — Elizabeth became pregnant out of wedlock, which in their small town was an offense punishable by death.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: She is fully willing to die alone, and is shocked when Joseph insists on being executed alongside her when the time comes.
  • Love Hurts: Spends time pining after a Chaste Hero, and when the two of them finally give in ... It leads to their deaths.
  • Slut-Shaming: To the point of being literally killed. Even Hester Prynne didn't have it so bad.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel: Her romantic inclinations wind up being her downfall, as a matter of fact.

Joseph Chastain
"God forgives all."
Played By: Peter Gadiot
A gentle, accepting man, Peter was the pastor of a small New England town. Although he completely dedicated himself to the all-loving God that he preached about, he found himself straying from his vows when he became drawn to a woman in his congregation named Elizabeth. They both tried to resist and deny their attraction, but eventually they could not. When he found out Elizabeth had gotten pregnant from his actions, he decided that would face whatever penalty she would — even if that penalty was death.
  • Actual Pacifist: Does not fight anything that comes his way — not even the law, which is incredibly unfair.
  • The Atoner: Doesn't really hesitate before confessing to his crime and agreeing to die with Elizabeth after she has her child.
  • Good Shepherd: He's generally considered a good man by his congregation, at least until they find out about the affair.
  • Preacher Man
  • You Are Worth Hell: He winds up being executed alongside Elizabeth, even though she didn't ask him to confess to being her child's father.
    Salem, 1690s 
Set during the Salem Witch Trials. (Although no historical figures are named.)

Eve Poole
"Call me witch, then."
Played By: Lindsey Morgan
Eve was a simple girl was a simple life, until the fire. In one night, she lost her entire family, and was sent to live with the local priest and his daughter. Although she missed her parents, she decided to take this as a sign to start living for herself. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, even though the people of Salem whispered of witchcraft when she did so. Her actions caught the scorn of the preacher's daughter, but Eve quickly learned that the scorn was hiding much more complicated emotions.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: The rest of Salem considers her to be strange, and there is a lot of gossip surrounding her.
  • Closet Key: For Joslyn.
  • For Happiness: After her parents die, she did not let society dictate what she had to do.
  • Plucky Girl: Despite losing her entire family to a senseless fire, she is a generally cheerful person, and outright refuses to let the world hold her down.
  • Secret Relationship: Develops one with Joslyn.

Joslyn Checkley
"I go with God."
Played By: Caitlin Stasey
As the daughter of a preacher, Joslyn grew up with a lot of expectations put on her. And she did her best to meet every one, going to church and saying her prayers every night. When she found herself having sinful thoughts about her female friends, she told herself that it was the devil speaking to her, and that it was her job to overcome it. This got harder, however, when Eve Poole came to live with her, even sharing her room. And Eve didn't care about what the rest of the world thought was sinful ...
  • Crisis of Faith: Has one as her feelings for Eve get harder and harder to ignore.
  • Gayngst: Suffers a lot of self-hatred and confusion over her sexuality, due to the times she lives in.
  • Preacher's Kid
  • Offing the Offspring: Is sentenced to death by her own father for being a "witch," although really he just caught her with Eve.
  • Secret Relationship: Develops one with Eve.

Michael Checkley

Joslyn's father, a fire-and-brimstone preacher.
  • Overprotective Dad: Definitely doesn't approve of Joslyn doing anything even remotely "sinful."
     Bahamas, 1710s 
A Pirate-era setting.

Eliza Pane

A ruthless pirate known all across the seas.

Josephine Chalmers

A barmaid who works at the port of Nassau.
     New York, 1770s 
Set during the American Revolution.

Everett Paxon

A wealthy soldier who is engaged to be married.

Haley Newport

A young woman who is engaged to be married to Everett.
Femme Fatale: Becomes this when she orchestrates John's murder.

John Charter

An indentured servant who works for Everett.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Both of his parents are caught out in a storm and die of influenza. His uncle then tricks him into moving to America, and promptly steals his fortune. John has since made peace with this.
    Hollywood, 1920s 
Set during the Roaring 20s.

Effie Parker

A rising star who shot to fame during adulthood.

Jo Chastity

A star who has been acting since childhood.
  • Broken Bird: Has been living in the spotlight for so long, so doesn't know how to live any other way. At the same time, she's miserable and turns to drugs and alcohol to cope with the constant pressure it puts on her.
    Sicily, 1940s 
Set during World War II.

Evan Preston

A good-humored soldier who strives to keep morale up.

Joanna Christy

A nurse on the front lines who just wants to do her part.
  • Survivor Guilt: In a sense. She is very haunted by those she cannot save, and first joined in because she felt like she didn't deserve to live while others were giving their lives for her safety.
    America, 1970s 
A Beatlemania-esque setting.

Eli Pearce

Lead singer of The Hanging Eights, a band that's managed to trend and start touring the states.

Josie Chesley

A waitress who is a big fan of The Hanging Eights.
  • Ascended Fangirl: Starts dating the lead singer of her favorite band, and travels the world with him.
     New York City, 1980s 
A RENT-esque setting.

Beth Perez

Elias's daughter and Jordan's student.
  • Cheerful Child: Most of the time. Of course, she is dealing with a lot ...

Elias Perez

A single father who is slowly dying of the same disease that took his wife, Halia.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Elias isn't sure if his wife contracted HIV through work or by cheating on him. He never finds out.

Halia Perez

Elias's wife, who passed on the HIV virus to him.

Jordan Chern

An elementary school teacher who is coming to terms with his HIV positive diagnosis.
  • Gayngst: Jordan isn't able to come out for fear of losing his job. To add to that, he's just discovered that his ex-boyfriend cheated on him and passed on HIV to him, and since he can't come out, he can't talk to anyone about it.

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