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Characters / Havok And Hijinks

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A character sheet for the card game, Havok And Hijinks.

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The Dragons

    Amber the Sunlight Dragon
The amber dragons were created by the great sun god Vekest, and he endowed each amber dragon with a sense of honor, justice, fairness, and a willingness to compromise. This, in turn, has created an extremely personable and business-savvy sub-species of dragon. In contemporary times there are more amber dragons than ever. As they are so amiable they rarely get into unnecessary scuffles and tend to live a long, happy life.

Amber dragons have a specific affinity for sunlight-related powers (such as attacking with light).


    Obsidian the Darkness Dragon
The obsidian dragons were created by the god of night, Varscuro, to aid his battle to keep a dictator-like order on the world, not that this makes the dragons evil.

Obsidian dragons like to root around in ancient ruins to find things of use. That is how they build their hoard and become more powerful.

  • Butt-Monkey: Seems to be this from the card art (or, as the Darkness cards hinge mostly on doing the same unto other dragons, perhaps this is a case of No Sympathy.)
  • Smug Snake: She even has a diamondback rattlesnack-esque design, down to the diamond shapes.

    Pearl the Moonlight Dragon
Created by the moon goddesses Luaere and Azuleka, peal dragons were granted an ability: they can get a glimpse into the future and try to avoid their fate. This can make them very powerful as they try to control the outcome of all things.

Beyond clairvoyance, the pearl dragon is also fairly skilled at defending its hoard.

    Ruby the Fire Dragon
When the goddess of the forge and creation, Brasa, created the ruby dragons, there were no ulterior motives or agendas. Once created they were left to their own devices and because of that they quickly fell to mischief.

In general they prefer to let others do the creating so that they can later come along and steal someone else’s hard work. Beyond an interest in stealing what doesn’t belong to them, ruby dragons occasionally like destroying things but only when it is funny.

    Crystal the Non-Elemental Dragon
Little is known about this dragon.

    Jade the Wind Dragon 
Introduced for the upcoming 'Eastern Wind' expansion set.


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