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Harvey Birdman
Voiced by: Gary Cole
The titular character, a retired superhero now making a living as an attorney. Harvey has a tendency to be an idiot, yet often succeeds in winning his cases. Takes 37 cases over the course of the series, with varying degrees of success. He returns to being a superhero in the final episode to defeat Nitron, but as soon as he's defeated, Harvey is killed by Phil driving a bus over him.

Voiced by: Frank Welker ("Shaggy Busted", Death By Chocolate"), Adam Lawson ("Shoyu Weenie", "The Dabba Don"), Andre Sogliuzzo ("Deadomutt, Parts 1 & 2"), Maurice LaMarche ("High Speed Buggy Chase")
Harvey's secretary/pet/animal companion, a purple eagle who's often the Only Sane Man in the office. Usually serves as a minor character in episodes, but in a couple cases served as a Deus ex Machina and even got a couple A Day In The Lime Light episodes, namely one in which he leaves Harvey to work for Vulturo, and another where he spontaneously begins to speak.

Voiced by: Thomas Allen
Harvey's clerk, a Camp Straight ladder climbing sociopath who openly mocks (and at times plots against) Harvey. Often seen hitting on women and going to strip clubs. Later started coming into his superpowers, but despite that, looks out for himself first and foremost. Occasionally displays Hidden Depths, such as knowing how to speak Japanese or running a Lamaze class.

Phil Ken Sebben
Voiced by: Stephen Colbert
Co-founder of Sebben and Sebben, Phil is Harvey's Bad Boss and Judy's father (and, much to her disgust, Birdgirl's love interest). Cloudcuckoolander extraordinaire, he often punctuates his sentences with 'Ha ha!'. A Running Gag involves his Eyepatch of Power and how it affects his eyesight. Became the show's Breakout Character. Later written out of the show due to Stephen Colbert's commitment to The Colbert Report by literally being hit by a bus only to come back for the finale and kill Harvey.
  • Punny Name: In the original show, his name was Falcon 7.


Judy Ken Sebben/Birdgirl

Voiced by: Paget Brewster
Phil's daughter, Judy is a huge fan of Harvey, to the point of making a costume for her to become Birdgirl to be Harvey's sidekick. Unfortunately, her alter ego causes more trouble that she's worth, especially with Phil unknowingly hitting on her. Later takes over as head of Sebben and Sebben after Phil was Put on a Bus.

Peter Potamus

Voiced by: Joe Alaskey (Season 1), Chris Edgerly (Season 2 onward)
An overweight hippo, Potamus has a reputation for being a lazy womanizer. However, he's often said to be one of the best attorneys Sebben and Sebben has. Later has a few episodes focusing on him, in which he defends Harvey in a lawsuit, becomes an Incredible Hulk Expy, and tries to sue Judy.
  • Catchphrase: "Did ya get that thing I sent ya?" The thing is never revealed, and he often asks at inopportune or irrelevant times.
  • Kavorka Man: Despite being an obese purple hippo with poor hygiene and boorish manners, he is frequently found in compromising positions with attractive women around the office.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: He's obsessed with women, to the point of it being his entire character, but, barring one instance of being written up, no one seems to mind his behavior, and women appear quite charmed.
  • Running Gag: He claims he can't do what regular people can do because he has hippo hands. This is not true.

The Bear

Voiced by: Matt Peccini
A Running Gag through the show, The Bear doesn't speak at all but is often seen in the background to create a Funny Background Event. Might have stolen Phil's furniture (or that could just be Phil being crazy).

Azul Falcone

Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche
Initially hired as Sebben and Sebben's new partner, Falcone is later seen constantly getting demoted. He swears revenge on Harvey, first for destroying his robot dog companion, then for taking what Falcone believes to be his rightful position.


Voiced by: Debi Mae West
Introduced as a 'love interest' for Harvey, she seems more interested in all the men who aren't Harvey. Later enters a marriage with him, Phil, Peanut, the Bear, and her friends Vince and Terry. Still doesn't let that (or pregnancy) stop her from hitting on other men or going on a date with Mentok though.

Myron Reducto
Voiced by: Stephen Colbert
The lawyer Harvey often comes up against most, Reducto is a paranoid, short green man with an obsession for the miniature. Brandishes a shrink gun which he uses to shrink people. Later Killed Off for Real for the same reason Phil was written out, but has an Unexplained Recovery for Attorney General.

Stan Freezoid

Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche
Another lawyer Harvey goes up against often, Freezoid is An Ice Person whose very touch causes ice to form. Tends to be Harvey's friendliest enemy, but also can lose his temper, yelling 'I'll freeze your ass!'. Later revealed to be partner in his own firm, Freezoid, Zarog, and Skon.


Voiced by: Neil Ross
The first attorney Harvey goes against, Vulturo has a tendency to devolve into incomprehensible gibberish. Once hired Avenger away from Harvey.

Evelyn Spyro Throckmorton

Voiced by: Michael McKean
Another attorney Harvey goes up against often, Spyro is an aspiring Thespian who often gives his cases a theatrical flair. Had one episode focused on him (well, his body) when Mentok accidentally forgot which body he swapped Spyro's mind with.

Hiram Mightor

Voiced by: Gary Cole
The first judge seen on the show, Mightor speaks with a Southern accent and often coughs out unusual things. Tends to not remember anyone's names, and is always on hand to point out double entendres.

Mentok the Mindtaker

The judge most often presiding over Harvey's cases, Mentok bills himself as a 'mindtaker', which often presents itself as mind reading. A prankster, at least a few episodes are started by his shenanigans. Used to work as a genie and as a mufti. Constantly tries to get the baliff to crack a smile.
  • Berserk Button: His courtroom is "mind taking" country and all would do well to remember that. Shado the Brain-Thief sets him off by using his powers to influence the jury then throws fuel on the fire by trying it on Mentok, who responds by helping Birdman win a case Shado was leading against him.

X the Eliminator

Voiced by: Peter MacNicol
Harvey's self-proclaimed archnemesis, an overweight Manchild still living with his mother and obsessed with getting Harvey's crest. Harvey regards him as a Loony Fan and tries to stay away from him.

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