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Cardinal Mazarin

Royal Regent of Tristain and a daring politician in his own right. Severely wounded in an encounter with a field boss, advises Henrietta after contact with the Fae is established. Is the primary contact between the Crown and the Pope, and was instrumental in the Fae being officially recognized by the Church as different from elves, and their diplomatic relations with Halkegenia being sanctioned.

Henrietta de Tristain

Queen Henrietta I of Tristain

Crown Princess of Tristain and childhood Friend of Louise. She was the first member of Tristain's government to make peaceful contact with the Faerie when she and her escorts were rescued from a field boss by forces lead by General Eugene. Since then she has developed cordial relations with Lady Sakuya and Lord Mortimer. Currently, the young Princess exercises a limited degree of authority on behalf of her mother the Queen and her regent, Cardinal Mazarin, though her inexperience has lead to her constantly doubting her decisions.
  • Big Good Of Tristain after she is crowned Queen.
  • Covert Pervert: Is VERY interested in Asuna's and Kirito's sex life.
  • Lonely at the Top: She was exclusively home-schooled, and as such did not have an opportunity to develop school friendships/rivalries, something that she still regrets.
  • Princesses Rule: With Cardinal Mazarin injured and the queen not very involved in running the country, she's the one in charge. That said, she is crowned Queen at the start of the Third Arc.
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  • Hands-On Approach: Shortly after the arrival of her "secret" lover in her capital city, she asks him to be her fencing instructor. Admittedly, what is shown in V1 is just the start of a practice spar.
  • Yuri Fan: Suggests that if Kirito and Asuna are worried about pregnancy, Kirito could just transform into Midori and make love that way.
  • You Are in Command Now: After Cardinal Mazarin is incapacitated during an ambush by a field boss, she is effectively in charge of Tristan.


Captain Reinhardt Gramont

The commanding officer of a Gallian border garrison, Fort De Arlon. A wind mage of considerable skill, but legendarily poor eyesight, and hence aim.

Count Woestte

  • A Lighter Shade of Black: At the Treaty of Alfheim negotiations, Henrietta identifies him as part of the "Opportunist" faction, which means that he will wring every last drop of profit he can from the Fae. However, he's a useful ally against the "Radical" camp, who want to enslave and/or exterminate the Fae.
  • Birds of a Feather: Several characters suspect him and Rute of the Leprachuns to become best friends over their shared traits such as money and ego. Indeed, they spend much of the gala in V2.0 discussing business opportunities.
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  • Greed: He is a man focused on profit above all else, which means he is easily managed as long as there's money involved.

Baron de Marou

Karina "Karin" Desiree De La Valliere (nee Maillart)

The Heavy Wind, Duchess de la Valliere

The strict mother of Louise de la Valliere. Her outer facade of stoicism is the effect of years of carefully honed willpower. A legendary mage and aerial cavalry commander, she helped plan and then took part in Operation Dunkirk, alongside her old acquaintance, General Gramont.
  • Adult Fear: One of her daughters is on the verge of being declared a heretic. This sets her scrambling for solutions even if it takes every scrap of power and influence she has, and she fears it won't be enough. With this mind, her action under Unwitting Instigator of Doom are more understandable.
  • Always Someone Better: Unconsciously feels this towards Kirito and Asuna in terms of parenting. She envies them for having such a happy and well-adjusted daughter in Yui.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Berates Kirche and KoKo for dragging Louise into danger, not sparing her daughter either.
  • My Life Flashed Before My Eyes: After taking a Fae mana potion, she flashes through her childhood and then the birth and development of her three daughters.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • A Fae potion causes a My Life Flashed Before My Eyes that makes it harder for her to control her emotions. Not to mention the fact that she gets involved in crisis after crisis, with little rest in between...
    • She breaks down after Mortimer speculates that Louise could be responsible for the Transition and, when the Church finds out, branded a heretic or an abomination.
  • Parents as People: She loves Louise and the girl's safety is always a high priority for her. However, her means of achieving this are strict orders and the absence of emotion. It works in the military but in this case it does more damage to Louise's psyche.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Chapter eleven of 2.0 is essentially seventeen years worth of well intentioned, but ultimately sub-par parenting of Louise, punctuated by an inability to tell her that she does indeed love her and is proud of her, coming home to roost in the most catastrophic manner possible.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Strict and cold to the point of being condescending. What brief glimpses of her real self come through in moments of uncertainty show she really cares about her daughters.
  • Tragic Hero: Like mother, like daughter. Karin's flaw is her inability to see emotion as anything other than a weakness. Which serves to make it almost impossible for her to open up to Louise, which feeds into her flaw of needing to prove her worth.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: In the aftermath of the Gala, she orders Louise back to their estate and forbids her from any more magic practice, going so far as to confiscate her foci. This completely breaks the girl, leaving her in an almost vegetative state. This causes a chain of events that will lead to Louise attempting to bind the Cardinal system as her familiar and causing a system crash.

Viscount Jean Jacques De Wardes

The Lightning Viscount

Captain of Tristain's Griffin Knight Squadron, entrusted with protecting Princess Henrietta. He is also Louise's betrothed. He later betrays Tristain for reasons unknown and defects to Albion. He is defeated by Kirito, Asuna, and Klein at the Battle of Newcastle and is presumed dead.
  • Disney Villain Death: Falls off the edge of Albion after having his arm cut off/impaled through the chest.
  • Graceful Loser: Is surprisingly accepting of how Kirito and Asuna had just defeated his most powerful spell and carved his chest open (run him through, in the Refactored version). Although that could also be due to the sudden trauma and blood loss.
  • "How Did You Know?" "I Didn't.": Said verbatim between him and Kirito, after the latter manages to defeat him.
  • Self-Duplication: He can create Wind Clones of himself. He normally restricts himself to one for maximum efficiency, but in a pinch he can create as many as ten functional-if-flawed clones.
  • Never Found the Body: His body is lost to the mists of Albion. Considering what he survived in Canon, however, there is a reason why he is only listed as presumed dead.
  • Nice Hat: That wide-brimmed hat of his is very popular on the SpaceBattles forums, and even features in a couple of Omake.
  • Shock and Awe: It's in his runic name, the Lightning Viscount.
  • Worthy Opponent:Is quite respectful of his opponents' skill, even in the middle of battle. After seeing Kirito and Asuna's display of teamwork, he comments to himself that if this had been anywhere else – such as, say, tryouts for the Griffin Knights – he'd have signed them both up on the spot.

General Belgen de Gramont

Supreme Commander of the ground forces of the Kingdom of Tristain

Father of Guiche and his brothers. A distinguished commander and one of the chief architects of Operation Dunkirk, alongside Mortimer. He and Karin are old acquaintances.
  • Adult Fear: How would you feel if you suddenly found out that your son was unwittingly traveling with a powerful traitor, or somehow got stuck in a hopeless siege?
  • Character Tics: Asuna notes that he has a habit of tapping his legs with his wand. This is because one of his legs is artificial earth mage and he is maintaining it.
  • Artificial Limbs: One of his legs is an artificial creation of earth magic. Because he is an earth mage himself, he can keep it functioning as well as a flesh-and-blood leg.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He can certainly appreciate the fact that the Slyph capital appeared near his holdings, because it means he has many lovely new neighbors to admire. He even allows his gaze to follow a Slyph courier as she enters and exits a War Room. However, he is otherwise a paragon of respectability and has a war-buddy relationship with Karin.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Is a square of Earth.

Count Eren La Ramee

Supreme Commander of Tristain's Navy

Agnes De Milan

A lieutenant in the Royal Firearms Squadron. She is currently assigned to investigate Terrence De Martou, a corrupt tax collector with alleged ties to Reconquista. During the course of her investigation, she crosses paths with Louise's party who are trying to find De Martou in order to locate six Pixies that were taken from Sayuri's Garden. The two eventually decide to help each other.
  • Fake-Out Make-Out: With Caramella, as opposed to Louise in the Zero no Tsukaima canon.


The Patron of the Charming Faerie Inn, located in the Commoner section of the capital. Sometime between the second and third arcs, the Charming Faerie is burned down, and he and his employees reestablish themselves at the Ragdorian Lake Resort.

Lord Justice Richmond

The Lord Justice of Tristain, responsible for over seeing the enforcement of the Kingdom's laws and arbitrating disputes among the nobility. He is also one of the leaders of the conservative faction among the nobility which quietly oppose the Treaty of Arrun and wish to see the Fae subjugated to the Crown, if not expelled or exterminated. He is also the leader of the Reconquista conspiracy in Tristain as well as the Mastermind of the plot that drives much of the plot in part 2. When the plan is foiled, he attempts to flee only to be captured by Digby's men and Ephialtes. They than torture him for information and kill him.

Captain Hammond

Captian of Tristain's Manticore Knights - the personal guards of Queen Marianne.

Eleanore Albertine Le Blanc de La Bloise de La Valliere

Eldest daughter of the Valliere family and respected scholar of the Tristain Academia. She is currently studying the Fae of Alfheim and their magic in hopes of better understanding the Transition.
  • Adult Fear: How would you feel if someone you loved dearly disappeared without a trace, and no one who knows anything about what happened is able to tell you anything? This is what Eleanore had to experience in regards to Louise.

Jean Boulanger

A junior lawyer, and one of the two Tristanian tutors hired to work at Arrun Home. He teaches Halkegenian Geography.

Nadia Stepweiss

A half-Germanian woman who wanted to see the Faerie cities in person. She is one of the Tristanian tutors hired to work at Arrun Home. She teaches Tristanian language (specifically writing, as the Fae's 'Gift of Tongues' inherently translates speech).

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