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The cast of Gungnir. This page contains unmarked spoilers.

Characters whose names were changed for the Atlus USA localization will have both versions listed in their subheading (Sting's version on the left, Atlus' on the right).

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Julio Raguel / Giulio Raguel

The protagonist of the game, a Leonica boy who is fifteen at the story's start. He is the youngest child of the Raguel family, and has trained as a soldier in Esperanza since he was very small. He has a kind nature and idolizes his father Ricard, who he has no memory of but is told that he resembles. Because of this, Julio suffers from something of an inferiority complex, downplaying his own achievements in the face of his brother Ragnus'.

After nearly dying in battle, he makes a contract with Elise and gains the power of Gungnir, which raises his standing in Esperanza greatly.

Alyssa / Alissa

The main heroine of the game, a Daltania girl who is 16 at the beginning of the narrative. Julio and company rescue her from a slave caravan and adopt her into Esperanza, although she is reluctant to explain her true identity. She is the sole surviving Imperial princess, and is being targeted by Zaird; her real name is Alessandra Dlacroa. She is very sheltered due to her mother raising her in secret to protect her, and comes off as shy, but is actually very stubborn. She wishes for a world without racial discrimination.

Ragnus Raguel

The oldest Raguel child, actually a Daltania who was adopted by Ricard. Age 22 at the story's start. He witnessed his father's death during the Espada Massacre, which traumatized him deeply and has left him with a deep desire for revenge against Gargandia as a whole. In the present day, he is the captain of Esperanza. Knowing the history of the Raguel family as great knights, he developed a complex about his actual race and has become a hyper-competent leader in order to compensate. He's very emotional, but tries to suppress that side of himself to be a good leader.


The mysterious guardian of Gungnir, who accompanies it to Julio's world after he makes the contract. She fights alongside Julio not for the sake of his ideals, but because he's The Chosen One. Elise claims to be from Asgard, but much about her remains shrouded in mystery all throughout the game.


An ex-court adviser who was exiled to Espada over a Noodle Incident. 63 at the story's start. He was friends with Ricard, and one of the original founders of Esperanza; he acts as a surrogate parent to the three Raguel children and is the army's strategist. He puts on airs as a kindly old man, and his age has not dampened his love of alcohol and pretty girls.

Valery Brigid / Valerie Brigid

Daughter of the Republican faction's former leader, and its de facto leader now that her father has been killed. 17 at the story's start. After meeting Esperanza, she decides to unite their forces in order to bring down her political opponents and the people who betrayed her father. She is sometimes self-centered, but always straightforward.

Natalia Raymond / Natalia Raymont

Daughter of Robertus, and an Imperial knight. 21 at the story's start. She is very protective of Alyssa, as her family has aided the Empress in keeping her hidden, and joins Esperanza to protect her. She is very preoccupied with honor and dignity. While she does support Alyssa's desire to grant citizenship to the Leonica, Natalia is much more preoccupied with the state of the Empire as a whole, and tries to make sure that Alyssa focuses on all citizens equally instead of just the discrimination against the Leonica.

Fiona Raguel

Julio and Ragnus' sister. Age 19 at the story's start. She runs the only tavern in Espada's slums and is very popular for her outgoing personality alongside her cooking. Due to the loss of her parents, she's zealously protective of Julio, the only blood family she has left.

Noah, Claude, and Teresa

Julio's friends, who initially make up the party. Ages 16, 27, and 17 respectively. All three are killed in Pierre's attack on Espada.


Wolfgang III

Current Emperor of the Gargandian Empire. Age 61 at the story's start. He used to be a feared warrior and was called the War Emperor, but right now he is bedridden from illness and can barely sit on his throne. Known for his harsh discrimination against the Leonica and for ordering all his children slaughtered after hearing a prophecy that he would be killed by his heir.

Zaird Berlioz / Ziyad Berlioz

Prime Minister of Gargandia. Age 70 at the story's start. He is trying to wrest control of the country from Wolfgang III, but is a poor governor and has gained the fear and resentment of even the Daltania he rules. Coworkers with Isabeli, and wants to gain the power of necromancy (and with it, immortality) like her. A failed attempt to do so resulted in his becoming paraplegic, but this hasn't slowed his plans down even remotely.

Robertus Raymond / Robertus Raymont

The leader of all Gargandia's knights. Age 53 at the story's start.


A Gargandian court magister. Despite entering court at the same time as Paulo and Zaird, she still has the physical appearance of a young girl. (Isabeli is actually 55 years old.) She can use necromancy, which is a kind of magic not native to this world; this leads Elise to suspect that she may have had contact with demons.


Ragnus and Alyssa's mother. 52 at the story's start.

Imperial Commanders

Pierre (44), Bacchus (29), Albert (27), Wallace (34), Nelson (35), Conrad (30), and Regina (29).

    Other Characters 

Rodriguef / Rodrigues

A mountain bandit who only cares about money and booze. 35 at the story's start. He considered Ricard his rival, and is interested in fighting Esperanza for the sake of their old grudge.


Rodriguef's sidekick. 29 years old.


The Dept. Heaven series mascot. Through unusual circumstances, she winds up tagging along with Rodriguef and Griselda for a time. Supposedly looking for something she lost.

Hierameir / Heramia

A Millenian prophet and priestess of the star-based religion observed in Gargandia. She is unaging, but not immortal. Will in the future serve as the Elise to Ragnus' Julio.


One of the hireswords the party hires from Millenia. Age 38. He was originally Gargandian, but was captured and used as a slave; it takes Esperanza a while to gain his trust.


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