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This is the cast of characters that compose the online play by post game GundamSeedDestinyProjectR. This sheet covers active personnel of the Fourth Mobile Wing, Joint Strike Force, and the Asimov Detachment, Chimera Corps, along with major NPCs and retired characters.

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    Fourth Mobile Wing, Joint Strike Force 

Lieutenant Commander later Commander Bryan Marshall (Redshirt)

Widely acknowledged as the one of the best, if not the best pilot from OMNI to survive the Valentine War, Bryan Marshall is the last survivor of the Third Mobile Regiment (Special Operations), better known as the Zero Corps. He was one of the original members of the Zero Corps when it was formed, back when he was fresh out of the Academy. When the War kicked off, the Zero Corps was assigned to protect the carrier Roosevelt, which they'd been told was a key comms node for the Fleet. They had not been told Blue Cosmos had loaded nuclear missiles onboard with intent to fire on the civilian PLANTs. After the disgrace of Bloody Valentine, the entire Corps, including Bryan, flew with something to prove.

Quickly committed to the Grimaldi Front, the Zero Corps was eventually all but wiped out over the course of that bloody struggle. As one of the two Zero pilots to live through that, Bryan was quickly reassigned to the front as a special augment to the Eighth Fleet aboard the AFS Heracles where he met Kevin Wallace. Bryan was present for the Orbital Action which saw the new AFS Archangel make its descent to Earth at the expense of half the Eighth Fleet. Reassigned to train fledgling mobile suit pilots at the new Azraechel base, Bryan quickly fell for one of his trainees, Mira Ross. Mira returned his affections and the two were quickly a couple.

It wasn't to last, though, as Mira was assigned to the front. Then came the betrayal of OMNI command at JOSH-A. Bryan joined with the Eighth Fleet in rebellion, faking his own death to cover his escape from Azraechel. His one regret was that he couldn't relay his plans to Mira without compromising them and the Eighth. Joining back with Halberton, Bryan turned over intel that lead to the Eighth capturing a stock of brand-new OMNI mobile suits, greatly bolstering their strength. He was the senior pilot in the Eighth at Mendel, where he was reunited with his longtime friend Mwu and became a member of the Terminal Alliance.

Bryan partook in every action that Terminal was in, squaring off against the Raider Gundam more often than not. At Second Jachin, he was part of the main line of resistance Terminal sent to stop OMNI's nuclear assault on the civilian PLANTs, taking out a good share of the nukes and the mobile suit teams that were covering them. After Second Jachin, the battle had clearly taken its toll on him, between the damage his Dagger had taken and the loss of so many of his friends, especially Mwu La Flaga. Despite his sorrow, he was one of the first to volunteer for the Combined Task Force, taking Mwu's slot on the Archangel as CAG. With the formation of the Joint Strike Force, he again volunteered and retained the CAG slot on the Archangel under now-Admiral Wallace. He stayed on the old warhorse during the hunt for the Zala Remnant before volunteering as CAG for the new strike carrier Minerva, where he was the CAG (Designate) when Phantom Pain hit Armory One.

Known widely as one of the best pilots in space, and as a premier small-unit tactician, Bryan brings everything to the fight, taking special care to bring his team home no matter the cost to him. At Armory One he jumped into the first available mobile suit, an old GAT-02J Joint Dagger. Once the Archangel reached Earth, he took over as the pilot of the ZGMF-X54S Glory Gundam. Following the Battle of Armory One and Durandal's speech revealing LOGOS to the world, he was reassigned to the brand new JMW-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam.


  • A Father to His Men: Bryan cares for everyone under his command, particularly the two rookies he had after the Armory One Raid. This extends even to pilots under his command that he despises, like Valon and Yuzuki.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority
  • Attack Drone: Bryan is one of the only pilots in the Earth Sphere who can handle them.
  • Battle Couple: with Mira Ross during the Valentine War. Then both of them faked their deaths and things went south...
  • Captain Crash: The Glory tends to come back from combat missions more than worse for the wear. But then Bryan has a tendency anyway to go after the most dangerous target he can find, and he has no problem trading damage to himself to score hits on the enemy.
  • The Chains of Commanding: Bryan takes his job as a commanding officer very seriously, and always takes the blame when things go wrong, even for pilots he outright despises. The deaths of Yuzuki and Lucius even get to him.
    • And its revealed that he even blames himself for not being fast enough to stop Break The World
  • Colonel Badass: When he elects to legally emigrate to ZAFT, Chairman Durandel appoints him as a Colonel in ZAFT
  • Commanding Coolness: Held the rank of Commander in OMNI, and holds the rank Lieutenant Commander in the Joint Strike Force
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In addition to blaming himself for the deaths of multiple friends during the Valentine War, Bryan cannot forgive himself for escorting the Roosevelt during the Bloody Valentine
  • Drowning My Sorrows: During his Heroic BSoD at Carpentaria, Byran goes on a drinking binge of self-pity, blaming himself for the fall of Junius Seven.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: He's one of the handful of known Newtypes in the Earth Sphere, and was one of the best pilots to survive the Valentine War.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Trained the first class of OMNI mobile suit pilots, which included Mira and Vadik. In a more literal sense, he was two years ahead of Phantom Pain's Raikou when he was at the Atlantic Federal Military Academy.
  • Faking the Dead: How he covered his defection to Halberton's rebellion during the Valentine War. Of course, he couldn't tell Mira he was leaving without ruining the idea of faking his death, which ended poorly...
  • Heroic BSoD: Suffers from a subtle one after Break The World, where the senior Remnant pilot called Bryan out on Bloody Valentine, not knowing Marshall was there. As the senior pilot present at Break The World, he blames himself for failing to stop the fall of Junius Seven. Couple that with the stress of being on constant combat duty since the Valentine War started, the stress of losing many friends along the way, and being reminded that he escorted the Roosevelt and her nuclear-armed Moebiuses at Bloody Valentine, Bryan finally begins to crack and goes Death Seeker. Sheryl manages to snap him out of it, eventually.
    • When Mira makes it clear she never wants to see him again and rejects his offer of friendship, he goes into another one. It gets very bad because Wade tells him Durandel has offered amnesty from prosecution if any of the Minerva's FAITH agents extrajudiciously execute Djibril. In his despair, Bryan moves on the LOGOS leader with a borrowed sidearm, only to thankfully be talked out of it by his team. His BSOD then gets worse as he realizes what he almost did...
  • Hurting Hero : Still suffers from nightmares about the friends he lost in the Valentine War, and his role, however minor, in Bloody Valentine. Toss in his guilt at 'failing' as the onscene commander at Break The World, and you have someone holding onto a lot of pain. Not that he lets it slow him down...
  • The Mentor: Bryan treats his duty to train younger pilots very seriously, and goes out of his way to ensure his people are learning. This is particularly evident with Meer and Aaron.
  • Officer and a Gentleman: Bryan doesn't actively cultivate the image, but he is defintely both.
  • Over Drive: One of Bryan's most controversial moves was to install one of these on the Glory. As a Natural, the strain the system placed on his was literally killing him as he couldn't take the stress. Sheryl figured this out and retuned it to have the frame absorb the stress instead of the pilot. While it didn't provide quite the same performance increase, and it caused damage to the frame of the Glory, it had the definite upside of not wounding the pilot in the process.
  • Psychic Powers: As a Newtype, he can sense the presence of other Newtypes. He can also feel it when another Newtype has a particularly strong surge of emotion. The latter comes in handy when Mira defects, and Blaine gives himself away with rage.
  • Red Baron: Has the nickname 'The Ghost of Grimaldi' given to him during the Combined Task Force's campaign against Blue Cosmos. Between being one of the very few pilots to survive the brutal Grimaldi Front during the early part of the Valentine War and being the sole survivor of the Zero Corps, it fits.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Bryan has twice defied OMNI Command when it made calls he disagreed with: After JOSH-A when they sacrificed the entire Euarisan Navy, and again after Break The World when President Copeland withdrew the Alliance from the Joint Strike Force accords. Reaches its natural conclusion of Screw This, I'm Outta Here! when Bryan finally accepts Chairman Durandel's offer of PLANT citizenship after the Battle of Armory One
  • Survivor Guilt : Blames himself for the death of Mwu La Flaga and Mira Ross. Of course, the latter is Faking the Dead, but he doesn't know that. When he finds out Mira is still alive, and with Blue Cosmos, however...
  • The Tactician: While still not comfortable at the full-scale strategic level, Bryan is genuinely gifted with small-unit tactics, and his quick decisions under fire have helped keep the Fourth Wing alive this long.
  • Team Dad: Equal parts mentor and leader to the Fourth Wing. He also makes it a top priority to bring all of his pilots home at all costs, taking borderline insane risks with his own mobile suit to do it.

Ensign later Lieutenant Junior Grade Meer Campbell (Midnight Beowulf)

A young Coordinator who signed on with ZAFT. She bears a striking similarity to Lacus Clyne, which caused her an endless amount of teasing at the Academy until Axel Adelmar intervened on her behalf. She and Axel soon grew very close, and the pair of them remained a couple after Axel graduated, while she was still at the Academy. She graduated from the Academy after both the Valentine War and the Combined Task Force had hunted Blue Cosmos to 'near' extinction with top marks, earning ZAFT's prestigious Red Coat. She reached an active carrier near the end of the hunt for the Zala Remnant, but never saw any combat. She was a test pilot on Armory One, working with the new Kestrel Wizard packs on ZAKUs when the Armory One Raid hit. Jumping into the nearest ZAKU, she found her way onto the Minerva and has been flying as Bryan's wingman ever since. Started in the ZGMF-1000A ZAKU she was testing on the Kestrel Wizard, but for her performance at Break The World, Bryan awarded her the ZGMF-X 56 S Impulse Gundam.


  • Battle Couple with Axel, once he arrived on the Minerva after Break The World.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Showed up just in time to save Bryan when he'd overextended himself at Break The World. This resulted in her earning the Legion of Valor, the Joint Strike Force's highest decoration.
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: When at Carpentaria on liberty, she's shown to be a lightweight. Seeing how she's in her late teens and weighs a hundred pounds soaking wet, this is somewhat understandable.
  • Character Development: Started off as a naive young girl who hadn't flown a combat sortie, and was a major Lacus Clyne Fangirl. Matured into a seasoned combat pilot over the course of the story.
  • Custom Uniform of Sexy: Her ZAFT uniform had a rather revealing miniskirt, which took Bryan all of ten seconds to call out for being very nonmilitary. Her Joint Strike Force uniform's skirt, while not nearly as blatant, is still shorter than regulation and slit to the hip.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: She carries the SEED Factor, giving her access to abilities beyond most pilots. When she first awakens it, she flies headfirst into a quartet of the Remnant's best and proceeds to slaughter the lot of them, saving Bryan's hide in the process
  • Ensign Newbie : Started out as a test pilot for the Kestrel Wizard who'd never flown in combat.
  • Fangirl for Lacus Clyne, big time. In the opening thread, she has to restrain herself from squeeing when Cagalli shows up, and she still styled her hair and dress after Lacus through Break The World. Bryan notes that she's catching flak from the crew for it, and discusses it with her. Afterwords, she gets a handle on it, tones it down, and matures. That maturity certainly doesn't stop her from squeeing when she meets Lacus in person at Aprilius One in the wake of the Battle of Armory One
  • It Gets Easier : Got her first kill in the immediate aftermath of the raid on Armory One, and was clearly shaken by it even though the pilot was a member of Blue Cosmos. Three months of constant combat flying later, she isn't shaken anymore.
  • Ms. Fanservice: While not often commented on in game, off duty she does prefer to wear revealing clothing, and on duty her uniforms tend to have skirts that are most certainly not regulation
  • Tranquil Fury: When her SEED Factor awakens, she enters a calm, rational state, with reflexes unmatched by anyone else and a very clear head.

Ensign later Lieutenant Junior Grade Aaron Jast (GM Ace)

As the son of a Coordinator mother and a Natural father Aaron was born naturally and is one of the limited number of those who carry Coordinator-grade enhancements without having being personally modified himself. This was a relatively meaningless distinction in the Blue Cosmos-influenced Atlantic Federation, and for most of Aaron's life he and his family shouldered the burden of keeping secrets that could get them all killed. Lacking the resources to flee to ORB and unable to go to ZAFT because of family history Aaron was mostly resolved to a hunted existence until he learned of Terminal's actions in the Valentine War and the subsequent creation of the Combined Task Force. Resolving to actually do something about the state of the world he enlisted in OMNI with the express intent of joining the multinational force, although he did not graduate until after the CTF had been replaced with the Joint Strike Force.

Aaron had only recently arrived on Armory One to receive his first assignment when it was raided. After rushing into the cockpit of the nearest mobile suit Aaron found himself on the Minerva, and has been a hardworking pilot for the Fourth since its haphazard formation. Started in a GAT-02J Dagger, then moved into one of the JMW-01A Centurions, then into one of the more advanced JMW-03S Legionnaires, and culminated in his assignment to the ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam.


  • Bash Brothers: They didn't plan for it, but Aaron and Wade were this. Partly it's because Wade had a habit of looking out for younger pilots like Aaron, but mostly its just because their fighting styles meshed together really well, coupled with a similar taste in targets (they both focus on whatever's being escorted during Phantom Pain escort missions, for instance).
  • Battle Couple with Lyn after Carpentaria. Not that either of them saw it coming.
  • Catchphrase: "We save everyone we can, by killing anyone we have to." This is how he justifies the killing he's had to do, as well as stating his belief than only action can change the world.
  • Ensign Newbie: Had never flown a single combat mission when Armory One was raided. He jumped into the nearest Dagger, took off, and has been flying ever since with the Minerva crew. He seems to be doing well, since he was assigned the Saviour after Trey left.
  • Fragile Speedster: His piloting style tends to put the emphasis on speed and agility, and his choice of equipment has reflected that. Even when he's avoided picking a speedster load-out he's never gone for the heavily armored variety. Might qualify for Lightning Bruiser now that he's flying the Saviour and has VPS armor, but that still hasn't stopped him from returning with a wrecked suit now and again.
  • Grease Monkey: One of his out-of-combat quirks is that he likes tinkering with mobile suits, sometimes to the irritation of the ship's official mechanics. In his backstory he actually considered becoming a mechanic before he decided to try to be a combat pilot.
  • Heroes Want Redheads
  • The Idealist: To a point. He views himself as working towards a world where it doesn't matter whether or not your parents decided to tinker with your genes, but has trouble believing that his goal can be achieved within his lifetime. This means he becomes mildly uncomfortable when people like Chairman Durandal are making an idealistic Rousing Speech, thinking of them as unrealistic.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: He's run through by shrapnel during the Battle of Icelandic Orbit. He barely manages to return to the ship before passing out, and the wound is so severe he's taken off the front line for a while.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: After the South American Betrayal, the unveiling of the Destiny Plan, and the disbanding of the JSF, Aaron falls firmly into this camp, finally giving up on achieving any kind of grand future but at the same time staying determined to fight for it.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Not without some consternation. It took him a while to get used to the differences between his old Dagger and his new Centurion, and he was somewhat taken aback when Bryan gave him the Saviour, but he's settled in nicely now.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Half Natural, half Coordinator.
  • The Mutiny: Reacted STRONGLY when OMNI pulled itself out of the JSF and recalled all its pilots. Aaron almost immediately began making noise about defecting and refusing the order, even before Wallace and Bryan made it acceptable to do so.
  • Not Afraid to Die: Oh yeah. He's not a Death Seeker in so far as he doesn't actively go looking for situations than can get him killed, but in dangerous situations he tends to put his own life and whatever he's fighting for on the scales, and on more than one occasion his life has held less weight. Highlights include Break the World, where he went so far as disobeying orders to further break up the Colony Drop and nearly got himself killed in the process, and when he outright refused to play it safe even after Lyn asked him to.
    • Although it hasn't come up in-game yet, Wordof God states that there's a shade of The Atoner to this. During the previous war Aaron was stuck on Earth, and found himself wishing for the Plants to get nuked so that he could go on living. Once the war ended he resolved to never put his own life ahead of others.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Aaron would often deliberately score lower on tests or under-perform at work when he was a civilian to avoid giving away that he has Coordinator heritage. The fact that he doesn't have to do that anymore is part of why he likes being in the JSF so much.
  • Warrior Therapist: Averted as Aaron rarely exchanges words with his opponents at all, never mind the moral debates common in the genre. An acknowledgement of Chu's skill at Kaohsiung after a lengthy duel, an attempt to trigger Aeron's block word at Lodonia, and a parting taunt to Kenshin at Icelandic Orbit accounts for the entirety of his dialogue with the other side.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Wade Hogeboom (ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty)

A newcomer to the JSF and the 4th’s heavy weapons specialist, Wade is a second generation Anglo-Dutch Coordinator, veteran of the Bloody Valentine War and a member of ZAFT’s elite special operations unit FAITH. The son of an accomplished MSOS (Mobile Suit Operating System) software engineer and a retired Copernicus City police inspector, Wade is of mixed Natural and Coordinator heritage. Initially hoping to be a teacher one day, his aspirations changed with the death of his half-brother and his pregnant girlfriend at Junius Seven when it was nuked. He subsequently fought for ZAFT from the Grimaldi Front onward until the massacre at Porta Panama – morally sickened by his comrades’ actions, he resigned from ZAFT in protest and would fight for the remainder of the war initially as part of the Clyne Faction and later Terminal.

At war’s end, Wade returned to the PLANTs with newfound comrades Yzak Joule and Dearka Elsman to face justice: only Chairwoman Canaver’s intervention spared them from the needle. He served in the CTF aboard the Eternal on Bio-CPU raids and made the acquaintance of current Chairman Gilbert Durandal before choosing to return to ZAFT and rebuild his reputation and honorable standing. Prior to his transfer into the JSF, Wade flew with Yzak and Shiho Hahnenfuss from the Rousseau.

Upon Chairman Durandal’s request, Wade transferred into the JSF and joined the Minerva prior to the Mira Ross Incident to bolster their forces. En route to Earth, he was unofficially appointed to FAITH and asked by Durandal to evaluate the 4th Mobile Air Wing’s mental fitness, stamina and morale, with specific focus on Bryan Marshall for reasons yet disclosed. Since his reassignment to the Minerva, Wade has proven himself a reliable pilot bringing a blend of intellect, culture and philosophy combined with a love of big guns and dakka. Recently, he’s revealed his secret mission to most of the Minerva’s pilots and his membership in FAITH is now official. He also cultivated a short-lived friendship with Lucius Crassius prior to his untimely demise at the Battle of Icelandic Orbit, leaving him with a lot of unanswered questions. In the two months following the end of the Junius War and Bryan's near-assassination of Lord Dibrijil, Wade has begun questioning all he had believed about his friend Chairman Durandal and is convinced that Crassius' warnings of a plot to set up the JSF have merit.

He initially piloted a JMW-03S Legionnaire equipped with the anti-MS Cerberus Wizard pack until the Battle of Lodonia; since the attack on Armory One, he’s piloted a limited production JMW-07H Aiglos, a creation of Sheryl Campbell’s tailor-made for his More Dakka sensibilities.


  • Badass Bookworm: Often found reading in his off-duty hours alongside listening to classical music and was originally planning to become a teacher of literature or history. He's also a veteran of the First Bloody Valentine War, survived two instances of a Cyclops System being detonated and pilots one of the most heavily armed mobile suits in-game.
  • Bash Brothers: With Aaron Jast from the Battle of Lodonia up to the Battle of Icelandic Orbit.
  • BFG: The "Bison" shoulder beam cannon on the Legionnaire's Cerberus Wizard (initially) and the Aiglos' dual-phase shoulder cannons (currently).
  • Conspiracy Theorist: In light of Chairman Durandal's prompt to extra-judiciously assassinate Lord Dibrijil and Bryan's near-successful attempt to carry out said prompt, Wade has begun to show definite shades of this, most notably creating a sealed file where he's stored word documents and audio recordings which include a near-complete recollection of Lucius Crassius' warning prior to the invasion of Heaven's Base, Durandal's covert prompt and Wade's deep guilt over feeling he's been the inadvertent catalyst of many of the 4th's misfortunes including Bryan's Heroic BSoD after Heaven's Base.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar: Often speaks of literature, philosophy and a love of theater while off-duty. He's very excited when Lucius Crassius gifts him with an authentic manuscript of The Count of Monte Cristo. His passing knowledge of psychology is weaponized at the Battle of Heaven's Base, where he accidentally utters Extended Aeron Adda's Block Word in response to the man's constant usage of penis-related jokes.
  • Heroic BSoD: Has a brief one at Lodonia when Connor Sinclair is "outed" as the traitor. He's calmed down by Bryan afterwards, however.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Starts out with a Legionnaire (commonly equipped with the anti-MS Cerberus Wizard pack) and upgrades to the limited-production Aiglos (equipped with a pair of shoulder cannons which can alternate between plasma beams and railguns).
  • Mighty Glacier: The Aiglos certainly qualifies: despite being one of the less maneuverable and slower mobile suits in-game, its makes up for it with a blend of More Dakka, Beam Spam and Macross Missile Massacre (the latter on a smaller scale than the first two).
  • Mixed Ancestry: Half Natural, half Coordinator, and rather proud of it.
  • More Dakka: Wade is a firm believer in this trope given he's the Minerva's resident heavy weapons man. As of post-Icelandic Orbit, he's joined by Marn Soral and the two men bond almost immediately.
  • Not Afraid to Die: The below-mentioned instance notwithstanding, Wade has expressed a willingness to sacrifice his life to either ensure that the younger pilots aboard the Minerva have a better chance of survival or to ensure the continued survival of the JSF/ZAFT.
  • Taking the Bullet: At the Battle of Lodonia, Aaron and Lyn are in danger of getting blasted to shreds by a Scylla blast fired by Aeron when Wade takes the blast, crippling his Legionnaire but not enough to keep him down.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to Aeron Adda but gets a Shut Up, Kirk! in response.
  • The Smart Guy

Ensign later Lieutenant Axel Adelmar (Midnight Beowulf)

Axel was born in ORB to a wealthy Morgenrate executive. He lost both of his parents during the OMNI assault on ORB late in the Valentine War. Blaming Uzumi Nara Atha for their death, he left ORB for greener pastures in the PLANTs, where he enrolled in the ZAFT Academy. At the Academy, he met Meer Campbell, where he intervened on her behalf against a few other cadets that were making fun of her for how much she looked like Lacus. The two quickly hit it off and were soon dating while at the Academy. Axel barely missed the end of the Valentine War, graduating just after Second Jachin. With his high scores, he was given choice of assignment fresh out of the gate, and he elected to go special operation. He flew with ZAFT's Steel Wolves during the Combined Task Force. Most of the Steel Wolves signed on for the Joint Strike Force, where they were assigned to Fourth Detachment, Second Special Operations Group. He met Lyn Mason in 4 Det, with whom he shared a brief, intimate night. He was also forced to kill his friend and commander in the Fourth, as Kyosuke had killed a teammate in pursuit of his target, and was completely OK with it. Was a test pilot for the Centurion line alongside Lyn when Break The World came about. He joined up with the Minerva immediately after Break The World, and has been flying with the Fourth ever since. He is eventually promoted to become Bryan's second in command. With the return of Vincent after Icelandic Orbit, even though Vincent was assigned as the Exec, Bryan made it clear he expects Axel to stay involved at the Command level, signifying the trust he has in Axel. Started life in a JMW-01 Centurion, advancing to a JMW-03S Legionnaire, and now flies the close combat specialist JMW-06S Gladiator.


  • Battle Couple with Meer after he arrived on the Minerva in the wake of Break The World.
  • Berserk Button: Uzumi Nara Atha. He views the former ORB Premier as an idealistic fool that allowed his homeland of ORB to be invaded for no good reason, hence why Axel moved to PLANT. He and Lyn would regularly go at it, since the sniper fled to ORB to escape Blue Cosmos. Given current trends, though, he will readily admit that Uzumi's daughter, Cagalli Yula Atha, is doing a fine job as the Premier.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His early backstory essentially mirrors that of Shinn Asuka in the original series, in that he emigrated to the PLANTs following the death of his parents. It gets worse. When his best friend and commanding officer Kyosuke placed himself above the mission and shot one of their teammates in cold blood simply to destroy the enemy unit said teammate was fighting, Axel confronted him about it. And ended up killing him. This is unknown even to Meer.
  • Expy: Visually he is a fusion of Gai Murakumo from the Astray manga combined with Axel Almer from Super Robot Wars Alpha/OG. The name is not a coincidence, nor is his distinct preference for melee combat...or his color of choice.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Initially assigned to both the Second SOG and later the Fourth Wing as their close combat specialists. He arms up with swords balanced for just the right edge against mobile suits more often than not, and his Gladiator mobile suit is tailor-made towards this fighting style.
  • The Lancer : After several combats where both his personal skill and tactical advice make a difference, he grows into this to Bryan. Still holds on to it when Vincent returns, despite the older pilot's Command-level experience
  • Love Triangle: Sort of. He's been dating Meer since the Academy, but never told anyone in the Second SOG he had a steady girl back home. Lyn took that as an invitation, one thing lead to another, and they ended up in bed. Afterwords, he told Lyn he had a girl, and she broke it off. This came back to bite him, big time, when he ended up assigned to the same ship as both Meer and Lyn.
  • Red Baron: During his time in the Combined Task Force, he got the callsign 'The White Wraith' hung on him by Buckshot Martens for his rapid, come out of nowhere combat style. It carried over when he later joined the Joint Strike Force. On a related note, his machines tend to be colored white and light blue.
  • Taking the Bullet: During Operation Ratcatcher, Aeron had fired his Scylla at the shuttle Axel had just forced to surrender on the principle of the Seirans dead was better than the Seirans in custody, at least for Phantom Pain. Axel jumped in front of it and took the shot, causing crippling damage to his own unit. He was later awarded the Colonial Cross for it.

Ensign Lyn Mason (Redshirt)

A first generation Coordinator born in San Diego during the height of anti-Coordinator sentiment. She never understood why it was a big deal, and wasn't careful enough. She betrayed her nature as a Coordinator, and Blue Cosmos descended on her family. The Masons were forced to flee for their lives from the Atlantic Federation, narrowly escaping a Blue Cosmos hit squad as they fled. They eventually reached the sanctuary of the ORB Union, where they found a home. Lyn was a fierce patriot of ORB after what they'd been through, and entered the ORB Defense Force as soon as she was old enough. She volunteered for the Joint Strike Force at graduation, joining the Fourth Detachment, Second Special Operations Group, alongside Axel Adelmar. She worked closely with Axel, often providing the ZAFT close-combat specialist with fire support. This culminated as they spent a passionate night together on liberty, after which Axel confessed that he had a steady girl back home. Lyn shrugged it off and moved on. When her rotation in the Second was up, she ended up as a test pilot for the new JMW-01 Centurion on Kaguya. In the aftermath of Break The World, she was assigned to the Minerva as a second sharpshooter to back up Yuzuki Ohayashi. Started life in a Centurion, then picked up the new JMW-04S Sagittarius sniper specialist unit.


  • Battle Couple with Aaron after they started dating.
  • Berserk Button: The Atlantic Federation. Lyn was born in the Atlantic Federation during the second major wave of anti-Coordinator sentiment. Her entire family was forced to flee for their lives when it was discovered that Lyn and her twin sister were Coordinators, and were almost killed by Blue Cosmos before they reached the safety of ORB. Lyn took it personally
  • Cold Sniper : She's the Fourth Wing's surviving sharpshooter. In combat, she focuses on her targets and nothing else matters.
  • Fiery Redhead
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Emphasis on the 'party' vice the 'drinking' She likes to have a good time on liberty, something noted by more than a few of her teammates over the years.
  • Heroic BSoD: After getting smacked down hard by Chu at the Mira Ross Incident, Lyn barely manages to land her mobile suit, much less hold it together. Aaron notices and quickly gets her out of there and helps her pull it together.
  • Jerkass: Only if you were from the Alliance. Her attitude towards OMNI had boiled down to Kill ’Em All thanks to her childhood experiences, and she responded with an Ice Queen attitude towards OMNI pilots in the JSF. After more than a few drinks, she ends up in bed with Aaron, who shows her that not everyone in OMNI is a monster.
  • Oh, Crap!: Lyn's reaction to Chu at the Mira Ross Incident. Seeing how Chu had just awakened her SEED Factor, was inside the arc of Lyn's heavy weapons, and was in a close-combat unit that could deflect the bulk of Lyn's weapons, one can understand how that might've happened.

Lieutenant Junior Grade later Lieutenant Connor Sinclair (Blaze)

An old hand from OMNI, Connor was on Armory One during the Azrael's raid, but wasn't quite able to make it to a mobile suit in time to respond. He was on the transports that ferried supplies and equipment out to the Minerva simply because he was available as a pilot to reinforce the ad-hoc and understrength squadron. It worked out for the Fourth Wing.

Connor was a tanker when he Valentine War broke out, fighting in Africa against the Waltfeld team. Managing to survive the bloody mess in Africa, he was promoted into the new mobile suit corps. There he served as a Strike Dagger pilot pilot and flew in every battle OMNI fought in - including the invasion of ORB and the assault on Boaz - during the War. Following the War, he missed the Combined Task Force, but did sign on with the Joint Strike Force upon its formation. He showed up in a GAT-02J Joint Dagger, and has been in a JMW-03S Legionnaire since Break The World. He's been one of the most reliable pilots in the Wing.


  • Action Survivor: He's been at every engagement the Fourth Wing has been involved in since the Debris Belt Action. While he doesn't have the flash of pilots like Meer and Bryan, he's no slouch, as shown by his ability to survive repeated sorties against Extended and Gundams
  • Badass Normal: The only true Natural left in the Fourth Wing, since Bryan is a Newtype. At least, until Mira shows up on the Minerva
  • Enemy Mine: He was a loyal soldier of OMNI right to the end of the Valentine War, fighting Terminal as well as ZAFT. He still resents Terminal's interference, and actively dislikes several of the people he has to work with while scoffing at their ideals. He'd likely have left the JSF when ordered to without regrets, except he saw the evidence linking Phantom Pain to Break the World.
  • Red Herring: Was framed by a Phantom Pain spy for being a traitor to the Joint Strike Force and selling out the Coalition around the Battle of Lodonia. Later cleared of all charges when the False Flag was discovered.
  • Tank Goodness: Survived action against ZAFT's Waltfeld team as a tanker.

Ensign Melissa Ishma (Kite Ishma)

A ZAFT pilot who signed on with the Joint Strike Force to avenge her brother's death.
  • Dramatic Irony: Her brother was Not Quite Dead instead of dead, and he had been conditioned by Blue Cosmos, and served them as a Combat Coordinator. He was killed at The Battle of Lodonia, and no one in the Coalition ever found out that he was still alive, or that his sister had a hand in his death.
  • Fangirl for Heine Westenfluss

Ensign Marn Soral (GM ace)

An OMNI veteran of the previous war who started off in linear tanks, went on to pilot mobile suits for the EA all the way to the end of the Second Battle of Jachin Due, and proceeded to serve in the CTF and JSF. Unfortunately for a lot of people he was not among those OMNI pilots who disobeyed the order to pull out of the JSF: his unit was deep in Atlantic Federation territory at the time and never received the evidence that Phantom Pain had been involved in Break the World. Marn went on to serve in the Phantom Pain himself as part of an Earth-based detachment, largely fighting defensive battles against encroaching ZAFT forces, although he actually clashed with the Minerva and her crew at the Battle of Kaohsiung. When the existence of LOGOS was revealed, however, Marn and several like-minded pilots revolted and defected back to the JSF. For the first time Marn finds himself a traitor in a legal sense, and now he's been rushed to reinforce a unit he was locked in a do-or-die battle with just a few months ago. Currently piloting a JMW-03S Legionnaire


  • Adult Fear: He has two daughters, aged 13 and 11. After the April Fool Crisis, the threat of GENESIS, Break the World, and having seen how such a young girl can be warped (he saw Mina at Kaohsiung and helped kill her at Heaven's Base, it is probably a minor miracle that he hasn't gone completely gray or just killed everyone in sight just to be on the safe side.
  • The Atoner: Largely Averted. Marn just doesn't feel very sorry for his time in Phantom Pain. Not that he doesn't take on the responsibility for his actions, but he genuinely feels he did the best he could with the information he had at the time. He is bothered by having allowed himself to get distracted when he had suspicions about the Seraphim's Extended, though.
  • Ensign Newbie: No. He had climbed the ranks of OMNI, CTF/JSF, and Phantom Pain and reached Lt. Commander, but got busted back down to Ensign upon returning to the JSF because he was a defector. He's not really bothered by it, most of the time.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: He was with one of the 'bad guys' in the last war, the 'good guys' before the current war started, the new batch of 'bad guys' for months, and now he's returned to the 'good guys'.
  • Insistent Terminology: He continues to address Major Mira Ross as 'Captain', her Phantom Pain rank, as an expression of distaste for both her actions and her seemingly generous treatment post-defection.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Could be just acting a part for his Secret Test of Character hobby, but it's also pretty likely that he's just too blunt (and enjoys messing with people too much) to NOT be an actual jerk who just happens to be a loving husband, doting father, and steadfast companion at the same time.
  • More Dakka: Oh yes. It worked against mobile suits when driving tanks, and it still works now.
  • The Mutiny: His Phantom Pain unit was at a certain base on Earth when the revelation about LOGOS was broadcast. That base is now a smoldering series of craters and rubble piles. There is no such thing as a coincidence in this case.
  • Papa Wolf: A more literal example than usual for the game, as Marn is the only combat pilot in the 4th who has children. Threatening them nets a rather negative reaction. This is not necessarily always a good thing: his family were lucky to survive Break the World but the event likely helped scare Marn into leaving the JSF, and an extension of this instinct led to him punching and threatening Mira Ross after Mina Lee's death.
  • Secret Test of Character: Inordinately fond of them, particularly when he first joined the Minerva and nobody but Marshall knew who he was. He casually dropped hints about having been in Phantom Pain without openly saying so, as if it didn't matter, then took note of how people reacted. Supposedly he also liked testing people during his first time in the JSF, but back then it was with Coordinators he saw as too smug about their abilities.

Lieutenant Commander Vincent St. Spade (ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty)

An ORB pilot and former Navy Seaman, Vincent was one of the first to test pilot the M1 Astray (largely due to his mother's connection to Morgenroete) and first fought in defense of his country when the Alliance invaded and later fought for Terminal for the remainder of the war. It was while he flew with Terminal and the CTF raiding Bio-CPU labs that he made the acquaintance and friendship of Bryan Marshall. After transferring into the Reserves for a period to do some soul-searching, Vincent eventually joined the JSF and was testing the Kestrel Wizards at Armory One when the Muruta Azrael raided the facility and stole the Chaos, Abyss and Gaia.

He was one of the seven pilots that made up the Minerva's initial complement and served as an interim XO. Upon arriving at Orb, however, Vincent was promoted to full Lieutenant and awarded the XO position on a permanent basis. His tenure was limited, however; Vincent was transferred to Carpentaria after Operation Ratcatcher.

Following a brief stint as a training officer at Carpentaria, Vincent was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of Waywind Squadron flying off the destroyer Sentinel. By the time post-Battle of Armory One, he’s become one of the JSF's top pilots and grown into a more seasoned command officer. He reunites briefly with the Minerva's pilots at an awards ceremony for some of their pilots before the Battle of Icelandic Orbit – where his squadron gets massacred, his ship is destroyed by the Seraphim's crew and he's the first to see his former protégé, Aaron Jast critically wounded.

Although still coping with the trauma he's endured (and filled with a burning desire for revenge), Vincent has returned to the Minerva and resumed his original position as XO at Bryan Marshall's request, though both acknowledge that he's essentially splitting the difference with Axel. He initially piloted a ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom equipped with the Kestrel Wizard before upgrading to the ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam. From his time in Waywind Squadron to his return to the Minerva before the Battle of Heaven's Base, he piloted a JMW-03S Legionnaire. After his Legionnaire is trashed beyond repair, Vincent is given the JMW-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam.

  • Determinator: As of Heaven's Base, this has become his signature piloting trait: he won't quit even if his mobile suit has been blown down to an arm.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: He's a Coordinator and in a third-generation Legionnaire spends the entirety of Heaven's Base going toe-to-toe with the Destroy Gundam and fending off an attack from the Legacy Gundam: both of which are fourth-generation mechs. Even though his Legionnaire is trashed afterwards, Vincent himself survives to fight another day.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Averted. When presented with the Infinite Justice, the successor mech to Athrun Zala's ZGMF-X09A Justice, one of Vincent's arguments against being assigned the suit is that he isn't melee oriented like Athrun was or Axel is (who is his preferred choice as the pilot). He's eventually sold on the idea by Athrun, Axel and Bryan's full confidence.
  • Hero of Another Story: In the time since he transferred off the Minerva, Vincent was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, commanded his own squadron and put a noticeable dent into a Phantom Pain carrier group. He's also grown in terms of command ability and confidence to the point where he's stated to be alongside Bryan, "Mad Mal" Parsons and "Buckshot" Martens.
  • Heroic BSoD: Vincent suffers a big one following the Battle of Icelandic Orbit - though the loss of his squadron and ship hurt him, it was seeing Aaron with a large piece of shrapnel in his gut that leads to his freakout. He gets better, though.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: He gets two of these in-story: first, he upgrades from a broken ZAKU Phantom to the Saviour, then he upgrades from a scrapped Legionnaire to the Infinite Justice.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Half-Natural, half-Coordinator.
  • The Lancer: Was originally this to Bryan before his transfer and since his return, now shares this spot with Axel, though he knows that Axel is Bryan's true "Number One".
  • The Mentor: Was this to Aaron from The Armory One Raid up to The Blockade Run. Though brief, it left a deep mark on both of them to the point where Vincent suffers a Heroic BSoD upon first seeing Aaron critically wounded.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kane Matthews (VTyphoon)

A former OMNI pilot, Kane rejected the order to return after the existence of LOGOS was revealed, accepting amnesty in ORB. As a show of gratitude, he joined up with their military in order to lift OMNI's blockade of the island nation, subsequently rejoining the JSF.


  • 10-Minute Retirement: Resigned from the JSF on abandoning OMNI, only to fold back in once he started flying with ORB.
  • Dare to Be Badass: His stepfather, an AF mechanic, told him he wouldn't survive one day in the military. Kane took that as a challenge.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Even in his internal monologue, showing a particular preference for "sugar" as an expletive.

    Chimera Corps Mobile Suit Assault Group 

Formed in the wake of the Battle of Heaven's Base, the force is comprised of the surviving members of Phantom Pain under the command of ZAFT commanders, with recruits from the Eurasian Federation. The stated goal of the organization is the implementation of ZAFT Chairman Durandal's Destiny Plan.

General Tropes include:

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Phantom Pain pilots, who were part of an anti-Coordinator organization, find themselves demoted and working with some of the people they had previously been trying to kill. ZAFT members need to work with people who already have entrenched loyalties and teams, and who attempted nuclear attacks on a PLANT.
  • Villain Team-Up

Major Mira Ross (Strikex15a/Sovereign)

One of OMNI's finest pilots during the Valentine War, Mira was assigned to the very first training squadron for the GAT-01A1 Daggers during the Valentine War, training alongside many pilots, including one Valon Tiyo, under OMNI ace Bryan Marshall. She rapidly hit it off with Bryan, and the pair started dating soon thereafter. Her training squadron eventually went operational, with her being assigned to an air wing out of Ptolemaois while Bryan remained at Azraechel. The pair both tried to get a transfer to a unit to be colocated, but it couldn't happen.

Mira's world was then shattered when she discovered the wreckage of Bryan's Moebius Zero in space just off Ptolemaois, where all appearances indicated he'd been ambushed on patrol. Bryan hadn't been able to communicate to her that he was joining the Eighth Fleet in rebellion and was faking his death, and she thought he was truly dead. Joining Blue Cosmos, Mira flew at Second Jachin to defend the Peacemaker Force from ZAFT and Terminal. After the failure of the OMNI assault on PLANT, she threw in her lot with the Agrippa force. She was one of the first Lord Djibril pulled out of Blue Cosmos and out of the line of fire from the Combined Task Force, to join the new Phantom Pain. She lead the raid on Armory One, and later ran heavy interference during the Joint Strike Force's effort to stop the fall of Junius Seven. Flew a TS-MA4 Exus, then took possession of the GAT-X 105 E Strike E.

She continued to lead the Seraphim det through a series of running engagements against the Minerva. She eventually discovers that Bryan is still alive, and begins to question everything she'd done since she thought he was dead. This culminates in the Mira Ross Incident, where she defects to the Coalition. After leading the Minerva straight to Lodonia Island and Phantom Pain's illegal research labs, she is grabbed up by the Intelligence types. Secluded on Armory One for her debrief, she then moved to PLANT following the threat of nuclear assault on the Joint Strike Force's starside bastion.

During her debrief at PLANT, Chairman Durandel persuaded her to join ZAFT. She reappears during the Battle of Armory One to save the JSF HQ in the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam Following Armory One, she is assigned to augment the Minerva and remains onboard, under Bryan's command where she continues to fight until the conclusion of the Battle of Heaven's Base.

However, in the wake of the battle, she is next seen greeting Blaine with Durandal, revealing that she is now a member of the Chimera Corps.


  • The Atoner after she defects to the Coalition
  • Badass Normal: Survived the entire Valentine War, including Terminal's Gundam forces at Second Jachin, as a plain old Natural, and continues to be one of the best pilots out there. She's such a good pilot, she's chosen to fly the Destiny Gundam over a slew of Coordinators, including Heine Westenfluss
  • The Dark Side Will Make You Forget: Djibril counted on this when he took her in. He knew that she'd only turned to Blue Cosmos to avenge her first great love, and the knowledge that he was still alive would likely cause serious conflict. As such, he held all knowledge of the Joint Strike Force's personnel from her in the belief that her hate would make her forget. He was right on both counts - she had forgotten her old life, and the knowledge that Bryan was still alive did send her away from Blue Cosmos
  • The Dragon to Djibril
  • Everyone Went to School Together: Was in the first class of OMNI mobile suit pilots as a student alongside Vadik, with Bryan as their lead instructor
  • Face–Heel Revolving Door: Her faith in Djibril was substituted for faith in Durandel [[spoliler: who now has her out to eliminate the JSF that she was a part of.]]
  • Fallen Hero: Mira was one of OMNI's most promising and talented young pilots, and was on track to become a staunch defender of the innocent. Finding Bryan 'dead' pushed her to devote herself to avenge him.
  • Heel–Face Turn when she discovers that Bryan is still alive
  • Love Makes You Crazy: The thought that her boyfriend Bryan had fallen to ZAFT pushed her from a professional into a Blue Cosmos member to avenge him.
  • The Sixth Ranger: After she defects and joins the Minerva, she becomes this to the Fourth Wing
  • Villain Ball Magnet: Invoked when Bryan rejected her after she defected to the Joint Strike Force.

Ensign Matthias Blaine (Sovereign)

A mercenary who was paid by Djibril and assigned to the Azrael during the Armory One raid, very little is known about his past. He started out in the Seraphim det as just another pilot with a penchant for ambushes until he started to develop a sense of camaraderie with his team, not to mention deeper feelings for Mira Ross. He progressed to become more integral to the squadron, his electronic warfare capabilities helping to cover for the rest of the unit as he learned teamwork He eventually moved up to become Mira's second in command and the two were growing at least partially close.

Then Mira found out Bryan was still alive and her world turned around. Blaine tried to be there for her, but in the end Mira defected from Phantom Pain at the urging of Bryan Marshall. Blaine took this as the highest form of betrayal and tried to kill her and him. When Ross escaped, he took over as the commander of the Seraphim det. He played a dangerous game with Djibril and the rest of the LOGOS overlords, pushing for a rapid end to the war. He was the driving force behind the nuclear attack on Armory One and later lead the defense of the Zamzah-Zah mobile armors at the Battle of Icelandic Orbit.

An infiltration and ambush expert, he started in a GAT-S02R stealth Dagger, then moved into the GAT-S209 Matador electronic warfare unit before switching to the GAT-X207SR Nero Blitz, and then finally to the ZGMF-X666S Legend GUNDAM.


  • Card-Carrying Villain: He openly wants others to see him as a villain, especially after trying to blow up a military base with nuclear weapons after publicly= broadcasting his intentions to the entire planet.
  • Character Development: Started as a selfish mercenary who couldn't have cared less about his team. Developed into a CO who actually gave a damn about his people.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: He's one of the few living Newtypes in the Earth Sphere, and even before his powers awakened he was a highly skilled mercenary.
  • Hired Guns: Started the game as a mercenary, only on the Azrael because he was being paid.
  • Necessarily Evil: Matthias doesn't pretend he has done horrible things during the war, and uses this to help justify his stance against the Joint Strike Force.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Matthias has very much started to feel this way about Bryan after the Mira Ross Incident
  • The Power of Friendship: A rare villainous example, he went from a selfish bastard to a decent human being after being exposed to the bonds formed among an elite team in combat.
  • The Rival: Has a longtime running feud with fellow Newtype and top hand Bryan Marshall
  • The Starscream: Matthias swore he would make Durandal regret for letting him live.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Suffers from one at the Mira Ross Incident. And then again at The Battle of Armory One. Seeing the woman you were starting to fall for turn against you, then almost kill you is not good for your mental health.

Commander Heine Westenfluss (Sovereign)

ZAFT's top gun, a spot he barely edged out Buckshot Martens for, Heine is back in ZAFT fresh off a rotation with the Joint Strike Force. A member of the FAITH special operations unit, he reports directly to Chairman Durandel, and as a result is named commanding officer of the Chimera Corps Mobile Suit Assault Group


Lieutenant Atton Kruschencov (British)

  • The Chess Master: Atton has an extremely analytical attitude, which he utilizes to be critical of both of his peers and opponents.
  • Knight Templar: He is an ardent follower of the George Glenn Society and is willing to help them achieve their goals at all costs.

Ensign Aeron Adda (Nihachi)
""So, he's a precious one to you is he? Maybe I should kill him slowly~"
One of the Extended assigned to the Seraphim Detachment, Aeron's past has been expunged by Blue Cosmos. Certainly the craziest pilot in the Phantom Pain, even by Extended standards. His mental conditioning has caused him to be particularly unstable, and particularly bloodthirsty to the point where he seems disregard the overall strategy to kill whoever has drawn his attention. Stole the ZGMF-X 24 S Chaos Gundam, flew in a GAT-04 Windam until he was assigned to the GAT-X303AA Rosso Aegis.


  • Ax-Crazy, full stop
  • Blood Knight: He doesn't much mind the changes that have made him an Extended, as long as he can keep on killing.
  • Morality Pet: Does actually seem to care about his fellow Extended Mina. This is later used for emotional effect when Mina is killed at Heaven's base. When informed that the only person he actually cares about is dead, Aeron is so broken that he lacks all emotions to grieve except for anger.
    Aeron: “Hey, you bastards! Don’t you let me forget this! Not one second of it, not one thought or feeling. Don’t take that from me. Let me keep it, just this once! Let it fester and rise, and allow me SUCH PERFECT HATRED! No more playing. No more games. Let me have this, and you will see killing the likes of which you’ll never see again!”
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: His writer has actually apologized for it more than once.
  • Shut Up, Kirk!: Given in response to a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Wade.
  • Super Soldier: Goes hand-in-hand with being an Extended
  • The Nicknamer: Tends to come up with odd nicknames for enemy machines, such as calling the Savior "Red Boy" and the Glory "Whitehead"

Lieutenant Chu Hong (Kagezuchi)

An OMNI pilot from the Republic of East Asia who signed on with Phantom Pain at their 'official' creation in the wake of Break The World. Flew a GAT-05A Strikeblade until she was assigned to one of the new GAT-09S Avengers and then later given the CAT-X148A Legacy Gundam.


Kenshin Juunjigatana (Nihachi)

How many will speak out when OMNI is gone, and the JSF is ZAFT's action arm, free to burn my country, my home, my family? Am I to trust the mercy of the people who have every inclination to do just that? No, and that gives me the conviction to let me see this through.

The second son of an old, purity obsessed, aristocratic family in the Republic of East Asia, Kenshin joined the military as a way to differentiate himself from his family and do something of worth. Initially a desk jockey, he applied to join the Mobile Suit Corps, with his progress secretly guided by his family. In the wake of the Break the World incident, he applies for transfer to the 81st, known to the rest of OMNI as the Phantom Pain not knowing that it is a front for LOGOS, and joins them in time for the defense of Kaoshiung.

It isn't until the advent of the Mira Ross incident that learns of Phantom Pain's involvement in Armory One and Break the World, forcing him to reconcile the actions of LOGOS and their importance in defending his homeland. In the wake of the Mira Ross incident Kenshin is promoted to Lieutenant, and Executive Officer under Blaine in the wake of the Mira Ross Incident, and takes command of Bravo Wing. Since losing his initial innocence Kenshin has slowly become more confident and ruthless.

This new personality led him to be initially suspicious in the wake of some of the revelations he discovered as Blaine's second in command. After discovering that JSF tech is used in his new Eurasian built machine, and that an entire OMNI fleet was promised protection if they stood down he becomes convinced that there is something going on between ZAFT and the Eurasian Federation, though he is unable to convince anyone else.

This is later proven to be accurate, and he joins the newly formed Chimera Corps to dig deeper into its plan and its reach.

Begins flying a GAT-05S Strikeblade, and is eventually assigned to the new GAT-09S Avenger.Later upgraded to the CAT-X128A Absolution Gundam


  • Action Survivor: He is admittedly not the best pilot in the Chimera Corps (easily behind Chu and the Extended) but has fought far superior pilots and machines and has survived.
  • Badass Normal : An unaugmented Natural, at first he survived numerous battles against Born Winner Coordinators, Super Mode SEED Factor carriers, and Psychic Powers Newtypes with superior machines in a mere Strikeblade. He gets by with advanced Phantom Pain defensive technology.
  • Barrier Warrior: Has typically used machines with extensive defensive systems, first with the Avenger and then the Absolution.
  • Cassandra Truth: Correctly guessed the partnership between ZAFT and the Eurasian Federation. While he tries to delicately suggest the link to his squad-mates, no one believes him.
  • Even Morally Ambiguous Characters Have Standards: Has extreme qualms about using strategic weaponry on a PLANT, though he eventually goes along with it. Even more so after it fails.
  • The Lancer: Once Mira defects and Blaine is appointed to command the Seraphim det, he is promoted to second in command and becomes this to Blaine.
  • Meaningful Name: The Absolution. Absolution is the forgiveness of sin after making an act of contrition.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Eventually his answer upon learning of the horrors Phantom Pain has committed.
    • Though how this will not manifest as a member of the CC is uncertain.
  • Precision F-Strike: Allows one by when Durandel identifies the 81st to the world as the ones who killed Baum, and interfered with the Joint Strike Force's efforts to stop Break The World.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Cumulative. Started out riding a desk, and then to an Ensign Newbie who didn't know the correct striker pack he needed and openly showed fanboy tendencies over seeing a Zamza-Zah deployed for the first time, to a very capable pilot. And now, he's even been assigned a Gundam and held even with Bryan Marshall.
  • Undying Loyalty: To the REA. And it would do you well not to forget.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist : Started out as one, thinking that Phantom Pain was simply a Special Forces team for OMNI. Then he heard the accusations that the Joint Strike Force was leveling against Phantom Pain, and Character Development ensued.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sakuya Miyamoto (Kagezuchi)

A Eurasian pilot in the Phantom Pain who joined up to be on the front line of the defense of her homeland. Flies a GAT-06S Enforcer. She is far, far more than merely another pilot. At the Battle of Icelandic Orbit, she has access to security protocols sufficient to permit the OMNI Admiral commanding the Fourth Fleet to surrender, despite the presence of a Phantom Pain 'overseer' on his bridge. It is later revealed she works directly for Johan van Habsburg as one of his trusted agents.


Ensign Soren Damascus (Kite Ishma)


Lieutenant Junior Grade Leon Killian (Reikakou)

A pilot who swore revenge after the Break the World incident took the lives of his adopted family. He wants revenge against ZAFT for not stopping the Zala Remnant and the JSF for, what he percieved, to have wasted the sacrifices from the first war, and the insufficient effort in stopping Break the World due to their idealism.


  • Death Seeker: Initially comes off as such
  • Revenge: Claims that this is his primary motivator, and that he is simply using Phantom Pain and its members as disposable tools. This is complicated by the fact that at least two members currently onboard the Seraphim (Aeron and Mathias) had a part in Break the World. There are also subtle hints that he is conflicted about treating other members of the 81st the same way.

    Other Coalition Characters 

PLANT Council Chairman Gilbert Durandel

The Chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council and an ardent supporter of the Joint Strike Force. Durandel ascended to the Chairman's position following Eileen Canaver's decision to retire from politics. A world-class genetecist, public speaker, and negotiator, he has been crucial in the endless propaganda war waged between the Coalition and the Alliance.


  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Heavily subverted after it becomes clear what he does to his enemies.
  • Omniscient Council of Vagueness: Just before the Coalition set out for Heaven's Base, he was seen reporting to one
  • The Man Behindthe Man: The George Glenn Society to Gilbert Durandal.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure : His reaction to the Alliance leaving the Joint Strike Force, and the subsequent refusal of almost all OMNI personnel in the JSF to go back, was to offer them positions in ZAFT. He has been calm and levelheaded, always approaching the problem of the week rationally.

ORB Union Premier Cagalli Yula Atha

The Premier of the ORB Union, Lady Atha is a headstrong politician who holds her country together through being a sheer Determinator. The death of her brother Kira at Second Jachin left her briefly a wreck, in which she sought comfort in the arms of Athrun Zala. The news of the Agrippa snapped her out of her funk, and she quickly matured into a dependable and capable head of state for the ORB Union. She held as true as she could to ORB's neutrality, but unlike her father she fully recognized that ORB couldn't just insulate itself entirely from the world. Instead, she threw her support to Dietrich Baum's Combined Task Force, going after those who had more or less declared the ideals of ORB were to be destroyed by their hands. Despite her youth, politicians in both ORB and at large represent her sense of realpolitik and her ability to negotiate compromises that both sides find amicable. Her relationship with Athrun Zala has moved into far more serious territory, and many of the paparazzi are speculating if and when they will tie the knot.


Earth Alliance President Dietrich Baum

A Eurasian known as the last truly honest man in Alliance politics, President Baum took over the Presidency in the wake of the Valentine War. He managed to successfully get Blue Cosmos out of Alliance politics through his force of personality and political savvy. He was the one who forced through the resolution to bring ZAFT and ORB into the hunt for the Agrippa. In that sense, the Combined Task Force was his brainchild, as was the Joint Strike Force. He was one the fiercest proponent of the Coalition to destroy the forces of terror and bigotry that plagued the Earth Sphere, and was widely beloved by the people of Eurasia. He was on a surprise inspection of Armory One when the Phantom Pain raided the fortress, and was killed in the crossfire.


  • Big Good: At least, he was until his death. Now he is remembered as this for those in the Earth Alliance who disagree with Copeland's policies.
  • Hero of Another Story: He was the primary drive behind the formation of both the Combined Task Force and the Joint Strike Force, through shrewd negotiation. This was almost 2 years ago by the time the game timeline started.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Killed off within the two hours of ingame time.

Vice Admiral Kevin Wallace

The military commander of the Joint Strike Force, Kevin Wallace was Lewis Halberton's trusted the second-in-command of OMNI's Eighth Orbital Fleet in the Valentine War. When Halberton died, he named Captain Murrue Ramius his successor as the supreme military commander of the Terminal Alliance. Wallace did not object, and was satisfied with his role as the commander of the OMNI component of Terminal. He was appointed by Baum as the leader of the Combined Task Force after the War, and was unanimously voted by all three national leaders to be the commander of the Joint Strike Force.


  • Boom, Headshot!: Taken out by a Blue Cosmos affiliated sniper during an ambush in downtown Onogoro.
  • The Brigadier: Despite being a three-star admiral, he stays in the field, personnaly commanding the Archangel battle group on top of his duties as the head of the Joint Strike Force. He is also only an advisory member of the Coalition Admiralty Board, not a full voting member.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Far more than most OMNI admirals
  • The Strategist: Sadly not seen as much in the actual Roleplay, but he was the man who ran the Zala Remnant and Blue Cosmos to near extinction.

Captain Talia Gladys

A long-serving officer from ZAFT. She was the Combat Systems Officer on the Heisenberg when the Valentine War started. The Heisenberg was hit in the opening salvos of the War, and she found herself ranking officer in the middle of the battle. She handled herself expertly, and was promoted to command her own Laurasia-class frigate. She was on the line at Boaz, barely escaping with her ship's life from the nuclear assault. She joined Terminal as soon as she saw them doing more to stop the nuclear attack on PLANT. She was promoted to command a Nazca during the Combined Task Force, and later ascended to command the Eternal in the Joint Strike Force. Admiral Wallace handpicked her to command the first of the new strike carriers - the JFS Minerva. Motivated, dedicated, and driven, she is the consumate officer. She knew Gilbert Durandel before the he ascended to the Chairman position.


Dr. Sheryl Campbell

The senior design engineer for the Joint Design Bureau, Sheryl designed all six of the Joint Strike Force's Gundams. Happily Married to her husband Oliver, one of PLAN Ts more noted politicians. At least, she was Happily Married until Aeron took out the shuttle taking him back to PLANT. She quietly requested to stay on the Minerva, hoping that maintaining her Gundams would take her mind off the loss of her husband. She and Bryan find out they have a great deal in common, eventually falling for each other as the War progresses. She doesn't slow down on her designs, though.


    Other Alliance Characters 

Lord Djibril

The leader of LOGOS and one of the key creators of Blue Cosmos


Johan von Habsburg

A Eurasian member of LOGOS, he has been as vocal a critic of Djibril as circumstances permit.


  • Anti-Villain: Johan, above all else, simply seeks to bring major powers to the negotiating table and end the conflict.

    Retired/Dead Player Characters 

Joint Strike Force

Lieutenant Junior Grade Valon Tiyo (Rscythe 26)

A ZAFT pilot who survived the entire Valentine War and self-admitted Blood Knight. Killed Bryan's wing leader at the Grimaldi Front. Joined the Joint Strike Force and the Minerva after Break The World, only to transfer off the Minerva at Carpentaria.

Lieutenant Daniel 'Trey' Smith (zangetsu)

An OMNI pilot in the Joint Strike Force who kept bouncing between Joint Strike units, landing on the Minerva twice. He was initially one of the pilots who reached the ship during the Armory One raid only to be transferred off in the wake of Break The World. He came back at Carpentaria, where he filled in for Vincent as Squadron XO and the pilot of the Saviour Gundam. He transferred off the Minerva again at Victoria, with Axel finally taking over the XO slot on a long-term basis.

Ensign Jessica Troy (Strikex15a)

An OMNI pilot from a long line of military service with the Atlantic Federation, she signed on with the Joint Strike Force as soon as she graduated the Academy. Initially serving on the Archangel under Mal Parsons, she is reassigned to the Minerva at Carpentaria on the recommendation of Admiral Wallace. She joins ZAFT at Victoria when Chairman Durandel offers his amnesty to OMNI pilots in the Joint Strike Force, and is transferred out of the Joint Strike Force and rolls back into ZAFT at Victoria.

Ensign Yuzuki Ohayashi (Moonlite Shadow)

A ZAFT sharpshooter from the Valentine War and one of the Minerva's fire-support specialists. A lone wolf, she is kept mostly to herself on the Minerva from the very beginning until she is killed by Aeron at the Mira Ross Incident

Lieutenant Zxel Isynabi (Zxel Isynabi)

A ZAFT hotshot who joined the Minerva crew via orbital drop just prior to the Mira Ross Incident. He quickly made a name for bringing mobile suits back in rough shape, having two high-end units blown out from under him before he was reassigned after the Battle of Armory One.

Lieutenant Lucius Crassius (Mjolnir 31)

A ZAFT pilot with an ambiguous past. He very much enjoys the thrill of combat. He was a part of the Infinity's team at the Battle of Armory One before being transferred an augment to the Minerva after Armory One, where he was part of the Infinity team that saved Armory One from the Phantom Pain nuke. He had serious character tics to the point of alienating the vast majority of the Joint Strike Force pilots he was assigned to fly with. His Blood Knight tendencies end up getting him killed by Kenshin at the Battle of Icelandic Orbit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Aiyoku Amaya (Aliya Amira)

A ZAFT pilot and patriot. She was one of two pilots hard-dropped to support the Minerva during the Mira Ross Incident, where she clashed heavily with her status as a member of the Joint Strike Force. She left the Joint Strike Force after the Battle of Lodonia, returning to ZAFT. She was assigned to the team aboard the Infinity that saved Armory One

Ensign Luciano Raines (Strike Albion)

Son of one of the key members of ZAFT's Integrated Design Bureau, Luciano showed up on the Minerva fresh out of flight school to test ZAFT's new third-generation mass production unit, the GELGOOG, and as a replacement for Valon Tiyo. He was a solid pilot, but showed more interest in mobile suits than in flying half the time, keeping mostly to himself. For reasons unknown, he asked Dr. Campbell to release top-secret Joint Design Bureau technology to him so he could pass it on to the Integrated Design Bureau He eventually transferred off the Minerva at Victoria.

Phantom Pain

Ensign Mina Lee (Kagezuchi)

An interesting product of the Extended program, Mina is the Seraphim's heavy weapons specialist. She suffers from multiple personality disorder, with the Mina personality being less aggressive, and the Lee personality being aggressive to the point of recklessness. Still stuck in an almost childlike mental stage, Mina sees all mobile suits as 'metal men' and just wants to keep her 'mommy' Mira later her daddy Matthias happy. Lee, on the other hand, knows exactly what is going on, and hates that her personality is quickly submerged through the use of her Block word every time it surfaces outside of combat. She took possession of the ZGMF-X31S Abyss Gundam at Armory One, briefly flew a GAT-04A Windam before she was assigned to the GAT-X103AP Verde Buster. [[spoiler: As the only Extended available with heavy weapons skills, she is placed in the GFAS-X01A Destroy Gundam at the Battle of Heaven's Base. The Destroy immediately draws the attention of the 4th Mobile Wing, and eventually catches a positron cannon courtesy of the JFS Juno, killing poor Mina


  • Go Out with a Smile: The Lee half of her personality does this for the Mina half, shielding her stuffed rabbit from harm and throwing it overboard and thus clear of the impending death of the Destroy, thus giving the gentler Mina half of her personality a happy memory and one last smile before she's vaporized by the Juno's Tanhausser
  • Mighty Glacier: She pilots the Verde Buster, which has great firepower, but is the slowest of the Gundams. And then she gets herself a Destroy...
  • More Dakka: Her solution to most problems
  • The Nicknamer: Gives her mobile suits proper names such as Elizabeth and David, much like a child naming a favorite teddy bear.
  • Split Personality: Of a Flip Personality variety, as which girl you are talking to is obvious both through verbal cues and whether or not she's got one eye closed. Falls short of a true Jekyll & Hyde because, while Lee is more aggressive and mentally older, Mina is just as violent and deadly in her own way.
  • Super Soldier
  • Tyke Bomb

Ensign Mudie Holcroft (Eisen Ritter)

Everyone's favorite Ms. Fanservice from Stargazer make a brief appearance in the Phantom Pain before being killed by Meer at Lodonia.

Lieutenant Mack Messer (Guy Incognito)

The requisite Masked Man for Gundam, a Phantom Pain pilot who eventually transferred off the Seraphim.

Lieutenant Gene Winters (11Bravo)

A long-serving member of Phantom Pain. Part of the Azrael's original detachment for the Armory One raid,he was transferred after Break The World once Phantom Pain because a legitimate unit.

Ensign Yun Sae Pak (nightbringer)

A longtime Blue Cosmos member, he was the Azrael, and later the Seraphim detachment's fire support specialist, and was transferred out of the unit after the Indian Ocean Action.

Ensign Kite Ishma/Zero Ashford (Kite Ishma)

One of the Extended assigned to the Seraphim and the pilot of the Blu Duel, he is eventually Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Jessica Troy at the Mira Ross Incident. Was actually a Coordinator conditioned by Blue Cosmos after his apparent death. His sister was a member of the Fourth Mobile Wing. Neither ever figured out the other was still alive.

Lieutenant Vadik Sulijmani (Sovereign)

A longtime member of Blue Cosmos who flew for OMNI in the Valentine War. He trained under Bryan Marshall alongside Mira Ross, and vowed to kill the traitor to OMNI. Was assigned to a GAT-06S Enforcer when he was assigned to the Seraphim and eventually upgraded to a CAT-11C Fury. Killed by Bryan using the Strike Freedom's DRAGOON weapons at the Battle of Icelandic Orbit.



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