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Actor(s): Dallas McKennon (occasionally in the 1950s and '60s, main voice in 1980s series and 1995 movie), Ruth Eggleston (1950s), Ginny Taylor (1950s), Dick Beals (1960s), Norma McMillan (1960s)

The titular star of the show, a young boy made of green clay, who can do almost anything.


  • The Ace
  • Cheerful Child
  • Eye Color Change: In the 1950s, the pupils of his eyes were small and red, they became big and black in the 1960s, though he still retains his red eyes on merchandise.
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  • Living Toys: if modeling clay counts
  • Nice Guy
  • Vague Age: He acts and sounds like a preteen child in 1950s, but later it's more vague in the 1980s, when he's more or less a teenager.

    Gumby's friends 


Actors: Art Clokey

Our hero's best friend. An orange or red pony/horse from a storybook set in the The Wild West.


Actors: Art Clokey

A yellow dinosaur, though sometimes he's a dragon, introduced along with Goo in the 1960s series. He is based on the "prickly" personality as described by Alan Watts.


Actors: Norma McMillan (1960s), Gloria Clokey (1980s, 1995 movie)

A blue fish-like creature with blonde hair, introduced along with Prickle in the 1960s series. Though it is never mentioned what she actually is in shorts, Word of God says she's a mermaid! She represents the "gooey" personality as described by Alan Watts.

    Gumby's family 


Gumby's father, a firefighter


Gumby's mother, a homemaker


Gumby's younger sister and Gumbo and Gumba's second child, introduced in the 1980s series.

Introduced in the series

The Blockheads

Gumby's archenemies, two red clay figures with alphabet blocks for heads.

Henry and Rodgy

Two characters, a teddy bear and a bird made of clay, who made a few appearances in the early 1960s. They were intended to get their own spin-off, but nothing came of it.

Professor Kapp


A dog who can talk, but can only say "no". He appeared in a handful of episodes in 1967 and 1968.

The Groobee

Another of Gumby's pets, a bee with a hammer for an arm, who builds crates around his enemies.


A woolly mammoth.
Introduced in the movie

The Clayboys

Gumby's band.


Actors: Bonnie Rudolph

A dachshund dog with the ability to cry pearls


Actors: Patti Morse (speaking), Melisa Kary (singing)

A fan who becomes Gumby's love interest.

Larry Claybert

A talent agent who signs Gumby and his band.

Actor: Dallas McKennon


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